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are the mala Mala shade on the rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala should have been listening. So you now have been well ally your superiors remain my beloved brothers and sisters I said Mr. Ajay Kumar live with regard to

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen always we will begin with the praise and thanks of Allah, masha Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah we testified that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala and we send our love greetings salutations so beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, despite his pure family, to his companions, and all those are following soon until the end of time. May Allah bless us to be amongst them. I mean, I mean, well, hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah.

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We were scheduled to discuss the Spain and the Lucia. Of course, we cannot focus on a country 1000 years ago when our brothers and humanities suffering today, and we have to talk about the earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria and Lebanon. And we begin by asking Allah subhanaw taala to grant Shiva to all those who are injured to grant Mark Farah and mercy and genital dose for those who have died. Grant them a death of a shahid Mela, make easy for all those who are sitting in hospital, those who have lost lost loved ones may Allah subhanaw taala make it easy for them, and Allah be with them. May Allah subhanaw taala replace that which they have lost with something better. And for all the

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people throughout the world that is going through hardship, may Allah make it easy for them. I mean, we also welcome the TRT world news journalists as well they are recording and to show our solidarity that whatever happens, wherever in the world, people that we don't know, many of us might not even have visited Turkey, but we feel that when we see any child, any woman, any person going through a hardship and suffering, it affects us, and we hope well for them, I mean, today we are going to ask a question.

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Why do these things happen? Why does R Rahman r Rahim, the Most Merciful the Most kind, allow such calamities to occur?

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Throughout the world wherever you look, there's so much calamity, so much poverty, so much sickness and disease and hardship.

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Allah begins the Quran by saying he's the Most Merciful, the Most kind. And so we ask, why would a merciful kind Lord allow such suffering to occur? Surely he has the power to stop them? Surely everything that happens happens with his decree. So we need to ask the question, what is the wisdom behind it? And as Muslims, how do we respond to it? First, when can we even ask this question? Are we allowed to ask Allah why are you allowed to because Allah says in the Quran, let us know if he is not asked what he does well whom use alone but they will be asked but you're going to be asked, no one can ask Allah ye. But he will be the one doing the questioning. However, nothing wrong in sha

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Allah to ask what is the wisdom what is the Hikmah Allah so long? It is a question from understanding a question with not out of rebellion. Similarly, when Allah said to the angels, the first story in the Quran when Allah said, with culinarily Mala, you can see in the jungle for the Khalifa when Allah said to the angels, I shall place on the earth, mankind, and I will give them free will, free will to disobey me free will to do all the wrong. What did the angels say? Why Allah? Why would you do this? Why would you place on the earth, a creature that will cause mischief and kill each other? One 171 o'clock the Sulak and we are perfect in worshipping Yuya Allah, why do

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you do this? So if Gibreel Mikael and all the angels I am surrounded by most pious of all creatures, ask Allah out of love and put for understanding why, surely we can also we are allowed to ask why. And if you had that question, it's basically ask that question in the masjid. And of course, what was Allah's response to the angels? Allah didn't give them a long explanation. It didn't tell them. This is the reason why and this is what's going to happen. He did not give them the intricate answers, but he said to them in the Aloma Telamon I am Allah, I know everything I know what you don't know. I have a greater wisdom, knowledge and power which you cannot comprehend. If I am

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vulnerable Alameen if I am the All Knowing the allies and you make is this you submit to me, then except that what I do, I do with Rama and I do with wisdom.

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And so, irrespective of our conditions, irrespective of what happens whether your life is good whether your life is better

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admelog Grande is for all of us. We make Islam and we submit to Allah in all situations Allah says, and the others people may not necessarily Yeah, but Allah, Allah whorfin. They worship Allah situationally. When things are good, then they're good with Allah. And when things are bad, then they become an assault. But we'll see fitna and if a trial or tribulation afflict him in Colorado, he that they turned away from Allah. And so Allah says in this way, they lose both the dunya and the Ophira. Whereas the believer, we worship Allah in good times and in bad times, and we say Alhamdulillah in good times and in bad times. And no, it's easy for us to say that when we are not

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through the calamity, when we are not in the tribulation. It's easy to say that, but Subhanallah how many people watch the videos, and after days of being stuck under a building, they are pulled out and the first thing to say Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allah is the one that saved me. Allah is the one that saved me spatula, not Allah, you're the one that caused this thing to fall on me. This is through Imams panel and that deep moment, you know, when your instinct takes over, we will make dua in our last moments. It is the Eman that comes through. And Allah gives us a good good death. I mean,

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so we trust in Allah's wisdom. And we know that these things everything happens with a control on the decree of Allah. What is the wisdom here Allah what benefit is the in these calamities, and so we'll talk about seven wisdoms seven silver linings to such calamities. I want to talk about calamities, I know our mind is going to the big calamity of what's the earthquake and the 20,000 plus people that have passed away it was fine Allah, but each and every one of us will have our share of calamities. Every single one of us will have our share of sickness, of loss of poverty, of death of hardship. So when we think of the calamities think both on the big scale and think of your

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own personal some of us panela you yourself might be going through some terrible calamity in your life and your family. May Allah grant you Alfia, Shiva and all the goodness in the dunya and akhira. I mean,

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so let's talk about the wisdoms behind calamities, and before we talk about the wisdoms we remind ourselves we never wish for calamity Muslims we are supported and patient with it but we never we never praise it and say we wanted ya Allah if you can. We want to go to Jana without calamity we want. Robina dunya Hassan we want the best in the dunya and the best in the Accra we want our Jana and earth and a Jana inocula Yeah Allah we want that I mean,

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so we never ever and why I say this is because some people when they go through a hardship they almost feel if I'm sad that someone that I love died or I'm sad that I was diagnosed with cancer. Oh my god, you Shiva. Then you feel like am I not trusting in Allah feeling sad is okay. With an abyssal son passed away and he was crying was a harvest of Yasumasa Salam, what are these tears? So he said, It's human, the eyes tear and the heart, he said, but the tongue only says La Ilaha. The tongue only says Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. So to feel sad, and to feel hurt, and to feel in difficulty is fine. It's not a problem. It's in fact it's normal. But we don't do anything that

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displeases Allah subhanaw taala.

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And so, Allah and as the prophets of salaam says, The True Believer,

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he says, How amazing is the believer how amazing is a believer, because everything that he is confronted with is a good thing. He makes it into something positive. When blessings come to Him, when you get the increase, when you get a job promotion, he is grateful, and he does more good. So Allah benefits so that blessing is magnified, multiplied. And if something not so good comes upon him, some calamity befalls him, he is patient. And so that becomes a source of blessing. Ultimately, if you want to know the summary of this discussion, if you want to know what is a blessing, what is Ebola, what is a calamity, what is a punishment, what is the taste, anything that comes to you, and

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it brings you closer to Allah, that is a blessing. And anything that comes to you and it takes you away from Allah, it is a curse, any bad thing, sickness that brings you closer to Allah, that sickness was a gift from Allah, and any blessing, like money or wealth or power, and it makes you less closer to Allah. And that actually was not a good thing. So the of the wisdoms and Allah knows best.

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Allah knows best while he does things, and he does things with wisdom. The first one yes, indeed.

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The is a concept of punishment and consequences for actions. Allah subhanaw taala says, the halal facade you feel that there is a lot of mischief, corruption, pollution, evil on the land and in the sea. Why be mad cassava at NUS because of the the workings of mankind because of what mankind did. In fact, if you look at the evils in the world, most of it is it's not it's not it's unnatural. It's manmade evil, war, poverty, racism, crime, so it's not Allah subhanaw taala This is manmade

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This is Manmeet before we point the finger at Allah, why did you do this? She point the finger at ourselves, what are we doing? And so Allah says a lot of what you see on the earth of what's going wrong is because of the consequences of your own actions. And Allah says, He allows you the home bar, the lady, and you do that alone. And Allah allow us, he says, he stops a lot of the evil we do, He forgives it and he wipes it away and he protects us from it, but he allowed some of it to go through why so you can taste a portion of the consequence of your actions, why not to hurt you, so that you may come back. So you may stop, says you may stop. And Allah subhanaw taala, you know, of

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these, of His mercy is He created us with free will. It is because of our free will that we can choose to disobey Him. And so you cannot have free will and also have no consequences of free will. Because like Allah said to the angels, you will give mankind the opportunity to disobey Him, to disbelieve in him to kill and murder. And so because we have free will, He allows us He allows us to practice that free will until the day of reckoning, until the day of reckoning. When we see these calamities, the second reason why these calamities happen many times it is the last last reminder to those where we could May Allah protect us. We don't know if this so for some people, the same

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earthquake, the same disease is a blessing. And for that same person for that same disease is a punishment and for that same for that same disease could be a reminder. So Allah mentions for Lola is Jaya sunnah. Why when our calamity befell them, Tara Oh, well, I can Cassatt Why did they not turn back to Me when they saw some Annaleigh the whole world shut down for two years COVID When they saw the earth shaking, when they saw floods and storms? Why did they not humble themselves and stop the sun? Why didn't they come back? I'm giving them reminders. I'm showing them you're not in control. I'm in control. But was a you know, Machito, Noma county or MANOVA shaitan made them forget

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when the when the bad times left in the good times came again. They went back to the old habits of Subhan Allah, perhaps we should look at this one for us in our personal capacity, perhaps this is the skinny one. And so then Allah says, so when they did that phenomena and Asuma Dookie Ruby so when they forgot the bad times, I sent him the reminder, I've given them the opportunity to reflect when they stopped and they continued on for Tana Ali Baba Baba Kula che in the end we opened all the doors of luxury and goodness and facade we gave them whatever they wanted. We gave him go and enjoy yourself party and party and party had enough value when when they were so happy and intoxicated.

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Now whom Buffington for either whom volition within took them, that is when they were taken back by Allah subhanaw taala and they were destroyed. That is the real calamity to be taken in a state of hafla May Allah protect us from that

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to be taken in a time of difficulty and you reflecting on Allah subhanaw taala like that uncle, that Auntie was sick and stuff is struggling but he's making ECFR and she's sober. Allah takes you in let's take that hamdulillah that's a beautiful, beautiful end, but it to be taken while you're partying and doing all kinds of sins. And Allah Subhana Allah protect us from it. So this is when we see these things. It's a moment of reflection.

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If it happened there, you can happen here. And again, Allah is not trying to force this not trying to inflict harm on us, but he wants to show us stop what you're doing. Reflect on your sins, stop hurting the people around you come back and change and Allah for all of us.

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Allah sins and other we can't sugarcoat it. We can't say to taste what it is without a doubt, and other but any other than the dunya is actually a mercy to avert an adverb in the akhira. So Allah subhanaw taala says, What are the econo min mineral other bill Aetna we will make mankind taste the smooth look was it a smooth punishment? Doodle adorable Akbar so that they may be saved from the big brother in the Astra la la mia, you and again, I want you to come back to me the purpose Allah actually mentions the wisdom in all these ayat Allah May or June. So you should come back, come back to him, come back to him, I want you to come back to me. So you've gone so far, you've committed so

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many crimes, you should be on death row, but I'm going to give you a parking ticket so that you may stop. And in this ayah Subhan Allah and then at least one gives a beautiful tafseer of this idea himself. He says, to say nearly what this ayah means is that whatever strikes you in this dunya anybody, whatever strikes you of sickness, or trials or punishment of this dunya it is so that you are because of what you have done. And Allah is to therefore you've done the crime. So Allah gives you a small punishment. Why? So that because he's too generous. He is too great to punish a man twice for the same crime.

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So he wipes away your record

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He gives you a stomach bug, and he wipes away a whole month of sin and he won't punish you in the era that he is. He is He is his magnanimity. So Allah times inflicts a calamity to avert a bigger one. And we know from the sutra the depths of the Surah Surah Kahf. We talk about children dying. We'll talk in a minute about what about the innocent ones who did nothing wrong? Why should they also go through this? We're not even sure if we'll the end of Surak if that'd be most unabated, Oh, just a side note, whatever we collect today will be given towards the victims of the earthquake and the family members. So please open your hearts open your your wallets, your generosity in sha Allah

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Hadith, that sadaqa. Prevents calamity, charity prevents calamity, all of us have calamities on our road, but that sadaqa that one ran to renting them might just cause you to divert that calamity.

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You can save a life Subhan Allah with a few friends in sha Allah. So in this in Surah calf, we know that Nabil fiddleheads Salam he walks and he kills a boy, innocent boy and Nabi Musa says, How could you do this? What's wrong with you? You killed an innocent person? And what did he say to introduce it to him Didn't I tell you, you're not going to understand you This is beyond your understanding. But at the end, Allah explains this boy, as innocent as he is, now he is going to grow up to become one of the biggest tyrants in the world, and He will even abuse and harm his own parents. So Allah is inflicted a calamity on those people, he took the innocent child, but that child is in Jannah, he

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doesn't become the monster he was meant to be, those parents will be sad, but they are spared a bigger calamity that their own child will be a mass murderer and all these kinds of things. And so, in the calamity, Allah averted a bigger calamity in that small calamity. But of course, we don't have the full picture. We don't have the complete puzzle. We can only focus on what Allah has put in front of us. And the rest we say to our call to Allah, Allah, we trust in Allah's mercy, and his judgment,

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sometimes, calamities,

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and again, as I said, we never welcome and wish for calamities, but it might be such that the job that you lost the marriage that failed, the miscarriage that you're going through the disease that you're having, is a stepping stone to something far more beautiful and something far more precious, again, from Surah Kahf. We know that nobody heroes, Saddam, he damaged the boats of those people, that boats was unable to work for a few days. But afterwards, when the king came, and he grabbed all the fixed boats, he left the boat, and when the boat was repaired, they were the only boat that was that was able to fish. So they became overnight like millionaires. Yes, at that moment, the

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puncture, yeah, Allah. We don't have money for this. But Allah subhanho wa taala, the job that you lost, how am I going to survive, and then he gives you something better down the road. And this only comes for a person who is patient in his calamity. And he says, Yeah, Allah, this thing that you've put before me. It's not nice. I don't like it. I'm struggling. I'm sad. But I praise you and I thank you and I worship you. And I know the same one that opened this door of calamity can open the door of ease and comfort. The same one that brings sickness as the cure that brings poverty has wealth,

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the same one, and so we always turn back to him.

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We also without a doubt, as we said, if people were to ask how and why do good people go through this so we can say yes, the center, he needs to be reminded the center needs to get punished here so that he saved the punishment. What about a newborn child? Subhanallah we have pictures than if you saw in the sad catastrophe. There's some beautiful moments.

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A family completely died. Mother Father, kids all died under the this collapses earthquake. The mother was pregnant. And she died but she gave birth

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under the rubble. And the rescuers, they found this new bone baby still attached to her dead mother alive and hamdulillah the doctors are holding Subhanallah the whole day 1000s of people around the world putting messages can we adopt this baby and they called it the doctor school that I like I actually could see a sign in medical from Allah subhanho wa Taala shouldn't have survived as part of Allah mess of buildings that should stand crumble and little delicate children that should not be the they survive is all in the power of Allah. So at times when we go through hardships, Allah subhanho wa Taala genuinely wants to elevate our status. As we know that beautiful Hadith and

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whenever you go through difficulty,

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the prophets is the believer is not harmed even by throne prick or anything bigger than that or smaller than that whether you just have a mosquito that but you except that immediately that discomfort. Allah will keep it something in your account, and he will remove your sins and He will elevate you in status well Hamdulillah that Allah subhanho wa Taala wants to give you a level of Jannah that you will not be able to attain some people.

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Allah looks at

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They account. And it's quite clear he's not gonna make it to Jana. So Allah gives him that disease that pushes him over the line and it gets to Jana, some people, they are humble and Jana, but they're not going to get to general theta goes through the deeds, they're not making enough deeds. And so ALLAH SubhanA gives them some little hardship, that they may get over the line and pass with flying colors. In fact, in the Quran, you'd find Allah says that for those who are patient and calamity, they get an agile behavior, he said that they get a reward without limit, you cannot achieve

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the highest levels of Jannah through tahajjud and fasting and vicar to get the and if you really want to get this sometimes when we do our genital for those, we don't realize to get the requires a bit of somewhere in the dunya. So the thing that you asked for Allah giving it to you, but that's in exchange for genital filler those

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on that point, sidenote, then the resources on the FTM, Allah will take the person who was the most miserable person in the dunya, the person who had the worst life in terms of poverty, hardship, death, disease, everything. No one would want to be that man, and Allah will take him and dip him into Jana for a moment. Just touch him in Jannah. And when he comes out, Allah will ask him, Have you ever in your life experienced any hardship he will say no Allah, Allah, Allah, I've never in my life experienced any hardship, that just the taste of Jannah will make you forget all the hardship of this dunya and that is what Allah gives you the exchange a little bit of hardship here, but he

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promises he will not His mercy will not allow that your life and your hardship in this dunya is not

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compensate in the Africa so sometimes genuinely and this might sound strange to some of us. Out of Your Love ya Allah you putting me through this hardship. And in fact if you look at the Quran, the most loved people to Allah the Gambia are the ones who struggle the most and the most hated people who feed owns of the world. They are the ones that are living their life and enjoying billions and billions, something to to reflect on. And so then a business alum reminds us that trials will continue to befall the believing men and woman in himself in his shoulder and in his wealth. Why Allah why are you putting more and more trials so that he meets Allah clean, loosens? dialectica to

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Jana? No hardship in Africa. So Allah asks, Do you want to take a bit of pain in the dunya, or pain in the Afra, all of us here Allah will take the pain in the dunya space, the pain in the Africa. And the Prophet says when Allah wants good for his slaves when he loves you, He brings about the punishment in the dunya and averts. For him, the N Allah wills we slave, you withholds the punishment from him in the ark era until he comes to Allah sinless on the death piano May Allah grant us to be amongst them, Amin and we know in this hadith that those who face the most difficult trials and hardships are the Gambia. They are the ones who bury their children. They are the ones

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who were sick, they were the ones that were poor, they were the ones that went to bed hungry. There is no suffering in the world, except you'd find the Gambia went through it. After them the most tested people are the most pious people's family, you look at what the people of Syria have gone to gone through

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Subhan Allah and some Sahaba when they saw some Sahaba love to see the good days. And they remember the Sahaba who died during the difficult days, and they would feel shy about how much they had. And they said We fear that all our good deeds are being repaid in the dunya. And akhira is only for our brothers who are going through difficulty How will we compare our deeds to those people went through difficulty? How will we stand and they don't compare our little salah they make the Salah and fast with the world bombs falling around them panela

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some very special people that Allah make it easy for them. So the provinces, some people because of the the closest to Allah, they go through hardships and they will get the highest places in Jannah. But still before we looked at the last point, and perhaps our young people might may save us in a time of godlessness, God listlessness, atheism, we people might say, Isn't it clear that a world full of hatred and suffering is an indication is an evidence that there isn't a God? Isn't it clear now to all of you that if there was someone in charge, and he had any kindness in his heart, you would not have done any of these things? Well, there's two ways of looking at the world. If you're a

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believer, or you're an atheist, the earthquake happened irrespective, right? We all agree, those who believe in Allah and those who don't believe the earthquake happened nonetheless, for us, as believers, we say that these are wisdom, and that for those who are

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those who are good and they are afflicted by this, Allah will compensate them in the akhira was something way, way better. Now, when they compare what they're going to get, they would gladly accept this, but only in the era.

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And we believe that there was a wisdom and a mercy behind it. Whereas for those who don't believe you don't believe in Africa, you don't believe in the Lord. If I ask you now you tell me what is the wisdom behind

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In this, why did that baby have the building collapsed on him? Aha.

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There is no wisdom. Unlucky. wrong time, wrong place, just how it is. Good people suffer and there's no greater justice that's going to happen. Bad people do all kinds of crimes and they live a life and they have it easy, no day of reckoning. So for us, we say because the world is unjust, because the world is ugly and full of suffering, there must be a day of karma that balances the scales, there must be a day something in your heart tells you, Hitler could not get away with killing 6 million people without a reckoning impossible. There has to be an account, people who suffer in this dunya they must be rewarded for the suffering. That is why we believe in Allah and Allah soprano, if

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anything, this should bring you closer to the belief in Allah subhanaw taala.

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Lastly, of the tests, most of us we think of the tastes of those going through it. But absolutely real test is for those not in it.

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Allah has shown you this calamity. He shown you the pictures, you've seen the death and destruction. And so now the question is, what are you going to do about it? This is a test for you and me now. What our lives continue, I feel sad, shame and just continue on. parties continue our lifestyle continues, or what didn't really impact you and do something different. When you as Allah says, on the day of Kiama, he will say Oh, son of Adam, I was sick and you didn't visit me? And we will see ya Allah, how will you The Lord of the Worlds? How could you be sick? And so Allah will say, did you not know that my servants so and so was sick? That person was sick? And you didn't visit him? And

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did you not know that? If you visited that sick person, you would have found me? And he said, Oh, son of Adam, I asked you for food, but you didn't feed me and also Yeah, Allah, how do we feed you, you're the role of the admin and he says, do not see that person was hungry. And if you had fit that person, it is actually me that you would have come closer to and so and so on and so forth. Yeah, you know, this is the message for us. What do we do when we see calamity? What do we do when we see people losing everything and losing their families and their health and that the bodies are suffering mela Grantham Shiva? What do we do for the gifts that Allah has given us? Would it make us

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more grateful? Would it make us more appreciative? Would it make us better people? And so at the end, before we ask Allah, why do you do this? If Allah were to ask, you know, what did you do about it? What would our response be? Are we going to be able to return because this question will be asked in that FTM What did you do when you saw the calamity before some of his servants? What is our response from Allah grant us to be of those who give generously and help and to be grateful May Allah forgive us for our shortcomings? May Allah grant us the goodness in the dunya and akhira. May Allah Quran is for all those who are going through hardship. May Allah have Shiva all those who are

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in hospitals, may Allah heal their wounds, may Allah heal their sicknesses. May Allah subhanho wa Taala replaced people have lost everything was something even better. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant Saba and patients for those who have lost things that cannot be replaced and that Allah spare us and all of humanity from the hardships of the dunya and akhira I mean, I mean as we mentioned, whatever collection for those we collected money but there's the Yoko machine as well at the back if you didn't bring your your cash please donate and this inshallah will be given to the relief work in in Syria, Amin and Syria and Turkey I mean, our start from scratch will begin next week inshallah

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from six to seven and we'll have in the masjid as well and online because Allah hate or so Allah say no Muhammad from Islam, the city and hamlet of La La Mina Santa Monica