Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P24 246D Tafsir Al-Mumin 38-55

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the meaning behind the term today's" worrying" and the benefits of choosing things within one's circle. They also touch on the history of choosing what to eat and the importance of avoiding negative emotions. The conversation touches on the history of Islam and the punishment of the operation on the fire, and emphasizes the need for everyone to act with faith and not give up hope. The importance of the grave is emphasized, and the need for everyone to take a share of punishment and act with faith.
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So what happened then? What color? And he said Who? Allah the Armineh the one who had believed he didn't get affected by fairgrounds cheap joke. He said yeah call me all my people he's ignoring federal completely. He says all my people it who only follow me, don't follow her own. Follow me. Take my example. And believe in Musa just as I have believed and if you follow me decom I shall guide you Sabina Rashard to the way of right conduct for owners not guiding you to submit our shirt. I will guide you to Sabina Rashad. So follow my example. Yeah, call me and he advises them all my people in nama indeed only had the he'll hire to dunya the life of this world, this worldly life. It

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is just a matter on it is just a temporary enjoyment. It is insignificant and short lived, containing comforts that will eventually disappear. What in the era and indeed the hereafter. Here it is, Dell will call the home of permanent settlement, karate, cough, rah rah. What does karma mean? To become steady and stable? Karma is also used for that which is called Kula terrain, coolness of the eyes. Because when it's cold, what happens?

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What happens you just settle right in your bed and your couch? Animals hibernate, don't they? They don't go around. Why? Because it's cold. So fun. This odd is used for permanent stay permanent abode. This world is a matar. The worldly life is a mythos. It's going to end sooner or later. Yes, it's fun. Yes, it has its enjoyment. But that enjoyment is short lived. It is temporary, it's very little. The permanent enduring abode is where in the hereafter that is the place to settle down.

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So think about that. The abode which will never end from which there is no departure, you see, believing at that time was basically putting your entire dunya on the line, your life, your wealth, your status, your family, everything on the line. But this Rajan woman is advising his people that if that is the cost, then so be it. Do not sell the hereafter for this world, because the loss of this dunya is much less compared to the loss of the hereafter. Man Namita say he earthen, whoever does an evil deed fella huge desert and he will not be recompensed inland with Lucha, except it's equivalent, because Allah is just woman Amina Saleh, and he's encouraging them, whoever does

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righteousness mineka and omega from male or female meaning whether a person is a man or a woman, regardless of their gender, those who do good, but there's one condition that gender is not a condition the condition is one who will most men, he must be a believer. The man is a condition then for Hola, Erica, then those hear the whole Luenell Jana, they shall enter paradise yours Hakuna fee Ha, they will be provided in it be lady she sab without any account.

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They will be provided without any account, what does that mean? an abundant provision that will be given unconditionally unlimited, and without any conditions. So such reward that will be impossible to enumerate? Because if you think about it, if you start making a list of things that you wish for a list of things that you want a list of things that you want to enjoy.

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Isn't it hard to decide?

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Isn't it? Because there's so many things

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isn't itself? I mean, when you go to a restaurant? Why does it take you so long to decide what you want to eat? Why? I mean, whatever you eat is ultimately going to fill you, isn't it because abortion for sure is going to be huge. So whatever you eat is going to satisfy your hunger. But it's about I want fish but I also want chicken and I also want steak and I also want pasta and I also want soup and I also want to sell it and yes this salad but I also want that one. This is why it's so difficult to decide because there's so many choices. And every single one of them looks so good. You don't know what to take and what to leave.

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isn't at all. This is why usually whenever I go out to eat I never ordered myself. Never.

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I always ask the person that I go with either you order or ask the

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what is the waiter or the waitress that what's nice, right I asked them to give a suggestion because it's too hard.

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To decide yourself because our wishes are too many, right? So use a corner fee happy lady. Hey, Sal, there's no hisab no here, we settle on things that are within our budget because there is a hisab

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isn't it? There is a history there is a bill at the end. So that is something that helps you choose what you want. Even though you might be designed five things, you force yourself to choose only one thing. But in Jannah B lady herself without any hisab. This is the benefit of Eman and so this man says, Choose wisely. Who are you going to follow? Whose example are you going to take? Are you going to follow my example and believe in Musa or are you going to follow for our own example and deny Musa and market him? What are you going to do?

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In South Africa if I are to Allah says where you Bashir almost meaning and Medina Yama Luna Salah hottie and nella whom I don't have Santa they shall have a good reward intro to Nathalia 97 Allah says Minami la sala Han mineka in Odessa. Wahoo main on Fela nahi jana who hire Tompa Yeva we shall give him a good life and there's good life in this world and also in the hereafter. Welcome Comey. He says an OH MY PEOPLE, Molly. Man, Lee literally translates as what is for me as in what is wrong with me. Okay, or what do I have? Basically, manly is expressing amazement. It's not to be taken literally. Okay. It's expressing amazement

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in Arabic, for instance, that he said, Murli Arauca has Zenon that what's up? What's wrong? What's going on? How come? I see you said Malli acha has in an ICU as has seen as someone who said

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and what is meant is Melaka What is wrong with you?

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How come What's wrong with you? Why do I see you sad? So over here madly? How come? What is wrong with you? That other IRCAM Elan Najat I am calling you to salvation. What Tada Rooney while you are calling me Elon now to the fire? What's going on? How come? How come this is the case? What's wrong with you? I am calling you to salvation Naja at noon Jean Wow. To be saved ultimate salvation. Because Eman is what will save you safety is in Jana. I am calling you to Jana and you are calling me to the fire. You are calling me to deny the Prophet and end up in the fire that the ruin me you are inviting me the UK fura that I should deny Billahi in Allah, you're calling me to deny it

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disbelieve in Allah while OSHA Rica and that I should associate be here with him man that which lazily be here in I do not have any, any knowledge. And over here knowledge means proof. Meaning I have no proof for associating partners with Allah On what basis can I associate partners with Allah? Because remember that the Egyptian people, the ancient Egyptian civilization was an wishek civilization. They believed in a multitude of gods they even worshipped frown. So you're calling me to shake and I have no proof for that, why should I? What another rule come and I am inviting you, in Elia ZZ law firm.

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I am calling you to Allah as is the one who is Exalted in Might, whom you cannot escape, whom you cannot avoid, for he always had has and will have power over you. Whether you believe in Him or you deny him he is Aziz.

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But remember, he's also a lot of fall, the Perpetual Forgiver who's forgiveness you cannot refuse? Meaning Why would you refuse his forgiveness? Why would you not benefit from it? I am calling you to LR Zilla and you're calling me to schicke lead drama. Assuredly lead drama. It means certainly no doubt. Surely, it gives the meaning of how can definitely Annamma indeed that which the rune any delay, he You are calling me to that which you are calling me to. And what is that? What is that? shook the worship of others. Lay Salah who what is its reality? It's reality is so sad, that lezana Who it does not have Lisa, not LA who for him meaning does not have that Wharton and

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Any call fit dunya in the world? Well I feel hella Nora in the hereafter. What does it mean by this? The one whom you are calling me to you're inviting me to worship has no Dawa in this world or in the Hereafter, no Dawa, as a no Dawa, to respond to. Dawa literally means to call to invite, and over here that will give us the meaning of dua.

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Right DUA and what is meant is that if they are called upon, they do not respond.

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You're inviting me to worship someone who, when he is called upon, he doesn't even respond. Neither in this world nor in the hereafter. In this world, you make $1,000 to him to that idol or to that object. It's never going to respond. Why? Because into their own home, lay Yes, marudhara accom if you call upon them, they do not hear your dog into the fact that I have 14.

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So they have no Dawa, meaning they have no power over any Dawa. They cannot respond to any drama.

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So you understand the meaning of lay Salah who Darwin, meaning lay salah, who he does not have any St. Java any response to a Dawa, that is made to him? Because he doesn't even hear it. And even if he heard it, he wouldn't be able to answer the prayer.

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When think about it, these people worship for their own and for their own was himself afraid, for our own was himself asking permission. How could he grant the wishes of others? He couldn't. And at least he was a human being so he could hear at least he had some resources, so perhaps he could give, but he was so full of himself and so arrogant and so selfish that why would he give to anybody? So nice Anna who Dhawan fit dunya okay, this is understood, they cannot answer any prayers in the world. What about phylloxera in the Hereafter, in the hereafter? Again, they cannot grant any wishes. Because if people will go to them, requesting them to intercede, will they intercede? No,

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they cannot.

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They will not. What Annamma or Donna so basically is making them realize the uselessness of shit.

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That it doesn't benefit you at all. In fact, it harms you. Why would you worship other than Allah? Don't you realize that we're anomala Donna and indeed our return it Allah it is to Allah wa unelma Serophene and indeed, the transgressors home of Harbin now they shall be the Companions of the Fire. He reminds them of their return to Allah after death, that what will you do them? And remember the mystery fiend those who transgress the bounds that Allah has said, and over here is Sophos Schick than they shall end up in the fire. And he says Fussa Karuna after trying so hard, he put his life on the line took such a risky, such a bold step. And he explained the truth to them in so many ways,

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mentioning facts, encouraging them warning them. What happens that people don't respond positively. So he says facetted karuna, you will remember Mercola calm what I'm telling you, right now, you don't pay heed to my words. You're ignoring my warnings. You ignore my invitation. But you know what? Very soon, you will remember the words that I'm telling you right now. You will regret.

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And is this something that happened? Definitely. Because if people of our own did not believe in God himself did not believe. And it so happens in this world. That's many times when a person is doing something wrong. He is warned, he is advised but he doesn't take benefit from that advice. And then finally, he is told you know what? You will remember, you're not listening to me right now. Very soon you will realize what will fall will do and now this man knew what danger he had put himself in. He says, What will fall will Ambry in Allah I entrust my affair to Allah will fall we will fare well blood for whether you fall we'll do that we'll

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remember the word of faba mean how you throw a foul on nurse from where the people go. for Hajj, a father Phylon. It's basically used for the overflowing of water

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overflowing off water. So for example, there is a particular

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waterhole. All right, or a bowl container a vessel and it's filled with water but the water is still pouring and what's going to happen? It's going to start pouring out now. All right, this is the literal meaning of the word Duff we is to hand over it is to submit once a fare to someone. Why? Because your container your vessel is too small.

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You can't handle your fare yourself.

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You understand, your container is full, your capacity is maxed out, you have no more ability to take care of yourself to protect yourself defend yourself. So then you need somebody else. So tough wield, that we will agree. It is Tasleem to hand over to submit once a fair to someone. So he says Ufa will do Emery Illa Allah, I entrust my affair to Allah.

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He will protect me, He will take care of me. I know what's going to happen to me now but Allah will take care of me in Allah be asleep on billary bad indeed Allah is Seeing of his servants, he sees them he knows them, and He will protect me against my enemies. No one can benefit against Allah. And no one can protect against Allah for walk or hula who, so Allah saved him. He trusted Allah. And Allah saved him from what say it from the evils, Mama Kuru, that which they had plotted

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the evil plans that fit our own and his people plotted against this logical movement. Whatever that plan was, Allah subhanaw taala saved him from all of that. Now what were the details of that evil plot? And how is it that Allah saved him? We don't know. And you know what we don't need to know. Because what is sufficient for us to know is the man relied upon Allah, and Allah saved him. And this is the lesson that we need to learn that we do our best, and we leave our affair to Allah.

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Just like Musa alayhis salam, he said in Nero's to be rugby were a become

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right fit our own was determined to kill Musar listener, he was justifying it he was discussing the murder of Musa Lisanna and what happened while that discussion is going on, a man from within speaks up to defend Musar listener.

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And this is the reality that we can adopt whatever means we want to protect ourselves but ultimately we should remember it is Allah who will protect us.

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And what happened well, how can we be early fit our own? Well, how?

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And enveloped be early for our own the family the people the followers of fit our own suit will either the worst of punishment. It is sad that this man he left with Musala Suleiman crossed the sea, while frown and his men were enveloped by the same see.

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Well, how can we elevate our own a soul either? And this evil punishment? What is it Allah says unknown who is the fire? What fire Euro Luna la ha they are exposed to it. Your Aluna I enrol blah, blah, blah is to display something. So these people meaning for our own and his men, they are displayed to the fire meaningful punishment. When we'll do one in morning why she yen and evening. Morning and Evening two shifts, a morning shift and an evening shift. Punishment of fire in the morning and punishment of fire in the evening. And this is happening since when since the time that they were drowned until when? Until the day of judgment, because then Allah says way Yom at the

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Homosassa to and on the day that the hour shall establish. It will be said other he'll admit an affair around the people of Iran into a shudder either into the severest punishment and what is that the fire of * so that they would endure it eternally.

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They drowned in the sea.

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But what happened in the buzzer is either up until the Day of Judgment.

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First is the punishment of the grave. And then the punishment of health. Similar to the people of New Harley Santa mimma hoppy team Oh Rico, for Odyssey Luna, because of their crimes, they were drowned and as they were drowned, they were admitted in the fire.

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And this idea is a proof of punishment or reward in the buzzer. What is better is

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the grave the time between when a person dies and resurrection, that is either a time of punishment or a time of reward. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the grave is the first stage of

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of Akira. If a person is saved there, then what follows it will be easier than it and if a person is not saved there, then what follows it will be more difficult than it and another Hadees we learned the Prophet sallallahu sallam said when any one of you dies, he has shown his place in the morning and then the evening

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we will do one where she Yeah, he has shown his abode when in the morning and in the evening, if he is one of the people of Paradise, he has shown his place in paradise meaning in the grave, when in the morning and in the evening, and if he is from the people of hellfire than he is shown his place there in and it is set to him. This is your place to Allah will resurrect you on the Day of Resurrection, meaning right now you're here. But on the day of resurrection, this shall be your abode. And then what will happen? Allah says what if and when yet the had Juna they will argue, you know their misery will not end. Yet the had Juna they will argue fanatee in the fire, fire corridor

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Alpha Oh, then the weak ones will say BRAFA plural of their Eve brief is one who is weak, not just in the physical sense, but also in one's mind in one's reason, determination, thinking, meaning he doesn't think independently, he depends on others. He doesn't reason independently. He just does whatever people tell him. So the weak ones will say Latina stuck baru to those who are arrogant, they will say in that corner indeed we were looking for you to avant followers of our employment of the word tab here we were your followers were in the world meaning we are here today because if you

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just like the man warned his people don't follow fit our own follow me. But what happened they followed fit our own. So in hellfire, the weak people meaning the followers will say to their leaders, the arrogant ones that we were your followers for hive saw our Antonio mo Nona ones who suffice.

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Eyes now, us meaning ones who save us ones who relieve us now see ban of abortion mean a nod of the fire. Well known plural of the word Mooney. Mooney is one who makes the other money meaning one who enriches the other that someone has a need. And he comes in fulfills it. All right. So * unto mono Nana, we are desperate here. Can you relieve us of a share of the fire? Meeting? We're suffering so much punishment? Can you take a portion of that punishment? Because after all, we followed you. You brought us here. So can you take your share of our crime?

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You understand what's going on? They're blaming, they're saying we're here because of you. So can you take your share from our punishment? Can you relieve us from our suffering? On Alladhina stackable the arrogant will respond that in now column fie her indeed all of us are in it, meaning all of us are suffering from the same punishment. We cannot even help ourselves, how can we help you in nakulan fee her in Allah indeed Allah are the Hakama certainly he has judged based on a bird between the servants and when Allah has made his judgment, the no one can go and alter the decree of Allah law more optimally hook me no one can change the decree of Allah. So what will happen now,

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they will turn to the keepers of the fire, the angels will call a Lavina and those who are funneled in the fire, they will say Lee has an earthy Jahannam to the keepers of * Husna plural of the word hozen they will say all the Rudra bacame Call upon your Lord, you request for us. You are angels Allah who will listen to you that call upon Him make their offer us that you have faith, he should lighten call fat fat the fifth is to lighten the burden.

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So you have if I'm not he should lighten for us Yeoman one day, meaning either from the punishment can we get one day off from the punishment? Can we have just the break of a single day?

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All the angels will say our lamb did not talk who it was that decom come to you. Also look on your messengers bill by hinnat with the clear proofs did your messengers not come to you with clear proofs call rubella they will say yes of course. The prophets did come to us bill by unit Kalu The angels will say further who then supplicate meaning you supplicate yourselves.

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For we do not intercede for such deniers.

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We do not intercede for such deniers. You can make dua yourselves, we're not going to help you.

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Even the angels will refuse to help in any way. Allah says warmer dua old care feeding and the supplication of the deniers is not in that except field Allah in error. See the word field what is coming again?

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It is an error meaning it's never heard as an it's never responded to what Mr. Dua will Katharina elaphe Ebola meaning in hellfire when they will call upon Allah requesting Allah to lighten the punishment reduce it for one day.

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Will that supplication be heard as in responded to? No, it will not be reduced into the zone of i 75. Allah says Allah you factor one home on fee Mobley soon, the punishment will not be reduced, and these people will ultimately despair. What's the conclusion? What's to be learned from this entire incident? Allah told us in that indeed we learn unscrew surely we shall help. We shall assist Rusu Lana, our messengers, just like Musa Alison was helped one Lavina Armano. And also those people who believe were Phil higher to dunya in the life of this world. In the worldly life, we shall help them how through ways they could never imagine. Just like most artists, and I was helped through that

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Roger Lu moment.

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I mean, this something unimaginable a man from the family of federal the court of Iran, and according to some he was the heir to the throne, can you imagine his status. This is why phenom couldn't really argue much with him. All he could do was just crack some cheap jokes. That's what he did. In argument he lost because this man, firstly he had a high position and secondly, whatever proofs he was presenting were very strong. So Allah will definitely help his prophets and the believers in the worldly life, He will grant them success, he will protect them. So all believers do not worry, and do not give up hope. We're Yoma and also on the day when your comal has had the

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witnesses will stand a shadow as the plural of Shahid and what is the day when witnesses will stand to give their testimony? It's the day of judgment. And who are these witnesses? It refers to the prophets, angels believers people Joetta limbs. On that day Allah will help the prophets and the believers also meaning he will grant them success in this world, and he will also grant them success in the hereafter. Yoma it is the day when law Yun federal volley Mina marburo, to whom llegan Pharaoh it will not benefit to a volley mean the wrongdoers mandala to whom they're excuse my little iron Valois, what is it rather an excuse that is given to justify one's behavior or one's action? So

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it's not going to be accepted? When a home Alana and for them is the curse, far removed from Allah's mercy, when a home saw a dog and for them is the worst home the worst destination and you see part of granting victory. Do the prophets on the Day of Judgment

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is the punishment of their opponents.

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This is part of the victory that Allah will grant them

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one Taner Musa Houda And certainly We gave Musa listen I'm guidance we're alive now Bani Israel al Kitab and we made the Bani Israel inherit the book. Which guidance was Musa listen I'm given in what in the form of the Talat and then after Musar de Sena, what is it that Bani Israel had the book that a lot this book this kita was who then a guide to bring them out of decline each time they suffered, where they call and a reminder each time they were forgetful, but who took advantage leoline Al Bab for those of understanding. For example, in the Torah, there is one instruction that we learn about in the Quran in total Islam and number two, Allah says what I attain our Musa al Kitab ova Allah who

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deliberately is wrong in Allah that ducky the woman duniya Akela. One instruction was Do not take anyone as a disposer of your affairs except Allah, meaning trust entirely upon who Allah. So this was a reminder contained within the book. And this is something that helped Bani Israel come out of their decline each time they suffered. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is advised phosphate so be patient. Just like Musa listen and was patient. In the word Allah He helped indeed the Promise of Allah is true. So be patient.

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And over the hurt of your people and their blind hit. Remember that Allah's promise is true. So you don't need to worry. In the meantime was still fiddly than big seek forgiveness for your sin, to bring yourself relief and in order to draw nearer to Allah was a bit behind the robic and in order to dispel your worries, what should you do? Glorify with the praises of your Lord meaning glorify him do his the spear Subhan Allah who will be humbly he when Bill our Shi Yi well it called in the evening and in the morning this is how you bring yourself comfort. This is how you bring yourself hope. Be strong in your hope for Allah's promises true. Be patient, like the previous prophets were

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patient, and the good end shall be yours. Recitation well gone literally.

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Only the only decom servi long sebelah wash

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yeah follow me in

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dunya oh

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you're not any all Manami lesson

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one a nominal Sony

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for all

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Elgin * as

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well call me Maliki come in.

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He wanted me Dylan

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don't ruin any act for me.

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Actually Gabby malaise led

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tender on any

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three feet

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first sentence Hakuna

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were all fell away more and me in a mall in law her don't sleep be noisy

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though up on the law Jose team

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will have on the early feed oh

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now we're all born out we'll do

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well myself almost

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you know

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I shed the log

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we're here to have

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Botha Linus tech bow

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all levena stack vo

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law how are they how can they

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walk all readiness

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back home new Hoshea son Nyoman mean a lot.

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Although I want

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followed by rubella also won

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was still fairly big because they haven't been launching you will

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