Mufti Menk – Thank Allah upon All conditions

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the difficulty of handling bad experiences, such as loss, divorce, or even death, and how it can lead to negative experiences. They encourage people to use the "will" concept to manage their circumstances and avoid negative experiences. The speaker also mentions a test they will be receiving and how they will use it to test people.
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Thank Allah upon all conditions, thank Allah upon all conditions. So if goodness comes to you, thank Allah, if something bad happens to you, thank Allah, people find that difficult. Sometimes you have a good deal,

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and you are thanking the lights a little bit easier. But when you have a tough day, and when you've suffered a loss, and when you've been through divorce, and when you've lost a child and when you've had an accident, and when you just simply cannot get married or you're having marital problems, or, for example, you don't have children or you have struggled and suffered because of the loss of your parents and your siblings and your loved ones, and whoever else it may be on earth then to say Alhamdulillah is not so easy. Allah says if you still say Alhamdulillah and you look at those who are in a worse condition than you, you deserve Jenna, Allah says we we send you on earth to test

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you. When we test you and you sell hamdulillah this test I will manage it by the will of Allah, I will Ace it Subhana Allah that's the wording use sometimes by us. We're going to ace this you know, for the sake of Allah, we Ace things as well. We make sure that we thank Allah upon all conditions, and we will know that if you have made some money a day will come when you have to suffer a loss.

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Take it in your stride, pick up the pieces work hard again. Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Allah colohan I praise Allah upon all conditions.

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