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Munir Ahmed
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Dr Munir Ahmed is a retired GP who has been involved in Islamic Dawah since 1984. His knowledge on Islam spans across 30 years while garnering sound education from proficient teachers like Sheikh Salah Al Arkadan, Ustadh Khurram J Muram, Sheikh Abdullah Yusuf Al Judai. He has also studied Tajweed with Sheikh Tahir (Leeds Grand Mosque).  His understanding of Aqeedah and Firaq, Uloomul Qur’an, Uloom Ul Hadith, Usoolul Fiqh is praiseworthy. His string of accomplishments does not stop here as he is presently studying Comparative Fiqh in Arabic and English.

He was the president of Young Muslims UK for two terms. He has been associated with the National Shura of Islamic Society of Britain for over 15 years, whilst not forgetting he has been the President for 6 years. Presently, he is rendering his services as the Khateeb and Imam at Altrincham Mosque in the quest for knowledge and the progress of Deen.

He is married with four children and seven grandchildren.

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