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shaytani rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam O Allah Shafi, mousseline Kadena Mohammed in WA early he will remain beloved brothers and sisters in Islam salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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hamdulillah. Tonight, the 27th night of Ramadan. And while there is no 100% clear indication which night is the night of later to quarter, if they were to be a specific night, it would be the 27th of Ramadan, but even the capital of the alarm, the Sahaba, who used to lead so you know, we all know that say normal was the one that made the Sahaba stand internally in JAMA, the Imam was obey even though he was one of the four Sahaba who knew the most about the Quran. And his view, he said, Well, law he, the 27th night is the night in which he witnessed a little Potter. So lots of importance in this evening, this night, if you were to put all your eggs in one basket, don't do that. But if you

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have to, and this is the night to put extra effort in to go a little bit more to give another half an hour of recitation of standing of this is that night, when a lot less could be that night when Allah and the angels and God descend to this dunya. This could be that night, that is greater than 1000 months of Ebola 1000 months of Ebola, like we said so many times just to understand, if you take your monthly salary, even if it's a very low salary, like 1000 Rand, you times it by 1000 It's a million Rand, your boss tells you come in and work this one night. And I'll give you a million Rand. How would we work this evening from now until six o'clock? We've got what nine hours. That's

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how much time between us and Jen and Jana, we'll be talking about gender and gentlemen, I'm talking shala this night could be that tipping scale between success and failure. Allah grant us the most of this night. I mean, if we did not spend this month, as we should have if we would neglect food, or whatever it might have been. Remember we have the great, great news that outlet Allah subhana wa, tada, judges how a deed is done the way we ended. So we've got three nights left. Let's indeed as best we can in the perfect possible way. And then May Allah judge the entire Ramadan, based on those those three nights. One person asked, how is it that jabril comes down a little crowded? Does he

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come down here and then it is late night in America in Australia, this remember the laws of physics apply to us. It doesn't apply to anybody, right? And also remember, just as it's like now in Australia, when they look up in the sky, we see the moon. When we look up in the sky, we see that same moon both here and in Australia. So this is beyond our understanding but understand that gibreel Alice's Yoku Muhammad, aka the melodica ngvd will be seen on the night of later this Holy Knights they will come to the earth. That is how pious a holy and the Salaam peace, complete amnesty, all sins are forgiven. all sins are forgiven on that night. So this is that night to

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opportunity. There are mentioned that if the people of the grave were to ask, what would you hope for they would hope for one day of Ramadan, one extra day of Ramadan. That's one extra nights of Ramadan, so let's not lose it. I mean, we will conclude in sha Allah the last 10 verses of suka. And if you understand the journey that we've come on, that we began with the people of the cave and we continued our journey with a man with a two gardens we spoke about the beliefs and the tastes of life beginning and the end, we spoke about we spoke about Moosa Salaam and john Cornyn and when we ended when Allah mentioned the end of times when the Juju Juju will be released, and the Trumpet

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will be blown. Now we continue with our partner Johanna Yeoman, Lil Katharina bow, the day when the Trumpet is blown, and all of us will stand up. This is the day all of us will come out of our graves. On that day. Allah says he will make Jana in plain view, Johanna will be brought forward and the day of piano and we will stand and we will see janome and as the Quran mentions, we will year it scream Jana Maru shout to year, gentlemen, the people we will be in all of our sponsors they miss us will be in complete, complete despair, that the Adam is in plain view, not knowing Am I going to join them or not, but you will see the tears of it. And who are those who Allah says you bring it

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before those who disbelieved and letting the Canada union in and victory over canula yesterday in a seminar that Allah says the eyes were covered from my Vicar and the ears were closed up. Now. Sometimes we think this applies to the non believers, the non Muslims know, we had a sutra that told us about how to use our youth, how to use our wealth, how to use our knowledge, how to use our power, how to use our blessings, our children and our manual balloon that our children and our wealth is the beautifying things of this dunya What are we going to do with it's almost as I now gave you, my Vicar I gave you my if you've heard it for one month, what are you going to do with it?

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For those who just heard it and it did not change them? In this I responded we might fall into this, that the eyes and the ears were completely

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blocked off. It has not been a trade analysis. Has he been living in a tuxedo a bad evening dooney earlier in Atlanta January Katharina moolah, so Allah subhana wa tada mentioned something very important. There was a theme there was a motif throughout the surah. They were great people. They were only the people of the cave earlier. Peter Moosa, earlier lukewarm in a valley. So Allah began by saying, Do you think you can take my earlier as Gods besides me? What do people worship? They worship easily Salaam. They worship pious people cry much earlier. So Allah says, Do you really think that you will take my slaves My servants, as early as Gods as protectors besides me? The

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mother began by saying, well, you don't have to have a lot what Allah says I'm warning you don't exaggerate when it comes to pious people. They are those of us who are sincere, and we love and we want to do good, but we go extreme and overboard. In particular, pious people enact an agenda, McCaffrey and Lula for them. We peopIe jahannam as a neutral nominee and entertainment, that's where they are going to be lifting in the face of Johanna May Allah protect us? Who now oversees this question? And listen to this very, very scary cool. Hello. Serena, mala Shanna tell you what the biggest losers on piano. The Biggest Loser is not the criminal, not the tyrant. Why? Because he

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enjoyed his dunya he enjoyed his dunya so he knows what's gonna get in the era. But Allah says there are people who will have the biggest loss of all levena De La Salle philhealth dunya Sabina no sooner sooner. They spent their whole life in effort in worship for the wrong things. And they thought they were going doing good deeds. So when they come to km, Allah says you have nothing. All this worship all this prayer, not for Allah is only for other slaves besides Allah. So now all of it is nothing. They have zero on the day of tm una cadena capital that ultimately they just believe they didn't do it for the sake of Allah, be it? No, they didn't listen to the ayah have rubbed him

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the load when he called habitat and they disbelieved in this meeting for Habitat for Nokia monomial Nokia It was so on the deaf to the scales we completely empty. What is the same to us, that when we worship Allah, when we devote ourselves it must be done on knowledge, it must be done sincerely with knowledge. There are leakages out Johanna metalphoto do it. This is because this is the result of them. This believing in my ayat, and they took my messengers as as mockery, they were given Now remember, the sutra was a quiz, they asked the question, they got the answer. Right? They asked the question, you have the answer. What do you do with this message? Allah says if you don't do anything

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with it, then ultimately it was just a joke for you. It was just mockery. Now, we have to always check ourselves how much good deeds we are doing. Is it really quick, easy, done sincerely for the sake of Allah? Are we prepared to stand with Allah, it's gonna count with something. And it's a very scary prospect. And that's why we need to think our ibadah we balance it between two things, fear and hope. Now, as you as you recited through the Quran this month, you will have noticed that every time our maintenance punishment, it mentions reward, every time he mentioned his anger, he mentioned his forgiveness. And as we go towards the end of the month, we should always lean towards the mercy

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of Allah, we should be hopeful, we should think of those, those Hadith where the Prophet peace upon him says that even if you come to Allah with a world filled with sin, but you didn't come here, when Allah will forgive all your sins, He will come to you with a world filled with mercy. Hassan basally said, if you really understood the mercy of Allah, you would be you would be more happier the fact that Allah is judging you and not your own mother. Now, if we knew our own mothers was going to judge us, Mommy will never see me to Jannah Allah is even less likely to send you to Jana, that beautiful Hadith, where a lady thought she had lost a child, and it was in the middle of a battle.

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And she was screaming frantically looking for a child. And when she found her child in the middle of the battle, and she picks up this child, and she clings on to her son, but you can imagine the scene, the mother holding a child. So the Prophet sisters hava, Can you even imagine this lady flinging her throwing her child in the fire? Is it No, it's impossible. So the prophets have said, Allah is even more reluctant to punish anyone in Jannah. Allah even more merciful than that, but we obviously have a line which we should not cross. So Allah says, those who did not listen to the ayah you've been given the reminders, the surah is a miracle and you do not listen to you do not change.

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But as for those who believe,

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in alladhina, amanu, those of us who still listen to the surah and it we've heard the message and it's affected our hearts, and it will reflect our actions and our losses in the livina ama the believers are a little salty hat and they do good deeds always. You will have belief with action, belief with effort. You cannot say I don't make solid I don't do anything.

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My heart is clean No, you actions is an indication of your belief that your limbs and your tongue and your eyes these are the things that testify what's in the heart. The more good you do, the stronger your Eman is Allah says, those who believe and do good deeds can allow them to feel Newsela for them, they will be given Jenna to Phil dos as a place of enjoyment and entertainment. And we said What is this genital Filipinos? genital Filipinos is the highest level of gender. It is the top gender it is the gender with the only thing above it is the arch of Allah. Nothing above that. And yes, one Allah Allah says, For those who do believe and do good deeds, they'll get general for

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those. But isn't that everybody? They're going to get Jana gardens in those gardens inside the space of a dose, meaning, you know what you do during this month of Ramadan, even the greatest of Olia Do not force continuously for 30 days. They do not spend the whole night in Sala anybody evident probably what you have done and accomplished during this month. If the if you if this was your life, you would have the highest level of being an earlier you have experienced what it's like. There's no secrets, I was saying there's no shortcuts, there's no hidden knowledge, the people that will get the highest general feel of those, they do exactly what we do. They're just more consistent in it.

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And they're just more sincere in it. It's not that they spend every day enforcing an evident gadget, they just do half an hour of that you they don't spend all the time feeding people like we do now. But they feed one person a day maybe Subhan Allah so Allah says this genital filters, this highest place in general is accessible to everybody. All you need to do is believe quickly, and you need to need to do some good deeds consistently.

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We also mentioned here that even if we don't achieve and I know I've mentioned this hadith so many times, and this is the motivation for me, I hope it's the motivation for you that Jenna to fill those even if you're not so that's the highest category. That's the as I said, Bishop school agenda, that's the top gender is no place better than fill those, those is the highest level of gender, there are other levels and what whichever level we get will happen vanilla, but everybody, everybody will visit general fear dose at least once a week. We know that beautiful Hadith, that every Friday, all the people of gender will be gathered to genital fear those, all of us if we intergender I mean,

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even if we're not a resident of those who will be admitted once a week on the day of Joomla in general for those we will sit under the throne of Allah and Allah Himself will give a goodbye, He will speak to us and He will say to the people agenda every week, how have you found this agenda? How have you found your agenda? Is there anything more that you want? And the people will say, well, hamdulillah we have everything there's nothing more we can want. So Allah will say but I want to give you something more something better than Jana. What can be better than this agenda than Allah will say I will give you something that no one else has ever experienced. And Allah will remove that

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veil that covering between us and him and we will see a lot directly in genital filters. So this is the thing that we need to work for. Who knows this night these nine hours may be our chance to get in to our plot in general.

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These nine hours may be the distance between us in general fellows so Allah says Holly the NFL wants you to eat la una he will never ever will you desire to live it. You will never ever get bored of it. You know every blitzing your brand new car, you love it. After two weeks something basic comes out and the new you want something better your house No matter how much you love it, you're going to see a bit out you don't want it more your wife know you're always gonna love your wife read more and more and more that doesn't go but genital feel dos. Once you inside Jana to fit a dose, you will never want to leave it. They will be constantly something new every day to entertain you something

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new to explore some new thing to see. As we said, the one thing that is not in general is sleep. You will not have sleep in general. Why? Because they sleep you have infinite time. But you're not gonna have enough time to experience all the joys of Jenga, you're not gonna have time to sleep because even though you have a full infinite infinity, sleep is going to be a waste of time. There's too much fun to be had. So Allah says you will never ever get bored in general. nine hours for that. nine hours of the bed tonight. And the three days of the remains of Ramadan for that. That's a lot of giving us this balance Holly Dena liable una hora forever and ever and ever eternally. There'll

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be the neighbor will come out, never will they want to come out. And Allah concludes as he began the surah la began with the Quran and he concludes with the Quran. Allah says now I've given you the Surah colocado haddaway delicately Mattila de la

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Kalamata Robbie. Well, Gina v. Mehta say that if the oceans were ink, and we were to write using this ink, then the oceans would run dry before the words of Allah would be exhausted. Even if you were to bring another ocean like it. The they would ask for two stories. They got this whole surah as a response, who in Amman, Allah is again

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Saying and this is about exaggeration and worshipping others besides Allah will innama to the Prophet, unabashedly Slocum I am a human being but like you, I eat like you eat I sleep like usually I get hungry I get tired. I am just a human I but a human being mythical man like you except that Allah has given me why he's given me revelation. And Nima, ilaha illa. Why? This is the message of Islam. This is what we live on. This is what we die on. This is everything, that there is none worthy of worship of Allah, that there is no Allah other than Allah. He has not taken a son. He has not taken a partner. We are no other Olia. besides Him, they are no, no powers, even though

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coordinating the slave even with all these knowledge, he's only gotten that from Allah. Don't exaggerate the creations of Allah. So Allah says, say Mohammed, I am but a servant I am by the creation of Allah except that Allah has given me way for men can I actually call or be, this is the bottom line at the end of the surah This is what it comes down to. Allah says who ever have you hopes to meet me? You want to meet Allah and we all want to meet through Allah. Then just do two things for Liam and Eminem. saleha then do good deeds, whether you should be better to be ahead and do not compete with Allah ever. Two things he sees. Worship Allah sincerely worship Him alone, and

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saw the how meaning quickly

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worship Allah sincerely for his sake only to him and follow the Sunnah in the way you do it you got the perfect example. Don't change the way we worship. It comes down to how we worship is how are we going to be at the end of the day, follow the sooner correctly and be sincere in your ibadah and Allah says this is guaranteed you will meet me on pa you will meet me in general. Just do that sincerely for me. And it will be in accordance with the Sunnah and you're guaranteed Jenna that's it. That's all that counts. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless us that the surah may penetrate our hearts. May Allah guide us that we've learned from this lessons that he's shown us he signs May

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Allah subhana wa Taala grant us to follow it. But Allah accept from us our fasting, outstanding Allah grant us the strength to achieve all the blessings of the remains of this month. growth as you know forgiveness for we will fell short. May all of us have our sins forgiven. What when we leave this month by all of us have our sins forgiven? will be of those who mean questions last night's questions we said What is the name of the malady his name will be the same name as the prophets of Salaam which is Mohammed Abdullah? Mohammed that's the name of Imam and Maddie. When we ended up the last verse of the surah, Allah says, the two elements needed for you to be correct the two things

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that you need to do your eBuy there must be consistently that be done must be exclusively for Allah must be done secretly or must be done according to the Sunnah of the prophet SAW Selim. So the answer here these two answers if those two things are the libera is accepted, if not, then it's not accepted the two elements of evader you can once again you can visit the website and the just the message that he will be on Friday inshallah and we are planning to have an India here in the blue cup we're still waiting for the permit from the council but inshallah it will be in well street will just keep you updated for that. See traffic here and please, you have only a few days before please

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before before Thursday, try to give the feedback to the Buddha and the video as well.

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Wednesday Night sorry Wednesday night of night need to buy obviously parcels and give this to the poor people so please your finger on your video. The camera will continue up until the 29th night including to the nightlight and in the Maharaja and of course for those who'd like to feed people a family perhaps 3004 water food insha Allah we will just conclude with

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we'll just conclude in sha Allah to give thanks to our three who father have led us through the month of Ramadan we're sick of the law and yes seen they've come from for and they've you know spent with us this evening these evenings every night they were leading us in Sala and Allah subhanaw taala except from them and from us. They've made it quite easy. They never let us down so much vanilla frequency machine is 220 lockers on his own

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both both of them all of them young men as he stood in his honeymoon phase is recently married it's kind of like he came here of the largest as you know still very young kids and dealing with his sick the second second Mashallah right

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we only found out Friday Marcia, daughter powerful in Ramadan. So, you know, the these young men they've done a lot for us in just a token of appreciation from Brown Islam. We've been many years with us in Malaga wanting to be continued to be with us. Many, many I mean,

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the tallapoosa present a little gift token of appreciation. And you do as as the gym is even, you know the best of the best gift that we could give