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Episode 16 Surah Al Adiyat ( The Racers)
Boorhanol Masjid, Cape Town

Shaykh Muhammad West explains Surah Al Adiyat:  Allah speaks of the metaphor of the charging of horses rushing towards the grave, man’s ungratefulness to Allah and the emptying of the contents of the grave.

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Are the reloading ministry Donna rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah,

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Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi, my beloved brothers and sister in Islam as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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night number 16 and we are now on the scene to the decline of the Ramadan, only two weeks to go in sha Allah and the split that month will come to an end. We therefore need to inshallah make the most of what remains, as we don't know if this will might be our last few days of Ramadan. Allah bless us in what remains, I mean, just a short announcement not to give you a by an before by end. But that hamdulillah this evening, we were very fortunate to host our orphans are often afar, we took the Muslim orphans from different orphanages and took them out in an excursion to the science center and then had them for a star and Hannah law. You know, what a great experience. And one of the messages

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that we spoke about was Ramadan is about understanding your blessings. The reason why Allah also wants to keep you away from food and drink now that it benefits a lot for you to feel hungry or to be away from your spouse laquinta Sharon, one of the things in the it mentions that you will appreciate what you have only when you see or when you're deprived of your blessings. Do you become appreciative and sitting with people that don't have parents that don't have families or homes? It makes you think Subhana Allah those people in our life, the most important people our life that we take for granted? Allah subhanaw taala Have mercy on our parents and our close relatives, our

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children, that and with regards to the orphans, we know how important it is in our Deen. So many of the ambia were orphans or raised by single parents, the prophet or son was an orphan. Nabi Musa grew up basically away from his family in Ibiza, single mother and obese man away from his family and abusive away from his family spondylolysis it's sort of the legacy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And it makes us makes us think and wonder inshallah and just to on a high note, sitting with some of those wonderful kids, one of the boys was telling me, he's got a scholarship, he's studying at Weinberg boys, he's 22, which is half with another girl, 14 years old. She just finished her Quran

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last week. So hamdulillah these children are not despondent, they don't look down on the circumstances, they are excelling and they're happy. And they are, you know, and that's the message for us that whatever difficulties we have, people have with a lot worse and do a lot more. So may we learn from that? I mean, 100 in the backyard. And this is a pseudo turtle. What was the idea, Baba? Very interesting. Surah very strange suit, I could say, I can't find in the Quran, something similar to the way the sutra is structured. It's very much like a poem, and it's one of the very early makansutra has given over revealed in a poetic style like the Arabs would bring about poetry. And

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I'll recite some of the verses and then translate them. And I will ask you to think about what do you think the surah is all about? And there's a very divergent FRC on this many different def series. So Allah begins to be similar to him with the idea to dhaba by the races, the races with the charges or the courses penting fall Maria de cada and the producers of sparks when striking Furthermore, de la de su baja and those who ambush in the bright morning for a third a third NaVi Naka stirring up thereby clouds of dust for SATA NaVi Gemma arriving day by in the center collectively. Now what do you think the surah is all about? What do you think it's that introductory

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piece is about what do you imagine

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what do you think about what is this thing by horses running and charging and this is how the Arabs in the past would make poetry and and we will see the link between this and the rest of the surah so Allah gives us very captivating image about well idea to who these were the fastest horses and they were female female horses are faster than male stallions the means were faster. So the female horses charging so fast that she's painting She's out of brief

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for Maria de cada and as she is running so fast her feet are striking the ground causing it to spark sparks are flying that's how fast she's running. Fall movie rocky superhero movie rod is used to describe when one group ambushes an enemy or bandits ambush a group of people super hard and they do this during the morning time bright morning time in broad daylight there ambushing another group of people for a thorough Navy Naka and as they are running and charging dust is they are covered and stirring up dust for wasabi Gemma and they are in the center of this cloud of dust. Then Allah subhanaw taala we said all these are

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making awesome he's vowing by these things to get to the point and the next is vanilla. How does this link up Allah says in Santa Clara de la canoed indeed.

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Mankind to his alot to his robe is extremely ungrateful. How does that link up with those things? If we maybe go but let's first do word for word and then try to get the image overall. In an insane we sit inside is mankind lobby to he's the one who nourishes him created him looks after him nurtures him like a nude cannot is extreme ungratefulness It's a person a Canute is a person who when you do good to him, he doesn't say thank you, he doesn't do anything positive, but the minute you do something negative or forget about him, then he will attack you and He will abuse you. Or even worse than that the good things you do for him he uses against you. Maybe you lend him some money and he

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uses that money thereby to maybe damage your business or harm you in some way. This is a kind of wood. So Allah says that incense to his Allah is a kindness to Allah we are connected. We're in delicata Shahid and in Sun you yourself always saying Allah Delica Allah Shaheed you be witness yourself to that, that you are ungrateful to Allah subhanho wa Taala we're in the hula hoop will have the luxury and this insane, he is deeply and intensely in love with wealth and the comforts and the higher meaning the enjoyment of this dunya. Again, we still trying to link what is the initial phase of the surah about horses charging to this second part. So the surah is three parts. First

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part is about the discharging. Second part is about man being ungrateful, and being witness that he's ungrateful, and he loves a lot of good things. Then Allah goes to the last part of Allah, Allah, Rama philippou. But does he not know that when the time comes when we will fit our means to search or scatter, like you know, you put your hand in a box looking for something, when the time comes, when we will search and scatter inside the keyboard? We'll look for something inside the keyboard while cinema is to do and then we will find what is in the hearts in the pseudocode in our above him yoma in the hobbit indeed they load with them on that day is well acquainted with

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everything. So how does the sutra link up one of the toughest cities that look at your life, you will like the hose charging, full pace, full speed. But what is objective to harm and to ambush Allah has given you all this blessing, all this good, all this ability, and you use it to do evil to do wrong and you find yourself in the midst of this wrong and then your life ends. Unless is all that you do. Nothing is for the sake of Allah, all that Allah gives you and the kindness he shows to you. It's done to actually cause corruption and evil on this earth, or not even consciousness of Allah. And you are witness to that, that if you pause your life, and you look at how you spend your

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time, how you What are you rushing towards you, yourself will witness what am I really doing? Is there anything beneficial? That when I enter the grave one day, all the efforts I'm doing what is the actual purpose of my life? I saw a few weeks ago maybe I think last week there was a gentleman notice. It says the sister passed away. She the mate will be leaving bishops court at this time, she will be going to the masjid and then she'll be buried in Johnson road nakara. Same same day someone else passed away Mitchell's plane, go to the masjid Johnson or maqbara probably the same clock, the two of them will be neighbors. One was in bishops coats the one was in Michelle Mitchell's plane,

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it's behind Alison, what was the purpose of having a movement? You know, we don't we don't judge in terms of the deeds. But the things that we are racing after charging after what benefit is that going to be Allah is going to say, when you into the keyboard and we search inside the for what's inside, and we take out what's in the pseudocode what's in the chest, what what is really going to be the benefit analysis, we will we will show you and we know on kiama will make it expose that which you raised towards. So Allah is in the surah basically reminding us that we are charging towards a destination our life is this rat race. Pause it for a minute, look at where you're going.

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Because ultimately you're going to get to the copper and what are you going to take with you to the copper? What are you going to take with you to the copper Don't be blinded by the dust and the rat race of this dunya. So now Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us and protect us. May Allah grant that when we into the copper and Allah opens up our cupboard, what is inside are the treasures of goodness and good deeds. And this month, these few this two weeks left is an opportunity to fill our grave with treasures of goodness to fill our grave with good deeds, the things that are really going to count in the akhira the things that are going to stay with us that permanent investment is to be

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had in these last two weeks. The best nights of the year are coming up. So May Allah make our scales heavy metal will make our grave a place. A glorious place in sha Allah. Just one analogy I'd like to leave with you one of the machines in Saudi Arabia.

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You know, he students heard that he was moving and he said yeah, you know you're moving you never told us you know, we come to your house every day for

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clauses once you leave where you're going to go, so he says, I'm not moving. Well, I'm moving, but I didn't tell you where I'm gonna go. So they insist tell us where you where you're moving to. So I gave them an address. And when they came, they said they found it was the maqbara. So he said, I'm moving to the maqbara one day. And when the you know, when the people heard he was moving, they wanted to give him money to build a house. He said, No, no, no, I am building my house in the muck Parra, but it's not nothing that wealth and money can acquire. That's what we need to do. We want those mansions those beautiful places we work hard for it. Well that's where we're gonna go very

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soon. And that's what we need to work for some Allah grant us Our abode in the cupboard to be better than the place that we have in the dunya may be a place of happiness and contentment for us and for those who are they already Allah bless them with happiness, joy Rama masirah and Baraka, I mean masala signum, Hamad shala we continue with our quiz tomorrow inshallah we'll talk about spiritual quality, the calamity that escapes us surah will discuss this tomorrow inshallah the calamity the great calamity. And then as for the question of last night, we said if the scales of some people on piano though the deeds will be weighed, and some of them the scales will be equal, the good and bad

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will be equal left and right. What will happen to them they will go to the art of they will be the as hobbled out of this wall between gender and gender, they will stand there for a long period of time until Allah interest into gender. So that's the people of the earth. Then as for tonight's question, what animal is the surah mentioning the idea? What are they with a sheep?

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Okay, the next slide inshallah

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it's quite easy. So then so this tonight's question where the sheep were the authors were the whales were the sharks. And what are those who are charging and racing inshallah easy? Easy one it's it's Saturday, it's Saturday, so we will give it to Felicia.

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And then we will have now are lucky because that'll make the I hear the prizes a lot better this week?

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Yeah, unfortunately, you can't win this week but the prizes are very good. Some good prizes up for grabs and also they said that policy from the committee we must have two male winners and two female winners even if we get more and more we'll discard them only to be completely you know, fake inshallah. Let's see. Spider Man Rahim.

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Junaid claims with juneja

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then we have to

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shove it somewhere better. I mean,

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Jacobs Jacobs

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not yet

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Hello We Ali

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is here.

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Okay, so there's a price for the sister upstairs. Right?

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She Shia natya

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at Nan, Nan we already know. We can finish Allah Nan Nan hamdulillah and then Mashallah komati can also win inshallah

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I don't know what the Imam though but the committee again Iran Iran we knew already Iran one last week. Yeah Iran one unfortunately.

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Yes, Sara.

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Hassan, Hassan. Mashallah, Hassan. Hassan some. We got to one more for the sisters and one for the sisters.

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ladies, gentlemen. Alhamdulillah. So Exactly. We'll continue our quiz next week was Allah say Mohammed? Islam mousseline hamdulillah Vladimir Assalamu alaykum wa barakato