Akram Nadwi – Are pensions permissible in Islam? What to do when your income is doubtful

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of understanding the responsibilities of employees in direct transactions and how their employees can affect their ruling. They also mention a Prophet's statement about sending food to someone's house and how he gave it to them as a gift. The speaker emphasizes the need to look into the history of the money and the potential consequences of not following the rules.
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I understand everybody is responsible for their direct transaction

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to for example,

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you know if i worker lawful way and I get my money that's a lot for me maybe the person who's paying me he got his money harangue me to further put somebody the robbery

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on him to build the house and I build his house and work hard and he pays me this money for me, his money was harder for him, but money actually does not the same thing money keeps changing his ruling from person to the person. So, that you know, we have to understand properly to similar to your employer when they give you money when they pay like you work in a bank you work anywhere when they pay you that hurdle for you, how they got it could be like you know the bank has many money coming from interest to the Hara. So similarly, when your employees give you money, you know, if they give you passion you know they are investing their own money that money was not owned by you they never

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paid you it was a pension money simply means the money never came to you You did not invest it you cannot agree on it. There's no contract what the contract basically is that what they will give you double or maybe certain amount more than what basically they cut to the no harm and that do basically that this like initial payment basically they're going to make what they're getting from have to them to Don't worry about pension money, how to keep it how they invest it, where they get it know if they pay your car to the contract double or whatever they want to pay, and you think that's fine, but what are what are the history of the money? Don't worry about that. But the money

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actually keeps on moving from one thing to other thing, money something haram but same money moves somewhere else. Therefore I'm here to Samarra Hara I'll tell you a hadith was the Prophet said, Sam came to his house and ask for food. So I shed a lot and I said no food.

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Then the Prophet took me spilling some some meat, some Caribbean CUDA, you know, in your house. Tasha said yeah, it has been good, but it not harder for you because it is something given izotope maturity to my slave girl Barrera in her 30s in a charity given to Berea the professor said it is charity so the tough arboreta gift to follow me. Meaning it the person who gave to Berea it was charity, but now when a burrito gifts to me, it is gift it to in person. You know he makes wedding party for his daughter. He did not have money. You know people gave him a card and soda cost money and he's you know married his daughter I spending money on the walima now he can invite all the rich

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people for the family the parcela listen because what is he spending it gift off other people when he received it was other cards a card but when he spent his become like you know the money a lot of money to even understand you are responsible for your direct transaction you know not what was before. Don't look into the history of the money. Only look at click directly. Where are you getting from to finish it simple man sorry. Then Shana Molly and also other funds that in product they have many many funds. All these funds are lawful for the employees.

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