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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the political crisis and social unrest in many Muslim countries, as well as the need for non-immigrant countries to fight against it. They emphasize the importance of fixing the human child line and addressing issues on the ground level. The negative impact of the current state of affairs on the Muslim world, including the loss of graduates, the destruction of art, and the failure of Muslim lands to achieve their goals, is highlighted. The speakers emphasize the importance of protecting oneself and their families, educating oneself, and building a community to solve problems in one's life. They also emphasize the need for quick action and avoiding major sins.
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rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam O Allah Shafi mousseline Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi etchmiadzin beloved brothers in Islam as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Praise to Allah subhana wa tada the creator of the universe, the law none has the right to be worshipped except Allah subhana wa Tada. We we submit to Allah subhanaw taala to him do we bow to him do we beseech and there's no partner unto him in this universe, all things come from him and to him everything will return. We ask Allah subhana wa tada to forgive us in this last week, the sins that we have done to let this Juma wash away all the sins that we done in this past week, and Allah subhanaw taala blessed us in the week to come and we send our greetings, our love our salutations to our Navy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I will lead our Imam and to his family, his

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companions and all those who follow his Sunnah will be amongst them until the end of time. I mean, well, hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. For the past, maybe three, four months, we've been doing a series called the politics of faith. We discussed issues about politics and Islam. And this is, as we said, one of the most controversial areas within the Islamic discourse. And in fact, the fitna the problems that we see today, and the problems that started in the past, began with politics began with the killing of say, North Mangalore, the Alon, the six that we find she has, how are all these different groups, many of it began from politics, and until today, the killing that we see

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throughout the world, and the great feat now on the grand scale. This is this relates to politics. And that's why, because of the controversial nature of this topic, many scholars have basically either wash their hands of it, you don't find many lectures dedicated to politics, or if it is, with regards to politics, it's biased in a certain way that either encourages certain agendas or turns for appeasement either on the side of the waist to the east, or whatever it might be. And SubhanAllah. This leaves us in confusion, and we began the series before our local elections discussing, should we vote can we vote and who should we vote for? And how did Islam choose its

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leaders. We spoke about some of the best leaders in Islamic history. We spoke about the bad leaders of Islamic history. We spoke about the rules with regards to selecting a leader and the rules with regards to removing a leader we see today. The politic political landscape of this oma is in turmoil in every single Muslim country, without exception, we can say that there is political turmoil, social turmoil, and the oma in by and large, if we look at where we are, we take the pulse of the oma 2016 we are we as an oma, we are in a bad shape. I think Muslims fine White will agree that as you know history, Islam had its highs and it's lows, we are currently in a in a decline we are in a

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in a bad shape at the moment, in spite of so many things that we have in our favor. Our numbers are substantial numbers in terms of the size of the oma one in four people on this earth is Muslim, Allah is our influence and effect is very much less than that. We have lands and resources and intelligent people and technology and wealth the wealthiest nations on the earth are Muslim nations. It's behind the law. It was a disaster, an earthquake a calamity. In any other Muslim countries. We need non Muslim countries to bail us out. And the problems that we have internally if we look at some of our big issues, the Sahaba could not fathom a time will come as the Khadija we mentioned a

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few weeks ago in the previous lectures, when how they forced an abyssal Selim. When things are bad and turmoil is upon us. What should I do when fitna arises. Now besides who says to her, they stick to the Gema. Stick to the community, speak to the majority of the Muslims and submit and follow the leader, whether he's good or bad, stick to the JAMA Don't be the lone sheep. Don't be a Sikh on the side. And then ecrs wa sallam. What happens if a time comes with is no leader and is no Gemma, and we live in that time. For about 100 years now we've been living in a time with no leader and no Gemma on a political level. I mean, who said avoid sectarianism? Avoid the different groups even if

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you need to be men alone, but don't fight this one or that one. So we have this we live in this time, a unique time in the city where we don't even have a halifa even a name, and we don't even have a Gemma. We cannot say there are any two Muslim countries that have the kind of relationship America and the UK has. There's no two Muslim countries in the world that we can say are allies that if one goes if one is engaged in a war, the other one will come behind it and support them. No.

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Think of think of it any Muslim country in the world. Because these two are allies. They'll stand for one another

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And now they want Malaysia Indonesia, they want Saudi Arabia, Egypt,

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Libya, Morocco, they want this is the reality of, of the world, the Muslims ways that hadith of one body supporting one another ways that and what and what I say and what we see. And as soon as Allah subhana wa Tada, what you see on the grand scale is a reflection of what happens on the ground,

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the problems on the ground, the results in the problems on an OOMA wide level. That's the issue. And if we want to talk about fixing the human child line, we look at the methodology of not just the results of all the ambia, they began with the people on the ground and work their way up and society change from the ground up. That's the sooner of Allah subhanaw taala fit on top of a person abused, nobody moves at the bottom. And this is how things changed. So when things are bad on top, it's a reflection that things at the ground level are bad. So we have no leader, we have no Gema we have and those in positions of leadership,

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or either incompetent, unable to do it. And this is a general trend, not just in the Muslim world globally. And if they're not bad leaders, just in terms of the competencies, in terms of the actual etiquette in terms of the people they are, they are the worst of us, will get the presidents of the world to handle the presidents of the world. And it's an indictment to us. It's a sad reflection on us that we have selected these people to be in charge that we these are the icons that we have put in positions of power. These are the people that we have elected that we have chosen to lead us they are morally bankrupt that they are we wouldn't want our kids to be like the the Trump's the

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The regimes of the Middle East, we wouldn't want our kids, our family members to grow up to be like them. Yet they are the ones that we are where we stand and that lead us Subhan Allah, is this who we've chosen. This is the sad reality of it, that as Omar, we have no direction, we have no strategy, no plan. And I can speak from, you know, from an Obama position from a business position from a community position. What are our objectives for the next five years? What is the objective of the Muslim community here locally in Cape Town when the blue cup in the next five years, we don't have these leadership structures in place. We don't have these plans in place. Now visa Salam was

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very strategic changes. And you know, every organization will tell you you need a plan that you work towards. We are like someone, one alum gave the analogy. We like a car that is struggling to move. And even when it moves, it doesn't know where it's going. It's going in circles with standing stationary, the oma isn't moved in almost 100 years. It's not really developing any direction. Problem. It's a it's a it's a complete breakdown. Now leadership in terms of our guidance, and then on the ground, the roots the grassroots level, there is pervasive ignorance vinylon. If you work with people, or we youth, even older people, the ability to recite the Quran, the ability to know

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what are the pillars of Salah? Who are the wives of Nabeel Salaam, named 10 Sahaba that intergender? Can we do these things? Can we answer those questions? This is not advanced Islamic knowledge. This is basic Islamic knowledge. And we know that the that the cure to all the problems. Allah subhanaw taala gave it to me revealed the very first line of the Quran the first one,

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we know that the opposite of the days of Islam was what before navico salam there was Jamelia, the opposite of knowledge is generally among the opposite of Islamic ignorance. So when we find widespread ignorance, on a, on a on a, on a general scale, this is the problem. What do we expect will happen on the big scale, and again, just something for us to reflect none of us if you run a business, if you are a manager, you will not employ somebody that only has a primary school education. He comes to you he wants to work. And he says I only have a Primary School Certificate, you will say you're not qualified to do anything. yet. This is the level of madrasa education of the

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primary school, our kids don't go in high school to madrasa anymore. And that's where it stops. And those kids are gonna grow up to be parents.

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And they're gonna raise the next generation. And when I say madressa, that's four hours a week, trying to cram everything in with a teacher, Allah have mercy on them might not even be qualified to do that job. But this is what we pay. This is where our money goes to. This is in terms of what we pay for that we get what we pay for, we get what importance we put on it.

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So we should not be shy. We should not be surprised when we see these things on a global scale. When on a lower scale. And I noticed December, it's festive. There's not the kind of bashing kind of drama we want, but the reality of what we're seeing in the world is not

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Something that happened overnight. And then our Eman is at threat on a more afraid than any other time. Now he says he spoke about the time when to be a Muslim to keep your Eman intact. It would be like holding on to a coal burning coal in your hand that to keep your Eman intact. You would need the amount of 50 people so how is it 50 of them have to have as many Sahaba and the business is 50 of you 50 Sahaba you'd have the amount of 50 companions to survive the trials today who of us can say our money is truly free of any pointedness? If not the majority of us we've got some Riba some interest in it we either paying to receive it

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as the majority Can we say all of us are performing our five daily solders? This is not advanced. This is basic stuff. How many things do we look at myself included myself? First and foremost? What do we listen to and look at of haram? The Sahaba see to the tab in the Sahaba Sea to the next generation, the generation after them. That's one of the things we see in you ottaviani if we did those things in our time, we would have thought that the punishment of Allah before that's what would the Sahaba save they looked at our lives today

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that assign a, a, an indicator that things are bad is when people commit sin, and they take it as mild and light. It's an indicator that the heart is dying. And we see Zina and murder and killing and genocide. We see it all the time. And he doesn't move us to even make dua what is happening to art. So from a from an individual level, we are being our Eman is being threatened all the time. It's being torn away bit by bit, piece by piece sent by son when these things when these things happen on and we have to be honest and say perhaps the vast majority of us are indulging in some major sin that we don't make Toba for that we are indulging in some Haram in terms of finance in

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terms of income, are we making our five daily solders? How often do we recite the Quran? What is what's happening in our homes, when these things happen, then expect the things on the grand scale to be bad.

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And therefore we see widespread turmoil in the Muslim lands, we see the rise of our enemies or enemies Subhanallah how humiliated have we become that we try to run away from Muslim lands to be refugees in non Muslim lands that treat us like dogs. But that's, that's we going that's what that's the level of our humiliation.

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They have to build walls to keep us out yet we will try to kill ourselves to get inside those lands to live under a comfort system. Because we want to get everything away from Muslim lands. That's how bad we are in Muslim lands. And then we have widespread was

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killing. So some of the last things he said of the last advices he gave How many times did he give this hadith don't after I leave my alma he said after I leave, don't turn back to your old ways killing one another.

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We gave that put on hedge, he gave that same message before he passed away look to the weak look to those who are less interested with you don't have the eye pass away become too far by killing one another striking the Knicks of each other. We have, you know, the we have in our lands, every single Muslim land is being manipulated by external forces, we are pawns on a table and the players just change we are being the pawns. So whether it is Russia, or America or the ANC or the DEA, the people in power, they don't give up power every four years, five years, let us not be so naive to think that the power is given over to a new government to the people in the in the power maintain the

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power. And we are on the ground in which they build on top of the Pharaoh. If you look at the symbol of the theater, which is the pyramid, you have someone right on top that's built on the backs of the masses. This is the symbol of society, it's always been like that, it will always have this force that dominates. And it just changes hands between them the power, the influence the wealth, and we are the points that they built on top of. And that is why this system that they built, if we attach to it, the system of the dunya will become pawns to it. And the most powerful thing against that system

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is La ilaha illAllah. A person that is connected to the author, you can't bribe him, you can't threaten him, you can't manipulate him. There's nothing of this dunya that you can do to stop him. That is why the biggest threats and it's always been the biggest state to this kind of ideology of the beliefs. The people are right on top that control the world. They don't believe in any religion. They believe only the belief in themselves in the dunya and they use us to further the objectives and the agenda. And this term will continues and it will change if you look at history, it repeats itself over and over and over the things that happened in World War One

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In World War Two, it continues until today. And do we ever see a change? So we voted one government, a new government? Do we see a change in our daily lives? No. But we are the ones doing the fighting and the killing and the dying. The power changes in the hands of certain people. But we on the ground, we see no change and effects. So this is what's happening. And when we speak about war, and I have to mention, obviously Syria because it's topical. This is something that is on our, on our minds, a lot of confusion, a lot of different agendas going on. And before I'd like to play a video about Dr. India cinnamon has released a video last week, I think he gave a Juma in Johannesburg

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about what's happening on the ground. And the Muslims in the scholars and Allah mentioned that this is the challenge of our time, meaning people will be just one second, we will be asked on kiama when this occurred, what did you do? Where were you when this occurred? What was your stance? What was your response? This fitna occurred this calamity. What did you do? So let's just have a just a few minutes with the doctor inshallah.

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Practice taking place here, taking

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a look to the speech again,

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to make us understand, and to reflect and to

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have been confused about the war in Syria. The propaganda machines working from all sides are people that say, the agenda of dictators

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in different countries. But that's been our assessment. Let's take Aleppo as an example. In the last four to five days, you know, there's a massacre taking place.

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We don't always

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judge by the actions

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when he went to war against

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when the generals are injured on the other side,

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to allow the generals before we can find them again.

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But the principle of voice is

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supposed to be

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In a month.

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we all

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we all say

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we all say we are believers in God.

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In this you're going to massacre people and you say terrorists,

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Oh Hospital in Serbia is

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that the

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women and children

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have the right to defend themselves.

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And the world has left them alone. Forget the rest of the world is not the

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we are countries. But the most important point is what is the action of

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chemical warfare? hydrogen bombs, or better bombs, attacking hospitals, civilian sectors.

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Could these people be

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and who are these people?

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These people are Surya Surya and his allies, Hizbollah Iran and Russia.

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categories of people attacking innocent people all over the country. We've seen

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doctors and staff

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have come to our hospitals for all types of injuries. Last night, the first patient

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we send your pictures out

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for when they come

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hospital. And what did the people say? They say this is a genocide.

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We don't make the words. If one person says it, or to say that

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everybody can do the same thing.

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They say this is a genocide using chemical weapons.

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In the markets we are attacking civilians, women and children.

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All supplies have no water, no food moments and nobody can go inside. We will have killed themselves. And they said,

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suicide is better than

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better than being captured.

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We will not find the way.

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This is the reality of what's happening in the ground. And those of us who keep saying

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the same

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has nothing to do with Saudi Arabia, I will

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tell you clearly don't add further discussion. Who is attacking civilians inside Syria?

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They claim to be members of Islamic world, which member of massacres women and children? Did you not learn from your own revolution? Who is

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a man

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if you say that, at least

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allowing you

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to attract women and children openly and Mexican, totally acceptable, brothers and sisters.

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But they need

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to be positive about everything.

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Who is the after that that could have you and then

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over and over again, for everything that goes back property that goes wrong, no wrong.

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your gratitude, how lucky you are, to have a nice house, you have a job.

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Take it away from you. That is the biggest gratitude, you can give

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If you can't pocket money, it's fine. But you always come

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at least

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pick up your hands.

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I guarantee you,

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they will get up and do this for you as they celebrate right now.

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Just to explain to you how your money is being used.

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So just an idea of what's happening on the ground. And as I said, this is not something you need to know about. It's something that we will be asked about last panel data, because we saw this happening. These are our brothers and sisters. This is like think of it as your own child, your own brother, your own sister. That's what Allah subhanaw taala has said when he said the believers are one brotherhood. So what is our response? And what are we going to do and the doctor goes on to speak about one on one positive of this message is one of the biggest hospitals built his hospital both by the gift of the givers from funding from South Africa only. And people are astonished that

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South Africa could raise so much money, there's tiny Muslim community, we could raise money to support people and I saw in the week we had

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an ITV fundraiser, within three, four hours 10 million Rand was raised for the system since final, we take pride in this and hamdulillah that we know that we live in great nehama we live in great, great benefit. You wouldn't change your situation with Muslims in Saudi Arabia, with Muslims in America with Muslims in Australia with Muslims in Europe, definitely not in Syria or Burma. Let's talk about those places. So Alhamdulillah we've got so much to be thankful for. What are we doing with it? At the very least the sugar Alhamdulillah and the very least that Allah let us use those benefits for for something good and something positive. But as I said, by and large we in a bad

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state as oma and this strange vilela if and I'm not being fatalistic, but if chiamo to come tomorrow, and all the signs of the of the signs that he sees when killing spreads, the killer doesn't know why he's killing and the killed will not know why he's being killed. When you Muslims kill each other when they say

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massive amounts of bloodshed, unprecedented bombs that will fall and kill entire hundreds of people then wait for the coming of kiama. We know in this last 100 years from World War One, until now, never in the history of humanity of people died and been killed at the scale, millions have been killed, millions panela have been killed.

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Signs of pm and Buhari when the power and authority will be given to the wrong people, and that the leaders will be the very worst, the most corrupt the most morally evil people on earth. When this happens, then wait for pm. This is the

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of the signs of piano that we see when the nations of the earth will gather against the Muslims like like a hungry people going to sit at the table full of food and they will eat from from these lands. So now besides Allah explains, the lens of the Muslims will be like a table and you'll find the enemies of Islam will just take areas what they want, when this happens, this will be a sign of pm and Sahaba asked will this occur because we are few in number. And I know you will be many number you will be a large number, but your value your effectiveness will be very few like foam on the seat

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of the science. I put this in here. People ask what is this and I'm sure the Sahaba didn't understand this. When the last. And again I put this the last of the oma those close to piano. Those close to kiama will curse the first of the oma meaning people close to piano will curse Sahaba this is happening. This is close to piano you'll find a group of people of this oma who will curse it's it's Lee it's first the stars abubaker no matter who's doing this, I leave that to you. right this is of the signs of piano. And in this sign here. Something again that we need to really look at something which is very terrifying. Now, VSA seldom says

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close to kiama first Iraq, its people will be deprived of the food and they will, they'll go through sanctions and there'll be turmoil in Iraq. Then there'll be turmoil after that in Syria, the lands will be constricted, the wealthy people will not have money, they will not have food, and then we'll move to Egypt. And when that three things happen when those three countries go through turmoil, after that a leader will come and the blue stems will it says will refer back they will go back according to where they came from this and the Sahaba asked, Is he referring to the disease who seldom is he speaking about this halifa Ahmed Abdul Aziz, we know he was the greatest halifa after

00:27:42--> 00:28:21

the qualifier. He said no, Emma, Maddy, so have a seat. When these three countries you see turmoil in these three countries, one after the other, when soon after that the coming of Mr. Modi and we know that now visa will not come in Makkah. And you will not come in Medina, and you will not come in Jerusalem, but you will come in Damascus, in Syria, the fighting with that gel will occur in them in Syria. So this area is very important to us. And we see that the world is moving in a certain direction. We don't then sit on our hands and say, well, PMO is upon us. Let's just hide our heads in the sand and help us know, how do we fix it? If keyamo to come tomorrow, if it would appear

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tomorrow. And we don't wait for a savior. This is not our leader. This is not our belief that we wait for a savior. But we do everything that we can that we prepare ourselves if it happens, it happens. If not we try to delay it as best we can. So how do we fix this woman? What do we do to fix this oma

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and the steps? If we look at the life of all the ambia? From maybe Adam until now vehcile salaam, and we look at from our series that we did, how did society change? Our society is not nearly as bad as the people of Jay Z. I told you people that bury their own children alive. You don't find this even till today, the worst of criminals in Baltimore, they don't do this to their own kids. But the same Sahaba were the best of the best before Islam. That's what they were doing. That shaytan had controlled the society so completely, how did that change that society over? And when they changed that same aboubaker and that same aroma, and it seems to have gone home that we're doing whatever

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they were doing before Islam, when Islam into their hearts, what happened? They ruled the world. The rule from Morocco, from Spain until China, the same group of people smile a lot. So how did they change and how to fix them? Number one, and these are the steps and we might be a different scale on the steps. We might be at different areas and you ask yourself I asked myself the same way are we on this? Number one we begin as we said with the individual. Now VESA Lam began with the individuals with HUD eg the first believe it was Khadija. They began with the people closest to them, your family yourself and your family who uncle Sakuma Lee coonara Allah subhanaw taala says

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Save yourself and your family from a fire. Don't worry about the government and the leadership and all those things when your own family is in your own self is in problems as well as his 23 moodiness and tone and for some of you commanded others with taqwa but you forget yourself and your family smile Hello. So we begin with ourselves. And the first thing we begin with Remember, this is Islam is both if you read the Quran over and over and I want if you have time in this Ramadan, this December to recite from the Quran. Just ask yourself how many times a lot repeat this La ilaha illa Allah that is not worthy of worship except me for Abu Musa worship me that this is what we are all

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about. Many Muslims still today do not understand that our Deen is about worshiping when Allah we still find people when things to protect themselves, going to graves of people for asking for assistance, going to fortune tellers, going to a gym go these things is against the essence of Islam, that this is so prevalent in our oma I've seen it myself so privileged in our oma that the concept of La Ilaha Illa. Allah has disappeared. And this is what is the biggest this is the this is the the message of every Nabil Allah sees his little ambia I did not send a single maybe, except that he should bring that they should be none worthy of worship except me. That you when you turn to

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anyone when you need something you turn to Allah. When you raise your hands into law, you will raise your hands to Allah subhanaw taala if this thing is missing in our life, everything else will collapse. A lot of fantasies that that will ever come back with him even if it's a drop of shake. Everything else becomes null and void after that. So that's the first area and besides we spent 13 years in Makkah, no jihad. No solid Oh cm no Ramadan, no Hajj no zeca they will even drinking how much still in Mecca. What did you do your hula for 13 years

00:31:59--> 00:32:12

to remove Shin ChromeVox of his people. That is the first step. And this is a book kitasato him a book after he'd go on YouTube. She acid cardi he explains this what is she

00:32:13--> 00:32:52

rubbing objects for Baraka going to people for protection. These aspects of major shift these are things that Abuja hell and Abu lahab did it we still find it happening in our community. Begin with that. If that's way we still have * in ourselves. Forget politics. Forget Syria, forget everything else. This is number one priority number one, La ilaha illa Allah, if that is in your hearts, if that is firm, and I'm giving you this now visa Salaam told why even Jebel is a hobby went to Yemen. He said, Oh my god, I'm sending you to Yemen. What did he what list of directors who gave him he said number one, why go and tell the people that they should not worship anyone besides

00:32:52--> 00:33:34

Allah, if they need anything, they should turn to Allah that if they want protection, they should ask Allah. If they obey you in that Omar, then go to step number two, what is step number two, sort of the five pillars of Islam, doing the basics and doing the basics correctly. Today's vanilla people and you see them thinking, we're doing this, we'll do Hana not taking we do correctly, people forming sada not making sujood correctly, not reciting the Fatiha correctly. And the brother has a PhD Subhanallah he's a medical doctor, he's a professional, he's an engineer. This is not acceptable in our Alma, do we have these basics in order? Before we can talk about Palestine and Syria and all

00:33:34--> 00:33:51

these things, those basic things on an individual level should be done quickly, outperforming a five daily Salawat on time. Those things cannot be fixed until these things are fixed. Do not ever think that Allah subhanaw taala will give victory to an oma that is committing shilka not performing Salah

00:33:52--> 00:34:33

can't happen. They said they say that the people of the past they used to worship Allah with fear. They will they did they did they were committed to Allah and they feared Allah today we disobey but we hope for the benefits, this is the difference in our mindsets. And then number three, and this is on the individual level. So please, you know, understand the heat correctly. This is like your holiday homework, understand the heat correctly. What issue as I said this, you can murder people and go to general you can steal and go to gender, but you cannot go to gender if you're committed. If your family members can achieve they cannot go to gender Allah has made one sin only one sin that

00:34:33--> 00:34:37

bars you from Jenna and that he should have you understood shear correctly.

00:34:38--> 00:34:46

What is simple, is shear is like that black and walking on a black stone in the middle of the desert in the dark of the night that

00:34:47--> 00:34:59

no one can fully feel free from Cigna, Ebrahim that same Navy brought him that broke the idols he sees in the Quran. Allah protect me and my offspring from worshipping idols because idols come in different forms.

00:35:00--> 00:35:40

She's not just bowing to a statue, so many different forms of Shin, understand what that is, number one, then doing the basics outside if we're not performing sort of five times a day, focus on that only hamdulillah as long as you have life in you, you can still become the greatest of the year. But focus on that and now this is the time for introspection. Am I doing my five ad Salawat on time ever fostered all my months while sisters have you felt your sculpt in Ramadan? It's addicted is owed to Allah subhanho wa Taala those days the only from Ramadan must be full have we played out Zakah have we prepared ourselves to go on Hajj is the near the edge? These things are the priorities that Allah

00:35:40--> 00:36:17

says if you do those things, these are my earlier. This is the things I love the most the compulsory things, have we avoided major sins, major sins of those things that we spoke about a few years ago, the things mentioned in the Quran, some major sins is our money. halaal is the way we the way we interact in a permissible way, what we look at those kind of things, major sins, are we avoiding those things? then number three, and this is on an individual level? What nevison did continuous education for us Do we really believe that our madressa knowledge that we did when we were 13 years old is enough to meet the challenges of today.

00:36:18--> 00:36:29

The people that are the coolest to prefer an evil, they are the most advanced and they have the most advanced technology and the most advanced sciences, we are lagging behind

00:36:30--> 00:37:07

are we is the this process of knowledge and education. As I said simple basic questions that you need to ask yourself, What is she? What are the types of shapes? If you can't answer your basic knowledge is lacking? What are the pillars of solder? What are the things if I miss out in my solder will make my solder null and void? If you don't know those things, and you don't know basic knowledge of Salah of Islam, that's basic knowledge. Can I recite the Quran correctly? Do I recite Surah Fatiha correctly? If not, then I'm not it's no shame in saying I don't know, but do something about it. Continuous knowledge and learning. We are oma of learning it began with ecola. In fact,

00:37:07--> 00:37:31

even you know, a president of the one of the American presidents said you're speaking about crime and unemployment and war and genocide and all the problems in the world. And he said the answer to all these things, the silver bullet that kills all the problems of our world is education. These know, it shouldn't be a surprise that the most advanced countries in the world are the countries with the biggest libraries and the biggest use of most universities.

00:37:33--> 00:38:13

Yet we have countries that ban half our population, the women from even entering the masjid of learning Islam is the ini no surprise that we are so behind is an email, if that is what's happening with Islamic knowledge, let alone the dunya knowledge, all of it. And it's all part science is all part of learning of Islam. So these are individual things we need to fix yourself and your family. Each man is responsible for those things yourself and your family and my community should Am I doing the basics? Do I have basic Islamic knowledge? If you can't answer those three things, we can't move to the next level. But if Alhamdulillah as a community as a jamaa, we answer those things. We have

00:38:13--> 00:38:52

those three things in tech, now as a community. Now we seen a piece of salon, what did he do? Now we start to build a brotherhood. Now we are on the same page. Now we are ready to work together that swiftly on the concept of being a shepherd, that each and every one of you are responsible for the problems of the dunya. Now you need to focus on hamdulillah as an individual, you're safe. You as a Muslim, you are a basic hamdulillah Muslim. Now, what's the next step? You cannot just sit back and say, Hamdulillah, I performed my Salah, I pay my soccer and I'm going to sleep and inshallah, that's my agenda. Now you need to think about the rest of the world. Now you need to think about the rest

00:38:52--> 00:39:20

of humanity. That is the oma, as Allah says, will also in insanity who said, Man, you're at a loss in levena, Amman, will they believe in a local machine? Well, I'm going to study hard and they do good. And once they're good people, whatever. So we'll have to encourage goodness, sinful, but evil, whatever. So be solid. That's the four components of our life, that now you move from the individual, you fix the problems in your individual life. Now the problems with society needs to be fixed. How do we fix our society?

00:39:22--> 00:39:59

Now the sociology book, this concept of a JAMA, you'll find that many of the ideas about intimate minoo the idea that Muslims are brothers, that you are one body, this all happened mostly in Medina. Now we put aside our color, our race, our culture, our social status. Now we stand together as one brotherhood, meaning the problem that affects this brother affects me, we are one household, the problem that affects the Muslim Ummah is my concern. And as a Muslim, we are not sinned. Allah says What did he say to the angels in the giant fill out the holly for me to put my halifa my representative, my agent on earth on this dunya

00:40:00--> 00:40:37

We are here to look after the animals to look after the environment to look after the non Muslims. Those are the things that should bother us. When you have fixed your personal problems, your personal, basic stuff is fixed in your home. The next step is what is happening in the room. And we look at close first and then for what's happening in the buka. What if my children are Hamdulillah, performing Salah? And they're not undreds of hamdulillah? Save them? What about the neighbor's kids? Because those kids are going to contribute to the society tomorrow. These things are the next step of concern. And we look at life it becomes so difficult and so taxing, that we just focus on our own

00:40:37--> 00:41:17

life that we can just get to the TV and relax and unwind and forget the problems of the dunya. As you know, as many, many commentators, I think it was Einstein That said, it is not mankind not fail because of the actions of the evil, but it's through the inactions of good people, when good people stop when they stop and do nothing. That's when evil prevails, they will always be evil, he believes will always be there. You will always have the leadership of Hoover and evil trying to promote the agenda. But they only succeed when we stop and do nothing. And so this is not my problem. That's serious problem. That's the neighborhood my house wasn't broken into crime is not my problem. Those

00:41:17--> 00:41:51

are the African people's problem in Khayelitsha, but my issue when that happens, no that that fitna will come to you, eventually. So in Elisa Lam both this mindset that you're part of one broad brotherhood, and you should be concerned. And that's why they develop the Sahaba develop a strategy, our leadership, we need to build a pool of leaders. We need to build a group that if you look at the time of Nagisa Salaam, we can always mention who did what in bother abubaker and Omar and with Manali, there was always a co a group of people.

00:41:52--> 00:42:35

And this is what we are lacking. We don't have a group of leaders, and that includes young people, it includes women, and we need skills. Many evaluators lipstick, this measure this measure it struggles, because we don't have enough people to move it forward. We have three, four people that do everything. For the past 3040 years, those same three, four people have done everything. There's a need for people to join, that this is my budget, I'm excited if I come to Julia, if this machine, you know if it's on misguidance, I'm on misguidance, my size of excepted should concern you. We shouldn't struggle with things when we have doctors and lawyers and engineers and millionaires

00:42:35--> 00:43:09

sitting here. We shouldn't struggle to pay the bills. We shouldn't struggle to fight with saws. And that's what we do when fighting with the revenue services that put the lights off. We have the expertise, we have the knowledge, but we don't have the people coming forward. And Subhanallah the talent and the skills Allah has given each and every one of us something the Sahaba brought something to the table. Not everyone was the warrior on the battlefield, but some of the allameh some of the business people some weather, weather weather earlier them in terms of worship as they were the worshipers, what do you contribute to the map, if you don't contribute anything, they know

00:43:09--> 00:43:18

that you're not fulfilling your own responsibility. And that's why we need to take every opportunity that we can to fix this Oh, man, there's so many areas of things that we can do.

00:43:19--> 00:43:24

That if people put their minds together 510 people put their minds together and in two, three hours, they raised 10 million Rand.

00:43:25--> 00:43:42

This can happen. We can do it. We can fix this oma. We have the resources, the talents, the ability, the Sahaba, it bothered with 300 this machine is about capacity, about 300 or so. They change the world we have enough people here to change the world. That's what it's what is required.

00:43:43--> 00:44:21

change what is in our power to change. We sometimes get distracted with Syria and Palestine, very little we can do in terms of making dua and giving money but there are things here in our community we can fix you can fix your machine. You can fix the madressa that your kids are going through you can fix that you can say I want my kids to go to the best medicine that the teachers that teach them as be the very best. The funds are available. We don't have the funds there is some Buddha here that has you know a massive bank account and He will give it to bring these people together. We can fix the things in our power maybe we can fix Palestine today. And abyssal Salaam. Remember this for 25

00:44:21--> 00:44:25

years mucker had idols in the cover?

00:44:26--> 00:44:59

We feel bad about Majid lotsa imagined most of the life of an abyssal salon. Up until five years before he passed away or even less than that. The Kaaba was surrounded by idols. He didn't get to conquer Mecca. From day one. It took him two decades before he could conquer monkey. This is the best man with the best of people and the best army on Earth. Allah. Allah what made them wait for so long. We don't get to fix the whole world. But at least when you die, leave something behind. Leave a better world. That's what we have to fix yourself. Fix your family and fix something in the room. At least

00:45:00--> 00:45:20

When I go, I can say that Masjid, I was part of that measure, I put that briefly, that madrasa My name is attached, not within the dunya in the era that I produced something which helped people, you can do that brothers and sisters, ask yourself what skill you have, you have a skill of a law you have a skill, no one easier by mistake. And then lastly

00:45:22--> 00:45:28

patience and commitment as I said in the VSA lamp, many Sahaba didn't see the good days.

00:45:29--> 00:45:42

And we might not see the good days. We plant those seeds now if not for us, for our kids, that we say we don't want to live in a society. We disclaim we we feel so unsafe and so fearful.

00:45:43--> 00:45:58

If we can fix it now time, maybe now kids, we can fix it in the time. We we say we don't want to live in a society we you know, Islamic knowledge is missing, or there's no place for me to put my heart out funds for I can't borrow money in Holloway,

00:45:59--> 00:46:29

our forefathers they wanted to live in a society when they go to the shop they know this food is hollow that they could hear the other than that it's a place to make sada so they built it some of them didn't get to see it we live in in that benefit. What do we give in the next generation? What do we leave behind and all of us have something to contribute? So inshallah with these small words and short words of Allah subhanaw taala Forgive me for any shortcomings in that Allah bless us in our community in our time in our effort in our businesses and our families. May Allah grant us to do something good for this oma

00:46:30--> 00:46:58

you waste enjoy the holidays, but do something constructive. Do something constructive myself included because the years and the stocks and we back in the rat race do something constructive? We have the opportunity we've been given something that no other community on earth I believe no other community on Earth as what we have. And if we will be questioned the hardest on that. We need to do something we need to give something back to this woman and inshallah we have that ability man like Superman cycle of hate or so Latina Mohammed

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Salaam Alaikum