Mary Challenges that Bible mentions Jesus pbuh is God in Gospel of John 3-16

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Good evening, Dr. Becker night,

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says Mary, I'm a Christian and banker by profession. My question for you is based on your statement that

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nowhere in the Bible it's mentioned that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. And based on my knowledge and understanding of Bible, I have picked up two verses, to quote, and I would like only your clarification in the light of Islam. The first one is Matthew, chapter three, verse number 17. And low a voice from heaven, saying, This is my beloved Son, in whom I'm well pleased. The second is john, chapter three, verse number 16. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son. So whosoever shall not die, but have everlasting life strike.

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just to correct your statement, you made a question saying that. I said that nowhere in the Bible it says that Jesus Son of God, and never said that nowhere in the Bible is it mentioned that Jesus is what I said, There is not a single unequivocal statement. In the complete Bible. There is not a single unambiguous statement in the complete Bible, where Jesus Christ will be upon himself says that I am God always in worship,

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and never said, the Bible does not say Jesus, the Son of God, what I said, There is not a single unambiguous statement, not a single unequivocal statement. In the complete Bible, where Jesus Christ peace be upon himself says that I am God always a version. If you point out any such two statements amrut accept Christianity, if your question assumes that son of God means Jesus is God, where he will reply to your question. Many Christians think that just by the statement, Son of God means Jesus is God. Sister, do you know in the Bible, Adam is son of God, he for me, Son of God is the only son of God. God has got sons by the tons in the Bible. That means you have ended your Bible

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sister. So do you mean to say all of them are God's is Adam, God is a friend God is Israel God, no, Son of God, sister is a statement used. If you read Romans, chapter eight, verse number 14, all those that are led by the Spirit of God, the sons of God means if you follow the commandment of God, if I follow the commandment of God, I am a son of God in this way, undoubtedly, Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, verily is the most beloved Son of God.

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Meaning he's following the commandment of God, I've got no problem at all. If you say, Son of God means Firstly, to follow the commandments of God, like it's mentioned in Romans, all those are led by the Spirit of God, there are sons of God, a fire follow the commandment of God, you follow the commandments, we are all children of God. very innocent statement, no problem. So as far as your Matthew is concerned, 317 have clarified now coming to your second quotation of gospel of john chapter three, verse number 16.

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But what the Christian missionary say, No, no, no breath is our king. Jesus Christ, peace be upon him is not a normal son, he is the Son of God, and the quote, gospel of john chapter number three was number 16. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son whosoever believes in Him shall not die, but have everlasting life. Sister, simple question, what is the meaning of the word begotten?

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He has given us know what is the meaning of begotten he's given his son to the people No No sister begotten doesn't mean is given his son you know English I know English to English and Mashallah very good. Because Another one is given Listen,

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if I say you have Begotten Son, sorry, sorry to interrupt, don't get metaphorical meaning English has color I am you're not

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very good. I'm a layman person.

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If I say you have gotten a son, what does it mean? That means you have had a sexual relationship with your husband and you got a son. begetting is a function of lower animals of sex.

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How can I attribute the function to Almighty God? Who did God have sex with?

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that the reason the scholars of Christianity, if you read the Revised Standard Edition, Revised Standard Version of the Bible, revised by 32 scholars, Christian scholars of the highest eminence, backed by 50 different coffee denominations, they say this word begotten in gospel of john chapter number three was number 16. Is that interpolation is a fabrication is a concoction and they're thrown out of the Bible. So if you read

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The Bible. If you read the Revised Standard Version, it is the best seller in the world. Revised Standard Version revised by non Muslims, not Hindus 32 Christian scholars have the highest eminence backed by 50 different copied denominations. They say this word begotten is not present in the original manuscript of gospel of john chapter three, verse 16, what they say it's an interpolation. It's a fabrication. It's a concoction. It's an alliteration.

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So to Jesus is just like a son, like Adam or Son of God, a friend or Son of God, is there a son of God, he's a prophet of God. So I've got no problem and accepting that very nice Jesus guys peace be upon him was a prophet and a messenger of God, but he was not God. Hope that answers the question, sister. So now, sister, thank you very much. Can we reverse the role? No. I said I was a to accept Christianity. If you approach this with God, would you accept Islam now?

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Would you agree that the prophet of God, I have still few more things to play You're most welcome, sister. Why? Why do Muslims refrain? From the statement? Son of God? Why yes. If I answer the question, will you accept Islam?

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We have a huge population of Muslims in the world we need believers. We do not need only Muslims by name. Yes, there'll be one Muslim by deed so you want to become Muslim by did not by name, sister, or we're coming to your question that why do Muslims refrain from using Son of God as a free? Very good question. And that the reason sister if you read the Quran, Quran has got 99 attributes to Allah subhanaw taala Rahmani r Rahim Allah keep most Gracious, Most Merciful, most wise but

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Allah subhana wa Taala in his last and final revelation, if there's something like Old Testament New Testament, Quran is the last Testament in his last testament, he has not used the word up

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in Arabic

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means further by, he has used the more difficult word Rob, Rob is more difficult to pronounce and up, which means the Lord the cherish of the Sustainer. He has used Rama the attribute but not up. Why? Because in the previous revolutions,

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previous evolution which were changed by ability to change form of the gene, people have misunderstood the meaning of Son of God, they started thinking to be begotten son. For example, if I tell my young son beta matches our pitch, no son, you have asked a very good question. If a son asked a question of the age of 10, son, you must be a good question. Whenever I say you got an son,

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you have asked a very good question. He may punch me. He knows he was accurate. They'll tell me punch me. That means I'm abusing his mother.

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If I say my Begotten Son, get angry, I'm insinuating that I had sex with his mother.

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So son is innocent word begotten son is not innocent, same way, the sun is a very good word, but people started misunderstanding. So to remove this confusion, that is the reason the Quran does not use the word father as a tribute to Almighty God.

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The same way we refrain from using Santa word because people start thinking that he's got no Christian ever comes and tells me Adam is son of God, a family son of what why? Bible says is rarely son or whatever you become and tell me because they are programmed. No Christian has come and told me that the Bible says a family Son of God, no. Why? Because they're programmed to believe that Jesus Christ is Almighty God. He never said he's Almighty God. And I told you earlier in my earlier answer, he never claimed divinity. That means you're insulting Almighty God.

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That was insulting Jesus, cast peace be upon him. That's what I say. If Christian means a person who follows the teachings of Jesus Christ, peace be upon him. v. Muslims are more Christian and the Christian themselves. You know why? Because if we read the Bible, Jesus Christ peace be upon him, just mentioned the gospel of john, he was circumcised on the eighth day, the Muslims are circumcised Christian and circumcised. Jesus Christ peace be upon him. He said that you have to follow each and every law of the Bible, each and every commandment Gospel of Matthew chapter five, verse number 17, to 20. If you break one law or detail from the commandment, you shall not enter the kingdom of

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heaven. If you go to the Old Testament clearly says in the book of Leviticus, chapter number 11, verse number seven to eight in the book of Deuteronomy, chapter 14, verse number eight, in the book of Isaiah chapter 55, was from two to five, that you shall not have Muslim non Deaf awkward Christians.

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So if Christian me the person who followed the teachings of Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, we Muslims are more Christian. And the question then says,

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The Bible says in the book of Ephesians, chapter number five, verse number 18, that thou shall not have wine. It's mentioned the book of Proverbs chapter 20, verse number one, mine is America, you should not have find Muslim. I call but the Christian is America. Further if you analyze, there are various risks.

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instance I can give you. So if Christian means one who follows the teaching of discuss peace be upon him. I say that I'm more Christian than the Christian themselves.

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If you become a Muslim, you are a more better practicing Christian than the so called namesake Christian.

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Can I ask?

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most welcome sister? I would not like to cross question or criticize your statement was Welcome to crustacean me, You are most welcome to criticize me I love it. Unless a person doesn't cross examine, see, suppose I want to prove something. If I said this is the best, I want to check it out with his best or not. That's the logical person to please cross examine me criticize me attack me one second will be accepted? Yes. So go ahead.

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I will definitely not intend to do something like this. The object of questioning more is to know more so that I know what I follow is right. That's all. Thank you very much.

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Sister can ask any question no problem, you're most welcome. Whether intention, your intention is very good. But I went to the extent of saying even intention is bad, no problem. But intention is very good system. You can ask any questions. And you don't have to accept Islam. No one can force you. Quran says I can have a deed. There is no compulsion religion through standard clear from Earth. So don't think that defines the question you have to accept, on the day of judgment, only give the evidence that I gave you the answer yes to any questions. Thank you very much.

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You said that we Muslims are better Christians than the actual questions. So when I made if Christian means a person who follows the teachings of Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, the Muslims are more Christian than the Christian themselves. Yes to your question. But this is this is not a layman statement.

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Do not have a specialized knowledge of Islam and as well as Christianity and you can ask the doctor of divinity, the rhythm saying is right or wrong?

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Yes. Thank you very much, doctor. What is the question that that was my question that why did you mention that we Muslims are better Christians and the actual Christians? When I said that, why did I say this is beyond my thinking that why would a Muslim call himself a Christian? Now correct? By because we love Jesus Christ. We love him more than you. We love him. We respect him. But we don't worship Him.

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The reason I said this, because I loved the this QSB upon I respect him, I revere him, I don't worship Him, because He never told me to worship him. If he would have told me to worship him out of worship Him, so that then I say, if Christian means a person who follows the teachings of Jesus Christ, peace be upon him. I am more Christian, the Christian themselves because I love Jesus Christ, peace be upon him. I respect him. I revere it, but I don't worship Him. top down. So the question is system. Thank you.