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What Inspired You To Teach the Epic of Moses?


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We are here with Mohammed Manor in sunny Southern California. You know, every one of our instructors has an interesting and unique vibe. And I think a big part of that vibe

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is contributive. For Well, a big part of who they are, I think is influenced by where they're from, and where they live. And so you'll see that he's kind of laid back, but at the same time, he has a level of passion to him. And I was hoping that we can kind of get to understand or witness some of that here.

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And it's environments like these. This is actually really nice. This is a nature reserve. Yeah. Oh, really? Yeah. Okay.

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So this is actually very nice. Yeah.

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Wait till we get and you can see a view of

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a lot of the North County and the hills before like diamond barn. habra heights. Nice, nice view. So

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one of the things that

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sir Mohammed here has got going on, is once upon the Nile, the epic of Moses, you would think as a class on story, or the life of the Prophet, or things like that it has those elements in it. Yes. But it is a Koran class. Yeah. And,

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and I think I was hoping that you could kind of share with us

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just to some of the passages if you could recite for us some of the things you

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really get to know.

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So what we can do is you need to get in the zone. Again, there's there's one verse in particular that I love when we come to that point in the class, and that's the the the eye on the Quran and salted to him where Allah tells us about the drama that asiyah made, okay? And I just love that Dora that she made because it just shows her love for Allah and her yearning and longing to be close to a lot I just I just always found that it was really nice. And what does that

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mean a shame for

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Miss Mila your wash manual washing

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longwool method levena

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Allah says he he takes an example he gives us an example of those that believed the wife of fit around his

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baby nearly.

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Fini, Jun. 21 Jeannie feet

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oh my lord and master and creator build for me near you a house in Jenna on a genie

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Fiero. No, Armani. Wanna Genie? minako Lonnie me, save me from Fidel and, and his evil actions and save me from the wrongdoing people. It's not a long time. Yeah. But you kind of just get you kind of feel so many emotions that she must have been feeling at that time and witnessing and surrounded by oppression and oppressive figures. Okay.

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But she had a lot of emotion and a lot.

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I think it would be worth moving to Cali just for this. Oh, yeah. And this is like, honestly, this is like, this is beautiful. I don't want to sound ungrateful. But there are so many other places that

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would would be considered at a higher

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value classification. And then this spot here. Well, he right here in Southern California. Yeah. Okay. Cuz, I mean, what's interesting is is like, Here, you have a lot of greenery and stuff. Yeah. And at the same time, I've seen a lot of beauty even in like if you go further up north where it's more desert, like, but it's just like the itself has its own serenity. And I think that's something that

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many of us don't take advantage of enough. Yeah.

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And generally, most people that happen to live in major urban centers. Yeah.

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We have to understand that that's not

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that's not normal. What you know, urban living, intense, urban sort of lifestyle. You go from here, okay. Like you need to actually take this is normal. This is Yeah, beauty. You know, they got the clouds hugging the mountains up in the business.

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A mountain biker.

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Yeah, I will totally fit in right here.

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You know, here

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I don't know if I asked you this before, but what inspired you to

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teach this class?

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You don't remember? What? You don't remember how the idea of this class will know from Oh, wait, I do. Okay. Oh, yeah, now remember, but I remember bits and pieces. Oh, we have to just pause. And let's just soak in here. Is there a nice, very nice show? I wonder what this place looks like at night

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with all the, like the streets lit up. But I would, I would assume that the streets are not so lit up that you can't see the stars, right? Because light pollution is I mean, it's pretty rapid here. Yeah, time you have to go way out to really appreciate the stars. Okay. You're talking more inland? Yeah. Okay, desert to the desert, okay. To the high desert. I mean, now like an hour drive, and you can get some beautiful stargazing. So again, here one time, late in the evening, I needed to do something right away. Yeah. So we're trying to find a sparring here. And so I was walking down the trail right over here. And I see that small patch of grass. Yeah. So I'm like, Oh, that's a nice

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little query. Let's just go down there. And, yeah, and we're standing there and making Salah. And then we finished a lot. And I'm just standing enjoying the view. And I hear Hello, excuse me.

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Behind me is like all these guys ready to like,

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the line of attack. So now I know that they launch it from there. So don't don't make some over there. We'll just choose your choose your locations wisely. Right. When we were discussing the planning of this class, yeah. It was.

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Actually I don't even remember. So basically, there was originally my first class was not going to be this course. Okay, it's going to be another one.

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Not too different. But a totally different topic. Okay. But the idea behind it was gonna be the same, that it would be a class based on hold on. Okay. And in certain sections of the plan. And in particular themes. Yeah. And in the process of kind of planning for that course. Yeah. And it was,

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it was myself, and instead, I'm out and yourself. Yeah. I'm not sure if somebody else was on the on the call. But we were having a call. And we were planning and strategizing. And I remember you wanted to do like, stories of the prophets and stuff is right, though it was I think it was, it was nice for just giving it away in case we ever decide to do make that of course, good job. Now you really have to

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know because because the thing was, this was my, from what I remember, this was my

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my thought against it was because, like, in one weekend, how many stories? Are you going to really, really cover? Yeah, so I wasn't going to be doing the stories of the Prophet. So God isn't the course. Because there already is a class dedicated on the lives of the prophets. Anyways, we're in the process of talking about that course. Yeah. And I remember somebody on the call, I think it was said that he was making an analogy. Yeah. about something in the story of Musa Okay. And then he's like, oh, because like, you know, how it is, and what the story will say it's like this and like that. And I was like, yeah. And then we kind of had a pause. And and I remember I just said, I would

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love to just spend a whole weekend just on the story of Mussa and hold on. That's Yes. And there was a longer pause. And then both of you guys in unison were like, that's an amazing idea.

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I think it is. Yeah.

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Like, no, let's, let's think about this some more. And then, in the process of that phone call, we just got each other so excited, that we're like, close. That's it. Yeah, that's the cloud in an email, send it to HQ. Let's get this going. You know, and hamdulillah You know, a lot, a lot of really,

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the fun part was, I think this was shortly after that Ridley Scott movie had

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left theaters, or had not left theaters, it had come to like DVD or whatever, called the Gods and Kings Exodus, or it's called Exodus Gods and Kings. We ended up wanting to call it God's men. The life of Moses specify, would you say we we was unknown, and I think we both agreed on that reality.

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But I think overall, the

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I wasn't comfortable that you Yeah, you were not comfortable with that title. For sure. The rabbit is just kind of still hopping along.

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It's a cute little

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cat sound.

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I'm so used to like, I'm so used to seeing cats all over the place. And in Houston, that just instinctually if I see an animal walking around, it's just

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The cat

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it's a cat. You know, there's more animals