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Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz 1


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The history of Omar Abdul Qaeda's rule over Spain is discussed, including his marriage of Leila and his son's birth. Omar was criticized for his actions during the time of al Qaeda, but eventually was allowed to practice the halava dance. The halifa's influence on men like the man with the heroine of NICH, the man with the history of the Bible, and the man with the history of the French. The legal system in the UK, where the judge is charged with killing people and the haltrum is punished, is also discussed. The conversation touches on the candidate's interview with the serrania and the grandmother of the goddamn halifa.

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rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam O Allah Shafi masa harina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi adjumani My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu.

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How y'all doing?

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Alhamdulillah we continue with our heroes of Islam night number nine. Ramadan is going That's why they call it fast because it's going fast. So, Tao hero in sha Allah, the man they call the fifth Kali, the fifth rightly guided caliphs, the fifth of the qualifier Rashidi. What does that mean? Now, this also says, follow my Sunnah, and the sooner of the rightly guided caliphs off to me. And the scholars they debated Who are these rightly guided caliphs, and they came to a conclusion that only four of them were the rightly guided Cola, rocker and armor of man and Ollie rhodiola and him and then a man came almost 100 years after them, and he was so good and so wonderful as a halifa

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that they see that he is the fifth rightly guided halifa after the title the Sahaba. And who are we talking about? None other than Mr. monopolizes Rahim Allah. So who is Omar Abdulaziz. We mentioned his father Abdulaziz before he was the son of Marwan, Marwan, the halifa, Marwan we said he had a number of sons, his eldest son was Abdul Malik, who became the halifa of the oma Yes, and he established the Omega dynasty. And it would be his sons, Walid and Suleiman that would conquer Spain. And all the countries who spoke about it happened in the time of alwaleed. But Omar wasn't from Abdul Malik, he was from Abdullah Malik's younger brother, Abdul Aziz and Abdul Aziz. He was a

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pious men. And they mentioned that of all the governors of buddleja. Abdul Aziz was the governor of Egypt was of the best in terms of Deen and etiquette and mercy to his his subjects, unlike some of the other omiya governors, and Abdul Aziz, when he grew up in Medina, and when he became old enough to get married, and this is a lesson for us. He said, I want to get married to the family of Omar bloghop. Bob, the descendants of say, Norma, I don't care how she looks like she must be from a normal family and say normal family didn't get married to anybody, especially the woman. It's because of what they did that they became royalty. They were like the royalty of the time, and they

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love the wealth and luxury. And some of the people obviously went beyond and became Titans. So it wasn't easy to marry into a normal family, especially for an alien. But he found Layla, the daughter asked him, the son of Satan armor. And he proposed to her and he married her because of his lack of because of his wealth, not because of his status, but because he was a man of Deen. The family of say normally accepted Him. And it's a beautiful story about Laila. So this is the father of our our hero tonight. That's his father, Abdul Aziz. As his mother Layla is the granddaughter of Satan. Alma writes a normal son's daughter, how did she come about? So in honor of the alarm, when he was the

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holly phi had this practice, that he would go out at night, he would cover him his face, and he would go out in the streets, and he would listen to what people say about the halifa. And he would ask him secretly, what do you think of Omar, what do you think of this? So because people obviously don't want to say to him in his face any wrongdoing, so he wants to know for his own sake, not so that he could punish people, but to find out his own faults. And he came across a lady and a daughter discussing with each other. And he heard the mother telling the daughter, listen, they used to sell milk, mix some water with the milk, so maybe half a liter milk, you put a half liter water

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and you sell as a liter milk. So the daughter said, but so in our specifically spoke out against this, that this is cheating. So he said, but Omar isn't here. He's not here to see us. So the duty to the mother, but if Omar doesn't see us, the master of woman still sees a spinning Allah. The next day, someone knocked on the door of this lady, and they said, Your daughter is requested by Satan armor. He has commanded his son to marry your daughter Do you accept, say Norma told his son, awesome. marry this girl. This is the girl of taqwa. This is how we chose the wife for his son. So as he married this girl, and she was very close to a father, mostly normal, and then they had a

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daughter Leila, who got married to Abdul Aziz, Abdul Malik and Maui, and this boy, Omar was born. So on his father's side, he's an idiot. On his mother's side, he's from a normal family, and say normal of the Alon had a dream. In his time, he dreamed that they would be a descendant from Him, who had a mark on his face who would bring would be a halifa and would bring justice to the world. And the descendants of say number two, always look if one of them had a mole on the face or one of them had a birthmark. Is this the one and only when Abdulaziz when he was a boy. I kicked him in the head and he had a scar on

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Head for the rest of his life. And it was this belief around the maybe he's the one that say normal had the special dream about Omar bin Abdulaziz Omar the second as they call him, what did he look like? He wasn't a very tall man. He was slim and he was doc of confliction. And they could see they would say he he had a very funny look in his face. And this from the piety and the tug of war that he practiced throughout his life. As a young man, he was from the royal family, first cousins to the halifa first cousins to the people that are willing Spain to China. We spoke about all those lands that his family were ruling was Pakistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, some all the swing your stand means

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land of, like yanbu Capital ecosystem, Stan, right. This is what we call the land of the system. Right? So they ruled all these lands and his first cousins were these Holly furs. So he lived in luxury and he lived in ease and wealth. He had lots of gifts given to him from the halifa and his father being the governor of Egypt. But his father insisted that he stays in Medina, his father didn't want to take him with to Egypt. He said stay in Medina. That's where the scholars are. And you learn from the scholars. And one of his most important teachers was none other than Abdullah even on the same number son, who narrated so much a hadith from an abyssal Salam. The person who

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narrated the most Hadith of the Abu huraira is this man, Abdullah, even almost a normal son Abdullah. So he had like this grand nephew of his and he said, I want to take care of this boy woman, this woman that might be the holly for one day, closely linked to the immediate family. I went to train him personally. And they lift him in Medina to learn under him. And his father encouraged him to learn and encourage the scholars to teach him another teacher that he had was solid even case on and this was a very strict teacher, and he insisted for those of you students that live under him, they must be in the masjid five times a day. And it mentions that one day, Omar

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bin Abdulaziz mystery Salah in JAMA, and he wrote immediately to Egypt to his father, your son Mr. Salah, and I asked him why he missed the Salah. So he said he was delayed because he was busy doing a hand washing is a and keeping it nice. So his father rode back shaved his he shaved his head off. This is his father insisted that you need to be upright and be a moral character. He's like, you know, first cousins, the halifa He memorized the Quran in his youth, and he developed into a pious God fearing young person and his mother used to make dua. May you be like your grandfather, oh my god Alon. He'll be like your grandfather, Omer. And this laugh parents is Mr. Jab. I heard on a side

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note, I heard from today's Today's the man with the heroine of NACA, they asked him, How did you become the man of the harem? So he said in his outline, he said I was a very naughty boy when I was younger, and my mother would say you're such a naughty boy. I'll make you the amount of the harm that she would make this dog for him. And he was so naughty. She would make this a lot for him. And this is what happens a lot. Now the amount of the harm. So his mother used to make this new armor up like armor one day. As he grew up as a youth, his teachers would say, and some of his teachers, eight of them were Sahaba. They said, well law when you make Salah, you remind us of the prophets of

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Allah, the ways I'm available, Aziz made salah and he was a Tabby and he was a scholar he learned from the scholars and he narrates it all former Hanafi Maliki Shafi is humble is when you look at the books of fic. They will take rulings from Omar bin Abdulaziz, they will say he was a scholar, and when he narrates the Hadith, Mr. Ahmed would say if Omar Abdulaziz narrates a hadith from an abyssal Salaam, then we know what to think we don't have to worry about it. When his father Abdulaziz passed away. The halifa at the time was Abdul Malik uncle and Abdul Malik had a very soft spot former, he loves armor, and he could see that he's this boy armor was of a better caliber than

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his own kids. So he not only adopted him and took him in. He said that when you become older, he married his daughter Fatima to him. He wanted him to be his son in law. So he married the daughter of the halifa. And he was very close, of course, with the ruling family at that time, as he became older. He was made the governor of Medina alwaleed halifa at the time, made him governor of Medina and Medina was not a very was not a city that was very friendly to the oma youths, the people of Medina, of course, being children of Sahaba. They didn't like the way that we ran, ran the show. They didn't like the extravagance and that they turned the caliphate into a kingdom and a monarchy.

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So he chose with Abdul Aziz a man they knew and a man they loved, and the people of Medina, except that him and it's mentioned in the books of Hadith are the books of history, that when he was appointed as governor of Medina, he told the holy five, three requests.

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We have three requests. The first thing is you allow me to to deal with the people with truth, because the governance of that time we're too scared to tell the halifa what really was going on, and they would approach the people. So he's telling the halifa

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Be prepared for me to give you the true story and number to allow me to spend on the people of Medina because what the governance would do, they would take the wealth of the city that were governing and send it to the halifa. He said, let's kind of stop, I'm going to take the wealth of Medina and spend it on the poor people of Medina. And he said, I also want to put in my leave now already, I want to make hedge this year, right, so I'm gonna go make hedge, I won't be the governor for those for those days. And the halifa except, and the first thing he did as governor of Medina, amazing, he appointed a council of Allah Martin of the of the best scholars of Medina, he appointed

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them. And he said, these beautiful lines, he said, governance and leaders appoint people to watch over the subjects, I appoint you to watch over me. And if ever I step out of line, or say something which is wrong, then stop me and advise me, I appoint you to watch over me, you keep me in check. That's your job, script treatment. And amongst the things he did, as the governor of Medina, he rebuilt the relationship with the people and the Romanians. So he was a man on the ground, used to meet people used to listen to the concerns, and the people of Medina became closer with a halifa. Because of him, he also expanded Missouri. And he this like adorning the masjids he didn't like

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putting what would became become a practice later on putting jewels and gold and ornaments in the masjid. He took these things away, and he would give it away but the most of the number we under the command of the halifa. He expanded it, and it was expanded in his time. And he also had the ear of the of the halifa and worried we should lead with that very strict, califa way all the generals were. All those conquests were happening in each time and how George was his governor. So unworried was a very stern and strict men. And people were afraid of Allah when he

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had he's here. This is his first cousin. And he would speak to him, frankly, and openly look at some of the advice he gives. And when he tells us what he'd I have advice for you, certainly off the ship. There is no biggest sun in the eyes of Allah than shedding blood. And yet your officials, your governors are killers, and they would kill someone, and then they would write off the he was killed. This person did such a crime, even though it's not true, right, just for the league law. You governors are doing these things. And you are the halifa and you are responsible. I was going to question you about this. So you need to keep your governance in check and make send out a decree

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that no governor should execute anybody until a fair trial is given and actually accepted his advice. This is good advice. And he sent out this decree to all his dominance. And of course, this wasn't well received by

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a judge, right? This was his like his main tactic of keeping people in line. He said, What is unwilling to, you know, why is he changed the tune? And there was this animosity between Ahmed bin Abdulaziz and a judge and you can imagine the two of them are very different kinds of people. In fact, when a judge came for Hajj, and he was bringing the people of Iraq, he was the I mean, he wrote to unworried and he said, I hear alhaja is coming for Hajj, tell him not to come to Medina, I don't want to see him. And halifa Rajan says, Omar doesn't want to see you. And it's not for you to go to a man's like, domain who hates you. So avoid Medina go straight to Makkah. So there was this

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animosity between an hijab and Omer. So her judge wanted to get rid of armor. And he designed a plot to get rid of armor, and it is dimensioned. That's an omen of disease. He left the governorship, he resigned as governor for one of two reasons. The first one he suggested that the judge wanted to show who put her in a bad light. And what he did was he found people of the holidays, how are each of those wearables against the government, they hated the domains because domains, they said they could fire and the families could fire, and all of them are too far. So he took some of these holidays, and he sent them to all worried. So he said, You don't need you don't need to kill people

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anymore. So I'm arresting them and I'm sending them to you, you tell me what to do. So these people started cursing and worried and they cursed his father, and ancestors. And this, of course, upset the halifa. So he executed them in front of Omar bin Abdulaziz. And he told me, you tell me to stop killing these people. So almost Yes, I wouldn't have executed them. And the hollyford allow you to weak I don't. At this. I can't accept that my father is cursed by these men. So this tension, it mentioned that Omar resigned, he could no longer he could not understand the tension between hijab and himself. The other narration that is mentioned by the books of history is that there was

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a man by the name of Habib even Abdullah even azubi. Habib, the grandson of Abdullah, the grandson of Azerbaijan, one of the 10 promised gentleman's his grandson, and there was friction between Zubaydah, his descendants and the roommates. They fought with one another. So you marry to the Hadith Habib was mentioning a hadith against the oma Yes, and this hadith was weak wasn't authentic hadith, saying abyssal Some said they will come a time from the people have been omiya

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They will you serve the land of people. So when the halifa heard this he told Abdulaziz Omar, this man is narrating false Hadith, blushing. So according to the law, he lashed him. He slashed who babe and he left him outside and he poured cold water on him. And then he caught pneumonia and he died. And this really affected or said, I don't want to be involved that people dice it for the rest of his life when things went well when people would say Mashallah, you did so much he was a scammer What about Habib I killed him basically, even though he didn't kill him. It was an act, he had to punish this man for spreading false Hadith. But he died on his watch. So it affected him deeply

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alwaleed when he was on his deathbed, and this is really when we see all those governors and generals that were killed. Why were they killed? Because when Abdul Malik took the pledge, when he told al Walid you will be my successor, he told al Walid you will be the Khalifa and after you your brother's Sulayman will be the halifa. So he placed both of them, you will be the halifa and next in line is Sulayman. Al Hajaj wanted to cut Sulayman out and put someone else in as the next califa. But he failed, hajjaj failed. And therefore when Sulayman became the halifa, he took retribution on all hygine supporters and those genitals, Muhammad even Kasim kotoba, they will link to Hajaj they

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were he's basically he was the patron, so obviously they're all on the wrong side of the law. Omar insists that so and while he was on the verge of putting his son as the next Khalifa and not his brother Sulaiman, and Omar convinced him not to do this. And he said, Look at his wisdom, if you undo the promise you made to your father, your father made you the halifa if you undo your brother's halifa ship, then your own halifa ship is null and void. Remember you together un Sulayman will conditional you'll be haleiwa and insert a man if you take Sulaiman out, then your own halifa ship is null and void. And he didn't like this LED president Omar to say you change your opinion, but he

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didn't. And eventually Sulayman became the new halifa and Suleiman was even closer to Omar, Al Walid they grew up together they were of similar age they first cousins and and while he took over as his like personal advisor, and he would say, if this man meaning oma is ever absent from me, I would never find anyone to give me proper legal advice. So he listened to a woman's opinion very intently. And so a man wasn't a softer man, a man you could easily change and when it wasn't like that, so Ember had a lot more influence over Sulaiman. He advised him against his excessive spending, he advised him against fighting Jihad for the sake of conquer and not for the proper reasons, and on

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Hajj. When Solomon said to me, wow, look how big the Muslim Ummah is. So he told Sulaiman, these people are your subjects today, but on piano, they're all going to be testifying against you. This really, you know, bothered soleimani said, donate as much money as you want. So the last pumpkin Forgive me. So they mine was a man that loved the bill of extravagance, and he admired himself a lot. And he felt, you know, in his youth, he was a beautiful man. Yet Allah will show that nothing lasts forever, in his prime. And in his youth. He was really said he was looking handsome one day and admiring himself. And not long after that, within a week or so he was in his grave. And on his

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deathbed, he was, you know, lamenting that he's about to die. And he hadn't yet selected a successor is this case so quickly? Who should I select, I still have younger brothers, he had brothers that was still alive. And he had sons that are still alive, and he wasn't sure who to select. And his advisor, a man called Raja, who was a pious man. He said, Why didn't you select Omar, as your advisor, now, isn't directly related to Abdul Malik is not in line for the halifa he wasn't really enlightened to be halifa. And then he said this thing to slay man, you know, one thing that protects a halifa from the punishment in the Akira is if he selects a good successor. And this gave him a lot

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of reasons. He thought, I'm going to meet Allah with me at least do one good thing before I go. And he said, write down the name of Omer. And he got the chief of police and his ministers to stamp this approval, without knowing and without balumama without the type of domains knowing that he was the halifa. And they would call them together in the masjid. And they be brought forward the letter Raja, like the adviser, he said, Do you give your oath of allegiance to the halifa? They said, Yes. And you follow his command? They said yes. Then he said, this is the decree of the halifa. He has nominated Omar bin Abdulaziz as the successor that all was shocked. In fact, when they brought him

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to the member, he said in the law, you were in a regime in early law, you were in LA Raja, what is the halifa done? So they say the halifa has passed away. This is his final decree. And this is binding on everyone. So now he becomes the halifa unexpectedly and insha Allah tomorrow we continue to speak about what he did as halifa and why he schooled the rightly guided caliphs of Islam. Going on to our quiz. So, last night's questions. This was a free question for everybody. Crawford. Sorry, Alicia.

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to surround listen to which people to the mood listen to the mood and the angels of the grave. What are the names? Mancha and Nikki and Ibrahim Elisa, two sons father was, as our brother his father's name was as a tonight's questions. And again, we said, we will keep that log going for the week and it's also a lucky prize at the end of the week. So the week starts now. Question number one, the serrania consists of the consists of 18 angels 19, angels 18 or 19.

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Okay, what does ivania consist of? We spoke about them before

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the city of Iran of one I gave us the city of odd the city of odd was called a Iran V or hedger, c madeon. The sudden if you weren't paying attention and you'll get this wrong, the city of add what was it called? In certain fudger? You find the answer to further and then lastly, number Yousuf was the grandson of which maybe, maybe Brahim, maybe smile nobody's Hakuna BIA who was never useful for the grandson of insha Allah write your answers down, put it in the box and we continue to model the cycle of hate or some a lot of senior Mohamed

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Salah Mousavi

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