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Episode 15 Surah Az Zalzalah (The Final Earthquake)
Boorhanol Masjid, Cape Town

Shaykh Muhammad West explains Surah Az Zalzalah and the final  earthquake of the hour when it throws out its burdens  which includes columns of gold and silver and the bodies of the dead along with their secrets


AI: Summary © The upcoming "offensive" event is a celebration of the birth of a child. The event is shaking and overwhelming, causing people to be thrown out of their homes and killed. The event is called the event of the Earth shaking, and the Earth will testify against it. The event is also called the event of the Earth shaking, and people are encouraged to use their own weight of good and bad deeds to measure their success. The weight of one's scale affects their chances of receiving a reward, and viewers are encouraged to contribute to a quiz.
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Are the voluminous shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala ashrafi mursaleen. Sade now Mohammed in weida early he was a big marine. My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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How y'all doing?

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placement to Allah subhanaw taala was granted us to reach the 15th nights of Ramadan. And half the month has now you know, basically done. We've got 15 to go two weeks, just two weeks time we'll start talking about Eden, you know, outfits and all those things, but within these two weeks vanilla the best of Ramadan is still with us later to Qataris perhaps coming in the next two weeks in sha Allah and what in no matter how tired we are and how much how cold it is, we make the other we have the strength to get the maximum every second of this month that remains is so precious. And the allama would say that whenever you make a burger, ask yourself if this is the last How would I make

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it if you were told that this is the last Ramadan you're going to get this half of Ramadan? Is that it for you? It's enough if you get it you enough to get to gender enough to get your sins forgiven, but that if it needs to come from Allah grant us that ability, I mean, today inshallah we speak about the very scary surah and it's when we discuss the surah remember this is discussing me and you a situation which you and I we will see this we will be the for this event. We will witness this firsthand. We will be there together and we will see this sewer to zella the earthquake

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in terms of the sewer there are few weak narrations you might even find it intermediate. We, the Hadeeth mentioned whoever recites surah Zilla it says even though he's recycled half the Quran, and this hadith are very weak, even though they're found in very prominent books of Hadith, some of the LMR have said while we might not say that you get the reward of reciting half of the Quran, but the meaning and listen of Zulu delta is equal to half the lessons of the Quran. So, we find this hadith relating to the surah in these books, What does zela mean? linguistically zelle, Salah is when you lose your footing you cannot stand on the surface because it is shaking something which is

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convulsing, which is is a shock, it emits an earthquake. And if you look at the word Zelda, and what's wasa and damdama, what do you find this repetition, right? It repeats itself. And these words are repeated because they happen frequently. So Zelda is a shaking that doesn't stop. And what's wasa is a whispering that doesn't stop meaning shavon is always whispering and dumb Dharma, that punishment that Allah sinned against the people of novicida. It continued in did not abate. So it's a continuous action. That's why it's repeated. This is from a linguistic side. So we begin the surah Allah administrate on rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim era zoodles Isla de la Rosa, when the earth is

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shaken with its earthquake with its Xan meaning with its special earthquake. Now the earth has always had earthquakes. But Allah says there is its special earthquake, meaning its last and final earthquake when that event occurs almost talking about a time when the earth will have its greatest and final earthquake. And in Sudoku Hajj. Allah subhanho dialysis Yeah, un s O O O mankind itakura beroukhim have consciousness and fear you load in SL Sati Sati Sati, chez vous Nadeem, that valey, the earthquake of kiama of the hour is something truly terrible and extremely awful and big. So Allah says on kiama, there's going to be a massive earthquake. And when that earthquake happens,

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mankind will be in a drunken state and Somalia might have mentioned either out of fear, or because they won't be able to stand. You could see someone that is unable to with drunk he's not able to stand properly. All of mankind will feel the shake. We will feel that's that mighty earthquake of Kiana so Allah says, when the earth gives its final earthquake, this mighty earthquake, what's going to happen? What Roger, I will do a thought it as we'll see that

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when the earth gives its final earthquake, and it expels it throws out its burden, the earth will spit out its burden, or what is the burden that the earth is keeping inside of it? One Hadith in Muslim, the prophet also says on piano the earth will throw out its gold and silver and the murderer will come and he will see all this mountains of gold and silver and he says, Did I like it really kill someone for this? What benefit is it today? The thief will say Did I really steal in my hand was cut off for this. This useless gold and silver and someone will say that I really cut off my brother. I cheated my brother I cut off my ties of family goes

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This, the other interpretation. And if you look at your two inch ecoc, when Allah mentions the earth will sort of give birth to something, it will expel something like a mother giving birth. What is that? The bodies of the dead. This is the burden when the earth throws out our bodies on the Day of Resurrection, that it's all there is the thing that is heavy on the earth, and the earth discharges its burden. Many Allah mentioned the dead, and the sins of the date that the earth will throw out. So as we are being thrown out of our kubu and it is shaking this massive shaking, and it's throwing out gold and silver.

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We're calling in Sonoma, insane. mankind will say what is wrong with this earth? What's wrong with the ground? Why won't it stop shaking? Why is it doing this? And insane? The word insane comes from Do you know why we called insert

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from Nissan because we are forgetful. In some the word insane comes from misia. And to be forgetful, maybe Adam was forgetful. We said this before that because of our forgetful nature. So we will forget even though Allah has told us about this event, we will forget about it when it really happens. And also, instead of saying nasty, man, humanity will say What's wrong with it? A lot puts us as individuals will all stand together. But we'll be alone on that day. And we will think to ourselves, what's wrong with the earth? Why is it doing this

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Yeoman eating on that day to have a baraha it will report its news. Now Allah is saying yo Ma, even like a warning be way that they, when that day comes Allah saying, When that day comes, it will report its news, who's it here who's also speaking about stole the earth, when the earth shakes and the earth throws out? Its its contents, and the people say what's wrong with it, Allah is still talking about the earth. So on that day, the earth will explain and report the news. And what does this mean? In a hadith of theory, the prophecies very early, it's information, the news the earth will tell, it will testify against every male and female servant about what they did on the surface

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of the earth. It will say that he did such and such a thing on this day. And on that day to Subhan Allah, we only think of the angels that are recording, but the earth is also recording for good and for bad, the earth will say this is where you made solute, this is where he made solar on my back. This is where he committed this, how long will that hold on. So the earth will also testify against us or for us, B and Rebecca ohada. The earth will speak why because your load your load, made ye to be commanded to do so YOLO told the earth to speak now what he we usually associate what he was revelation. But you find other parts of the Quran, Allah will say that we made ye to the B and that

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he believes makes ye to his friends Why is like a private conversation, a conversation which no one else can hear. So Allah says Allah will speak to the earth privately and the earth will begin to speak its secrets and say everything of what we did yoma even now listen again on that day, by the way that day, yes to NASA hashtag Li euro Amala him on that day. Now it's not it's not insane, people humanity will depart and will be broken up into groups so that they could go and see what they did. So kiama is a long process, Allah protect us of the events is that you are standing and the earth will be shaking. And eventually we will people will be grouped into certain groups, this

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group and you will learn a lot that will be the beginning an indication of where you are when you are in the company of bad people. SubhanAllah you know you're in the wrong group. Why was I with them? Why did I take them as my friend, one of the ayat in the Quran the it says the wrongdoers will bite their fingers and say why did I take this man as my colleague? Why did I take him as my friend now we standing here together so people will be in groups on that on the day of karma. And they will be like herded, this is your way your way to go and see the results of your actions. The Euro America home so that you may be shown what you did. For me I'm always color wrote in her euro euro

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Amaya melmoth color Ratan Sheree euro. So whoever does an atom's weight of good you will be shown that deed on piano, whatever good you did, how small it might be how big it might be? every cent of good every minute of good everything of good. Allah will show it to you on piano. When a man with color rotten Sheree era and whatever sin no matter how small, how tiny it was whatever tiny lie one thing you looked with your eye or listen to something hold on for a second. It will be brought forward and shown to us and then Allah subhana wa tada will weigh those two deeds. So Allah says mezcal is the

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awaits, you will be weighed the good deeds against the bad deeds and look at Allah's mercy in terms of terms of weighing. Allah says Mangia, I will have said it, fella who I shall, I shall.

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I'm fairly sure that whoever does one good deed, Allah will multiplied at least 10 times without any limit. But whoever does ascend, you will only get the weight of that sin. So for every good deed, you have 10 times the weight of that. And still Allah rewards you for intentions of good deeds, but Allah does not punish you for intentions of bad deeds. So Allah says, If I multiply the good by 10, I reward you, for the Nia that you have good. I give you these bonuses like Ramadan, and hygiene later to quarter How is it then that your bed the stove is more than your good deeds? You only have to do basically one thing compared to the good the bad deeds, right? Just the if you did equal it

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will be 10 times more How then can you have more sun than good deeds. So once the deeds are being weighed, what's the outcome? If the scale is going to be put there, and your deeds are going to be weighed? What's the result? Firstly, anyone who is a villa Sheikh he worshipped someone besides Allah, it will nullify all his good deeds, it will take all his good deeds multiplied by 00, good deeds schilke will completely nullify every single good deed. And therefore the people who come achieve will go directly to jahannam. Allah protect us.

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If your good deeds outweigh your bad, even if you have a lot of bad deeds, but you did a lot of good as well. So you find people that commit sin. But as they commit sin, they try to do more good, they give in charity, they still smile, and they're good to people. And that makes sense. And they still committed sin on the side. If the good deeds outweigh the bad, Allah will automatically forgive the bad and into you to gender directly. If your bad deeds outweigh your good deeds, but you are a believer, you did not come a chick. Now you're in a dangerous position. Now you're in a very problematic position. Either Allah can forgive all those sins and interviewing to gender or a luck

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and assign a term in Jannah for you to pay for those sins, especially major sins. And that's why we make do is a lot to remove them through Toba. When you raise your hands, Allah forgive me Have mercy on me, I was washing away those sins that wait that's on us that visitor that burden on our backs and on our scales, I was removing it. And when we make this do it in Ramadan, Aloma in Nicaragua, winter will fall under our law, you are the one who erases sin, and you love to do it. So do that for us. Not only will that weight be zero, it won't even be visible on your scale. So sometimes, you know, sometimes you make an error, or there's a credit against your like, if you think of a bank

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statement, there's a credit, but the bank says it's been reversed. So you still see the credit. And then you see the reversal. This will even be wiped out from your record completely awful. So we ask Allah to wipe that away completely. This is for the person whose bad deeds outweigh his good deeds, but it didn't come a check. So then he might be assigned a penalty in jahannam. And depending on the extent Allah will forgive him, and then enter him into gender. And then the last kind of person a very unique situation is we scaled by level. He didn't come at some. I mean, he didn't come a chick, but he's good deeds and bad deeds are equal. The scales are level, what happens to this kind of

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person, he goes to a place between john and john called are off, there's a surah in the Quran surah are off, which speaks about these people who will stand between Jenna and Jana for a long, long period of time, and Allah will show them gender and show them jahannam and they won't know which way they're going to go. But eventually Allah will forgive them and into them into gender. But the punishment would be to stand and look at gender and not being allowed to enter it and look in jahannam and feel as if though, they might fall into it, until Allah will forgive them and into them into Jenna. So let's make our scales heavy in sha Allah, this Ramadan, if we haven't done if we look

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at our life, and we feel we haven't done enough good remember one good deed in this month of Ramadan is multiplied by, you know, we cannot imagine. Allah says about the person who fasts. That reward is so great, I can't tell you how great it is You must come for yourself and sit on piano. So let our scales we made the heavy with good deeds in these last few days of Ramadan and let us remove the sentence from our lift scale. I mean, tomorrow we'll discuss sudra an idea to the races the ones who charge discuss the pseudo tomorrow. And as for our quiz, last night's question, the Hanif way, the way of the Hanukkah is associated with which nebby nebby Ibrahim alayhi salatu was Salam.

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And as for tonight's question,

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if scales are equal on the day of piano, then the destination of such a person is we will as he go does he go to gender? Does he go to jahannam does he go to

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are off. Where does he go to the sea raft? Which way does the do the people whose scales are equal in shoreline, just a reminder that tomorrow would have stayed out too late and also would have thought with our orphans. anyone like to contribute please speak to the Talib Allah Subhana Allah bless us And forgive us. I mean we're Salalah signum hamadryad eosinophilia mousseline Alhamdulillah leblond, amin assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah