Forgotten Sunnahs – Episode 02

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Episode Notes

What does your sajdah look like?

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AsSalamu Alaikum and welcome to another episode of forgotten suddenness today's session that deals with our prostration or since the during the prayer.

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In the hadith of evening I bustled the love that I knew about the Prophet subtle, I send them said certainly it has been forbidden for us to recite the Quran during the Iraq war. And besides that, meaning the bowing and the prostration he said as for the record, the bowing, then glorify the Lord in it well, I must sujood if I stay to fit do I said as for the such that then strive to make the in it as it is more deserving of a response meaning it is more likely that Allah will answer our prayer while we are in sajida. So the Forgotten sin is prolonging extending our size that spending more time in such depth and using that time to make dua and we know the person would prolong his size

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that as well. Another side point here, by the way, is that some of our scholars mentioned that the wisdom of forbidding the recitation of the Quran in the sense that is so that we concentrate on doing our and last kind of Allah knows best until next time, I said I'm on a call with the law he will Baraka