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Hola Hola. chatango James Miller man Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala it should have been when sending CNN Muhammad Ali he also ah my name my beloved brothers, Sudan Malik Omar Abdullah Barakatuh

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hamdulillah Malala mean always if we will begin with the praise of Allah Insha Allah, Allah and Allah will testify that he is unworthy of worship besides Allah and we send our love greetings salutations to beloved and me Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, despite impure family, just companions and all those who follow the Sunnah until the end of time. Well, lawmakers amongst them Amin Al Hamdulillah, I begin, I must say MUFE, to, to everyone and to the team, they either Juma planned earlier in the week is tomorrow, I'm going to talk and then some unfortunate events occurred if you're no good, you don't know even better. And I thought, okay, we need to address certain

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sectarian issues, the Shia Sunni things we're gonna do a series on, she has the slides already last night for the next five weeks. And I said, No, I don't want to do that. And then like five minutes, I told the guys in the theme, we're gonna go back to the original slides and they said, the quality is not very good, but inshallah hamdulillah we're gonna I think it's a bit too thick and inshallah if there is a need to do the citizen Shiism, as we're done, we did it but 2015 We did it before. So if we want to do it again, we can, but I think this talk inshallah is going to be better and more beneficial to all of us, also, and Hamdulillah I hear that this is the 400th that we've had, well,

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Hamdulillah, Allah grant us many, many more Insha Allah, much rather have this being my 400 foot by then she has a right.

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I showed up differently, people celebrated in different ways, incorrectly, and is what should be a celebration of victory over oppression, the victory of the small guy over the big guy, the victory of truth over falsehood, but confused and lost of this past few days. And I want to bring us back to that story. And the real story of the victory of Allah subhanaw taala and Nabi Musa and the vinyasa in overthrown and the defeat of Iran. And today Inshallah, we're going to talk about that moment when the sea parted and be Musa alayhis salam because that's what why we commemorate Assura at that moment when the Red Sea open and be Musa bunny Surah II was saved and ferroan was drowned. It is

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that moment of gratitude and sugar that we fast on that day. And it's also a reoccurring theme. That operation will always be the there will always be three rounds in the world, but ultimately, they will fail. And the operation will always succeed. It might take a long time, the oppressed will succeed. Now, if there was any villain in the Quran, then of course it is frowned upon from he believes he is the worst of the worst. And if there was any hero in the Quran, it is of course they'll be moosari salamis, the person that is mentioned the most by far by far, the person that is mentioned the most easily to be Musa and today when we think of superheroes, our Avengers, whoever

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they are, they are super people basically beyond they are not normal. And we almost ask how can we emulate them? Today I want to go through five moments in the life of Nabi Musa to see how human he was to eventually get to that moment when the reads he opened. Last week we said,

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do something special with this year, be brave and have a Nia to do something special? Sometimes very difficult not to be scared. Are we going to see that in sha Allah in this these five moments in Abu Musa life we begin with, if you want to change the world, from these five moments, there are five lessons. Number one, if you're lost, you don't know what you want to do. You don't know where to go. Turn to Allah. Nabi Musa starts with a malerkotla Musa Abu Musa, we find him in the middle of the desert wasabia Lee, he's lost in the desert. He doesn't know what he wants to do. Now he was physically lost at that moment, but also at the age of 40. He had no idea what was the purpose of

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life. He was on the run. He was an exile is living. You know a Bedouin lifestyle.

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You grew up as a prince he doesn't know what he wants to do with his life confused, and he's finds himself in the desert with his family, and he doesn't and a storm overcomes them we know the story. And then anisum in January two Dinara but he sees in the distance of fire

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and he says to his family on Google use the year in the US to NARA I see in the distance of fire. The only T caminha be hovering maybe I can go there and find some directions. Oh, just one minute na La La Quinta Stallone, oh, I can find some fire from the I can take from the fire and we can be kept warm. In another IRA. He says perhaps at the fire I will find guidance. Our image was guidance to get home. Allah deliberately use that word guidance in his life.

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You each and every one of us. No matter if you're confused in your marriage, in your job, whatever it is in your family, turn to Allah. You need to go towards that light.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala Yes, he can guide and you bring it you will come to you. But you have to take that step towards Allah. And so Nabil Musa asked to take the step out of his being lost towards the

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Light and he walks towards the fire. And when he gets to that valley and he sees this strange fire, but um, I knew Dr. Musa when he got to that place, he was called, oh Musa. The shock then Musa is completely petrified. He doesn't know where this voice is coming. And the voices in me and Rob Booker, I am your Lord, I am your Lord beautiful. Allah could have said, I am the Lord while I'm the Lord of the universe, but Allah made it personal. I am you Lord. So when each and every one of us turns to Allah, Allah is saying to you and me Mohammed, I am your Allah. I am your Lord.

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For now, like the first command is always a trivia question. What is the first command I'll give nobody Musa like officials, Nabi Musa, you are coming to approach me. These are the quorum. Your shoes are dirty. Below. In NACA bhiwadi. Look at the store you are in a very, very special place. Allah's voice is being heard. So it'd be Musa takes his shoes off. He doesn't know what's about to go on. And then Allah says, we're on our third target for STEMI, Lima Johar, I've chosen you. And this is for all of us. Allah Swan says I've chosen you to be here. At this moment in time. Allah chose you and me to be here in this Masjid at this moment in time. So let's see. So listen very

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carefully because you are of the selected few. In many and Allah The first thing I am Allah Allah ilaha illa Anna is not worthy of worship but me wouldn't be so worship Me. Were asking me Salah decree and always remember me make Salah and remember me. Rule number one, you want to change the world you want to do anything. Fix your relationship with Allah, that is the bedrock of the success. Now Musa has no idea what plans are ahead of him. Allah knows the plan is going to go against the biggest empire of the world. He is going to have to lead a nation he is going to have to change the course of history analysis first thing remember me worship me make Salah do that first let's do

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that. They could choose to make Salah begin the whatever problem you have in your life no matter how big it is, no matter what we want to change in the world Palestine Mala McKee grant victory for the Palestinians and the Muslim in begin with the ratio with Allah. Allah insisting that we Musa Musa is standing there and he had a stick and he was completely like, standing like probably one forgot that stick. Holzwarth tilaka Monica yeah Musa and what is in your right hand or Musa? Musa says, Carla here I saw this. This is my stick at our car they I lead on it. Well, who should we hire me and I chase my animals with it with the mid Bokhara and I do other things with it. And I mean Musa is

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mumbling Ha, ha ha yeah Musa. So Hola. Como esta Musa throw it down, drop it, and Nabi Musa obeys, and he drops it for an aha for either hire to Tessa and immediately it becomes alive as a huge snake that is moving very quickly. So it's not just a snake snake that is sitting there. It's a snake that is slithering all around him. Now, you come to a valley in the middle of nowhere, there's a fire with a voice coming out of it. Your your stick just turned into a snake you really you can imagine what is the normal reaction?

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Will superheroes don't get scared, but Nabi Musa is a normal person. And so when he threw his stick down, Allah says, And when he saw it, becoming a snake, he turned around and he ran away and he didn't look back. And Allah said, Stop, Musa come back, don't run away, come back. And don't be scared for you all safe. Allah subhanaw taala. When you with Allah, don't be scared, Allah is telling you to be Musa, do not be scared. And then Allah says, Whenever Musa came back into the valley by the hood, while the half now I want you to remember. In fact, if I say listen number one, listen number one is whatever problems you have in your life, turn to Allah and don't be scared. So

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he turned to Allah and Allah says could have what the half take it and don't be scared. Is he is nabi Musa picking up a stick, or is he picking up a snake?

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Is a snake. Allah says Pick up the snake and always trust me, pick up that snake and don't be scared, sending it to her Sirata hula, I'm going to I'm going to turn it back to its original way. Now Allah could have made it a stick. But Allah wanted to show in every Musa you have taught if you if you depend on Allah, you need to trust Allah. If you really depend on Allah, you need to you need to trust when Allah commands you to do something, pick it up and you will be safe, but it still looks like so of course there'll be Musa picks it up. Then Allah says what will be adequate Elijah and generika to hurt ubaidah mineral usuing I have no quarrel then Allah says put your hand in your

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chest take it out it's gonna be white. Now it would have been less traumatic for me Musa to do that sign first a liquid say put your hand in your chest. It comes out white. So then people say okay, this is easy. It's a light goes on and off. And then the snake part okay. But Allah first gave Nabi Musa sort of a trial by fire.

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Also you obeyed Allah in the one medical so he got a say

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second miracle when you trust Allah subhanaw taala when you with Allah, you will give you one miracle and he will give you even more than you bargained for. So Allah says, These are the signs I'm giving you an unhappy Musa Of course he says calm is feeling good this feeling okay? This is amazing. The Lord of the Worlds is giving me these two signs to do what it had been around in Ottawa. Yeah Allah, the One man that Nabi Musa has been running away from and avoiding. Allah says you got a mission, you have to go to Iran, because he is evil. To be Musa Gnosis evil. You need to go to Iran, you've got a big mission.

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So that is the first moment. When Allah subhana wa when we in difficulty, turn to Allah, Allah will give you guidance. Don't be scared, follow that guidance. The second lesson is if you want to change the world, after you've turned to Allah, you've got the mission. This is the mission from Allah, you can't do it alone. You need a team, no person even be Musa, the hero of the Quran, then a visa Salam, the greatest of Zambia, they didn't do it on their own. There's no such thing as a one man band in Islam you need and the biggest resource you can get is is the people around you. So then I'll be Musa knows what he needs to do. Okay, he understands I need to go to Iran and I to give Dawa

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to Iran. So then I'll be Musa says called rubbish rally Saturday Oh ALLAH Mickey you know, open my chest. Were silly Ambria make easy for me the stars were up to the melissani of power Kohli and grant me the ability to speak was your ally was Illuminati now he asked for something external to himself. Oh, that was internal for me helped me assist me Give me state so he says yeah, Allah I want to ask you for one favor. You could have asked anything good. It was given me a nuclear bomb. Give me a you know an army. The Gin is is give me my brother. What generally was Iran when Ali Haruna he lit my brother helped me to meet up with my I want a team. A team of how many people just

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want my brother Harun

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was gonna be Musa and shows you if it doesn't matter how big the team is, if you got the right people, that's enough. And the biggest resource that you need, you want to change the world you want to fix your muscles you want to fix you just need the right people by your side. And so he says yeah, Allah give me my brother Hold on, I should be angry that he will strengthen me or I should be angry and he will share this burden with me Canelo Sabir Kathira went nuts. goolka cathedra in neck in neck Quinta Bina pulsera. So that we together will worship you together, we will worship you, we will remind each other we will support one another. And so Allah subhanaw taala look at how Allah

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responds, you know that Allah gave Nabi Musa command his response wasn't some manual to Isaiah and obey I'm going here Allah you want me to go to Pharaoh and I'm going to allow me I'm not ready and give me support me. Allah's response Carla could call the UI layer Musa done. You got it. You want do you want her on as your supporter? I'm gonna make him an IV. He's with you. Whatever you need. Got it. Blank check. And Allah then goes further to tell him we're called Amanda Alec will manana alayka Murata Hora analysis Oh Musa, there's not the first time I've been answering your house. And so then Allah goes back in the history from when you were a baby. I looked after you I've always

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been watching over you. I've always been there with you.

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No matter how difficult we are, whatever difficulties we have in our lives. It's easy to think that now that I make dua, Allah is coming and he's intervening. Allah says I've always been there. I've always been protecting you from so many calamities, and that's all of us, not just Nabi Musa, all of us. And Allah taken away his prediction, we will not be none of us. So Allah says to me, Musa I've always been the I've always been protecting you. And he goes through how as a baby, he was, you know, gone down the river, the Nile River, and Allah's practices were unclean to Alikum habita mini This is perhaps one of my favorite parts of the Quran, the only person that I know of in the Quran

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when Allah says, and I poured my love over you, I washed my love over you as a child, and I watch over you as you grew up in the palace of Iran.

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So first lesson, you want to change the world. Turn to Allah and don't be scared. Number two,

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you have the mission, get the team and don't be scared. So now he's got the team and they're together and they have to strategize a plan. So in the next IEA Allah says either Ha, I was talking to two of them now now they're together. So some way the user union Nabi Musa leaves Jordan and he comes back through the Sinai desert and he gets to Egypt. And after 10 years, more than 10 years he meets his brotherhood rune and they reunited you can imagine what this must have been like. So now Allah is talking to both of them. So Allah says it hubba elaphe Iran in Abu Dhabi, the two of you need to go to Iran who is evil, you need to give him Dawa.

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Now I imagine at that point in time, the two of them were sitting down, Allah knows best and they were strategizing. Look, I know how to get into the palace. You speak about isa eel and you know, all you need to do is get into Philippine chamber, you throw that snake on him and eat him up. It's done. Allah says the cooler

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Her Kulu Kula who call and lane and go to him through the front door straight to him and speak nicely to him. Speak softly to frown. Get to that girl. Oh yah, maybe he will come right. So Allah subhanaw taala is telling them you need to go face to face with Iran, no sneaky business and you need to tell him how evil he is in a nice way and tell him you need to leave bunnies rot ill and he's an oppressor you must stop this oppression in a nice way respectfully.

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The two of them is color I'll be in the hospital and you can be born Nabi Musa ccja Allah Allah I'm this plan doesn't work for me they're not going to believe me.

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Again now because I'm scared. I'm scared they're not going to believe me. When you de Kusadasi and my chest is going to be I don't have the courage to do this. While young colloquialisms me and I can't even speak I'm going I can't speak now I'm not going to be able to speak in front of your own, but

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rather let Harun go because I have a penalty on my head

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when I'm what or whom I let them be and I've got a sentence of death on me. They want to kill on site for a half a year to do and I'm scared they're gonna kill me. So they'll be Musa gives a bunch of excuses. If your own is evil, they're not gonna listen to me. I can't even speak properly. Haroon is a slave. I have a penalty against me. This is not gonna work Allah. So you give us all the excuses and this is what we do. Sometimes we say Allah, this is wrong and that's wrong and all the problems in my life. The response from Allah is so beautiful Allah says Carla, No, Allah doesn't tell him no, Ron is not going to do this. Oh, it just says no, it's not gonna happen. Trust me. No.

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Further hubba Biya you to go with why is that in Nima aka Mr. Miyagi, and I'm with you, and I'm listening. Your job is just to do the plan I told you to do. I'm not asking you to do anything else I have given you the blueprint. Don't think beyond the plan. You just go and let me deal with the rest.

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So the lesson here,

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you have a plan.

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And not all the details are going to be in that plan. We know a few things that Allah has given us what to do. He's not going to give us the entire picture. Our job is to execute the command of Allah and not to be scared not to overthink it. Don't overthink things which is beyond our paygrade don't try to solve problems which is Allah's job to solve. Our job is to do the basics. Many times we want to change the world and we forget to do the things that we can do. And we discuss things that is not our beyond our ability color. They said again, right up until the last minute they about to go call the tormented Robina in nine and a half we scared yet Allah we screen we don't want to do this. Or

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you forgot to Elena Oh, and yet to fit our own is going to do some evil thing to us and he's going to really punish us severely. Kala, Allah says to the two of them that the HOFA the two of you don't be scared. In the markoma a smart Awara I am with you. I am seeing what's happening. I hear everything. Trust me. Don't be scared. It's difficult to let go of the fear. The fear is still there. They'll be Musa seen the signs. Now we have only seen the signs. They know what they need to do. They know it's the right thing. But the heart is not yet convinced they still skate.

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But anyway, they obey and Subhanallah as most of us we do things. Maybe we're not fully convinced, but we obey Allah because he commanded us and we hope for the best. So we know Nabi Musa goes and he needs to be around and he shows the sciences Allah He does exactly what Allah tells him to do. And he walks out in one piece. And he gets a second meeting now with the entire world watching with the magicians. So now that'd be Musa is going one man against all the magicians.

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So listen, number one, you want to change the world turn to Allah isn't number two, get your team going. Listen, number three, have a plan. Even if all the details are not the just do the plan. Don't fixate about what ifs and what ifs, and eventually you do nothing. And don't be scared.

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Number four executing the plan. Sometimes in the middle of it, it doesn't go according to plan. And sort of a Musa

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is now he initially thought I'm going to speak to Iran and now he finds himself up against magicians, guys doing magic, all kinds of tricks. And this is all the magicians of the world. People that claim that people working with gin and sorcery and Nabi Musa is not. We didn't sign up for this. And so he stands in front of this army of magicians, and they all throw the sticks and all become snakes. It's like a whole I don't know what to a herd of snakes.

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A school of snakes a flock of snakes, whatever it is a whole bunch of snakes

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for Oh Josephine FC he fatten Musa Allah says ma Musa got scared again.

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Nabi Musa escaped again every time I'd be Musa escaped. I mean, why is Allah telling us what benefit is it for us for Allah to say how many times they've been Musa escape? I mean, he's seen. He speaks to Allah. Allah speaks to him directly, but he's only human and he is terrified.

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Khulna Allah says I then I had to sort of

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Let's meet like waking up Musa Khulna Latifah Musa don't be scared again how many times Allah say Musa don't miss get in? Allah, you already won, you have everything you need to win. I've given you all the tools you need, you just need to execute what I've given you. All you have to do is the P mafia mimic drop your stick. That's all you need to do. I didn't ask you to fight with the snakes. I just asked you to drop your stick. You just drop the stick and I'll do the rest. Well, I like the mafia, Munich Telekom Puma Senado in nama Sana okay to say, Hey, what are you for surfing to Haiti. And Allah says, when you do what I tell you to do, that stick is going to obliterate the good will

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defeat the evil because Evil will never survive. Allah says to the above the magician's the plan will never succeed. And this is the same for us the plans of the corrupt even though they've got all the resources, even though they've got what we might think every all the cards in the deck, Allah says they will not succeed. You just do what I command you to do.

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For for the plan, look at the resources you have. You might have one stick and they have all these sticks. But what you have is enough. So you want to change the world turn to Allah, get your team ready, get a plan, even if it's not perfect. execute the plan. You have everything you need for it to succeed and don't be scared. I mean, Musa is still scared, but then we know it'd be Musa. Aha, you throw it, Musa asafoetida he attend Kakuma faircoin And immediately, it obliterated everything that they had brought forth. Allah subhanaw taala wiped them out.

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Now, we get to the moment of Ashura. Now, many many years later, the moment that we celebrate through fasting, it didn't just happen overnight, that we Musa didn't just walk up to the Red Sea like a macho man touched the sea and it opened. Now

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we know Nabi Musa takes money throw eel and they live secretly at night and Allah says to me Musa

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go with my servants at night you will be pursued fit only is going to follow you.

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You will be you will be basically walking into a trap. And Nabi Musa now got the memo, if Allah is going that direction, I'm going to go that direction. And so they don't realize that the people have been ESA has snuck out at night. And so he calls his people, these are any and this is the speech of their own and his army says to his army, these are indeed a gang of a few people. These are a few refugees, who have certainly angered Us. And we are powerful we are the most well equipped army in the world, the Navy Seals of, of Egypt of the Nile, the Nile seals, right, we are the strongest in the world. And so we will go and we will stop them and we're going to kill them and Allah says and

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so they live the palaces and all the guidance chasing off the bunnies that are ill, and they lift the treasures all the good that they had, they lifted

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so they pursued the chase after bunnies throw in at about Fajr time at sunrise. And as the bunnies saw em now get to the Red Sea because Allah says you go to that place they got the and they stopped to didn't know where to go. Now Nabi Musa Musa knows the deal. You just follow the steps Allah don't think 10 steps ahead, just do step number one that I was telling you to do. Allah said go to that place you went to that place, and waiting for an answer, no answer, and they're waiting and they're waiting. And now the army of Iran as caught up and in the distance they see them. And when the when the two hosts saw each other's Allah says when the to the when the army of their own soul the

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bunnies are ill, and the very surreal so the army of your own, the people of Nabi Musa says we are going to drown we're going to be overtaken, we're going to die.

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Now look at NaVi Musa response, he says Kerala, the same thing Allah said to him to him, Nope, we're not gonna die. I can't tell you how. I can't tell you what's gonna happen. I don't know the plan. All I know is indeed with me is my lord in Allah may Allah is with me. Yeah. And he will guide me and he will make a way for me. And so when he gave up his fear, when he trusted in Allah, that's when Allah open the seat. That is what Tawakkol is. When you give up all that reservations, not in yourself and you trust in Allah, Allah will open away from a dead end, you thought there's no way through this. I don't think there'd be Musa could have thought we're going to walk through the Red

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But Allah will open it up. But it's all about the workout. And every plan might not be the perfect plan. The resources may not be the best resources, the people may not be the best people. But when you have Allah on your side, that is all you need. You do what Allah commands and you will change the world. And Allah Subhan Allah grant us to learn from this implement in our life. And when we be when we be the heroes in our own lives, for the sake of Allah in sha Allah, Allah, Allah Subhana Allah bless us and grant us all the goodness of this year. Just a few announcements as we say that Hamdulillah we we want to thank everyone that supported our Mahara March that happened on Tuesday.

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It was wonderful, thank you for the support and those who attended and as a reminder that we had our meet and greet with our

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First matchmaking.

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Couples we hope to do another one at the end of August. And for anyone who is interested in joining, you can sign up and inshallah before the end of August we'll have our second one. As we said, if you want to do something special get married. It's a good thing to do this year with Lila, Salah and Muhammad, Islam, the serene having a little bit Alameda, Santa Monica