Why Allah Allows Earthquakes and Suffering

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We begin as always, by praising Allah subhanaw taala and sending His peace and blessings upon his messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the prophets and messengers before him, his family and companions that served alongside him, and those that follow in their blessing path until the day of judgment. And we ask Allah to make us amongst them, Allahu Allah, I mean, the brothers if everyone could do me a favor and move forward just a little bit in Charlottetown, if everyone in front of me can please move forward just a little bit in sha Allah Tiana.

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I wanted to begin today's cultiva

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with a perspective that I've never seen myself, but I know with certainty exists. And it's the opposite side of the perspective that we've had over the last few days of these videos and images of our brothers and sister's crushed under rubble, and earthquakes, and the devastation that we see from this side of the portal and I want you to imagine that there's a door between this dunya and the next round. And the people on this side of it see one thing and the people on the other side of it, see another thing and for a moment, I want you to consider being on the other side of that door.

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You hear a sound. And if you are amongst the righteous souls, may Allah subhanaw taala, count us all amongst them Allahumma Amin, everyone rushes to receive the believing soul that has entered. You just witnessed one of the largest entrances of shahada into this realm. In a pretty long time. 1000s of people all entering, being dressed with honor, celebrating their new abode. And you're going to them and everyone is hugging and celebrating and saying, Welcome to your Jana, welcome to your next life. Welcome to a life of no pain, welcome to a life of no trauma.

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And on the other side of that door, you have the bodies that are left over, you have the crushed homes that could not be inhabited, even if they died a quote unquote, natural death. And you have the people that are left behind in grief and in confusion. And with a whole lot of pain. That Subhanallah I want you to imagine if the battle of hurt would have happened in a world of social media,

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and the images of Hemsedal the Allahu Taala and Juan Luis Alberto the Allahu Anhu. And those people, the most righteous people to walk the face of the earth as the generation their bodies that have been cruelly dealt with the images of those bodies were constantly going around.

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And Muslims around the world were sharing those images and looking at that or if you witnessed Asya it has salaam from this side of the portal, you know we've we've witnessed it from the other side because all we have from Asya is the end and we have her genocide, looking at the laughter and the happiness and the joy. But if you were living in the time of Fidel and ASEAN, you were in that gathering one of the helpless people that had to go with the orders of Fidel and at the time and you were seeing what was being done to us. Yeah, it has Salah and what that might do to your faith or if you lived at the time of the crown of this ummah, Abuja. And you watched him poking at the body of

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Somalia or the Allahu Taala and had the first Shaheed of Islam, the first martyr of Islam, and felt a great deal of helplessness, you might be paralyzed, and that captures the sentiment sometimes as we are watching from this side. What happens to people when they exit this world, especially if it is a traumatic exit? And subhanAllah? What do you hear from people when they lose their loved ones, and hamdulillah they didn't suffer and what they mean by that usually, is that it wasn't a prolonged death. You know, the body even if it's intact when it's put in the ground, the Earth will do with the body what the Earth does with the body and accepting the miraculous situations. But

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alhamdulillah it wasn't a prolonged traumatic exit, right? And they'll think about it in that way. And what is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say, in an authentic hadith my god do shahidul mean muscle cutely in camera Yoji do Hadoken mean muscle kharsa He said an authentic hadith sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that the Shaheed the martyr, and we ask Allah that each and every single one of our brothers and sisters that died in this earthquake is a Shaheed Allahumma Amin that the martyr, whether it is Sahiwal had them the one that was crushed by something or the one that was killed by something he said so alongside of the murder does not feel the pain of death, except like

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one of you feels the bite of a bug.

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And there is this

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Ram Rahim Allah commented he said the bite of a flea. That's what asiyah felt it has set up. That's what sumiya Well, the Allahu Taala and her felt as she exited this world, because ALLAH SubhanA Huzzah, Allah has transitioned them to a place that we cannot perceive. But that what they are perceiving is far greater than anything that they had in this life while they were still here. And then you say, Well, what about the years of cruelty? What about the days under oppression? What about the long days before they passed away if they had long days before they passed away, they will not remember the cruelty. They will not remember the long days, they won't even remember a life of

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oppression with one dip in Jannah as the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Not a moment under the crushing Rubble, not a moment under the crushing oppression of a tyrant. But that doesn't mean that we should not be doing everything we possibly can to pull them from under the rubble and to pull them from under the crushing fist of a tyrant. What that says Dear Brothers and Sisters is that we're human, and that the way that we feel is because Allah subhanaw taala has put these human emotions inside of us, it is Rama, it is mercy to cry when you see brothers and sisters in pain. It is Yaqeen it is certainty to know that Allah subhanho wa Taala has a recourse for that pain. And

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those two emotions are not contradicting ones. They're just part of our own human dilemma. And Allah subhanaw taala does not punish us for our human feelings. In fact, he rewards us if we act despite those feelings and even more so if we channel those feelings towards acting for his pleasure. And that contradiction is captured by the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam In another Hadith that's also authentic. He said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam if Nutan your CRO Houma IGNOU Adam, there are two things that the child of Adam hates Yatra who will note he hates death, while mo to hyrulean movement men and fitna, but death is better for the believer than being tried being tried in what

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way in regards to their Deen. Death is better than having fitna in your deen. It's better to leave this world than to be tested in it in a way that will take away from your hereafter, but we hate death. We all hate death. And that's part of the human feeling that Allah subhanaw taala has put inside of us while you're CRO kiloton man. He hates to be deficient in regards to his wealth. No one likes to have less money. What did little man a colonial Hisa he says otherwise alone, but less money means lesser accountability on the Day of Judgment. So some for some people, poverty is actually better for them, but they still hate poverty. And that's understandable.

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The problem is not that they hate poverty. The problem is if their poverty or their hatred for poverty leads them to a hatred of the Lord of the worlds and leads them to this conundrum and this dilemma of not understanding anymore, their purpose, why they are here in the first place. And so yes, it's hard to keep perspective. When pain is imminent, or when it's overwhelming. And even when we have perspective, it doesn't negate our sense of pain, just like the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam cried while holding his dead son, even though he knew that his son was going to the care of Ibrahim it has set up in Paradise, he still cried some Allahu alayhi wa sallam, because perspective

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doesn't negate pain. It just keeps it within certain guidelines. It keeps it within a certain understanding. It keeps it measured control, but it doesn't negate it. And Allah subhana wa Tada has not asked us to negate that pain, we feel pain. But we maintain perspective.

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And when it comes to the philosophical side of things and Subhanallah, I want to actually say from the onset, I cannot solve your philosophical problem with a 15 minute hutzpah. There is a wonderful paper that our Sheikh Mohammed Chanel, we have we the Allah has written Why do people suffer God's existence in the problem of evil? Why do people suffer God's existence in the problem of evil and there are many other resources that will mention another day and shallots on and if the question bothers you enough philosophically, then at least be willing to do the reading that is necessary to help you come to terms with it. So if you need to read some papers, if you need to look into this,

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and to help put your pain in perspective, then do so. But in brief with this culture that we have, we don't know why Allah subhanaw taala does what he does. We don't know why he allows what he allows, but what we do know is that it's never without purpose. And the believer is never without reward. Nothing strikes the believer without purpose and everything that strikes the believer carries potential reward, not always. So what are we supposed to do?

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We're supposed to be focusing on the human component of this

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The movement asks the believer asks, did my sins harm? And can my sadaqa help?

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How do I not hurt? And how do I help because we understand a collective responsibility that all of our individual actions play into the entire scheme of our collective existence. And that's where we look to. And we're introspective. And when we start to be introspective, we realize that natural disasters aren't always as natural as we think they are. Our role might be bigger than we initially assume. A famous Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, lotsa Comosa hat, yoke Badulla L mu. What tactful rosellas il were Takara xenon, whatever. Horrell fitten wax rule harj a cotton hat yuck through FICO and Malou Fairfield? He says out of line seven that the Hour will not

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come until six things happen. Knowledge is taken away. How by the death of the scholars is that just because all scholars die or is that because we fail to act on the mandate of transferring the sacred knowledge and formulating greater institutions and people that care for this element and want to pass it down and live in accordance with it? It's both there's a human component to it. And earthquakes being frequent. There's a human component to that as well. And when it comes to time passing quickly, there is a loss of Baraka loss of blessing and time. Why is that? Has it been handled Rahim Allah says because of the insertion of sin into that time, sins deplete Baraka, they

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deplete the blessing that we have in our time until tomorrow until affliction start to appear. And then murder increases and people don't even know why they're killing anymore. That's certainly a human components. We don't say to the murderer you murdered because Allah subhanaw taala told you to do so even as we hope for the reward for the murdered. There's a human component and money spreads through greed, all of these things are interconnected and they all have a human action involved within them. And so when Allah subhanaw taala says bahagia and Fussa do feel better we will battery be tested at 18 us new vehicle home Barnala D'Amico, well, aluminium Jarrell

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Allah Subhana Allah says that corruption has appeared on the land and on the seas because of what man's hands have earned. And in the process, they taste some of what they have earned, so that they may return to Allah subhanaw taala. So that the place where we are all compensated for our good or our evil May Allah Subhana Allah make us people of righteousness is a place where we are entirely compensated for good and forgiven for the harm that we have. But this is profound because extreme weather is a response to extreme human behavior and negligence. Whether you speak of our sins collectively, or the sin of the greedy, sabotaging the climate, all of it is connected. And also the

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idea of the earth quaking is a reminder of what have a day that Allah subhanaw taala says either as Xena till autoseal is Allah the thing that you consider the most stable in this dunya is the earth beneath you.

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When there comes a day when people cannot even look down and depend upon the earth being stable any more than what hope do they have in the stability of dunya as a whole, except that they come back to Allah subhanaw taala so it's a reminder either as Zillertal autosaves Allah Wa Rahmatullah kala or Carl insaan, Mala Yama, even to Hadith about the day that that ultimate quake comes and everything is expelled from within and then all the secrets and the deeds are put forth. Remember that you are not in control like you think you are. Remember that you are more vulnerable than you think you are. You never go to sleep thinking that I might wake up in the middle of an earthquake. No one went to

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sleep that night thinking that that was a possibility. May Allah subhanaw taala have mercy on them all. That's a reminder for all of us not

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to turn back to our Creator, because he is inevitable, he is inevitable and our meeting with him is inevitable, as well. So we come back to Allah subhanaw taala collectively, to make sure that he is most pleased with us when we do go back to him. And we leave his wisdom to him, while focusing on attaining his mercy. Leave his wisdom to him focus on attaining His mercy and Subhanallah there's a hadith that's been going around in these last few days, which is a beautiful Hadith. And when you pull back the context of it, it's even more beautiful. So there's a whole story to the narration of this hadith of the Buddha Rahim Allah says Vina and Allah keep on fish soup. Feed him out of his

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yard. He said I was walking in the marketplace one day is the up to be Italia, Dr. Allen okra tag juban. And I started

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like I clearly looked bothered as I was clasping my hands together.

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So a man came up to me, and he told me that his father was a companion of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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Double Buddha does a temporary and he's walking in the marketplace and he's bothered. And a young man comes up to me and says I am a son of one of the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, no matter what's causing you stress. Why are you doing that? Why are you looking around so disappointed with the state of the world around you? What's happening? Listen to what he says. He says, gentlemen, Coleman, Dino Humla had one EBU Houma head where there were 200 Wahida waha. Juma head was Wuhan warhead yes the Henlow back home Cutler bar is that you know what I'm disappointed by, you know, what's making me do this. I am amazed by people who have one religion, one profit, one

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hedge one data one Qibla. They they're supposed to be one Oma. Yet some of them are making the blood of others Hello. I can't understand how we got to this point. We're one generation removed from the Prophets lie some being amongst us. And already you have Muslims turning on each other and allowing the killing of this person in the killing of that person and coming up with these extreme ideas. What happened to us and then the young men set

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for the job. Do not be amazed for in nice America to wear LED. I heard my father who is his father Abu Musa Shari Rhodiola Juan, this is the son of Abu Musa Cherie, I heard my father Abu Musa lashari Radi Allahu Anhu say, and now semirara suit Allah He saw Lauren salami accord, almighty Javi Mattoon Martoma Lisa, Lisa Durbanville athlete on either behalf dunya and fit No, was the last zero? Well.

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He said I heard my father say that the prophets lie. Some said that my Alma this of mine is an ummah that has Allah's mercy. Why?

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It's trauma, it's punishment is not in the mafia. The hardship that this OMA will face is not the hardship of the hereafter. Its hardship is in the tribulations in the dissension and in the earthquakes as it does now, the earthquakes part that part is just like if a if a natural medical condition comes to you right to you know, for the most part, right these are things that we have no control of what's the part that's body bothering of the Buddha, he's bothered by the people that are self inflicting harm on this ummah, the prophets lie some are saying the real harm is in the area. The real harm is in the hereafter and the one who meets Allah subhanaw taala clean there is going to

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be okay. But he's also saying that the the tests of this ummah

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are primarily self inflicted and ovaherero will be Allah Tala and who said as much as Buddha narrates authentically in the heart of the hill, my alma mater, Houma, la la Elanor as about here and Fusa Subhan Allah, He said this ummah is an ummah that has been showered with Allah's mercy, no punishment comes to it except with the way it punishes itself. And they said, how is that and he started to cite the fitna he said, Look at the people, people turning on each other, the same Lila Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah, the same deen and they turn on each other. Why? Why are they turning on each other? So it's self inflicted. And that was the part that bothered the companions. That was the

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part that bothered the tambourine because they understood that everything has divine recourse. But if I am part of that self inflicting harm on the Ummah, I better be ready to answer to Allah subhanaw taala for that, because that has ACULA consequences, that has consequences in the hereafter. The hereafter is nothing but mercy for the believers. It's nothing but misery for the manufacturers of misery in this life.

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And I need to make sure that I'm in the former category, not in the latter category in any way. So we take ownership of ourselves, we leave the divine to the Divine, and we look to perfect our human responses as pious believers, poverty and *er is evil. And how many conditions that the Syrian people in particular, we're already living in our pre existing conditions that are inflicted by aggression and neglect.

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Don't just look at that and say, Oh, stuff for Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Quwata illa biLlah where were we? And it's strange Subhanallah some of the strangest people and I don't usually like to bring politics to this whole tomorrow. But the strangest people are those that will whitewash Bashar Al Assad's crimes against his people, hundreds of 1000s of people, gassing them and killing them, and then will turn around and feel sorry for them after the earthquake. Where were you? Your white washing that crime? You're saying that's okay. But now you're upset. Now you're concerned. So let's not try to abdicate our responsibility. Now. If you have gross theology or gross politics, you're

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not going to have a healthy intervention into this. And those two things often go together and they come from a place of actually the problem.

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The last thing I'll say, Dear Brothers and Sisters is that people in devastation, don't need your philosophy. They need your empathy. They don't need you to unravel this in your mind and figure out how did God let this happen? And can I go have a two hour session with a chef so they can help me understand how they need you to be there for them right now. And what Allah sometimes the people in devastation, have the most clarity, despite their trauma, and the people that have heard this from them, have no clarity, despite their privilege. You talk to people that have suffered in these conflicts, and they have Eman and your team that you envy.

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And people far away, are questioning why this happened to them and are paralyzed into inaction because I don't know why this happened to them. That's not going to help anyone. Evil doesn't need you to understand why it's happening. Evil needs you to eradicate it. And in the same way, when personal tragedy strikes us, we spend less time focused on why it happens, the impossible answer to why Allah subhanaw taala allow specific things to happen to us. We spend more time on what specific things we can be doing to make this tragedy favorable for us in our dunya and in our athletes, spend less time on the why more time on the what the people need us to look for ways to support them in

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the data. How can I help? How can I not harm? How can I help? How can I not harm? May Allah subhanaw taala expiate from us any sins that bring about hardship upon this ummah, and any sins that cause us destruction, this dunya or in the outfield? May Allah subhanho To Allah be with our brothers and sisters in Syria and in Turkey, and all of those that are struck by disaster that which is obviously caused by the hands of men and that which sometimes is more subtle. May Allah subhanaw taala help our brothers and sisters and allow us to be a means by which he helps them Allahumma Akula cola was tough with it will accompany certain Muslim investor fill in a hole of affordable him.

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hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah while he was Samuel Manuela urban Allah to hidden in Siena Robin Hola, tengo la nina Islam Kyma Hamilton who AnnaLena and Kalina Robin Allah to Hamel Nirmala Takata, Lana Wa for an hour Ferdinand our Hannah and Timo Lana from sadhana Adam Coleman caffeine, every battle and Allah He Amarula aliaksandra Eternal Corbelli and in her and in fact shot you will win Carrie will belly here it will come when I look into the Coronavirus Corolla he of croquembouche crew right in their mouth is it luck on whether the Corolla he will love you and I'm gonna toss in our own welcome