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Mu’adh (may Allah be pleased with him) reported that the Messenger of Allah (ï·º) took hold of his hand and said, “By Allah, I love you, Mu’adh! So I advise you to never abandon saying at the end of every prayer:
“O Allah, help me remember You, be grateful to You, and worship You excellently.” [Abu Dawud]

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Doru son,

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Sherry, in English in English in English

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as you remember the first lie that we covered was a long month in ESL local who then want to qualify for leanin. The second guy that we cover was a lot in the local Buddha was Sudan. The third lie that we covered was Yemen, colleyville. Hulu have been covered called we had a dean. So those are the three that we've taken so far. And they've already been translated with a very brief explanation. The fourth one that we're going to take today is the statement of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allahumma, Indiana decreto critic, diversity evaluation. It

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was a long time there

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was a great campaign, he was the one that the prophets of the light it was sent him sent to the people of Yemen, to teach them about the religion of Islam. And he told them that you are going to a people from the people of the book,

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there is still Jews in Yemen. So today, we're going to have people from the people of the book, select the first thing that you call them to be the Shahada, and La ilaha illAllah. Muhammad Rasulullah testified that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah, that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.

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If they accept that from then inform them, that Allah has obligated for them to pray five solo act every day and every night

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until the end of the heading. So this was mine. And he was actually only about 29 years old when the Prophet alayhi salatu salam sent him to him and he was young, and he sent him with mo Musa. ls Shangri La the Allahu taala

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam went to my wife that day and he took him by the shoulder. He touched him on his shoulder

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and he said, Yeah, my hand in the hippo

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I love you

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for that.

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And hula hoop goober coolie Salatin, Allahu Allah did recover show Crick for hostname vanity. So don't leave off saying after every salon never abandoned same after every salon, Oh Allah, Aden and remembering you and thanking you and worshiping you properly. So this

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is an extremely important do I because we are asking a law to aid us in worshipping Him and it carries the meaning of sort of tell fattier. When we say Yak and aku

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Allah, it is you alone that we worship and from you alone that we seek assistance, and if we don't get along as ojos assistance, then we won't be able to perform is worship subhana wa Tada. So just to add, is paramount that a Muslim adds it to his not only his daily supplications but after every single select

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and the promise of light it was seldom said led to the end and to hula dubara Cooney salata don't abandon saying after every salon, and the scholars have said that this doesn't just mean the obligatory prayers, but it also includes the other prayers that you may mean, those robots

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and those no action prayers that you may make, say

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Allahumma or any other deputy Kawasaki, Hosni Abedin evaporated. Let's go over the words of this Hadeeth

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was hard it was collected by who?

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Well, who was the narrator of the Heidi?

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More as a Benjamin and we should know the companions of the Prophet it is Salatu was salam, especially the famous companions like why why there's a famous campaign was from the roadmap, the campaigns and the same way that many of our youth into the movie stars and the sports, the athletes and all that they can name

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all of the how many people how many people on football team soccer.

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How many know how many people play on a team. Now that's the 11 that start, don't they have other ones? They can talk about all of them on the basketball team.

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They can talk about all 15 players, the five that start the game and the ones that never come off the bench.

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They love the team. But can they name 15 of the companions of the Prophet is allowed to sit down there stutter even if you offered them a great reward look right now on the spot, give you $2,000 just named 15 cabana and he can't get past that bucket it should be on the lawn

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more as even Jebel is his name.

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He narrated this had he been a hobby this collected by a widow and others for most The sooner as authentic hadith the

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Prophet sallallahu wasallam said to him, I love you.

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Which is one of the things that with anybody that you revered that you hold in high esteem if they tell you they love you, how do you feel? You feel great, there's a there's a feeling that overcomes you that makes you pay attention to the next thing that he's going to say so the prophets of light it was something told him Allahumma in need Okay, I need comes from the word our own. Many of you know that Hadith well lo fi our own.

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Allah is helping his servant he will be in the aid of his servant mechanic. I do feel only happy as long as the servant that as long as a person is helping his brother

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and we say yes and I will do it. Yes, necessary.

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Is the honor we seek your own in need. Okay, aid me helped me assist me. Alright, so say this word.

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I need

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I need to say in the back. I need Yes. Allahumma

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me Okay. That's the difficult part. The rest is easy. Shalom. Allahumma inni.

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Allah, Dickey Rica. Okay, Vicar. You know, the kid? What is the kid?

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Yeah, it's to remember last time, but here, it's not just talking about with the tongue. It's not just saying Oh, Allah ate me to say after every selection panel system subchannel like many people do

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100 100,000

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and within a matter of 10 seconds, he said, sipan Allah hamdulillah lo 33 times.

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It's not talking about Vicar only with the tongue. But to remember Allah subhanho wa Taala at all times.

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Think about that man.

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Who the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Danny, that category of people who will be in the shade of a larger windows thrown on the day when there is no other shade.

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One of them

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will be the one who is enticed by a beautiful woman who has status. She's beautiful and she has status.

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And she invites him to have an illicit relationship with her. And he says in the UK half alive remember the license I'm afraid of a lot.

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I'm scared of his punishment.

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He remembers a license.

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And one of those people is He Who remembers a lot like the

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Harley and with nobody else around and his eye tears. Not that he says anything, but he remembers Allah

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And so before you do an action you think about the last time before you refrain from an action you think about Allah subhana wa Tada

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This is the remembrance of Allah but you need a lot of help you in doing that. It's not just gonna come because you feel like you want it to happen.

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allies with Joe has to aid you in that you have to have a sincere desire. And Allah has the agent. And so you say Allah,

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Allah Rica. Okay, so let's get that part of the hydrate down a lot of my knee.

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Everybody Allahumma inni

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Allah decreto

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Okay, so that's the first thing and Vicki and I think critical to remember you. What shook rica was shook and he was shook Rica. Okay, so you all know the word sugar, right? We say sugar. Sugar. What does that mean? Thank you to show gratitude to Allah Subhana.

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Allah azza wa jal loves that one of you after he eats after he has one morsel of food in his mouth and he eats that he says Alhamdulillah or after he drinks even one goal. He says Alhamdulillah he Thanks a lot.

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No time, he praises allies of a gentleman

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thanking Allah azza wa jal for the Nam

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for all of the blessings that He has given you. And that thanks cannot just be something that you say with your tongue as well.

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It's not just something you say thank you, rugby and you should run Europe, of Hungary learn what it is that you use his near the blessings that he gives you in a manner that is pleasing to Him, and that you don't use them in a manner that would this piece of lost

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allies and we're just blessed you

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to have a new car. You use that car to go to work to earn money,

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to earn a living so that you can take care of your dependents and you think about that that's on your mind.

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And every time you get into your car, you think Allah Subhana Allah de South Carolina had

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to remember Allah, you thank him for providing you with these things. You use that and use that blessing in a manner that is pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala.

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You don't use that blessing to do something that is displeasing to him.

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When you recognize that this car, allows what you're providing for you, you go out you work hard to provide for your family because this is an obligation that you have a pining you use your car to go to the restroom, use your car to go to those places that pleases Allah subhanaw taala to visit your relatives.

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You don't use your car to go to the club

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displeased displeasing to Allah subhanaw taala. And you need to think about that every time that tire turns.

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Because allies will bless you with that. And if allies will tell they're not giving it to you, and those are material things. And never forget about the blessings that Allah Subhana Allah has given you the prices that can't be replaced. Your ability to see your ability to hear

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your ability to feel things.

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Because not everybody has those things. And the people who lose them, they're very well, they're very aware of the value of the things that we as healthy people take for granted every day, we'll understand them. And so we need a lot of aid. We need him to help us to remember to thank him, because we can't thank him enough.

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When you visit the city, when you looked at it, then you start realizing some kind of luck, just your ability to breathe in this air, your ability to see the beauty of Eliza Jill's creation

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should make you know that you should not use these abilities in a manner that will be displeasing to Allah.

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Allah will tell you he gave you that site can take it away from you don't use it in a manner that's displeasing to him. Don't think that he doesn't see if he gave you a bill or the ability to see the remember that he has ever seen. And that he sees and so when you lock that door and you go into a place all by yourself and you think that you're alone, know that you're not alone. And that aligns with your season only to use beef, be shy. Use your name these blessings that Allah has given you in a manner that will be pleasing to Him as a joke so we asked Allah subhanaw taala to help us in remembering him. And in thanking him. Let's get the wording down Allahumma me

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Allah dipika

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was shook rica

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was shook Rica.

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Okay, the last one is what Hosni, the bed the tick hosting, like the word has said something that is good. Okay. Something that is done well.

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What is it imagine? We all know an event, the worship, right. So listen, Hosni bad attic means worshipping you well, worshiping you properly. So Tana, what's that? So we ask Allah subhana wa tada to aid us in worshipping him properly. This is exactly the

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exactly the meaning that is carried and sold to the fans. How will we say Well, yeah, then I will do what Jaeger Mustaine so we're asking a lot to help us and worshiping him properly and what is hosting the bed? How is our worship proper? It's proper when two conditions have been fulfilled.

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The first condition is that is sincerely for Los Angeles status. We asked a lot when we say when we're asking to love what we're hosting at battletech. We're asking him to aid us in being sincere

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because maybe the time will come when there are

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motives, other motives things that are pushing you to worship a law for another reason. I mean, apparently you'd be worshiping the last cantana but you are doing it to please someone else for

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exam, you don't get to show off, you're doing it because you want to reputation.

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You're doing it because you're scared of what might be said about you, if you don't do it.

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You just obey a loss, you know that, because you're scared of what someone else may say about you. And so we need allies, and we just ate and worshipping improperly and helping us with our sincerity.

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So that's the first condition for putting in a bed for your embeded to be proper is that it has to be sincere, sincerely done for last minute that is for Allah subhanaw taala alone seeking his face. And the second condition is that it has to conform to the Sunnah of the Prophet, it is so hard to sit in, it has to conform to the Sharia. If a person does any action that is outside of that, even if he isn't serious he wants to be

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it will not be accepted from him.

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And there are many examples of this that happened in the daily lives of people who make up their own 90 following a particular shape, for example. And so they make specific law or specific, vigorous, specific times of the day, believing that there is a special reward for it. If you say this phrase, you know 1062 times

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then you will get this from a last minute and and none of this has been legislated by the prophet is not the same. So it's not Christian and he said

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what if a person instead of going around the Kaaba seven times, he says you know what, more is better. And Allah loves witches. So I'm going around nine times instead of seven.

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Because that's something that's accepted from him was rejected, it's more

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but he might as well make the whole five rockets smaller. And it's which

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and it's odd. So, why not make good just five rockets, because this is something that does not conform to the some of the profit ideas so not to sin. So in order for our worship to be hessen to be good, proper, accepted by Allah subhana wa tada it has to have these two conditions sincerity and it has to conform to the Sunnah of our beloved messenger they still have to sit in

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is to be made when?

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After every salon

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by what does that mean, after salon profits aligning with some sort of fee goo booty call the salon at the conclusion of every solid. Now

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when what do we say immediately after salon?

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After you said Emma,

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what do you say?

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Nobody knows.

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Sorry? Okay, so how do you say you say after somebody you see somebody come up to lunch? Somebody wants to step up? Okay, so what do you say,

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except for the Stanford, Stanford alum and to sit in the center devoted to that in any way?

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But do you hear any do either, as in Allahumma alohomora.

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Yeah, but alignment is not. It's not a

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no. And that is why the correct opinion is that this has to be said before the salon. Because, because, not that it can't be shut after sundown. But the best place to say it is before the salon, because the process of lighting was taught me Mr. Gould on the line and others for most of the campaigns, that after you do the selection ebrahimian to make whatever you add that you like to ask for whatever you wish for from the good of this life in the hereafter. And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam used to seek refuge in a law from four things right after the selected Ebrahimi and there were other two as the Prophet sallallahu wasallam

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would make so the proper place to save this to is after you've said the selected ebrahimian Okay, which is

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allama Saldana, Mohammed Mohammed masala into the end of that. Then you're going to say for example, you seek refuge in a law from the four things that the Prophet sallallaahu Selim sought refuge in a last minute data from with the job cover. And then and then you can say a llama

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any other

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hosts need a bed to take by who can say the glass all right now along line yada Yana Devika event from shahara Ramadan

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in Vienna,

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