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Hello James ruler Manor human hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala COVID mursaleen sabena Mohammed Ali or Sahaja, my beloved brothers in Islamic Santa Monica Morocco to live with a cattle

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operation thanks for unto Allah subhanho wa Taala the Most High was greater Chateau La la la la eyewitness witness that none has the right to be worshipped except the last panel data and we send our love our greetings and salutations to beloved Avi, Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his beloved pious impure family to his Sahaba and all those who follow his student until the end of time We ask Allah subhanaw taala to be of those who stayed for the Sunnah of Nabina Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam May Allah bless us in this month of Ramadan will accept our fasting. May Allah bless us in support of Juma well except that we differ in our eBuy that in the days in the evenings melograno

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has all the goodness of this mantle hamdulillah I mean

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Alhamdulillah Allah subhanaw taala has blessed us to come to night day number nine night number 10 This evening in one third of the month is dance panela 13 weeks from now. 20 days 20 days we'll be eating cha cha and we need to this is also a time that we need to reflect Are we the have WE ARE WE one third of the way achieved our objective Lala tycoon have we achieved one third of the taqwa that we wanted have we achieved one third of the rewards that we want to do? Have we achieved one third of the Easter far the sins that we have if we wipe one third of it away? And if we haven't been Subhana Allah, how quickly is this man's going and we should always be and keep in mind and

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seriously I speak to myself first. This could be our last Ramadan and there's nothing nothing on the calendar like Ramadan no other event no other time with the doors of general open with ALLAH forgive so many people. So we need to make sure that before before we get to the end of the month that Allah subhanho wa Taala has granted us complete salvation from the fires of Jana I mean, am Allah grant us a place secure our place in general Filipinos I mean, we continue with our lecture on the stories of the Quran the Chronicles I've never removed Sally Sarah to set up the story that is repeated the most in the Quran. We spoke about the meeting of Nabi Musa with Allah subhana wa tada at the burning

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bush with a to resign at the mount at Mount tour. in Sinai. We know we must Alison sudden wake up and he found this bush that was burning. Now we Moosa is now 40 years of age and Allah subhana wa tada spoke to him directly This is the Mimosa listen sometimes the only profit or loss of data that received revelation like that directly with Allah speaking to him verbally, but Allah La mousse attack Lima, Allah says I spoke to Musa Lima many verbally, Musa alayhis salam was able to hear the voice of Allah this was not through an intermediary It was not through gibreel so now we move on he says that I'm very very special. And at this point that place on earth and until now, the to the

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center mount tour is a is a holy place. Why? Because actually the voice of Allah subhana wa tada in a manner in which the foot soldiers majesty was heard at that spot, Allah and Allah subhana wa Tada. We spoke about the beginning of this dialogue, Allah says, Oh Musa come forward, take off your shoes. I've selected you listen very carefully.

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Listen very carefully to what we are going, I'm going to reveal to you and then Allah mentioned the important the important aspects of what this Deen is all about. Number one, we said La ilaha illAllah. This is what we live by. And what we pray we die upon. This is what is going to enter us in general in sha Allah. I mean, I mean, we're interested agenda I mean, we see that you know, that beautiful Hadith that a man will come with 99 scrolls 99 scrolls, fold, Watson, when the angels are only out, they can't see the end of it. 99 scrolls, Allah Allah, how can someone have so much sun in one lifetime, we as far as the eye can see each scroll full with sun, and you will have not a single

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good, real good deed to his name, except a little piece, a little piece of paper, we talked a little caught a voucher. And Allah will say, let's weigh the two. So the man will say Allah, what's the point? Why should we even go through this exercise? Why should I put this thing on the one side of the scale and my 99 scrolls on the other side of the scale? So Allah says, No, today is the day of judgment of to have enough of justice, every actor must be weighed, and then you will wait on that page onto the scale and of course it will, it will outweigh his sins. And what's on that page, the only thing that he has is La ilaha illAllah meaning he did not come a chick. He was a believer. He

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didn't give charity he didn't make even probably stiffer, but he did not come a chick and the saved him from Jana. So this is the beginning and the end of everything, worship none besides a lot. None deserves to be worship except Allah. And Allah mentioned to me Moosa, beware of karma. It's coming and keep yourself with people that are mindful of piano. They don't

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Toby Moosa gave him to medical science. Firstly, whenever he moves or throws down his stick, it becomes a snake. It turns into a massive, massive serpent huge snake that moves quickly so it's big and fast and never moves up. And was it Put your hand inside your pocket or in your, onto your side, put your hand on your side, and when he pulled it out, it was shining like a light. So now a lot of this will be in Alice's Lemuria coming area, tikka Minaya, Tina and Cobra, that we will show you some of our greatest signs. So take these two signs, these are two signs of giving you

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and giving you two signs. Side note here also.

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In the Quran, Allah never uses the word. Marchesa. Marchesa is medical. The Marja is a miracle Allah never uses the word Marja to describe the activities of the Ambien, he says resurrecting the data to set up now we move to opening that etc. These are not called more these are they called signs is like every i a verse of the Quran is called an ayah. It's a sign sign why because it's not for entertainment. This is not to amuse and bewildered people it is to direct people assign direct to that this should be an indication of where this thing is coming from. So Allah says, Take these two indications of Allah's Majesty and His power. And I will give you more signs. So far Mussolini

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doesn't know what's happening. He doesn't know why he's being called. He doesn't know why he's been given the science what's my job? What's my mission? you've selected me for what now? Alesis and gives him to the bad news. The news is, is he left around in Nevada, take the signs and show it to fit around, go to fit around for he has, he has gone to here is someone who has translates he has gone out of bounds he has gone out of all limits go to fit around. Now, this is a very difficult task that Allah is asking to be most of all people perhaps the worst, you know, from our mind this is not emotionally to slam has so many things against him going through who going to fill out number

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one Why? Number one, he is already running for his life. He's got like a death sentence. He's got an arrest warrant is assigned to run away from failure. Number two, fear only raised him this is like his father, really? The man that raised him everything that he sees what's really going to say what would you kill him who looked after you who now you challenging me we were you your whole life I was the one also. And usually we imagine that and and we even judge our grandma based on how eloquently they speak and it shouldn't be the case. That'd be Moosa couldn't speak eloquently. He had a stutter. He struggled to speak now that he has to go and give the message over to Phil around the

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most powerful men in the world and he can't even give a speech properly. You'd say this is like the most unqualified person to go yet Allah says I selected You of all people you are the perfect person to go so now when Allah says to Musa go to Pharaoh

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now removes the response and shows you the humanity of the the humanity of the NBA they were not superheroes they you know didn't have superpowers they were human beings so we must have this is a very famous throughout every Muslim we always decide so then he says color arbitrarily sorry our law expand open my chest meaning

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take away the anxiety Make me strong inside I'm afraid I'm terrified I am I don't think I can do this is too much for me. You asking too much. So can you give me the internal strength it's beautiful that the NBA they begin with the own weaknesses that they make that they first think than themselves usually when we get down with our to the whole world right but it's actually the MBA reflect on themselves first first me a lot first things than me before I go to outside to anybody let me be ready. Make my heart firm. So he says Oh Allah expand open my chest this isn't meaning make Give me the internal studies were Silly me and make easy for me. My task was to determine

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lissoni and untie the knot or a knot from my tongue meaning he couldn't speak so easily. Allah make it easy for me to speak. Untie that knot in my tongue when you want to speak, he stammered. You have kahuku Lee that they may understand what I'm going to say to them. What Lee was eaten Ming Lee, and a point for me. It was eat a minister from my family. Give me someone to help me. appoint someone I'm making dua is requesting things give for my family. I suppose it was either a minister who will be with me Haruna he my brother Harun. I should be as re increased through him that he will strengthen me I will be strong through him will actually Kofi Emery and let me share my task. Now.

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Just to go through these these is to some to go into the depth of these yet. I mean, most of us for internal steering firstly and the MBR

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Even the Prophet sallallahu Sallam while they're busy doing the work in the day passed the task is to make become strong with Allah subhanho wa Taala that at home, every task you do in your free time in whatever difficulty you're going through, you need to make the door part of the success is the effort you put in yes in your job in everything it is the 50% of the success comes from the effort you put in the other half is continuously making dua that Allah subhanaw taala be right with Allah subhana wa tada and to ask Allah continuously make easy for me this task make easy levy Moosa is doing something which is the work of Allah right he's got Baraka in what he's doing. What about the

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things that we do in our life that is for ourselves for the we should be making more do Allah make this easy our work our job the MBR saying Allah I can't do this you need to make it easy for me we should be the ones making the most for ease make our jobs easy make our managers easy make our parents you know as parents easy our kids exams easy continue make this do our continued Yes, silly Emily. Oh Allah make it easy. If only this is how you make everyday Yes, silly Emery make my face easy for me. Only you can assist me this ease will come when

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he asks for HoloLens and it's a beautiful, you know, I gave gave the school some sort of bar. And I asked, you know, one of the people what do you take from this story? Once this stood up and she said, The thing I take out from all of us, I don't not the signs and the medicals and last week we did our Musa, what's beautiful is the relationship between moose and Harun. Now remember moosari salaam is growing up in the palace. Harun is growing up in the slums the slave, obviously Allah keep them together, how through the mother that nobody moves his mother was was without fear of knowing for your own pain, maybe mooses mother to breastfeed him. So she was never smoke made. Right. She

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was obviously his mother, but no one knew that. So as I grew up, he thought his his biological mother was basically like his domestic worker. He's made his nanny, and he got to know his brothers through his brother and his sister. In that way she would bring her kids over. And so they would get this relationship. But imagine how Natalie Moosa must have grown up growing up and eventually when he got to a certain age, obviously, his mother told him that this is your brother, heroin. They grew up completely different lives that we use is probably the best indication. He's got his own friends that are the high class elite, who is a servant is a slave. But the first man that he can think of

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that must help me and he hasn't seen him in like 10 years, the first person that comes to his mind who can help me heroin, and heroin was older than Musashi Salaam, my big brother Harun that's the guy I trust the most. That no matter what the one person I need is our own Elisa, I need this guy. I can't do anything without him. This bond between these two brothers is amazing. And is that everything we could say? They didn't grow up in the same house. They had different outlooks on everything and Subhana Allah how Allah keep the Brotherhood This is beautiful relationship between siblings. Even back if we go back to when Abby Musa was a baby when he was put in the basket. It was

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his older sister that watch the basket going down. So this in the Quran, you find many relationships, you would find the relationship between a loving father and a son nebia COVID never use of how much they loved each other. A relationship between brothers are dysfunctional never Yousuf and his brothers, they tried to kill him. They threw him in a well, you have a relationship between two brothers who love one another, that they stand with one another that nobody moves. In fact, the economists say No brother, no sibling was better to another sibling than Moosa was to heroin.

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Moosa was better to Musa was the best brother you could possibly be. You think, isn't heroin, the best brother? No, because nobody moves. I actually made a doula make my brother and Abby. He made his brother and Avi through his daughter, right now.

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Obviously, it was meant to be and everybody was great, but it wasn't to be musas da that actually made him and Avi what what kind of give it the one brother gave? So the first person he thinks my Buta basically give me my brother Allah so that he can support me also shows you this is the man that law speaks to directly the man who has these ideas in his hand, right? He says I can't do this job on my own. Today as we always want to be one man committees one man one man show that I can do it myself. What I say is low. I'm the dictator I'm the Sudan and Khalifa and everything in one what I say is low. And this shows you the NBA did not operate like this. The NBA always had Shura, they

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will never ever completely alone in terms of the decision making. We need other people in our lives to cover up our faults and the way he says

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I should be Azeri wizard. Wizard is usually used to wizard is something which burdens you

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You are so awesome that they have kiama they will carry the ozar the wizard meaning they sins will be weighed down. So now he moves us says as many as three, he gives the the analogy basically you know how you want to carry a bucket of water. If you have to then you can put it on a stick and it balances so he says he will balance me out. You need someone who will strengthen you when you are weak. It also was adequate. We Moosa was not eloquent, everyone had a softer side, we have never had a bit of a strong personality. So you need a lot created all of us with imperfections. And we need a partner now either our wives or our friends or our mentors, but we need to be surrounded by people

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that help us in our weaknesses and complement our strengths nobody Moosa understood his own weaknesses immediately shows you also one thing that comes up from me Moses message, he understood his own weaknesses immediately. He didn't think you lost I chose you because you're the best person for the job. Immediately. He's reluctant, all the ambience, amazing, even the prophets of Salaam when he got revelation, he didn't cover me, protect me, the MBA always felt that they were short in some way that they still need to work personally not ready to do this job. Not really to this job. And that is part of it. It's a good quality to have that it's good quality to have that. And I must

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also mention there, that usually the people that we call up, join the community, join the organization, the ones that we want to always feel we not we not be 14 for that position. And the ones that feel that's mean for me, I mean to be the chairman, those ones should sit back and the ones who feel I'm not ready, they should step forward, like the ambia If Allah gave them a choice, or the MBA would say, No, you're not me to someone else. There's someone better than me. But you don't have a choice. If you have the qualities they need is usually a man or a responsibility to stand up like the MBR. So he says, Give me a partner, my brother Harun, so that kainuu sub B hacker

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cathedra, that we may exalt you much. So he says, He will help me in my task, not my thoughts to go to fit around my thoughts that together we can we can remember you we will help each other to remember you when I forget how to remind me when he forgets he I will remember when it's cooler kathira and we'll remember you much in like a couldn't have been a bus era that you have always been watching over us. So obviously not be Moosa, even though you grew up with with Iran, he was taught by his mother, and by his siblings about Allah, he was always a believer, he never believed in the religion of the pharaohs. And he always understood this is the religion of his forefathers, Ibrahim,

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and therefore he knows that Allah has always been watching over him and his family, so it'll be Musab makes these requests.

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So then Allah responds, pata Allah acid called ooh, titas lakia. Musa. I have, I will grant what you ask you also these things you want to do is to expand I'll give you that you want to do your speech to become improved, I will give you that you want to Brother Harun? I've made him unhappy. I will give you whatever you ask. This again, shows you don't be shy to ask Allah. Don't be shy to ask Allah. Now the Messiah is given a job. And I imagine you get a job offer and you telling your boss now I want to counteroffer you right? This is basically going to be Moses doing Allah gives you I want you to do this job, go to Pharaoh. So before I accept I need these things here. These are my

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demands. And Allah says no, no, no further, this is just what you want. I will give it this is how a law operates. So this is the time of the month of Ramadan, especially today.

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In every Friday, every week, there's an hour way to do us on the rejected level except that

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in Ramadan, the US are more accepted and for the fasting person is accepted. So you've joined we've joined all three in today. They for today, don't make time someone mentioned the best time is perhaps the walk in the jumar that we're in now or an hour before Mother's Day. This is the two views witness walk these shifts during the day. But if you have an opportunity that will be formative make dua sincere do obviously for yourself and your family. But don't forget that as well. My really needs to do as people of Palestine and city and across the world. So use this power. You don't know who of us here, the loss of Hannah data will grant access to the DA so all of us need to

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make the door so Allah says I've answered your door. What do you want? I've granted it that Allah continues with the magnetic Marvin O'Hara. And Allah says, I just want to tell you that this is not the first time I've been. I basically blessed you that I have conferred a favor on you. I've been with you all your life. This is the first time you meeting me but I have always been the you have not asked me anything before but understand I've always been there for you. So Allah now gives us a flashback in the park we mentioned when we say to his mother put Moosa in the basket and the basket was thrown in the river.

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there ever was and and the boss it was taken to fit around, and no one and I won't go through the aisles you mentioned it before. But the one part of this ayah which is you know, so beautiful and you won't even find

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any other Amir ad that gets a line like this. This is like huge and Allah says, Allah sister we must pray to Allah come have better mini will have to snarler me that when you were a baby in that basket and you will push down into the house of your own you were in the house of your enemy. I cost over you my love. I showered my love upon you. I love you spend a lot. This is huge for a lot to say this to somebody. It's huge. Many people love Allah. Allah will say there are many of us who love Allah. But there's very few that actually earn the love of Allah, very few. So let's just do that we Moosa from when you were a baby, I love you. And I watched you grow up you will always under my eye. I

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watched you grow up, and how your sister your sister walked, watching you and I put you back into the lap of your mother, all those things was me I have been planning your life. So that for the VISTA seen enough and Allah says Allah summarizes the whole origin story basically, through magic, Katarina Moosa. So Allah says as you grew up in Pharaoh's house and you went to Medina, and you got lost in it, all that things, Lakota Gita, other other India Moosa, so that you can come here today at the appointed time that we had, I had an appointment with you today. 40 years ago, this appointment was sick, every step you took, was meant to reach this point. Now you already every

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tribulation you went through even you killing that person, you running as a refugee, you struggling as a child, you living in a house of your enemy, all of us. Every step was pointed so that you can come here now you've come at a quarter, you have reached your full level. Now it begins You are now ready for the job for two years. Basically there are the orlova mentioned the Prophet peace upon him was similar to W Moosa in that both of them were commissioned at the age of 40. They reach the level of maturity now they are full in May, in May strength, obviously, some ambia young children already when they were ambia, but maybe Moosa and the prophets of Salaam at the age of 40, it appears. So

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now Allah says that you have come in your decree,

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the issue of decree, freewill and destiny, big topic, we'll discuss it a few times. I won't go in depth into it, it will appear from almost words. But every decision every step that Moosa took was pre planned, nothing was from himself. So it might appear like they know what comes from me. I will believe I also know just to summarize a very big topic is we believe that a lot decrease everything, while you have free will as well to choose. We believe those two things how this works, is a very deep and intricate discussion, we don't have the answers. And the very simple example I give you. I like to give us examples quite simple, that if you look at the clothes you waiting now today, you

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chose the clothing out of your own free will your own tuition covered, and you chose whatever clothing you wanted. But if it was snowing outside, you have chosen a different set of clothing. If it was extreme, or if it was raining, pouring, you would have won something else. If it was sunny, you'd have won something else. So your freewill decision was based on something out of your control based on the laws dictate the weather. And this just shows you one decision has both in it your freewill your choice with elastically. So we believe that why do I mention this? Because Allah each year, the decrees that he has determined that he is predestined, who will die in the next 12 months,

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which lens we'll get in which people will get music, which people will not get the music, who's going to live who's going to die, that list comes out in Ramadan, the angels don't know the future, they get the list in Ramadan, Laila to Potter. So in the next two, three weeks, that list is coming out. And all of us are on one of those lists, either the list of those who are successful, or those who are not successful, those who love those who will die, those who will get music, those will not get those will become sick, those who will become healthy. Our names will be on some kind of list. And we have the power to effect that lists through.

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In the next two, three weeks. That list is coming out, we still have you know how the government will lie metadata, or the government says it's open to public

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comment. The budget is your budget is open to public comment. You do ours can influence that budget. Just we post quickly collection and handler for the rain yesterday the past couple of days. But what that did cause is that the ceiling got badly damaged, and mismatch is sanded 50 years old and all the ceiling is but

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it got badly damaged. And I think about 30,000 to fix the ceiling if anybody would like to contribute Alhamdulillah Tao is going around this subject to God meaning what how long the magic is operational and being used. Every sorta

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nikka every genizah everything being done in this machine will be to your account. And Alhamdulillah you know, you know how we talk about

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investments, they will say this company has a 50 year track record 20 year track record, the massage Ed and the blue cup have a proven track record of success, right? They tend to last, you know, 50 years, so and then 50 years of agile and maybe maybe may continue for another 1000 years. I mean, and therefore you never know how much do five grand 10 grand will multiply long after I mean I see the people who built this machine and the massage here in the blue cup, the one brick that the one Buddha put the he longtime passed away but that brick is still the your solder in here he's getting a percentage of the reward in his copper. So Subhanallah It is something to an opportunity not very

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often that is an opportunity, in fact, for your edges to to be increased. I mean,

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right so lots of hundreds has moved on. You've come here at disappointed time. And now you already

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was turned out to clean FC and I produced you for myself. I have taken you for myself. You are for me. This is my job now is up until a hookah big weather titane Effie Vickery. So now Moosa,

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you go with your brother with my signs, and don't, Don't slack and don't lose focus on my Vicar. Why Allah mentioned be Moses backstory, I mean, a lot can give you the command. And you could have just said, just go you don't have a choice in this, but nobody moves or counters when somebody quits or likes upset. All I could say, now I've given you what you want. Now go but following in this whole detail, telling me Moosa your whole life wife, to tell Musa Musa when you were a helpless baby in Pharaoh's house, he could not once harm you because I was with you. I made sure you were safe. So yes, you going into fifth owns the lion's den again, but I'm telling you, you're going to be safe.

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You have my prediction. So don't fear Don't worry, I'm on your side. As believers we we know it, believing it is very difficult, right? When Allah Subhan tells us to make the right choices, even though we know this is for the best for my best. Don't get involved in this transaction. Yes, the returns are big, but the but it's Haram in terms of will cause me ruin in the long run. We must believe that this thing is good for me I put money in the towel, yes is going to I'm going to be short, but in the long run is going to be good for me I know it but to believe it is something else and even the ambia needed reassurances. So Allah is reassuring that we Moosa I was with you while

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you were helpless, now you're even stronger. So don't worry, either you and your brother go with my ayat. And the one advice I give you all a saying, Don't Don't slack in in remembering me the strength that you will have is in how much you remember Allah Allah is saying that the success is for me the more you remember me the stronger You will be so go you and your brother and remember me it have the two of you go left their own in tar go because of their own had committed a huge East con and transgressed

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what's amazing also we take from this is a lot of mercy to fit around.

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A lot did not say go to Bernice or L and save them.

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Allah since two ambia to one men, go to him, give him our call him to Islam, and He's the worst of the worst. SubhanAllah you think that the sometimes we look at the leaders in the world within you can't get much worse than that. But Allah sees a fit around. He is going to go to a shed the light up when he died. He's going to the very worst point in Jannah.

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Protect us, right? He's going to go in the worst punishment, because the sins that he did, no one else did like him. No person you would find will say this to its people. I don't know a god other than me under Obama. And he believed that this is I don't know of anyone greater than me. I must be Allah so worship me. No one said that. No, you know, transgressor did that. But Allah is still having patience with this man. Allah is sending him to Gambia go to him. And look what Allah says. How do you speak to him Moosa for Kula and the two of you speak to him cold and lay in, speak to him softly, respectfully, gently speak to fit nicely

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into the Kuru yaksha, maybe, maybe your soft words will cause him to remember or even might even cause him to fear Allah. Now, if Iran deserves this kind of treatment, if Iran deserves soft words, then no matter who the person is how bad they are, they deserve kind words as well. And sometimes in the way we give our and perhaps is it from those who teach and give me from the member putting the believers in jahannam every week and how bad you are in cursing the believers perhaps not the best way if Iran deserves a softer

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To encourage him in perhaps those who make salah and come to the masjid in force, they also deserve some kind of hope. Those that we see that are not as practicing as we are, they deserve a soft word before the hardwood. The MBR came with gentleness before they came with harshness and this is the methodology of Allah subhanho wa Taala most people will respond bitter with softness and only a few you require some stern words. This is this is what the methods of Allah subhanaw taala This is what the man that says I am Allah, you will speak soft and kind and gentle to him. So anyone everyone is listening around, every sinner is listening around and they deserve even more gentleness even more

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more patience.

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Now again, Allah say the two of you go and perhaps the two of them now make up that we our own has been told is your brother basically signed you up for the Buddha you wanna be now now the two of them are together and they have not yet gone to zero now there's a call that they respond to Allah robina England and our law we escaped Allah says go you've got the science you've got everything they said no, we skied we escaped and you flew to Elena Oh Yoko that we are afraid that he will punish us or he will you have to haul we should do is to go across all bounds is going to do something we can't even imagine. We don't we know this guy. Yeah, Allah. If we go and speak to him,

00:31:21--> 00:31:50

he might punish us at least at the worst he will come up with some crazy thing to do is to make us so then Allah says color color color the latter half. The two of you don't be afraid in the NEMA Akuma era that indeed I am with you. You're not alone. It's the three of us that are going I am with you. smell. I see and I am forever constantly seeing, always seeing and I'm always hearing I'm always present.

00:31:51--> 00:32:32

So when we make dua linking this back to the ambia we're not afraid to mention the weaknesses of you look at as you go through the hard times reciting the hard times and I hope that you read the translation if you have time. You look at an Ibiza Korea for example, he stands up and he says I mean no one knows this, but he says yeah, Allah I'm old. I'm great. My wife is better and but I really want a child there are a lot I really really want a child. He you know, mentioned the sadness. Now via Qube, he says to the people, he cries who never use with the abuse was taken from his son. for 3040 years he cries to Allah, my son, my son, my son, the MBR we're not afraid to show

00:32:32--> 00:33:09

your love My life is difficult, financially, his problems, his health, his problems, my kids, they speak to Allah, when you mention your weaknesses, your vulnerability to Allah loves that. Because you're saying Yeah, a life come to you with all my vulnerability, all my fears, all my hopes, all my desires, I put it in your hands, I can solve it. So I put it in your hands. This is what the NBA did. And that's how they got they do as answered. They basically emptied their hearts to Allah. People also don't know that in as soon as Allah insha Allah that you can read, you can make dua in your own language. So time to time for example, it's good we can time wake up an hour maybe for

00:33:09--> 00:33:20

fudger that's the most powerful time of the evening or the time of the law and make you to recite from the Quran, then go into sujood and while you're in that sajida

00:33:21--> 00:33:59

be your heart to Allah. And if you can try this even better, because the one who tears Christ for the sake of Allah is of those who will be under the shade of Allah. The Prophet also says two types of eyes will never ever experienced the fire, the eyes that watch over guarding the Muslim Ummah, the soldiers who God the eyes will not touch the fire and eyes that cried for the sake of Allah in the dunya so make you you can't cry make yourself cry, peel some onions or something and then make that door you know, but can I for the sake of Allah force yourself if you find it some summons while many people said we struggled to cry and so however, we don't feel that softness in our heart link

00:33:59--> 00:34:38

is beginning something else man comes to the prophets of Salaam he says you a year the biannual giving a year Jana, Jana Maja Allah, I just don't it doesn't penetrate my heart, nothing penetrate. It's like God, I can't get emotional, Why? What's wrong with me? So the professor said, go spend time with an orphan and put up the head of an orphan, to spend time with some with an orphan. Have a meal with him, whatever it might be, it will soften your heart we have an open program tomorrow. If you feel that I'm not someone who ever cried in my life a year jahannam and it doesn't scare me if it doesn't motivate me a year but the beauty of this and I just can't cry that maybe you should come

00:34:38--> 00:34:53

to our program with orphans and sit at the table. Maybe this will break open that heart of our smaller predictors for me, haha, that is hard. So Allah says, I see and I hear everything. You will not be alone not for one second.

00:34:54--> 00:34:59

To do who fought for Buddha in rosulip bigger firm semana Bani Israel.

00:35:00--> 00:35:38

Eat whether to call the G GG NACA B is Arabic was Salam lunada are Salam O Allah, Allah Amitabha Buddha. So now they come to fit around and inshallah I think it's best we continue the meeting of Musa and Harun with Iran next week inshallah so they go to Pharaoh and we'll talk about what transpired the inshallah next week, just some few announcements, questions and comments with especially with Ramadan, people have lots of wishes with regards to Ramadan or breaks your force but doesn't send us those emails through and we will discuss it, we have the opportunity mean, you're welcome, inshallah, to join us every evening

00:35:39--> 00:36:21

with our post Ramadan postado lecture series. And as most of you You are 50% Marines of bronto the fact that you come in for Juma bronto is 50% of you at least 50% yamaji try to come at least one evening for for for three weeks or a year. And we have are we doing the Tafseer of Sudoku half the audience have been recorded going out hamdulillah people, people are following it. If you haven't been up to date, then you can visit our website, Ronald auxilary you'd find a section there on the top so you can follow up on the topics posted with takotsubo calf. When as I mentioned earlier that the masjid experience the you know the roof got damaged the rain mela continued for the rains to

00:36:21--> 00:37:01

come I mean melograno the rains continue. Now of course the rain falls around us and in our dams are not upon us as the other provinces alum but because of the damage, leaching opportunity for yourself to go to Algeria to contribute to the fixing of the roof and we see this hopefully will inshallah we make dua that it will last long beyond us that whatever good you do it, it goes beyond our life and will continue to be a reward. So 30,000 Rand people already taking the spot, so take us as well. Then, the leafstar is handed out here in the masjid. And at the soup kitchen for those who are poor, every time someone eats and breaks the forest, but something that you provided that we would use to

00:37:01--> 00:37:39

you. We continue our date Dr. Handing out dates in Baden cruceta from this very lovely program, especially if you have young sons, teenagers, let them join up and join us good it's a good feeling, explaining to a non Muslim. Why we forced why we're handing out dates. It's more for Yes, it's for the Muslims to break the force from $1 perspective. It's lovely to explain to them why we fast You know, you find me my people embrace Islam through the small efforts. Then of course, book retreats is available as well in Charlotte. It's at the door and then 50 random countries. It will continue next week. Assalamu alaikum