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love to

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meet you do

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we need a baby boomers for Hannah Darla love to send his peace and blessings upon the final prophet Muhammad will not be laughs Allahu alayhi wa sallam, and all those follow his way with righteousness. And until the end of time.

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This year has been a year full of lessons for all of us. And today, very briefly, I just want to reflect on some of these lessons that we can learn from the events that have occurred over the past few months.

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A few weeks ago, our country transition into level two of the lockdown. And we are able to perform tomorrow in congregation once again.

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I never thought there will be a time in my life, where I will not be able to attend Jamal for one for him because of fear of sickness.

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And this got me thinking. And he got me thinking about many different things.

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And also deciding which aspects should I focus on the footpath today?

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And what about something a little bit different for what we usually will you I will speak about your good health and many other things. But I'm speaking about the angle that many of us may not think about,

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which is the importance of being alone at times in Islam, the importance of being in a hallway or being in the private kind of wash by hand.

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Because this lockdown for many of us, not only was it the first time we experienced something like this in our lives, but may have been the first time we heard this word.

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But when we look throughout our history, not only do we see lockdowns happening in every era in different parts of the world, but curiously Muslim history, we have the concept of a self imposed lockdown with someone decides that I'm going to isolate from society and not be my own except for necessities. And that decision comes from their own side, not because of it, and not because of any workmen reasons, but because they want to work on their own soul.

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And the most obvious example of this in our history, is the very beginning of Revelation, when the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam would retreat within four days on him to be alone.

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While suffering someone choose to be alone in a team for these

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well, Curiously, our history is not only the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who did this, because if you look at surah Kahf is two of the key. Again, it's a story of seven young men. They accept the message of property Saudi Salaam, they become true followers of the religion of Jesus peace be upon him, in a city with everybody else's idol worshipers and they retreat to the cave and expand

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your business decide to spend the time to get a lot opens a way out for him. And he does so in miraculous way. We go to Surah Rouge, the story of the boy in the king,

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where a young boy is being trained by King to become a magician. The Kings magician is is his training his younger wife is the apprentice so you can take over as the next magician in the king squad. But one day, this boy needs in walk living in okay. And he accepts again the message from the sounding set up into message of Jesus.

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Notice this page that keeps appealing to our history. People do 3d to okay to get away from suicide. Every scene is afterwards many points in our history where someone just disappears for years. The most famous example is our cousin.

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He's a famous teacher in his area is wondering about the impact it has on you so think he just disappears. He goes away to welcome himself well recently in history. A few 100 years ago he worked for the Empire.

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The Mufti of Cydia Abdullah honey andalusi puts himself into seven years of self imposed lockdown several years. He only

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needs his house to buy food to use the restroom. And for tomorrow, even the other Isola reprise at home when his family

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for no other reason, except work itself. And he spends the seven years writing books. He wrote over 300 books, out of which only two or three have been published. And I don't get my paycheck. So you didn't do which. So she.

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But I think the stories are wondering why why would someone impose on himself along the way, when somebody says, You know what, I'm not leaving the house except for necessities. Because so many of us this was the most difficult thing we have to deal with in the past few years, not to be the

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worst because these individuals recognize the importance of being alone with a lot so you can work on yourself.

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And this is a concept that has been lost in our times.

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We spend so much time surrounded by people. And when we are not surrounded by people, we are on our social media, we still surrounded by people, that we never get time to be alone with our thoughts. And we don't get time to be alone without purchasing fracking. We cannot face our inner demons, we cannot reach our ego. We cannot work on ourselves because we are never alone with ourselves. So one of the lessons we can take from this lockdown is to make time to work on ourselves.

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I wish I could have said this in March if I knew the lockdown was coming. And I would have told everyone you see this issue. Take the next few months to work on yourself. alone at home. No work, no way to go. Can't even go to the masjid. Welcome yourself, Vicar to our Quran, Salah

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pondering on the greenness or loss of a hand the use and the opportunity to improve ourselves, we still have time, because we still only leave our homes for work and for for other necessities, we still have time to use this. And it may just be part of our regular life even when the world returns to normal. A second reflection on the lockdown is the beauty of our religion in how he balances between everything, including the balance between private and public and private worship and public worship.

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Our religion is a religion to emphasize the core. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that the person who interacts with his community and deals with the harm is better than the person who lives alone. Meaning it is better to be part of society and view that drama, and at least have some positive influence on society if you just cut yourself off from people altogether and to go live in a mountain.

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At the same time, our religion teaches us that the one who cries on the three of us have a handle on India alone, that is amongst the greatest of good deeds,

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the public and the private. Our religion teaches us to pray five times a day in congregation.

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But our religion encourages us to pray Our sun down in our at home in private service, our intention to secure the Quran tells us directly deep challenging publicly and privately owned sites again, the surah

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Allah subhanaw taala says new Ali Salaam preached to these people he did dialogue, privately and publicly one on one and groups. every aspect of our religions, there is the private element and there is a public enemy. When we are alone, it's time to work on the pilot. When we are with people, it's time to work on the project. And we need to appreciate both parts of our religion, the private and the public. The third and final reflection on the lockdown is learning to appreciate and make sugar for all the things we take for granted

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our health, our freedom,

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and our community.

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Because during this lockdown, we lost him. I've lost relatives, I've lost people while no person.

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During this lockdown. We've seen people get sick people who we know to be healthy people just disappear to hospital and over capacity.

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You will have a very difficult time so it will happen. It's not over yet. Just because the doctor is nice doesn't mean so we learn to appreciate out and to ask Allah to bless us and help.

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We learn to appreciate our freedom. That is something we insert because

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100 is a result in the country in the world which probably gives us the most religious fear.

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I have traveled all over the world and I can tell you in South Africa as Muslims, we have more religious freedom

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In many Western countries, they are making use of massively. We can't even have two miners. You need permission of the government you need someone to read your lecture who have it. Digital freedom, we have freedom.

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The lockdown clicking away for a while can teach us for machine.

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Number three.

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We don't do enough of them yet. Everyone's in their own bubbles. And one day you shall speak about the danger of individualism and how he's destroying us. But then as users to reflect on how much we feature, our religion is a community based you will be supposed to be there for each other community projects, community centers, holla Juba, charity work humanitarian work, everything is supposed to be there for each other, it's supposed to be a community. And we need to revive that again, we are too divided

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divided on sectarian lines that divide on racial lines get divided economic lines, we are divided on tribal lines, we are divided in every possible way.

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And this is preventing us from moving forward.

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So these are some reflections on the long term. Some lessons really apply to our life. Let us improve our private worship and use our local time or extra long time that we get during this period to improve our relationship with God. But then there's also be grateful for our health, for freedom and for community.

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In this video, we will be it will be led into reading to see now what we see Dr. Nina via de la petite data for me you do bla

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bla bla bla bla bla bla push anyone unless he did when he you know that no Mohamed Abu One Flew on Baba

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one well, reflection on the locker

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in front of Mohamed Salah welcome, it was

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amazing, is the life of the medieval because only good happens to the medieval when things go wrong and the believer has suburb that is good for him. And when things go right and the believer has sugar that is good for him. And this is only in the case of the medieval.

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When this pandemic started, we see two reactions from society. Those who don't know a lot and don't understand the religion, whether they're a Muslim or not. They all ask why. Why is this happening to me? Right, those who understand a lot and those who understand the purpose of light blue understand this work is a test. In all we have done a lot of testing is we need to have some of

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the difference in how we approach this world. This idea teaches us the way to be successful in every situation, understand in life, we are interested when good things for which we must be grateful. always interested when difficulties will be must be patient. Most of the time we are interested in both at the same time.

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Someone will be sick in your family and you will get a promotion on the same day. And you need to have some fun with this and human with that in the same day. And very often we get so caught up in one thing forget about the other. For example, many people during this lockdown is so caught up in the fear of getting sick, that they forgot to make sure for the fact that they have to help

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because so caught up in the fear of losing your job. That is what makes you go for that job.

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We end up being too caught up in what might happen. Focus on the moment and realize that almost every point in our life, the things to have great gratitude for the things you have patients and they are major rewards. When it comes to patients, lots of a Henderson in Nevada.

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A lot of us would go

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when they have suffered a lot takes care of us something goes wrong things will go wrong because this world is a place of tests that believe that we actually suffer a lot from security. When things go wrong, we have sugar what is the default for sugar, the loss of a handle as it were in Chicago that

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when you are grateful I will give you

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we have struggled with one of us how we have gratitude we get more blessings, face everything in life. When he shootings forever happens ask yourself is this a severe situation for you?

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Trigger situation are in the box and try your best will always be in a state of soccer with your test sugar

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Johanna Robbie

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was allowed