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Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The discussion highlights the common weaknesses of men in the century before Jesus, including their hesitation, embarrassment, and false accusations. The struggles of leaders in their roles, including their disbelief, hesitation, and false accusations, can lead to negative group conversations and struggles with their behavior. The importance of Islam and the media's portrayal of the situation is also discussed, along with the use of a token for Attila to warn the world that Islam is evil.
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In Alhambra law, in a country like Estonia, no one has told me to be here when they want me to run fusina say

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mother in law who my father

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when I said well, you know,

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Vanessa, Vanessa Donna Maulana Muhammad Abdul hora sudo. I'm about to fall in love with the Baraka tala material for Cornelius Hamid.

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Ponyo rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem walo and Latina

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papalii helipad Mora Bana Lacan hora banana

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Elena rasuna fenetre be comin probably another one of the whole could lose motivation factor of bazoo fussa talamona man

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is Savi a woman in

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McAllen Wu sallallahu taala he was seldom man huckberry la,

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la, la la la la, la la la,

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la la

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la la la, la la

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la la la la the masakazu NaVi you will carry one afternoon Allah daddy communist shahidi Natasha Kirino Al Hamdulillah who have been hired me, honorable Allah microm respected brothers, elders, mothers and sisters. A lot of people is it has repeatedly in the Quran in many verses explicitly and emphatically highlighted the various weaknesses and shortcomings of men. At times online is referred to men by saying holy Paladin son, Wolverine, men has been created weak, clinical concern woman, man has been created with a hasty nature. In fact, under the commentary of this ayah Allah says, whenever you are Girolamo holiness his service

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will hide in Abuja.

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That many times in a person's hasty in nature, he tends to curse his own children.

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Sometimes in the hasty nature of men, he invokes wrath upon himself. None of us have the Quran in allegan. Zion and Iraq behave like an old man is collude as

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a commentating on this verse explains canoed collude is that person who remembers the bounties but ideally forgets the giver of the mounting.

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Now the weakness of men, Gannon in San Luca Torah, Allah says man is a very narrow heart. He's a miser by his nature. pulo Huntington licona fossa in Iraq Mattila be the lamb secton hace el infa Allah says if I had to make you in charge of my treasures you'd have not spent out of the fear that it will come to an end knowing very well that my treasures will never be exhausted. But given your nature in some

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way either

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insomnia or other wanna be donabate. When I favor him, he becomes arrogant when a destiny becomes despondent. Both conditions show that he's not connected to a lot his arrogance in his despondency. So Allah tala has highlighted many, many weaknesses of men in the Quran. And one of the common weaknesses in men ease which the Quran features quite commonly and extensively is

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that men cannot admit and acknowledge he is wrong. This is a human weakness, he finds it very difficult to admit he is wrong.

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In fact, more tragic than the fact that he cannot admit he is wrong is that when you spilled about me is wrong. When he is cautioned about he is wrong. Then he ideally accuses blames and implying is wrong or to prove himself innocent.

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Whenever man is told that this is what you have done is wrong. He blames he accuses he implicates he in science to justify what he has done. And the greater the wrong the more the accusation.

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The greater the wrong the more the accusation. Hence, the Quran speaks about

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the accusations that the dwellers of janome will level against everyone because that will be the pinnacle of greed.

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So they will blame this one they will blame that one Why did we end up in janam in Nevada Nicola Hakuna casumo Emily, not in La Liga La Quinta casumo Emily na, verily This is a reality and that is the arguments of the dwellers of jahannam.

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We see commonly in this world the losing side is always arguing.

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The winning side is not arguing

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losing sight is forever arguing. Allah Allah draws the picture of how they will pass the buck to one another why we ended up in Jannah if you only can comprehend the eloquence of the Quran, while otara even moogerah Mona ofone having the rock be him, yo jaybo Babu mina bhavini Mohamed Salah Selim. If you have to visualize that time when the disbelievers the transgressors and the criminals will stand before Allah and they will be passing the buck literally the Quran says passing it to one another, blaming one another Yoko Latina, Latina stickable Lola Anton lacuna Mini, the week the followers will tell the lead is really you people caused it in this world, you that were in influential high

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profile positions, you really lead us in misled us and you showed us the wrong things to do. What law if it wasn't for you? I swear we would have been believers.

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It's these people within retort in the court of Alliance a walk on a Latina, Latina stood up for an afternoon SATA noncanonical vada is

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by going to Madeira mean

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the leaders will say Did we physically prevent you from guidance? No, no you by your own wrong by your own bias you deviated and you opted for vice you yourself are centers. It won't enter they will respond again. Walk Arlen levinas Today I fall in laziness, Taco Bell macrolane.

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Don't forget the evil plots and agendas that you had by night. And you always invite me to your evil gatherings. And you always told me to do this and you do that? Have you forgotten all those things? It is because of their time suffering.

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When they will realize that blaming others is not to avail them, then they will be one way out to vent their frustration.

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Imagine the Quran says Casa de Mola

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Allah will repeatedly show them the evil actions to intensify their regret to make worse their pain and their torment.

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So they will be punished on every level and one will be a psychological punishment. And that is they will be shown that even actions constantly see what you did that is why you suffering just to aggravate the grave Hassan Denali

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so the last way when they will blame in accused but nobody will take responsibility. So then they will make one request to Allah con la Mancha de Mallanna haga physique ohada been zero plenty not a lot do us one favor. According to me this is the man because of whom I ended in Ghana, but he blatantly refuses and he denies it. Allah is one way you label to Sue's me is whatever punishment you're going to give me give him double I'll feel happy

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Allah whatever you're gonna punish me punishing double Ravana team they are playing a min Allah.

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Allah give him double the punishment then I will feel it is.

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And obviously the easiest target to blame will be the devil, the softest target

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and undoubtedly the devil has a share in every evil but he's not the ultimate cause of evil evil.

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So before mankind will accuse the devil the devil will deliver a lecture in

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the Quran speaks about it.

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And I literally use the word lecture interpreter osmani This is the term used. world renowned he believes.

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listeners will be millions and billions when you join them duration 15 minutes and they have the question and answer session.

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The Quran says that when the dwellers of janome will go to john Nam, and obviously everybody will want to accuse the devil now the nature of men to accuse

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so the devil will clear the mp4 all accusations are leveled against him.

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shavon hola mapa de la Marina la vida coonawarra del taco. The devil will say Listen, listen, all you occupants of Allah save us all.

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All your dwellers have Gangnam lesson in Allah have a

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diva token for Attila to come. Allah promised you that this day was to dawn upon you

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