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shaytaan rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam O Allah Shafi mousseline, sagina Mohammed, Allah Allah will satiate My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam said Mr alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakato

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All Praise to Allah subhanho wa Taala and within our peace and blessings in our love to our inner beam Mohammed so seldom on his family, his companions and all those who follow his son and his oma till the end of time, I mean

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Alhamdulillah how time has moved, and Alhamdulillah we are on the doorstep of Ramadan. In fact, I'm not mistaken. This is going to be the last Juma before Ramadan. Next week, we will be sitting here very hungry and thirsty. accom Zilla, but in a lot of state of taqwa, I hope so. Alhamdulillah This is the last jawab before the month of Ramadan begins and make the other all of us will reach that month and get the full blessing of that month. Over the past month or so we've been hosting a different massage in Ramadan readiness course for five weeks of getting into the spirit of Ramadan, understanding some of the laws and motivating us to make this Ramadan, the base Ramadan, so

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inshallah today with us. We haven't spoken much in the Jamaat about Ramadan, but we want to give dedicate this Juma so that we can prepare ourselves for Ramadan, as we know for any big event, any exam, it needs a bit of preparation, and most of these things we know already, but it's good for reminder and to prepare ourselves for Ramadan. So this is more of a free class. And usually with a free class, there's a questions and answers. Unfortunately, we can't take questions and answers if you have any questions and you might have questions you might hear I think but what about this? What about that see me off the Juma we can discuss it at length for those who have attended the classes

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here during Tuesday we are have covered all of this, but this for the benefit of those who are not here. So let us get into the detail of Ramadan and the lows of Ramadan so that we can make sure we are we make sure we do everything according to how we should be done. And then after that the full reward that is available to us in sha Allah blesses us with that. So the first question, and this is according to how you know the lows of Ramadan. When does Ramadan begin? And we know that hamdulillah it's not such a big contentious issue here in Cape Town although it's beginning to become an issue. When do we begin Ramadan?

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Ramadan begins as Salah begins as the other rituals of Islam It begins with the siting of the Christian West aluna Hilah Allah says in the Quran they asked you concerning the new moons say that the new moons are which gives you the indication of the seasons of hedge that is a a you look at the moon and we know from the Hadith maybe someone says fast when you see the moon meaning when you see the moon of Ramadan and stop fasting when you see the moon of of Shadwell for eight we are differences of opinion is not the place for us to discuss

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sightings versus with a telescope versus you know naked eye sightings calculations. But this hadith is very important the Hadees I've put on here now this also says fast the day when you when the community begins they fast and keep read have if thought the day when you or break your fast. So the most important thing here is if all of the community in South Africa we agree we're going to use calculation to determine the moon then we all follow that if that's the majority, don't be one outside outlying Masjid or your household you do things alone. No, this is a time of unity. This is a time of community. This is a time of love. We don't want to have one or two massages doing their

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own thing, especially with regards to Ramadan. And they are outside so nobody sauces fast with your community. And to make this point very clear, to make this point very clear Alhamdulillah some of you will fortunately enough go on Amara and you know that maca usually fast the day before so you are always one day behind. So in my case on the 15th day you would only have fostered 14 days. Now the Buddha goes to Makkah and they only force 29 days so they saw the moon early so they only have 29 days in Mecca how many days did you fast 28 what do you do? Do you keep eat the next day with maca? Or do you say no? You can't ever 28 day Ramadan? Do I force an extra day on the day of eat?

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What do you do

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first when the people first and break key for aid when your community is keeping aid. So the last thing is and this is unanimous you keep eating with maca even though you're almost complete and you force the next day this is shows you that you follow what's happening in the community 100% you Ramadan is not complete you must first but either way with the community is more important. So this makes you understand we should not have brothers was asked why are the sins in Ramadan when the children are chained up? Because Allah subhanho wa Taala says that the 18th of june of jinn and men so Allah did not change up the devils of mania.

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Otherwise, many of the Presidents would be locked up during Ramadan. But, but we find people that still create mischief. And you know, this calendar was that calendar this sighting, leave that province leave and brothers Sahaba didn't have calendars, they didn't have things to the tee, to the exact moment or second. These things are just additional things that we have. We don't have more taqwa than the Sahaba. And so seldom, the point is, don't break the unity in the spirit of Ramadan, through fighting over things which are hamdulillah is this leeway in the Sharia so far as we forced together and we break our hearts together? When does so we that's when the Ramadan begins. When do

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we start fasting and people asked me this, I know majority of us, it's quite simple. We start fasting when we hear the voice of the cape, and we break off from near them or the non voice of the cape, right? This goes. And if we look at the aim, and if you read the ayah, it could cause some ambiguity. So Allah subhana wa says, We're kulu wash, shampoo and eat and drink until the white thread of the white street becomes distinct from the black thread of don't you read the eye, it appears always saying fast and from sunrise, once the sun begins to rise, now begin to fast. No, we know from the hadith of NaVi so seldom, we fast when we when the walk off, budget comes in.

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Remember, fudger is before sunrise. In fact, budget ends when the sun begins to rise. So fasting begins when fudger begins, and fasting ends when mercury begins, we know this, all of us know we listen to the other end. So don't get confused. If Sahaba were confused with this is an additional clarified, when you hear the admin give a damn for fudger. He looks and he determines when it's legit, then you begin fasting. And in fact, and so some people might say, and this again, this is for our own fair, either. What about countries that have very long days or very long nights? Some places in the world? They have six months of de no sunrise, no sunset, South Pole, North Pole. What

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do we do? All right, this is a modern kind of discussion. And we do and the Heidi there's a hadith which, which is mentioned about the gels not but it refers to a day being very long, a day being longer than normal, and nobody's asylum advice. So how about if you live on a day like that, then you estimate, you estimate. So for people living in these extreme climates are these extreme locations. A person who's an astronaut in space, obviously is a traveler, but if he wants to fast he was to make solar, he estimates that this would be the time of lower, he works on a sort of 24 hour clock. So certain countries in the world web extremes they apply this time the law we don't we are

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not in that situation we are fasting is very normal and very easy. The sooner is for us to break out far or to delay so hold as late as late as possible. I know you find on calendars it is 10 minutes stop eating with become overcautious from the sooner now be substances. Keep your suhoor as late as possible, right until the very end, don't think I'm going to be pious, I'm going to have my support off the tarawih. And I'm going to continue to fast from 12 o'clock the night no newbies are seldom encouraged. In fact, they will tune in to the time of day so seldom one was better. And Bilal used to also give the advance slightly earlier maybe a few minutes or two earlier, maybe sauces in here

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that I then have to continue eating until the year the advent of the oven because he makes it on the edge of budget. Let me encourage Sahaba that delay you should or as late as possible therefore you have to have support it's a good it's a you know it's very it's a tsunami occurred and absences. In soccer. There's a special kind of Baraka and the later you wait for sure is a special kind of Baraka. Similarly, break your fast as early as possible. Don't delay breaking the fast you actually lose the rewards by breaking past a hadith which Allah subhanho wa Taala says, the most beloved of my servants are those who hasten to break the fast they put the job, everything aside. It's time for

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us to break our fast. We take the 1015 minutes to prepare ourselves we make during that time and the minute the other one comes in. We break out for us no delay, at least as soon as we don't have to you know we don't have to worry about breaking that we all rush to break our fasade hamdulillah when the fitrah right.

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The Nia was another complicated thing that people have overcomplicated.

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Now vehcile salam says the one who does not have these intention near his intention, everything is based on intention, the one who does not have his intention to force

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the no force is for him first time he didn't intend to force them there is no forcing for him have sort of deal in the life of Nabisco Sallam said he hadn't been say this. I shut out the line has a different story. She says maybe so salon one day came to the house maybe 10 o'clock the morning of the budget. He said are I sure is there anything to eat in the house? So she said yes, we have nothing. Think about that. Right now. We don't have a date or a drop of water. There's nothing for you to eat. It's gonna be so so what did he do? He's not hungry. Look into them fasting, right. So his intention to fast was not the

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wants to eat. So now how do we reconcile these two ahaadeeth How do we reconcile them? And I'm sure if you reconcile them in a beautiful way he says you must when it comes to compulsory fasting meaning Ramadan fasting, you must have your intention to fast before fudger begins as soon as fasting so the brother today he missed breakfast he missed lunch and he says I'm still good to go I haven't eaten anything come to me faster sooner fasting no problem you can do that 100% acceptable, you get the reward for it. So this is permissible. What do we mean by nice people understand near to be in a way to show my body and that's that is a verbal that's a verbal statement. That's not

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linear. You find brothers who are paying fibia we'll talk about Fiji in a minute that they cannot force you ask them are you going to force tomorrow Haji says no I'm not gonna force I'm on diabetes. I have to take insulin I'm not fasting. But he says the near now way to solve this is we find another brother. He says he phones you shift in o'clock the morning I forgot to say the Nia last night. I didn't I wasn't in the masjid. I didn't say the Nia last night is my fasting accepted. I said did you intend to force his I woke up for support I prepared this or I you know everything was done? Unfortunately I didn't eat so did you intend to foster not? Yes, I was gonna force you

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intention was they? I give you an example of someone whose intention to foster is not the

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next week Friday, you find a man standing in the queue right at KFC or to the breakfast annaleigh what you're doing in the queue or you're not fasting today? He says why it's Ramadan today is Ramadan today Really? I didn't even know Alhamdulillah I didn't eat yet for since fudger. So I'll just continue my fasting said no, what am I doing in Nia was not there from the beginning of the day, this is not going to be acceptable. You need to make up this day no punishment. But these intention was not the understand the concept now of what Nia means. So Alhamdulillah, you make that knee and you make that knee and now I'm going to force the CTO. So I'm going to force the whole

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month of Ramadan, even if you don't get the we don't know who's going to get the ultimate right for you the Ramadan reward. Okay. So also very important, there's another unique situation, brothers will talk about this people will have an option to force and not to force normally on the traveler, he has the choice whether to break his fast or not too fast. If he wants to force that day, he needs to make his mind up before fudger you cannot say I'm going to see how the travel goes. If it's easy, I'm going to fast. If it's not easy, I'm gonna break my fast No, make your near before the time I want to fast. If it becomes difficult, and then you break your fast, no problem. But you can't say

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I'm going to see and then decide during the day. No, the travel was easy. I want to just finish the day, you know, you're near wasn't there to begin with. Understand this issue of near. Okay, so those I mean of those who are excused from fasting, so all of us Allah Subhana Allah says, Yeah, he will let me know those of you who have Eman quotevalet camassia you all of you need to fast in the month of Ramadan, and hamdulillah How beautiful is it? That the thing which is most important to you your food you drink the things that keep you alive? The minute Allah Subhan says I've commanded fasting, the Muslims will give up food and drink and we are that lucky 2% 90 odd percent of our country is

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not going to heat that command of Allah, but you are a beloved brother and sister. You are the one who responds and Allah says, Oh, those of you who have a man you would respond with hunger that's an indication as bad as we are something inside the art of the man that will always sit so we obey whether it's food, drink our wives, whatever it is, yeah, Allah you command, we obey. We don't question we don't complain. That's a beautiful thing. And it shows that this goodness in this room out with all our problems and our mistakes, don't underestimate the man in the heart. But of course Allah subhanaw taala in his mercy and His kindness, Allah says I want for you is not difficult and

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beautiful when we go through the ayat of fasting. It says if Allah subhana wa Taala goes at length to soften the blow. So Allah says, I made fasting compulsory on you, people before you also fast and if you have difficulty, you can play the video. And for those that, you know, also have some temporary excuse. I make it easy for them as well. Don't worry, I want ease for you. So last one reminds us over and over. This is not to make you starve and not for you to suffer. Allah doesn't get benefit and joy from you suffering some brothers think the more difficult the fasting, the more difficult they make it on themselves. This is This allows him that he would them know Allah doesn't

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want this alone wants us to teach us a lesson. So Allah has excused two types of people from fasting.

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The first person who is excused from fasting, he doesn't have to fasting Ramadan is the traveler, the one who is traveling and is classified as a traveler. He has the option to force or not to force it's up to him to choose.

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What is a traveler and this is a wonderful debate between the mothership all formalized

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have differences of opinion and different views. And this is not the place for us to go in depth discussion if you want to go and find it very good research, there are a few papers written on it. So before the advent of modern transportation, the AMA has set a a kilometre limit if your journey if you're on a journey, and it's more than 8085 kilometres, right, then this regards is as a travel and this was fine. Up until cause and planes were invented because 85 kilometres on foot or 85 kilometres on a horse or donkey was quite difficult. Today Alhamdulillah. The mme have we've kept that rule, and we follow and we stick to our madhhab. So the chef and the Hanafi madhhab is very

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close to this as well, if you are on a journey, and your journey is in excess of 80, or 85, KS, meaning from point A mycity. To wave I'm going to end we don't mean if you drive in a circle around your house 85 times or 100 times this is 85 kilometres know from point my journey point eight, I draw a line, it's 85 Ks, then according to the majority of the scholars, you are classified as a traveler, and therefore you have the option to force will not too fast. It's up to you. Whether it's easy journey or difficult journey doesn't matter. You can choose the ball is in your court. How long am I a traveler? So I'm going from Cape Town to Johannesburg more than 85 Ks? Yes. Am I a traveler?

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Yes. I'm going to stay in Joburg for six months. Am I traveler that whole six months no going to share fiammetta if you stay in a location, you stop traveling for four days or more you you become a resident of that area. And if you know you're going to stay in that area more than four days, right. So you know, I'm going to Johannesburg and I'm going to stay a week in Johannesburg. From day one you become a resident from day one. So not only not after four days. From day one, if you know you staying in that area more than four days, your status as a traveler goes away you now resident and the lows of being a resident apply to you amongst the law says you have too fast the HANA fees are

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you know they've made it they've they've taken the limit to 15 days this is the Hanafi madhhab. So, again Alhamdulillah This is leniency both these opinions have evidences and basis and this is the Hanafi opinion that 15 days or more and then you become a resident. So if you have if you take the knock when it comes to crayfish, but when it comes to the journey, you take the benefit give given take right we don't chop and choose as we like, right, so, so the Shafi opinion 85 Ks, Mo traveler, if you 85 Ks or more a traveler, if you're going to be in a location, three or less days, then you remain a traveler even if you're going from one city. So you say I'm going to travel for six months,

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but every three days I'm going to a new city and ole period UI traveler Shangri La except the Rasul Allah has given you, and then what do you do once you've become a resident you make up those days that you've missed? Brother asks, What's it better for me to fast or not too fast, when I'm a traveler, whatever is easier for you. So the brother, also you cannot eat and drink until you begin your journey. So for the brother, his flight to China is only an half an hour before, the whole day he was unable to eat and drink. Now he's got half an hour left. It's easier for him to finish that day, than to make an entire new day absolutely false that day for another brother, he has to go from

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the morning and he has to sit in transit, all these things don't make it difficult, and you're not going to get any rewards. In fact, they were Sahaba that used to force on a journey and these are disobedient people now, because they want to make it difficult when Allah has made it easy. And he said this is a rock star from Allah. This is a gift from Allah, except the gift if it's easier for you. Okay, so that's the case of the traveler. The sick person is the second type of person who is exempted from fasting. And there are two types of sick people. There is someone who is permanently sick meaning the old man is never ever is if he's too sick too fast. Now, next is even going to be

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weaker, who's going to be older, the person who has a permanent disability and is unable to force a chronic problem, and we might do other you know, in the future Allah grants us the cure for diabetes and all these things, right we make dua, but we don't know yet. So for such a person who will never ever be strong enough to fast, he pays what we call the video. It plays a video and what a video really is, is you need to feed somebody for one meal for every day you must you feed someone one meal. I think the finish sheet is 1515 ran this year. You can put it in the box mini massages, so you have a grandfather grandmother who's not able to fast for every day they must you put 15 grand

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in the box. If you want you can invite a sick person a poor person is unable to buy a hungry person to house and give them a meal even better. As for someone who's temporarily ill you own you, you know get some virus or bug during Ramadan, and you out of action for a week Alhamdulillah you'll be cured and be healed and fast.

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for you there is no video you can't pay in that video you need once you return to health you need to pay this day in you need to force it, when you force it, it is up to you anytime, whenever you want to force it, you can force that. But there is a limitation. How long do I have to force these days? There is no clear evidence which states in the Quran or the sooner that you need to fast so you have days Oh, I understand the question. You were traveler, you must say a week of Ramadan. You said I'm not gonna fast Alhamdulillah no problem. I was sick for a week. So I have seven days of Ramadan, knowing how long do I have? Do I need to force it immediately after eat? Is there a limitation with

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a hadith of Ayesha rhodiola and her that she had days owing. And she fostered them in Siobhan of the next year, and she had to get them up. So from this Hadith, it's quite clear that you have up until the next Ramadan to force those days in, you can choose the days obviously, if you pass away, that's a date you owe to Allah. So therefore, everyone encourages you. This is a major date that you as your children need to force in, if you have days or something that's going to be on your neck. So you force it as soon as possible. But if you delay it even until the next Ramadan, Okay, no problem. If you go beyond the next Ramadan, when there's a penalty as well, then you pay a fee via a penalty

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as well as far as that day in. So anyone who still has some days owing, you have three full days fostered now before Ramadan begins, because this is your your cutoff, your cutoff period. This is very applicable to the sisters who have the highest and remain says and they are pregnant and they breastfeeding, the breastfeeding woman and the pregnant woman. She is under the category of temporary illness because she's weak only for a few months, and then she'll return to health. Very difficult for the sisters. One year she's pregnant next year. She's breastfeeding next year she's pregnant next year, she's breastfeeding for five years of no fasting, it's like 150 days, no feeder

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for your system, which literally we can't give you an allowance day. Right? And we tried to find you know, make it easy, but for her she has to pay the 150 days in, it's the price she pays for her children and that's why the mother our mothers go through this we don't think about that difficult. We know fasting one day outside of Ramadan is more difficult than the month of Ramadan and the sisters must go through and so Allah subhanho wa Taala obviously will give them a great reward for the sacrifice.

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Now the question I have days opening days of Ramadan owing, but the good sooner is coming up. The one who forced the day of alpha for example, he gets the reward of the sins being forgiven the previous year and the forthcoming year but I have days of Ramadan the six days of show while you foster six days of show work it says even though you force the entire year with Ramadan so the question is if I have days a week and this asuna first thing I want to do Am I allowed to fall sooner fasting? Yes you are majority of the scholars agree you can force a sooner fasting even before your compulsively is completed. Same rule applies I haven't done my footage Can I go in? Oh

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yes you can. The Watchtower comes in just to make sure occurs sooner before the time even though the photo is compulsory on you. So the majority of scholars have permitted it. Can I join my knee another controversial question? Can I forced the sooner fasting without fasting on the same day that they have arafa I still have a day of Ramadan. Oh, when I joined my Nia together debate amongst the scholars, Shafi malherbe has accepted this again humbly live that's your mother, we accept that that's the mother of the shafia Yeah, you can join the Tunis no problem.

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Next thing, what things invalidate what things must I stay away from and that will break my fast things that invalidate your false Of course number one, deliberate eating and drinking and anything which resembles it. So you can eat not through your mouth. You can have a drip, which feeds you. This is also eating and drinking it resembles it if you do it deliberately. You're forced is not permitted. You're fasting is broken, deliberate vomiting, you force yourself to vomit while fasting fasting is invalidated deliberate ejaculation you do something you think of something and you ejaculate. Your fasting is broken, deliberate bloodletting or bleeding till you cause yourself to

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bleed right? So not accidental. You don't need blood for example, your fasting is broken sexual intercourse. I don't know if you can have accidental sexual intercourse, but sexual intercourse during Ramadan and what is mania. So understand this and a lot of old people here you know hugging and kissing is not is not intercourse, intercourse is penetration that will break your false that is what breaks your fast. And then of course main says ladies are in the hide, or they oppose off the birth bleeding. This of course as well, she's unable to fast during this time. So the brothers is SubhanAllah. What happens if I have done these things? Number one, it's a major, major, major sin

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that Neville says if you deliberately break a day of fasting and you fasted your whole life, you wouldn't make up that reward you won't get the reward. One day of fasting of Ramadan is greater than a life.

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Sooner fasting, and you require some tober as well serious Toba, Allah made a major sin. Allah has not the prerogative to forgive or not to forgive. But in addition to the Toba, there is a penalty you must pay for the one who converts intercourse he sleeps with his wife during the day of Ramadan. He needs to number one, either free a slave, and if you don't have a slave to free only if you don't have a slave, then you need to force 60 days continuously non stop, you get to day 58 and you're unable to fast you begin from number one serious serious thing if you have a medical excuse you can't for 60 days non stop, then you need to feed 60 people and the beautiful Hadith around this. As

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for the other methods you ate deliberately you vomited deliberately, you ejaculate deliberately for you still a major sin still serious? Nobody quiet still you get nobody awards, you have to only make one day. I know sometimes we scare the people and say 60 days for you know, but it's only one day only intercourse requires this.

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Understand the next question the brother says okay, what about committing sin while fasting? Does this invalidate my fasting the one brother asked me yesterday if I swayed during fasting. What if I commit murder while fasting I steal during fasting. So while this does not technically invalidate your false this hadith will apply whoever does not give up false speech and evil actions or foolish actions. Allah is not in need of his leaving his food and drink meaning you'll get no reward if you do major sin. And if this is what we got Alesis evil speech obviously stealing murders even worse than that. If you don't give off what goes out of your mouth, you're not as cautious You're so

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cautious about putting things in your mouth but you don't care what comes out and remember there's no reward for you for that, but it doesn't break your force but you don't get any blessing of that fasting. And perhaps today this is very applicable because we constantly sending out messages hundreds 200 messages, maybe in Ramadan we should either go for WhatsApp not haram to be on WhatsApp or Facebook whatever but maybe now is not the time for us to do all these silly things that Ramadan we take a step back as because they'll be so specifically said who does not give up evil speech then it's as if though there's no purpose to his fasting. Things that don't break your fast eating and

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drinking forget fully even if you have the whole buffet you have the 20 piece nuggets from from KFC and you didn't know you forgot your fasting hamdulillah all of it you no problem you continue fasting you don't have to pay a fee Do you don't have to make the day up if you vomit or you bleed accidentally you were sick you got injured unless of course the doctor says you must enforce then you force you complete and you finish the day and you don't have to make the day of accidental ejaculation so the brother went to sleep up the door he dreamed up his hero as he woke up with a problem and easier

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no problem is fasting is 100% acceptable he takes the hustle he makes no problem fasting is fine In fact, this happens people that are husband and wife they you know they they spend the night together they went to bed they woke up a bit late It's so who did this only 1012 minutes left for so what do we do shift do we first hustle or do we first have so no have so first and then when the budget comes in? Take your hustle for 10 minutes and then perform budget Sala no problem right So Jen Alba you're not you don't you're not required to be in the state of Florida too fast. There's not saara This is something different. You allowed to cut your nails cut your hair people believe that you're

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not supposed to do this while fasting please cut your nails cut your hair shave the areas that needs to be shaved the beard leave the beard inshallah brothers during fasting right we try to do at least the sooner that we grow the beard during Ramadan so we can look like Mohammed Al Salam as well. So right cutting the nails cutting the hair 100% permissible while fasting. You can wait for a few more forks you can smell perfume while fasting. You can borrow bathing and swimming you can shower please if you need to shower shower during fasting right? But with cake don't swallow water. If you know you're gonna constantly accidentally swallow water for you inshallah, brother don't swim, right.

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Brushing teeth, brushing teeth. Now visa some use the miswak while fostering me is a taste to the miswak. Remember what breaks your force is not tasting something on your mouth, it's swallowing something. So if you want to brush your teeth and this is a continuous view of the majority of contemporary scholars, even with toothpaste, you may do it so long as you don't swallow. Same with blue. You can use your mouth to do but you don't swallow and you don't go go so don't go go if you it's your habit. It's a good habit to go go leave the Listerine now and just brush your teeth with the college hamdulillah no problem no problem. Okay. Contemporary controversial highlight in

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controversial issues here you will find 10 different opinions from different modality of different scholars. eyedrops ear drops, nose drops, asthma pump, what about these things, drops for the eyes and the ears, ointments on the skin and suppositories these things. Number one first bit first price, avoid them during the day if you can avoid them.

00:30:00--> 00:30:36

Avoid Them use them at night, second prize you use them and you force a day just to be safe Alhamdulillah This is a secondary thing. Third thing and the majority of scholars here this is the global panel of fixed scholars said these do not break your fast Why? Because this is not eating and drinking and then make the analogy if the man he throws alcohol in his ear, we don't lash him at times for drinking Hummer. You won't get drunk from that. So this does not classify as eating and drinking even though it's absorbed by the body. There's not nourishment, therefore, eyedrops even if you have a taste in the back of your throat, ear drops suppositories ointment sunblock does not

00:30:36--> 00:30:41

break your fast if you use them and Allah knows best as for knows dubs

00:30:42--> 00:31:21

estimate pump this looks like it appears as if though it does break your fast why because an obese also sees when you perform Voodoo don't goggle and don't pull the the the back of the nose when you take we do so obviously by squirting a liquid in the back of your nose in the back of your mouth. This of course looks like it's closer than it does break your fast and therefore take extra care to avoid these things without a doubt smoking brothers breaks your Fox or I don't come in this is not going to my I'm not getting nourishment breaks your force 100% no smoking allowed during the day of Ramadan. In fact, maybe even during your life injections, injections,

00:31:22--> 00:31:57

do injections break my fast two types of injections. One type is that which nourishes you like the drip intravenous feeding without a doubt this breaks your force right? Other injections like an anesthetic it just numbs the muscles or I don't know this is where the doctors they know better Does this count as nourishment? Are you getting any some of the injections don't even into the bloodstream, it just in the muscle. I don't know the technical side of it. But if it's a nourishment, it breaks your force. If it's not for nourishment purposes, then it does not break your fast but again best thing to do avoid if you can don't wait for Ramadan now want to take my flu

00:31:57--> 00:32:34

vaccine take it now take it in the evening I don't don't push those boundaries that Allah has set for you. So these are some of the laws that I am more to discuss with regards to Ramadan but these are in a nutshell the ones that we face daily and I did this talk a bit back to front because the more important part is what comes next the virtues of fasting so we spoke about the external getting the ritual side right but the inside this is between you and a lot all of us we can do the same thing not eat and drink but one brothers fasting is so much superior to my fasting because of the insight and now is the time to get your head in the game and I speak to myself first and foremost

00:32:35--> 00:32:52

that fasting Ramadan is this great bonus blessing time for all of us you can see yourself in Jenna secure with one Ramadan What are so yeah, I've done all of this for you I gave up my food my drink my wife my asthma pump for you. Yeah Allah my secret for you. Yeah, Allah, what do I get in return?

00:32:53--> 00:33:31

Number one, there are three chances in Ramadan to have all your sins forgiven even major sins. Now this one says who ever forced the month of Ramadan with a man and hopefully would you just fast and we all gonna fall in sha Allah, all your sins are forgiven. Number two second second prize. If you're not second prize, also you get your sins forgiven. Whoever stands the month of he makes exclusiveness Allah libidinous 100 rockers 20 rockers whoever makes an extra effort to make more soon assala and of course here the four oh it comes first. I'm going to make the compulsory in JAMA I'm going to make the compulsory on time this is priority you get all your sins forgiven even

00:33:31--> 00:34:16

easier. Who ever stands the night of later to quarter in Sala with Eman And oh follows any word. all your sins are forgiven? So you think brothers think about it again. We spoke about this a couple of weeks ago kiama It's a scale sins good deeds. The one whose sin was scale is heavy on the right side guaranteed place in general. So we think how do I make the evil side light one month of Ramadan can wipe out everything. Think about it like that 70 years of sin one month of Ramadan removes all of it. Even major sins in sha Allah gets removed. So make that effort in the month it's it's 70 years of mistakes. Correct. We know also that the light of later to cover whatever stands the night of

00:34:16--> 00:34:56

later to quarter in Sala you get the reward of 1000 months, 83 years. And again, I make this example. How do I know what these 1000 months you add yours to take your salary at the end of the month? If it's a 10,000 Rand and you times it by 1000 it comes to 10 million Rand. Right? That's how much reward you're going to get. So if your boss tells you, you earn 10,000 and I'm going to pay you 10 million Rand at the end of this night of working, how are you going to work that day, that night, these 12 hours you get so much money. Allah says I'm going to give you 83 years of flossing, 83 years of solla 83 years of Hajj, 83 years of charity, little bit of effort, you know extra effort

00:34:56--> 00:34:59

needed and when is Laila to Qatar, Laila to Qatar

00:35:00--> 00:35:20

shifts later to correlate according to the most correct scholarly opinion, it does not stay fixed on a certain day, but high probability, it will be in the last 10 nights of Ramadan. Amongst the odd nights, it could be amongst the even nights, very likely also, possibly, but very rare. It could even be outside the last 10 nights.

00:35:21--> 00:35:54

Battle of bother was in the 17th day of Ramadan. It's a big date in the calendar. Right? Some people have said based on this, it could be that the 17th also, you know, he throws his name is his name in that so but nobody so Solomon said look in the last 10 nights amongst the odd nights, not just the 27th night instead, the 29th night gets we so focused on bank souls and the boat we forget about that this could be later to further right so that last 10 nights, you will not sleep those entire nights, those 10 nights he didn't sleep because of the fear of missing Laila to other

00:35:55--> 00:36:32

one they shouldn't have asked the okay so this is also the reward of fasting Allah Subhana Allah says this, Allah says that for every reward you get for every good deed you do, I reward you in the manner of that deed. So you build a Masjid or build your house but of course 7700 times better than the one you built here, you planted three over gives you 70,000 Gardens, whatever, except fasting, fasting, Allah says I don't multiply you gave me because this is especially by the only between you and Allah. So Allah is going to give each and every one of us a special reward over and above even so you gave Allah What did you give you a lot I gave you nothing I just stopped eating, it's always

00:36:32--> 00:37:15

gonna give you a special reward. So this is only I can reward so each one of us is something which we love the most. Allah knows what's in the heart and He will personally give each one of the people who fast reward How great is this because it's a personal evader. The reward is personal between you and Allah. Akbar writes something special, which we don't even know. One day of sooner fasting is better, it will its reward is that it distance you from jahannam 70 years, one day of sooner fasting. A bit of maths again, if one day of sooner fasting puts me 70 years away from Jana. And one day of Ramadan is better than a lifetime of fasting. So how many days in our life? 365 times 70

00:37:16--> 00:37:54

times 70. That's the value of one day of Ramadan, the distance between you and Jana. Don't underestimate one single day of Ramadan to keep you safe from Jana. As for Jana is a special tool, which admits people into gender purely on fasting. So you think to yourself, how am I gonna get to gender I'm not so good when it comes to giving charity. My HELOC is not the best maybe the due to gender through fasting looks like an option for me. I'm already fasting Ramadan, I'm already fasting the month of Ramadan. If I force six more days, maybe some sisters will be like you force in your lifetime six days of show well you get the reward for a year Should I force every Ramadan plus my

00:37:54--> 00:38:03

six days of shower my whole life would be a fasting obviously then I'm I should get into this new agenda. So it's opportunity and easy access to Jenna.

00:38:04--> 00:38:41

The reward of one accepted Ramadan is greater than the reward of the Shaheed we spoke about this hadith of palha we one person died as a Shaheed and he and another person who lived a year extra he didn't die as a Shaheed he went to gender first and resources Why are you shocked the person who died not as a Shaheed he got one extra Ramadan, whereas the Shaheed he didn't get that extra Ramadan and that he would have won Ramadan is better than the reward of a Shaheed because it's a pillar of Islam. So we think of the great rewards the Shaheed is going to get who dies in the past when we should aspire for that no doubt we don't take away from him but remember that Ramadan is even

00:38:41--> 00:38:42


00:38:43--> 00:39:22

than Ramadan is even greater than that span Allah right. Amara in Ramadan is for the brothers were lucky enough to go to Makkah during Ramadan opportunity. If you go and you perform Omar in Ramadan, it will be the reward of accepted Hajj. So if you're a young Ramadan, make those make as much humorous as you can. And in sha Allah counts as an accepted Hajj six days of show well we said no decency to ever for all kind of sahaabah who have you confessed his whole life none of us can do that. So he said fast Ramadan and do six days of show one right. So show what is the month of Ramadan obviously not the first of show because they have a unicorn force in a day but the other

00:39:22--> 00:39:43

days of show well within the first the last in between you mix them up, no problem any six days of show world plus Ramadan, you get that entire year 2015 as the year of fasting, you do that next year 2016 sorted, you do that for the rest of your life, when country ama the ultimate is where the people who fostered the whole life you would be then you go into general

00:39:44--> 00:40:00

easy access to gentlemen remember an absence is the death of the fostering person is not rejected amongst the people who are will inshallah be accepted is the person who fasts and in particular, the most Mr. Jab time is just before you break your

00:40:00--> 00:40:24

So just hold on wakeful liquid sisters and some more stuff like that. Make dua for your health, your family the EMA for me, my for all of us make the last 1015 minutes because you do I know it's a direct line to Allah subhanho wa Taala and Allah will not reject that. You will accept it and give it as you asked, we will give you something even better Subhanallah the do of the Farsi person is not rejected as an obese woman says

00:40:25--> 00:40:51

remember fasting and the Quran will be intercessors and your witnesses on pm and keep you safe from the punishment and other of the cover. No friends on the day you may have to remember the day when your mother and your father My mother and father's they have nothing to do with this one. I want nothing to do with him. The Quran and your foxing will stand up and say we are Allah stopped him from asleep and his food. We kept him busy. So we are a buffer between the punishment and him.

00:40:52--> 00:40:58

As as much as you want an assistant and I help on piano. Ramadan is here for you to take it if you want it.

00:41:00--> 00:41:36

If you want to be counted someone's would say how much standing must I do to be classified as standing the whole month in Ramadan? Do I have to smoke swallow the whole night? Easy way nobody says who ever performed Salah in JAMA with the Imam until he finishes his Torah where it is written for him as if though he stood the entire night in Salah. Easy way in which whether it's eight rockers off the Jews 20 rockers doesn't say in the Hadith. But when the Imam and the Gemma you stayed from the beginning until the end of the program. So even though you're only student hour in Sala the remaining 11 hours of the night is written for you as your students are almost as generous

00:41:36--> 00:41:41

with the rewards just take a little bit of effort. Very, very equal. And of course another easy sooner.

00:41:43--> 00:42:18

If you give someone something with which he breaks his foster data or something, you get the reward of his fasting without him losing anything. So easy way again, and sometimes are very smart. They give these dates out. They beat us to it. So we need to go out and give to as many people as possible. Maybe your fasting is not so wonderful, but you gave the day to the valley and he breaks his fast and he's fasting was excellent. You get the reward for his 40 lower right so this is the easy way in which you can magnify your rewards. And I conclude with this and this is the most important point, most important point at the end of Ramadan. Whether you're Ramadan was a value or

00:42:18--> 00:42:30

not. It's between you and Allah, but judges behind this, this is the ayah which you judge it Allah Subhana says oh you have believed quotevalet CUCM I have made compulsory upon you forcing Kamakura, Allah Allah.

00:42:31--> 00:43:05

At the end of all this giving up a food and drink and all this back and forth. objective is at the end of Ramadan, you must have Taqwa meaning, you must have a better relationship with Allah. That my relationship with Allah must have improved. Allah forces us and He gives us opportunity to get closer to him. If at the end of Ramadan, you are a little bit more conscious of Allah at hamdulillah you have achieved the objective of promoting only you between you and Allah can answer the swimming dog Allah subhana wa tada blesses us with the ability to fast this month of Ramadan properly correctly sincerely, and we get the full full benefit that was not shy to reward just a bit of

00:43:05--> 00:43:40

effort outside all our sins are forgiven. After this Ramadan we get later to Qatar and everything of good for us in Ramadan and Allah make it easy for us. grant us the strength to force and Allah forgive those who are not with us this year for us in Ramadan excellent time as well to give charity now this isn't an extra charity, miserable handle islampur a few programs here, please, you can donate and this will be part of you. We will ensure comments please you can mail me or put in the box. And we just want to announce next week in sha Allah, part of the pillars of Ramadan in Cape Town is of course the book athletes. Right? It will be available next week. So this is a nice

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present for the wife for the mother. Right? The book athletes will be coming out and okay fee this now replaces the companion some good excellent articles I see with these amcon as well. So excellent articles from some of the orlimar they've written things, some questions and answers. So okay, he's coming out with a book that reads 100 grand next week, bring your 100 and with Alhamdulillah goes for a good cause insha Allah and our our senior class of course, will not be postponed we won't have a class on Tuesday because of course we have thoroughly and our theme this year. Our post per week talk will be on the names of Allah. snatcher a lot. Does that go off at Santa Monica Murtala

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