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Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz 2

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Are the military military regimes we learn man Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi etchmiadzin My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu.

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How y'all doing?

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panel Latina nights of Ramadan has already won the 10th nights one third of Ramadan is palace and just to two more two more thirds to go. And that objective that we said at the beginning of Ramadan Lala tycoon that at the end of Ramadan we should have a relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala Are we the is our, our journey to allow one third complete, Have we reached that and if not the Allah let the next the remainder of Ramadan be better in this beginning and it has increased here Allah to the end of Ramadan. We achieve that taqwa that we made the new year that we achieve. I mean, we continue with our series, the heroes of Islam. And last night we began

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on the discussion on this great halifa Omar bin Abdulaziz the fifth rightly guided caliphs, as he's called by the books of history, the fifth that acted in the son of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam that his Caliphate was so amazing and so wonderful and based on so much duck law, that it resembled that of Abu Bakr and Omar and of Manali, Amanda that came many decades after them, Omar bin Abdulaziz, we spoke about him. And we concluded yesterday, when he was selected as Holly for all of a sudden, he didn't expect to be the halifa he wasn't in line to be the halifa he was the cousin of the halifa, an advisor to the halifa. And when the halifa Suleiman bin Abdul Malik passed away, he, by choice

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selected Omar instead of his brother to be the halifa against his wishes. And we see that the first thing he said, when he was told you were the halifa What did he say? He said in LA we're in a raggio. This is a masiva This is a great calamity that is before that on me, and I have no choice but to accept. So he gives his sermon on one of the Alon Omar bin Abdulaziz Omar the second, he gives his first sermon Look at his sermon. He says, Oh people, I have been burdened with the responsibility of the caliphate against my own world. And without your consent. You and I are in the same boat, you are forced to obey me and I'm forced to be a halifa I don't want it. I thereby remove

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the oath of allegiance to me. You don't have to follow me. It is its own unique that you are you are at liberty to elect anyone whom you want to be halifa. We said the hollyford this time is the most powerful man on earth. This is the most powerful man in the world, from Spain to China. He's the ruler, and he's the wealthiest man on earth. And he says, You have the right to choose. You weren't consulted. Neither was I consulted. So let us choose who do we want as halifa. And the crowd shouted unanimously, we want you we are Omar, we want you to be the halifa we have chosen you.

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And we are pleased that you have blessed and honored our good faith. So then you sit down to proceed with me there is no prophet to come after Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and there is no book after the Kitab that was revealed to him. Indeed, that is what Allah has resolved until the day of piano. I am not here to judge over you, but rather an executor to fulfill the commands of Allah. Neither am I an innovator, but you would find me a follower I'm following just as you are followers, in what In which case, nobody's to obey me, should I act in disobedience to Allah, I am not belittling you, although a man from amongst you by the decree of Allah has burden me with this heavy burden. So I

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was selected and chosen by Allah, not that I wanted it. Then he sees these beautiful words that are still relevant today. He says this oma is united on one Arab, it's not divided when it comes to Allah. And it's not divided in terms of its Navy. And it's not divided in terms of its book, but it's divided when it comes to their homes and dinars, friends, and since that's where the division comes in, that's the problem of people as who he who obeys Allah, he's obedience and duty but for the one who disobeyed Allah, he has no obedience, so obey obey me so long as I obey Allah. But if I should disobey Allah, then you should not obey me. If those around you in the major cities and

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provinces obey as you obey, then I am a leader. If they follow a law, then I'm your leader. But if they disobey Allah, then I am not your leader. This is this opening speech this man gives to the Muslim ummah. And he's Caliphate will only be two and a half years it is recognized. He's recognized as one of the fifth rightly guided caliphs. What did he do? What policies did he do in those 30 months as Holly for only 30 months, yet he had a profound impact. We spoke about over this past few days, how bad the ruling family dynasty was, how corrupt they were, that they use the money of the mouth as their own personal bank account that they tortured and abused anyone who oppose them that

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they own

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The people under them, and they had gone beyond the limits. This is from one of them. He's an Omega visa, his own family members. his cousin's his wife, his own wife is the daughter of Abdul Malik and the sister of Allah lead, and so a man. So how does he change and reform his family and the oma? He began with himself, the first thing he did, he said, we will make my salary, the bare minimum, he was the halifa. Yet he was earning the lowest of salaries in the government. He began with himself, he didn't take anyone else's study. Then he said, my wealth that I have in my personal capacity, it came to me from my uncle and my father, which was taken from the beetle now. So I don't know what is

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halal and haram, let me donate my entire estate back to the beetle man. He even told his wife, the jewelry that you have that your father gave you. This could have come from money taken from the Treasury, give your jewelry back, he tells his wife imagine, imagine the president tells his wife's keep your jewelry back to the bathroom of Panama. And she does it so hamdulillah he was blessed with a pious woman. She's a hero. We don't know much about Fatima, the daughter of Abdulmalik. But imagine she grew up the daughter, the most pampered and spoiled girl in the world hasn't been saying, we are going to move out of the palace. We are going to give away our clothing. We are going

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to give away our states or you're even going to give away the jewelry your father gave you. And she obeys him. And she encouraged him to do it. This is what Allah blessed him. But the pious wife, and he left the palace and he said, I went to my own house. Why should the government pay for my house? When the other the normal people working for the government? They don't get a house that is rented. And he did away with all these bodyguards except one man, the man that he said, I see you praying a lot. I want you to be my bodyguard. And he had only a few minimum pieces of clothing. It's mentioned when he was sick and people would visit him. Once someone came in and said into his wife's panels

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that meaning and his clothes are dirty. Why don't you wash his clothes or put something new on? She said spinales is the only outfit he has. This is the king of the world. And he only has one piece of clothing left. He donated everything else. Then he looked to the governors that were ruling the oma and he started to fire all those governors that did wrong. And some of them He punished. So imagine if the immediate family was taking from the Treasury like their own personal bank account. The guy that was heat of saws of that time, he was letting it happen. So moving Abdulaziz put this guy in jail. He said you will go to jail for one year in every single city because you stole the money of

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every single person for one year. You'll sit in jail and then you'll move from Egypt, to Syria to Iraq because you've wronged all the people of the oma and he was chained while he was in jail. They only removed his shackles so that he could make Salah I imagine the Salah was very long before they put it back.

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In terms of knowledge, we said that he was a scholar in his own right, that he learned from the great scholars of Medina and he was happy to Quran but something he did and today we have him to thank for this. He realized that while the Quran was being memorized and Alhamdulillah in the time of say now, I must have written Quran was the the Hadith was scattered. They were scholars of Hadith, this part of the world and that part of the world. What if they were to die? So he contacted his scholars in Medina. Remember he came from Medina, and he said, let's start writing and compiling the Hadith. People think that the higher you came centuries often abyssal Salah, only then was

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Hadith written? No, it began before moving Abdulaziz. But now it became an official policy of the government, with the scholars come together and compile and collect the sooner. And some of the great scholars that did this she had with Dean azhari, one of the great scholars of that time, he was amongst the first to saw the writing the Hadees. And they were books. And this will be as we said, the next generation of scholars would start having books that we would keep like Mr. Malik's motto, which we'll talk about soon comes just after this in their lifetime, they would learn from books. And that's why Al Hamdulillah the dean is secure this man we have him to thank for it. He was

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the guy that institutionalizes the began when he started to spend under the oma was vast Spain to China. But the Romanians were not focused on uplifting the people of North Africa, and hora son and son, they conquered the lands and they took their wealth and send it back to Damascus. And they built huge palaces for themselves. This now stopped. He said the money that we take from the people will go to the people. So he started to build hospitals and roads and canals in North Africa, in Uzbekistan, in hora sun in the sun in the areas that were forgotten. And this is why Islam into the hearts of the people. People became Muslim. In his time, because of the way the policies he

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introduced. We'll talk about some of these policies. In his time. They were no big major campaigns. He did not send the armies out like his predecessors. He tried to consolidate the oma and he looked to fix

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The Muslims and non Muslims living under him at that time, about 80% of the people in the Islamic empire. And honestly, they will call them me. They lived under the rule of the Muslims, but they were not Muslim. He said, Let's fix this. We want to let the people that live under us. Let them be Muslim out of their own world and his enemies. We know that the hostage and the Shia hated the roommate severely, and they will constantly against the roommates. Yet he opened a dialogue he called the leaders in any discussed with him, and he spoke to them, how can we come to an agreement and he found in his time, there were no rebellions. No one in the oma rebelled against him. He was

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loved by the layperson by the scholars by those who hated his family, but they loved him. This was his ability to bring the hearts together.

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With him means we said How did he treat the non Muslims and this was the majority of the people under his, under his leadership, how did he treat him with mentioned the ayat in a way that Allah subhana wa says, When non Muslims in love in Muslim lands, they don't play soccer, they play something called a jizya, they pay a tax, and this tax, they get they pay the tax and in return, they get protection and freedom within the state. They can practice the religion freely, they can come and go as they please. In fact, if they have a certain town, and they are in control that town, they can even have their own courts and their own rules I did a panel of the books of the scholars

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would say that for them. Alcohol is allowed in the towns in the communities because they are under their own Sharia. And if they are being attacked, we must defend them. So he looked to treat the non Muslims in the oma correctly. And he found that these people are being taxed severely, and they weren't being taken care of. So he issued a state pension for all the old people who are non Muslims. And this goes back to say no more, say no more of the Alon in Medina, he passed by a beggar. And this was a non Muslim man. And he said, viola, when you were younger, we text you because you are not Muslim. And now that you old, we're not taking care of you. This is the only

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this is oppression. So he put a pension for all the old people, even the non Muslims, you get a pinch from the beta Amal. And for those people who couldn't pay the jizya, he reduced the jizya. And for some who are paying attacks so much that it depleted the assets, they have to sell the farms to pay a tax on the the produce, he said this is wrong. And he said for you five, six years exemption, no jizya.

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Then and he gave back all the places of worship that was stolen. So churches that were stolen to massage it, he said it is wrong. We're not allowed to take churches and synagogues give it back to those people. This is not in accordance with Islam.

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And then he reformed the tax system. Panama sauce was was at that time when he denied he returned the stolen property of the domains that they took from the people back to the people. And the Americans had a bad policy. They tax non Arabs more than Arabs. And once you become a Muslim jizya should disappear. Correct? Islam jizya is only for non Muslim living in a Muslim state. You may have skipped the GCR even on reverts. So he did away with a GCI. He said, once you become a Muslim, the jizya disappears. So many people embraced Islam because of that. And he's governance of Allah. The entire tax system is going to collapse. 80% of the people are going to become Muslim, and they're

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not going to pay taxes anymore. How are we going to keep our salaries? So he said, Well, hamdulillah Nabi Salam was not seen as a tax collector. He was seen as a Lama to the El amin, I am glad that Allah subhanho wa Taala makes the people Muslim through this, and then we are the people that must be the farmers, you and me, we will we will walk the land Alhamdulillah that is very good. And even kathiresan in spite of these policies, that even you in Houma increased why no one wants to evade tax anymore. There was no reason to cheat the government. Right? So he actually increase people didn't hide the wealth. They actually started paying the tax because they saw this money is going to

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their own benefits.

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Someone wrote to me when Abdulaziz and he said, What should I do? For someone that refuses to pay the tax? Can I torture him? He writes to the police. Can I talk to him? So he writes back to him? Subhanallah it says if you want permission for me to torture him, is this going to help you on piano? Is this going to be an excuse for you? That all said it's okay I can torture people for the Texas so he said rather make them swear by Allah that they're telling the truth. And on kiama It's better that they face a lot with ally then you facing a lot of torturing them incorrectly. So in your tax return you to say Allah This is true. So do you have to do at the time of COVID of the

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disease? That was enough? He said, Well, I didn't earn anything. What hamdulillah that's between you and Allah. He even found time to set a limit on how much a camel should carry its load. Allah said no camel should carry more than a set limit of kilograms. This is too much that's oppression. It's parallel. What what the men then

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Started now really, you know, affecting the people that were not going to be happy, the Omega family. Now we started to reduce the salaries but by but when he stopped paying for the allowances and stop giving them the gifts forbidden from using the vital man. And he even then began to confiscate the property that was held incorrectly took him a long time to do this. And the immediate family became upset. And they seemed delegation delegation saying, How can you do this? You're going against what Abdul Malik did, you're going against this, and he's dealt with him with wisdom and with with gentleness, saying that, he showed a piece of meat and he put a coin that was burning hot,

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and he put it on the meat. And it's like this for us on piano. Every wealth we take that is haram, Allah is going to burn us with this. So one of the Auntie's of the woman had said, you may and should blame yourselves, you wanted to marry a child of Omaha pop, and now we got him. So don't blame anyone except yourself. You wanted someone like this in your family. And now he's just fulfilling what he's meant to do.

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Eventually, the Omega government to the Marriott family could no longer tolerate this after two and a half years of this consistent, you know, taking away the the the wrongly earned property and putting them like teasing, like normal people that are made family, whoever they are, and he didn't have an investigation. they conspired to kill him, and a slave of his or a slave serving Him, poured poison in his glass, and he drank it and he became sick only

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when he realized he was dying. He called the servant and he said, Why Why did you kill me that I do something wrong to you that I mistreat you? And he said, No. But my family paid me 1000 dinars. And they told me either I take the 1000 dinars or they're going to kill me. So I had no choice and I took the money. So he said, Okay, I am the one that is gonna die. And in Islam, you have a right to either forgive or to punish. So he said, pay me the blood money of my own life, which is 1000 cost if you kill someone incorrectly, you gave 1000 dinars as a penalty. So he said, Give me the 1000 dinars that you will pay to kill me. And you can go free and put the money in by tomorrow. And he

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didn't investigate all of his family did this to him, and he passed away he died and only not even 40 years old, there's a great hurry for passed away before he died. They asked what do you have in your estate? It's they said about 17. Durham's like like not even 70 grand, and he had a big family and many kids. So they asked him, you have left nothing for your children. Oh halifa. So he said, if my children are pious, then they will be contented with Allah subhanaw taala. And if they're not pious, then my wealth will only make them even worse. So it's better that I leave them with nothing, and they will be okay with it. And then he passed away, and people would come to his wife, Fatima,

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and they'll tell us about Omar How was he such a man? And she says, well, ah, he, he wasn't like a Wally. Like you would think he played like you played and he fostered like you fostered. what she meant was he fostered Mondays and Thursdays and played a little touchy, but the whole night for us that so early in our days, right? But it's that's the normal Salah that we all do, but what he had more than anybody else. I've never seen a man with such taqwa. He lived his life as if though he believed Jana was made for him. When all we needed is about janam. He felt it was him when either whenever he gave a sermon, and he did if he would cry, and it's vanilla. People would say, Why are

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you so sad? He said some way in my kingdom, there is an orphan whose rights are not being seen to be someone sitting in jail. unjustly, we are animals whose feet are being hurt because their own isn't correct. There are women that are being abused and oppressed, non Muslims whose rights are being taken. All of them are gonna testify against me on tiama way was Omar, and he It was a burden on him, and he did the best he could. But hamdulillah we are witness 1000 years later, that if we could have just one man like this in today's times, Allah subhanaw taala would bless us tremendously. So we Salam on this great leader, and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless us in our lifetime to see a

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man like this route us inshallah. Tomorrow, our hero, he was one of the most feared bandits in his time. People didn't want to go in the desert because they would come to his gang, and he would harass them and he might even kill them. But Allah subhanho wa Taala, the words of Allah came between him and his heart. And he changed to become a well he will talk about today, even tomorrow in sha Allah. And as for our quiz, we give the answers for last night's questions. Question number one. Does that idea consists of 19 angels, right? These are the 19 angels of Ghana. The city of add was called Aram and armodafinil aim at it on the city of pillars, this little failure, Allah speaks

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about this mighty city, but the people have had now the use of was the grandson of NaVi his heart. His father was Yahoo. And you

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whose father was his heart and his heart his father was Ibrahim. So in his heart, his grandfather. Tonight's questions. Question number one. Prophet Yunus is also known as in the Quran is he called Van Loon lukewarm name Danielle.

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Number two, Nabi Moosa escaped he left Egypt to go to each city,

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to Mecca to Medina, to Jerusalem or to Midian. And number three, NaVi Brahim, his nephew was his hog. Use of loot Harun Elise lotto salam, Charla fill out the questions on the cards and we continue with our prize giving next week's Tsar Kala Haile Selassie now Mohammed Ali, he was a few Salam sorry Alhamdulillah Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh