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And they display a lot gives, because of that, what he does not give when people are rough and tough. This Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu it was said to them by this chain of narration

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is authentic and the chain of narration as the brothers mentioned it but imagine, even he died and other than that, but the basis of the Hadith the apostle of the Hadith is inside Bukhari and Muslim.

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They share how Viva La huhtala Shadi al halaby brought the chain of narration or he brought this hadith without mentioning the reason why the Prophet said the Hadith sallallahu alayhi wa it was said

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there's another Hadith similar to it in Sahih Muslim, he says a lot It was Selim, according to our mother, who may have been to Saudi may Allah be pleased with both of them.

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In Bangla, ha

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your tea

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and RFT mala your T Ara see what Allah gives because of Jin Jin Tunis what he doesn't give

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for anything other than that. So we have a number, a number of a hadith concerning the issue. He mentioned some of them are white, he will sell them in Nebraska, like akuna fishy Illa Zanna who will then use that mean Shea International.

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He said that gentleness and easiness softness and kindness was never put inside of something, except that it beautified that thing.

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And gentleness easiness. And kindness was never extracted and taken out of something. Except that it made that thing ugly.

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So if a person puts inside of his dollar gentleness, his ability when he makes an amount of amount off, when he puts inside of it gentleness, he puts inside of his house gentleness, inside of his marriage, gentleness, his general dealing with the people who are around him when he does that in a gentle way. It beautifies the situation. And when gentleness is taken out of the equation, whatever lemmya Connor riff fee shading is said gentleness was never put inside of anything, anything, whatever you can think of your marriage, to be to your children, how you treat your mother and your father. Whatever you can think of driving if you put gentleness inside of driving, it's going to

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beautify anything and everything that you put it inside.

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And if you extract it and take it away and subtract it from something, it's going to make that thing ugly. The compare the Companion of the Prophet so it was seldom Julia bin Abdullah and bedgebury. May Allah be pleased with him. He said that the Prophet says a lot of what he was, I mean, you're riff. You're from Ohio, kalu. Anyone who has been prevented from being gentle, soft and nice and kind, he has been prevented from all of the good. So some people in their character. Some people are naturally easygoing, they're gentle, they're easy. And some people have coarse rough, tough exteriors and interiors. And the way that they deal with people is very tough.

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Some of us can relate to that. Our father's from the old school used to be rough and tough. They wouldn't sit you down and give you told G and explain to you don't do this because of this in this in this in that some fathers, especially the old school fathers, they will teach you by slapping you or by being physical with you so you get a beatings Oh yeah, that person was a more upbeat or more a BIA teacher, man, woman, wife, husband, and they just make a sibling Shut up. Say to the child, your bum. You're never going to amount to anything. Your dog your donkey is not the way that the Prophet dealt with people sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he was by the true meaning of the word, a gentle man,

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a gentleman. So there are a number of a hadith in this regard. He says Allah while he was setting them in a lie your hip rough and rough. Phil Emery coldly. Allah loves Jin Tunis to be in everything. He loves it. Because of these are Heidi, that we mentioned today. When it comes to a doubt a lot. The hustle of $1 is gentleness. The basis of giving Dawa is a riff Bora Bora being gentle, and we're only rough and tough. When you have to be rough and tough. The ultimate of the Tao was not

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are often tough is being gentle is being easy. is hard. It shows a number of things. It shows that Eliza gel he loves and know who you have be teratogen tellico bialetti supanova Tada he loves in a way that'd be fish's majesty. He loves their people. He loves the people that he doesn't love their things. He loves the things that he doesn't love, but he loves in the way that he fits his majesty doesn't love in the way that people love or sue the law. He sold the law while he was selling them his habibollah

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habibollah Ibrahim is the ideal of Allah. Mu says the Kalima mala, Isa, Kenny mattala Rasul Allah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is habibollah Allah loves him. And Allah loves people from the normal Muslims as well. Because of the things that they do. Allah loves a towhee and he loves the people that tauheed so this is one of the many proofs they show that a lot loves. Another issue about the Hadith is that he said that he saw the law while he was sending them said that Eliza gel was Rafi.

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Some of them are in a marvelous lamb set from the names of a lot from the smell of Eliza gel is the name Rafi.

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And from those lemma and Imam Ibn Rahmatullahi tala Holly in his book, and Nia we talked about the aqeedah unless una he said that from a last name is from his names is a Rafi from his names that are dealing with his actions and SMAD fair Leah, those names and allies with Joe has that are connected to his mushiya he is refute gentle when he wants to be to whoever he wants that Be gentle with however he wants to be. So some of the enema other than able to pay him as well. So that this was one of the names of allies, which is

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very quickly acquainting as it relates to the background of the Hadeeth is really important, because when we deal with the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, no one the reason why the Hadeeth was mentioned, helps us to understand the goal and the objective. knowing why the ayat was was revealed helps us understand the meaning and the true meaning behind the ayah. The S babineau Zoo is one of the really important sciences of the Quran. And we also have the S Bab of the world of the Hadith. Why did he say this? As I mentioned, the basis of this hadith is Al Bukhari Muslim, our mother, Asia may Allah be pleased with her said that she was with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam and a group of Jewish people came to him sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and they said to him as Sam why alayka Mohammed a SAML Allah, a Somali

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they didn't say a Salaam Wiley, they said a Sam Warlick. And Ayesha heard what they said and Assam it means poison or death or a lack mean you'll be destroyed Mohammed but they played on the word as a lot of describe them in a number of Ayat of the Quran. You have a phone and Karina and Manuel de they play with the words and moving them around. And we have a number of issues with that happening with Benny and Sarah is one of the times they did it with the Nabi sallallahu. It was settler who came with a religion that makes things easy.

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That's how Allah has revealed and he loves Rif. His name is a Latif Allah Helene R Rahman. R Rahim, he is a laffel. So in his names and his attributes, he's gentle. skying subhana wa Taala. He sent a religion that made things easy for people. You read the law and you have to find a hotel in San Lucia. Allah wants to make things easy for you and lighten your load for you. Because mankind has been created week.

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Many many if you read a lot will be coming yourself. Well now you need to be closer. Allow one's ease for you people. He doesn't want to make things difficult for you and your religion or outside of your religion, or myjalah and a config D name and heritage. Milla Tabby Kumi Rahim Allah hasn't made anything difficult for you and your religion. This is the middle of your father Abraham law you can leave for law who nuts in law was for top law must attach to a law doesn't burden you beyond your ability. If you can't pray standing up, pray sitting down.

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If you're traveling you can combine your salad.

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If you're sick, you don't have to come to the Juma

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so Ally's refused. And he loves Rif supanova

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The Prophet said about himself Salalah while he was sending them in the birth to Bill hanafy to somehow I've been seen by Allah I've been sent with the religion that makes things easy for the people. He says a lot he was sent him about himself and nama Anna Rama to that. I am a Rama. That is a gift to the people. I'm a gift. So we have many, many, many, many, many a hadith describing showing how Eliza Joe is gentle. And he sent the nebby who was gentle some a lot while he was sending them. Just see what I to assume bashira will attend a funeral. make things easy for the people don't make things difficult for the people give glad tidings and don't run the people away.

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Take it easy. They described the hope of the prophet SAW seldom they said, kindness salado battle a sin was salam to us than when he used to pray the hobo was short. And his Salah was short and easy. That's the meaning of allies Gentle,

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gentle and easy in the way that he has created things and to de Roche, he just didn't say B and everything came into existence to Hana with Allah. He created things and there's a process. So the Tao of Shabaab of Somalia, Boko Haram, of Nigeria, our car either wherever they are Dinesh wherever they are, the Dow and the understanding of these people who make take fear and kill people and blow people up. People make tough deed and make exam and force people to follow the opinion on 123 shares. This is not easy, is difficult. It's not the Tao of ease. This Deen is a religion that is easy, and ease is interpreted and it's understood by what the companions used to do or want to live

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in. It's not a person come and say I'm not wearing Hijab Islam is easy. I'm not praying Salatu fudger because Allah said Islam is easy, no, no. But the way that things have been legislated the deen of Allah as easy as it relates to the reason why this hadith was mentioned. The Jews came in they said Assam, whiny Mohammed, upon hearing that our mother did what was wedge up upon her. She defended the sooner she defended the Heidi. she defended the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa it was said and in her anger she said to them in defending him and what they said death be unto you poison me you'll be destroyed. She said to them while a comb, and moat. Will Lana

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Abner and Terra de Tijuana, z. Ma you people die. And may do people have death on you. You descendants of pigs and monkeys.

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That's what she said. rubbed the alarm on.

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But what she said was inappropriate.

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When the Prophet heard that somebody was sending them, he said, Man Yeah, ha I should take it easy. And that goes to show us that honey is watchable pilots to defend the sooner but there's a way to defend the sooner a right way in a wrong way. We don't have this thing by any means necessary. As we mentioned in one of the Hadeeth Habiba. honan man, we don't believe in this thing about unconditional love. We don't have unconditional love is conditional. That's a corny statement. It goes against the Quran and the Sunnah Our love is conditional similar to that. Similar to that is we don't then defend the Sunnah by hook or crook.

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So the person makes up weak ID and he says, I'm just defending the Prophet I'm just defending Islam sallallahu Sallam I wanted people to do the prayer. So I come up with a hadith No.

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We don't defend the heart with what is not the truth. So when you heard that, he said Take it easy. I Isha.

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Nothing, nothing. Has softness put inside of it. Except that it makes it beautiful. And nothing. softness is taken out of anything. If it's taken out of something. It will make it ugly. When she heard that she wanted to defend herself. I'm sincere. You're rasulillah I'm sincere. She said Did you hear what they said? They said uh Sam Warlick. The Prophet say yes, I heard what they said. But then you hear what I say back to them. I said why late? come whenever you said to me back to you wanna come? and his dog? Is Mr. Jab in de la his

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Dora, Allah is gonna accept this door there Do not miss the jab.

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So that's the reason why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa it was sending them mentioned this tremendous Howdy. Everybody has to make a struggle. Take it easy. Be gentle. Who in his right mind can get his head around the individual who? The little baby and a toddler when he is old, two years old, maybe even less is crying because that's the way that baby expresses itself. It's cold, it's hot, it's wet, it's hungry. Something about this situation has his baby upset. He can't speak so he starts to cry starts to cry, has colic in the stomach. Who in his right mind would take that baby and shake that baby until he gets Shaken Baby Syndrome. And he kills the baby because he dislodges

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the brain of the baby from his proper please. Where's the gentleness of that? Where's the gentleness of molesting children? Where is that? Where is that?

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Charlie Flanagan who Tamia Rama to Lai la used to say about Atlas una al Hadith. He said that the people of the sinner are the aluminized belhar

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are hermanas.

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The people of the sooner they know a lot better than everybody else. They know about his names, his attributes, they know about the fit of Islam, the hadith of Islam, better than everybody else. Today, coming into the masjid, one of our brothers who I never saw him before. I don't know if he's here or not. But the last role has started. And he disconnected himself from the last row he came in. And he got behind the Imam right he was disconnected about 10 people in the last row. I was putting my coat in a corner went to him before he did his tech bill to the drama said what you're doing, get with the line. without offering any argument. He just went to the line. But he came up

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here before he left and he said, Where's the deal. And we like that. That's our dollar. That's our tarbiyah in he did it with respect. We explained to him, there was already a line there. So now, starting from the right from the left, that's irrelevant. Now. Now you got to get with the Jamaat because the nibi mentioned something a lot he was sending them. Whoever connects the role level connect him whoever breaks the row along with break him.

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allow a break him. He was gentle and respectful. That'd be gentle and respectful.

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Gentle and respectful amongst ourselves. Not rough and tough. The heart is with you and you know the heart. He doesn't know the heart. But when you take the person who's thirsty and he wants to drink, you take the water and you pour it in his face like that. Instead I gave him the water. No man, you didn't give him the water you disrespected him. You have to bring the water on a nice tray, the best tray you got in the crib. And the nice pitcher and in the nice cup. And then you say to him the fact that this is yours is nice, cool, succulent water. He sits down and he's gonna drink it and he's gonna take that knowledge from you inshallah, as Allah mentioned in the Quran,

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he said in the Quran, lattice stone and Hasler to let's say we add to it five bility here asking for either levy baileigh kobina who add our toolkit and know who will lead you in hi mean. Mama you La Casa La La Vina sabouraud mama you la kaha Elavil husband Alvin.

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He said that the husband and the CD are they not equal good and bad is not equal. So when there's a problem between you and people push back with what is better it viability here.

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Now by any means necessary, Allah said push back with what is best with Jad Delhomme Belletti here, are you with them in the best way, don't argue just for the sake of arguing. We're having a debate and it's an argument. I'm upset he upset I'm not listening to him. He's not listening to me. And it's not about the truth. It's about who's going to overpower the other opponent. So the is a push back with what is best. If you do that, then the person who you have animosity with and you have with him I doubt he will become a person who's like he's your bosom buddy. And no one would be able to do this except the one who Allah has given them summer and no one will be able to do this step

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the one who has been given a great portion have alvine So the point here is a doubt a liar, whiny it has his way. And his way is what the Prophet taught us. Salalah when he was sending me access companions a question I asked you this question as well. It's never weak. He said to them. Should I tell you people who the Hellfire has been made her arm upon

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him and he has been made haraam on the hellfire. A lot could have just made him her Rama the Hellfire he made the Hellfire harem upon him and he is haram upon the Hellfire in that both of them they say yes Yato sola. Who was that? He said some of love when he was Salim kulu Hey Indian lady in Korea Sun hellfighters haraam on everybody who was Hey llegan

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Hey Elaine Pena means he is easy on himself. Emily, Jessie, the gallica haka NaVi mechanic.

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He's easy on himself. He doesn't work all day every day. He takes risks. He doesn't travel all no, yes, he gave his eyes rest, got to take it easy.

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And also is haraam on every llegan.

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Now, if you ask the average Arab, what's the difference between Haiti and Lydian? They'll say, Kelly mactan Muhtar differ tan they're synonyms. They're not synonyms. Why would the Prophet mentioned both of them with a wow showing the Messiah is different. Guru Hagen, Malaysian. He's easy on himself lay in and he's easy and other people lean.

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Lean who before the Salah, he used that word sell a lot while he was selling them lean. The ADA honeycomb. Be gentle between your brothers and you praying, don't stick your feet way out. Don't put your feet on other people's feet stepping on his feet trying to do the sooner the one who does that you're not being gentle.

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And your youthful exuberance and your desire to practice the sooner That's beautiful. You want to do that. But the guy next to you he doesn't know that he may be if he doesn't know that his feet should be next to yours. Just started praying he doesn't know by you putting your foot on his foot and pushing like that. He's going to look at you and say what kind of what kind of fifth is this kind of message it is this kind of slot is this. You're not being hanging? You're not being lazy and you're not being easy on yourself not being easy on him because the way you have your legs stretched out as well as not even normal natural. Be gentle. be easy with the people. He said that Hellfires haraam,

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and every person was easy on himself easy on the people. He's easily accessible. He his son is not complicated, easy to understand, not complicated, doesn't want you to read his mind doesn't expect you to know what he's thinking. And he didn't even begin to start to talk easy to get along with. So this one is a tremendous Heidi from the authentic sooner the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is worth our while inculcating it and developing it within ourselves. That doesn't mean you're not shady, don't want to shed it. That you're not roughing tough. You have to be rough and tough sometimes. But the general rule is easy. Take it easy relax. Last thing that I want to mention, and

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a lot of things can be mentioned. But the last thing we want to mention here today, and a lot can be mentioned

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is that and being rough and tough. There's going to be a problem when you're roughing tough in the wrong place, because we know that the only of a lot. They were the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Abu Bakar on earth man and he and the rest of those companions may Allah be pleased with them.

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And the last set to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for Bhima let him in Allah healing. Tell him Hello couldn't have been for local funding rally the lung fog boom and holy. It was a Rama from Allah. Yeah, Mohammed he was easy towards these people. Because had you been rough and tough with them. They would have dispersed from amongst you.

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The prophet SAW a lot he was sending was with a group of people who loved him. loved him with a love unlike any bodies love and this message towards anybody who you love.

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Your mothers, your father's your babies, your wives. You don't love them the way the companions loved the newbies on the law while he was selling him That's why I chose them. Russell Alize was certified and looked on which tab he's chosen.

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And those companions are. Mustafa Ali matar on all of them, a lot chose them divine, they loved him tremendously. But Allah told them, it was alright my yummy that Allah bestowed upon you that you were easy with these companions, because if you are rough and tough, they would have dispersed and ran away Abu Bakar on earth man, they would have ran away because the fitrah that Allah created the people on fit to the law, let the federal NASA lay

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federa is that people don't like don't accept. don't appreciate people being rough and tough with them. So as a husband, if I'm roughing

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Tough with my wife. It's a problem.

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And even if she stays, even if she stays, her happiness is going to be compromised my children. None of us want our children. While they're hiding, thinking, we don't know that they're on the PlayStation playing fortnight, we know what time it is. So while they are doing their thing, you don't want your kids say, Man, I hate I hate my dad. I hate my dad.

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Or he's playing a fortnight nice a year POW shot my dad, I shot him, I killed them. You don't want that. You want your children saying I love my dad. Because when it's time to be tough and protective. He's about that business. And he's about that side. But generally speaking, when he's in the house when he's with us, he's easy. Hey, inlaying embassy. So I look in the audience, all these faces as an ally, and they come. And I see that we come from places like myself from Africa, North Africa, I come from Africa. The men in Africa many times are a bit tough and rough. That's our culture. Tough and rough. No, we have to change that. We can't be on that. The other issue one is,

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it will be worth our while but I won't do it. Because we want to give the brother opportunity to say a few words, it will be worth our while to go over a number of the many examples about the gentleness of the Prophet sallallahu. It was said this is just one of them this idea, but the yahood

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with the yahood Macau he responded to the hatred. So we had this thing in our religion, love tolerance, in the face of hatred and hostility. How did the Prophet sallallaahu send them deal with that? He didn't have a knee jerk reaction. He was a man. I can Akeem jealous. He was an intelligent man. No knee jerk reaction and then he regrets what he said and what he did he yakugaku Lucha de phenol cannon your other men who beware of the speech that you have to apologize for later on. Divorce, the third divorce you say something, you do something you regret. It wasn't worth all that. But I'll just take one example. In addition to this, and we're done. And there are many examples

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like the man who took his sword while he was sleeping and put the knife to him and said, Who's gonna save you from me right now? Yeah, Mohammed,

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a prophet sallallahu wasallam with his yaqeen with his tawakkol without blinking said, Allah, Allah, Allah. The man dropped the saw Prophet Mohammed picked it up and put it on him. He said, Now who's gonna save you for me?

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The man said, Take it easy. Mohammed.

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Mohammed Khan.

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a hidden behind. Take Take it easy. Treat me a better treatment good. He said, Do you bear witness to La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul. Allah said, No, he didn't kill him and force him.

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He said, I promise you I'll never fight against you again. Because the man came with the intent of killing him. hostility, hatred. But he had the right to deal with him. But he didn't deal with them in that way. He said, okay, you can go. The man went to his people. And they said, Did you get him? Did you get them? He said no. And he told him the story that people embraced Ellis led

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the people that embraced selling slam.

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Whoo. And the hallway Sierra, grabbing the nibi in his collar and saying this money is not your money. Not the money of your father. Do not fearing Just give me some more. That's money. I must say out so let me chop his neck off. He's a munafo. Russell. I didn't say no.

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Because you don't say that. to him. Somebody was sending them you don't treat the sooner that way. When you treat the Sunni in the Hadith in that type of way, then that's ko from that tag. Vb that's ista. Huizar. Can't do that. He said, No, no, no. Do you want the people to say that I kill my companions? The news is going to spread Chinese whispers is the people not gonna hear what he did. They're just gonna hear if you go against what Mohammed says he'll kill you sell a lot while he was selling them.

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So that man deserves to get done. Right now. those groups that I mentioned, Bali ban, Al Qaeda, adware, ish, Boko Haram, all of those, all of them. They're the fraud of that man, the baby chicks, the baby chicks, had Omar killed them.

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But from wisdom that's with Allah.

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He gave the man the money went away. He says sallallahu wasallam is gonna come out of that man as long as a group of people go in and out of religion way that IRA goes in and out of the game.

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So we have too many examples that are well known. And I am with the last example that will lie here when we should study this hadith. We can hear

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Enough and that's the bedroom that urinated in the mystery.

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Imagine someone comes into the masjid right now

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and he exposes his our a Chroma Kamala ne just starts urinating in the masjid putting the jazz on the floor and everything in front of everybody.

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If that were to happen, I'm going to be the first one

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to turn the table over when they deal with

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some people pray on the chairs that can get over there. They're gonna scream out kick that guy.

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They themselves can't do anything but they're gonna scream out. Because we're all going to be disgusted, that knee jerk reaction. What?

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That man pulled this stuff down and he started urinating, and the companions had the natural response. We have to make a murderer Morrow. And Nana mukarram and they got up to go deal with that man and they were gonna deal with him.

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And the Prophet told them sell a lot he was selling them. Easy, easy. Take it easy stop, everybody stop. Let him finish.

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Because if you run in you touch him is going to get the JSON more people in the problem is going to spray so we have to manage the problem. And you can't manage problems when you're angry and crazy and insane. There's a problem is the problem. Becoming angry just makes the problem exasperated more gotta manage the problem. We got to get rid of it or we have to keep it confined. When the man finish. He told the people not the man he told the people you you don't want to beat him up. You go get the water and come you clean it up. Not the man you you clean it up.

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He say that when

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he told that man some love while he was sending them these massage it led to spoofing her shake woman hadn't bowl when are covered. When mama hear the victory law was solid. What can I tell her on the message it is not built for this stuff. It's not built for your urine. It's not built for your dirt, your pollution, your food, your gum, your soda, your sweets, your chocolate, listening for that now for that is built for the remembrance of Allah. Sitting there. Sitting mekin of car and Vicar is built for the rules is built for the salaat it's built for Juma is built for this for for Torah way is built for people sitting reading the Quran. That's what it's built for. The man was

00:32:43--> 00:32:48

impressed with how the Prophet dealt with him some of the law when he was setting them, he made a dua Oh Allah.

00:32:50--> 00:33:25

Forgive me and forgive Mohammed only and don't forgive nobody else. The Prophet heard that he couldn't hear anything that was haram except it was worship upon him to put the best construction to it. Because if he's quiet, it's the sooner if he's quiet, and that thing was said, it's the truth. Ya know, so let me chop his head off. He's a monastic. If he wasn't a monastic, he would have said, No, we don't say that. Don't say that. That's hypocrisy. The man grabbing the nibi by the neck like that. You can claim you love the sooner your actions, they say that you're a liar.

00:33:26--> 00:34:10

So when the man said what he said, but mommy said, Hey, Bedouin men, allows Rama and forgiveness is very wide, very wide. And you have restricted it. You made it real, you know, restricted just for you and me, which goes to show a whiny The Tao of the collage is a problem because as an Imam, they be brought some stories about some of the holidays going around the Kaaba. And when cottagey said to the other cottagey at the Kaaba, you see all of these people, all of these people, none of them going to the agenda. Only you and me, only you and me, because they were on that stuff. Everybody else is not a real Muslim except us.

00:34:11--> 00:34:43

And at that moment, then intelligent man he said what the agenda that Allah said is with is like the heavens and the earth. Only you and me are going to need just you and me and nobody else. He said yes, we're lucky. That one said to them, well, you can go in there by yourself and he left the Dow of the cottage, because he knew this dow is too tough. That's too tough. Only you and me on the truth. That's it. Only your 123 shields that same day the only ones who know know that that was too rough is too tough.

00:34:44--> 00:34:59

So that was our Nabi sallallahu. And he was sending them with his gentleness and his kindness to the people but we don't want anybody to get it mixed up. misunderstand. That doesn't mean you don't get the hope and when you get the hook

00:35:00--> 00:35:47

But you're like you are wanting the community of an army that's about to get them as they said about the Prophet, his eyes will become red. So a lot he was telling me his voice would get louder, and his anger would become more increased. Because at that time in place, this is time when you have to put that particular sooner on the table as opposed to being gentle, but even in that is still gentleness in the hood. And that the Imam of the hottie, he has to call the people to that which is going to benefit them in their lives and not talk about stuff that's on the moon, and they're on planet Earth. So with that being the case of finding a riff riff riff, be gentle, be easy. Take it

00:35:47--> 00:36:36

easy work on this issue. We all have this especially like where I come from where I come from. We have a lot of restaurant. We have a lot of fake, a lot of fake pride. It's fake. It's not real. Then the be sola Salaam had the ability to take a single man and break them into half break them up. Because he had the power of not so many men, so many camels as they used to say he had the strength of 30 camels Salalah while he was selling it take any person who kinda cane challenged him between the wrestling match would you become a Muslim man say yeah, from Mohammed took me slammed him three times. And that man became a Muslim man lobby, please let him know in this some superhuman strength

00:36:36--> 00:36:47

here. sallalahu it was. So the issue requires fit, but generally speaking, the person has to be gentle kind, the woman has to be gentle kind.

00:36:48--> 00:37:35

With that being said, we'll take this opportunity now inshallah to introduce our brother, that's going to be the first few words that he's going to give his first trip here in the UK, and he came to our mosque first to give the hope to Juma tomorrow. We just came from having dinner. And I was thinking about how it used to be with annual Hadith in the past, when people used to come to the city for the first time, and how they treated that individual who came in the people came with him. The other lady from the past and already from the past. This was a monumental situation, monumental. Now, no doubt we're not on the level of Imam Ahmed Sheikh Abdullah bin Mubarak and people like that

00:37:35--> 00:37:46

praqma to lie, but nonetheless, we're students of knowledge and we are giving Dawa law. So I wanted to be the first one really, to introduce

00:37:47--> 00:37:49

our brother and our Habib,

00:37:50--> 00:38:40

Mufti, being that being that I've known him for quite some time. And since I've known him since I've known without breaking his neck was back or anything like that. I was very impressed with this thing about the focus on a Hadith, the Hadith disciples and what that stands for, because today knowledge is like a more either his preaching is just preaching, and it has its place by real knowledge and when it comes from sitting down and having a min hedge in what you're learning, whether it's the Arabic language, the Quran, the Hadith for fit for Tafseer whatever it is, if you don't learn with a min hedge, your knowledge is going to be like Swiss cheese with with holes all in it. So I'm all for

00:38:40--> 00:39:25

and I'm all about this new injection into our the highest of our Shabaab about focusing on how to study Hadith and memorize ideas and so forth and so on. This is one of the reasons why before all of our classes we get the brothers to read the Hadith and we left out our boy so today he was saved because he was driving a car and I know he's tired. But nonetheless without any further ado, we welcome this brother without arms open we asked the lives of Joe that has come in here to these cities that these dr here that a lot is going to put it in his mobile Zenith hi sonet yo mo Kiana and that he leaves a good fear and a good effort inshallah. Or I thought in the hearts and the minds

00:39:25--> 00:39:41

of the young brothers in the young sisters who are eagerly waiting to begin to listen to him so me allies with generally accepted from him separated from us and made peace with Hannah without bringing our hearts together the way they used to be back in the day 15