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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of learning from the Prophet's teachings and following his teachings to achieve the ultimate goal ofteen times a day. They stress the need to understand who Allah is and the importance of following his teachings to achieve actual understanding. The speaker also mentions the importance of watching a cinematic or better cast.
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May Allah reward you for tuning into these videos and reminding yourself or learning something. But this is only a means to an ultimate goal. This is knowledge that you may be obtaining or being reminded of something that's very beneficial for you to make you act. Hopefully you will act from this, not just with the limbs, but from the heart to start from the heart to control the soul, which will influence the limbs, and this will be an action of truthfulness. But when we get this knowledge, it's important to understand that the knowledge is the key and the means knowledge is the key to open the door to the means that you will embark upon to reach the ultimate goal and that goal

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is righteousness. That goal is establishing a stronger connection with Allah, which will further make you a more tucky a righteous or pious person, which we talked about, even Okay, I'm actually mentioned as we said that, right piety the actions of piety lead to righteousness, male lawmakers from them, but here I've been okay, I'm surprised Allah mentions a very, very important, you know, a bottle or he mentions a beautiful statement or fragment that's important for us to know, to remember. And to to to bring into our conscious mind when performing any action for Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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When talking about falling, the sooner the promise of a lie and he was telling me he said, Well, farrakhan Bane, beat we had and

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there is a difference between knowledge of love and upon having the experience of love experiencing love, you may have knowledge of what love is, you may know what loving the Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam is, and as we mentioned here, you know, he mentioned as an EBU, oh, Lebanon what meaning I mean, I'm forcing him that the Prophet is more deserving that of them than then them over themselves. He's more deserving of them, meaning that you love the messenger more than you love yourself. And many of us may know the statement of entrepreneur hip hop where he told the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him in the beginning. He said, I love myself more than I love you. The

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prophet SAW Some said, You have not reached the level of a man. Then he comes back and he says, No, I love you more than I love myself and he said, an N and Yama and now you've reached a level of human. In the beginning, it may sound a little cultish, a little confusing. But it's important for us to understand who Allah is. You see, all of this goes back to understanding who Allah is. When we understand who a lot is, primarily by learning His names and his attributes, and how they manifest in our lives. We see that he has sent people, which is a sign of the manifestation or which is the manifestation of Allah's message, those are called prophets. For that reason, and that reason only,

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we love them more than we love ourselves. Because if we were to rely on ourselves, our desires, our love for ourselves, ie our love for our desires, our allegiance may be to those desires, and that can fall into shirk, to polytheism but when we love who Allah has sent to remind you about Allah, and following them is prioritizing Allah and what he wants over your own deficient, adulterated desires. This is when you have reached the true level of Amen. This is when you are truthfully following the Prophet sallallahu and he was sending and this is tauheed. In essence,

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that is why when understanding this principle of loving the Prophet sallallahu sallam,

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remember that the knowledge should lead to action. And the more you act, the more experience that you will have with Allah subhanho wa Donna, his names and attributes, the Beautiful Names and attributes, recognizing everything that happens in your life, and bringing it back to Allah subhanho wa Taala while you are compliant with what he has brought. And lastly, remember everything that he has brought, ie the sheer fact praying five times a day hij honesty, giving with your right hand, getting to know your neighbor smiling with the intention of bringing happiness and following as soon as the process and know that all of this is a manifestation or a sign of one of his beautiful names.

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When one constantly pondered over that. The love in their heart for Allah, their love in their hearts for the ones that Allah has brought to remind them about Allah will increase and that is the true love. You have moved from England hope to hell and hope from the knowledge of love to actual a

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Experiencing love, via last minute data make us of those that obey the messenger. And may Allah Allah make us of those that recognize that obedience to the messenger is the nourishment for our souls. And we love that a cinematic or better cast. Thank you