On the Passing of Shaykh Mufti Mahmud Ashraf Usmani

Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari


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Bismillah your Walkman you're walking.

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Spirit. Manuel Rahim Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah, Hobart respected brothers and sisters as Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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just a few days ago, a very important personality a great scholar of Islam, who resided in the city of Karachi in Pakistan. Che Molana Mufti Muhammad Ashraf Othmani Rahim, Allah who died, may Allah have mercy on his soul passed away. And a few people talked about him on social media on Facebook, Twitter, posts were being shared

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in relation to him. So I thought I'd just talk briefly about him. Because a lot of people have not heard of not just the general public, normally, when it's a scholarly person, then you see that the general public don't know much about him will have never heard of him. As opposed to when someone's like a public figure, and Alright, especially the public know about that person. But when it's a great scholar who is scholarly, but not like a public figure, then you see that the general public don't know about him, but scholars do know about him. But this personality was such that even many scholars were unaware manipulable I am unaware of him. Just one of one of my friends just a few days

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ago. He said I never heard of him. I didn't know much about him just about his name. And he himself was a scholar. So it's, it's it's sad that this is the case. But the reason behind this was this great chef who is one of my teachers, and a beloved teacher, Chef Mahadasha, with Manny having the hola hola. He was somebody who liked to be hidden. He, he did, he disliked publicity. He was never on social media on Facebook, Twitter, very rarely, you could even see his video clips on YouTube. There's a few very, you know, selected a few copies that when he used to teach the Quran verse of the Quran Tafseer of the Quran, they did some recordings. But he by nature was somebody who would

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like to remain hidden.

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But in terms of element knowledge, he was at a very high level, but he disliked publicity. And therefore, upon his passing away, there has been an outpour of emotion and love from who from those who actually met him in person, those who studied by him, he taught, and he was teaching at Jeremy Adoniram Karachi in Pakistan for many years, over 30 years. And 1000s of students from across the world, not just in Pakistan, but because Donald and Karachi students travel and study. They're from different parts of the world. From the west from America, Canada, UK, from African countries, from subcontinent countries, from Asia, from various parts of the world. 1000s of students have studied

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by him and all of them were like in shock and was sad. We were distressed we're, you know, we're emotional about his passing away. And this is the reason for this is because these students have knowledge. And these, now scholars in their own right in different parts of the world, they all came into contact with him on a one to one basis they studied by him. They saw Him firsthand. They saw His teaching His character, His demeanor, his style, his his Taqwa his piety, and this is why they felt as opposed to general scholars and tolerable elements, students of knowledge and the general Muslim public because he was hidden from them. So who was this person? But when he was passing away,

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you was announced, people are saying the nephew of shares moved to Turkey with money the nephew have moved in with money a lot of people may have thought or were thinking moved to Turkey with man his nephew must be somebody in his 30s or 20s of waters Max. This was a person who was 71 years of age. He was born in 1951. So he was only about eight years younger than shaved off the Mohammed talking with Manny having to hold on to Isla despite being his nephew because he was the son of Mufti day with money happy the whole loudhailer, his eldest brother, his eldest brother, who was known who was actually a great poet, he has a book as well. This is a father of three man militia with money the

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elder brother have moved with money have the hola he was called monana. The key K fee, Rahim Allah Allah He has a book called a Fiat, a poet and

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a great poet

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who actually passed away a year before the passing away of his own father. So who was his father? His father was Mufti Mohammed Shaffir Rahim Allah the father of the temple.

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with money, so move to Shafi Rahim Allah is eldest son passed away. Before the father passed away he passed away before him. So the person who I'm talking about chef Mufti Muhammad Ashraf with Murni Rahim Allah Allah the son of the eldest son of Mufti Shafi Rahim Allah Mufti Mohammed Shafi. Rahim Allah is was the grand mufti of Pakistan, the famous author of the cure for the Quran.

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That was his grandfather. And he actually was the first grandchild of of Tisha Farah him Hola. So he spent time with his grandfather, Mufti Shafi Rahim Allah when he was young, he actually, you know, gave him the beer of the soul as well when he was young and probably was the only person in the family in the in the extended family to do so because it was a policy of Tisha Farah him Allah that He would not take the pledge of bear of the soul woof of descale from anyone in his family because he felt that you don't really benefit. So his own sons with DW with many of the raffia with money, he told them to, you know, go and get the, you know, reformation and the teaching of this gear and

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dissolve from other shoe, but his own grandson who was moved to Malaysia with Manuel, Rahim Allah, He accepted his sort of

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request to have his, you know, teaching done under him. So this moved to Malaysia with money, he spent time with his grandfather. And then afterwards he spent time with a lot of different shoe of the soul wolf as well. And then, in terms of his knowledge, his study, he studied, because he used to reside in Lahore, not in Karachi, because his father used to live in Lahore. So in Lahore in Pakistan, he studied at the famous German Shafia in Lahore. He graduated from the great teachers. Like for example, there's a famous great scholar more than Mohammed Idris candling. Right mama who also wrote the hfcl called Marty for Quran and he has a book

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that he has severe, which is a Arabic commentary on Muscat, Al Masabi, a great scholar. And these are all students of Hakeem alum chef Madonna should be tangled with Tisha FIRA him Oh Allah. Surely the discount daddy Rahim Allah. So moved to the show with Manny. He's studied by many teachers and one of his main teacher in El was molenet Risca Hallowee Rahim Allah and in the sofa. And in this Kia he had many teachers all of them were students and successes of Hakima number, a chef modernization of return but I'ma hold on to it. So anyway, he studied they graduated there and then after graduating from there, he came to Karachi and undertook the specialization of fatwa, the

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hustles course, in their own Karachi under his grandfather, Morticia Farah himolla. And also his uncle's moved to Turkey and moved to raffia with money heavy the whole lot and some other teachers. And then he went then after that, he actually went to Medina University, and he studied approximately a year and a half at Medina in January Islamia in Medina when our Medina tayyiba, and he benefited from the Arab scholars. That's why his Arabic was very good as well.

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His pronunciation of Arabic was really amazing. And like I was saying that, you know,

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I just remembered this, I should have mentioned this in the beginning that those who came across him, they really realized his greatness. Like I was saying his only his students know, and this is why he didn't travel much. He didn't like publicity. He didn't travel across the world, different countries, people inviting him because he's not there putting himself out on social media. He's not selling himself, there's no advertising there. So he was, you know, very quietly teaching and working at Durham, Karachi, but from the few trips he made many years ago, by 1520 years ago, he actually visited Jordan, Amman and the people in Jordan. And I know this from the people I heard

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from them, the scholars, the students of knowledge, one of my friends are sharper as Urbani mentioned this to me as well. And some other scholars in Jordan, Shamis and Oba and these people, they were taken aback by his level of knowledge Taqwa piety does Kia. They really felt that this this is a unique individual. So whoever came across him, they realized his importance and his extreme level of knowledge as well as piety and Taqwa and Ischia. So, he studied in Medina University and then came back and he went to Lahore and he taught for about 19 years in Germany, I shall fear the famous madrasa in Lahore, and thereafter, he moved to Karachi upon the request of his

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uncle, uncles both share with the Euro fear with money and with the hammer W with money. He came to Dalian Karachi. For the past 30 years he has been a teacher of very successful teacher

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At dark room, Karachi students, you know if you'd normally ask students who have studied at Durham Karachi for the past 1520 years and you ask who is your most favorite teacher? I would say 90% would say Mufti Muhammad Ashraf with money, more so than even shouted out with money having the Hello because you've ended up with money, stuck with money. He's been, you know, you can't even get to see him down there because when we were studying there and and for the past many years one one day he's in Bahrain, the next day is in Saudi and the next day is going to UK and next week is there and you know, he's just very busy, but most of the money one to one with students, His love, His affection,

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you know, people saw his knowledge, his piety and his practical tarbiyah he was very known for, you know, making tarbiyah of students, but in a very sweet in a very calm, very gentle manner, never aggressively. And this is why students you know, he he is known, like his title is his, the one of the most beloved teacher to the students.

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So, he's been teaching for many, many years, teaching various various classes. And then lately in the last few years until he until this year, until he passed away. He was teaching salary and body ie he became the shareholder hadith of DeLorean garage, Chef multitrack. With money heavy the whole law was teaching say hell Buhari

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since 2001. So he taught for four or five years the full sahih al Bukhari, but then due to his busy schedule, he thought that he is not able to now dedicate his full time to teaching the whole sahih al Bukhari. So he chose and he suggested and requested to move the mod Ashraf of Murni Rahim Allah that you teach the second volume. So since many years he's been teaching, the second volume of Sahil Buhari and his rules of Hadith amazing, you know, he the way he teaches the way he talks the way he explains in a very amazing manner. And also, he was a head Mufti of the dark after dark Lifta is a very, like, amazing section, a very high level section of Dalian, Karachi, and there are many movies

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and he was probably the senior most Mufti to Darwin Karachi, in the dark Lifta students would check their fatawa the answers return, and he would sign them off even me and hamdulillah when I was studying them, about 20 years ago, I had the honor and privilege you know, just looking at some of the you know,

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I was looking at my file today I have many answers, which I showed him and he signed them off LTO up so he answers Correct, correct. And you know, he signed them. So many students who studied during Karachi in the dialysis

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class, the hospitals will faithfully well if they had the answers shown by him, and he would he would give advice he would give him a see her history. Which means his understanding was a it's it was amazingly balanced the balance that he exhibited, and he had in the stunning Dean No, no extreme to the right. No extreme to the left. There was he was just a I mean, if somebody was was to ask me How would you describe him I would just say, a man of balance of balancing his walk or balance in his talk and balance in his realm his knowledge his does gear his lifestyle, everything his family life, everything is LM his Ibadah you could just see balance his it's like everything it's on its

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place. Exactly. He knows how much to give to who how much time to dedicate where how much to say when not his you would realize that he's not talking more than what should be said. And he's not talking less than what he said. And he used to always have a very beautiful smile on his face you know, when he talks just very calm. You know, I think there's a clip maybe you know, Inshallah, you could just see this clip right now for just a few seconds. Just, you know, few seconds just see the way how he talks. you submerge the skin or the arm hair, the hamara bazooka MSC hiker. Associate, you have Hamada Talim Tobert a mugger Tarbiat caffeic Danny Easley Giovanni baat karta has the human

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potential tacky poly card me. Yeah, he loved me. an earthen bath Cara Jota burger saute some Jebat Karratha c'est un dasa hota hai. Ki Yato. Ski Talim. Nene. Yes. Kita revered de Rosnay, Italy. For those who have reclamation Sameera can Ajay pelea Soto Tolo Pierre bola a Quran Majeed ki Jaya many aapke Samnee zikr for key kulula NASA hosts na Jo radio Pakistan Kashi RVA monogram can there be likova though yeah

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We have mentioned some network nature, you get a bad girl logo say a Chatter is so bad.

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So this is the way that he would talk and converse, and very balanced individual. And he was an author of some books as well, which you wrote in order to and

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some of them were translated as well. There's one very amazing book that I benefited myself from un* when he was right, he's right very well. Sports. There's a book on sports and recreation in Islam, like the status and the rulings about sports and games and all of these things. I wrote an article once many, many years ago and and based it on his book. It's an order and then it got translated into English. One of my friends who studied with me used to be from Canada, he actually passed away as well as a young agent moved to Madras mine, he actually was quite close to the bottom of the ocean with money, and he translated the book after going back to Canada.

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I think one or two other books of his have also been translated into English. So this this is shared with the mothership with money, Rahim Mahalo to Isla. And also, I remember that, you know, when I was just after I finished studying at Dell, and Karachi, when I was studying in Syria, I had the privilege to work on an edit the famous book and on Aqeedah matters related to a pedo we actually had a whole course on this as well given through our Lifta Elmo 100 Alan muffin net. So what I did was I took the old Arabic edition and published it from Jordan, Belfort, Amman, Jordan,

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in a better print quality or in footnotes, and with that being on the fridge. So I actually requested him to check this for me. And not just that he checked, he checked the whole manuscript and beginning to end, took, you know, corrected mistakes, gave some advices edited a few things. And then he wrote a beautiful foreword in Arabic, which is in the front or at the front of the book. I don't have the book with me here. But it's an amazing even that food is so balanced. You know, it just explains to you everything you want to know about Aqeedah like in a very balanced way.

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this was something that I remember as well. And you know, last year I visited Pakistan, actually, we visited and he's been ill for the past last few years, he's had a heart condition. And he was telling us as well that my heart now doesn't function too much. I can't remember exactly how much percentage he mentioned. I talked about him in, you know, a book that I wrote, and this is a book two weeks in Pakistan, which few people have already read. This book is available on our Doublelift website,

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free of charge, you can download a eBook, a copy of the book, but also physical copy, you can just order it inshallah inshallah and just pay for the postage and packaging, and the big book will come and I've talked about him, I've got about four or five pages on him in this book. So we visited him and he was telling us that, you know, two to three years ago, I think, 2018, his own son Molana, hammer, the shovels, man, he passed away, only at the age of 38 years, he himself has got a heart condition you imagine in that state, maybe that also affected his heart. And it was very similar. I actually mentioned this to him. I said, you know, he actually said, and he's actually written this

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as well in one of his books that one of the greatest calamity or the difficulty hardship in my life, was when my own son, the eldest son passed away. He was only 38. He led the janazah himself and he buried his own son in Lahore.

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So I actually mentioned to him that I said, you know, we were very, of course, sad and distressed, and may Allah give you somewhere, etc. But there's you have a similarity with your own grandfather, because your own grandfather moved to Shafi Mohamed Shafia Rahim Allah Allahu Allah, the Grand Mufti of Pakistan. He had his own son passed away before Him and who was that? The father of St. Maarten with a ship with money, his own father passed away before his grandfather. So I said, you know, just like that your own son has passed away before you and he said, Yes, this similarity 100 lies there. But there's a big difference between me and my grandfather, my father, grandfather was a mountain of

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sovereign patients. You know, he could endure that, you know, he wasn't a different level of support. So we made the algorithm server. So this and this was we went to his house, we sat with him, he gave us some of his books. And you know, recently about two three years ago, he wrote an amazing book. It's called it's a book in order to it's just some topics to do with the sowhat test gear axon balanced explanation of the skin to solve which is you know, based on the teachings of Hakimullah Masha Mala Nasha for eternity, right mandala sharing of the topic with money and with the Shafi Rahim Allah, all these people, you know, they have this very pattern

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Just understanding of DNS highlights, it's unique.

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So he wrote this amazing book. And he talks about, you know, many things in there. But I just want to in two minutes, mentioned right at the end, this is in 2000. I think 19. There's about two and a half years ago, he wrote this. And he's got two pages right at the end, he wrote at the end of the book is that this is like, redemption, or the laffy Marfa, which means, you know, trying to redeem the past like, and he wrote, like a two page, like, like an apology of ASEA. And

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he said, I've sent this to all my family, friends, and I'm publishing it as well. And he said, Look, today is such and such a date, I've reached 70 years of age.

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And he said, My I was born in 1951. But today, I'm 70 years. And now I'm thinking that I'm worried about my cover.

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He said, The great scholars of the past are self they used to start preparing when they were 14. And you know, people even Hadith of the messenger Salallahu Alaihe Salam is that

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they said they used to start preparing for 40. I've been given not just 40 but all the way to 70 said my own parents were not given much.

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He mentioned that both his father and mother passed away at a young age. And my own son passed away when he was 38. Allah has given me such a long time imagine until 70 years of age has given me all sorts of new armor, but still have not made any preparation for akhira. Now I see my cover before me, so and I am worried about, you know, the Ark era, and all my life. He's saying this out of humility all my life. From morning till evening. I've just been busy and just worldly things. Subhanallah you know, I've just been teaching. And he called teaching as a job melasma of the madrasa normally would say, I'm doing great machismo, he called it he said, I've been busy in doing

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melasma a job at a madrasah all my life. And he's taught to have a business book bookshop, he says, I've been busy in that as well. Monitor night. And then when I come at night, all my life, I'm tired, you know, and I just sleep in love law, no time for Allah, nothing prepared for our Koran, and reached 70 years of age. And then he said, You know, when my father passed away, I had young brothers and sisters, I had to look after all of them, I'm really worried, you know, I had to look after them, marry them off the Talim that education, I must have been very, very, sort of

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neglectful in fulfilling the hook every single brother and sister. So asking forgiveness from all of you, even my wife, my children, you know, how many horcoff Yours the rights of yours that, you know, my young children grew up all of their rights, I must have not fulfilled how many mistakes I must have committed. Then my relatives, my in laws, all of them have had connections with so many people. Then I was teaching in Germany, I should have here for 19 years, I was I was doing a job there. How many students studied by me how many people colleagues I was with, I'm sure, I made so many mistakes in the hook the rights of my students. And then my side business for this color, which was a

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bookshop. And I used to work there, how many customers and how many people I came across, I'm sure I made so many mistakes with all of them as well, my own brothers. And then he talked about all these people, his listing all these, he said, so many my my hand on my family is so big. There's I've had connections with elder seniors and with people my own age and Asahina people younger than me, in 70 years, how many people have come across how many pupils who oak, how many people I must have said something with my mouth, you know, LIBOR or backbiting or said something in a harsh tone, I must have you know,

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I must have heard the feelings. He said this. In some 70 years, there's so many connections of my life, that now I can't even remember. But all these good and bad omul are all written and they have been preserved. Here I am, I can't even remember but everything has been preserved everything is every connection I had with people. So therefore, I thought that I seek forgiveness. And I write this two three page letter in terms of specially the hook and Heroku rights of other people. And collectively, every single all these people of people who have rights over me, I asked them forgiveness. I asked them for that they forgive me leverage Hillary to Allah for Allah sake, please

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forgive me. So that my cover and my akhira the Manziel becomes easy. My my Manziel you know, like my passing and my, my abode in in alcohol and cover

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becomes easy and I become saved from the adverb of cover. That's why I say, therefore with this writing, I ask all my brothers, sisters, wives, children, far close relatives, seniors, juniors, colleagues, all those people in Masjid I was an imam somewhere. So all the Mahkota these people who prayed behind me all the, all the teachers, students,

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all the pupil customers, all of them that I've come into connection with, I'm asking them the following. If anyone thinks that I owe them some money, then please write to me with the details, and explain to me when and how much I owe you. So that if it's possible, Inshallah, I'll make sure that I pay that money off to number two.

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If anyone really thinks that with my mouth or with my writing, or with my hand or with my

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demeanor, gesture, if I hurt anyone's feelings, whether it's labor, or in any other way, and they want to take revenge, then please take revenge in this world for me. And if they don't want to, then please for the sake of Allah, forgive me, I will really be grateful for you. And I will be thankful to you and I will make dua for you as well. And then number three, he says that I really need your two hours for MK Farah that Allah makes my cover my archroma Hereafter easy. That's why I request everyone to make the out Mugford for me, and whenever you read this, and you think of me, then just make this dua. Oh Allah have mercy on him. Allah Oh ALLAH forgive him or Allah.

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Ya Allah have mercy on him, and ALLAH forgive his sins. If you do that, then you will do a great favor on me and inshallah Your reward is with Allah, of course, will Eva de la Rahmatullah heeta Allah, the most needy slave of Allah subhanaw taala nearly slave of the Mercy of Allah, Muhammad Ashraf Allah for Allah hula May Allah forgive him that in April 2019 This also teaches us what kind of person he was and also teaches us that this is something that we should also think about writing and having an keeping. May Allah Subhana Allah forgive him and elevated status Grantham Jana Paradise be well pleased with him and reward him greatly for all the services he did he did for the

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for the Muslims, and may Allah have mercy on his soul. I end with this. Giselle Kamala Heron salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.