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So these two empires, they ruled the world at that time. And you'd find that Arabia falls basically in between these two superpowers. the Arabian Peninsula, stood in the middle of these two empires, and no one really wanted Arabia because it was backwards was in darkness within balada. For the Persians and the Romans, this was of no interest to them. But these were the big superpowers of the time. They were not concerned what happened in Medina and Mecca and the kurush. These were basically small Bedouin people fighting over some days, it doesn't didn't concern them. We said following the three to four dB, often results in lamb not conquered his enemies. And his opponents, he entered

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into an agreement with the kurush and the other tribes around Medina, there was a peace between the Muslims. So all the local enemies of the Muslims and now being on peaceful terms will be so Salaam, we know that the Dow does not stop and the purpose of we don't fight jihad, for the sake of jihad. But the purpose is to spread the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And we invite people to Allah, if they reject the invitation peacefully, that's between them and Allah, we, our job is to convey the message if they oppose the message, and they prevent others from hearing the message. This is where Jihad comes in, or they aggress against us. We said last week, what is the relationship between the

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Muslim and non Muslim we treat them as they treat us. If you respect our religion, we respect your religion. If you leave us in peace, we leave you in peace. If you aggress against our religion, then we have to defend and fight back. So newbies also lump in sent letters of invitation to Islam, the rulers of different lands, telling them come to this Deen, I've been sent with a message. And if you enter into the deal will be for you and you keep your kingdom. You don't have to make me the king of your country. You remain the Emperor, like the Emperor as a senior, you became a Muslim who didn't say, give me the taxes or the senior, you know, you still looking at everything. Yeah, your wealth

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and everything is for you. You still rule even though I'm living so solemn, just guide yourself to Islam and obey Allah worship none other than Allah and accept me as the result of Salah. And that's it. And if you reject, then upon you is the rejection and of all your people, that you have withheld the message. And we said the majority of the rulers of the world, they accepted the message, they received the message, politely, respectfully. And they even responded with gifts. They responded with a kind of message saying we hear you Oh Mohamed from Arabia, we don't accept your religion, but we respect you as a, as a leader, as a foreign power. We respect you. And, and it was fine. But not

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all responded in this manner. Now we saw some sent one of the Sahaba with the letter to the Roman Empire to the emperor of Rome. And he's probably the most powerful man in the world. And along the way, the Sahaba came across a tribe, the hustler tribe of Syria, who were allies of the Romans, right? So he came through the stripe, and they asked, you know, what are you doing? And he says, I'm on an invoice. I'm delivering a message from Hamlet, messenger of Allah to the emperor of Rome, inviting him to the religion of Islam. And this tribe was because they were very disrespectful. They felt how can you? How can you ask our king, our Emperor to enter into your religion? You are the

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worst of the worst. You are the Adam scum? How can you How can we enter into your religion, and instead of letting the Sahaba go and say go back to your profit, they took him they tortured him, they murdered him. In fact, the king himself took a special thing. Usually the king himself doesn't do the dirty work, I will show how much disrespect I have. I will personally I will personally cut off the head of the Sahabi. And this was a great transgression. Even today, we see we don't kill ambassadors. We don't kill messengers. You don't like the message, let the man go. So this was an act of war by the tribe, not the Romans, but an ally of the Romans, the tribe, the hustler tribe, it

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was an act of war. So in abyssal Salah, of course, it as a we have to respond. They've killed one of us, they've disrespected the dean, we need to take justice. We don't let things go just like that. And he called for an army to go to Syria. So for the armies of Islam has not really gone beyond Arabia. This will be the first far expedition into the lands of a foreign, a foreign and one of the superpowers of the time and 3000 Sahaba. join this army. This was a voluntary Jihad no one was forced to join, but it was requested who would like to join Jihad and some Sahaba accepted. Others said they won't do next time they will participate. And we see there's a difference between the

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types of jihad. So Nabisco salemme dispatch 3000 Sahaba. To the battle to the lands of water to the land of the tribe that killed the messenger of the Navy SEALs.

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On the invoice and

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to seek justice for the Sahabi that was murdered, we said that the visa Salaam was not in, he did not participate in the battle as well. Now visa Salam did not sign up to join the battle as well as he had methods to attend to in Medina. Therefore, he appointed generals to lead the army. And that is why, in the books of history, they would refer to this as the the Battle of the Amara. Amara means the leaders of the generals or the the guys in charge. So because the vehcile self appointed a number of generals needed, he never did this before, you wouldn't appoint one and if that one dies, the next one and if that one dies, the next one. So we chose the resource Allah had insight that

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this battle was going to be severe. That is going to require a number of leaders one after the other. So in abyssal Salaam, and this hadith isn't Buhari, he selected three generals and we spoke about them last week. The first general was, they even had ether, the adopted son of an abyssal Salaam, the only Sahabi, whose name is mentioned in the Quran. Surah number 33 verse 37. Allah mentions Zaid Zaid by name of I mentioned zeta by name but only Sahabi mentioned my name in the Quran is the adopted son of navitas Allah. In fact, for such a long time, the Sahaba many of them didn't know that they it wasn't a biological son, because his name was Zaid, even Mohammed, this was

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his relationship with an abyssal Salah, only after Allah abolished this in this practice, saying that your adopted children will take the names of the fathers, you will always known as Mohammed see the son of Mohammed salah and he was the most beloved man who was like a son loved him like a son. And

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as we see that beautiful hadith of Ayesha I shall the Alliance's had they lived at the death of Nagisa Salaam, he would have been the halifa and no one would have had any problem with there will be no question and who became califa father, this is how superior this was the rank of zayde amongst us Ahava at that time, but Allah subhanaw taala would of course decree that you would not live to that time. So the results are appointing son, his adopted son date you are the first General of the Army, then abyssal Salaam says if they should fall, then Jaffer, even a befall if the brother of Satan ie the cousin of NaVi Sol Sol lab, the first cousin of the beetle salah and we said that even

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though Ali and Jaffa brothers rhodiola that and Houma they are not of equal age, Jafar is much older than Elio de la. Jaffa is of similar age and obeso Salah so they were like brothers, they grew up in Abu Talib house, but they grew up together like brothers, they might have even slept in the same room as youngsters, and a lot. So close chocolate is going to be salsa lamb, and be so solemn, would say about Jafar, that you resemble me the most in looks and in character that you are basically like my brother, not just cousins, we grew up together and Jaffer of the law. And up until this point, we said he spent most of his time in epi senior, he was the leader of the Muslim, as a senior, he was

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seeing the face of the Muslims in every senior, and for about 15 years, he had not seen abyssal Salah, now he comes back. And the first battle often returns the VCs and puts him as second in command, even though there are many servers with him from the beginning, showing that Jaffa has a high position. As we mentioned, the leaders and the important point to note the leaders of the army were chosen. And the leaders in the governance also we chose on two criteria. Number one, the level of man the standing as a Muslim, and of course, the reason some knew not what's in the heart. But we knew who were the Senior Companions, the new who were the the older generation of Sahaba were beta

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in the new Sahaba

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of one also never been so self appointed people and made it so nobody saw Salam didn't only appoint Oh, you are the brother that makes solid the most in the masjid. Therefore, you need to be the Minister of Finance. No. Let me also look at the ability, the ability if you are not capable. In fact, nevison says this, you made a suggestion to the people of Medina with regards to farming and the suggestion of Neville Salaam was with regards to farming and the people of Medina, the crop wasn't as good. So he said you people know better than me. As to farming you people are farmers. I'm not a farmer. So if I suggest something of the deen take from me, because I know the dean, but it is

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matters of the dunya you have input, you can also bring suggestions as well. So when the results are also recognized each individual You are a good in terms of language, you are good when it comes to military, you are good when it comes to finance and you will appoint people on that basis.

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The third person and again, when I've been seeking to appoint three generals one after the other shows that he understood and he knew he had full knowledge that this battle was going to be severe and he took

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As a third Gen. Abdullah, even Rwanda and he was of the people of Medina and it's just and when we look at and why we do the Sierra, we look at the decisions of Navy so solemn, the way in which he chose and knowing he did things have been so solemn. Even though the people of Mecca Mahajan, we know have a higher standing than the unsought alum injustice in the Quran. That means also lampshades the honor, he gives leadership to this group and to that group, so that no one feels excluded, and everyone's voice is heard everyone has an opportunity to be to be on the same footing of the live and that I had on the line we said, of the very first people of Medina to embrace Islam

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of the leadership of Medina who accepted now vehcile salam to come to Medina of the senior. So how about of Medina.

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We also said that he was an excellent poet, he was Medina based poet. So doesn't mean if you into poetry that you're weak. It was also obviously chosen as a military leader, which means he was a warrior as well. Right? So he could do poetry and he could use the sword, the pain and the sword under the law. So this was after live in Ottawa. beautiful thing we didn't mention last week. It's a well known Heidi, that Nagisa Salah was given goodbye for Juma and a delegation into the masjid. And they wanted to speak, right? These were people that didn't know the etiquettes of Jamal. Jamal, we don't speak right. So nobody told him sit down right now. And I believe in Ottawa, I was coming into

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the masjid, who was speaking to this group of people sit down, but he heard nobody seems to sit down and was at the door. And he sat down and thought I heard the command. So I will be when it was for me or not. For me, that means everyone gave a command. So I obey. And he sat down outside the masjid. That person could see him. And now he's made to offer him to help you know, what a What a great Sahabi is, he is the command and you obey without question. I sit down and sit so I'll be right. This is the, the the level of obedience of the Sahaba. And we mentioned how Nagisa Salam. He walked with the army, right until the aim of Medina. He accompany the Amina vehcile salaam. And this

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was his habit, when you would send governance out, you would walk with them, like we go to the airport and see our relatives of the beach or some would walk right to where Medina would in and you would make to offer the army and you would give last advices to individuals. This is called min min. Tonight without that Father, Alberto Elena winternight, Wada this thing, this place is called the place of departure. Right? This is the place of departure. So no one would stand there and you would greet the Sahaba as they live. And he gave one last advice. Don't fight people who are not fighting you. You enter into agreement with people don't deceive them to cheat them. Don't kill women don't

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kill children don't kill priests don't burn down monasteries and synagogues. Don't harm anyone who's looking even don't harm the animals and the trees. Just do the mission that you want to do bring justice, fight those who fight you and come home. This is your job. Right? So now this isn't made clear to them what Jihad was like what's supposed to be. And the Sahaba they would march through Arabia, all the way to Syria. And they were in hostile territory, because the villages around them, the tribes around them, some of them came out and actually try to fight for the Sahaba. And sometimes they will the ladies in charge. So an incident occurred with a village attacked the

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Muslims on the march they shot arrows and they killed the Sahabi. So they all say that the Alon is one of the first decisions you have to make. Should we go and fight the village. So as I said, know, our mission is with the people in Syria, the Rasta tribe, these people are not our objective, we're going to get split, we're going to get bogged down. Let's just move through this territory as fast as we can.

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So they come to the area and new spirits to the Romans that have a Muslim army has approached and instead of facing the tribes of kasana, many of the Arab tribes were Christian, join them. And the Romans in fact saints, not a huge army, but they sent support a legion from amongst the Roman Empire. Now the Roman Empire the Roman army is a professional army. Now we have in sports, we have another brother who plays on Sundays. He's not going to match up to the Springbok plays. Maybe he will now but usually he's not supposed to be able to.

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You're not supposed to match. Right? So the professional soldier and the part time soldier are not on the same level to the Romans. These are proper soldiers the bread and butter the job if the fight was well equipped, this is the superpower that America of that time. And the Muslims when they came in, they saw this huge army, this well equipped, prepared army. If you didn't say they weren't prepared to fight this army, they weren't ready to fight the superpower, the Romans of that time. And

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as I said, the numbers in the Muslim in the history the sources of historical sources of Muslim authors, put the number 100

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Three to 200,000 Roman soldiers against 3000. Muslims. This is modern sources, even modern Muslims say this is a huge exaggeration, the Romans would never send an army of such a huge magnitude to fight a small, relatively small Arab Army. So it's not in the region of hundreds of 1000s. But it was significantly above what the Muslims expected. Just to give some perspective, when the Muslims fought in butter, they were outnumbered three to one. And they were ready to fight, same number, basically three to one.

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Now, the Muslims, they went to when they see the size of the Roman army, they actually wait for two days to decide what should we do?

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If it was, if it was, one is to one, two is 213 is to one, even 10 is to one, they would have gone into the food, no problem. But this number must have been very must have been so significant, that the Sahaba all of them said, well, let's stop and pause and think about this. And some said, Look, this is not what are we our mission is not to fight this huge army. There's no shame. Let's go back to Medina. Other sit, wait, we'll wait here, we'll send someone to ask the Beatles on what to do. And there was debate and deliberation for two days, and shows you again how leadership should be done that the Amiga doesn't say I'm so far I am the amine abbyson gave me the flag, you all keep

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quiet? No, they consult and everyone gets on board and we make a decision collectively. So at the end of the day, we either fight as an army Are we going to lose as individuals. So they draw the line, he was the army and he made the decision. We will fight to proceed and fight this is what nobody's on since I spoke, we will fight. And some of the Sahaba told the New companions you will not be on but you did not see what we saw. That victory is not about numbers and equipment. But it's about the man when he saw basically that almost as if though the angels we could see them participating and helping us at but so many of us who have especially the batteries, those were

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better. They had no fear, if you look for them, they believe it's a done deal. Whenever we face an enemy, and allies on our side, we didn't win. It doesn't matter. This was the man of some of the Sahaba. Even the new companies like Abu hurayrah, he was shocked. He said, we're gonna fight this group of people. So they thought Abu huraira you knew you want the other you don't know what to expect for you, we'll see what's going to happen. So Zaid makes the decision that we're gonna fight and he wants to convince the rest of the army to join. So he appoints the asks, Who is the poet? General number three, I believe in the law. He was giving speeches throughout the throughout the

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time reciting poetry, telling people that I've made my Nia I'm not coming back to Medina. He said he had a he had like a stupid young, young man with you telling him, you know, glad tidings for you. You're going to get the camel alone. You don't have to share with me because I'm not coming back to Medina. That's when you made this point. I'm going to I'm going to become a Shaheed Today's the day I'm going to become a Shahid. So he gets up to date Oscar, encourage the men, and he gets up and he makes a short but powerful speech. And he says I swear by a lot, that this is the very objective which you hold in in accordance is the very one you have set out seeking about the thing which you

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are fearing now, you're all scared at that army. But this is why you live Medina, you live in Medina, so that you can obtain gentlemen, for the stroke of the sword, strict agenda, no more worries and problems with Julia straight to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And if you don't get more to them, then you get the other benefit. You win the battle. So you have a win win situation. What are you waiting for? Why are you still hesitating, and this was the push they needed. And the battle begins. Now visa Salaam gave z a white flag and today white flag means to surrender that time it didn't mean to surrender and be sold with flags with different colors sometimes to be white, or

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black to be green. He gave the the white flag and they

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led the charge. And he was in the front line. And it's a hadith that says that those who fight jihad in the front rank and they don't turn their back and they die charging forward. These will be of those will cross they will they will have no questioning on the day of the AMA. Allah will basically admit them into agenda without even being questioned. Right. So he was right in front of the charge. And he fought valiantly and bravely, but he was overcome by the Romans and he fell and he was he was killed. And just as the flag fell Jaffer of the alarm picked up the flag remember this is the first time Java would be you know, in a battle is the first Jihad Jafar participates in and he fights one

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of the bravest battles when we talk about shuhada Shahid Jaffer is always mentioned as one of them because of the way he fought. He held the flag in his right hand and he was fighting with his left hand and he continued fighting until and he cut down let's see how many Romans when they found his body. They

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with dozens of bodies around his body, but they started to get couldn't get to him, so they stabbed his horse, and he fell. And then he fought on standing until they cut his right hand. And before he saw the flag fell, he dropped the sword. And he kept the flag up without a sword. He standing in the middle in the front line holding the flag up. And then a group of Roman surrounded him, they cut his lips and off, and he gets to his knees and picks the flag up for the stumps of his hand and with his teeth. He holds the flag up, and they continue to cut him and stabbing until he does not let go of the flag until someone leaves him in.

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Java, this is how Java passed away. Even Ambassador light who is obviously an editor of Java, he said, we came to search for Java body after in passed away, and we couldn't find him because he was buried under other bodies of Romans. And they actually counted how many wounds there will be Hardy. Hardy says Jaffer, at over 90 wounds from his body, on the front foot in the back 90 steps. This is what Jaffa until he finally was cutting off. And then obviously the flag drop. The flag comes up to live in Ottawa, and he has to take the lead. And the man who's been encouraging, encouraging everybody to fight jihad. Though he is he becomes he sees what happened to Java, and some fear in

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his heart. And he pauses for a moment. And then he recites some poetry for himself. And he tells his soul, oh my soul. You look as if though you are afraid to cross into gender. That is the doorway to gender. But it says if you are afraid, I have already made the decision that you're going to die today. If you don't go, I'm going to force you to go. So he's fighting his naps. And he's a man of fighting with themselves. And then Sahaba the other generals, the companions around him, he makes the speech.

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And he says it's not in the notes here. But he says what all you You think so highly of yourself, are you not basically some female and male discharged in a bag that will eventually die? So die in the best possible way? Why are you still hesitating? follow the example of the two that went before you, and your place will be in gender. And this is true. This is the Sahaba sometimes we think of the Sahaba as Superman, they didn't feel fear or hunger. They're not angels. They were afraid. Although they were scared, they missed their families. They were worried. And yeah, his humanity almost overtakes him, because they never experienced an enemy like this, and the Sahaba falling and

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for a moment he pauses, but he's the man he fights that internal Jihad means the internal jihad, and then he fights forward for the outward he had, and he leads the army and he fights and he fights and he also is martyred. And the flag finally falls, the flag of the Muslims fall. And that Squire, that boy that was with him, I believe in Ottawa, he picks up the flag, and he runs to the back of the army to keep things the Muslims now fall into disarray. Now this chaos is a retreat, some about to run and some have to flee. The Romans are surrounding them. There's no leader. The Muslims have never been in a situation even before they're about to be overwhelmed completely.

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We shift now to Medina. While all this is happening at Mota, a miracle is unfolding in Medina. Now virtual summits in the masjid and the most of this fall back because nobody's also Allah says I can see what's happening at Mota and he's explaining blow for blow. This one is doing that that one is doing this and informing the people this one of your family has died. They need to stay job but the family of Java is still mourning. The women of Java tokine severely is explained how he's been killed. And then he's a bureau of labor law has died. And I showed the law. If you've been to Medina, Medina again, you know, the house of Ayesha grey of NaVi salsa Love is the house of Ayesha

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so she was standing at the doorway of a house and she was watching this and she says the beard of an abyssal salon became whipped with these tears and finally sat down when when they especially felt the son that died and Jaffer is close brother and then a blood that is close companion from Medina when they pass away now this man had to sit down the the sadness even though he's gonna be so solemn, and the tears overwhelmed him sit down and pause for a moment. This was a very difficult and the Muslims are now you can see that the army is about to be overwhelmed by the Roman, the Roman army

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back to go back to where the war is happening. The Muslims are now in disarray and the Romans are closing around them and once you've surrounded an army that's basically it. There's no way to fight your way out to the attack you from the front and the back. There's no way you can run from there and they slowly getting overlapped by the Roman army.

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The young boy that

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As the flag, he holds the flag up since to the Sahaba. Choose a general someone needs to lead someone needs to make a decision what to do. So naturally, if you demand that they say you'll be the leader, that's like 18 years old 19 do you want me to leave the army? I'm not going to leave the army look, make a decision now. And all the eyes turn on the newest habit of that time, the man who just became Muslim a few weeks ago, we spoke about him, even when he dropped the alarm.

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Right, we spoke we spoke about him, he just became Muslim. And as we see, the policy of choosing a general is that first in line is superiority with films with the dean and ability. So we all they all knew Khalid was a military genius, his credentials as a leader in the Quran. Excellent. In fact, many of them might have still been bitter with Khalid, because he was the man that killed many of the brothers and the sons in the battles before this. Of course, once Islam enters, everything is wiped away. Targeted. I'm the newest one. I'm just just joined the Muslims, how can I be the general harvested look things up are severe. You are the best of us when it comes to warfare, take the flag,

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and they forced him to take the flag. And now Holly Draghi alone assumes leadership in a battle with the Muslims are basically in a no win situation. And he decides how are we going to win this am I going to save that situation? So he first said, he establishes the ranks you go back to your position, but he formed the formation of the army puts everyone in a position. And he says we need to fight back and just put, get a moment to believe. And he leads a personal charge. And throughout his battles, we'll talk a lot about him in sha Allah in the series, you'll find that he had very similar tactics that you would use, and you use a tactic very effectively, you will take a very

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quick, fast moving

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legion of Maine and you would lead that group of horsemen and they would fight really in the deep in the heart of the enemy to put them off balance and you would go for the for the general you go for the leadership. He take out the leadership and gives us a moment when we can breathe so highly now lead the charge. And he looks for the leader of the Roman army. And he fights him. Holly says on that day, I broke nine swords in Buhari, so I fought so sadly, I never made an enemy, like the Romans up until this point. And I broke nine swords during the house busy with my team sword during the end of the battle. And the Muslims are able to get a moment they fight back and they put the

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Romans they they basically did something wrong with didn't expect when you have an enemy under underneath, etc. Let's go forward and face them. Man to man close counter battles, show them we're not afraid to die. And a person that is not scared to die. Very dangerous person, right? Everything you do is going to come back at you. So the Romans were thinking back for a moment. But still, the numbers were overwhelming, highly realized he can't continue like this, we need to see. So he wanted to create an opening, he wanted the Romans to basically back down. So he decided we need to make a stand so bold, that the Romans will not be they will basically say that these guys are not worth

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fighting to the end, we're going to lose a lot more will kill the 3000 of them, we're going to lose 30,000 worth fighting them. So he had to make a bold statement. And what he did was, he said he did the first frontal charge, and then he swapped his flights. Now we knew, again, the guys who play sports, they would know if you ever position someone marks you and you get to know your opponent, you constantly play with that opponent. Same with the army, that I blank faces that flank of the arm of the enemy, and they get to know the faces, or when they switch the flanks continuously. I think though new faces are appearing all the time. He also sent a group of riders through the desert to

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run with three trunks through the sand to make it look like more and more troops are coming from the desert. And it appeared to the Romans that these people are being reinforced continuously all the time. And the numbers are getting bigger and bigger and bigger. And the scores that opens the polls and they didn't pursue the Muslims and basically allowed them exit Harley Guardiola was able to strategically leap and go back to Medina without being chased by the Romans. And after all this fighting only a few Sahaba the majority of the army had still been in fact, most of the army was still the boss majority. Basically 90% of the army was still intact, and they were able to give back

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to Medina off to a point where they were about to be completely destroyed. When they get back to Medina, refined Medina in mourning. Why? Because the people really heard of all the people that have died in the battle. Jaffa was designed with it. And they were surprised when they entered Medina. And some people were angry at this army. How can we didn't stay and diet like the rest of the Sahaba? Why are you coming back so far at the point in the history of Islam, there was no real anything Muslims had never retreated until this point. And for some of the Sahaba some of the people of Medina, they felt that you people have basically given into you last

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your courage, and they even threw sand at the soldiers as they entered into Medina that you have played and you have played from Allah, you have run away from jihad. And nobody so Salam wasn't aware of this. He just began to ask, Why are a number of my Sahaba not coming to the masjid anymore? Few days later. And they would say that some of the companions who fought in the Battle of Mata they feel so ashamed that they didn't die, and that they felt too ashamed to come outside of the house and come to the masjid. So they just stay indoors in ebenso. Salaam made a beautiful speech and he made a beautiful statement, he said, and this shows us that this was not a defeat. But this was a

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victory for the says that they took the flag and then he was killed. And then Jaffer took the flag and he was martyred. And then I believe and that Allah took the flag, and he was also mad when the flag was taken by a sword, the sword of a law and this is where Harley gets his nickname is title sequela that they saw it from the source of a lot picked up the flag, and Allah gave him through through a victory to Muslims through him and in sha Allah, they will come back to fight again. That is, inshallah when we speak about the history of Hadith Normally, this is what makes the statement of an abyssal Salah shadow the rest of his life. He will never ever be like a sword of Allah cannot

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be broken, hardened will come back, finish the job in sha Allah. So we continue in weeks to come. The sokola hate. I mean, we just have a few short announcements. Any emails and comments can be forwarded to me with comedy comm also we took a break from the Sierra Club last week we continue again this Tuesday between Madrid benicia in sha Allah, the Sierra Club and enjoy the discussion like this we will continue and next week inshallah will begin a slightly new series before we come back to database and glory.

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Never enough Sakura fatale smaller

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