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Alhamdulillah last week was workers day, and we discuss the rights of workers. And on that we also discuss the issue of slavery, an important issue, because in the light of what's happening in certain areas in the world, people accuse Islam one of the criticisms of Islam is that your people your profit, your couldn't allow slavery, and therefore, how can we follow a religion that permits slavery? We know slavery is evil. So how is this true? We discussed this last week, and inshallah it's an important topic. We'll repeat some of the words of we discussed last week, we'll summarize last week's lecture, and then we'll move on to a new lecture as well, for those of us who are have

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been here last week, so they also get some EDA. So last week, we discussed workers and we said that Islam and the beginning, it encourages hard work in the dunya.

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It is not better, it is not a navy seal. So the Navy encouraged us to sit in the masjid from walk to walk, and to say Allah provides, and I'm working on the Acura, I'm making Vicar and ecfr and I'm making salah and this is the objective to life. Yes, Allah says worship me. This is the reason why you are created. But you worship Allah, in your home with your wife, your worship Allah at your work, when you're doing your job properly. That's a bit of a loss when you're earning Hello or is it? It is worship of Allah when you spend on your family when you have fun. It's a biter if it's done correctly. So Islam encourages hard work to work hard. Nevis also says, it is preferable to

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have the upper hand and the lower hand what is the upper hand, the hand that gives rather than the hand that constantly bakes and takes an obese also, lamb is very strict. And he mentioned in his Hadith, that there are only three types of people only those in severe poverty are allowed to big if you can work and you don't work. And you sometimes unfortunately, I find this with brothers, that they use the deen as an excuse for laziness. Why must they work when Allah provides that this dunya is not for me, but yet they ask the hand is always out. Maybe someone sees a man who begs for no valid reason he staked will be on the day of kiama you'll be resurrected with no flesh on his face,

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malice behind Allah protect us. So we are encouraged to work hard. And in fact, the Muslim must be the number one employee every month in every business when he's the the Muslim has be the one that comes on time and leaves, you know, leaves the last one, the first one to come the last one to leave the best at his work. This is Islam. This is what Islam encourages. We have sun in whatever you do, when you slaughter that animal, have a certain meaning do it perfectly. If you are if your job is to sweep the streets, you will say I will be the base sweep street the sweep of the streets in the whole country. I'm number one. That's how the Muslim operates.

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So and at the same time we know that the worker the employee has rights. We mentioned a hadith and if that encourages the employer, Allah has given you a man Zilla, Allah has given you a position over some other people. It's a blessing not by your name or your status, your power purely by Allah's grace, you are the boss, and therefore you have the responsibility to employees. there be some senses that you need to pay your employee as soon as the job is done. Before the switch even dries. Right before the swing even dries, you need to pay him there is no delay in payment. Don't delay in payment and the person who delays payment for no reason. This is a loom This is a

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operation, a tyranny which makes punishment on him halaal Allah subhana wa tada is made permitted for him to be punished.

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And then of course, we mentioned how nubby salsa lamb was an employee, he had some people who worked for him, he had like nsmb Alon now because we never even raised his voice to his employees who made mistakes. They all made mistakes. Nobody so solemn, was the best of employee employers. He was the best employee when he was an employee and the best employer when he was the employer Khadija married him. Why? Why did she marry him? Because of his good, honest business dealings? He worked for her, right panela so this is the encouragement from the shadow. We mentioned this last week. Then we spoke about slavery. We spoke about slavery, and does Islam allows slavery. We mentioned how many

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times we are in the car on the street. This one was a slave and that's one of the slaves Yasuda law. Why didn't you set them free? Why didn't we abolish slavery wasn't anti slavery is haram. And anti Islam does say slavery is slavery is haram. The slavery we have in our minds what we saw being done to the African people by the Europeans haraam on 100% haram chaining people forcing them to work night and day having no rights 100% haraam against Allah Subhan totally against it. And remember slavery was there before Islam. So when Islam came, it put in place mechanisms to remove slavery snam its its position is that slavery is detestable that slavery should be removed that inside is

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born from

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So how did Islam remove slavery? we summarize this quickly. Islam did three things. Number one, it closed all the doors in which we make free people slaves. We said last week that simply people would come into a town. And they would take all the children and the women and kidnap them and say you are slaves, that if you're older man money and you couldn't pay the debt, you became a slave. So if somebody comes to you and say, your credit card is a bit overdue, you're going to be my slave now, right Islam said all of this is haram. You cannot make a free person, a slave, Allah subhanho wa Taala, at forbidden, making three persons a slave, the old ways of making a free person slaves had

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on except one exception. There's only one way that Islam is allowed to make new slaves. Why Allah? Why are you making more people slaves as an substitute to execution in war, when people are fighting one another? Now the losing side? What choice do you have, either you pay a GC and you can pay tax, and you can live freely within the kingdom of Israel. Or we can enter an alliance. Or if things are so bad, you keep you as a prisoner of war, or execution or slavery, a number of options. And if you look at the tsunamis, I'll sell them when he conquered Makkah. He didn't take any of those people, same people that abused them and tortured him. He didn't take any of the Muslim you are all free to

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do as you want. Islam very rarely, when they can't conquered areas, they didn't take its inhabitants as slaves. It is always preferred. Late, those people live freely. They pay a tax to the government as the Muslim pays tax to the government, and insha Allah, their hearts will be automatically open to Islam without force. This is how Islam was practiced. What we see today is not Islam, when people come to an area and take everybody as slaves haram not permissible. So Islam closes the doors of making new slaves you can't make people slaves.

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Number two, what do we do have those already enslaved in slavery? What do we do? Islam is the first of the old system to legislate to pass laws to pass the rights. And since this is what's unique, that the slave has rights, the animal has rights. Remember the Qureshi? They would bury their own children alive? If the children didn't have rights, the right to life, the children? Do you think they gave rights to the slaves? Do you think they gave rights to the animals? No. You can think how Jay Haley how backward they thinking was how ignorant they were for Islam to come and say that that men that you own, he has rights over you. This was revolutionary. It was a strange new concept.

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Maybe so solemn in the Quran makes it clear that just because one man is the millionaire and the one man is the slave. That means nothing in the sight of Allah when it comes to taqwa. The only thing that counts with Allah is taqwa. And therefore strange, strange, strange. You would see the master in the street when it comes to the masjid. The slave leads the Salah. Why? Because he knows the most. We mentioned Sally Mola, Abu hanifa Salim the slave of Abu hanifa, but Abu hanifa the Hanafi madhhab was Amanda's hobby, he slave would lead the Salah, and his master would stand behind and all those Sahaba stood behind him. Why? Because he was the most learned when it comes to Islam, who gave

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the Adhan Bilal was a slave. He was the color of the other man. Don't worry about where you came from the only man whose hobby whose name is mentioned in the Quran, z the law, the law adopted son of Levitan was a slave.

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Allah does not look at your position in society. When it comes to Islam, we give status to the one who has the most awkward that whether you are a slave, the millionaire Street, you clean the streets with a job. When it comes to the ministry, taqwa is priority. It's what Islam showed number one first priority, when it provided how you treat your slaves. We see that beautiful Hadith a man sees as a hobby and says, Wow, you dressed in such a nice clothing, but I see your slaves wearing the same thing. Why are you dressing your slave in those expensive clothes, you sit on a beach or some told me that let you sleep eat from what you eat, and racing with what you dress and treat him the

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way you treat yourself and your children. So I give my son he's a member of the family. This is how the Sahaba saw the slaves and it is haram for you to burden your slave. If a job he can't do that job. You can't give it to him. You can't say some analysts so difficult I can do it. Am I gonna do it? No, you must do it together.

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That if you abuse them, if you hit your slave, the punishment for hitting a slave is that you need to set them free. You can't even call them up my slave and they can't call you rob my master because as we know, there's only one Rob and all of us are slaves. Only Allah may be called the rub. In fact, nevison says don't humiliate your slaves by calling them slaves. But I will say this is my man, my worker my employee, then Islam while Islam encourages what Islam says if you want to keep a slave, then there are certain mechanisms of how you need to treat them very strict rules and regulations. Islam says even if you treat them perfectly, this is not the best. Even if you are

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Based master over the slave, this is not the best, why the best is for you to free them completely. This is what Allah encourages. Allah Subhana says if you want to keep a slave, then I give you loads of how to treat them. But what I really want from you is to free all your slaves. And we see countless places in the Quran, where Allah subhanho wa Taala encourages the three of slave number one Allah says in Surah Noor if one of your slaves were believers, and they are good, there's goodness in them. And he says, you know, Boss, I want to be set free. I want you to free me. Allah says and give him freedom. Give him make a contract with him. Tell him Okay fine, you work X amount

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of months you whatever money you get, I will let you set you free unless commanding you if your slave asks you for freedom, give him the opportunity to be free. One of the categories of zecca we call executive from all the Muslims, one of that portion one, there are only eight people who can receive zakat. One portion of the a one portion of these of Zakah must go to slave so they can buy the freedom, which means one of the pillars of Islam is established to release slaves, one of the pillars of Islam is established. You can't use the money according the most correct view to build massages for Allah. But you can use that money to free slaves. It shows you the priority of slavery

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to remove slaves in Islam certain sense in the dunya we have cafaro you commit a sin What do I do? Yeah, a lot. I don't want to be punished in kiama. What do I do? Let me have let me take the bullet the end the dunia certain sense. You have to sit a slave free if you have a slave. If you have intercourse during Ramadan, you don't have a choice to for six days or 60 days. You if you have a slave, you must hit that slave free. If you don't have a slave, then you can force 60 days. And if you can't do that, then you feed 60 people only if you can't, you go to the next option. Similarly, if you harm somebody, if you break a vow, if you insult your wife in a certain way called Bihar

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telling her that you are haram for me, like my mother, big sin, major sin, punishment for that set of slavery go by a slave and set him free. Because Islam builds mechanisms, Sharia you said slaves free that and encouraged the believers, Allah subhanho wa Taala the great reward of setting a slave free is that if you set someone free from the bondage of the dunya, Allah guarantees you freedom from the fires of Jannah for everybody part of that slave that was set free. Allah will protect your body part in pm and when obviously when the Sahaba heard this, what do you think they did? Set the slaves free? And then we look at the best of examples Mohammed de la la la la so we aspire to be did

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he have slaves? He never in his life kept slaves. In fact, when he was given a slave, you would not only release them, you would make them a member of his family. Zaid was given a gift. Howdy Jara de la gave z rhodiola as a slave in the prison before Islam

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had not yet been as he profited, but his own insulin in a chain his own humanity said I don't want to take this person as a slave. I'll rather release him and make him my son.

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So much so than when David's parents found Zaid zetes father looked far and wide we son with a stone and he found him in Makkah he says oh Mohammed I know you're a good man. The reason was not a prophet yet he was just a normal man at that point in time. He says this is my son's aid they stole him from me the medium a slave what name your price I will give him our buying back from you is a slave are buying from you be some says it's not my slave is free to go where he wants. And so they'd said I prefer to be with you. The parameters of you the only father I know from that day is a took the name z the son of Mohammed Salah until Allah change this rule, your adopted children must keep

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their own names. Another slave was given to NaVi Sol Sol de Maria, from the Emperor, ruler of Egypt. He gave a gift in a visa from a slave woman that's a present for you. Every son took the slave woman freed her married her made her the mother of believers and she bought the only son of a beautiful lamb, the only child born of Nabhi, sort of not from Khadija. But from this Lady Maria Katia Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam. All right, so it shows you the example of Mohammed Al Salam he never kept slaves in this case. Never did he do this. How do I shut down says, well, law he Mohammed so solemn, he never raised his hand to any woman, to any child to any slave to any animal, except in jihad. The

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only time that somebody raised his hand was in jihad. So this is shows us the example this is what Allah wants us to copy before taking of slaves and enslaving people, not what Islam encourages, and it's against Islam. Something more relevant to us today. hamdulillah slavery, by the grace of Allah, Allah has removed this, and you won't find any move to share things great student of slavery must return now hamdulillah we glad and we didn't see the atrocities, the things that happened in Europe and America to the slaves under the concern. You don't find this happened in the Muslim man. This didn't happen. We said even the hollyford of Islam, many of them were born from slaves, the kings,

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the mothers were slaves. This shows you how Islam looked at slavery. Today we talk about something more relevant something we

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We realize we are all slaves. Slavery is still here. The chains are not the the physical chains, but the dunya has us enslaved. We are all slaves ultimately, to the masters who own the economy, who own us. They own us, literally they own us through wealth and power. The changes are gone, the whoops are gone. But the slavery we are under the bondage we are under a just as strong and powerful. And it's for this reason why Nabeel sanlam and Sherry are in carriages and works hard to remove it to remove interest and debt. Because these are the mechanisms of slavery import in the past, where did slavery start? It started with one person had power over another one, one person owed someone else

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money, and he couldn't pay it. Now, the only way to make payment is through yourself. Now you now you sell yourself to Him. We spoke about this last week, and therefore Islam, both these mechanisms to prevent us from falling into slavery. Adam was created free, however, lessons were created free, how is it that slavery came about? It is by one party having the power over the other, and we give that power over? When we economically give our we turn to someone else, and those persons basically own us? So we talked a little bit about economic slavery, and for those of us who are in it, how do we remove ourselves? How do we how do how does the Sharia push us to remove ourselves from economic

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bondage? Now, Visa Salam reminds us

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to stay away from debt as best we can. To stay away from debt as best we can. Now visa Salaam, you may do are constantly against being in debt. You say? Allah subhanho wa Taala I seek refuge I wouldn't be here, with you from Alton's and from being in debt, as you would make from freedom from jahannam and the punishment of the cobbler and from sickness and from old age and all the difficulties in the dunya he would make dog food for to be alleviated from any date.

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Someone said some of the Sahaba Cydia Rasulullah saw Salim I see you very often all the time. When you make dua, you make dua for Allah to alleviate you from debt to save you from debt to keep you away from the why is that there are also a lot of reasons one says if a person is in debt, when he tells lies when he speaks and he breaks his promises when he makes a promise. Many of us we notice a man's in debt when you get paid tomorrow I promise you will lie he will lie and we have to pay you this happened that happened and he's just saying that because he's so overburdened with debt he has no way out is how do you think Buhari anything Buhari right so the minute you tell that bank I'm

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gonna pay you back You must add payment you broke a promise. Severe so now visa Salaam, encourages and Sharia is encouraging us to the best of your ability. It's allowed to take loans, no problem, but to the base of your budget, don't take loans, don't take debt. Don't use credit. Even if it's interest free. Don't use it. What you can and if you can't afford it now, I'm getting that next month you will afford it. This is what the Sharia encourages why eventually eventually over time, you will find a few group of people they will own everybody. Everybody will owe them money and they will you will be subservient to them. And we know today countries or indeed countries go bankrupt.

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As a country go bankrupt old country because of the system of Riba Islam. So Allah subhana wa tada we mentioned this in the major sin Riba is one of the major seven major sins anyone in Riba paying Riba and receiving Riba haram you in this category if you are in Riba we try our best make use default and Toba. And we try to remove what we can pay as much as you can have the date of to remove yourself from Riba as soon as you can. Allah subhana wa tada says, in very harsh language in the Quran in surah baqarah Oh, you believe be afraid of of law, be afraid of Allah and give up what remains from Riba. Stop using Riba once you're in it. Get out of it as soon as you can. If you are

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really believers, listen to what I'm saying if you are really believers, and if you don't do it, then take a notice of war from Allah and His Messenger Allah declare war on you if you continue to use interest, severe language from Allah subhanaw taala. And how many of us because we need a house we need a cop convenient way is to make the deal so sweet. You only pay X amount and we fought in it Allah Subhana Allah reminding you that is a declaration of war from Allah tala do your best if you're in it, to pay off as much as you can make extra additional payments to remove that rubber from you. Of course, it comes down to economics. It comes down to money, right? It comes down to

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money, we don't want to be in Riba but our means exceed what we have our needs exceed our means. We need to buy this and that and this and that. Should we live, you know, on the street, should we live? You know, in a one room, our family, how do we

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Increase our music. And and hamdulillah Islam does not encourage us. It does not encourage us to choose poverty, become wealthy and aspire to be wealthy. Many of the Sahaba were wealthy people. And they worked hard for that wealth, no problem. Nothing wrong with being wealthy. And it saves you from taking Riba and it saves you from begging and it saves you from being indifferent dependent others. This is an AMA, then it's a reward I was going to warn you from pursuing that wealth. So how do we pursue well? Are there any shortcuts? The Sharia gives us any advice from Allah how to investment advice from Allah subhanho wa Taala to increase the risk? Yes. So we take the ayat of the

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Quran, and we look at the Hadees What are those things that will bring increase in risk? That will increase the money that we get that we only supposed to earn? 5000 but more comes in all this more Baraka in that money. mishaps go away? How do we have any advices from Allah subhana wa tada to increase our music to save us from economic slavery. Allah subhanaw taala says on the tongue of Nabina to his people, one of the quickest way to receive a music is through Toba. How many of us have put this into practice myself included. I want to have more money. I want my paycheck to go further. Make Toba spend an extra half an hour a day making a stuffer? How so? Allah Subhana Allah

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says in a minute all these people,

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maybe nuisance to them, and make it still far from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Make ask Allah for forgiveness, valleys of forgiving. And when you do this, oh my people, he will send rain to you in abundance. Allah will open the doors of music to you and give you an increase in wealth and children and bestow on you gardens and be so unusable as if you make is to find a man who can say Allah promises you. When you say yeah, Allah committed that sin. Forgive me, forgive me. You didn't ask for money. You didn't ask for children. You didn't ask for cause and wealth. You just made it stiffer. Allah forgives your sins, and he opens up the doors of respect for you. So a brother, a

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sister who wants it easy. give this a go. What do you have to lose? spend that extra half an hour in traffic as the federal law for the sins insha Allah you would see an increase in your music from ways you didn't perceive. taqwa Allah subhanho wa Taala says And whosoever fears Allah ever has taqwa of Allah and keeps his duties he doesn't commit sin to the best of his ability. Allah Jalla wa Maharajah, Allah will make a way for him to get out of any difficulty, not just financial difficulty, Allah will make a way for you. Give it a go, make more ibadah make an extra extra half an hour of Quran and Allah will provide then Allah continues and specifically you provide for you

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from means you could never have imagined. You had no idea that someone is this a business opportunity is gonna come you didn't even go looking for it. Allah opened the door for you. The minute you make ecfr and you increase your taqwa to Allah. Allah says, Now I take care of you. Now I'm going to look after you. And if the people of the towns had believed and had taqwa, certainly, we should have opened for them blessings from the heavens and the earth. All swans telling telling all of us, the people of the cities. If they had believed in me and their taqwa in me, I would give them wealth from above them and from beneath them, but they belied the messages so we took them for

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that which they used to earn

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joining family ties, keeping good relations with your relatives, you extend that to your parents, number one, your children, your siblings, your brothers and your sisters, your grandparents, your aunties, your uncle's your cousin's keeping relations with family is one of the benefits of it is that it increases your libido. Salim says there is no wrong action is no sin, which Allah is more swift in punishment in this dunya in the dunya.

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And in addition to the punishment in the Acura, then two things, for the one who oppresses people of the tyrant, he gets punished in the dunya alone, make sure he gets punished in the dunya and in the era. And number two, the one who cuts family ties the punishment the dunya. And in the author on the same end on the same side of the point, the swiftest of good deeds and retribution, the softest good deeds Allah will reward in the dunya. And in the Acura is the act of fulfilling the ties of kinship. The act of filling family ties up with relations, what is keeping family ties, it's not being good to the relative that's good with you. It's been good to that relative which you really can't stand.

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That relative that annoys you, that the relative that actually is rude to you, you still get to that person. This is keeping family ties, anyone in your family you don't speak to I don't want to speak to them and I want to know him. This is breaking family ties, right? Even if you are right, it's breaking family ties. So listen to the Hadith. It goes further and says it so much so that the man who keeps Family Ties will be rewarded and his risk will be increased. That it is possible that a family can be evil, they commit sin. They do wrong things but

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Because their close family, the money and the numbers will increase. If they fulfill the ties of kinship, Allah subhanaw taala will give them an increase, even if they're bad people that are performing this Salah, but because the one good thing they're doing is keeping family ties, Allah will increase for them, giving charity we see the towel going around. Many of us we feel Panama only ever screw me how many times we think if I give that Allah will increase for me, Allah Subhana Allah says, And whosoever spins of anything, this is a guarantee an IOU from Allah. He will replace it, Allah will replace it. And he's the best of providers, the only one who's allowed to deal in

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interest is of US dollar, and he never takes interest.

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When you give something to Allah, Allah will never ever return it except many, many times over. So almost balances. Don't worry, give. You can see how am I increasing by giving? Don't you worry, I'll give you something better in return. In fact, dakka dakka the terms aka linguistically means to be increased. Not only an increased or llamado mean increasing taqwa it increases your wealth. how young La La Paz Baraka in it, you don't know that they might have been something that's going to a calamity, an illness, your car breaks down, didn't give that sucker. So those things come. Allah keeps away all those things by giving good Alyssa bounces. shaytaan threatens you with poverty

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and orders you to commit lewdness. Whereas Allah promises you forgiveness from himself. And he promises you bounty promises you I'll give you in the dunya and in the otter, and Allah sufficient for his creatures, and the needs and he's the old Noah. Anybody that we mentioned this before, that Allah says, oh, son of Adam, beautiful Hadith. take time out to work to constantly worship me. So you're busy with whatever you're doing, you make time for me, make time for me.

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And if you do that, I will fool your chest with riches and remove your poverty. take time out to worship me. But if you do not do so you're too busy for Allah. Allah Subhan says, I will make your hands full with occupation. I will keep you busy and not remove your property. You will work and work and work and not see the fruits of your work. Just take time out of your busy schedule and make time for me and I will provide for you. But if you don't do it, I'll keep you busy and you'll work and work and work and you still won't be rich. You'll be working forever. How many of us are in that state? We're not moving forward, it be worth like? No, like slaves were working like slaves. It is

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no progress. What was wrong with Baraka in our time? Doing had general morale one of the beautiful rewards of hygiene O'Meara Hodge, of course all your sins forgiven Amara tomorrow Your sins are forgiven, but a special added bonus Allah says perform NaVi services perform hajj and O'Meara consecutively, one after the other if you can put your name down in the list vainly, the succession between the two that removes away poverty, removes poverty from one owner to the next and removes away sin just as the one who makes with iron Goldsmith, he removes impurity from it. And it had not mingled with sun as nobody would except Jen, for the algae that's going on Hajj this year. Are those

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for judge Remember, if you come if you're able to persevere that few weeks without any sun, not looking at how I'm speaking Haram, you come back, no sin at all. Jana is written for you. Migration hegira obviously in the context of the Sahaba when they're to leave their businesses and the properties and they will liquid and take the properties with the manner they left Makkah. Some of them are great business people they own, you know, lands and farms and gardens and they had, but they could only run escape Mecca. With the clothes on the back. We couldn't even take the savings with savings that time. Gold didn't have even been McKenna f&b in Medina. It's just transfer over to

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that branch. Now, you have to take it with you. How many? how bad the choice. So Eva Rumi Raja lon the Roman Muslim, he was a Roman, right. But he lived in Mecca. When he was a wealthy man who was about to leave Makkah didn't want him to go. So he said, I give you way my savings off. I hid my money in some area. You take that let me go to Medina and he went with absolutely nothing bankrupt and absences. So he really he was profitable that day. So Allah Subhana says, He who migrates in the cause of Allah who makes hegira will find on earth many dwelling places, and plenty to live by. And whosoever leaves his home as an immigrant unto Allah and His Messenger, and he dies in that process,

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his reward is then surely incumbent upon Allah, and Allah is Ever of forgiving, Most Merciful in the context of today. Now, this also says ijarah still maintains. How does that still happen? As we all go to Medina, no, Ninja is leaving of sin. You have two jobs, give you classic example two jobs. The one gives you more pain, more perks, all the good things, but there's some element which is not hard on the other one, not such an attractive job at hamdulillah. Everything is hard to choose that halau means is hegira you will live the sinful place with something good. And also don't worry about you made that choice. Yes, on paper you look like you lost out. Allah says you

00:30:00--> 00:30:40

have me, I am a data unto you. I owe you big time for that. Don't you worry, make the hegira choose the better option, and I will open for you nikka Allahu Akbar, you get married. And this opens up. How many married men this work or not? Now Visa Services, oh, young men, young men. I don't know if it applies to those already married an increase, you know, double add another one. I don't know. How do you say oh young men, whoever among you can afford to get married, if you have the means to get married, legally married and get married. For it is more effective in lowering the gaze and protecting the private parts. And whoever cannot do that, that he falls for it is a prediction for

00:30:40--> 00:31:15

him. And Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions and when you load and then in the Hadith, which we not Yeah, it says that Allah will increase the music for him. But if you get married, Allah will open the means of music for you. Similarly with children, the chorus used to kill the children out of poverty, illustrations, don't kill them, I feed them. So you found Sahaba that were poor, the minute they got married, they actually increased in wealth. Why? Because they had an assistant to assist them in whatever they did. And this is the concept of nikka you marry a partner that helps you in the dunya and in the akhira. So one of the means that I mentioned that increases the risk is through

00:31:15--> 00:31:22

liquor. So if you're struggling, you're single you think you know I'm not going to get married, maybe this is a means for you. Otherwise, you must pass all the time.

00:31:24--> 00:31:31

Think thanking and praising all your years every hook but every Juma we mentioned that we mentioned this.

00:31:32--> 00:32:11

But it occurred to me that if you The more you want to recruit by October, that every time you make liquor and sugar, Allah subhanho wa Taala wants to outdo you, the more good you do for Allah, Allah wants to outdo you by doing even better. So you thank Allah for good. So now, I'm going to give you even more. The more you think the more I give, so lots of answers. And remember when you load proclaim, if you give thanks, if you give sugar for what you have, then I will give you more. I promise shall give you more. But if you are thankless verily my punishment is indeed severe. So last month as you make Toba, but as soon as you do, I accept your Toba and I increase your risk and you

00:32:11--> 00:32:48

give sugar for what you've done. And given I've given you then I will give you even more. Many of the if you look at the of the of the of the NBA, the NBA, you think the profits right? They are an incidental setup, they have everything you know, they have this perfect state, they don't need money or they don't need wealth. They don't need even children and I they all they all are focused. No, they needed stuff. And you find in the Quran, like Nabil Zakaria, who a man image will make me power give me power and kingship like nobody else. See Allah. This is another easy. I don't want to be, I don't want to be strong and rich, I want to be the strongest and the richest, like never before and

00:32:48--> 00:32:55

never after me, we still need to do I like this. But look at what he says so that I may be grateful to you. Yeah, give me more so I can give more sugar to you.

00:32:57--> 00:33:14

So we can make to ice Allah give me more so I can make you do more good by that. My intention may be good. And at the very least, if I don't use that money, and wealth for massages and orphans, at the very least, I will be a thankful slave. I'll be grateful in what I do. Another simple thing we do used to do sugar

00:33:16--> 00:33:58

dealing in Hara means of money. You can Yes, you will see the numbers growing if you live in the river. If you buy the cheese that constantly many people, many people asked me know the shape. So 5050 has a bit of interest. There's a bit of gambling in the but the other side is good. And it's doing so well on the stock market. Can we buy it? No, you can't buy it. You know, my money, my investments in in the halaal Sharia funds is just going down. Now this also says that if you deal in huddle means then yes, you might not see the increase in numbers. But you'll see Baraka in the meaning what is Baraka? Baraka is where that little goes a long way. You get wealth, a lot of money,

00:33:58--> 00:34:33

but there is no way you have nothing at the end of the month, you got more you got a double that bonus. And you couldn't make it last last week, you could survive on on a little now you've got double and you still can't make it last panela sunedison says the two parties have a transaction have the right to announce in some business there. If two parties agree on a transaction, they both have a cooling off period, as long as they do not separate from one another. So you can take it you know, they have a choice of cooling off. So if they were truthful, but if they're truthful to one another, and they do honestly in the business dealings, and they don't leave out any defect to any

00:34:33--> 00:35:00

hidden faults. He doesn't know the man sells the car, he knows there's something wrong and he doesn't you know he doesn't disclose it, or it makes it known. Then Allah will bless this transaction. The buyer will be blessed in what he bought. The seller will be blessing what he sold both you'll find Baraka in that which they did. And maybe that's the reason why we find no barakah in our wealth today. Everyone is trying to cheat the other one. If you're always trying to be worse than the other one. I got an extra tender and voila, he this is you know this is from this guy.

00:35:00--> 00:35:28

30 minutes not from that country will lie This is pure, not pure, no barakah in what you bought, nobody can what you sold. But if they lie Allah Subhana says in the blessing of the transaction is destroyed, we no good in that clip, you will find you bought that thing you wanted it so much, but you lied. Now you take it down when you find I don't like this thing anymore. It's a standard thing. That joy which is gone, the joy from it is gone. So these, you know, when we make the choice with our money, how we earn it. Another thing to remember on this Howdy.

00:35:30--> 00:36:08

Now this also reminds us when you earn haram means a man will come to Allah crying, begging, begging, begging, and he's sincere. He's really sincere. But Allah says his food is hard on his clothing. It's hard on what he earned was hard on what he spent was hard on what he's wearing is on, how can I log on to this man had never had it mentioned that if a person is wearing a garment, one stitch of that government was earned through her own means is to I cannot be accepted. It prevents that from being accepted so that we cry, why is he not hearing us? Because everything we do is haram. And now we want to look to answer. And ultimately, and this is the point. This is what true

00:36:08--> 00:36:47

wealth is all about. Allah grants understanding, it's very difficult to understand this. Now, this also says, wealth is not having valleys and mountains of gold. You can have billions. But you look on the list. I'm not the number 1 billion in the world, Bill Gates is above me, and you feel I can't afford this. I can't afford that. That man isn't wealthy, but you find a man, very little. So happy and contented. wealth, to wealth to be rich, maybe someone is happy. To be rich is to be contented with what you have. You find people are happy with a little and people miserable with a lot that is through wealth. So no matter how much Allah gives you, if you're constantly looking at what I don't

00:36:47--> 00:37:26

have, you'll always feel like a slave. You'll always feel inferior, but the man who's hungry luck, he got that extra, you know, a bonus tender and bonus, well, what can I tell him? He feels good about himself. That is well, and that's where the tawakkol comes in? A lot of answers because if you trust in Allah, put your trust in Allah, you shall surely he truly should and he should be trusted. He will surely provide for you as he provides for the birds. They sit out in the morning, hungry with empty stomachs, but all of them come back with food. You don't find a bird dying of starvation. I mean, never seen a bird die of starvation, they go with they go out with nothing, or they will

00:37:26--> 00:38:03

find some way something to eat and they come back. So Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned that he is the one he doesn't require us to feed him. He feeds all of us. We do what we supposed to do. And Allah will give us what is do for us and what is best for us. Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us blessings in our wealth, we all of us not have any financial worries, you know, like, let the dounia not occupy us. Let us have the dunya in our hands but Allah in our hearts, the dunya be a means for us to obtain the earlier Allah put Baraka in our family for our relationships, grant us to be steadfast forgive us for our sins and we thank Allah for all the good and Hadith that He has given

00:38:03--> 00:38:37

us all those blessings on us is a lot of hate. inshallah, just reminder to all the brothers to email me some of you who have emailed me and I'm very slow to reply I asked mark with that, but in sha Allah when I get the opportunity, I will I will email I do read the emails and skip the opportunity to get through all of them but please email us if you're not so good at email, you can put the suggestion box good and bad comments. And then of course, a reminder I'll see your lecture continues after of the month live on Tuesday evenings off for six and Tuesday evenings in sha Allah from this week coming will focus on Ramadan, so the lowest of fasting so it will be more of a Ramadan focus

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and of course the Sierra The sooner the abyssal Salah certain laws pertaining to Ramadan please you know it's more of a Ramadan lecture. You can everyone attended free of charge Everyone is welcome in sha Allah then just a reminder, the slide is not on the sixth and seventh of June. A convenience to being confirmed October 3 is coming back and they it's pre the title of the conference. It's pretty it makes perfect it's again a pre Ramadan booster so you can come to the lectures every week you can listen to something that we can just before Ramadan, the sixth and seventh of June. Prepare yourself Ramadan is the opportunity for everything to be increased in goodness in this dunya and akhira. So

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please pin that down, make a note inshallah to join the disciple of salaam aleikum wa

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