Mohamad Baajour – Ash-Shama-il al-Muhammadiyya #01 Introduction

Mohamad Baajour
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Hair only which grows

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I can't

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my job my this my that

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simple simple I just picked one

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I'm not saying that people who are shaving their beard or kuffaar or no mama but I'm just showing the love for Salah SiteSell

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come to Fisher and Jamar

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to tie Karasuma next to the bed I pray and I'm I'm praying one eye on the decision and the other eye on the pillow.

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And I can't wait when I'm what am I going to dive here on the die? they're younger.

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Simple Sooners. Simple, simple, Wallah. As simple as this to prove to myself that I really feel like you know, I love him more than myself more than myself. He is my way to Shana. He's the direction he is my guide to Shana. He's my guide to here's our guide to Shannon, do we have any doubt about that? Do we have any doubt? Anybody have any doubt? No. I asked the brother how to get to Houston. He told me this is the way to get the heat to go north. If I go south.

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I'm not gonna get there. I decided to disobey the guide

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much clearer.

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please, let's leave with that question today. Do I love him more than myself?

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And he said something very simple, very beautiful. On a salatu salam. Allahu Akbar. Allah said about him. Allah said about his crew is creator.

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Below me Nina Wolfen Rahim. He is to the believing men and women. Very kind of very gentle and very merciful.

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us all of us. I sent him to us.

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And he said something very beautiful. I mean, salatu salam, he said, There is nothing that will lead you to Jannah I did not teach you.

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And there is nothing that will keep you away from *. I did not teach you.

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Allahu Akbar. Perfect teacher. Perfect. So the second reason is, because the more I know about him, the more I love him, the more I love him, the more I follow him, the more I follow him, the closer I am from the love of Allah. And if any one of us get the love of Allah, you're set.

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Third quickly because of the time I always like to live 25 minutes maximum.

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Allah said, Allah said we're in Nicola Allah. Hello. Okay, Naveen Allahu Akbar. Allah said that you have the best character the best manners ever. The One who created him, thank you.

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Allah said that. Masala is seldom said in ama booth to Leo Tamina mCherry mal o'clock I was sent to perfect to perfect manners.

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I was sent to perfect manners. He has the best manners and I'm looking.

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Yeah, Allah Kumar has sent the hulky Halki Hussen hola que ya allah just like you have perfected my creation, perfect my manners. Five, if you're claiming that he wants the best manners, and the one with the best manners declared by his creator is telling you about everything that he did. His life was an open book.

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So, let me let me study how he ate how he dealt with his wife, how he dealt with his children, how he dealt with his neighbor, how he dealt with his friends, how he dealt with the Quran, how he, how he slept, how everything let me study it

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which is very important. When I know more about him and in salatu salam

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and I can defend him

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when they start talking in the media, and making movies and caricatures and and articles and this and that or someone that college someone that's cool. It doesn't mean oh your Prophet this Your Prophet did that. He married a six year old he did this he did that. I

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am ignorant. I have more clue how to answer because I'm not I don't know my Deen. We are our biggest enemy.

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From why we are our biggest enemy. And someone who opened the book, maybe for two, three hours non Muslim, he studies few things. And he comes and he started throwing things your way. And because of our ignorance, we feel like

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maybe he's right now.

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And this is exactly what they're trying to do with our children.

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That's why please bring your children to these classes. Let them listen and learn

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So when I know

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his life from A to Z how he reacted when they say something about him, I'm ready no, this is fake. This is not true. The truth is this here you go, this hadith, this idea this Allah subhanaw taala said, I'm ready to say the truth, but if I have no idea,

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not only I would lose the debate, but I might have some doubt in my heart, and that's masiva that's the calamity.

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In normal movement on

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Alladhina Billa he will soon sorted out

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for Melania tab

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for malaria taboo, not one speck of doubt in the heart. These are the Sadiq Khan, Allah saved them at the end of the year. These are the true believers.

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May Allah make us all amongst them.

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last one, I'll mention only one more even though Subhanallah there are so many reasons to study his life. Last one is

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the prophet is Salah itself is more worthy of the believers than their own self.

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Look at cannula computer, Sunni Lehi, H, A certain Hassan he is your role model

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our kids role models of sports figures, actors, singers, whatever.

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But the real role model that I want to follow to lead me to Jana is allah sallallahu sallam. So let me see how he acted this way, this situation?

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How did he look like how beautiful he was, which is our next topic in sha Allah, that will will Subhan Allah make me not only love him more, but looking forward to be in a place that he is in Jannah and do the Armel that will make me meet with him alayhi salatu salam so yeah, why the topic is extremely important be in Allah. And I trust me, when I choose my topics, especially for this holocrons we really go into any too much and chama Tada this is all from Allah first. And then I beg Allah and I plead to him to give me the ability to give all this information to you from the heart to the heart, and I beg him and plead to him to make me from the people who practice what they

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preach I mean your reality. So please, starting today in sha Allah Tala, this is the first introduction to the course to the to the series, and I really recommend that you do not miss any of them. Inshallah Tada soon, Asha will be going back bill at a time you know 10 945 Which is great and suitable for everyone. Please attend with the intention to learn and apply. Learn and apply

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Allama Jalandoni SME owner corner factory owner Asana, Allah may Allah Allah Allah Nene will Faulkner Lima to Hibou what Allah Allah Manawa, Kuru vulnerable Iman, we're currently Isla Colombia, el Cofer, well forsook for let's see, and if I ever say something that maybe is, Danny the people for example today who are beardless

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Wallahi Allah I love you. Well Allah Allah is my witness that I love you. So don't feel like you know brother is talking because I'm not going to the Halacha This is from the Shaitan Allah I love you, and you're not gonna hear these things on CNN, CNN is not gonna tell you grow your beard.

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Unless maybe it's a style maybe Calvin Klein or somebody designed this beard mashallah we follow no habibi. We want to follow rasool Allah salicylate. So when we say these things, they are all for our own benefit, but against anyone. We are here to learn, and I'm no better than any of you. I'm probably the worst amongst you. So maybe Allah subhanaw taala but you never know. What is the word that will will come to your heart and change everything Zachman locket, Wirkkala Feeco Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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