Virtues of Hajj #10 Common MISTAKES in Hajj

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The conversation discusses common mistakes made by hedge brothers and sisters during their hedge journey, including mistaken assumptions, accidents, and lack of evidence of actions. The speakers emphasize the importance of staying in alpha and avoiding leaving work early, avoiding drinking alcohol, and protecting one's body and family from the hellfire of the current series of hedging. The series is about protecting hedge brothers and sisters from the hellfire of the current series.

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feeding had a woman to follow mean Hi Ed Lim who loll what does that word author in a whole year was?

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What the Goonies?

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100 and now salatu salam ala Rasulillah Allah Melinda main fauna on fine, limp Tana was hammerlock. I mean, we ask Allah azza wa jal teachers would benefit us benefit us from what he told us and increase us in knowledge me and your bride. I mean, my dear beloved brothers and sisters, I love you all for the sake of Allah. And they asked him together as for this love under a shade when there is no shade except his shade, I mean.

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We have been in these nine days so far studying the benefits of hedge.

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And today, I felt since the last day I want to mention,

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from my experience, some common mistakes that I noticed some of the brothers and sisters commit in hygiene.

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First, let's start with the haram.

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Many people think when they put the two pieces of cloth, the white pieces of cloth on that means they are already in Iran.

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That's a mistake. You are in Haram. When you get to them your card and you make the intention for hush or for ombre. Then you are in an older prohibition of firearm start applying to you.

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Second, people think that if the firearm got dirty, for one reason or another, they cannot change it, you are allowed to change your firearm.

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A very common mistake about Haram is that people think say oh, there's supposed to be no stitches. My brother, my sister, the 1000s that you're working they're wearing, they are all made of stitches. They're all made of thread, the stitches here mcheap It means nothing supposed to be sticking to the body like a T shirt or underwear or socks. Nothing's supposed to be sticking to the body, that what stitches mean, not the thread. Everything is in that towel is made of thread. So that is a very common misunderstanding.

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Then we move to the mistakes in Impala.

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Many people think that when they first see the Kaaba, the DUA is accepted.

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We need an evidence this is a bad this is an act of worship and every act of worship needs and evidence. Where did we get that from?

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Hamdulillah that

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is the best and that time because you are in the days of the hedger and the

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muck. But specifically the say when you see the cavalry that is Mr. Jab that needs a an evidence

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into life. Another very common mistake is you see people holding books and it says in the book that this is for the first round, this is for the second round, this is for the third round. No, there's no specific diet for every round in the in the cloth, you can make dua, you can read Quran or you could make the curl. If you're holding a book just to

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remember some dua or read some in general hamdulillah is nothing wrong with it. But to say that this is specifically for the fifth round, or the sixth round. There's nothing like that at all. Just be free and do as much as you want, say as much as they could as as you want. The only specified die is between the rock ngulia money and the hudgell S word the Blackstone is Robinette enough dunya Hassan Warfield karate Hassan walk in other webinars. Another very common mistake in tawaf, and probably through the whole period of hash is the use of the phone and pictures and videos all the time. During the monastic I'm not talking about when you finished and you want to take a video or picture

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Alhamdulillah but during the tawaf yes you are in a bad, do you take videos while you're praying. So during the talav, no phone calls

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I am in the third round which round Are you in and a whatsapp look at this and you show somebody, have you been your neighbor you're you're performing an act of worship, leave the phone till you finish the whole massacre. Then you could use it in sha Allah Tala but you during the monastic during the monastic stay away from the phone unless you're using it for DUA and you have it on airplane mode. That's another reason Charla Tara

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very common problem that we see almost every time we go to Hajj or Umrah, people pushing and harming each other to get to the Blackstone

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you are committing a sin to perform a sunnah

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harming your brother is a sin.

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Kissing the Blackstone is a sunnah you can just wave from the next to the green light when they have it marked and continue. You don't have to go and harm people and elbow them and push them in order to get there and kiss the Blackstone. Okay.

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Another common mistake is that people uncovered the right shoulder from the beginning well from there from the hotel Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam when he got to the beginning of the talav. So when you get to that green light, then you uncover your shoulder and you start your, your toe off. Another common mistake is many people start the tawaf from before the Blackstone No, no, no, you have to start from from the Blackstone and start counting from there. Now we go to the site, many people think that they need to do in the site, you do not need to do in in the site, you do not need to have although if you have to do it's good, but you do not have to do must have to do during the

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And here is where you cover your shoulder again, you don't have to uncover your shoulder in the sight. You do not have to uncover your shoulder in the right shoulder in the sight you can have you put the towel back on and walk through the

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from the software to the Marwa and you only run people running some people run the whole thing? No you only run between the two green green lights and the woman don't have to run. Another common mistake in the site is that people read the ayah in the software will Moroccan in sha Allah at every time they get to the sufferer and to the Marwa and then there is again in the south our Moroccan and sha Allah. No, you only read it from in the beginning when you first get to the sufferer and you start your site and not be murdered the Allah Hubei you say that statement we start with Allah subhanaw taala started which is a sufferer and you read that a once and that's it and you continue

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with the DUA and everything else, but you do not read that at every time you go to suffer and and Marwah.

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Now we go to

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another mistake is that

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after they finish the site,

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there is the haircut right or shaving of the head it is preferable to shave the head in sha Allah Tada and when you shave the head make sure you shave the whole head. Similarly another common mistake is when people cut the hair the people who decided just to get a haircut they cut from certain places only no you have to go to a barber and not you don't have you don't have to go to a barber but you must have the hair cut from all the sides and for the sister it is enough to do a little bit from from the back. But for the brothers it has to be even from all the sides of the hair been taken from all the head.

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Now, mistakes in was telephone many people you know they they pray Maghrib and Isha in in an RFI it was supposed to pray Maghrib and Isha in in was deliver and believe it or not the Sunnah in was deliver is to sleep.

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Some of the mistakes that we noticed in artifacts in order for many people wanted to they want and insist to go to the gerbil Rama the mountain of Rama you don't have to you don't have to go there and also suffer and go through so many crowds to get there. You don't have to go there at all. Another common mistake in alpha is that people leave out alpha before Maghrib before Meribel hedgehog alpha this is the best day you know make sure that you are in alpha and make sure you do not leave Alpha till after you hear then a lovely many people in RFI they waste time joking and talking this is the very blessed day. Now we are on the Day of Arafah mela gather us next year and

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alpha in the real RF and shall not data

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we have to spend this day into this is the day of Da da da Eomer alpha the best day to put

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Under automake da is the day of RF and you are in the or you are on the mountain of alpha, you know you are in the Mensa itself. So make sure that you are making a lot of DUA and do not waste time joking and, and playing on the phone or whatever. So.

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So in order to make sure you stay there till Monday, like we said, and make a lot of data and the best way like we said Lena Hill Hola, hola sharika lahu Monaco owl hunt Wahoo Allah Cooley, shaitan Collier, just an advice before alpha is that on that day, you want to spend it all in a bar that I advise us really please on the day before alpha. When you are in minute and the next day, you're gonna wake up in the morning and leave to alpha, please do not have a lot of food, just an apple and a banana. Something very simple just to make you survive. Otherwise, you're going to stand on those long lines in alpha to go to the bathroom, and Subhanallah in the best day. You want to stand you'd

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be standing on line for a bathroom. No, you want to be making dua and you want to be in a bad so on that day, just very simple. Any. You don't have to fast people here outside of HDFS, but they're almost you're fasting, just a little bit of water a little bit something simple, just to survive just to be able to move, but do not eat heavy and in order for you see people you know cooking Brioni and Makarova hand making

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roasting machine. Take it easy, actually. You just eat a little bit in sha Allah Allah and concentrate on your on your dog. Then after that there are mistakes in the emirate. Many people think that they are actually throwing stones at shouting. Those big stones are not just trucks, they're not tripping. So they put all their power. I'm gonna do this to you and then you you ruin my life. I'm gonna ruin your life and they start have your neighbor.

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Just do the monastic like resource SLM taught us and these are not actual Shayateen you don't have to wash the stones. Many people wash the stuff. Why are you washing the stones? You don't have to wash the stones before you throw them. Do not throw also, I saw somebody one time, you know, he took his shoes, and you made me divorce my wife stopped throwing the shoe I have you know, this is not another shape I'm you know, so not throw any things against those big rocks. This is all against the sun. Do not push people and shove them in Indonesia, Morocco. And when you throw, you don't have to say Bismillah just Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. And when you throw the Xiomara throw them one at a

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time, I saw somebody hooked and he wants to finish quickly he put the other seven, we Allah He threw them on Oh, you have to throw them one at a time. And make sure you do not have any anybody because sometimes when you throw the story from very far, you might hit somebody that is they're very close and you hit him on the head and you're harming your brother or your sister. I'm really going quick because there are so many mistakes but I'm just mentioning the major ones. And then if you go to Medina before or after, there are some mistakes that are done in Medina. Number one, you have to know that visiting the Medina is not part of the hash. This is just we are there. Alhamdulillah we

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go and visit Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the grave of Rasulullah sai Salam. And another mistake is when we go there very common mistake. When please, I see a lot of people wiping their clothes or wiping their head and on the walls and in the pillars of the masjid another way that for Baraka Baraka, one time we saw somebody on the gate, one of the gates, the doors, you need to enter them haram. He is wiping all his Annamma his turban against the door. And all of a sudden one of the security guards screamed at him. What are you doing this? I said, Ma'am, you're getting the bulk of their budget another way. He said habibi. This door was built in 1993. What Berkery talking about so

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there's no way there's nothing broken like that from from those walls, and we don't do that. So resource isolation came to forbid that Subhanallah Another common mistake is people sit. When you are visiting the grave of Rasulullah Salam, they face the cover and they make dua Subhanallah and they put it back to the Qibla there's nothing like that. Yeah, actually, the visitor for Salah Salem is very, very simple. You go there with dignity and honor and respect and quiet and when you pass by the by the grid as salam ala Rasulillah Jozek Allah and the Federal Reserve

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and then one step further As salam o aka the Allah and go out and like I said, Mo

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Like I love the Allah and koala very simple quietly and you leave some people stay there for 1015 20 minutes one hour, what are you doing? Are you just saying the salam respectfully, and then you making

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make space for others to come and continue their, their visit

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facing the grave, we mentioned that. So these are some of the mistakes in hygiene very, very briefly. And I just want to end the series by saying that please, this is a very, very important series for anyone that is going to hedge anybody that yourself or anyone that you know who's going to hedge in the future, please ask them to watch this philosophy, it has a lot of tips to be able to perform a great hedge I did not discuss how to perform hedge because that is available in many places and chances are maybe 10 At one time the future we will do it. But the main reason an essence of hash was explained in these nine episodes. And in sha Allah Tala, it will be a very bad it will

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be very beneficial for everybody who's going to hash so they know the benefits of hash before they go there. So they can live them through through the hash. My brothers and sisters, we are doing something we are doing we are performing a bad once in a lifetime. Once in a lifetime. Many people say for years and years to go and perform this a bad so how can I risk doing it wrong or not doing it according to the sun. So please, just like you seek all kinds of information before you invest any kind of money or time or anything. Make sure you are getting the right sunlight information about how to perform Hajj in sha Allah Tada. And this series will be very helpful Bismillah to

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Allah. And finally, now as you're watching me, there are a few minutes left for Maghreb Of The Day of Arafah. Please make a lot of dua make a lot of and when you are making dua, please listen to me carefully. In the back of your mind, I want you to have this name of Allah in the back of your mind and Imogen Heap and Mojib the one who answers that. When you are making the DUA remember that you are asking l Mooji. The one who answers that you are the one also keep in mind, a lady who Allah Cooley che in Kadir, the one you are asking, is capable and able to do anything anywhere anyhow. At any time.

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Have that in mind when you're asking and have your heart attached to that dua that's coming out from your lips. You really mean it you're begging Allah azza wa jal you're you're pleading to Allah subhanho wa Taala please, there is only a few minutes left. Go ahead and make a lot of ask Allah azza wa jal to save your neck from the Hellfire make a lot of dark for your parents. Beg Allah to keep your children steadfast on the deen beg Allah subhanaw taala to bless your children with righteous spouses. Beg Allah subhanho wa Taala together with Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam, ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect you from the envy and from the evil eye and from the black magic

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and all that ask Allah subhanaw taala This is the best time there are few minutes left. May Allah accept every single dua that you made today. May Allah subhanaw taala accept every single dua that you made today, and every Muslim on Earth. I mean, you're a Brahmin, please don't forget me and the crew of epic in your DUA in sha Allah Allah Allah, may Allah subhanaw taala accept from all of us. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us His pleasure. Allah Ya Allah I beg you in this blessing our myself and everyone who's watching us Ya Allah, Allah do not let us die until and unless you are pleased with us. Yeah Allah make our last deeds our best deeds. Yeah Allah save our next from the hellfire.

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Ya Allah increase us in Iman and yeah Allah I beg you to make our last words La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, I love you all for the sake of Allah in sha Allah Tada a new series will start after eight. You will be it'd be very excited to hear about it in sha Allah Tala Zachman Allah Subhana Allah, masha Allah Allah Allah and the stuff on a toolbar like

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what's going on long Fe V A yamim

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Furman dot delta V any fella is gnarly he won that fella

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is now really hilly many temple Wat temple long our Oh

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An uncle Eli he shall on