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naranja Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Allah Allah savage nine, cetera 10 things of nature 10 things which are the son of our beloved messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and all the prophets and it's something which is natural, which has to do with purity and it talks about the fifth or 10th things of nature 10 things which are the son of our beloved messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and all the prophets and it's something which is natural, which has to do with purity and it talks about the importance of purity. Say the Orisha rhodiola 100 call it she says, Cora Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the

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Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam stated hi Sharon middle sip Torah chanting from Fedora 10 things are from the nature 10 things are from purity. 10 things are from the Sunnah and from the ways of all the prophets are those 10 things are sociality be cutting of the mustache and I just started these from mentioning these 10 things and discussing them and talking about them on the last 10 days of Ramadan.

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So the first one was

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the shortening of the mustache. The cutting and trimming of the moustache was shaving it and I talked about that in detail earlier. Number two paratha lithiated lengthening of the beard I did talk about that and discussed it in detail also was the work of using of the miswak see work and cleaning of the teeth. I talked about that in detail also was thin sharpener, rinsing off the nose and a knob model which is goggling. I talked about that as well. That's number four rinsing of the nose and goggling is 10 sharp and knob model cleaning of the area that the mouth and the nose. We talked about that in detail as well. So that's for also a very clipping of the nails. We talked

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about that in detail. Walk us through barrage me washing off the joints of the body, we discuss that in detail as well. When it fully immediately removing of underarm hair we discuss that in detail also helical identity and yesterday, we talked about removing pubic hair. And we talked about that in detail also. today that leads us with Item Number 10 the 10th thing which is part of it or just five, six minutes on this initial I'm going to conclude for 10 minutes in the US will not be stingy, which means cleaning yourself. When you go to the toilet. When you relieve yourself. You clean yourself. Males and females included. It's very important you see in the costumer is very important.

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There is so much emphasis in Sharia about cleanliness as you know when I talked about that earlier about purity and our beloved messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in this instance the whom in a bowl, make sure that you save yourself from the splashes from the drops of urine from the splashes and from the drops of urine. So in

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the Caribbean who because very the majority of the times are generally generally the punishment in the grave is because of people not saving themselves from the splashes and drops of urine.

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We believe in the punishment of the grave available. Popcorn is something which is true. There's many evidences and the Quran Sunnah for that punishment in the grave before going into jahannam there will be punishment for whom Allah wishes Nova save a soul that there will be punishment in the grave in Aqaba. That's what the Hadith says or kabru, Rhoda to Maria regenda, flattening offering Iran

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our grades can either be a garden of Paradise from the gardens of Paradise or it could be a very it could be a pit from the pits of hell May Allah make our grades that great the gardens of Paradise inshallah I mean, you know, but I didn't mean

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but so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says that stay away from the splashes of urine because most of the times, generally,

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punishment of the grave is because of a person not saving himself herself from the splashes of urine. There's another highlight of our messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he passed by two graves. And he said these two people are both are being punished in their graves. I mentioned this before when I was talking about those five branches of Islam. He said, How does acronym Shubin NEMA, this one he's being punished because he used to be a tail bearer is to tell you that he is to take you know compensation from here and related here and retake something from me and related when I talked about tail bearing and backbiting and this I mentioned this already, but the other person,

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he said one, and this one for Canada is consuming a bowl he never used to save himself from the splashes of urine. So therefore this in the past will not not this 10th part of Fedora means making sure that you clean yourself properly. Use water very

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important reason Muslims don't use water, you know, you go to the nice public toilets and they just urinating just or even you know, when you go to the service station it's difficult because they don't use water so we we should keep water take when you when you travel on the motorway on the M one or M 69. or wherever you're going into 62 What you do is you should keep all this water with you it's very important when you go to the toilet use the water, even some Muslims, they just something standard cannulate where they have a toddler, you notice it's great, great thing. It's wrong. You go inside, I mean how can you stand with two three people I mean, he is non Muslim, they just come and

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have a chat, you know, or have them standing there and you know, in a line chatting away and urinating away. So heinola You know, there's no higher there's no modesty, Islam teaches modesty and higher, go inside, lock the door. This is the setup, this hour is concealing, you hide yourself, you concede yourself this modesty, Islam teaches modesty. And then after that

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you urinate and you clean yourself with water, take some water with us you forget to take it then go to the you know, like I mean, sometimes what I've done is when you forget to take water,

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you know, take go to the sink, fill some water up and then go into the you know washroom or into the toilet. If you don't have a jug or a cup or a bottle, Bob Bob, you know, Bob, buy one buy, buy a drink or something like long water bottle. You know, and then if you don't want to spend your money, you can sometimes if you go to the to the you know, restaurants, they're the McDonald's and whatever they have there. They have those, you know, Pepsi and Coke cups, those plastic ones, it didn't just ask them and they'll give you they'll give you one free. So can I just have a? Excuse me? Can I just you know, borrow, not borrow? Because you know, I gotta give it back to them. But can I can I just

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have a plastic cup please? How much does it cost just asked to equal item into the cost, who's going to say of course that you know, take it is okay. And then use that gold filler up in the sink and use that for water using of water is very important. Unfortunately, many of our brothers and sisters, they don't use water when they go to the toilet. They may do so at home. But when they're traveling with something they don't. So this is very important. We use motor rutina stuff. And with regards to males,

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there's something called St barah. All the books are separate. If you pick it up, they say well is Deborah, Deborah is rajib. This is more specific to males, it's not specific to females, females are affected the discharge, but male that affected with this is us which means that after urinating it's absolute absolutely necessary that a male makes sure that all the drops of urine are clear from this passage of union 80. This is called an st Bharat. It's the Brahmins cleaning. emptying is the barrage is Arabic word, which means emptying emptying the passage through which urine comes out. It's very important. This has been discussed in the books in great detail that, you know, you don't

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just go and urinate and straightaway you come outside because if you come outside and perform your will, and then after we'll do a drop of urine comes out you will do on your ablution has been made invalid is broken. So you have to there's one of it's very important, the automa have given many methods they say that you should you know, afternoon eating repetition around your genital area and then go outside walk around for 1015 minutes and then come and clean yourself some news water, some set cough you know make sure coughing standing up all the many, many methods in order to make sure and ensure and be absolutely positive. And be sure about the fact that the drops of urine have come

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out a lot of people are neglectful on this. And being neglectful on this fella becomes invalid window becomes invalid clumps of urine come onto the trousers onto the you know onto the clothes. So it's very important if the bra brothers this especially for brothers if they want more details read on this is the bra is large. It's absolutely necessary, absolutely necessary. It's an absolute and it's a necessity and it's an obligation.

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And so this is the bra

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This is one of my teachers who's passed away to the mercy of Allah Rahim Allah who died a lot of the anvil not be pleased with him. He was he was used to teach us to heal Buhari and the teachers of many of many of the *hole cities at embellishing modernize. termasuk Rahim Allah and

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we used to know about him that he in order to just go for urinating. He used to spend like half an hour into in the toilet because of his temper, before teaching before we do half an hour. And that's that's really that's the way it should be done. So therefore, brothers recommended that they should not perform ablution wounds straight after going to the toilet. They should what they should do is they should go relieve themselves and then after that

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Repetition around the genital area. And then after that, work around, do some other jobs analyze that and then after that go and wash the genital area, their private parts, and then after that perform modal and ablution. So making sure that a person gets himself read. He reads himself from the drops from the splashes of urine. This is an extreme necessity. And this is all included in this in the console. This is stingier and

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this is Tiburon, which is emptying the passage of urine. This is mainly for males and also using water for females, they should be making them we should make sure that they stay clean, etc. So that's about it. inshallah, that's the 10th and final part of the 10 things of Fedora. These are the 10 things of Fedora. Again, I'll just recap them. I hope everybody's benefited from you know, these turn things number one, cutting and shortening and shaving of the moustache number two lengthening of the beard number three using of the miswak and see work number four gobbling and rinsing of the nose. Number five, cutting of the nails number six washing of the joints of the body number seven,

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removing underarm hair number eight

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removing pubic hair

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and so and also number nine heated which is circumcision. And number 10 is ninja using water is temperature and all of that really making sure that a person rids himself seems itself from the splashes from the drops of your image of attendings of Fedora. And inshallah, this is just generally a lot of importance has been laid in Islam about purity about staying clean about staying pure, so much so that is a hadith of our beloved messenger of Allah sallallahu it was sort of my he said nobody thought of me a taco bell I just read this is another level of near taco make sure that you keep your your gardens and your you know your houses and around a funny of me is like courtyard

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that's where your translation literal translation is courtyard, keep your courtyards but it has a general and abroad meaning that keep your gardens your houses everything clean. So there's so much emphasis in Islam about purity and bahara should not keep your house selfie as well. So cleaning this clean cleaning of the body purity of the body, purity of the clothes, purity of the house purity of the home, and that will have an effect in Sharla on the purity of the heart. Now last minute Allah gave us physical purity external purity, internal purity, purity of the heart spiritual purity inshallah and he don't don't internally externally inshallah God and with this will only hurt

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See me for stuff