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Episode 17 Surah Al Qariah (The Striking Calamity)
Boorhanol Masjid, Cape Town

Shaykh Muhammad West explains Surah Al Qariah: The striking, terrifying sound of the coming of Qiyama. The weighing of the scales and the success or failure on the day of Qiyama.

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shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam O Allah Shafi mursaleen syedna Mohammed matar early he also have eedge main My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam, the Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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are y'all doing?

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You look very tired. I feel very tired and Swan low we can see the numbers turning out and it's very, this is usually the part of Ramadan we the intensity drops a bit before the last 10 nights begin. And just a point to note that the 17th of Ramadan in particular, which is tonight, a lot of the scholars think even including among Buhari image Jeffrey, they mentioned that if it's not in the last 10 nights of Ramadan lay a little quad that is probably the 17th of Ramadan, because of the number of events that have occurred on the 17th of Ramadan, like the Battle of butter and many other great victories in the history of the oma occurred on the 17th and there's a very strong opinion of

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the 17th of Ramadan. It was outside of labor to cuddle fell outside of the last thing, it would be on the 17th so it's a very important night and the night way we should not be laxed as tight as we are inshallah make a little bit of extra effort. I speak to myself first as well. I mean, we continue with our Tafseer and tonight insha Allah and we keep the suit on in mind as we go through Ramadan, because the reality will speak about the very skinny surah of Algeria, which is the calamity, Allah subhanho wa Taala begins the surah

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or the relationship regime and Korea the Striking Calamity. Now, Claudia is a loud noise that scares you and terrifies you. Maybe if you screech a bang and it frightens you, this thing is called a Claudia. So Allah begins Korea the loud noise that scares you. melancholia. What is that striking noise and that calamity? Wha Adderall, Kamala Korea and what will make you truly understand what this calamity the striking noise really is? And many of them have Assyrian said that aporia is one of the names of piano. And the noise that he's referring to here is the noise of the trumpet. And Allah subhanaw taala mentions and the trumpet had been blown. When the trumpet is blown. All those

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who are in the heavens and the earth will fall down pass away will die. Except those who are lower than when it is blown for a second time they will automatically stand up. So we know there's a special Angel called Israel field, who is in charge of blowing the trumpet and his lips are on those trumpet already. And he's staying at a lot of Allah subhanaw taala not blinking waiting for the command to come because he does not know when Allah will give him the command to blow the trumpet, and he does not blink and so the proficiencies describes his eyes. They have become like stars because it's constantly fixed on one spot waiting for the command to blow the trumpet.

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And Subhanallah we don't don't change the slide yet. There is a surah in the Quran that is similar to an Korea it begins similarly

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to Morocco and Korea, there's another surah that also begins like that for a spot price with Surah Al Hakka who mentioned

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someone said it

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was given on the slides will Hannah la mochila but I'll help and it's interesting circle hacker begins like this as well hacker also one of the names of kiama

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malhar other aka man ha ha ha the inevitability ality what is that inevitable reality and what will make you know the inevitable reality and in the next I hear the word Claudia is is used Canada but the Moto Adam bill Korea. So Allah has these two suitors appear to be linking and if you look at some mood, they were destroyed with what a great sound bang huge bang and in the next ayah even though we know it was destroyed with wind Allah calls that when subtle siren a screaming wind so it's a noise this Claudia Allah is linking it up with a noise that terrifies you. So Allah says when that noise is heard, and that trumpet is blown, and obviously kiama will begin panela and then it'll

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blow again and we'll all arise after kiama so on that day Allah says yo Miyako, NASA Calif urashima Bluetooth on that day when people all of mankind will be like moths dispersed we will be running around frantically in no direction left to write not knowing where to go in sign will be like the like these maths all of us What a cool Java local element fouche and the mountains will be like fluffed up Whoo. So the mountains you know, if you were to take wool, or feathers or up your pillow, the good example your pillow when you try to make it heaped up, you fluff it together like that. So the mountains will be shaped and banged together like that Swan Allah Allah subhanaw taala and

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obviously as they bang together, that terrible noise that you can imagine will be sounded when the mountains correct

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against one another, that is also part of this imagery. So I was putting you this time is going to happen with a steerable sound is going to occur, we will be running around, aimlessly out of fear mountains or hitting one another Alesis for a moment Aquila Xena, who, that who ever on that day his scale is heavy, but who he shot in raw there, that he will be in a pleasant life without any concern. So whoever scale is heavy on that day, when he will be he will get an America and Asia is a life without any worry, or all the full of joy. There's two ways of speaking about life. Life can be hired. Highest is normal living but marisha is an easy life. So he will have a life with no worries

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in it. And it will be filled with with happiness. We spoke about this about the scales being weighed. And the prophets of Salaam says that the heaviest thing on the scale what things will be very heavy some deeds are light on the scale, and some deeds are very, very heavy on the scale. So what are the good deeds away the most often though heed, worshiping Allah alone which is the heaviest thing on the scale prophets Allah says Allah good character treating people nicely smiling with people speaking well with people this will be the mightiest thing on the scale and there are some people who might not have made a lot of salah and have car but they were beautiful human beings

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to other human beings. And these scales will be heavy on that on that day. So he will have an easy life without any worries and complaints that he won't be afraid of what's happening that day. What I'm and how Fatima was he knew who but as for the one who scale is light, meaning his good deeds are empty. These bad deeds are heavier than his good deeds, as well. Now look at this is very interesting, very scary. I it says for EU how we are on is what your mother when his mother is going to be alive are going to be how we were madaraka here and what will make you know what is how we watch how we are now on Hermia so how are we here is a a huge bottomless pit. And Alice is this how

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we as an only a pet that has no bottom? It is now don't hire me it is filled with extremely violent hot, angry fire. So Allah says his mother will be this abyss of fire. Why mother because I mother and I picture someone in the womb of the mother, the people of Jana will be in this room of fire of interest. This is Alesis for his mother is going to be that and he will be completely erect all around by this how we may Allah subhanaw taala protect us and these are the nights to get as much as the farm Allah grant us that we never come close to seeing this place. Hearing the Korea seeing how we are being inside jahannam Allah Subhana Allah protect us forgive all our sins that our mistakes

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smell love. Make us mean without our shadow Ramadan meaning May Allah liberate our next from the fire of the janam amin alarming hamdulillah we continue to Castle tomorrow in sha Allah. As for our quiz, we said yesterday so to add yet what animal was being discussed the suitable idea to dhaba versus an answer number B is correct to 19. Charlotte's question very easy, what weighs the most on the scale on karma between charity fostering good character and Hajj? The provinces which of these deeds will weigh the heaviest on the day of the AMA? answer that question insha Allah and then the cards have been given out and Alhamdulillah we are now going to soon will be entering the last 10

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nights so all of us continue to increase new good deeds and make dua for each and every one of us is the announcement.

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Yes, so the therapists reminding us that we're getting close to the end of Ramadan which means fitrah must be given before eat and and in reality, what we should do. One of the opinions of the scholars in fact many majority of the scholars said fitrah should be given in terms of kind, not cash. But when we when we when you distribute to the recipient of fitrah if they don't receive money, they receive food, the person who receives fitrah but it's difficult for each and every one of us to buy food substances. So we have like the manager who collects the cash, they will buy the food and they will distribute it so you don't give the money the day before because he's celestial

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by the food and then distributed so please fitrah is it 40 Rand with Italian

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fitrah is 1440 grand this year fitrah for every all the minimum is 49 years for every member of your family young or old, wherever they might be footed and inshallah thinner and thinner and as well for every day unable to force feed your children to sakala height or solar system hamadryad setting from notable admin sermonic morphological