Since you sleep only for 3 to 3.5 hours in a day, do you feel lightheaded, drowsy & dizzy?

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AI: Summary © A medical doctor discusses the importance of sleep, stating that individuals should sleep between 7 to 8 hours a day and that the best productivity is between 7 and 8 hours a day. The doctor also mentions that individuals may not always be the best in their field, but they are unique in their ability to sleep.
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From Bashara was seen by from Kashmir India.

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He txiv A Salaam wa Alaykum

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Zakat for you said in Mumbai that you sleep only for three

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to three and a half hours. I'm also sleeping as less as possible three to four hours a day. But the problem is that all the day I feel lightheaded. I feel drowsy and dizzy. So my question is that Do you also feel drowsy, dizzy and lightheaded during the day? And if you also feel the same, then how do you overcome that? Lots of love from Kashmir? Thank you. The question is that yes, I do. When I was in Bombay, as to sleep on an average of three to three and a half hours, sometimes even two hours to an hour for some time for us for enough on average, three to three and a half hours. When I shifted to Malaysia when added to the beautiful country of Malaysia, I increased my sleep by about

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half an hour. Now I sleep about three and a half hours to four hours, sometimes two hours, two and a half hours, sometimes five hours, on average, three and a half to four hours. The question is that the person says that he feels dizzy, he feels lightheaded if he's lousy, and do I feel the same? And how do I overcome Alhamdulillah most of the time, I do not. Well, he once in a blue moon maybe once in February months, I may feel, you know, maybe drowsy, but most of the time Alhamdulillah I'm fresh. But let me tell you as a medical doctor,

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that normal hours of sleep required for an average adult human being is eight hours.

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An average human being should sleep at least seven to eight hours.

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If you sleep more than nine hours, that is excessive. If you sleep less than seven hours, it is less so therefore you should sleep between seven to nine hours the best is between seven to eight hours sleep and scientific research say that anyone sleeps less than six hours a day cannot function normally. And I agree with that. So let me tell you that I request all the brothers and sisters that you sleep at least six to seven hours a day. This is the best and it is good that you should sleep and Allah Allah says that he had made the night for you to sleep. But let me tell you one more thing also, that most of the people who are successful

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in whichever field whether good, bad or ugly, all of them was celebrities good, bad or ugly, whether they are film stars, or whether they are businessman, whether they are the richest billionaires or whether they are good social workers or whether they are good Islamic speakers, or religious speakers, all of them most of them almost all they are very hardworking and sleepless. But this is a very small percentage point 0000 1%.

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Though there is nothing mentioned in the field of a beloved performer some syllables The best example about how many hours you sleep. But when you see is routine, you can make a judgment that the prophet SAW possible for the prophet to have slept for more than four and a half hours or five hours. So according to my study, he may have slept most of the time between

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three to four and a half, five hours to sleep more than four and a half is difficult because it favors profit. Great. God paid Campbell level four for 1/3 of the night. So if you can create all these things and then even if you sleep early, immediately after Isha having food, the time of sleep, they're calculated depending upon the field and can maximum stretch to about four to five and a half hours and minimum can be less than that. So I assume that the Prophet slept between two to four n alphabetically Let me tell you there is no seerah that mentioned lists It is my own research, profit flip list. Because you know my wife always tells me that the Quran save that the night has

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been made for you to sleep, for now to see when you should sleep.

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But then I quote the verse of the Koran that blesses those people and those who attained fell it in the Jenna, those who sacrifice their bed for the sake of Allah. So it is both, of course the big is better. But if Allah has given you that capacity, as far as I am concerned, the thing that I'm unique, it is a last one autonomy has blessed me and as best all the human me whether Muslim or non Muslim, to make them function normally even if they sleep less for five hours of four hours or three and a half hours. It is a blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And most of the top scholars and the folk aha and we know we know from the history that they slept very little. And I also sleep less

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it is a blessing for last minute Allah. But if you feel headache, please do not it does more damage to your health than good. You must stay awake in the night and sleep plus the productivity of those hours that you are aware is 50% or 25%. better sleep well. No better productivity four times more than normal will have you sleepy or twice my request with please don't try and sleepless it's better that you sleep what's the requirement of our lives.

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Giving you the capacity like what Allah has given to me and then you do. It's no problem