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Adnan Rajeh
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Message me he said I didn't listen. I burst of Allah. Hi Nopal Colin Nabil. So Allah Allah Allah says I'm here tonight, the collection of Barani within a reasonable chain of narration in scenarios by bus.

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And obviously today is the

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second year memory of what occurred

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in 2021 On that very dark day.

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And how do you know what your rate is kind of related to it or is really just something that we can think about regarding that still within the mindfulness of the tongue, honestly, but but that is something for us to think about is what he said earlier. So two seminal comments on in a moment, Carla lay of the center, a honeycomb

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multispan Yocto V modular and Volmer

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in Atlanta at 10 00 Am and Hadera in Alameda one.

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What I have a friend who co mobilephone your blog woofie here Hadoo and Volmer. In Atlanta at 10 00. Allah Madhava in Lafayette far one,

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he said that he saw two ceramics that stand in a position or a place where someone is being killed in justly or someone is being beaten or harmed physically in justly. Because when you do that, the curse of Allah the learner of Allah subhanaw taala is descended upon those who stood there and witnessed it and did not say or do anything about it.

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And this is not only something he talked about your salatu salam, the Arab knew this before Islam. The Arab knew this before its time there's a man by the name of say the nominal Juma Hey, of the low on whom he became one of the ruler I mean, one of the governors of hemps at one point in his life, and the people of Hemis went on to help him and told him that this person should be removed because he seems to have seizures. And he's having these seizures. So he calls Sadie and tells him what was going on. Why do you have seizures? Isn't what he told him? He said, I was there. The day they killed kebab in a lot of the Allahu Anhu the Crucified kebab. They took him in justly they they

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betrayed him and six other in the shadow Yama Raja and the gnome story. They took six people the prophet Ali assassin I sent to teach them Islam that's what they said We want someone to teach them and then they took them and they killed all of them in combat. They took him to Makkah and because it was a show to hold on they said they can't kill him and I shouldn't have to wait for later. So activity anyways, so they held him for a couple of months and then they they they crucified in the in the murdered and brutally in Mecca in front of many people. And before he died below I know he said Allah whom obviously made that either the Octagon Vida well I took him in Houma, Haida and

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Allah He made against them before they killed him. And all of Quraishi when they heard that they fell to the floor, there machete King. Why? Because they used to believe that if when someone's being unjustly killed there is accepted and that dog will hit you if you don't fall to the ground. For it to go like a head above your head is what they used to believe that aid said for going to Yamaha min lamb yaka for the assault, Bethany, that were to hub, I stood I didn't I didn't do what they did that day and I was hit by the door of this was his understanding of it. And he and he and he would have seizures. So the end of his life will be low on who. And this his belief. I don't know

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if there's a but that was his belief. There's an understanding of what happened. There's something that the auto understood, was a part of life. Even before the profiler, you saw to some explain that. So we weren't there when that happened to them. You weren't there. No one was there.

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But you're in a position where you have the ability to testify on the using the word he used to he sought to some twice, they didn't push back against what happened. We have the ability to push back against what happened to our brothers to our brother, his wife, his daughter and his mother, we have the ability to push back. And the eastern route or the what scholars takeaway from this hadith is that even if you weren't there as it happened, and you didn't push back, if you're later on given the opportunity to push back and you don't then the same applies. And the line of Allah subhanaw taala is still applies for those who are given the possibility of the opportunity sorry, to push

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back against a volume against an act of oppression that occurred to someone that their ability to push back against it and didn't that even if it wasn't at the same moment is still applies to them. And this is something he would teach Alia saw some another but I want to use this specifically because it's about the tongue MFL I don't mean you need to say something about it.

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It's the least you can do. The least we can do really is to make sure that that what happened to them does not is not in vain. doesn't it's not something that is lost and forgotten about and nothing comes of it and their lives and their death. were meaningless to this community. That's a that's a very heavy thing.

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If I don't think I can live with, I don't think any of us should be able to live with that, that has happened to them. And then we said nothing. So nothing changed and their death was in vain. Nothing occurred.

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Aside from the fact that memory remembering them, making dua for them, and supporting those whom they left behind, aside from that we should come naturally to any, any community that has any degree of dignity, any degree of dignity at all within a community, that should happen just by default, we should definitely be able to respect their memory, do something in their name, so that they have a sort of kajaria take care of those who come who come after them and make dua for them. But then, instead of trying to capitalize, we should be very careful from capitalizing on someone's suffering, by the way, I think be very, very careful to use someone's tragedy to further something that we have

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an origin. Yeah, be very careful of doing that. That's a very, I'm very, very critical of that piece. And I'm very scared of it, I don't, I don't like it, we have to make sure that what happened to them is something that is used to defend the whole Muslim Ummah, within this country or within this part of the world. We're in OMA here, we're over all over the world, we're in OMA here as well. And if a piece of that Ummah was oppressed, then that needs to be, I need the leverage for that OMA to defend the rest of it. And that would be a way of honoring their memory as well. A way of honoring their memories, using that to make sure that we prevent something like this from ever

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happening again, and pushing back the volume that occurred and making sure that justice is served for them. And that their memory is honored is about them, they lost their lives. They lost their lives. If there's not they didn't lose a game, they weren't sent home and they're tweeting from they're gone. They can't speak for themselves. You don't know what sentiment and feels, you don't know what media has opinion on things, or I don't know what his mother would want to say today. I don't know what you'll know and feel about what we're doing. I don't know, we don't know. Because they they're not here for them to tell us what they feel, and how they perceive what's happening.

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And whether what we're doing is actually what's making them making them feel that this is worth their while or not. We don't know that. So we have to be very careful with how we behave with this. And it's something just worthy of contemplation. Because two years in, we have to really reevaluate what exactly we've been able to achieve. And what exactly have we done with with their memory with their, with what occurred to them? This is very apt to me, I'm very critical. I'm very scared of this, I feel like

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I mean, we're just adding what happened to them to the list of other tragedies that have happened to those of them Oh, man, we'll just scanning when that when the time comes, we'll talk about it. We'll wait until once a bomb drops onto bizagi. I have to get up there and say, Oh, because for two weeks or three until you forget about it. And then then a poster comes up, I have to get up and say oh, for a couple of weeks until you forget about it and hope that you move on. Now how you deal with problems. There's no grit in this community. There's no great need great people will stick to something. There's a problem you don't don't move until the problem is solved. You don't lose you

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don't lose steam. You don't lose interest. You don't get lazy you don't forget about it. You don't stick to them. There's a problem. It's not solved yet. What are we doing? Well, why aren't we completely focused on this? And so when solved, was just solved then we can move on to something different. If it's not solved yet, then what's the point? What are we doing? There's something missing. And I think I think listening to this hadith is scary. It's heavy has a word in that word Lana is it's not nice to listen to. But but it's there. And it's and that's what he said his thought was. He said I didn't find it if I if I said this myself, you wouldn't be okay with it. Many of you

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will say that this and that's that's what he said. He said, I've listened to it. You already asked about it. We sent it in hustle and bustle and file by an abuse of Allah Allah. Allah Allah if they find hydroquin multispan Yocto Luffy he allegedly involved Vollmer in Atlanta at 10 00 Am and huddle Raheen LME for one who well I have a friend who can motif and yoga goofy here I don't hold my finger learn at 10 00 Am and Hydra who Hain and who sort of close with Allah Islam Allah Allah Allah. Allah Allah Allah. Allah Mohammed

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