On the death of Shaykh Yusuf al-Qaradawi

Haitham al-Haddad


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A speaker discusses the loss of a powerful Islamist in the United States and the importance of acknowledging the loss of his legacy. They also express their condolences to the family and friends of the person they lost, and encourage those who have lost their lives to call for a better future.

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condolences to the entire Ummah of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam condolences to all scholars in the world condolences to all people who are giving that hour in the world. condolences to all activists condolences to all minorities condolences to all oppressed people, oppressed Muslims all over the world. Whether in Africa, in Asia, in America, in China, every word in the world condolences for the great thought the big loss of this great Imam, Imam Yusuf al Qaradawi, Rama Hola Hola, Allah, who just passed away a few hours ago on this blessed day, Monday, which might be the beginning of Robbia and a well 1444. And it is the end of September 2022 SubhanAllah. Hill, this was

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a shocking news for everyone. My dear brothers and sisters, some people in the West, many people in the West might not know the status of this great Imam, this unique Imam, whether you agree with some of his views, or you disagree with that, we all confirm that he is one of the unique Imams of our Ummah, in the current time in these days, and maybe Subhanallah in histories, he just completed 100 years of his age of Hydra years of his age a few days ago. So he spent most of this time in what Subhanallah in jihad, in Dawa in teaching people in a marble model in the Hanuman club in showing concern for Muslims all over the world, in giving a Nazi hat in traveling all over the world. I

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wouldn't be surprised that if someone were to say that he traveled to all countries in the world, I wouldn't be surprised that if someone were to say that he altered in all fields of Islamic knowledge, I think he authored more than or around 200 books. Subhanallah he was not just a scholar who knows the Islamic knowledge, but he was a scholar who tried to transform the Islamic Ummah, these difficult days, through Islamic knowledge, through activism, through social activism, through political activism, through engaging in all different levels. He is Subhanallah a very unique person, a very unique Imam of our ummah. I can't speak about this imam in just a few minutes, this

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will be totally injustice to him. But this is just I want to share my feelings and my condolences to our Ummah for this big huge loss that we are suffering from now, but we ask Allah Allah, Allah Allah to give us to give this OMA the best compensation for this great loss in this dunya in the hereafter. condolences to his family, condolences to his people. condolences to all of his students. I think there are millions not 1000s Maybe millions of them. Condolences to everyone condolences to myself Desikan Lao Hara Saramonic