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Excerpt from Jannah Institute’s Quran Series

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Haifaa Younis

Channel: Haifaa Younis

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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First thing before we start anything we can remind ourselves of this hadith you probably all of you, but it's very good to remember and this hadith in Sahih Muslim last pantalla, Swati salatu salam said and this is why the through Abu hurayrah mage tomakomai she baiting member you will tyria no group of people sat together, get together gathered together in one of the houses of a law for what? And we are now even the people who are with us online. We are for the reason that our sorry software sellers will tell us yet no Nikita Allah, they recite the book of Allah, that's one way or the other or sooner and they studied. It's not only reading, it's studying, that's the main thing. But Illa

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Harper Tamil Mullah, they are surrounded by the angels. While she had Toma Rama, they are to gold in blocked by the mercy of Allah with the karahan wahoo, human India and Allah we mentioned them, be it Mila, all of us today in the gathering with a las pantile and then this edition is in Muslim woman up RV, family home so ever. If his deeds were not enough to move on forward, or whomsoever He was, alone his deeds meaning he's not doing a good deed. Love is robbing us of his lineage. His name is a status will not push him forward. Meaning what are Swati salatu salam is to me, the best animal This is the best deed I can do. Mr. Nanda Book of Allah pantile. And this is agreed upon by everyone is

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that when you start studying, the first step is study the book of Allah because that's where the inilah will get closer to him.