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llmnr shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala

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Sayyidina Muhammad Ali, he was a marine. Our beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen Oh praise and worship being to Allah subhana wa tada Mashallah ilaha illa Allah we will witness that man has the right of worship besides Allah. And we send our love greetings and salutations to beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his pious and pure family to his companions and all those who follow me soon until the end of time, we ask Allah to bless us to be steadfast in the tsunami, Mohammed Al Salam in this world and to be in these companionship in the theater. I mean, Allah forgive us and bless us this walk of Juma May Allah grant us to see the rest of this month and into the month of Ramadan, mela grant all of us to

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achieve the full benefit of the month of Ramadan. I mean, today inshallah we'll talk about the month of Ramadan, but it will be incorrect of me to begin without discussing what has happened in the last week in terms of the attacks in Sri Lanka, just as much as we feel angry, we feel hurt. When we saw the attacks in New Zealand, we should have the same level of anger and disgust if these attacks are done to other people of faith, that when people come to a place of worship, whether it is a Masjid, whether it is a temple or synagogue, whatever it might be, whether we agree or disagree, but a place of worship should be a place that is safe, and is a place that is sacred. And this is confirmed in

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the Quran and the Sunnah, and the following of the the methodology of the Sahaba. And for 1400 years really, this is how Omar has conducted itself. We have ruled over many, many Muslim governments Muslim qualifiers have ruled over many non Muslim minorities over these past 1400 years. Whether it was the Hindus in India, the Coptic Christians in Egypt, the Jews in Palestine throughout the world, and the places of worship were always sacred, even we say, fit around. His temples are still late today, that pyramids, which is a comet really to the pharaohs, and we know that they are cursed in a religion and everything in what they are done. And Allah had mentioned that fear only is in

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darkness, femininity, is in the Asheville, other is in the lowest place of Jannah. Yet his temples and things are still deep, we did not damage and destroy these things. This is shows the thinking Allah subhanho wa Taala. And one idea that we need to mention

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for 13 or 15 years, it was impermissible for Muslims to fight jihad. Bilal being beaten up couldn't do anything. Now visa Salam almost murdered, assassinated couldn't fight back was haram for us to raise our hand in response we just accepted and summer makhija run away. Then Allah made Jihad Kampala made it permissible and compulsory. The first act of jihad liquid Allah Subhana Allah says in Surah Hajj, permission to fight has now been given to you, for those who are being fought, because they were wrong. So because you're being attacked, you can now defend yourself. And then Allah continues, and Indeed, Allah is competent to give them victory. These people who have been

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evicted from their homes, so people who are thrown out of their homes without any reason they are taken from them, only because they say, I will always Allah. And then Allah says in Word, if not the wisdom behind jihad, will it not that Allah chicks one group of people by means of another, if Allah did not balance one group with another group of people, then they would be demolished many many monasteries, churches, synagogues and massage it will be demolished. So the first act of jihad was to defend places of worship, not just the Muslim, not just the masjid, all places of worship. This is think about that Jihad was legislated to protect people being evicted from the homes refugees,

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and the places of worship. And a lot of behind the scenes, these places of worship in which the name of Allah is mentioned much and Allah will surely support those who support him. Indeed, Allah is all powerful and is Exalted in Might and Allah will always win, always gonna win. So So behind Allah, we feel sad, but not only sad, we feel disgusted that those who get carried out this allegedly appears to be those who claim to be Muslims, this is the worst thing because it not only harms besides the loss of life, it harms the entire ummah. And it paints the entire oma with a negative brush. So this kind of thinking behind the law is not only is it contrary to any sane mind, it goes completely

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against Islam and what it stands for some Allah subhanaw taala protect us this mentality of college This is how I teach mentality and Ibiza Salaam. As I say he never ever spoke he said out on my own mobile splits and there may be many groups 7360 we know this. You never mentioned the seller fees or the zoo fees or the shy or the Archimedes. He never mentioned any of them. The one group he mentioned was the average this group that killed

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Innocent people, and they do it in the name of Islam. This is the only group he mentioned by name. And he said, If I were alive with him, then I would make jihad against them.

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That they will you'll see in the Salah, they will pray more, exhibit better from the outside, then you also have the new aboubaker and they will force more strictly than you they will recite the Quran night and day, but they won't understand and they will kill innocent people. This is the average nothing to do and the prophecy. These are the people if they were there, I would fight them. So but let's run save us. And the best thing to do the best defense is knowledge and for us of sane mind to continue speaking and we need to work extra hard now, to show the truth of this religion we need to count when we make your make dua for those who have lost loved ones make it easy for them. I

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mean, we're talking about Ramadan inshallah, and within a week, just over a week in sha Allah will be blessed Allah grant all of us to be there to achieve Ramadan. 2019. And I want us in this hood, because many of you have heard by hands upon bionz about Ramadan. In fact, whatever I am having a quote now you know already how many bionz have you heard how many Ramadan? bionz? Do you know what it is? But something for us to think about? Ramadan is the special time and it is a bonus time. It is an opportunity, unlike any other opportunity, the Sahaba in their wisdom, you see for them getting to Jenna was not the real challenge. They want you to get the highest levels of Jenna for

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them in three sorry, the first 50% is enough. Yeah, if you let me cross the line, and I even into the parking lot or this basement agenda, that's enough for me. I don't need those I just need to get inside. So how I wanted the highest level of gender, but they said how can we compete with people like nobody knew these people lived over 1000 years 1000 years of sada of charity, we only have 60 years, how are we going to get to that level. So Allah blessed this oma with something that he had not bleached any other oma before this month of Ramadan, and in it later to color. It is the opportunity as we know, three explicit opportunities, all your sins can be forgiven. Remember Java

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muslimeen, your job, your work your money, all those things, family kids, it comes down to ultimately a day when we will stand before a scale and our life will be weighed. The good on the one side and the bad on the one side. And if that scale is heavy, in the good side on the right hand, then we are in general and hamdulillah you will bypass jahannam and say to gentle hamdulillah. But if the scale is heavy on the other side, now there's a problem. Either this punishment or this forgiveness over here to be left for the one who committed Chile only punishment and never to gender and this we weigh our life up. We don't know where we are and how our account is with Allah. I don't

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know you don't know if we were to take away now right now today, which side would that scale be balanced? But Allah gives you a bonus excuse me a bonus that we can wipe out the entire left side of that scale, every sin can be forgiven in this 30 days.

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And the right side there is so much of blessing and reward available in Ramadan. That one successful Ramadan is enough for a lifetime of good deeds that it can get you not only gender but gender to feel those I mean, that is what this Ramadan is. That is what Ramadan is all about. The missile system sees three opportunities. Whoever forced the month with a man whoever stands the month of a man wherever stands the night of labor to contend with a man and you catch that to the man who deserved all your sins can be forgiven. And then we know the Knights of Labor to call the Wizard of Oz is Hiram and Fisher better than 83 years of reward 83 years of fasting 83 years of Hajj 83 years

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of Sora just get one night and you have a lifetime on your skills your seat for life.

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And it is so abundant in the good deeds that can be sources of is that cursive is the one truly a loser is He who finds the month of Ramadan and he cannot get any benefit from it. He cannot is deprived of its goodness, as one scholar said for us to understand that our worldly terms. It's like fnb and epsa. And all these banks saying the CEOs Come on TV and they sit from this month on for 30 days, the banks are open, the vault is open, come in and take as much as you want. And we'll fill up that and then one night we're going to give so much in those banks, there's no limit. It's up to you how much you want we won't stop you. So for anyone to go through that man and not to earn something

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or then really he's he's, he's lost.

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But at the same time think about this during the fasting and making the salah and reciting your heart Um, there's not guarantee that it's accepted and it is not a guarantee that you receive the reward. And how do we know it's accepted? The scholars always mentioned this litmus test if your life is the same or if your life has transformed after Ramadan if you are a different person

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That's a good sign that you have changed if after had you come back home and you're now a Haji. Besides taking the bride of the stage you also can now you can now also, you're a better person, then it's a good indication a lot Oh knows that you will abide as accepted. Now when we teach ourselves like that, how many Ramadan's? Have we seen? How much of last year 2018 Ramadan is lifting us?

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Are we still the same like we were the year before? And when we look at it like that, then we ask how much of our Ramadan is actually accepted? That's a scary thought that we've gone through some of us 3040 5060 Ramadan, and maybe we have many, many more, and we have not really gotten the benefit of it. As one sister sees it is Ramadan time again, however, my life is still the same. I haven't improved in my knowledge of Islam haven't done extra works of worship. I haven't come closer to Allah in the last 11 months since last year. In fact, I probably have nullified all my good deeds that I've earned in Ramadan. Even in my worldly life, there is no difference from last year, this

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Ramadan is possibly going to be another disappointment for me. Now, how many of us feel that way?

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How many of us feel that we fostered and made Sunnah but come in, it'll fit we back to where we were. And this is the scary thing. So let's rethink Ramadan and rethink our approach because we are fasting when hamdulillah we are performing Salam hamdulillah why is that impacting us? Maybe we have really looked at it. We looked at it the wrong way. So let's rethink Ramadan. First thing, the NEA. Let's rethink the NEA. Now when I speak about NEA, I'm sure many of you can tell me that. Yes, the NEA you have to make sure you have your NEA before Virginia. Yes. But if you need isn't there, you're forcing isn't accepted. we've all learned the fact by an NEA was never mean to only be a

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fixing. Nia is intent, its objective, it is purpose. What is the purpose of Ramadan and Allah actually gives the reason for Ramadan in the Quran.

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That taco noon is final. I don't need to give the goodbye. You know, the ayah La La Kuta takuan. There's Ramadan is a training ground. It is a practice round. It is a boot camp. It is not the objective itself. Finishing the month is not the objective. The objective is when you're done with the month and you go in the real world that you have a little bit of taqwa of taqwa in the best case scenario, but I'll phrase it like that. Like who meaning maybe you will have Taqwa meaning, not everyone is going to get it.

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Everyone will go through the training, but not everyone is going to qualify. So the objective of Ramadan really is seen at the end of Ramadan. In Sha one, that's when we see the true value of our Ramadan. Now, the Nia now so what is the Nia Allah my Nia is I'm going to fast and I'm going to pray with your mercy and your permission and do as much as I can, so that I can attain taqwa not hunger. Tired. Yesterday what is good, but the real reward is at the end you get taqwa. Now what is what is taqwa? And again, you can give me a lovely definition because you've attended so many bionz duck, why is this duck? Why is that relationship with Allah, really what duck what is

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yourself plus duck wa equals someone that does a little listen and does a little more. It doesn't have to be an extreme transformation. For the sister who was not weighing. Let's say the sister who was weighing very little clothing. And after Ramadan, she's not wearing hijab, but she's wearing a little more clothing when she's got a bit more taco journey for the person who isn't performing dadgad Salah, and now he makes an extra 10 minutes tahajjud now he's in an earlier category when he's got a little more taqwa, the person who wasn't performing his five solders on time. And now after Ramadan, he's getting every walk in time. That's all he's doing that he's gotten some taqwa.

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So you and I need to think now. How do I want to be off to Ramadan?

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extreme transformations are difficult. And then I resisted him. In fact, he discouraged the Sahaba the young Sahaba when they were excited, energetic, what can I do we are a pseudo law, then they would say I will do this, I will do that. And you say that's too much. That's too much. Whatever starts off extreme, you're going to collapse sort of small and slow. So sit one objective of the Ramadan in Ramadan after Ramadan, who How do I want to change my life and don't set unrealistic targets. Don't say after Ramadan, I'm going to fast every single day. I'm going to force the fasting of that wood which is the base every alternate day or I will be making every night five hours of

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statute. Even if you're able to do it for a few weeks, will you be able to sustain them. So give yourself one simple objective, maybe one small sooner, I will make salata dua to our cars of the future of sunrise, maybe it will mean I will decide five minutes of Quran of the Isha, whatever it might be something which you can maintain something which you promised

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yourself and Allah after Ramadan, this is what I'm going to do. And if you maintain that and you've gone one notch up in Nevada, then you've got taqwa Alhamdulillah. You've achieved Ramadan. And after you've succeeded, one sin that you say, the sun, I'm going to cut out or even limited, I won't do it as much as I currently do. That is taqwa. So rethink your objective of Ramadan, change your life a little bit and maybe I speak to myself I need to sit down with myself with my family and say, What is our objective we want to look at like a little bit different after Ramadan, something should change. And if you do that Alhamdulillah then that is the definition of your inviter being accepted.

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We need to rethink hunger.

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Now Alhamdulillah now Alhamdulillah, Allah has blessed us that really we go through a month of fasting without feeling hungry.

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And for many of us, myself included, sometimes the scale doesn't move. If it moves, it moves in the wrong direction after Ramadan

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as the mosquito

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30 months 30 days of fasting, and the only people preparing solidly our mothers and our wives are how freezers are stocked full. The shopping for Ramadan is more than outside of Ramadan, the food grocery shopping Subhan Allah one imaam. As he says, Ramadan is not about making Kava for over not eating in the day in the night. Now you need to make off everything that you've missed with interest. No.

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There is a reason why he doesn't want us to suffer or to feel hurt. But he wants us to feel a little bit of discomfort so that we find appreciation so that we find

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empathy for those who go through this all the time. So Subhanallah the fact that they are one in nine people on this planet that go to bed hungry, that there are children that don't know of complete meal that there are people over a million.

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There are millions of people that die of starvation. And we live in a planet that produces enough food for everyone over enough. If you look at all the food we produce, we produce too much food, there's so much waste that goes into it. We can feed everyone, and they still extra. So why are people dying? The Oh, I was sitting with an organization in Australia, they said that hunger is the most fixable problem of the world. There's some big problems we can't fix. We can't fix the climate. It takes a bit difficult things. But how do we can fix just need to move the food to where it needs to go. But there is no will. There is no one that really cares. And why don't we care because we

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haven't felt hungry. Now maybe you will go through a day where you by mistake you oversleep for supper. And you're gonna go That day when you're angry, you're angry, you're angry,

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and hamdulillah for that day, that day you feel angry, say this is how many millions of people feel every day. This is how Rasulullah saw Salaam felt most of his life.

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That day you can sell hamdulillah I walked in the shoes of someone, someone that goes through this difficulty Alhamdulillah and hopefully that tarbiyah will make you and I feel a little bit differently to be either grateful for what we have. Or if it really profoundly impacts you. It will make you a person that will look after the poor in a finalized set again with these people that will charity right. They have a school in Cox's Bazar in Bangladesh that looks after the Rohingya. They trying to provide meals in the school. Why? Because the parents will not send the kids unless they get a meal. Right? Because why they need to work. So at least if they're going to the school, we

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don't care about education, but because there's a meal v. So now they'll go and obviously have to study. So now they have a meal and they struggling just to feed them and they said you know what we give these kids meal dal and rice, we realize without protein, kids are not going to grow up. So now they're raising money. You know what? To give one child one egg a day that protein.

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Now Suhana law.

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At least at the end of Ramadan, we should know what it feels like to be that child.

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That's the idea of Ramadan. So maybe we need to even not fast at night. I speak to myself first. We need to really try and experience one day in Ramadan, make me feel what it feels to be miserably hungry. Maybe, maybe

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we need to relook at our sin now. SubhanAllah everyone will tell you. You cannot only force Ramadan stay away from food and water and intercourse with your wife but at the same time you're committing sin upon sin on the side. You're fasting as Allah says as the absences you're only fostered was the body the body you basically had a diet but if you don't give up sin, Ramadan is not going to have its impact as it should be. And many peoples of Allah we know we see they make that extra additional

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change in Ramadan and so on.

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We take our coffee off to them. But we see some people who spend a lot of outside of Ramadan. Yet in Ramadan, they've slipped all the sudden behind Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah good for them.

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And many of you I know Al Hamdulillah you, I assume most of you here, you don't do the big sins openly. So we try our best to maybe look at don't look at things to her arm, don't listen to things that aren't very good. But there are certain sins which we overlook. And there are certain sins which are so problematic, that they are the buffer that stops our bad debt from being accepted.

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They are sins that we do that nullify all our good deeds. Amongst them. Number one Sheikh Allah Swan says, and it is we have already declared to you and to those before you that if you can achieve good Allah, your works will surely become worthless, your ibadah is useless. Nobody would for fasting and soda and you will surely be among the losers. This is one of the punishments of * it also nullifies your charity of needed so one might say, how are we risk of cheating? Again, as I say, if you're wearing a towel with anyone sitting is winning a towel you remove the towel we now today could be a form of cheating.

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If you are habitually going to graves and shrines and worshipping the avoid these things, these are the means by which we fall into superstition you reading your horoscope from today stop. These are major major sins worse than Xena worse than murder in the sight of Allah. Avoid these things behind Allah. Another big sin that we overlook. We have the Hadith of the man who comes to Allah that's the you know closer tune and he's begging and crying Allah Allah is sincere his Eman is up there. But Allah says his clothes is haram meaning he bought his money is haram. So his clothing he bought is haram. The 48 is haram His body is haram. How would I give answer this man? How many of us are

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locked in a Riba loan mortgage Riba is worse than Xena. If we know of a young man who in the day force at night he visits his girlfriend and he commits Xena will say what kind of fasting is this? What kind of Ramadan is this? Yet he only does dinner maybe half an hour every night. Whereas the person in a Riba transaction is sending while he sits in the masjid while he's fasting, his interest is earning paying to the bank receiving it. This could be the reason why our webinar is not accepted. So we look at it if you stuck in this one, your house bond your car bond really look at it start now phone the bank sees the Sharia compliant option. Now, this is how we make the change. The

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one of the reasons why the Vita could not be accepted when a visa Salam says the gates of general open on a Monday and Thursday and that's why you faster than a Monday or Thursday, and everyone who does not come a chin could Allah Allah forgives him. Any person who does a good deed every Monday and Thursday.

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Except so one exception is the man who commit Cherokees sins are forgiven. And a man who has an argument with his brother, his brother, and Allah says wait till these two people reconcile before I forgive them. So maybe you and I, we have a relationship with a friend with a neighbor with a relative I haven't spoken to him in so many years. I don't want to hear anything from him or from her. He did this to me and that to me, but because of that relationship that is being neglected. I was not expecting that

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every one of us part of the preparation of Ramadan is to fix those problems in our lives.

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The people that you're supposed to Allah says you need to connect with certain people. The will immediate family members your blood relatives your aunties, your uncle's your cousins, these people you didn't choose. I didn't choose to put them in my life. But Allah has put them in your life either either as a means to get gender was a test for you Your mother in law daughter in law sivanna law. Now you ask Allah taqwa, Li hater, Monday, no do to nominate each other schwannoma but I love you more than that. So I'll pick up the phone and I'll be the first one to say Ramadan Mubarak, whatever may Allah forgiven guide melafix that this is the challenge.

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These are the reasons why maybe I will evaluate is not being accepted.

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Part of relooking at Ramadan, so as I said, many people Alhamdulillah you get you get a types of people, one type of person, you can miss a lot of sin, He neglects the basics of Islam. So when it comes to Ramadan for him, he just wants to do the basics Alhamdulillah In fact, these are the people we see the biggest transformation. They didn't perform Salah throughout the year. But now every walk the time, they didn't dress properly, but now that hijab is on Alhamdulillah meaning the man went from a much bigger jump than those practicing Muslims. Right. So how does the left for them? Then you find those what hamdullah have been practicing the basics throughout the year. Come Ramadan. So

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now they want to kick into that higher gear of Nevada, right? We want to do more Quranic recitation want to make Masada want to give more

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charity. So usually I will focus in Ramadan and you will agree with me the focus is on Ramadan even men if you ask a man, sister, how are you going to get more out of Ramadan? they'll usually say I'm going to try to make an extra hartham Yes, or I'm going to try and make extra tagit or sometimes are trying to be excellent charity, if more charity I'm gonna do good things. And in reality, these are the fundamentals Ramadan, the prophet has mentioned fasting I mean obviously fasting is compulsory, then of course Allah will make salah and Ramadan so yes, you must make more salamu tarawih Quran recite more Quran, but we forget, there are other types of EBI that that we neglect. There are two

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types of divided the is the vida which is ritualistic fasting and sada between you and Allah alone. Excellent. But there's another side of ibadah, which is between you and the creation, between you and insaan, you and animals, me and you were those that is living alive with the environment. And we sometimes neglect that side of evidence that what is needed? Yes, so hamdulillah you're fasting and your Salah is accepted and good. But what is needed is perhaps not an extra hartham perhaps his visit to the orphanage.

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Maybe what is needed is not to give another extra 10 grand or 1000 Rand or million Rand but really to give what you love to open the cupboard. unpack all the unwanted clothing and physically give someone something to physically invite someone to your house. So much more difficult to invite someone to have a meal with you someone from the street who delivers data that's panela we wouldn't do that. kind of look at look at where we are. We easily will give 100 grand or donate 1000 Rand but to share a meal with a poor person's want allow difficulties that we can spend hours in the mosquito

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but ask you to clean the masjid for half an hour who do that clean the toilet of the masjid? Now these extra different types of event that that really brings home taqwa a man comes to the VESA celemony says Dr. rasulillah I'm scared for my art it's hard it's like a rock. You speak about Jana and Jana who lines all these things doesn't impact me doesn't do this hobby. What can I do to fix my heart? What did he say? He didn't say that he's like more couldn't stand a few more because you know, he said go and spend time with an orphan and a rub the head of that often it will soften your heart

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We need that human touch also part of the bidat part of it is through creation through creation so look to that behind a lot in this month of Ramadan as you re think how am I gonna approach this Ramadan? How best Can I you know utilize my very precious time I you have so little time just to do the sutra to do the hard time that you want to do you want to try a little bit another hour extra evader how best to utilize it, maybe look at it in that way. Or maybe look at it in a different way. The problem is is Shall I not tell you something that is better than voluntary fasting and sada and charity. These are the things of Ramadan, right? Better than all of that. They said yes. Yasuda

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Allah, and he said, reconciling in the case of disputes between people. You see people are fighting and arguing. You bring people together for the evil of discord is the shaver, the mover? And so he said that removes the shaver. I don't say shaves he, but it removes religious commitment. It removes you do you imagine? And so analysts vandalia last year Ramadan was a highlight in terms of this unity in the oma this Masjid making takfiri scholar making this one a confidence behind Allah even bombs and fightings vanilla

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in the month of Ramadan. So this month, maybe it doesn't require Allah Allah, Allah knows best what he wants, but maybe he doesn't require another hot term. Maybe it requires less arguing about silly things. The moon

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what the court he said what the Imam said you agree, disagree. Maybe that is the challenge.

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Ideas for that, as we said some scholars and this is just some hacks that people say so calling up and visiting relatives Don't waste time. Sometimes these third parties become out of control. But make a plan to join family ties. Maybe you should be the one that invites the family that haven't seen each other in so long. We will invite the family together. Maybe that's the thing that's needed. As we said cleaning out your house your cabinet of all things unneeded visiting the orphanage Subhanallah one of us does this. And if you don't want to visit the orphans then we have an opportunity Majid Ronald Islam, we realize this. So one night we should do this every night. One

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night in Ramadan, we take the orphans out and let them have a fun day out and then we have started with them. If you don't have the you know, we don't go to the orphanage at least come to the supper and sit at the table with the orphan and have a conversation. Maybe that's what you need. If you'd like to be part you could speak to the Taliban afterwards. Visiting and feed feeding someone versus giving someone maybe it's not about giving 100 grand to the soup kitchen, maybe selling the soup kitchen. I will volunteer one

00:30:00--> 00:30:00


00:30:01--> 00:30:38

will actually cooking something if you can't yourself volunteer and but it's good to physically see the poor person that really helps. really helps. Not every night, one night maybe it's very nice when you have a thought in the masjid. And you see because sometimes poor people come to the masjid. They only come to start because they don't have a thought at home. So they come to the masjid. It's good to sit down and share a meal, cleaning out the mosque, maybe one night in Ramadan, or before Ramadan begins, tell the Imam of your Masjid. I would like me and my family will come, we'll clean the masjid will vacuum the floors wash Panama, maybe that's the better you need to give you the

00:30:38--> 00:31:12

duck. We're giving our wonderful, wonderful opportunity for you hamdullah the ministry started this initiative, we hand out dates in the rodeo in the middle of town, because people get stuck in traffic. You can either contribute financially, the dates and Hamlet get the reward when they break the force. What's better is to stand in the road with and you meet non Muslims handing out dates. What is this, and you have a conversation about Islam about fasting. Very, very good, very, very nice, nice experience. Being the facilitator of good Navy so salam, we always remember this hadith. When the last thing Knights came, he now became more serious, he tightened his belt, and he didn't

00:31:12--> 00:31:48

sleep. What else did he do? He woke his family up meaning he was obviously the one in the lead. But he realizes this is a team effort. I can't be the only man on the finish line. I need to be the one that brings everyone in. Now if you are the practicing brother, the sister the strong one, then you should be the facilitator. Maybe you're the one in the whatsapp group that must say this a well in Malawi. But if we all give 100 Rand we can build a well as a family. Or we said these this program, whatever, you need to be the facilitator of good maybe that's what's needed. Learning the Quran verses reading the Quran. Yes, strive to complete the heart them if you can, but maybe not doing a

00:31:48--> 00:31:53

second hartham maybe it's actually to learn a little bit of the Quran or memorize something a bit different.

00:31:54--> 00:32:29

There are certain hexans Halloween running out of time. But as scholars say to maximize your your time in Ramadan, because our problem those of us who work, we wish we had the opportunity to just spend the whole month in Nevada, we still have to work, we still have exams, we still have families to look after it's good. This is the Sahaba they all didn't take off one month, it just made me better. That's not what they did. In fact, many of them if you look at the amount of tahajjud, they didn't make that always 20 Raka as the type of visa Salam. It wasn't even in the masjid programs, each one still lived in the dunya. He struggled in the dunya and did what he could in terms of his

00:32:29--> 00:32:30

Eva dat. So what we should do.

00:32:32--> 00:33:12

Make sure you focus on the Vita the compulsory, more important integers and tarawih is to make sure you're followed solders are done properly. So if you are not doing them in time, make sure to select more important the force that you're making, you're solid on time in the walk, the story of the work doesn't work every time in the works. And if you do it, if you're already doing it in the locked, try to do it now at the beginning of the work. And if you're doing it in the beginning of the worked, try to do it in JAMA. That's more important to perfect the photo and to do the sooner utilize it unproductive time, take one record and while you're in traffic, make sure you reciting

00:33:12--> 00:33:54

that dicker one two hour whatever it might be this many hours that are very, very big five seconds, all the rewards in the world. Spread your charity. Make sure there's not a single night or day in Ramadan That goes without an act of solder or charity or Quran. Those three things every single night. So we know these lazy nights, these nights where the work maybe the computer we have to study we have an exam tomorrow we have a late night work we know this. At least if you can't attend the masjid for tarawih make two records late Not a single night go without taraweeh even if it's two records or some recitation or some charity why you and I don't know when it's later to quarter. It

00:33:54--> 00:34:00

could be the night that I am lazy that I didn't do any better. Besides the photos that I missed later to clutter

00:34:01--> 00:34:47

It can even be out of the last 10 nights possible. So make sure unlikely but possible so make sure that every single night instead of giving 300 grand every day or 30 grand every day in the 30 grand in Ramadan give one grand every day every night so that you know by Allah, that lady came and I gave charity on later to Qatar so spread your order over the month to make sure there's no unutilized days, right? For the Sisters of ohana law. Get out of the kitchen, get out of the kitchen, get out of the kitchen. If you do that basting sisters waste too much time in the kitchen and preparing food and preparing also hard swallow malaria or them but if ever you're going to take a time where you're

00:34:47--> 00:35:00

not going to spend so much of your time in the kitchen, this is the month that you do it. For us there's too much time and the middle part of Ramadan is missing. We sit in the masjid disappears. The beginning we excited the end we're excited and the middle is waiting

00:35:00--> 00:35:40

We lose at Baraka in that. This is third parties also takes a lot of time. Yes, you need to balance between. Don't be the selfish guy, I only make my ibadah I mean it decaf. In my mind. I'm focused. So I don't speak to anyone. That's also bad. So how do you balance this is the challenge. You need to be sociable, you need to be friendly, you need to invite them be with family break if they're together. But also don't think that if that party goes into the hotel the next morning muscala, okay, group II by that I find sometimes people, we'd like to do things, we go to the masjid together, we do eBuy that together, it's very good. But a lot of times, the ibadah gets neglected.

00:35:40--> 00:36:05

And it's more group socialization. It's like those people that study in a group, they go to the library together. And the whole day, they didn't study anything, they come back later, but they were in the library together in the masjid together, it decaf sometimes becomes that. No ibadah just discussions. So be Wait, maybe you that person that needs to a buddy that pulls you to the masjid and maybe you're the one that's supposed to pull people to the masjid. But also avoid unproductive time.

00:36:07--> 00:36:51

Just to move on quickly, as I said later to color how Allah explains you what is laser cutter to understand what laser cutter is, I keep this is the best analogy I can give you. It was pay day today or yesterday, how much you get in your bank account, who's got the guts to tell me? No one. But picture that number in your mind. So if it's 5000 10,000, Hamdulillah, 30,000, Alhamdulillah. For you, whatever it might be, picture that number in your mind, add three zeros after it. If you earn 5000 Rand a salary, 5 million Rand 1000 months, Allah is saying I'm giving you the value of 1000 months, whatever you could earn in one month, I give a thought times 1000. Now I say if your

00:36:51--> 00:37:35

boss, my boss told me come to work most of the time, and you can leave budget time. And you one of these 10 nights, you work that much and you do it properly. I'll give you that amount of money. How will you work? How will I work? How would we spend our time? We wouldn't number one, we wouldn't look at our phones. We wouldn't even eat. We wouldn't even go to the toilet. We wouldn't go Yes, vanilla? You do? Yes. You agree with me the opportunity, you wouldn't waste a single second. So you said How have I not achieve this? Now Allah is giving that promise. And he's not giving you a dunya salary is giving you the reward of 1000 months. You what you also realize about this analogy is if

00:37:35--> 00:38:07

you get that salary, you get that five mo 30 ml. You can retire the next morning, by the time you get your paycheck. You say I resign automatically, right? you resign the next day. So what this is all I saying if you get that you're set for life in terms of eBay that you've achieved your agenda. Now that is what's available. melograno says to get later to quarter, to live to see it and to get the full benefits. So keep that in our minds when we get to those really from the beginning of Ramadan. But especially in the last 10 nights

00:38:08--> 00:38:09

I end up and say

00:38:10--> 00:38:12

rethink post Ramadan.

00:38:13--> 00:38:19

It won't just happen even the person who achieves the full benefit of Ramadan. It's not that you don't have Taqwa.

00:38:21--> 00:39:01

You still have to work hard after Ramadan and now the training wheels are off because when we go out of Ramadan shaytan is also out and the eagle Eagle fitter is the real test. Are you sisters gonna still dress appropriately under their feet? Are we still going to avoid that socializing? Just how long are we going to make sure our Salas on time Yes, we need to visit everyone and have you know eat with everyone. But are we going to miss walks now? So the company so now think about as we sit post Ramadan? How am I going to commit myself maybe you know I'm getting it's easy for me to give money in Ramadan but outside I never give charity. But if I forced myself into an EFT, then I'm

00:39:01--> 00:39:43

stuck. So commit yourself now when the taqwa is high. So when the difficulty comes after Ramadan, you will sit in it you can't get out. And then lastly, there is one part of ibadah yes is to fear Allah but it's also to hope who easily would never ever underestimate. Yes, we underestimate our good deeds. Not enough. But don't underestimate Allah Rama. That even if we've gone through all of it, even if you've missed a lot of it, remember Allah is bigger than that. And the fact that you live in We live in a time where everything on demand you can eat without anyone saying or doing anything to you. You don't have to come to the masjid tomorrow time. No one can touch you. No one

00:39:43--> 00:40:00

can do anything. You have some on tap even you don't have to look for sin. We live in a time the only so hard I didn't get this, that if you want Xena you can in your house. You don't have to look for it. It's the Rebbe. click a button. It's available. Just say yes. And every day we go through we say no

00:40:00--> 00:40:42

No, no. This we abstain from all these things yet it's on our fingertips. We live in a time when the Prophet said 50,050 sahabas. A man will need to, to have your level of Eman And we do that and Allah Subhana Allah knows better than us. And so we appreciate that is a shocker he appreciates it. So if you come to the end of Ramadan on the 29th night if you really want to know if your Ramadan early mid something that when the monkeys go out and they begin the moon fighting moon sighting and you making the ayah Allah lithium liquid so and so not see the moon, I want another day of fasting, another day of difficulty and hardship and hunger. If that's what you want. Then you've tasted some.

00:40:43--> 00:41:21

Even though we didn't get the full taqwa, but we've tasted the taqwa. We've come closer to Allah. And I think all of us feel that way. We're all excited for Ramadan. We and if you ask anonymously, we will say why are you excited for this month? It sounds like a terrible month, your whole day? You know, eating whole night standing so difficult. But we say no, no, it's so wonderful. That is a bit of taqwa. And that's behind Allah is an indication of getting closer to Allah like sip from us. Forgive us late this year. Yeah, Allah be the best Ramadan for all of us, like none of us will be deprived of its blessings. Just a few announcements. Our last clause for the term on the Sahaba we

00:41:21--> 00:41:38

beginning with a non word last night we continue on Monday. So Monday's from off the market basically our last clause for the term on say normal and the conquest of Jerusalem as the conquest of Jerusalem will be open free of charge, please attend back to basics on pause for now to resume inshallah after Ramadan. When

00:41:39--> 00:42:19

we've been asked to mention that the latest cartmel Quran Jamal Sunday the 28th Mr. Chaffee, am they going to have a ladies hartham Quran program so this is in Ramadan, they want to start the heartworm. Fantastic. This is at Massey Chaffee am we will make the alpha Buddha This was on the corner and with the calcium, both of them are not in the best of health was allowed to grant them cure Shiva and for all those who are sick, may Allah grant him a cure for you know, the other announcement 30th of April, the 30th of April 7 of Port seven at night, the Minister of Tourism, I think the Minister of Culture, culture is going to be woke up will be declared a heritage site

00:42:19--> 00:42:20

inshallah Alhamdulillah. So

00:42:21--> 00:42:38

a national National Heritage site, so anyone that would like to attend the overall Masjid, and if you'd like to contribute to any of these Ramadan programs, please speak to me afterwards the orphans the dates that you've thought, please speak to pathetic booga treats available next week. Alhamdulillah zakka, Salaam Alaikum