Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #115 – Do We Trust Allah

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the concept of Islam's promise to return people to their sense of sense of comfort and comfort after their actions. The segment uses a hypothetical scenario where Islam compares itself to a head of grain and planting corn to increase corn production. The segment emphasizes the importance of recognizing the difference between Islam's promise of forgiveness and actual success in providing blessings to people.
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charity is the opposite of Riba. And Allah subhanaw taala. Towards the end of Surah, Bacara, he does something absolutely amazing. He talks for pages about charity. And why is that significant because charity, it takes faith, right? Good charity, pure charity, real charity, that's like you have to watch something, leave your hand and have the faith that it's going to come back to you, which is incredible. And it's not like investing in stocks or your bank account balance. Because that, you know, you can open your phone, you can keep on checking it, you can check your balance 100 times a day, if you want. When it comes to charity, it's gone. It's out of sight. And so you don't know

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what's going to happen to it, you literally just have to trust that Allah subhanaw taala is going to make good on his promise and return it to you in the dunya and an afterlife. And so Allah subhanaw taala promises us, you know, he compares it to like, a head of grain, right. And so we can get this example for us. In North America with corn is everywhere, right? And so you have one single ear of corn, okay has like over 100, maybe a few 100 kernels on that ear of corn, every single one of those kernels, you plan it, it'll become an entire new plant, an entire new corn plant, every single corn plant has about maybe three years, right? So for every single kernel that you plant, you might be

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getting 1000 kernels in return. So last month, Allah compares charity to this. And this the metaphor of planting it is so accurate to charity, like giving it away because you can't open up the earth and check it out. You can't keep on looking and see you're gonna kill it. It's gone. It's out of sight. It's hidden from you. And the first definition that Allah puts forth at the very beginning of the chapter who are the people of Taqwa they're the people that you'll meet want to be the like, people who believe in the unseen. And so it's a huge, huge test, right? You have to believe in the unseen in order to be able to have the courage to let this thing go and then trust that it's going

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to come back to you. And then Allah has found data talks about river right after that, what's the relationship because rivers the opposite group is the absolute opposite the person doesn't trust the blessing and the botica of Allah. And so they feel like they have to rig the game and control everything so that they get more and that's why Allah subhanaw taala says William hackled Riba, he says that he does the opposite of what he does the charity charity, you take that one kernel, you plant it up to 1000, and return the river, you it looks like in your hand, it looks like more and more and more is coming but Allah saying that he's depriving everything from blessing, it's actually

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less and less and less, no matter what you are looking at, it's actually less and less and less. So it's a huge test. It's a test of our paradigm. Are we really just like materialists that are masquerading as Muslims? Right? Do we only believe in the things that we can see? Or do we believe in something more than that? We believe in something that's going on beyond that, which is why then you know, last month, Allah says, shaitana Yeah, document fakra where Muhammad fascia he says that the devil is the one who threatens you with poverty, right? The devil is the one with threatens you with what you can see. There's not going to be enough to go around you better get yours. Everybody's

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out to get you everybody's your competition. And then Allah says that he promises you Allah is the One who promises father month at a time in our funda. He says, you know, forgiveness from him and bounty. So you have the shaytaan over here, who's trying to threaten you and scare you with scarcity and then you have the last final data who's promising you abundance and blessings so you have to choose

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