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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of rewarding individuals for their actions in achieving their goals and keeping discussions about the Quran. They also talk about the history of Islam, including its rise in Iran and downfall in America, and the use of genetic information to overcome poverty and slavery. The importance of worshipping oneself and surrounding environments for a period of time is emphasized, and signs and signs of a person experiencing a disease or malarial condition are discussed. The speakers also encourage support for financial and joining a program to help people do an act of worship.
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Over a cattle

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operation to a loss of 100 data, the Most Merciful the most kinda like a loss of a witness that man has the right to be worshipped except Allah. We send our greetings and salutations. So Beloved, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his pious impure family, to his companions and all those who follow you soon until the end of time. May Allah subhanaw taala bless us in this world of Joomla in this month of Ramadan, Allah subhanho wa Taala except for myself fasting, well except for myself standing in the evenings, our dissertations of the Holy Quran, that which we give of charity, the good deeds that we do my Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us taqwa and reward and gender through that I

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mean Alhamdulillah brothers, today being the second day of Ramadan, something we shared with the Gema yesterday, you fostered one day of Ramadan and just consider this, that one day of sooner fasting or one day of compulsory Ramadan fasting is greater in reward within an entire lifetime of sooner fasting, so if you met a man who told you I fought every single day of my life using Mashallah, this man is an angel is the value of Allah is guaranteed genda the amount of reward is going to get. But yesterday's fasting was even more rewarding than that. That's how much your scales our scales of goodness increased by the grace of Allah subhanaw taala. And therefore, as we go

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through these days, just think of the reward we're getting 100 and up. And as we go through the days 100 1000s have been forgiven. And if it is difficult, obviously the reward is more but take a moment to reflect on the hunger take a moment to reflect on on the pleasures that we had to appreciate. We said the purpose of this month last month at the end of the month, we should have a sense of appreciation and closer to Allah Allah Subhana Allah exit from us and grant us the strength to get to the end of Ramadan and attain the full benefits of it to Al Hamdulillah. I mean,

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we completed our series last week on the Battle of the trench the data is and we picking up a new series or rather continuing a series that we left incomplete last year around a year's time, a year ago just after Ramadan time at the end of Ramadan. We started the series on stories from the Quran, and we're talking about the story of nebby musala salat wa salam. The most common story of the Quran is the story which Allah repeats over and over and over throughout the Quran, obviously, for us to reflect. And being the month of Ramadan, it's important that we connect with the Quran. So if we try to keep our discussions, irrelevant, attached to the good answer, we will find appreciation. We

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stopped a year ago. I don't know those of us who have a good memory. If you remember, we spoke about how the bunnies or the bunnies are ill Who are they? They are the sons of nebia hoob nebbia, who is the son of the beast, who is the son of nibble on him. So he is the grandson of Ibrahim, he had many kids and he had like his tribe came from Yahoo is the father of the tribe of Bani Israel in Israel is actually saying the Jacobites, those of you who are the sons of Yaqoob. They lived in Palestine, and then they moved to Egypt, because Palestine was going through a famine. So they came to Egypt as refugees, you know, like our brothers from different countries, Somalia, Bangladesh, they leave the

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countries to come here for better life. Naturally, what happens, they get oppressed and exploited by the local people. And the people in charge. Of course, the Pharaoh, in other words, the pharaohs, they were in charge, and they abused and oppressed, the police are in for many, many, many, many decades, centuries. And they were living under extreme extreme such extreme poverty, and they were completely subjected to slavery.

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They were so badly treated, that even when they wanted to leave, Phil Phil

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blocked them off. He restricted them from leaving Palestine, Egypt back to Palestine, keep them there, why slave labor so they could build pyramids, and they could build temples and all these things under the authority of the Federal the federal the operation, then fit around we know that we don't have magicians and they use gene and the gene inform fear around that your kingdom is going to be toppled over by a young Israelite boy, one of these slaves are going to grow up and they're going to overthrow you. So if you don't have a policy of massacring all the baby boys, kill them all execute them. And Allah mentioned in the Quran as you recited allow the bunnies are opening so

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remember where you were when they killed the actor Luna, the woman about

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Luna he said that they killed your mane and they kept you women alive kept him alive for what we know what what is implying here. So we spoke about NaVi Musa being born in the year when the babies were going to be massacred, removes his mother not knowing what to do Allah inspired in our heart, just throw him in the river, and he was put in a basket and costs into the river Nile and Subhan Allah the worst possible place that was born.

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could could go, it went straight into the palace of Iran, the one person the enemy number one, the boss goes the. And as he had the mother of the wife of their own, she finds the baby in the Nile. And immediately she falls in love with Musa alayhis salam. And she takes him as a son, and they want to be Musa grows up as a prince inside the house of Iran. He grows up as a young prince inside in us of Iran. And Allah subhanaw taala made it such that his own mother was the only person that could breastfeed him. So no one must eat drink from any woman. So they were looking for a milkmaid. So they found his own mother and she breastfeed him. So therefore, we Moosa grew up in the talents of

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Iran, as a prince in the elite high class of society, but he always was being taught by his mother, that you Scott, you are actually an Israelite, you are from the slave, this is where you belong. So let me move on. I grew up as a young person, in this sort of confused life. And as a young man, he grew up Allah subhanaw, taala blessed him with, with consciousness stuck with young men. And when he saw injustice, he saw one of his own people being abused by the Egyptian elite. He struck the men and he killed this guy by mistake. So now there was a, there was a warrant of arrest against Musa. And so as a young teenager, he ran away he left, he just ran away outside of Egypt, didn't know

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where to go, he ran away. And he ended up in madeon, in Jordan, and the he met up with a family, old man with young daughters, and he married one of these daughters, and he stayed the now he's living sort of a normal life. His life changed from a slave from a baby to a prince, to a refugee to a fugitive from the law. He's got a death sentence. Fiona, remember is the most powerful man in the world, that when you think of your own, you can't compete the presidents and the kings of today see their own was worshipped as a god he was so powerful that people worshipped him that believing he must be a God isn't a human being. This is a powerful fit almost. So Musa alayhis salaam is hiding

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out imagine 14 years living as a ship with very simple, humble life with his wife and his kids. And then all of a sudden, he takes a journey and he finds himself with his family stuck in the middle of the desert, and is a sandstorm, completely dark and they lost, lost in the desert. It's life and death situation is bad. I mean, Allah subhanho wa Taala Grace is up in the mountain, a fire he sees something burning, and he tells his family you stay here, and I will go and see what that is. I don't know what that is. It could be bandits could be robbers. Let me go and Allah deliberately plays on the words Alexis Moosa says maybe I will go there to get either some of the fire or I'll

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find Buddha directions, the word directions who that means directions, but what actually means I might find guidance at that fire who there is guidance. So every monster now climbs up on this mountain, he's got a stick in his hand, and he reaches the he reaches this area, and there's no one need. All he sees is a is a is a bush a plant, it's burning, but the plant is remains intact, like the bush is burning, and the fire does not harm the plant. And from the fire of voice is called a lot of controversies. This will be continuing to the bar for that matter. And as Missouri approached this, this bush obviously

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elected new idea, a voice called out to him yeah Musa Musa was called by name, Musa, the voice is calling from the fire and the voice continues in ni anara buka la like the first command Allah gave that we Moosa so if you find yourself in a trivia question, what is the first commandment Allah gave me Moosa? Allah says Allah says Moosa, indeed I am your Lord, I am your Creator. So remove your shoes Take off your shoes first Come on, take off your shoes in Mecca beloved Macaca that you are in a sacred valley cool. So, side note Why did Allah instructed me mostly to take of issues number one, we know in the Eastern cultures when you enter the house, you're into the place you took your shoes,

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this is you know, the last thing that you are now in a sanctuary also to our meaning a mocha does this is holy area, your shoes are not just taking off. Also never Moosa. Once issues are off econ runaway, something's gonna happen which is gonna freak him out, but he's going to be stuck in a corner on issues of so Allah says get comfortable, take your shoes off, come forward. I am your load. What other Touka festen Lima you have a lot of saying oh Moosa, I have chosen you if thought, for the most part is the selected one. It comes from Hate, hate is goodness.

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Does it what do you hate? Good, the best. It comes from someone who's been chosen because of his good qualities. He's been selected on that. So Allah says, I have chosen you because of your good qualities for stomach Lima you have so listen very carefully to what I'm going to reveal to you what I'm going to inspire in you

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Just I know we all operating at like 50% I can see the energy levels as well. But just something for Deaf seasick, you'd find obviously every letter every word is related in the Quran is different isn't the normal word to say listen, is it smart? Or is it smart? Allah says is stuck. The word is longer Allah edit accumulators data. It says if the Allah say, Listen, you know why added emphasis listen very, very carefully Moosa, I'm going to give you some big information. Now, some serious stuffs that are useless, obviously, like, You shocked this quiet, not saying anything, this bush is calling in money, his name is God, I'm the creator, I'm going to tell you something very important.

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And I chose you. Now the first bit of important information. And this is from the beginning of time and the end of time, what Islam is all about the sun, the moon, everything, this is the religion of Islam, cut away all the flows and fancies of the religion. This is what Islam is all about. And that's why Allah begins with this. Allah says, in many Ana, Allah, La Ilaha Illa, Anna, for Buddha and he will be solid Lee decree, Allah Subhana, Allah says and look at the wording. And I'll translate it exactly how it is almost really me, really me. I am Allah. Allah, the word Allah actually means the one and only deity. So let's say I really mean I am the one and only that is

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worthy of worship, there is none worthy of worship except me. So worship me.

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We see that this is the kalama none has the right to be worshipped besides Allah. This is what will guarantee success in the era. This is the one area that does not negotiate on so therefore your worship your evader should not be to any for you look for help Baraka prediction, security, don't, don't give any of that to an idol, to a statue to a gene, to a climate to an Imam, to Asia, to the stars, none of that belongs to anything besides Allah. So Allah saying, This is the crux of our religion. This is the crux of everything I am You're the one and only worthy of worship La Ilaha Illa. Anna, none has the right to be worshipped except me, for Houdini. So Musa worship me. That far

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means immediately so start worshiping me immediately. We're Akemi salata, Vickery and mooser. Stand up and established sada to remember me. So let's sing worship me. And it makes honor to remember me now it's not part of worship. In fact, if you ask in your mind, when you picture worship, what your pictures are managed to do, right? That's what we imagine is worship. So why does Allah separate Salah from Nevada? Because Allah does this in many places in the Quran, Allah, for example, will say, on the day of karma, the angels and God will come up with an angel, but he is singled out because of his speciality because he's special. So Allah is saying, worship Me and in particular mix

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Allah. This is the essence This is the

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deepest form or the most important form of worship is Salah, lyrically, so that you remember me I was saying that we Muslim, we need to build up a relationship now Musa, you've been in the last 3040 years, you didn't really know who I was. Now you need to start worshipping me. You need to start getting to know me. And you're going to do this through solder so you can remember me now we are going through a month where we are getting closer to Allah through solder, and solder. Initially, we know for whatever Salah is is difficult. No one here looks forward to a professional industry of Veolia. No one year it looks forward to thoroughly we do it, we force ourselves and that's normal.

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For those of us who are not yet and all of us vanilla, we're not at that level. We need to be reminded about Allah, we all know who Allah is, we all know this and you believe as a creator, but we get distracted with the dunya. So surah, Allah is saying, Oh Musa makes Sora so that you can remember me every time you forget that in two, three hours time another Salah comes up. So you remind yourself you remind yourself and as you go through worshipping Allah and reminding yourself So initially, you actively force yourself to think and remember Allah to make Vicar of Allah. When you get to a level. After that, it becomes second nature. Now out of your own secret habit, Allah

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will be on your mind. So of the great scholars of the past, he would say, you know, he tells his students for 15 years I made that joke, and I hated it. I didn't enjoy it at all. I just did it because I forced myself to wake up. I was scared of jahannam you push yourself. Then after 15 years only did I actually start to enjoy it. We if I didn't make dadgad I missed out. And then you get to a level where you start loving it. You can't wait to make it better. And this is not something strange

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Talk about something which I have very, very little knowledge as you can see, so but Jim, for example, I have no knowledge on that, as you can see, right?

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For those who go and do these, these kind of things, right?

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Initially, it's difficult sports people, people who jogging and all that, right? It's very difficult initially, it's not in your nature, it's hard. You know, you hate it, it's if it then you find people get to a level, which viola, they love it. But if they don't go they don't go for that hike with a jog with a gym. It's like they've missed out, they you know, the, the body doesn't feel right. They don't feel you know, good inside. And that's what the same with a beta. Now we are we are experiencing the hardship of evader because we are going through the vino extreme, we were doing nothing the whole year or very little earlier. And now all of a sudden we trying to, to improve our

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life, but always saying, if you live like this continuously, even the Gambia, if you make Allah you make an effort to remember him regularly, you'll get to that level where you will actually as they say, taste the sweetness of ibadah you'll begin to enjoy it. You will be of those people that have been swatted earlier, and the Sahaba wake up for that. Never alarm clocks. They naturally just woke up. The body told them solid time and they felt good. They look forward to the Prophet peace be upon him when he was going through hardship he will say I believe it Hannah overland alleviate our problems make and make and so I can be with Allah. Now, as we see this is not something we shouldn't

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believe it's beyond us. There are people may be in this machine that are at that level where they enjoy it by them. Some people you'd find if they used to fasting for example, if they didn't fall stay Monday or Thursday, they feel nothing right? It just the habit. So

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we will get to it's behind Allah the night of when Ramadan is ended. I'm sure many of us will feel I missed the travel you know, it's not like we're making far away, I actually wish that they will start with why because your body is beginning to experience the situation with a lot. So let's instead of imusa I alone, am worthy of worship, worship me alone. fabbrini start worshiping me, walk me Sala and stand in Salalah decree and begin to think about me remember me Remember me as much as you can. That was the first piece of information. The second piece of information that was giving me Moosa

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accardo fee ha litigious Kowloon fcmb matassa Musa indeed the hour is coming. The End of Time is close it's near. And this was like six 7000 years ago. There was conversation with me Musa 6000 years ago illicit kiama is coming, it's near

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accardo I have almost kept it completely secret, almost completely secret.

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These little bits of information. So the some hazards and only ever know when I was correcting for it for 99% in secret, but some of the earlier they know it. And I asked this question anyone hazard to when he or she knows when gamma is said no. week, week as regimen week earlier the week. Now of course no one has the knowledge of kiama nobody not even the Prophet sallallahu Sallam or even jabril So Allah says I've kept it almost secret. Why? Because he gave signs. There are some signs of pm. And if you look at the signs of PM, they are like 300 minus signs and 10 big ones of the 300 minus signs. Maybe 250 have already come in paths. if not more than that. Most of them like you know

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more than 70% 80% of the minus signs have come and we see them in the world today.

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We're not going to be fatalistic gamma could come in under 1000 years from now 10 years from now, but we need to take note that these minus signs are have occurred and they are occurring and it's on the doorstep of the major science policies to Moosa that I kiama is coming on Moosa it's on its way and I've kept it almost secret Why? litigious? coluna Cindy matassa so that I will reward every soul every person be mad Tessa Tessa means you see this word coming up later on inshallah when they talk about the snake movie that's our means to rush rush towards so Allah says I'm going to give everyone that which they are rushing towards that which with a very careful now our continues further so

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Danica man let me know what who further there. So Allah now tells me Musa number one is Allah worship Me alone and mix Allah and remember me? Musa kiama is coming and I'm going to reward everyone to what they're doing. Now Allah advises that be Moosa for that is done okay, so do not lit. So do not let anyone avert you from kiama don't follow someone who's going to make you forget about kiama a person might mean behalf with Deborah Hiawatha

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Do not let someone who does not believe in Kiana and he follows his Howa will cause you fetida Normal. Explain this word for word blessing.

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Do not let anyone a virtue cause you to forget about kiama someone who does not believe in it, and who follows his However, what is how are how are our desires, he follows whatever he feels like doing whatever he wants to do, I feel like this or I do it, I'm hungry. So I eat I don't look at what I eat, when I eat, I want money. So I go for it in any which way you just follow these desires. So Allah says, do not follow someone do not be in the company of someone who bases his life on ha ha ha also means if you ask the Arab Phil Hawa, it was also in a Hawaii emptiness. A person who loves his life without any purpose. Allah says Don't. Don't let someone who follows his desires and focus

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on the emptiness will that person will mislead you now in pseudopodia and I'm going a bit deeper this beautiful

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Allah says woman Halford, Mahajan who, for how we are the one whose scale is light, it's filled with nothing on piano for Odin, his mother, meaning his place of we will put the finger to keeping your mother pulls your closer right. So I'll say the thing that will keep him close like a mother for how we are how we are is a bottomless pit and an abyss of fire. The next one is gonna go someone whose scale is filled with Hawa and desire and emptiness. That's where he's gonna go. So I will say Moosa, don't be mislead, by someone who just follows his desire. And if you do that, if you follow Him, what you follow him for tida then for you Moosa is fatter than what he started in another iron the

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Quran. In other words, the English says, you will perish. If you follow a man of Allah, you'll perish. But it's even you know, the analogy is beautiful here, because in one I have the Quran, Allah speaks about animals you can't eat. Allah says, Don't eat the animal that was choked to this haram to eat that meat, don't eat the animal was bitten to this and don't eat the meat aradia the animal that fell off the mountain and died. aradia is something that falls off the mountain and it dies, you can't eat that meat. So Allah says if you have a friend who follows his power, and you are with him, then you are going to find out that you're going to fall off the mountain and die. So it's

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literally Allah saying, don't follow your friend off the cliff. Now Pooja. Allah is telling me of him a prophet of Allah.

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You okay, Musa, but your friends can mislead you. Your family can mislead you, people, if you surround yourself with people that are following their desires, this is the biggest danger to you. This is the biggest thing that can happen to you.

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It's sort of our of our last analysis on the day of karma. When the disbelievers will bite their hands, they will physically bite their hands and they will scream and they'll say, yeah, Allah, why they take this food on this holiday, this full on holiday. Why did I take this person as my friend? Why did I take him as my friend, now together we engender. He didn't even encourage me in goodness, the uncle of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he was on his deathbed. He was on the verge of becoming a Muslim and embraced Islam, you would have had the highest level of gender. But his best friend was a Buddha. And as he was dying, a Buddha said to him, Are you really going to leave the religion of

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your forefathers are going to reject your forefathers. So I will tell you this is I want to stay with my forefathers. And now he's in Ghana, where you have to be

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your friends, your friends can be your biggest danger, your family, the people around you can be your biggest strength and your biggest danger. So Allah is telling the interviewer of himself in a V that speaks to Allah and Allah speaks to be careful of the people the company you keep. Now this is heavy information right now he also just came to look for some fire. He was lost. I mean, in terms of lost in the desert, and now all of a sudden he gets this conversation from Allah, you know, now you picture yourself as an abusive standing there with a stick. You've been told, I'm God, worship Me, pm is coming this place, you're going to go forward and you're going to die if you follow the

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wrong kinds of people and be Muslims. Like just like his job is like, open, what's going on? So now Allah breaks the conversation, it makes it Allah makes it light. So Allah continues talking. And Allah says, well, marital can be any nikka yamasa. And what is in your right hand, oh Musa, also beautifully liquid. Allah puts the name Musa at the beginning of the end of the sentence at the end of the ayah. Now, you know if your kids are naughty, they do something wrong. What's the first word?

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Muhammad was don't do that. Right. When you begin the sentence with the name is usually harsh. Why are you doing that? Sorry? Kamiya right. Yeah, Allah is saying

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To make it soft because Moosa is freaking out now Allah saying and what is in your agenda Moosa? Look, we were just talking about kiama and I'm Allah and you're gonna fall in this fire and all that. What's in your right hand loser? What's What's that in your right hand? So now that we Moosa is like shocked and this is like in my right hand, this is perhaps the lightest I have the whole surah Nabi Musa now speaks and look at the way he speaks, you can see emotionally we, so he says, God, Moses is here at our kawada Allah hanami Walia v Buccola.

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This is my stick. I lean on it, I reached on it sometimes I move the leaves out of the way for my sheep, and I have some other been I do some other stuff with it also. And I mostly doesn't know how to this one is like when you ask your child, what is that? It's a pain. What do you do with it? I like color. I do some other stuff with it. Right? That's exactly what Nabi Musa is saying. Yeah. So Allah says pata aliqua Musa Musa throw it on the floor. In fact, again Musa in color he said, throw it on the floor, oh Musa. So for Alba. So Musa immediately that far, and the stuff seed for you, that is immediately immediately moves through on the on the floor for either he hated, he threw it

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and it was almost doesn't say it became a snake. It was a snake, meaning the magnetic lift his hand, it was a snake. Moving data, we seem to move fast. Remember, we mentioned this word before a lower reward you for the one mix, that's what you rush towards. It was a big snake that was moving quickly in the dock. And this dog is on this mountain and the snake is rushing that Allah says Allah Allah said caught what the half, grab it and don't feel scared. Grab is the snake with a stick. Slick grab the snake, also grab the snake, and don't feel scared center Ito ha sirata oola we will return it to its original state meaning first you Grab it, grab the snake, and I promise you it will be it will

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be fine. Trust me now I was teaching me Musa taco. We go through life. I was telling you avoid haram avoid haram income it will put Baraka in your business what I need to give zakah and load and I'll get money yes, you give charity and I was going to give you more but I'm giving money doesn't make sense mathematically from an accounting perspective. Doesn't make sense. Honestly, don't worry, you do what I say and I will give you something better in return. So Allah is now testing that we Moosa obedience big up this big snake that is moving around, it will be okay I will turn it back to its its original state. What medica Elijah naka de la Omen de su in I attend hora and put your hand into

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your side against you into your side. And when you pull it out, it will shine white without any disease, another sign. So that was a dark man. It was had dark features, you know, he looked off of completion. So Allah says, Put your hand in, and when he pulled it out, you're shining. Now we know this disease and maladaptive shefa those people that you know, when your skin becomes white, with Lego, it's a disease. So Allah says your hand will become white not as a disease. But as this thing that shines so it became like a bright light. Lemuria coming in El Cobra, that we may show you some of our greatest signs. So Allah says these are two signs so I can prepare you for the big signs to

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come. These are the big ones, the big ones are still to come. And inshallah we continue with those big signs next week with the studio in Abuja, insha Allah, Allah Hey,

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just a few announcements

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from the law, the managing is quite busy like massages or during the month of Ramadan and I hope that whoever saw you know within your local area or this machine as well but I said because you come here to Juma with God you as the Marines of our Masjid our lectures is on the Tafseer of soldier calf. That's our lecture series in the Ramadan evening. You can find it on our website where you could sign up even it will send you an email for the lectures as well. Or what's epi to you. Also we have a number of programs we have the Start program here. So a lot of the people in the area the students who are from overseas, obviously the not without the mommy in the US. I mean mommy always

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used to make them the buka stuff and now they without any you know mommy to do those things without having to sit here and think with the accent and with the use of which basically like taking them in like the the kids you know mother hen and run the table. So it's a lovely vibe everyone's invited and if you can support Alhamdulillah also we have our date drive we we give dates out in the traffic's panel of people stuck long hours now with with traffic issues, pending updates, you'd like to support that. Actually, we'd like to support physically just spend one night with us stand in traffic and ended it's a good thing. It's a nice thing. Most of the people that take anonymously

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And they'll ask you questions by ending a date. What's this all about? We need to explain a little bit about Islam. So please, you know, donate yourself, put yourself in the towel. The soup kitchen is happening as well, every night. So if you want to feed someone, and book a time, you get the reward for breaking the force for those who are fasting. And the orphan program is very important. So next week, Saturday in sha Allah, the Muslim orphans throughout the, you know, Cape Town area, throughout different orphanages, and I can imagine

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my love protect your kids, my kids for ever being in a situation like that, having a normal bond without your parents being in an orphanage or home. And the 400 for one day in the year we should be doing this everyday, we take them out, we give them a day out. And then we have a massive thought at the at the Civic Center.

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And we give them a hamper and something just to you know, to spend some time with him. If you can come to the function, to speak to sit at the table with some orphans get to see what it's like, you know, in Amman, there's an opportunity to do an act of worship that you would never do. So very seldom do we go to orphanages for money maybe in our life. We've never done that. We've never done that. Now in Ramadan, try to do some new kind of evidence. Yes, it's good to make sure that yes, it's good to make another hard time. But maybe you shouldn't do another hard time but although you should try a new type of worship, say you know, I've never gone out of my comfort zone to meet an

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orphan go it might do something to your heart, your mind. So come and join us. If you can't join then obviously there's always the the easy way out is to support financially. So please do that as well. And if you and of course the book athletes are available as well as the do exactly I hate them a lot except from us and for me, but Allah grant us all the best of this Ramadan May Allah grant us to achieve later to the full benefit. And may Allah subhanaw taala grant all of us the best means is a tsunami.

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