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The speakers discuss the importance of protecting from the worst events and avoiding negative impacts on one's life. They stress the need for people to be humble and give back to their wealth to build a portfolio and invest in their after-life. The importance of learning and practicing the surah of Islam, personal and professional growth, and history is emphasized. The title of the Quran is also discussed, and a quiz is mentioned. The segment ends with a mention of a woman named Miss Sharmila who is a guest at a social event and a contribution from a woman named Assalam favorite.

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germain, a beloved brothers in Islam and Salaam Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Just before everyone gets up in Neves that there is a prize for everyone in the masjid, right. So Weaver wants to leave just five minutes or 10 minutes of solver. There's a price I don't know what it is. I know what it is, but you don't know what it is.

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night 29 929 Well, hamdulillah and just to make us feel confident that what we have done during this month of Ramadan, that Allah subhanho wa Taala years and he accepts. We made that due at the beginning of the month. Along vertical Rafi Raja Shaban who believe in aroma Gandhi, you know, ask Allah let me get to Ramadan. Let me see Ramadan, you've seen it Allah subhanho wa Taala answered a dua. Well, hamdulillah Praise be to Allah has given us the ability to come to the last day of Ramadan, by all accounts insha Allah, Most likely, this is going to be the final night of Ramadan. 2018. Last year, we lost Guillermo late last night. So hours of this month, in the night and then

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the last fast. And while Yes, Alhamdulillah it's been a tough month. And it's it's never an easy thing. Just consider that this could be your last Ramadan ever. How many of those that we saw, we can remember with a big hit Rahim Allah was with us last last year, not here this year. We never can be sure that this will not be our final final and I'll move on. And we as we said at the beginning of the month, that those of Jenna open that bank vault is open. those doors of rahama are open, but it's going to close in in less than 24 hours. It's going to close. So if you haven't yet gotten your treasure if we haven't yet gotten ourselves saved from the fire of Jana, then we have just these

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last few hours these last few hours. And I know that the eat spirit is already beginning I'm already getting eaten robotic messages on this panel as well at advancement this vanilla, it's too far. It's so so early. The monkeys had even gone to see point yet, you know, so it's too early to be talking about. Give Ramadan it's through Huck put that effort in and it's an odd night tonight. It is an odd night tonight. Just remember that it's an odd night tonight. What if it's later to cover what it is later to cause it when you've not wasted 28 days when you put all the effort in? And in that in that like the exam. And the last question of the exam is the one that counts for like 50% of the exam. So

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you know what I felt I've done enough I'm gonna leave it blank. Right? Don't Don't do that behind a lot. So put all that effort that you can, you've got one more night, take it as if though it's your last night that you ever be with Ramadan. Now granted this thing now except all I'll do is mela grant all of us to leave this month, all our sins forgiven. May Allah bless us in what we have done have a bidat may Allah have mercy on us? Allah is a shocker at the end when it comes to the end. And I'm speaking over the topic. But when it comes to the end, like the prophets of sin, when you get to the end of your life, when you come to the end of something, yes, we are in the balance between fear

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of Allah's punishment, and hopefully His mercy but ultimately that hopeless when Allah says I am as my slaves think of me that if you think of Allah in terms of mercy and kindness, and that I've done so much, a little bit, but you will, you're going to accept it. Yeah, Allah that you said, Whoever stands this month with with Emma and will force this month with a man, all our sins will be given will be forgiven, may Allah granted all our sins are forgiven, we start a new life when that when it begins, like like we come from hedge, alpha nuisance, I mean

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Alhamdulillah we also came to the end of certain calf A day or two ago, and we're just discussing recapping all the themes behind Allah, a surah, which is, you know, a few pages long, how many things come up in the surah, how many things have been discussed, and how relevant it is easily in our life, we said that of the themes number one is that is that this life is a taste. This life is a taste. We are only here for a period of time, allows you to judge our deeds so that we can be rewarded in the after, take this life simply as a taste wherever it's thrown at you. Take it in your mind whether it's good or bad. This is a taste of less challenging news. How am I going to respond?

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My answer is we are going to be we seem to pass this test. The number one thing that Allah says is ekra. That's the number one asset that will save you in this dunya How much do we find Subhan Allah that this oma in this month of Ramadan this month was actually very bad in terms of how much bickering has gone on amongst people of knowledge, how much and if you know what I'm talking about, unfortunately, if you don't know what hamdulillah at that you don't know, but bickering between scholars bickering between orlimar organizations throwing insults, this super heinola when people have knowledge do this, then is very, very sad. So May Allah protect us in the knowledge that we

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have. Let's follow the example of musala salaam that you know you humble yourself to knowledge you we don't speak we have suffered and we have patients and that knowledge should be used not to make us harm each other but it should be to bring us closer. Remember, as we said yesterday, he believes is the most learned of all of us, of all the scholars or even he believes knows better

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His knowledge was the reason remember the surah your blessings can curse you. His knowledge actually cursed him. His high position cursed him. So May Allah protect us learn and be humble. As Allah mentioned, knowledge is like the three, that as it base move fruits, what happens to the branches, it begins to say it begins to the heavier the fruits are, the more you learn, the more humble you become, like Mussolini said to Sam.

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We spoke about youth, and the power of youth. And we just mentioned already we can see and this is going to happen all the time. It's the student of Allah, even here in Cape Town, even here for 250 plus years, we could never have an easier, man, I'm sure there are many scholars, many committee members that sat together and tried for this thing. But once the US started burning tires, Alhamdulillah it happened, right? I think for jumong to start burning tires, because that seems to get the message across. But the power of the youth the power of a group of young people, when they speak up, it's much louder than any item or initiate a lot it is. So Allah is reaffirming, that the

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power and the strength of the oma lies in its young people. And that's energy. That's why she focuses so much on our young people. He doesn't mind old people. That's why the old people will hamdulillah he space them, you can you can now towards the end of your life, come right, but if he can corrupt our young people, that destroys our future. So this shows you the sutra began, he told us so many, so many examples in the sutra, about the strength and the power of young people, if it's used and channeled correctly, from Allah guide and protect our youth, we spoke about surrounding yourself with good company, Allah says to the prophet SAW sanlam, throughout the surah, it is

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mentioned that your good company, you will be together with as your company as you are together in the dunya you will be wherever you are in the after. So the beautiful thing as one of the rewards of Jenna, one of the rewards of Jana is how people will get together in Jannah and they will talk about the days in the dunya What a wonderful experience that must be to sit with each other in Jannah and laugh about the dunya and see if we put so many silly things. We thought that gender wasn't big enough for this group and that give a look at all of us we only I will hamdulillah we will we will we will swallow the dunya was like five minutes. We were worried about such silly things but

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Alhamdulillah we made it we engender when we sit like that we will be like this engender soon I mean of the themes and we get to tonight's themes, the taste of wealth, and perhaps this is the one that heats the most home to all of us the taste of wealth we saw a man in the surah Allah mentions his blessings that he had felt like in our terms, he had factories and properties and buildings and investments and they just gave him dividends and the return of the return we referred while Mashallah gonna be like him, but his wealth corrupted him so much that he actually didn't only fall into ungratefulness he actually fell into chic these wealth became a partner with Allah his wealth

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made him of the could almost made him of the biggest losers had a lot of saved him towards the end. So wealth can even for cause you not to fall into shape and arrogance. And so we're giving up the prizes here. It's a scarf. Right. And so from the Quran and Islam and we say the cycle of faith to those who contributed and you know, my lovelies, whoever, you know, for the for the for those who put together this this, you know, prize. So it's a gift from from the masjid. Getting back to our our seed.

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Wealth is a taste. Wealth is a taste. When you look at your bank account, you get your paycheck every month, understand, I should understand you should understand this is a taste from Allah. He gave it to some and he didn't give it to others. Lena Bella, welcome to teach you what are you going to do with it? What are you going to do with that with that wealth that He has given you. And too much of it can make you a loser in this life. And if you cling to it, a lot will put the disease in the heart those who those who have this, these who those who are given the wealth, and they don't part with it in a good way. Allah makes them poor in their heart, that the more they have, the more

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they want, and they can't separate themselves from it. They become enslaved by the wealth, Allah protect us from this, and he gives them misery in the dunya. And obviously in Africa, it's even worse, but we see and in this month of all months, we know we all Alhamdulillah try to be more generous. How do we feel when we say what we have? How do we feel? We feel richer once we give once we say this is the Baraka and the blessing that Allah puts in the heart. This is what Allah is saying, all you have is unknown. Ultimately, I'm going to take it back from you. Ultimately, you're going to the cupboard and you're gonna lose it anyway. So packed with it in a good way part with it

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in a good way. And we know as Allah says in the Quran, Mandela you could lock on Hashanah who will give Allah a loan meaning allows you to take your wealth inside a car only alone because what he's gonna invest it and give it back to you in return with much more dividends. So wealth is at least the one who has it, you're being tested with it, the one who doesn't have it, you're being tested with with your with your poverty and how we respond Subhanallah this will be you know, one of the questions one of the specific questions on kiama is what we did with our wealth. So save I was

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selves with your wealth, by your agenda through your wealth, the Sahaba we see they complained about the rich ones. Why? Because they had wealth and they were able to purchase the agenda and Alhamdulillah you know, wealth, we see this a blessing if it's used correctly, people who have both these massages, I think how they are in the cupboard, under 50 years of therapy, they only so fulfilled Amazon's but 150 years of Ramadan, so it was witnessed in this Masjid, and they are receiving that dividend in the cover. Right? So if you have wealth invested, Allah doesn't provide enough tell the man with two gardens, give up all your gardens know, all he had to do was give

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sugar, if you give sugar will harm the law. That's, that's good. And then you give a talk in terms of DACA. But if you want to go over and above, then use your wealth to invest in your after use it to build up that portfolio in the ophira scheme in charity, something which we'll get we'll get on to sex we'll buy you will buy you your agenda. That's what the opportunity is for us. Right? So our our objective in the dunya is we don't we don't shun the dunya we don't shun wealth. Wealth isn't something we should run away from. We must work hard for it, and will allow you without our business people and the good generous people, we wouldn't have massage. We wouldn't have, you know, radio

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stations and madrassas and hip schools, we need our business people and we want a lot to bless you even more in that those of you who have businesses, what charitable May Allah increase you 10 times over so that you may give to the community 10 times over and then Allah can reward you hundreds and millions of times over. So as we say, for us as Muslims, we want the whole dunya in our hands, but none of it was into our hearts only Allah must be in our hearts when we spoke about leadership, and how, what a big problem we have in our community. In terms of leadership, we saw what a good leader looks like in terms of indoor gardening. We saw what a real leader, a man that works for the benefit

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of others. A leader means he's the first one when they sweetener, he is the guy that stands when is the judge. He's the guy that stands right in front, not at the back. And since the rest of you in front of me right at the end. That's what a leader is the Imam he stands in front. He faces the fitna right up there. And we said that the big problem in our oma one of the problems is we lacked leadership. But we should never ever feel that I am not good enough to be a leader. What we don't need superheroes, we need everyone to give 1% of the time 1% of the efforts join something we say join something, and be part of something bigger than yourself, be part of some organization be part

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of some magic doesn't matter what it is, but something of good. That's what this woman needs. That's what this oma is lacking. Interestingly, in the surah, there were three different types of kings. I don't know if you remember, the three kings mentioned, let's see, which King Can you remember, Luke are nine is one of them. That's a good one. There was a king who stole the ships. So bad King, you know, and how many kings how many rulers, they steal from the subjects. And then there was a king was even worse than that wants to kill the people of the cave to run away. Meaning, unfortunately, the bulk of leadership and this is perhaps the sooner, most of the rulers, most of the people of

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leadership, it corrupts them. It's one of those challenges that unfortunately, it's it destroys those in leadership. But it's not an excuse for us to turn away. It's not as an excuse for us to say, I don't want to be part of the system. You have we parked. We and I and I make this relevant here. And I want to be political, but Alhamdulillah we have a good relationship, our community with our government, and it should stay that way. We shouldn't pull ourselves away from government. We shouldn't say you know what, this whole system is corrupt and only part of it? No, we have a great blessing. What place on earth as a Muslim minority have its president that's it made sudduth nowhere

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else on Earth. We shouldn't allow this to be lost, be part of the system be proactive. When we had

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in the surah. We learned about two pillars of Eman. We learned about piano and the 10 signs of gamma, that gel Navy Isa yakushima Jewish, the three landslides, the beasts of the earth, the smoke that will come that will take the souls of all the believers, the sun that will rise from the waist, and the fire that will gather everybody to the place of gamma. Well, that's the end of the world, then we see that the Trumpet will be blown and the day of judgment will come. And in the surah Allah made glimpses of the Day of Judgment, how people will come to Allah expecting good deeds, but the scale will be zero, and absolutely nothing. Why? Because they worship a lot like they wanted. They

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decided what was right and wrong. They were sincere. They want to do good, but they didn't. They didn't base it on knowledge. It's like that person who you know, he answers an essay. beautifully written, but he didn't answer the question. He didn't read the question. He wrote what he felt like writing Allah says there are people going to be like that. They spend their life in this dunya thinking they're doing good, but they get it without knowledge so they will last.

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And then the people Allah says Wolbachia to solve the heart. At the end of the day, everything disappears, but your good deeds will last

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eternally, everything in this dunya has an expiration date, even you have an expiration date. But the tattooed that you've made, the day that you made, those suits that you made, will last forever and ever and ever alberca to solly had the things that will last eternally are the good deeds because they go straight to Allah and Allah keeps it there for us open to the waters in the afpm. So PP, Auerbach you have to solve the heart mela grant that whatever good deeds we do, as small as it is my Allah multiplied with him out of his generosity and his kindness. We mentioned a bit of Jana and Jana, Jana and Jana Memorial, and the only two destinations, it is for us. So we've got nine

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hours left, are we comfortable that we saved from jahannam? Are we comfortable that our place in general theodosis is ready, believe that you can get the highest gender of all believe that, as I said, what we have done in this month of Ramadan, the even the pious earlier, they don't do this, they don't force 30 days, you won't find someone forcing 30 days and spending, like the whole night almost anybody, even the most pious of pious people don't do that. Yet Allah has shown you the bulk of Ramadan, that you can even operate on that high level, but you have it within you the agenda to fill those is accessible to every single one of us. But as I said, we've got nine hours left of this

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month to do as much as we can together as much as we can. Then we also learned about the pillar of the pillar of destiny color, which is the most complicated pillar of a man that we see we have free will, we have to put in effort. But ultimately Allah is in control of everything. So take it like this, you recite the surah. Every week, you'll be reminded of this pillar, one week, you might have things that are going well remind yourself of the man of the garden, this is it. This is not me, is that because I'm great too. I'm special, Allah assisting you with us and give sugar and praise to Allah. And some weeks you're going to go through hardship. Maybe business isn't going so well. Maybe

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you feel maybe things didn't go your way. Think about the people and they built that calamity that Hitler put in the boat, save them from a bigger calamity. But think our love this calamity you've given me is actually a blessing in disguise. And we make sure to Allah, every time you recite the surah you'll be in a different frame of mind each week. But remember and reflect and this is simply the color of Allah and we are ultimately subject to it. So we submit to Allah scholar, and we obey and we give sugar in every situation. That is the believer, as the Prophet says, even when our souls are being pulled, we say hamdulillah we praise Allah, we don't say anything against Allah, because

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we submit that we believe whatever Allah does to us, for us, it is the best for us when we put our trust in Him. There was an element towards the end of the sutra and it's a very subtle element in here. Many people call the sutra the sutra of the earlier the surah of the earlier he said there are many people that for example, will say glucosamine was on an IV it was already many believe it either It wasn't an IV, he was a valley of Allah, the people or the K ambia they will only have a law. So you find pious people and from them miracles happen right? The only the people of the cave lived for 300 years. glucosamine had miracles he traveled when he could find you Just a minute.

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Either that a special kind of knowledge. Yes, they are earlier. And yes, they are special people. And yes, some of them even have karma. But Allah says they are our slaves. Don't exaggerate in them. Don't elevate some of them to divinity. Well, you don't live in a corner.

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And I want those who have made an air b&b Isa into a God made me a son. Look at what Allah says about Peter, when Moosa finds out how great is he the Messiah, just put this in your mind? musala Islam, he speaks to Allah directly. And Allah says is a man that you must go and you must study under him. So how great is that? Right? When musala mitski that Allah says, this is an upcoming imagina he's a slave of one of my slaves. Nothing special. He says one of my many, many slaves. That's who he there is no Carmen, he's a slave from one of my slaves. Don't exaggerate even at the end. The Prophet says that Allah says the Prophet saying them and a basher with lucam I am a human

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being like you. I'm not made of like this incorrect. misconception promises are made of like that I eat I drink. The only thing that Allah has given, that Allah has favored the prophets of Salaam with is with no Buddha, that he's an abbey. Why to say Allahu Allahu wa to deliver a message La ilaha illAllah that we worship Allah alone. Don't exaggerate the earlier so Allah says, Do you think you can take my slaves as protectors other than me? This is a this is one of the reasons why many people go astray. So watch in terms of exaggeration of personalities, don't build people up too much.

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The sutra and we in the last two points here. It's about response to fitna. We're going to be faced with a lot of people in our life, different kinds of fitna, we see even blessings, even calamities or fitna, everything's a fitna nothing everything is a taste good and bad. So how do we live our life through this? India Allah has given us a number of points. acquire knowledge whenever you come. So we take a fitna like Subhanallah Let's be relevant. She has a miss an issue in another

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Community right people talking about it. You want to put either you avoid the issue completely, or you educate yourself and you learn. First step is to acquire knowledge learn before you speak, then surround yourself with people that are on guidance that remind you people that do good, keep good company, use your wealth for good. Allah is giving us methodology steps how we face some challenges Allah says is too big for you, you won't be able to find them. You can't. If you have some kind of weakness, you have a weakness for either no doughnuts, when you fall asleep, don't go walk into Dunkin Donuts, don't do that. Run away to the cave, run away to the cave. So Allah is giving us

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methodologies, how do we face fit and how do we face it. And if all of us do this, it's transformational. In our society, there are four groups of people Allah specifically mentioned in the youth, the wealthy people, the man of the gardens, the aroma of emotion, and the leadership. Now our wealthy people, our young people are Allah and our leaders, if shaytan is able to corrupt them, is able to corrupt our entire society. But if all of them work together on goodness, they use their talents together if the wealthy man uses wealth to help them and the leaders use the leadership correctly, and Allah can guide our oma and our young people are on guidance when our oma will move

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forward. Can you see Subhanallah This is as we said, It is about the coming of the gel, and the gel will corrupt things step by step, different groups, different people. So this method This is a transformational surah in a blueprint of how we can protect our community from fitna The last thing we said ultimately the sooner begins and it ends that the ultimate success lies with the Quran.

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We said this before, which month was the Quran revealed in Ramadan? which month is the best month from Amman? Which night was the Quran revealed on my recorder which night is the greatest night, the quarter which Angel brings the Quran down. And who's the greatest angel? Which man received the Quran? So Solomon was the base of the Gambia, Mohammed Salah, nothing is attached to the Quran except it's the base, no home. That recites Quran except that's the base tone. Even in the Hadith, the prophecies hire, the best of you is the one who learns the Quran and teaches the Quran. Allah began the surah by speaking about the Quran, and he ended the surah about the virtue of the Quran,

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that this is the liquid and so long as we stick to it, and the guidance in it throughout our life. It will keep us safer. We see the Quran is our cave. The Quran is our refuge in times of fitna turn to the Quran, turn to its guidance stick to it and that will be the ultimate thing. And that is the ultimate theme of the whole Quran is for mankind I usually call Arabi. And for those of you who want to meet a lot for the army, man I'm sorry he didn't do good deeds according to the Quranic ones, the sooner whether you should be better to be either a drama chick and this is the ultimate success May Allah grant us to live and die upon this May Allah grant that the Quran remains with us after the

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month of Ramadan I hope that the surah has touched your hearts that you've learned something I must say that when we decided to do the sutra I was a bit hesitant because the deep surah and I know after fasting and in taraweeh your brains are operating at 5% you know i'm most I'm operating at like 30% so to teach this and learn this but I hope Alhamdulillah that there was benefit that it's it's it's an it's something that is irrelevant. We don't only learn this for the sake of learning, but it's something we can implement in our life. I hope that

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we have an appreciation for Deaf seed and how deep the words of a law are. And that you continue to recite the sutra every week. I mean like say from us and Allah bless us. We have to do a quiz quickly.

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We said oh we're gonna do a

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prize giving forget the answers that they wanted. Okay, so yesterday's question what two animals are mentioned in the surah efficient dog right the efficient dog and which still

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officially officiis animal? Okay, let's look. I think so. Let's look at a dog Okay. All right.

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I mean tonight's question well, okay, the answer is probably the king Do you remember which to me are mentioned by name in the surah

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Nabi Musa Yes. And

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he's not mentioned by name.

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Maybe Adam actually, with Kunal in Malacca to do the atom. Right now. The atom is Miss mentioned by naming the surah right.

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That was a test there was a Alright so we've got four prizes.

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Okay. And fun.

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She Shiva Alhamdulillah Okay, this one pricey

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and this one

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why impatience? We are impatient. Sorry. She's here as well. Oh, Mashallah. Okay, that was but I'll find patients okay. We will also squishes from the last Mr. Mendota prize. So the two boys two guys

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are keep Simon's

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Keep always there as well. It's nice good hamdulillah

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Sharmila if Dean Sharmila easier. Mashallah. Sharmila, if Dean is here,

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I mean,

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a special prize for

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Okay, all right, not yet the special price. Okay? They're not our bills with the telephone.

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Alhamdulillah part of we know the vibe and the feel of of the mercy, this is our bills, and they come every night and they provide sometimes some humor. Sometimes they finish the travie before time and Alhamdulillah

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Alhamdulillah but it's part of the experience and we talk a lot to them of course they do this out of the kindness of the arts, and we ask Allah to bless them and the families we say we appreciate being part of the program. I know that Forgive me Rushdie is very very early just to be in time for the shy of and most nights he gives the shy of answers panel you know, I'm making that effort to be almost every night example of an altar call I'll be loud so we hanging out we start with with the Harmon, the leader of the Beatles with Peters

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Peters, shame David's Ibrahim Abrams, showkat, Ahmed, Adnan, from the Aden usili doty, Abdulaziz white whites and rushdi. If the desire to affirm Allah bless you.

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We will give also our hufa but that's this evening Knox Allah, they will participate in the the eve the MLA, but they will get the prizes and select one most love to do well, they can get the price. And then from my side, just to say hi to, to all of you for being part of this measure for what keeps it alive. Obviously other masalas those who attend there's a lot of work that happens behind the scenes to put the slides together obeyed and with the more you mean know how on the on the on the in terms of the website.

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The star, I must say this for those of you who have not been here for a star, if you can, I know tomorrow eats on your mind. But if you can make a visit here, this will be the last if thought is a very unique if thought weapons in this mustard.

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I won't mention names, but it's a lovely experience because majority of Well, okay, well see me as a guest was him putting you on the spot. He's a guest. Right? He just moved from one island to the blue cup. And when he when he saw that if Daria, he comes to your office every night. Why? Because the field that we have here we've got lots of foreigners, mostly it's foreigners. It's not the most of the people are foreigners, students studying people working refugees. And of course, the old Buddhists who lost their wives, mother, grandmother, Jenna, so the youngsters and the oldsters going on, it's a very lovely experience. If you please if you have an opportunity to model come and

00:28:03--> 00:28:16

experience the thought is it's a lovely experience here. So it is up to them. The soup kitchen that was going on throughout the month, we have to say exactly here to the team, the staff that does that the nursery school so much is happening. This is a free nights.

00:28:18--> 00:28:49

Bunch of brothers, youngsters, these are part of our star crew, before they have a start in the night, they'd go for that last hour from five o'clock or so when people are stuck in traffic, they hand out dates. And most of the people take the dates being non Muslim. So they they attach to it a little pamphlet about our what the prophet some sayings about some howdy thing Hadith about the province of Salem, and lots of people found you know, lots of blessings a lady, she came twice and she said, You know the scenes of your profit I've put it on my fridge. It's It's amazing. So I'm gonna I'm Alexi from them taking the time, you know, when we're all very hungry to do that. So we

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said to her, and to all of you who have contributed who helped to fix the roof. Well hamdulillah within a few days, we got that donations. So we say to all of you from my side, sugar and so much Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh