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AI: Summary © The church hosts a virtual race for attendees to improve others' lives, including creating environments that encourage others to take initiative, finding ways to improve others' lives, and maintaining spirituality. The importance of sharing experiences and creating a culture of spirituality is emphasized, along with the need for everyone to make a commitment to their health and mental well-being. The success of graduating from college and developing an " accepting body" is also emphasized, along with the ongoing pressure on mental health and the need for personal and social development for children to achieve success and fulfill their potential.
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Three past 11 Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Hello and

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welcome to our Masonic on race time International. It is Thursday morning and inshallah Aziz. I am joined by my guest this morning on al Bashir, a brother Idris camisa monokuma rahmatullah wa barakato.

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consider them

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my most beloved monana, how are you very, very well, unless you can resist me how you keeping this morning, no longer in law, I'm very well with Alice Murphy, and we are alive, we can turn to Him, we have an opportunity to redeem ourselves to reconnect with our loved one, to leave a legacy to the people of significance. And to ask Allah for forgiveness for the kind of Second Life most of us have led, and to look forward to inshallah, a spiritually uplifting future, as to the days of hearts

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is gone by

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yes and hamdulillah for judging returning. Yesterday, we saw the first judge returning from the holy names and hamdulillah

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they have returned as the promise of Rasulullah sallallahu in Islam, a renewed lives, new persons, new people, and maybe you could start off with some advice for for judge who have returned, and how to maintain consistency inshallah Allah sees on this new

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new being that they they've adopted, not under the law, I think, you know, we, the fact that we've been for high change, we know some of the mistakes that we have made, I think it's important that they must do everything humanly possible, to maintain the spirituality, to ensure that the read the Salah, on time and at the mosque, and that they continue

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to reflect on the commitment they need, because had to such a special experience has been you are there for her Do you realize the value between you and Allah, that no matter what persona you had back home, whether you're a king, law or an ordinary, you will be sweeping the street, you realize that you are nothing, without Allah, you are nothing. And out there, when you are there in front of the Kaaba, you are stripped of everything, Allah confronts you with the real you. They you that only you know, and unknown to you that others do not know that you can trust people respect that, you know, you're fallible, your shortcomings, your weaknesses. So I think it's important to continue

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to cling tenaciously to the rope of Allah, to really transform their life. And through a process of gradualism, they must impact on their families and the children on a slow process, because the children may not have had the opportunity of this wonderful spiritual experience of hearts. So when they come back the the, in the archives with them, they need to make love with the family. And they must be seen, and they must show that they have transformed their life and if they're always been spiritual is to ensure that they consolidate the spirituality. And so I'm doing

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our user manual because they've been chosen by our law. They are the you know, we have population or one point somewhat billion people. And they were chosen by law to come to that land, and the importance that they exploited that extreme.

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Yes, yes, yes. And there's only one important point that you are drawing here is the aspect of making an effort to improve others around them. And I think this is one of the best methods and ways of maintaining your own consistency is if you get involved in trying to make improvements in the lives of others. Absolutely. And when you do that, what happens then you got to make sure that you model the example that you got to make sure that you are the example for them to follow the example even in your sciences, you're eloquent you eloquent in your behavior, you are eloquent in your attitude, and the way you walk your department for days and it is a complete metamorphosis or

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transformation. So it is there and under the law. And when you realize that you need to do this and I think sometimes

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you know, we forget where we come from, we forget the Haji experience, we do not realize you know what you do

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Through it's a, it's such a noble spiritual experience, and epi is very, very critical for people to understand that to understand what they've been through. And they must also understand that life, as they are mortal beings, we don't know how long you're going to be. And there are so many examples of people who are just come back from Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. Soon after that, you know, the time is up on this earth, and then they're like, you know, babies, you know, the kids, I mean, because if you have a newborn baby, and when you're a newborn baby, it says two things. He says one thing about your own innocence, and also says something to people around you that if my father has become like a

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newborn baby, that I got to make sure as family members, that he got to also create

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the ambience or the environment at home, to ensure that this newborn baby is not tainted by past negative experiences by our negative ethos at home or culture. So it is very easy to take responsibility for everyone else. I mean, can you imagine that you have had some friends, and you've decided you made a commitment, that the negative habits that you used to share with them is a thing of the past. And when they come to you, and they would ask you, and many of them can be quite flippant about your experiences game, and when you're going to join us again on Saturday nights, and those kinds of things. So then one hand, you feel the obligation to your friends, on the other hand,

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is your own relationship with Allah and it is, it doesn't even have to be a rocket scientist to know or what is important for you. And I'm not suggesting that you cut yourself off completely from friends or from society around you or you live a life.

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But I think it's important to heighten your own spirituality is when you can impact positively on the lives of other people and what's the point that you made the press with you raised such a significant question that basically when you continue to join the discord and submit that this is wrong, what are you doing you're living Islamic Islam in people's intentionality and consciously in

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opposition opportunity to welcome our listeners you listening so much to the community some international My name is Juanita Saad, my guest this morning, brother Idris camisa. To speaking about the project we have just returned, and advices that we give them and many people have completed the Agile 109 if you have any pertinent advice you'd like to share with your fellow judge with those who have written particularly this year, you may have written many years back you may have performed as many times as well. And I'm sure you have good advice this machine with these images You're most welcome to SMS 07173846 when you can call in as well and oh 11854 and 548 and

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share those advices that in Sharma the incoming a judge can take benefit from in Sham harasses

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is by the judge. One One thing is to great heightened spirituality Alhamdulillah the return from the holy lands with this heightened spirituality will not continue forever, because obviously we are out of the environment that we were in the you know, particularly remember one thing is that when we are they we automatically wake up with Rajat Salah, without anybody really stressing on us to wake up, even though we've slept so late at night. And when you come home, it's a completely different thing. And it's one of the first things that we tend to neglect, and how to maintain that environment and how to develop a similar environment here so that we can maintain that level of spirituality as at

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home as well.

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And under the law, this is the point the point is this. Basically one of the things I often say to people, you can change your life, you will change your routine, it's important that there is a family they discussed routine. And because when you write the environment, then that is a different environment because everyone has aligned to the spiritual experience. Everyone is committed to it. And they want to you know, they want to really transform their life and these, the critical mass is being the right thing. And when you come back home, you're living in a poorer society where we are a multi phase, multi phase environment and be exposed to things are often in political Islam. So I

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think what happens then then you got to really make this a part of your life. And if you've been doing it for so long, it's been there for three or four

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do four weeks, then under the law, it should become a natural extension. And you want to make sure that you're doing this if you're bringing your wife in you and your wife must make a commitment to each other, that they're going to help and support each other in fulfilling this aspect of their life. And I think it's important that they begin to do it, you know, every day, and now they have to live consciously and reflect on and this is a message for all of us, though, you know, to reflect everyday what kind of life led to what extent, the things we did was pleasing to Allah, what words in our hearts when interacting with people, it's about the key is for purification of your heart,

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and these fundamental things, and you find that it speaks to most people, you ask them what their routine and they'll give you a routine, they start a routine that they've discussed the duty to default, they need a certain routine their

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time together, as a family brochure and consultation. So I think this is the point this is the point that we need to do. And in fact,

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not even getting a pathologist Salah should be a normal, every home should be an integral part of our life, because the existence on earth is a very fleeting existence is a means to an end, it's an end unto itself, it's a test for us is part of the spiritual journey, and Allah from the Philippines, just as a family or wealth, and with our health, and this is a part of what it is all about. And it is very critical and significant that we understand that you know, sadly, and many of us appreciate good health and that health is gone. We appreciate people around us when they are gone. And I think we know we are now we say we know I put a wise man is the person who learns from

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the foolish mistakes of others and the wisdom of the many other people that he interacts with. And that is fundamental and we make the wine shall not that you will judge in America except there may be an inspiration to all of us. When we share the experiences they exist, because everyone has a story to tell the challenges they face the wonderful spiritual moments they had the kind of people that met in different parts of the world, and inshallah they need to talk to people, family members. And in that way, they can be people that are productive, what they do, it can be people inshallah, or an inspiration, not only to the family, but to society at large

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masses, receive the message from the law. judge how fortunate you are to return home in this pure state man, like Rancho steadfastness to remain in that state Have you never been I mean, that was the message the I mean, I mean, me and you, like, you'd like people to speak about their own experiences about when they went to heart The challenges they've been through, and also how it impacted on their life. And what nestea there has for returning to judge, we need to share that it's very, very important. Sometimes, a simple statement made by one caller, can have a profound impact on the lives of so many people. I mean, I've heard it said so many times, of many scholars than, and

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I was blessed. Also, when people sometimes Tell me, it leaves once you mentioned this profound impact on my life on a relationship with my wife, and my family. And so you, you feel good about that, because in the end, in the same time as the person, the hearts of people, you would want people to make work for us want people to remember us fondly, and that inshallah will make a big difference. And whilst I'm here, more than I also want to

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implore the listeners to make a very, very, very official blog for my beloved wife, she had an emergency eye operation, and it was on Saturday, a day before he and company law was successful, but

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you can make the fee on that I can be wonderful procedures are going to be done. And I want to also thank the many people who

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are making to us make law for people that are not well, Allah given Shiva, and in any given opportunity, and my wife has been chatting about this and say no, she also realizes that you know, now there are some there are new priorities in our life. And this is sometimes they we need from Allah to bring us closer to him. When you have ill health and you begin to understand the things that we might have taken for granted our lens, our vision, our hearing all of that, and we often take it for granted very difficult when you have everything

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Check to fully understand for those who do not have it, you know, what are they missing?

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Can I grant her Shiva caminada imagine

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complete recovery and yes our thoughts in visor with your family as well.

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To the listeners, you'll be reminded to share with us your stories and advice for those people who have returned from Hajj and how they should maintain consistency and maintain the level of spirituality which Allah has is dynamic and SMS is 0731738461 and you can call in and 11854 and 548 as well. This

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is we're gonna take a short break because 24 minutes before 12 we'll come back and

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just after that

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solidify your love for prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam bite into a small Nabhi every Thursday afternoon at 1:30pm to 2pm learn about the many Sacred Names and glorious attributes of the most perfect appropriations and that's as much as the afternoons from 1:30pm to 2pm.

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With the sunrises it rises for everyone showing molana to nature such on ownership Monday to Thursday between 11 and 12pm live out of ermelo Mpumalanga, the place with the sunrises regular contributions by Milan as

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well as mature Han Aloha.

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welcome back to on radios from the vessel and welcome back to our guest, brother Idris camisa. And we are speaking about advice for those returning from Hajj and generally it is fine as Muslims, one of the advices of Rasulullah sallallahu early Islam and one of the things that made life most strenuous and challenging for a cinema Cinema hiding cinemas, the the matter of consistency,

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we have a sort of loss of a mahadi some once mentioned shea butter near

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the sort of hood and sisters

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given me white hair. And one of the explanations of why is it because of the instruction of consistency and Easter karma that is given them both for us and also we have a civil laws the law has said that the best of these is that once established, is maintained with consistency and this is an it requires a concerted effort and it requires a mindset and an attitude change for us to make sure that we maintain consistency

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on a such a fundamental point because I know when we go for hearts you feel so spiritually high and we want to really you know have an impact on everybody. And we say you know stay awake because of so many patterns of the Quran. Even though for so many days we can an all in on a Lamborghini nappies and noble intentions. But the critical thing is is what we don't want is to start off with a bang and then fizzle out afterwards is important to do fewer things that we've consistently become an integral part of your life. And in that way, you will not find it

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a burden. Don't find it difficult, because Allah doesn't want to make your life difficult.

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But what's important is doing little things, but really consistent, it's very important that we need to do that. And then you and each one of us must do for what's from within our capacity, what we can do, and we should do that. I mean, they are those and humbling, who can do with less sleep. So they say, okay, fine, I'm going to spend the major part of assemblies in the Quran, because I can deal with duplicity, that person fine. I need most people can also do a bit of the Quran. So what's important, the point that I made at the beginning of the program, is that the often couples go and it's important that we need to support each other, we understand each other. And he does not mean

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that we cannot unleash our potential spiritually, and to do things that we have never done before. Because the long and short of it all that we have experienced must not be something that is relegated in the back or in the

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back burner as it were. But what it is something that has an impact on us for the rest of our life, not when you come back the first week, two weeks, three weeks, four weeks, six weeks, but far, far beyond that. And, and the true test of the one of the tests of the acceptance of hearts, is, for example,

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that you are now reading your 510 saliva, if you haven't done that before, and what another test is all the fact that now it will heighten your consciousness when you do wrong, you really feel miserable about it, you turn to Allah for forgiveness, and in a whole range of things, because they have experienced is a time for reflection is the time to introspect and re Enter. And exactly once you do that, it must manifest itself as change what you are saying is significant. It has to be consistent. Yes, yes, yes. And it is by coming to some of the things that you have been counseling on over this past few days, perhaps you could just focus on that a little bit. Yes, the one thing

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that, you know, Hamdulillah,

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I met the young man who is very, very bright. And there he is, so his father son used to be with chatting about life. And

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one of the things that we need to understand that sometimes society itself, and maybe I'm not gonna tell my friends sometimes focus so much on defining success as material success, that each one of them when they look for a job they about making the money, it's about them. And as a result, what happens in the very imbalanced life, and life, sometimes they move them away from focusing on the salon, and life that moves them away from focusing on the family. So I think it's important for everyone to understand, no matter how young, enthusiastic you are, you must end in a process, burn yourself off hoping for early retirement, but in the process, neglecting your Islamic

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responsibilities, your familiar responsibility in terms of your family interaction, in terms of your own recreation. So I think that is very important in terms of health. That was one ad and it is becoming increasingly a challenge for people. And that often leads to panic attacks and leads to stress, it leads to depression. And then when that happens, then you require medication. If you require

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a complete audit of your life, that's one.

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The other area that I find that I'm dealing with, in this journey, and I've said it before, so Mawlana I didn't know what it is, I don't know what it is that the men in the main, I know I'm generalizing. But this is the numbers. And I'm sure others will do counseling would also attest to this, that they are not prepared to seek for help when they raise an issue, and they often blame the spouse for an issue. And I said it many, many times, you know, a piece be supportive. A Peace Corps that at least gets an objective voice can be something maybe the voice might reinforce your own observation. Because marriage is a partnership is not a person battling as an individual. Like I

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mean the fact that my wife is not there. I spend my time most of my time at home with her a mess.

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To call and to support her and sister Dean, because if you cannot stand by each other the time of crisis, be a medical crisis needs an emotional crisis, no matter what the crises are. And I think that, to me, is also another significant factors. The second, the third area, that is also of very grave concern is that I think we put too much pressure on our kids to achieve,

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to come up first,

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to be the best. And Allah is made us some different abilities. And as such, what is happening, the pressurizing of our children, they are also getting India subjected to stress. This also creates other issues and problems in their life. So I there has to be a balance in their life. And again, I've said it before, a ketogenic success is not a predictor of the real success. It's a narrow part of it. And I think people have argued that even it's far more important that you develop your kids emotionally, to be able to understand their own emotions, understand the most of the fathers is understand the social context, understand what is appropriate behavior. In fact, that emotional

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quotient as it were, would help them dealing with medical issues, medical problems. And the last issue, that is something that we often speak about, is again, the ongoing is

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about drugs in I ATF, I father, let me another father met me and Allah make it easy for them. Allah give them an understanding of what the children are going through, and the children that who are the victims of drugs and drug peddlers who are addicted to it. May Allah give them the diamanda make them understand that the Father, he steals the drive,

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he is in pain.

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He loves you sometimes he gets angry with you with anger is not out of any animosity. But he has reached a point of frustration and desperation. And he despises and not you, he despises your attitude. So these are some of the things that I've been dealing with this week.

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really things of concern, which is why when you you look at this, and you see that the oma is going through such desperation. And this seems to be very little direction that they are taking. And on the other hand, you know, there's there's lots of positives as well that we are finding in the oma and lots of good things happening. I'm sure

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many positive things that are happening, but just before I discuss the policies, I think this is the point. The point is I think when I when I go for weddings, I see people you know, they say, resplendent in this sartorial elegance you go and you see them there. And you realize beneath this facade, the need is linear they stay I am not seduced by this glitterati, you know, I, I don't wish anyone here I want people to be happy. You can only be happy when you fulfilling the requirements of Allah. Happiness is not something you chase after a few days after doing good, being good, desiring good, and acting like a good person You shall love and happiness will follow you as one. Now in

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terms of the good things and many good, wonderful young people who accepted the Islamic responsibility, they are wonderful in terms of the the interaction with the with the siblings in the interaction with the parent interaction with the wider humanity, people are prepared to fight for a cause. And an umbrella. You know, I mean, if you look at this, and Mama decide not because he comes to my hometown, and my friend sent me picking up this cause about you know, the BBs a young man who is articulate, who is doing something for the cause. And I think it's important, very, very important that when our children grow up, enough, you got to point them to a direction of so that

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they are engaged, meaningfully doing something that gets them fulfillment, they also many positive things are happening. I mean, it will be such a information explosion, they access to so many classes, as many classes as the class, such week class. There's so many things that are happening. Our massages are becoming ready in havens of activity and they are

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Everywhere the dynamism of our radio station, the great powers given by scholars to all of that is there and you find that the many many positives. So, what I'm saying is this that we are not going to live consciously than these are some possibility that even those parents that you know, you know, who have

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been involved good things they did not actively enforce it and then secondly, they can also become victims

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tied us and grant us all Hidayat it is a it really brings us almost to the end of our program today. We have some some closing remarks inshallah.

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You know,

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the meaning

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to everyone. That was clear Muslims.

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We are not born a spectator.

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We have to take up the casuals, we got to get up. We got to lift our heads up, make what will not be positive. show gratitude to Allah, help others and allow will help us to go out there and realize that we are mortal beings, our life is temporary is transcend, that we are born to live a life of purpose, not a rudderless life growing like a weed in a river, move in whatever direction the water takes us to. We are supposed to people are people of integrity. And I make that align

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spirituality of the horchata we are like this

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may be an inspiration may have a permanent impact on their life until they die. It unlife pleased with them as was pleased with them during the harsh experience pleased with them every day of their life. May Allah make it easy for them to confront some of their own shortcomings. That be able to deal with it with confidence, maybe their families that support them in whatever they do. Maybe celebrate the good that is taking place. Maybe understand that between halal and haram we have many things that are acceptable By Allah, that does make Islam relatable and meaningful for children. Let's have a chat with the elephant ambassadors. May they be touched and moved by the recitation of

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the Quran May the word uplift them need to have a profound and deep deep love for the pieces allow you a filament or those that they love me they have a deep and profound love for good made me feel repulsion whenever they do wrong. Whenever they do wrong way they feed that deep remorse and turn to Allah and finally made the understand fully that the fun lies not in your heart and you got your heart place for things that are encyclical to Allah. Allah is always a pleasure to interact with you. We are blessed you look after you and predict you.

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will speak tomorrow in Sha will speak next week in sha Allah.

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That brings us to the end of our program this morning she can see them to wherever it is connoisseurship continues to the operator Berto sama from Tunisia Sato salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.