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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the upcoming weekend of the 17th of anniversary of the strategic holiday, which is expected to be a busy day for many people. They emphasize the importance of acceptance of history and bond between Muslims and their counterparts. Moosa attempts to convince Kula to go to a palace and get her out of the " commodity place" where they meet Kula. The use of language in media and political dynamics of the US are discussed, including the use of drugs and the importance of language in media. The conversation also touches on the political and cultural dynamics of the United States, including the use of drugs and the use of language in media. The speakers suggest avoiding giving cash to people who cannot afford to buy food and mention a new program for donating clothing.
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Hello James fellow men are human hamdulillah salat wa salam ala mousseline, satana Mohammed Ali Oh, savage Marine, my beloved brothers in Islam salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. All Praise to Allah subhanho wa Taala the Most Merciful, the most kinda Chateau La ilaha illAllah of a witness that man has the right to be worshipped except Allah subhana wa Tada. We thank Allah and we praise him

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leaving the dunya and coming in, while in the state of fasting, may Allah accept from us May Allah bless us and the Buddhists and we send our love outside rotations our greetings our beloved Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, to his pious and pure family to his Sahaba all those who follow a soon until the end of time, yeah Allah keepers on the son of Mohammed solo send them because emulate him in the dunya and maybe be resurrected alongside them I mean Alhamdulillah today, the 16th day of Ramadan, tonight will be the 17th night of Ramadan. And while it is expected that later to cuddle, this amazing reward, this reward that cannot be equivalent to anything really this gift that Allah

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is giving this oma while it is expected to occur in the last 10 nights of Ramadan. And in the odd nights.

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With lots of indication that in the past the 17th of Ramadan was a very significant day many historical events occurred for example, the Battle of budget occurred on the 17th of Ramadan. So tonight is a very auspicious night many orlimar have mentioned that perhaps outside of the 10 nights, the most holiest nights not in terms of all the nights of Holi Of course, but the one night that seems to pop up quite often is the 17th of Ramadan. So an added emphasis inshallah this evening to an all the evenings going forward. So the building up let's call that remember, whoever catches little pocket in soda, making soda with ebooks through email, whether it is to records even, and you

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have to email likes it from you, all your sins are forgiven. So there's only two weeks left one of these nights little called two weeks left. And the rewards panel at three years of divided at three years of fasting 83 years of charity is a lifetime of reward One of These Nights so regardless the strength not to be distracted, but don't seek to make the best of it may all of us all of us all of us achieve later. When we leave this month of Ramadan without any sin mean.

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We continue with our discussion on the chronicles of Debi Mazar Lisa to set up the life of W se.

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And we mentioned last week how to be Moosa meet Allah, Allah subhana wa tada anointed him appointed him as an AVI and Allah instructed w mousseline Salaam, you have a mission, go to

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Iran, and so to be Musa alayhis salam.

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And we just put this into perspective. We know nebby, Musa Musa. At this point, he wasn't not the Messiah, he was just an ordinary man. And he also would have just heard about the region of the forefathers the Libra named levy is Hakuna via poo, you would have heard about these things, you would not have seen it really, that my grandfather was thrown in the fire and he survived that how we used to interpret dreams. Now Allah is saying those stories you heard the two is your believer. Now I'm going to put you to the test to the man to the test, you need to go to the ground, and nobody moves I made that drop. Now we skip to Surah shuara. So we're discussing surah ba Nabi Musa

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story is throughout the Quran, and bits and pieces are here and they are we trying to put them all together to make you and to make the story you know, give more deeper meaning. And today insha Allah, we're going to discuss this massive confrontation between Pharaoh and maybe Musa this dialogue between the two of them the show of between these two men. So back to the moose on the mountain part or be in a half you can the Boone Nabi Musa said when Allah says go to Pharaoh and so he says, Yeah, Allah, I am scared that they will deny me how many times is gonna be musasa I'm scared, I'm scared. I'm scared to come up so many times.

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When you do surgery and my chest is tight, while I am politically Sunny, well, I am Polly coulissante. And my tongue does not move my tongue is stuck in him. We said he had a stutter, for unseen either her own sin for her own sin, my brother Harun and it's amazing. That you know maybe Moosa is making demands of Allah, Allah saying, in our contemporary time also, if you say, go to the go to Trump, Isa is gone, exceed the limits and go speak to him, tell him he needs to free the Muslims. Obviously, if it is at a different level, that is no one we're in bottomless in the lowest level, if it only is the worst, you don't get worse if you don't accept the beliefs. So any could

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ask for anything and the end of the Messiah, if we weren't put in this position to say, Well, if you want me to do this job first and they need lots of money in a couple of billion trillion dollars, I'm gonna need an army, millions of people and a few nuclear weapons so that I can do this job. Now you

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musallam he basically sent me one person my brother, just one man, I need one man that's what I need. I can't do it without him. And he said this brotherly love between the two of them is something it's so beautiful come up so many times and I don't listen to them whenever you as we go through the discussion maybe Muslims do all the extra

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making economic and being the standing in the binary loser side we sit Nabi Musa was the younger brother that we had one was older. And this love was one that they had. Those of us who have brothers, may we have this bond with our brothers, our sisters, and we have sons, our children and have this kind of love that whenever life becomes difficult, the first thing you think about Look, I just need my brother at my side and I'm okay, I can change I can take on the world, I can take that on, so long as I have her with me.

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So he makes these two up, then and so you're saying my chest is tight, they're not gonna be leaving me. My tongue doesn't move helped me with heroin, one of whom are a boon for a half a teaspoon. And he says, and they have upon me a claim.

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And I

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why because remember this, this wasn't on him, he killed somebody he ran away. So he has a death sentence on him. So he's making these excuses to Allah. And Allah responds a lot answers. These two are with one word, color, color. No, don't worry, none of that's going to happen. They won't kill you. Your tongue is gonna work, your chest will be okay. And but however, the two of you go Be it meaning I've answered you, the two of you, you are one now you're too meaning. Right now I've appointed her as a nanny.

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haven't seen each other for like 10 years. Now we our own is in Egypt, so that we Moosa is in the middle of the Sinai desert. And at that moment in time immediately debri Reiser Salama son gone to Harun and said you are now in the good news you are now gonna be your brother has made law and you a prophet bad news you must go look into their own ethics so but however big enough for the two of you go with my signs remember Allah has given me the two signs one that he's thinking turned into a snake on the ground become the snake and the other side was when he puts his hand to the side it comes out shining white bright in Morocco Muslim your own I will be with you Allah says listening we

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are with you listening we are speaking about himself in poodle.

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Now you know these things called movies that none of you watch I know right? You don't know any of those kind of stuff right now in movies usually you jump you know when they say you know, like in the next scene. So now this was we were on the Mount Sinai where Allah is speaking to W Moosa and Nabil Moosa now obviously goes down the mountain, any influence his family about what just happened, he probably 16 you stick out, see, you know, he's had this thing out. Now he has to go find her own now he's going looking weak is with heroin. Like he used to go all the way back into Egypt. He has to sneak into Egypt because he's under arrest. And he finds her own and after like, you know,

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they're hugging each other and they reconnecting after all these years, and I lose your sight Also, I'm gonna be now Do you have any signs? No, I don't have any signs. You got to stick I didn't get one what's happening here. And I, we have to go now to figure out where to go to the palace. That's the job. Allah has given us a vision of a massage salon, obviously, because he was intimately he lived in the palace knew the gods knew him.

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As a slave, he wouldn't get near the palace, and they would like kill him or something. It doesn't belong the, you know, you think of apartheid. This is 10 times worse than that. And the slaves were like animals Musashi, salaam, of course, he was of the ruling class. So now he's coming to the palace, and near Alesis. The two of you go for the effort on the two of you go to Pharaoh for Kula. And the two of you say most beautiful, if you understand the Arabic, that, for Kula, that law that means the two of you go and the two of you say in we are soooo Rabbil aalameen, we are the messenger of the lord of the Academy. Now grammatically, that doesn't make sense. Let's say we too, will go

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and we do my say to fit out we are the messenger, meaning we are one, this is beautiful, Allah puts them as one messenger, we are coming with one message, and we will not be separated. We are one. So they go to and we can imagine they go to the gate, and the God is standing there and he says, Well, this is Musa this is the guy that we all knew right away. And he says, I want to speak to fit all

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they have is three he was like my dad, I want to go speak to him. So the God says look, oh,

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God is not sure Should I send the message up? But this guy, he can't come in here. So Moosa is saying, No, we are one we have a message to get around. We go in together, and I'm not I'm not going to leave him outside. So both of us need to go in. We have a message from Rob Bell, I mean, the Lord of the universe. Now remember, and you need to understand this in another place in the Quran. fit our own says to his people. Hon Kuma Allah when the people didn't call him a king.

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Oh president supreme leader. They said oh god, oh Lord, this is what film was. Now he's telling the people around fit own. I am coming from the real Lord of the universe to give him a message as something shocking no one spoke to fit I would like that. And I'm so now he's standing. Now whenever musallam is admitted to fit owns Throne Room, so the only way you can imagine the scene, he's sitting on his throne, Allah says Allah, he was someone that was very rude, he physically put himself above, look down on everyone. You had the slaves, you had the generals, you had, Harmon was around, like, five minutes minister that I can make, right? He was with me on the side, you had all

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the own servants pulling in water, you had the guy standing around whatever it might be, they also think me and now Moosa comes in and whipping this around. And obviously they coming in they were also the shepherd, you can imagine how they looking. This is the most powerful man in the whole world. And Moosa comes in haven't seen fit only 10 years, and he seems to fit on I've got a message from the Lord of the Universe, that we My message is two messages. Number one, we are messengers from the Lord of the of the worlds and unseen mana bunnies for you, that you need to send with us Vanessa, in our tribe of bunnies are in their enslaved you need to send them with us. Very good

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question that came up. So we do a series on sudo calf, and we let this go out on WhatsApp and you should if you if you're not on the mailing list, inshallah add yourself, and then you'll get the messages and people ask us questions every night. So one question that assist us is very clever question. She says, you know, we watch the news. And we see the issues between Palestine and Israel, right, Israel, Israeli state and Palestine. And we as Muslims always say, there is no such status Israel, this thing only was this. This country was only invented 70 years ago, right if it never existed, but we see in the Quran, how many times I was born in Israel, even the people of Israel,

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even the children of Israel, so but we never see, Philistine we don't see any Palestine in the Quran is nothing confirming what they saying, who is Israel? What is Israel in Israel? As we said,

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As Allah mentions in the Quran, maybe Israel is nebia nebia qub grandson of NaVi Brahim, father of number Yusuf Mehdi Yaqoob. Yusuf, you know, the one who could interpret dreams is his father, who had 12 sons. One of them was useful. You should remember he was taking us to Egypt, the three minute well, his brother's three minute well, and he was taken to Egypt, and they never use it became a minister, like the Minister of Finance of Egypt. And he told his family in Palestine come and live in Egypt because things are good here. Leave pallisa Palestine is is going through the famine kept living Egypt. So novia was the father of these 12 sons, and each son over hundreds of years, became

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tribes, huge families, so they were called the children of Yaqoob. The Israelis who are ill the kids of, of yaku, Israel, so they would say, oh, sons of Jacobo sons of Israel, but because they were foreigners, they were outsiders, they were not Egyptian, they will enslave their own enslave them. So now they're stuck and they can't go back to Palestine. Right, they're stuck and they can't go back to Palestine. And it's amazing, you know, Allah is saying, remember, remember the surah this, I was talking about when this surah came down. It's in the time of the prophets of Salaam. I was talking about the past. Moosa and Pharaoh, Allah saying, obey, these are all you know, get up,

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remember your history, you will enslave you women were used and abused and the rate and your sons were killed. And we say to the, it's those who call themselves is what it is today. Think of your history. Who are you like Moosa? Or who are you like David Goliath? Look at this.

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You went through the same operation that you are now doing to an innocent person, that if Moosa was here today, he would be in Hudson, and Phil will be in Tel Aviv. That's basically what the lysing look at what you are doing, you are doing exactly what was done to you by the villa. So,

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so they come to your own and maybe Moosa

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is doing all the talking and joking

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around sitting on his throne.

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I have a message from the Lord of the enemy. We are messengers.

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You need to live the bunnies for ego.

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So now no one speaks to fit out like this evil is like they don't need to be spoken to like this. Plus, Fiona has never seen Moosa in so long. Now one might ask

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as anyone who even thinks about speaking, if you don't like this is executed on the spot, this God who around him, you know, Moosa is in such a weak position. He's surrounded by clowns, lords. He's, you know, he's just he only has the stick. That's what he's got. And, and widen the road at that moment in time, so just kill him. We said the answer we mentioned it last week when Allah says in Surah baja and I pulled over you Musa my love while you were in fifth house, because

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When Allah loves someone that much everyone begins to love that person, when Allah loves that person, even for your own love Musa understand this even for their own love lovey Musa. So that's why that'd be Moosa is getting away to speak to fit around the way he's doing it. And everyone says to him now, you're not the Lord that you think you are. These are Lord who controls everything. And you need to live beneath your ego. Now,

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look at Allen's response. And this just shows you how a debate works. There's two types of debating, there's a correct way, debating is not parallel, so long as done correctly with evidence, we argue the topic we argue the issue, the issue is money. So in slaving them you're abusing them, when you talk about this fear, our own is gonna use propaganda. And you're gonna look at his style of talking, he doesn't, he doesn't discuss the debate because he knows he's wrong. So he needs to use other methods, emotion, literary propaganda to get his point across. He's like the media. I feel like the media. So what happens? Just put yourself in your position. Our parents, we love them, but

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we find out you know, they doing something wrong? Maybe the business does some, you know, they got some, you know, some some loan or something that's not correct. So you're, the mom tells you, this is not permissible. Now you want to go tell your dad, listen, Dad, I need to tell you what you're doing is wrong. And if you don't follow this, there's gonna be punishment. If you follow this, what's your father gonna say? Oh, so now your big shift now, right? will change your nappies. Wait, let me call your mom. You can tell both of us talk to us like that. Right now. You want to be big now? Right? So if Iran does the same thing, so Moosa comes to him and says assume that what you're

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doing is wrong. you're placing money so you let them go Allah commands that you let them go, God of your own says 11 Arabica phenol what he then did we know that is you among us, when your child did not look after you, you coming to me like this, and you were like a baby, you are lighting and now you want to come speak to me like this? What is the fiend I mean, normally seen, and you stayed with us many, many years? How many years ago Olivia independence prints it out doesn't answer the question. Right? He doesn't say no. But you know, the police are completely usually different. That shows you the tactic of how politicians do this. Politicians are bosses at this. You come to them

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with a concern and they're able to turn it discuss something totally different than you think oh, he is right. He started to throw moves out of balance.

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It's also amazing to think how weak Moosa is in the position but how he's going to in this debate. So it only says you came to us a baby I looked off you IRA is you use lived in this palace. You enjoyed all the privileges now you want to come speak to me like this? Well, first of all, Deccan Latif alto and terminal caffeine is one of the strangest eyes and liquid on finances. And you did the thing that you do remember that thing you did? Was he talking about? You kill somebody? You come to me like this and you killed somebody if you don't doesn't say what he did? Meaning I remember we know what is the secret between me and you? You did the things that you did for alcohol. Right? Well

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take a look at FACTOR wondermill Cafe, cafe ferroni, selling Moosa UI cafe as the strangest thing in the world and fairly steady moves to your cafe. cafe area doesn't mean this reliever gopher before this to Cooper has two meanings. linguistically The word cafaro means to be what the when the thought before before we take a religious context from the language perspective. Kapha is what the former does when he plants the seed he covered something up so comfort means to deny to cover so Kufa is to deny Him and you deny Allah let's go for another meanings to deny a blessing, meaning you're ungrateful. So if you only say how ungrateful are you? I should have you executed. I looked

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off your radio in order that you killed somebody. And now you want to come stand here and talk to me like Who do you think you are? I should execute you.

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didn't answer the question. Now Moosa needs to respond right? Now imagine you ever debate on TV with the President. And you know, he's wrong. But he says all these things, you know, I looked after this guy, I raised him, right, and he killed somebody. And now he wants to come talk like this. Immediately. The crowd is against you. So Moses is called a foul to her. I did it. I didn't do it. I admit, I did what I did. He didn't know

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what I was lost. And I did that when I was lost. I wasn't guided. I was going through, you know, in my janelia days, basically, that's what I did. For far too long. So I fled from all of you. He doesn't know. Now this is beautiful because now the people in the room will never be acknowledged. Right is a lot of his audience for the next day. Sitting on the side they looking at this dialogue between like a father and son, a prince and the king. No one knows what to do. So they quiet they've never seen fear of being spoken to like this. This is like shocking, no one ever got around to be spoken to like this. So it moves this photo to mean come I ran away from all of you, lemma 15 when I

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feel you use the past things when I was scared of you, meaning I'm not scared.

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Have you anymore all right that's powerful words to say to your own and to all these gods I'm not scared of any of you. I ran away because I was scared of you

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for whatever Ballina remember what was the initial discussion that there is an Allah, we are His messengers. send money in with us. They don't change the old discussion. You kill someone who. Now Moosa brings it I did it. I used to I was misguided. I was scared I ran away I don't skate anymore. For wobbly Robbie. He gets back to Allah. He says, Now my lord granted me what's the Pokemon was alanine mousseline, and he's made me a messenger. Right? So Musab brings up the tissue back to the table. And I he nullifies Pharaoh's argument. He says, I'm not scared of you, you can't threaten me, and I've come with, I now have wisdom. What I did was when I was misguided, I see all of you you're

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not miss got you almost guided until Allah gives you wisdom, then you will also be free. Now he's also telling indirectly, indirectly saying, all of you guys are also scared of their own. But if you have a lot on your side, like if you won't be scared of him anymore, the people feared he was like, like the worst person you could think of the worst person you could be under and controlled. they obeyed him out of fear. And while fionn is getting this from OSHA, indirectly, they are all enjoying it. As you know what she was saying when I did the CDC is, you know, if you have a terrible boss and I was watching was my boss sometimes comes to your wine. You know, it says you'd like to bash means,

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you know, my boss has a lovely, wonderful boss, very fortunate privilege. But if you unfortunately have I'm not just saying at the moment, granted, you know, great state in America, I mean, you know, very blessed, but if you have a terrible boss, and he gives it to you, you can never speak up. How do you feel? When your boss's boss comes and taps him out in public? Do you feel good inside, right? You want to take a photo recorded? You always remembered it. So now everyone who's been getting it from your own is standing there and watching how Moosa is giving it to this guy? So he's saying I'm not scared of you. And what I did was I was scared of you're not scared of you anymore. But now my I

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have a Rob who has guided me and he has given me wisdom. And I am his messenger. Right?

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rub the corner sirona warmer right corner felt even more lean. And I was of those who I was of those who were misguided. color film now can only be trusted right now can only person who is this

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woman who is and what is what is this utopia about? Which I don't know of any god other than me. Like what are you talking about? Father abou sama was? Medina Houma. The rub I'm talking about Musa saying is the one who rules and owns the heavens and the earth and everything in between that belongs to him. While you may know my input, if you should be convinced, again, he's talking Pluto, he's not talking to him. He's saying to all of you, all of you, if you want to know who really I certainly see they can see this guy's powerful this guy's got like some charisma now. Where is he coming from? He says, I'm the guy from the guy who's the one who rules the sky and the earth and

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everything in between. That's the one who sent me. If you will be convinced, if you really want to get if you also want to get that power. You also want to get that strength. Listen to what I'm saying if you want to be convinced, so now the crowd is shifting to Moosa and Musa continues to come

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have one sorry for your own when he says that when when Moses says this to the crowd, that the load that has saved me is the one who controls everything and he has complete power. Fiona says to the UN agencies, and he sees his own generals and soldiers are admiring Musa Stoke their own interests. This godly man Hello now speaks to the people around him before he never spoke to them. They were just like ornaments now for their own sees at this time your own European what he's saying, Why you guys not shouting at him, why? Why am I doing Why are you listening to him? So if you're only saying, Are you not offended, he's speaking to the soldiers. Now. Their own is losing grip. Now, it

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is actually it is becoming weaker in the eyes of the people in this court is becoming weaker. Moosa continues, acknowledging God, my lord Rob bukem. Now he first sees his color of the Lord is the Lord of the heavens and the earth, Musa changes the pronoun color rabuka your road, the one that I'm coming from is actually your load

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and the load of your forefathers, now you know,

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that when you say, when you insult someone, sometimes the worst you can insult the parents right? The second was, you know the mommy, that's the worst insult you can do. You can hit him with his fine, but now so now Musa alayhis salaam is giving around something which really hurts him, right musallam is saying to fit around my load. The load I come from is also your load is the load of your own is the load of an N is the load of your forefathers now fill up

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believe he was divine, he believed his fathers were gods. He says if you have to worship because my dad was a god, that's how it works. I inherited God wood from my parents. So Allah says that the Messiah saying, you know, what is not only the God of your own, your forefathers, your parents were even slaves to this god, this is where I'm coming from. This is like a slap in his face. Also, this lie that owns whole kingdom, his own government is built on this life, that I'm a God and you people have to follow me. And if you don't obey me, they believe that religion was that the sun was the ultimate God, and the sun had children. And the pheromones were the children of the sun. So if you

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because the I mean, the pagan people when they looked at the sky, the biggest thing is the sun. And when the sun went to winter, and the sun is cold, in the crops don't grow when the sun is strong when the crops grow with this prosperity, so they believe the sun was God. And they believe the pheromones the Farina were the kids of their own were the kids of the sun. So if you didn't obey fit our own, you disobeyed God and then you'll be punished. So now Moosa is saying that he is Pharaoh's Lord and the Lord of the fathers have their own color. So we are now and when you can, you can see his weakness. Now, when you can't respond to an argument, you stop making fun. It can only make you

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can mock, you know, caught in narrow sulukim Isla de la la crema June 5, only speaking now is because this guy, this messenger that was sent to you is crazy. He's mad. Can you do the same? This is mad talk. Have you ever heard of this? Moosa doesn't acknowledge the insult. He continues. Caller Abul machinery Keven Maria Marina Houma in kuntum Takeru. Now this was like the icing the cherry on the cake. Moosa is basically saying, my load is the load of the East and the load of the waste and everything in between. Now, why is that such a bad thing? Because he's saying, basically, the sun will rise and it's, it's the one who makes it, who is the one who makes it. See, that is my God,

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that is the one who see me. Even though that you worshipping the sun, the one who owns the sun, he is the one I'm coming with. In quantum tequila, if you have some understanding,

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call it a interhospital illa de

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minimus tuna TuneIn. So now if you don't respond, he can't say anything. Also, if you are a god fit on a new challenge like this show that you are not sure that you are in control in control the east and the west, as far as fit on another part of the Quran failed would say the Nile runs underneath because of me the now runs now most challenging him saying you don't have control of anything, you don't own anything, and he can't respond. So when you you know, in arguing, or you in a debate, and the person is about to lose the debate, this is a bad thing. And Muslims are guilty of this. What do we resort to violence, but now we have to say if you don't don't shut up, I'm gonna punch you but I

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don't if you don't stop now, I'm gonna eat you. Right? Because that just shows you weakness, you already lost the debate. So that's what you do. So basically says, If you worship another god besides me, I will surely put you in jail along with the other prisoners or musalman to put you in jail and basically anyone else if you take anyone besides me as a as a God, then you're gonna go to jail. I'm gonna put you in jail.

00:28:05 --> 00:28:40

So Moses is color we're allergic to garbage a movie is even if I bring you a sign, even if I bring you evidence, I'm coming with big claims. I'm saying I'm coming from the Lord of the land. I mean, if I bring you a sign, will you let me show you let me show it to you. So now everyone's in three right now you can imagine the people watching like a tennis match right back and forth. They're watching who's gonna what's gonna respond who's gonna respond? So Musa is saying Will you put me in jail even if I've got some some evidence to show you? So Fiona has no option now is forced in a corner called TV in Quintanilla. sadiki. Okay, so finances okay Musa, if you got some evidence, show

00:28:40 --> 00:29:19

it to me show it to us. For Alakazam for either he had to abandon moving so now, Moosa throws the drops the stick, and immediately as we said, it becomes a turban. So our ban is a snake. A lot describes the snake a few places in the Quran. A lock was the third band, which is like a big snake and high Yamini a fast snake bites, and Allah calls it a gene. It looks like some demon. So this was a huge, massive snake that was moving around in the room. Obviously everyone is like screaming shrieking like jumping up and down. The snake Moosa throws it down the stick down and it turns into this huge snake

00:29:20 --> 00:29:55

while they're busy, you know, scrambling when as I do for either here by eyeballing Naveen and moose eyes, puts his hand in his takes his hand out and it's shining bright that everyone can see now the whole code is upside down. Everyone is shocked me not all this is happening. How old is this in the corner making Victoria Police Officer Allah says please you know the Doublelift Gemma they have the same when they go and cash. You know the team they go out and give cash there's always one guy that stays in the masjid and I know he's the power station he makes two and we got the provider the power is something like this a company law don't say anything either standing there and he's making the

00:29:55 --> 00:29:57

law. Right so now

00:29:58 --> 00:29:59

we don't doesn't know what to do.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:11

Call the mother in law her name. So if you don't say to the his generals, the strong ones, the people around him, he's governors around him. Indeed, this is a magician. This guy is called Magic. You read

00:30:13 --> 00:30:49

it from other tomorrow. And now look at his propaganda. He says, Look, this guy's a magician. He wants to drive you out of your land with his magic. So what do you suggest we do? He never said it was your that was always my land. I own everything. Now, look, guys, we're together in this against Moosa. He wants to fight these fighting you these Muslims are coming in and they want to take over your country, right? We hear this all the time, like these immigrants are coming to take over your country was leaving your country to begin with always belong to some elite group of people. Now all of a sudden, we are in it together. So now he says finances. Look, what do you guys suggest we do?

00:30:49 --> 00:30:52

So the governors will ever

00:30:53 --> 00:31:38

call you RJ Phil Medan in hashing? You need to analogical hashing to read a nuclear document. That is a mistake. Yeah. Right. You call it? How about Phil Medina. She called Lisa Denali will bring you every so the governance that becomes increasingly the governors say look, leave him Look, we don't know what's going on here. Let's just call call it. Let's stop this meeting. Del Moosa. Fine, go, we will respond to you later. And they came up with a suggestion. They said, Look, if this is magic, let's get the best magicians in town and let them challenge musala didn't take on his magic. We will pay top dollar get the best magicians we will beat Musab because now Musa is claiming he's got this

00:31:38 --> 00:31:54

stuff from from God, and from some powerful creator. Let's prove him wrong. And let's get all the magicians and we will we will humiliate him. So there's going to be a face of a showdown between Musa and the magician's of their own. And we continue with that discussion, perhaps next week or the week after. inshallah

00:31:56 --> 00:32:36

we just have a couple of announcements, quite a few announcements. Any questions or concerns with We also mentioned that Sudoku cough, we didn't know that seed of pseudo cough during a lecture if you'd like to receive it, the lectures are on the website Or you can actually ask, you can request it to be emailed to you with Ronald ojima [email protected]. Or if you want it on WhatsApp, or wait for triple to 1308 Brandon's number and you can receive the lectures inshallah we also have a quiz so those who come to the mentioned we know every evening we have a quiz and there's a prize giving at the end of the week. If you want to enter the quiz it's also available

00:32:36 --> 00:33:12

online now as well. So the online you know, interviews can also receive inshallah, those prizes. So you can go to the website and you will see the online interior is a question we give you a question every night and you answer it Phaedra Phaedra is payable for everyone that is to what is withdrawn before eat sada basically they before they go to before eat every person and everyone that is dependent on you. So if you have kids or parents that are dependent on you, all the people that you are responsible for financially, you need to pay 14 and fitrah for everyone for each one of your kids, for your wives for your parents who are dependent on you, okay, so 14 fidra per person, this

00:33:12 --> 00:33:46

must be given before eat soda, and in reality should be done a day or two before because we can't give this out as cash we need to buy a parcel or something we need to do this food. So don't shame don't give it to be totally you know the night before eat because it's going to be very difficult to get it back. So be the therapist collecting 40 Rand per person that you depend on. Of course we sit for those of us who cannot force mother directly Shiva, but those who will never be able to force out the weakness of old age. So every day you must pay in rent we also collecting the tenor of video and we will provide a meal then for eat if you'd like to sponsor as a family, the ingredients are

00:33:46 --> 00:34:02

even better you'd like to cook a pot of food to Shea and again What a beautiful symbol after fasting The first thing you do is you cook apart the food and distribute to the poor lovely shouldn't have to do lovely initiative. So it's 3000 rent to cook 100 liter bottle food yes 100 liter bottle food

00:34:04 --> 00:34:18

well over 100 people can can eat from that pot of food. So that Maharajan so you can you can assist with that. From half past nine to about 10 o'clock. So very short. We have a trucker pm la sala program yet the machine as well.

00:34:19 --> 00:34:55

Then tonight, this evening, this evening, the Booker for buka. So there's been a lot of protests and things happening at you know, as you know, in the book of gentrification, if you're not from the book up, you might not know what that word means. Basically, people are, you know, buildings are being sold to outsiders, very wealthy people and its forces the Muslims that have been here for many, many hundreds of years can't afford to live in Bucharest anymore and they get pushed out to the cape flats basically. So we fear that the culture the dynamics would be lost. The massage on may not be given anymore, as the demographics of this area changes, right? So it's something that we

00:34:55 --> 00:34:58

need to think about. And therefore

00:34:59 --> 00:35:00

we said we prefer

00:35:00 --> 00:35:35

Taste men and non violence in a non destructive way. So we can approach this in the most beautiful way by giving an open Iftar tonight Everyone is welcome well studied there'll be from basically from Bismillah down there's going to be an tonight if the weather holds will ever open if that bring it vuca Everyone is welcome and we encourage even if you're not from the blue cup, Surely this is part of your culture, please come and join the the start of this evening. So if you go home inshallah, of soup kitchen daily, you can support that. One of the brothers lot of announcements, like I'm giving the specials that I, you know, everyone has to get the maximum of Ramadan is a group of people

00:35:35 --> 00:36:15

called the street store. Basically, they collecting unused clothes, and they will sell whatever unused clothes, give it to them, and they sell it to the provided for, for people who don't have clothing. So it's sort of there's a number of drop off points. You can speak to me afterwards if you're interested. You can even bring it back to the studio and we can arrange it to be taken me then today. Friday, Imam development project among developed project looks to take the moms from 70s we have 17 moms across South Africa that support underprivileged communities. So we see that's vanilla, what's the point in having a beautiful Masjid, a beautiful madrasa physically, but the man

00:36:15 --> 00:36:55

that leads it is doesn't have the skills and many times we know the strength of our community is dependent on our leaders and most importantly, Allah, Allah guide to guide a whole community we see we are the products of chef Yusuf Tong guru to three, you know, a few handful of you know, very strong, good leaders can build communities. So this is our objective support. The Imam imams don't get medically they don't get pension, they don't get you know, the average salary is about 3000 this is what the salary is. And he's 24 hours at the job. So we see that we need to support our imams. And this is a kousaka Algeria you support this man he gives our brings people to Islam. He teaches

00:36:55 --> 00:37:36

small kids how to perform Salah their whole life. He saves marriages, he performances Allah He leads Allah. He's the guy that he's put us in a in a given month. I was 17 months at IDP hamdulillah touch the lives of over 20,000 people 120,000 people benefit from IDP indirectly through the 70 people. So inshallah donations are always welcome. Please support the IDP you can go to Imam doc today the website is called Imam dot today, you can donate to the inshallah and then book at least 150 on sale. And sudden Saturday, Sunday after the word we have a lecture on the 10 ways of receiving forgiveness from Allah in the last 10 days in Charlotte's please join us sacrifice Salaam Alaikum

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