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Villa rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala l mursaleen Sayidina Muhammad malaria. He was savage My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Oh praise and thanks in worship be unto Allah subhanho wa Taala of sustainer Okita Odisha Shangri La ilaha illAllah Avi witnessed that man has the right to be worshipped besides Allah subhanaw taala and we send our love greetings and salutations to beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his pious and pure family to his companions, and all those who follow him soon until the end of time, we ask Allah to bless us to be straightforward, and the sooner be Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to bless us in this world of Juma to bless us in this month of Siobhan, and to grant us to achieve the full benefits of the month of Ramadan. Meanwhile,

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hamdulillah Alhamdulillah. We completed last week, our series on Islam in India. And we're just starting a little bit of a new series just a topic, because this is topical. We want to talk about insha Allah the secrets of destiny today, the secrets of destiny are covered. Now, why is that interesting? Because we have Rua on the 15th of chabang coming up next week. Next weekend. There's some question marks around that. And of course, the night of destiny is coming up within a month's time or more insha Allah later to cover. And this is one of the most misunderstood most complicated areas of Islam. And it is on top of that it is a pillar of Eman one of the areas of Eman that you

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must believe in. You cannot be a Muslim if you don't believe in this. So there is a degree that we need to understand with regards to predestination or color, when we talk about color. When the Hadith a very famous hadith of gibreel, whenever you ask the lamb, what is required, what is a man What must you believe so, a man to be law he or Marathi, he wanted to be

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while a quarter and quarter he was sorry, the good and the bad of quarter, what is this quarter? What this quarter mean? quarter is predestination or fate. Or basically it is the Divine Will and decree of a law in all phase and all matters. Meaning not a three not a leave of a drop not an atom moves except by the permission of Allah subhanho wa Taala whatever happens in the existence happens with Allah has and this knowledge with His permission with his control. We all believe this, that he Allah subhana wa Taala as he is and Harlech is the creator and the supreme authority of everything, Nothing happens without his permission, and without his will. We agree on that we believe in that.

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At the same time if we're to ask, do we have free will? We will say yes, men men has the choice to to be free. So now how does this interplay? How do I have free will? Allah controls everything? How do I have free will to go to Jana and Jana? If Allah decrees we will go to Jenna and Jana who will be guided and was guided, you understand? This is the complexity of Qatar. And this is as I said, the first area in fact, the first six in Islam, the first divisions in Islam occurred in this area of cover in the time the Sahaba odd you had different groups emerging. You didn't have Salafism, Sufi and wahabis and all of that comedies and all that in the time of the Sahaba. But in the Sahaba

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you had groups you had one group called the jabariya. The Jabari away group that said the is no such thing as free will. Everything happens with complete color. Who ever goes to Johanna with a list of jammies from the beginning of time and that list will go to Johanna flavor Nam no matter what you do, you have no free will. jabariya you have the other group that says Kataria that no. Everything is up to insert we decide our fate, our actions our own, to the point where not only doesn't Allah control what I'm going to do tomorrow.

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Allah doesn't even know what's going on because the future hasn't yet been decided. Now why did they say this both said these things for the intention of good. But Jabari has said, Allah has to have control of everything because if he didn't, then he's not Allah, when he did something in the creation is out of his control. But if I want to stand but Allah wants me to sit and I still stand, then Allah is not controlling me understand this thing. And then the Kataria, the opposite of them said, well if Allah is compelling me to do everything in the Xena, I'm doing the lies I'm telling it's because of Allah lets you understand this issue. This is the problem very deep. And this is one

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of those areas Why?

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It's a secret. It will remain a secret and we can just have a little bit hints. That's why it's a pillar of Eman. If you look at the six the six pillars of man, you believe in the angels but you will never be able to see them in this dunya you believe in the Gambia you'll never see them. You believe in Allah but you don't see a line this life the same of color. You'll be

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Even the buzzer what's happening in the grave. But if you open it, you don't see anything. So there's an element of belief in the unseen and here also we need to believe our position. So what is your position? Whether you understand it, you don't understand it. If a non Muslim asks you as Muslims, do you believe in faith in destiny? We say yes, we believe in Qatar, Allah controls everything. At the same time, we believe there is free will, that I have the choice? And the seems like it's how does this this is mutually as we call mutually exclusive, we can't be on and off. It can't be yes and no, but there is a way inshallah and we'll try to explain some of this in our

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First question, if we say that we believe that there is such a thing as Qatar, and we believe in such a thing as a free Well, what evidence do we have for that?

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Okay, so I said your belief and telling you your belief in hajima is you believe in Qatar and freewill. Now, let's prove that from the Quran and the Sunnah. What does the Quran say? The Quran basically, if you look at the is pertaining to color,

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it says in almost perfect knowledge and power, there are four levels that he does. Number one, Allah knows everything. Before the existence of creation, he knew everyone he knew your name, he knew the name of your children, he knew every cell in your body, he knows everything even before he created it. Then number two, Allah actually wrote that down in a book record register, like a script, before it even existed, he made a script out of the creation. Not only did he write what it was going to become, he wrote all the different permutations, all the different scenarios. If you go lift what will happen if you go right what would happen if you go straight, if you said all the different

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scenarios, Allah knows all of them, then Allah cause he will have all the different scenarios, he chose a sit and he said, this will come into existence, and then he actually created it. Right knowledge writing, well to choose he chose and then he actually created that when you look at that you think that what is left for me, nothing left for me to do, Allah has done everything. And if so, the Quran says sort of Heidi the beautiful Ayah masaba masaba that no calamity befalls you fill out whatever the emphasis whether it's on the earth within your daily life, or even in yourself, your disease, whatever it might be, in fi keytab in min cobban, except that it has already been in a

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book. In the past, it has already been decreed copula and Nevada before I have made in Italy register, before we brought into being before we even made it it made it known. We already wrote this down in adeleke. Allah has seen and this is very easy for Allah. Allah says, In Nicola Shay in hora canal will be caught are indeed all things we created with color with predestination, or aboukir. And I was Allah says, What up Buddha YOLO de la ku yaku he creates Maya what He wills where you are, and he chooses what he will, he chooses who will be rich, who will be poor, it chooses will be sick, who will be healthy, he chooses who will be guided, and will not have guidance. So Allah

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has complete authority and control over everything. So this is of the evidence in in the Hadith. And Salam says, Allah has written down the measurements of every creature, what risk you're going to have 50,000 years before he created the creation. The measurements were already the your salary was already put out, whether you're going to get the bonus or not, was already put down in a register 50,000 years before our creation. So from that very clear cut that exists. What evidence do we have that free will exist that I have choice, evidence of what Samantha says,

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For mansha of aluminium and shaliach for in the same sequence of iron?

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leukemia, or cooling or cooling hakomi Robbie comes along no one is I created I choose and then the next iosys for mansha for human woman Shafilea so whoever wills to believe that you believe in whoever does not want to believe it's your choice. Allah lives up to you dementia, I mean, Kumbaya stuck him, whoever Have you wills to be righteous.

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When Allah says you'll punish me Makassar but a deacon what you your actions in yourself. They will testify against them themselves on piano. Oh shaytan will say even the police will say Don't blame me blame yourselves. Don't blame Allah, this was your undoing. This was your own doing. Now visa Salaam even shows you so on the one hand, we know that you risk is put out in many nations is mentioned before you were created. The day you were born. There was a measurement given to you a budget given to you later to call them another budget will be given to you. Yet these are economies of scale and says this is in Bukhari and Muslim nevison says, Whoever wants his music and his life

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to be extended. You can actually go beyond your expiration date. He should keep the ties of kinship. Very interesting.

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Very interesting. Heidi's meaning the day you were created, there was an expiration date on you.

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Right there was an expiration date on you. But this thing can actually be increased by keeping family ties. So it's more complicated and complex than just a binary yes or no.

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And one if we see the pseudo Queen it actually joins us with Alice's dementia. I'm in coma yesterday, who ever have you wills? You can be on guidance or matter Sharona in Asia, Allah, but none of you, will you. None of you wills except what Allah wills. It appears like they contradict each other, but they're both correct. How do we understand this? How do we how is this possible? How is there such a thing as color, and freewill?

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And this is not an important discussion. It's not important to know how this works. You don't have to know how your laptop works inside how I plugged it in and electricity goes inside and I and the numbers come up and then I send the email, how does it work? You don't have to know how it works. Really. You just know how to use it. The tool. Your job is to how do I speak into this phone and my uncle in China hears my voice, how does it work? There's a science behind it. There's a mechanism behind it. So long as you follow the procedures, that's all that's required of us. Same with Qatar. Same with the same with your roof. You don't see it. But you just follow the procedures. But still

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the scholars have said, let's talk about this to make our hearts at ease. Like NaVi Brahim asked Allah subhanho wa Taala. How do you resurrect the dead? How do you bring them back from from did analysis? I mean, Ibrahim, don't you believe? So? He said I believe Well, I can multiply inequality so that my heart is at ease. I have these questions. Seeing is different to believing I want to see. So I'll show you. Right so we can ask how we believe but we ask how some examples to show how you can combine color and freewill. So for example, some have said Allah has given us a will and ability and options. Allah has given you the options, all the different roads you want, like the GPS, you

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can take the in one into whatever you and you can choose.

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But the path has already been laid out. If you take this path, you'll get to that destination, you understand that if you walk the path, but Allah has selected the path already, you choose which path but the destination of that path has been predetermined.

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Understand, when others have seen, if you look at every choice in your life, it's influenced by external factors. The beautiful example the simple example the clothes that you're wearing, I love this example. The clothes you wear right now, you woke up this morning, you chose that clothes, or your wife chose it for you whatever it might be.

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If the dependent on the weather, if it was storming and snowing outside, you'd have worn a snow jacket. If it was hot and sunny, you'd have worn short sleeves. Now you control what to choose, but who controls the weather. Law Controls the Weather. So your choice is dependent on something which Allah has decreed. So that's an example of two worlds coming together.

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Another way when you choose and Allah that makes it easier, it's like a snowball effect. You go in one direction, and then Allah pushes you further. But I'm as well as Allah hakuba, whom Allah says about the bunnies.

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When they turned away, when we turned them away, when they made one sin, we've made it easy to commit motions. When the person did one good deed, now Allah puts in his path, many many good things, you made one choice that is good. So now opens other doors, like a very deep discussion of color is with nabby moose and Peter into the calf.

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The people helped him to get on the boat. So Allah protected the boat from the king. If they didn't choose to put the moose and Peter on the boat, then they would have taken a different path and they both would have been taken. So this is how father works. We make the choices. And Allah we put put a lot of things on the road that we cannot control. And Allah one one beautiful and simple example is that Allah has given you free will to choose. And by you choosing by you making a choice, you're already feeling the content of Allah. You cannot switch off your freewill. Let's put it that way. You and I cannot tell Allah I don't want free will anymore. Allah chose you to be free. And in that

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there is color as well. As I said, these discussions are deep. And they're not really for us to ponder about because there is no answer for this. This is of the Illuminati, the Illuminati, meaning we will only get a peek through the keyhole. And the answers to this belongs to Allah. This is part of our loss master plan. We believe the generalities of it, and we just implement this in our life. This is not a priority, how it works, how we live by this is important. How do I live with color? Why we asked the question Allah. Why have you made other an article of Eman? One of the six pillars of Eman you've chosen Qatar to be one of them. Why? What am I supposed to learn from

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This, what am I supposed to do with this thing, this thing that I can't understand?

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applying Carter in your life. So for example, we believe that Allah has decreed the risk. Each and every one of us know that your risk is already put out. We know this as Muslims, we say this, we that our risk is put out for us before we were born. Before we even created, it was putting that register, then we were born of the things that angels specifically mentioned when they brought our souls as we know, our souls are not in our mother's womb, it must be brought at the command of Allah in a place where the souls belong, the soul factory, wherever it might be, an angel brings it down. And then of the things that angels mentioned by Allah's decree, but unless permission is how long

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you will live, when you're going to die, what land you will die, how much it is you're going to have, if you go to Germany, if you go to Ghana, these things are already predetermined. Then on top of that, every year later to cover the books will come open and allow will decrease the risk for that year.

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So this is put out there. But when we look at Nafisa Lam, he did not sit back and say Allah provides.

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Now because I've never sat back and told the Sahaba Why are you working in the field? Why are you doing anything the quarter is already put out, they know he encouraged the Sahaba go and work. The base risk is the risk that you earn from your own ends that he says.

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So we live our life, we live our life as if though, nothing has been predetermined, you work hard in the dunya you plant the seed, but you realize I can only plant the seed, Allah is the one that will determine if that seed grows or not grow without a tree or fruit or that seed will die that belongs to Allah, all I do is my job is plant the seed and make dua control what you can control. And don't worry and stress about the things you can't control. Don't like you don't worry and stress about the weather. You just take what you can do and the precautions you can do. And that's what you are what is asked of you.

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The same with risk. The same with health. Everyone here for ask all of you. Is your disk put out for you. You all say yes. Can you extend your life? Many of you, most of you will say no, you can't extend it. If I say Kenny, can you die early? We'll say no. Anyone here says yes, definitely any other matters here. So then the man says to you Then why do you go to the doctor when you're diagnosed with some disease?

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Why do you even go to the doctor? Why do you pay your medical it's a waste of money. You might still use that money for something benefit because you believe your health your death is already put out. We say yes, we believe that. But Allah also has told us we take that as a verb, we take the means to get there. And

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just because Allah has decreed something, does not mean that that God cannot change. We gave that example that you can actually increase your risk and your life. Color can change by certain things that we do. So yes, we take our ASVAB that the man who is sick, he must go to the doctor, the man whose health is failing, it's compulsory on him to, to see search for that cure, and he works hard for that cure and he takes the medicine. But ultimately in his heart, he realizes it's not the doctors or the medicine that's going to kill me. The decision of health and not having health, life and death belongs to Allah. I study and I pre paid for the taste. And I write the text to the best

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of my ability. But the outcome is in the hands of Allah, I do my best and allow makes the decisions.

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And this also applies with life in the era. Even though the Hadith says Allah has decreed who will be successful meaningful to Jenna, and will fail going to janam ultimately,

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if the decision is with Allah, but the input is with you, we look at the NaVi salsa lamb. He didn't sit back and said, well my position in general is secure or, alas, chosen so those of you who are successful or successful no strive or many times in the Quran was held to maturity minima and reach towards the mercy of Allah.

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We will once this they work hard for us. Amen. Amen. I'm sorry, the hard work and good do good deeds. I was encouraging you and me work hard that this gentleman is there for the taking. Every single one of us here can achieve genital fear. Those are mean, and everyone here can achieve a dedicated nanomolar protect us, everyone you've got that between our hands. That is the the yes Alice prerogative, well, he only by his permission, well, we intergender or mela protect from janam but it is our deeds that we can do to influence that.

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So this is how we live with Katara. And what's the wisdoms in this Allah gives a beautiful eye and sort of idea which you mentioned and look at the wisdom in this. Look at this beautiful ayah Allah says as I mentioned masabi masiva out of the water from Camilla, Nebraska that no calamity befalls you. Whether it happens on the earth or within yourself, nothing in your life.

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happens good or bad, except that it is already been pre declared in a register before Allah has made it known indelicato See, that's easy for Allah. And the next is why why Allah became a lead. So

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what will be my attack him so that you never ever become despondent about what you missed? The opportunities you've missed the last chances, the one that got away that deal that didn't materialize, never, ever live in regret that was never meant for you. And Allah says that you don't exalt yourself for the things that you got. It wasn't yours to begin with. Allah has given it to you as a gift.

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Beautiful, I don't live in this space about what could have been no, a Muslim neighbor lives in that life of what could have been, we could have been, what No, it's harmless, that was decreed as that and never ever look at your life and think I've made it. If it wasn't for me, no, it was because of Allah only as a gift and as a mercy from him. So when you look at color, when you look at the past, everything happened with color. When you look to the past, when you look to the future, you look at it as if though I have free will. And I can achieve I can achieve the billions if I want. But the billions I lost was not because of my mistakes or my fault. We say it's called her and her loss we

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move on with that we move on with it. And that is Allah wants to give us peace of mind will la hula, hula medallion for her. And Allah does not like the one who is arrogant and proud and diluted with what he has achieved.

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This quarter, as we said, is a very deep topic. And we only touch the surface of the secrets of this quarter. For us, what's important, as I said, is not to understand the mechanics behind it. But it's how we live according to this. How do we apply this in our life? How do you take this into your life all the time talking? It's not just a theory, a theoretical theological discussion in your life. How do I apply this number one year one? It should give you complete Eman and elasto heat. When you realize that Subhanallah every single atom is dependent on laws yes or no and is decreed. Why do I feel scared of anyone besides Allah? Why do I have any anxiety because of anyone besides Allah? Why

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do I search for my risk? For in a way which is displeasing to Allah when he is the one that decrees all of these things? Why should I turn and worship anyone besides him? If you truly understood that, we're doing a series back to basics, and we're talking about worshiping others besides Allah, whether it's an idol, whether it's a Jesus, whether it's a comet, whether it's a Wali, willing to share whether you win a cow, when you realize that Allah is alcoholic, the creative, the Sustainer, the control of everything. When you ask, why am I asking this thing? The same like never Ebrahim asked, Why are you asking this idol? What good does this idol do? What good does this karma do? What

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good does this cow do no good, has no benefit to harm you or to benefit you or harm you like the stars. When people read the outer scope. What benefit does Mars and Jupiter have on your life, nothing. Everything comes back to Allah. So this reinforces yoto hate La ilaha illAllah when you understand that all the power who Allah Cooley Shay, in Kadena, he has authority over everything, then he's the only one worthy of worship. The only one I should invest my time in crying and begging and pleading is to Allah subhana wa Tada. It also gives you this thrust upon Allah, we are in the hands of Allah, in the hands of Allah in a manner which reflects his majesty.

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You and I cannot control with this vanilla we're gonna get knocked over. The military stepped out this Masjid. We cannot control if our hearts will stop beating right now. our lungs will stop pulling in a this roof Allah Allah will collapse. We can't go when you think about that should drive you crazy.

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But you realize you're firmly in the prerogative of Allah of Allah, that even when you sleep, Allah is watching over you, that you this is what Taku means trust, that I give myself over to you, your Allah, that I'm comfortable knowing that you are my protector. I do my part in terms of salah and ibadah I don't worship anyone besides you to my best of my ability, I stay away of sins, and the rest is in your hands. And I leave you will take care of me. You know, like children. Children don't sleep, sleep with stress. They sleep peacefully, why? Even if they're out in the road, even if they're in the shop that Why? Because they know I'm in the key of my parents that they fall asleep

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and they're happy. If you in public. You can't even sleep for two three seconds and you wake up is my stuff still with me? Right? Because you are worried. But children that have no fear and anxiety because they feel that love and protection of the parents that someone is watching over me and the same how believe we should believe if I do my part. Allah is there and he's watching over me and he'll protect me and even if something happens which I

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Don't like this came from a place of love, a place of mercy.

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It gives us purpose in life. That while we believe that yes, Allah decrees everything, Allah also affirms that if you take the ASVAB if you want to Swan, Allah, some of you might hear us, we might believe I can never achieve the highest levels of gender, or the highest levels of the dunya. I can't be a billionaire, I can't be not that we want these things. But if what happened to the law, if you're on the cover of Time, that wealthiest man on earth, why don't you believe it's possible, the one who keeps the keys of risk, if you put your faith in Him, and you ask of him, nothing is beyond the control of Allah subhanho wa Taala, it gives you a sense of purpose, I can achieve

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everything. If I do my duty towards Allah, that if I work hard enough, Allah promises you. In many eyes, Allah Subhana says, we will give you what you want, if you want the dunya will give that to you, if you want the ophira will give that to you, if you want the dunya and the Euro, will give that to you as well. So long as you put in the effort, a lot of promises the return.

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And then you should be grateful. Yeah, one, whatever you have whatever I have, some of us here are successful. Some of us here have qualifications, we have wealth. Look, when you look at your assets, know that it was a decree by a law that gave it to you, and only for a moment, because then the decree was shifted to someone else. So when you when you got that it's hand and sugar and thanks and humility, and you share of what Allah has given you. And when you don't have and calamity befalls you, it's humbled and sugar as well, that this was a decree from Allah. And from this negative thing, this deep wisdom from Allah subhana wa Tada. It gives you comfort in times of hardship, that

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the one who loves me and cares for me is he gave me this terminal illness, for a reason that I don't understand. I don't understand, yeah, Allah, but I accept that you know better than me. And I put my faith in you, it gives you a sense of comfort. I, in our series, back to basics, we talk about atheism, how you must live, not imagining that there is a greater purpose, someone got shot for no reason that the person who committed crime and he dies, you will never ever get you will never ever be punished. The person who died as a victim in the dunya will never ever get justice. That should really the whole universe out of control. That's the mindset. Whereas for us, we feel comfortable

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that there's a purpose in everything. My marriage didn't work out, there was a reason for that. Alhamdulillah we do our part, we so long as you've done your part, you can't not do your part, you can't be the worst husband and then say the marriage failed. Cut the law. This was the reason another reason was you.

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Right? You go and say I don't attain my job, and I don't work hard and I get fired. This was the wisdom of Allah. No, that's your reason. That's your fault. But if you've done everything in your power, and you've taken as above, and then the result didn't turn out the way you wanted, then you said hamdulillah Allah has a bigger purpose for me. Allah caused us to bypass me for something else to come. So it gives you a great sense of comfort, and therefore the believe and never lives in regrets. Forget about the mistakes of the past. The only regret you live in is in terms of sin, so that you can make this the fire to fix it.

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Because the one beautiful thing, this is a beautiful Listen, Mr. mentioned the past cannot be changed. None of us can change the past except when it comes to sin. Allah He writes the past through Tobin ecfr. He removes an APU he actually physically wipes out the record expunged it gone it never existed gamma you come You think I remember I did that soon. I don't find it here in the record. I'm not gonna say anything. But Allah is wiped away. In fact, you might find Allah sees you in places that sin with a good deed. I know on this day that I was doing something haram But yeah, I find that was in the masjid. How did this happen? Allah subhanho wa Taala has replaced it. The only

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time you feel any great is about the good things in terms of evaluate that you've missed, and the sin that you've committed so that it encourages you to try harder in the future. And therefore always have hope you're one, when you look at the state of the oma, understand our problems are not bigger than a law, that our sicknesses our worries are not bigger than Allah, that we genuinely truly have access to the Lord of the Universe, we can raise our hands and ask him and if Allah so walls overnight, he can change things as he has done in the past, many, many times overnight, but he takes us He wants us to put in that effort, and that we are so therefore we are never alone. Never,

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ever use other as an excuse to be lazy, to commit sin. Never use color, not to go in work. Not to put effort in this is the incorrect usage of color. We apply that as Bob as we said, we control and we fight hard in the things that we can control and the rest will leave to Allah and this will leave to lead you to a happy life.

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Lots of the people that come to me with counseling people that have depression. Many people that are depressed, many of you might be depressed. When you look at your problems in your life, there are things that I can control. The things that I can do focus on that work hard and that don't even worry about the outcome.

00:30:22--> 00:30:32

I mean, what do I mean, you can plant the seed, don't think about the tree. All you can do is plant that seed and worry about did I do my job as the seed planter?

00:30:33--> 00:30:44

Whether it grows, it doesn't grow. All you can do is raise your kids to the best of the ability to teach them to guide them. Yes, when they leave the house, it's the jungle out there.

00:30:45--> 00:31:24

Then we put our faith now in Allah's hands, we put our trust in Allah, Allah, I did the best I could. But beyond that, this is for you. Now because Allah even made this door when he came to his wives. He said, Yeah, I have been feeling what I can control, I can control how I spend my time and my money. So don't hold me to account for that which I can't control what happens in my heart. This one makes me happy. This one upsets me. I can't control that. You control that. So only worry about the things you can control and leave the things you can't control. It will make you a much happier person and will make you a productive person. You know, Subhan Allah Imam, he mentions shavon

00:31:24--> 00:32:04

paralyzes us with focusing on the things we can't control, we focus in discuss about Palestine and reality beyond do are not much you and I can do about the situation in Syria, in Palestine. in Kashmir, we can't do much besides to our but if makes you neglect the thing you can control, I can control what happens in my children, Islam, I can't do that. There's something I can do. So you focus all your energy in something you know, without complaining about the weather. No benefit will come from that. So live your life in that which you can control. And means viola, put your trust and make dua in what you can't control. And that's why we say do not underestimate da da da is that one

00:32:04--> 00:32:06

thing that can actually change color.

00:32:07--> 00:32:49

Instead, one thing that can upgrade and that's the reason why Allah upgrades this budget all the time. There are many cycles, this one cycle as we said before creation, then at birth is a new cycle of budgeting. Then every year, the Knights of color is way this budget is refreshed, new risk, new life new this new sickness new kills. A lot puts this out depending on the way we live our life and the do as we make Allah subhana wa Tada. So one, one way to look at it. Allah has many scripts, if you will. One script you can choose but if it's easy for Allah for you to change to a different one, a different path, through your da and through your actions. Now let's discuss a little bit and we

00:32:49--> 00:33:20

end up with us the last point Rua and cover the 15th of Siobhan, which I believe is next week, Saturday evening. The 15th of Siobhan is Saturday evening. It's very difficult to know data so much moon fighting in the Muslim woman moon sighting moon fighting, that we never know. You know, we I was doing a hedge class and I said it's assumed to be on this date, but there's a lot of moon fighting that must happen before we get to that point. So it's more or less so I think next week Saturday, is the 15th of Shabbat insha Allah as we call it here.

00:33:21--> 00:34:03

And there is a misconception that the night of other The Night of Decree is on the 15th of Shabbat our forefathers and our end you know, grandparents so without not intentionally would say this is a nightmare is put out there for you right why decide one surah Yaseen and then you make two offers. And then once you are asking for long life and once you are asking because the books are opened, right, that's what he said. This is incorrect. Allah mentions this night Allah says in the answer now houfy Laila, Timo Baraka that we revealed the Quran in English at night in Kona marine fee hire you for a Coca Cola marine Hakeem that this is a blizzard night that we were to send down to mankind

00:34:03--> 00:34:45

a warner on that night on a special night. Every distinct precise matter of color will be made known to the angels. Indeed we are sending a wanna. So what is happening a law is informing Maliki on this night, these people's souls for the next 12 months. These people's souls you're going to pull. When Allah informs the angel of rain, this area will get rain this area will not get rain or wind forms the angel that will bring sustenance, these are the people that will get rich quick and these will not on a special night This happens. The angels don't know. Now what night is this? This is the night of other which is layer two color which is in the last 10 nights of Ramadan. The last 10

00:34:45--> 00:34:55

nights of Ramadan, which means we're leading up to that a scary thought yeah, if one molecules moats budget is not done yet. 2018 2019 not yet done.

00:34:56--> 00:35:00

Our names could be on that before we reach the next layer two quarter mile operation.

00:35:00--> 00:35:00

The US

00:35:02--> 00:35:42

and you also and but a good thing. You can also influence this budget through your doors and your EBI that Allah Subhana can decree something which is good for you. And we make up for that. I mean, so it's definitely not the night of other there is no issue of color on the 15th of Siobhan but it is a special night in a blizzard month to do good deeds on this night in sha Allah Most of the scholars will have been hammered even taymiyah they've all said it's do more good that you can if you can recite more code and make more solder no specific ritual no three axioms and all of that whatever you do have good do more of it on this this night and throughout the entire month of

00:35:42--> 00:36:21

Shabbat but of course not with regards to Qatar and that is still coming maybe oh love to see it the night of little closer and achieve it I mean just sokola Hey, just a few announcements Monday our class in sha Allah on the rightly guided 31st Monday six to seven our new course back to basics essential of Islamic discuss all these things in a very simplistic terms if you'd like to join or wait for triple to 1308 I mean inshallah is it next week, Saturday will be our our ruler or 15th of Siobhan program, we will restart so don't get shocked if you see the proceeds but different you will be surah Yaseen sarawakian surah mulk and one two hours afterwards, this will be done next week

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Saturday in sha Allah any questions concerns, comments with [email protected] saccular salaam alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh