Zahir Mahmood – The Life & Achievement of Abu Bakr (RA) #02

Zahir Mahmood
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the evil nature of the story of Abu Jamal and how it shows the evil nature of tribalism and nationalism. They also mention a deocynum study on the life of the deocynum and encourage viewers to subscribe and press the bell icon. The speaker also mentions a question answer and a verification question.
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Now how these clans actually worked

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is that they were generally competing with each other. They were rivalry amongst them. So they would always compete with each other. And this is why, once Abu Jamal said, he said we would compete with a buddy Hashem and everything.

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They will rivalry. But when they brought a nappy, we could no longer compete with the meaning we didn't believe in Him because He came from

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the very harsh, very interesting, isn't it? Because Allah subhanaw taala speaks about the Jews who are in Medina, the Jews in Medina, were waiting for the final prophet. But when the final prophet came, they didn't believe in him because he was not from the bunny, Salam he.

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And also many, even from the poor, he did not believe in the message of a loss of loss solely

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because he did not belong to them. And so Pamela, you know, this shows just the evil nature of komiya the evil nature of nationalism and tribalism, that that a terminal success was stripped away from you Why? Because for you affiliation to your tribe to your nation was greater than the

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah brothers and sisters. What you have just been watching is an excerpt from the life of Abu Bakar as a deacon of the Allah I knew the man regarding who the Messenger of Allah said the sun has not risen over a man better than Abu Bakar acidic above the law and who by the grace of Allah subhanho wa Taala I have lived over 50 episodes on the life of this great map. If you are interested in studying the life of Abu Bakar as a deacon of the law and who then go to my YouTube channel shares the heat mood, subscribe, press the bell icon and you will be notified when they are released. The unique thing also about this course is that in the description, there is a

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question answer session and you can test yourself and your family on what you know regarding the life aboubaker study or the lumps a couple of hints on what alaikum warahmatullah

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