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The speakers discuss the rules of the Sharia, including conditions for travelers, rules for the hoof, and rules for the hoof. They stress the importance of fasting and avoiding traveling long distances to avoid complications. The conversation also touches on the sharia's history, including the revelation of Allah's arrival in a cold day, the use of "arep" in English, and the printing of the Noble century. The importance of acknowledging one's mistake and showing proper behavior is emphasized, as well as the need for forgiveness and avoiding big fines for false accusations.

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My beloved brothers

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thank you so much for joining us this episode 15 of our series the blizzard women around the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Before we begin, we just have a question with regards to traveling, following the long weekend and inshallah in South Africa we have a school holidays coming up and families will enjoy this holiday by traveling. And with regards to the Sharia, there are certain rules pertaining to the traveler. So as a start justice, this is a very deep and can be a very complex discussion, but I'll try to simplify it in a few in a minute or two inshallah, the a person is always in the Sharia sees him as one of two modes. He's either a morpheme, he's either a

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resident or he's a Musashi. He's a traveler. So one is either a McLean or Musashi you either a resident or a traveler. If you are a traveler, further Shetty are your status. As a traveler, you are allowed a number of a number of conditions the cheriya makes the certain rules it relaxes them. For example, if you're a traveler in the month of Ramadan, you may choose to fast or you may choose to break your fast and then make those that day up after Milan. If you're a traveler, you may shorten the for the Salah that our forecasts are lower. I said Anisha you can shorten it to two monthly budget of course remains unchanged. You can also join the word an asset by bringing us a

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forward to the walk of the word or delaying the work to the walk the Vasa you may also join Margaret and Asia by making money in the water besides delaying Muslim or you can bring Isha earlier in the walk of Margaret, you may also as an wasafi. Juma is not compulsory now for the men. Also, with regards to the hoof, you can you know the rules but at the hoof when you wipe over the hoof in terms of whoodle you have 24 hours as a McLean to use that hope then you need to take a fresh we do by removing the hook for the Masai to the traveler, he gets three days to keep his foot on. So these are of the conditions that are permitted in the Sharia. A totally separate discussion is whether

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what is the best is it better to fast or not too fast, better to shorten and to LinkedIn. That's a lengthy discussion. And to just summarize very quickly, it appears from the student and Allah knows best that it is better to shorten the Salah for the traveler way as it is not preferable to join the Salah. So if you're able to make each other in the waqt it's better to do that, but acceptable for you to join to make jump, but cossar is preferred. Also, in terms of fasting, we're not in the month of Ramadan. But if you were in the month of Ramadan and you were a traveler, you had the option to fast What is it okay to do fasting or not to foster a very long old debate between the mother and in

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reality and Allah knows best, you should choose the condition which is easiest for you. So if it is easy for you to fast while traveling, it's easier to force while traveling then making up the fast outside of Ramadan. So for example, the brother is traveling one hour before Mahara. So the whole day he was fasting the hour that he you know he's most often should he break his foster should just keep that one hour and have the day rather than make up the entire day outside of Ramadan. He chooses the easier of the two options with hamdulillah. So, we understand that that is a Muslim, the resident and we understand that there is a Mousavi and he gets certain conditions. Now, when does

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one become a Musashi? When do you swap over from being a resident to a traveler? So, again, to summarize a very lengthy discussion.

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In a time of the Prophet Selim, they were no there was no concept of kilometres or miles. These are new measurements that happened many many centuries after, after the advent of the prophet SAW Selim. So the Prophet peace upon him when he spoke about distances he would say, the journey of travel of one day will travel up to three days a woman should not travel the distance of one day's journey without the Muharram. Now, how far how many kilometres is one day's journey and the mother have looked at this and you know, just to summarize a very complex discussion around 85 kilometres we could say approximately 85 kilometres, if you are traveling from point A to point B, and that

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journeys 85 kilometres or more, then per the classical view of the former dive, you are now deemed Musashi, a traveler. So if I go from from Cape Town, to a city that is 85 kilometres or more outside of Cape Town, then once I embark on that journey, once I leave Cape Town, I'm now Musashi. So therefore, I can shorten my Salah. Therefore, I can break the compositive fasting and delay it. I can join the site if I if I need to do so. Now one may say I travel from Cape Town to to Hong Kong, for example, I'm going to work so obviously between Cape Town and Hong Kong

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Many 1000s of kilometres so of course, that is deemed a journey I am wasafi. While I'm traveling, I arrived in Hong Kong, and I intend to stay there for for one year to work. Do I remain himself it? Of course not. I cannot be in the state of travel for one entire year inside of Hong Kong. So therefore my status as Musashi falls away. Well, what if it's one month? What if it's one week, what if it's one day, what is the cut off again, to summarize a very long discussion, the three motherhood of the chef is the chef de Maliki and hanbali Mehta have basically said that if you stay for days or more in a certain area, when you become a resident of that area, the hanafis have made

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it 15 days and, and Allah knows best, you know, the strongest opinion appears to be that of the majority meaning and it's the safe obviously, of the two opinions, that if you are traveling to a certain place, and you remain in that place for four days or more, so you arrive in that destination for four days or more, then from the minute you arrive at that place, you are now a Muslim, you are now a resident of that place, meaning all the conditions of massage, it drops away. Now you need to pray for you cannot met you cannot join. You have to fast if it's on my mind. So let's give an example. Mohammed is traveling from from Cape Town to Hong Kong, but he will go via Johannesburg and

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he will go via Dubai. So he's going from Cape Town to Johannesburg, Johannesburg to Dubai, Dubai to Hong Kong. He travels from Cape Town to Johannesburg. This is longer than 85 kilometres. So the minute he leaves Cape Town, he's now Mousavi. He's a traveler. He arrives in Johannesburg. When he gets to Johannesburg, he needs to ask himself, how long am I staying here? If he's staying for four days or more? Then he becomes a resident. So Mohammed says no, I'm only staying in Johannesburg for one day. So for that day, while he's in Johannesburg, or two days in Johannesburg, he's a moussaka. He can shorten the solder while staying gentlemen in the hotel while hamdulillah he's a Mousavi. So

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he's sitting there in transit. Now he goes from Johannesburg to Dubai in Dubai is going to stay one week. Now when he lands in Dubai. Okay, so from Johannesburg to buy while he's flying is obviously a Mousavi is a traveler. When he arrives in Dubai, he says, Okay, I'm staying in Dubai for seven days. So obviously, it's more than four. If he stays in Dubai for more than four days. From the minute he lands in Dubai. He is now a resident is now a morpheme which means he has to play food from the minute he lands the foresight forecast for the word forecast for us or for the forecast for Asia he has to force XYZ, right? Once he leaves to buy to Hong Kong, he is again a Mousavi. When he gets to

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Hong Kong, he looks at it. How long am I staying in Hong Kong? Okay, I'm only staying here for three days. Therefore I'm not, I'm still on wasafi. And therefore all the conditions with regards to travel remains well, hamdulillah. So this is something just to discuss with regards to traveling. And we hope and pray that whoever is traveling during this period, you have a safe journey during the school holidays. And spotlight shows us that Allah has made concessions easy for us when we're traveling, even if you're on holiday. It doesn't matter if it's a journey of enjoyment along it's halaal enjoyment. Allah gives you the concession. So please remember, even on your holiday, we are

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still Muslims, we still we fulfill our obligations in terms of the Sharia, we remain we stay away from home. And of course, what happened in our lives made it even easier for us that if you're flying, you know, you can delay your solar, you can shorten your solar, so there's no excuse in Sharla getting back to our discussion of I shadowed Yolanda and we spoke about this very difficult moment in her life with regards to the if, when her when she was accused of the slander against her when she was in fact accused of having an affair with Hobbes of one. So we mentioned how the prophets of Salaam investigated he also nearly all say no with Osama bin Zayed and they both

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basically said, you know, we know nothing negative about Oscar around us by the law to the slave of Russia, what she would know I shall base but he was from Hannah law. She's a very, very, you know, innocent girl, she's such an innocent bill pool woman, such a thing won't even cross her mind. So the Prophet peace upon him then makes an announcement that he's been that his wife has been slandered. That stuff one has been slandered and plead and who would stand up and defend me and my family. And you know, the whole commotion at UPS in the masjid. And the two sides of the unsavoury almost get to the point of fighting with one another. So he comes a situation down and leaves that.

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So I should seize this moment when you know the prophets of Salaam was completely you know, unsure what to do an entire Medina is talking about them not just talking about talking about her honor as a woman talking about dignity as you know panela our most intimate matters of a woman and for a pure woman, there's something so difficult for her. So she said she was crying so much that her parents actually felt she might die from the sadness. So this was the worst day and then she says the prophets of Salaam came to visit her one month had passed. The two of them really hadn't seen each other. He hadn't spoken to her. So the prophet of Islam comes to Abu Bakar

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And he asks permission to enter and you know, he's speaking to Russia and he says, I just narrating he says the prophets of Salaam said that the shahadi praise Allah as is the custom we praise Allah and who since Allah and the Prophet Salaam and his family. And then he sat down and he said, Oh, Ayesha, I have come to hear about you on such and such a matter that's probably one month has passed by. He hasn't yet spoken to her. He hasn't accused he hasn't come in and shouted at her. And this is not a small thing. So behind Allah, we find the smallest rumor about somebody and immediately we attack that person. Yeah, one month goes by the professor does investigation. He hasn't come to a

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conclusion. So now he discusses with her. He says, look, have you heard about this rumor? And oh Ayesha, if you are innocent of this rumor that Allah subhanho wa Taala will support you he will assist you. But if you are guilty, and I pay attention to the CF one, my brothers and sisters, he says to Ayesha, if you are guilty of the sin, and you confess the sin to Allah and you repent to Allah, then Allah will accept your forgiveness, I will accept your repentance. Now this is not a small sin. This if this sin is true, I mean, this panel this is a wife of the Prophet Salaam, committing Zina, which is of the major sins against the prophets, I'll send them and Allah and he

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says, The Prophet says to her Salaam, that he would alone will forgive you if you repent, therefore, we are all sinners, but we should never ever feel that our sins are so big, and our sins are so huge. And we're so far away from a lot of there's no way back. Absolutely not. No matter what sin we do. All we should do is raise our hands. And we should repent to Allah and confess our sins to Him, and He will forgive us. So the Prophet says to Ayesha, if you're innocent, Allah, Allah will assist you. And if you are guilty make Toba and I'll forgive you since so he says, when he said that I stopped crying immediately. And she says, she looks at a father says to her father, you know, Daddy,

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respond to them say something to him, that says I don't know what to say to him. So then she says to her mother, please respond to the prophets of Salaam. And her mother says I don't know. Yeah, I shall, what should I say to the professor? What do you want us to say? So I shall tells us that in the Hadith again, as I said, beautiful from a first person perspective, she says I was still a young, you know, young in terms of my knowledge, yongle I hadn't memorized much of the Quran. So the only thing I could say was, she says to the Prophet for lamp, that I understand that you have come to hear this rumor about me. And you have heard this from many people. And now this has been planted

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in your mind. If I were to confess my sin, and Allah, or the if I were to say that I was innocent, and Allah knows that I'm innocent, you won't believe me. But if I confess my son, and I'm not guilty, but if I confess it, then you'll believe me. So I haven't. So she basically says, I don't know what to say to you, because you've already made up your mind against me. So she says, The only thing I can think of to respond to you is what uses father said to the brothers and the use of when these brothers came to the Bianco, and they said the wolf had eaten Yusuf Yaqoob said the Treasury uses the same lines whenever Yaqoob says for submarine Jamil. So for me, patience is most effective

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I will be patient while loving Stan and it is Allah was help I seek Allah motto seafood against the lie which has been described, right? So she says I will be like no be Apple, I will put my trust in Allah. And I will be patient and ally sufficient for me. So then she says, I turned away from the prophets of Salaam I went to lying on my bed and I didn't look at him. And at that moment, she says the Prophet peace be upon him was taken by the the the effects of ye now with the province of them would receive revelation from Allah, he would get into a state where it would be very heavy on him, and he would begin to sweat even if it was a very cold day this day. In fact, I just It was a cold

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day and he began to sweat profusely, and the revelation Ayat of the Quran, Allah was revealing Ayat of the Quran, and then the prophets Allah looks up once the revelation is done and he begins to smile, smiling, and he says to Aisha, Be glad Oh Ayesha, Allah has declared your innocence. Allah has sent me I yet that is declaring your innocence. So the mother of Ayesha says, Oh, I should get up and go to him. Go and have your husband going kiss your husband. Go to him. And I shall mother. As I said, Our mother Ayesha, very dramatic, very strong willed. For one month he had not Nagisa lamb had had been distant from her for one month. He was questioning you know which way to go. So

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Ayesha, she responds, she says, By Allah, I will not go to him. And I will not give praise to anyone except Allah. Because it is Allah who has proven my innocence. So she's been crying for them pieces from them for one month. And now when, you know she can go back to him. She's not I don't want to go to him or mother Ayesha. rhodiola Anna. So now let's look at these verses these verses Allah subhana wa tada revealed 10 verses in you know, 10 verses in Surah Noor about

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This matter, Allah subhanaw taala says, Indeed, those who came with falsehood are a group among you, they're a small group among you do not think it is bad for you, or rather, it is good for you, for every person among them is what he has earned meaning the punishment from that sin. And he will took upon himself the greater portion who the one who told the biggest lie of it, for him is the greater punishment. Why, and Allah speaks to all of the speaks to them, but all of us. How many times do we hear rumors about somebody, someone will say, you know, this is brother, this is the type of thing she said such a thing. The two of them were alone together, you know, our mind started running wild,

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and we think the worst. So Allah says to us, why when you heard it when you heard this false accusation? Did not the believing men and believing woman think good of one another and say, This is an obvious lie? Why did they not produce for it for witnesses? Now in Australia, if you accuse somebody of committing adultery or Xena, then the Sharia requires the accuser to be four witnesses for eyewitnesses, and if you don't do so, and those three are to one witness is counted as a liar, and they should actually be punished for slander, we should be lashed for slander. Before we take these matters easily. We give nicknames for people, she's a such an such a woman, he's such a guy,

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you know, attacking the honor, in the Sharia. This is regarded as a major sin, in fact, a brothel services avoid the seven deadly sins. One of those seven deadly sins is to accuse a innocent woman of Xena to accuse an innocent woman of committing adultery. And how often do we accuse people in the honor? We say she's such a woman. He's such a guy, he's does this he's, he has many, many girlfriends, he has many boyfriends, and he does all these things. So Pamela, these things are serious in the sight of Allah. So Allah says, if you want to make an accusation like that, bring forward nurses. And when they do not produce the witness, Allah says, If you don't, if you make an

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accusation, without being witnesses, then it is they in the sight of Allah who are liars. Now when you accuse someone of these kinds of things, and you don't have evidence, that in the sight of Allah, you are a liar, what you have to build up. Right? So it's serious things and almost is and if it had not been for the favor of Allah upon you, and His mercy in this world, and in the era, you would have been touched for that in which you will involve by great punishment. So all it says to the people, was learned that this issue was so major in the sight of Allah, had they not been Allah's mercy, he would have punished them in the dunya, with a great punishment, and in the Akira,

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so our sister, to them and to all of us, when we receive when you received it, meaning when you hear a lie, when you hear an accusation with your tongues, and sit with your mouth, that which you had no knowledge, you convey this rumor. Many times we hear a rumor. Instead of checking it out. The first thing we do is we tell someone else, or someone says, You know what, I don't want to speak bad of Mohammed, and don't tell anyone else. But I saw, you know, Mohammed is, you know, he's accused of XYZ. Immediately, instead of checking, asking, Is this true? The next person relays it to someone else and someone else Allah says, You say that which with your mouse, that of which you had no

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knowledge, and thought it was insignificant, you thought it was a small thing? Why didn't the sight of Allah equals tremendous was a huge thing in the sight of Allah. And why when you heard it, did you not say it is not for us to speak of this? Subhana Allah Exalted are You Oh, Allah, this is a great slander. So when evil we hear someone speaking negative, someone speaking ill of someone, immediately, our natural instinct, you say, Subhana, Allah, what you're saying, Yeah, I don't want to listen to it. I don't want to be part of this. This is either a lie, if you are making an accusation, bring your evidence. Otherwise, I don't want to be part of this, and alone makes clear

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to you the verses and Allah is well is knowing and wise. So Allah continues, Indeed, those who like that the morality should be spread, and should be publicized among those who have believed will have a painful punishment in this life, and in the after, and Allah knows, and you do not know. And he had it not been for the favor of Allah upon you and his mercy. And because Allah is kind and merciful, meaning a punishment would come, oh, you will believe do not follow the footsteps of Satan. And whoever follows the footsteps of Satan. Indeed, he enjoys immorality and wrongdoing. shaitaan wants us to be immortal. And if we can't be immortal, he put suspicion in our minds. He

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wants us to accuse one another of lewdness and if it's not for the favor of Allah upon you, and he's mercy, not one of you would have been pure evil, but Allah codifies whom He wills and he is hearing and knowing so Subhan Allah, these are verses in the Noble Quran that Allah subhanho wa Taala has revealed within the law sama Dasha now will continue the story next week. But just to conclude, imagine Allah subhana wa tada reveals verses for you. Now I should say Is she hoped that somehow in Ibiza Salam would get

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Some kind of the some things that she was innocent, she never believed that Allah would reveal verses in the Quran exonerating her. Now this is the same Quran we reveal that we cite you in South Africa, the same Quran in China, the same Quran in Iran, the same Quran throughout the world. There are people still today, they slander mother Ayesha, and they say the most terrible things about her. So behind Allah, what kind of love did Allah have for Ahmed Ayesha that he revealed versus he intervened and he protected many people are slaughtered Nelson Mandela does not reveal is on that person's account. You get every single person who recites the Quran will recite these verses until

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the end of time, which speaks of the honor and speaks of Allah dysplasia those who slanted and harmed if it is for this reason, when we ask why did the prophet SAW them love her so much? wasn't just because she was cute wasn't just because she was young. There wasn't because of her intense love for him. The reason he loved her so much was because Allah loved her so much. And I loved her so much because of the service that she does for the deen because of her pure nature. Because of her devotion the amount of divided that she she does, that is why she's beloved to Allah and why our promises and I'm loved her and until today as I said until the end of time, these verses in the

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Quran are revealed about her for her sake, we continue the story of the inshallah our next episode. Does that Allah Hadith for any questions, concerns or comments, wish [email protected] until next time, Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh