Murtaza Khan – Prophet Muhammad The Best Of Teachers

Murtaza Khan
AI: Summary © The importance of following Islam and learning its teachings is discussed, along with the importance of practicing behavior and actions in order to become a teacher. The speaker emphasizes the importance of protecting individuals from evil behavior and avoiding double-standing during teaching, as well as avoiding mentioning negative comments and shaping behavior. The speaker also discusses the use of words and social media to assert one's stance and encourage others to not refuse to carry on social media. The importance of forgiveness and apologizing for actions that do not align with one's values is also emphasized.
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Although de la umina shavon de

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on fusina min say Dr. Medina,

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Mei f de lo philomel delaila one minute lil fella hodja

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ilaha illallah wa Dr. Sherry Kala wash Mohamad Dan optimara solo.

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I'm about to fall in the cul de sac he taboola or hire Alhaji * Muhammad in sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam was more remote to her wakulla more desert in bid on what could be dirt in dollar Latin wakulla de la Latina.

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After praising Allah Subhana Allah, sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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and without a shadow of a doubt,

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we know the sublime rank and prestige and honor

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of the blessed prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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indeed amongst one of the greatest blessings

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or what could be concluded as the greatest blessing upon the whole of this earth.

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And in specific upon the believers,

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after the guidance of Allah, Islam Alhamdulillah Allah he had done and he had an akuna Lena de Loyola and has done a BA Praise be to Allah Subhana Allah Allah, who guided us to this, the deen of Allah Islam.

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And as we know the importance of following and implementing the teachings of Islam, which has been perfected and chosen for us, as mentioned that sort of Maggie the fifth chapter, verse number three, yo McNulty Lacan Dina come, what mom to alikoum near Matty, will be to look Muslim Medina. This day, I've chosen for you Islam as your way of life and perfected and completed for you. This is the way of life which is pleasing to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Likewise, another passage in the Quran inside sort of alien Miranda beginning we find in Edina, in de la he Islam, indeed, the way of life which is acceptable in front of Allah Subhana Allah is not other than Allah Islam. Likewise in the same surah we find whoever seeks another way of life, another religion and tries to take that over Islam. That individual will be amongst the losing individuals. And then comes the blessing inside the same sort of alien Ron whereby Allah Subhana Allah mentions codman Allahu Allah movement in his bed as I see him Rasulullah amin and fusi him yet Lu Allah him at he will use a key him when you are limo Makita will hikma when can only upload a few

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dollar limo be this

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sort of earlier neurons on verse 164 that we find la codman Allahu Allah, we need Allah Subhana Allah is conferred a great blessing upon the believers that he sent. So panna cotta Allah amongst their own souls a messenger from amongst their own selves, who is going to recite yet Lu la him a tea he is going to recite his verses, the signs of Allah Subhana Allah will use the key him and will purify them and teach him the book. And likewise teach them the wisdom and before that they were in clay manifest loss of misguidance This is the task of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem these four basic teachings that he has to deliver to this oma and this is none other than the response of

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Ibrahim Ali Salaam. As we find the Hadith Anna Dharma to Ibrahim. I am the call of Ibrahim Ali Salaam, as mentioned as sort of Baccarat that we find way Brahim prayed that oh my lord, sent from one amongst them. Who is going to get a ticker when you are a limo Makita bubble hikma will use the key him in NACA until Aziz will Hakeem whereby Ibrahim and Islam prayed for something slightly different. Send them one who's going to recite the past.

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pages of the book The IRS is going to teach them Makita is going to teach them hikma and finally is going to purify them. Allah. So apparently Allah changed that order and the response. And the first task is to recite the passages the earth. And a second stage will use the key him is to purify them. That is the focus that we want to use as a key element in the rest of our discussion, that the role of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam, is to purify mankind by the permission of Allah Subhana Allah. Likewise, we are lemuel kita will hikma and he teaches them the book and the hikma that's the second source that we want to look at. What is a hikma and hikma Rama mentioned various forms of the

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meaning of Hickman inside this ayah marinelle aka the use of the mind the rational alpha him understanding at a double conference in January normal hikmah wisdom is what rochet fi mckamey he is to play something in its right place is a sign of a person being wisdom that is the way of a Muslim. Well, I can kulu Rabbani Yin, but become good teachers, exercising good skills in the way that you teach mankind that which knowledge which is beneficial to them. And that's even our best use to mention as well, if I'm not mistaken, teach people the beneficial knowledge, that which concerns them, rather than external forms of knowledge that we find at the moment that doesn't concern many

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of us that exists in the realms of the dilemma exists in the realms of those people reach that high level of qualification to give religious verdicts and judgments and pass certain statements upon individuals have movements etc. So our task is to return back to hikma what reshape fee mechanically, to place everything in its right place. And where does a person learn hikma from? Where does the person extract hikma? That wisdom and that purification is extracted from the life and the conduct and the behavior of the Prophet Mohammed Salah lauricella Furby mera hemmati min Allah He litella whom Allah couldn't afford Donna hollyburn Lanford Domine Holic, if you had been

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harsh, course, rude towards the people around you, they will split away from you. But this is the mercy of Allah and Allah placed inside your heart. This is the first lesson that we learned as a listener, the concept of compassion,

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of mercy, mercy, of showing kindness towards one another is the way of add listener towards each other, even though there may be some discrepancies that exist at certain times. This is the teaching of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salah. Let's define those are the believers the real believers Muhammad Rasulullah will Latina Morrow ashida Welcome puffery row from Albania home, Muhammad sallahu wa salam is the Messenger of Allah, stern and harsh when a time may be needed at the right location to be harsh against the disbelievers Rama obey, know whom to be merciful, compassionate towards one another. That is a real beginning of a lesson that we find your 01 or a zero, be easy,

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be gentle, don't make things difficult for people. But she wanted to know Pharaoh gave people glad tidings do not push people away from the Sunnah. And the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem and he's being merciful is for the whole of humanity is another lesson that we can extract that at times as a listener. We're not really geared or focused to deliver the message to the wider community when Merson aka Illa Rahmatullah demean, we do not send you except for the mercy to the whole of mankind. Woman Ursula K le

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fatale Nessie Bashi Romana zero, Allah kynoch Sarah NASA, Allah Allah moon will not send you except for to the whole of mankind once again, that you may warn them and give them the glad tidings. But most people are unaware regarding the code of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and as you find his mercy with compassion, this is the general mercy and compassion towards the whole of humanity. And then you find the specific

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compassion, the specific mercy, which belongs to the believer, just like preliminar mentioned the names of Allah. Allah Rahman R. Rahim Rahman in general, is for everyone on this planet. As for Rahim, is hos meaning is specific for the believers for the Muslims, and thus you find the final insight through to Toba talking about the Surah Surah tokita. The ninth chapter the Quran surah of jihad, the suit of Toba repentance, they mentioned is possibly one of the greatest is inside the talking once again about

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The characteristics and the suffered of the Prophet Mohammed Salah, selam, la caja Hakuna Suleiman and forsaken, Aziz en la Hema Ronnie Harrison la manera Rahim Diaz come upon you, a messenger from amongst your own selves, it grieves him. it harms him, that some form of difficulty obstruction could come upon you, that you may be distracted away from the path of Allah XLB Allah, and he is forever merciful and pitiful towards the believers. This is the conclusion towards the ending of sort of Toba telling us once again the role and the dynamic task and teaching skills that the Prophet Muhammad has had been bestowed with or gifted with by Allah Subhana Allah And yes, we will

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know we cannot hit that mark. But at least if a person begins to implement, begins to take a few minus percentage of those fine teachings that may be that small effect may be enough upon ourselves and the wider society around us. The Ayah which is claimed as sort of a hazard, Lockard, can Allah configure a soul in a certain Hashanah indeed for you in the conduct and the behavior of the Prophet Mohammed Salim is for you to emulate into copy. A man can or your doula will Yeoman earthier was a Corolla kathira whoever believes in a London last day, and remember the last time abundantly like was the beginning of sort of column that we find? Why Nicola Allahu Lacan aldine indeed your

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character is Sublime is so manifest. Likewise, we find that a lot of the other what a foreigner laka vichara has raised high your remembrance, not just by the utterances of giving the salutation and the praises, but likewise raised high high his remembrance in his actions, which become a dominant role a pivotal role for our listener to see the actions of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So we want to know after this mukaiyama introduction to go back and look at some of the scenarios whereby how the Prophet Mohammed has conducted himself, we may rectify ourselves and teach ourselves Firstly, to begin to emulate the fine teachings and characteristics and the actions of the

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Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu RSM to inspire us all to inshallah have a positive impact upon ourselves and the people around us, just like today as we sit in his blessing house of Allah Subhana Allah, so weru think back at a time, many, many centuries ago, a sitting in the house of Allah Subhana Allah and unasyn and unnecessarily moronic for the law to

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Albania ma nanofilm mercy demerara su de sala lohani send them in

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for karma Yoku, local Masjid for koalas Habu Rasulullah Hema man, Allah tala Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam to remove their own Fatah ku Hector Bella is Heidi, as narrated by Anna sippin Malik, and even as extraction point if you go and look at the forgotten the virtues of undisciplined Malik is the same individual who narrates that Hadith hadham to Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Ashura sin. I served the messenger for 10 years, and during a 10 year period, he never ever said to me, why did you do this? Why did you not do it like that? This becomes something remarkable 10 years of serving the Prophet Muhammad, and he never ever complained to a civil Malik never questioned him. Why did

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you do something like this? Why did he do it like this just left him alone. This is the narrator of this Hadith, the ones that we are sitting inside the masjid. In came a Bedouin Arab and in general we know at that time the Bedouin Arabs had the course rude behavior in many of the actions the conduct that they had, and that's the Quran and the Sunnah came to refine them. That's the Quran even elementary teachings, what will pollute them in Abu Dhabi, her enter the homes via their doors, all of us know how we should enter the homes. But there were people who used to just possibly come from the back doors or jump over the walls to unrefined, the individual everything that they do, to

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become that ideal individual to become that ideal generation hieronymous economy from alladhina Luna whom from alladhina Luna home that's what made them so special that allows them to either Akasha home minobu Murthy Allah know Allah subhanaw taala took them out of the realms of darkness and bought bought them to the light. Allahu Allah you Latina Manu, Yoo hoo hoo, Minato lamattina No, Allah Subhana Allah is the Protector is the Willie is the friend of the believers takes him out of the realms of darkness and shows them the light. That is a loss of Hannah with Allah and tavoli era tawakoni muslimin while Hackney bisola hain, you might protect her inside this world make me live

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and die.

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As a believer and make me returned back and to become once again with the righteous individuals inside the earth era, Nirmal Mola when it Manasa, when Allah, Allah becomes your protector, when Allah Subhana Allah becomes your helper, that is the best helper that is the best protector. Many of us have forgotten that we turn to other forms of protection and seeking aid and assistance. And as we find that the believer looks at these ahaadeeth and begins to understand them to see how these individuals will change. This individual entered into the machine and began to urinate inside the masjid. And as some of the companions they began to say man, which carries a meaning inside the

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Arabic language, telling me to soldier mahad What is this action that you are doing inside his Masjid rebuking him touching at him How dare you urinate inside the message of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salah for call Allah to remove be mana Takeru don't stop him, don't prevent him. Don't cut him off. Leave him to carry out his hairdryer. Let him urinate inside the masjid. Then the Prophet Mohammed

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called him for call Allah Who in the head he'll

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let us know Misha in Manhattan only.

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These houses of Allah Subhana Allah, it is not befitting it is not permissible, that any form of urine or any type of filth or corruption may be placed inside the houses of Allah Subhana Allah in Bahia de la he indeed these are the houses of Allah Subhana Allah for the dhikr of Allah wa salatu wa Tierra del Quran for the prayer and the re citation of the Quran for Call of Rama Rajan minakami, then the Prophet Muhammad ordered a person amongst the people for JB Dell women men for Shanna who, oh Subbable Allah He told the person to bring a bucket of water to throw that bucket of water upon the urine and to purify it. Now if we go back and study the meaning of this Hadith, how many in the

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realm of Hadith have extracted so many for way, so many different benefits and extraction that can be taken from this one Hadith of the conduct of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam overland, we find a response with jail,

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softness leniency to the person who's ignorant. Why paint everyone with the same brush? This person was an ignorant individual who didn't have any understanding. We're about to recommend a lady named Chanel early honer ye de haut de mujer de Luna calu Salama these people around us? Yes, one whom to * do you have to such a degree that you find is a compounded ignorance more occur upon ignorance upon ignorance that these people are? So why should a person take it personally, about their behavior, about their conduct, about their comments or the way that they live their life, this is the first thing with Jay Hill to be lenient to be easy towards an ignorant individual. Likewise,

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define therefore are other other arraign to look at the concept of the two difficulties, or the two obstacles, which is the lesser of the two obstacles, either to beat this man, or to allow this man to urinate inside the masjid. And there's something else that we've forgotten. And Hakeem Manya, ahref, hiral, sarei, Russia, Russia, Ukraine, the Wise One is the one that knows when the choice of two good things what is the better of the two options to take, and also the choice of two evil things, or two incorrect actions, what one should be given, should be presented. And that doesn't mean that we become complacent and allow her arm to take place. That's not the intent. It means that

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sometimes you have to look and visualize that either I talk to this person about their current belief, or I begin to worry about the cigarette that they're holding inside their hand, which one should be given preference and Ollie and Hakeem, the Wise One can begin to see which task needs to be presented first, what is an Ola, what needs to be presented first to change it individually and that can be left at the latest stage. And the impact of the belief in the last bandanna will drag them out of that evil sin. But many of us we don't understand these concepts are presenting the best of the two and the worst of the two. And nightlight Likewise, we know principle solar thick as well,

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to take a photo rain to take the lesser of the two evils that were placed inside that situation. And many people say well, both are evil. How can we compromise is not a compromise. It's just waiting as we began with and hikma wonder Shay FEMA can II to place everything in its right place. Sometimes things may be need to be delayed, that people are prepared, and numerous evidences we're going to touch upon have been highlighted in the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam likewise define if they were to prevent this individual, because Aslan jirsa the essence of impurity had taken place inside them.

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So to disturb this individual he would urinate everywhere around the machine. So, leave him alone. Let him urinate in one place in one location, because the machine has become impure. Why let him spread his impurity, keep him inside one place and let him urinate in that one place. And the relative hadiza mentioned something even more strange that this could affect his bowel system. A person if you you see young children at times you prevent them you shout them once a urinating they stop and they run away and possibly carry on urinating. So it's better for individual to remain in one location and to complete the hedger and to complete the urine would empty the belt system

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becomes a form of purity, improve purification for the individual, likewise defined co neutral must yield the protection and the preservation emotion. How many times do you find this problem? Inside the massage I am allowed to talk while you prevented me to talk? Why can't I discuss this? Why can't I discuss this? This is the evidence from the Hadith that the machine needs to be respected is for the dhikr of Allah, we citation the Quran that's what the house of Allah hunter under has been placed there for under prayer. So if you obstructing that cause you are the problem. This is the lien. If you want to talk and you want to raise your voice, then quietly leave the masjid.

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Especially even more coming this month of Ramadan in Torah which how many people just stand outside the masjid. Begin to talk. disturb the sanctity of the masjid disturb those people who want to pray inside the masjid. You don't want to complete your Salah to throw away. You don't want to follow the Imam, you have a desire need to discuss the world, leave politics and the state of the masjid in other affairs, then quietly need the machine and go somewhere else and discuss it and don't spoil the prayer. And some of the other people decide to come to the house of Allah Subhana Allah. And likewise we find other occasions, blessed occasions where a person sneezed in the prayer

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and then made the praise of Allah Subhana Allah and companions rebuked this individual began to look at him again to hire and how can you do such an action? And look once again the fine teachings of the Prophet Muhammad and how he reminded him that the prayer there should be no talking that before we know there was allowed to respond to the Salaam and minor responses were allowed inside the prayer. But this will became Mansoor was abrogated, later stated is to be no speaking once you make that initial tech beer. But is it individual praise Allah, Allah, Allah, there is responses individuals, oh, Allah forgive me. And the Prophet Muhammad SAW them all alone. Just forgive me and

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him, because he is the only one who showed that kindness to me. He's the only one who didn't rebuke me in that manner. He's the only one he didn't look at me in that manner. So I asked you a lot to forgive me and forgive this individual only because he's the only one that showed that total ultimate kindness towards me. Likewise, my leave leaving the sanctity of the masjid, that how should a person should be conducting himself outside the machine, being careful about staying away from Chabot hurt from doubts from that which will place you in a doubtful affair? Some people in the zeal and a passion of that regard to weird and wonderful places thinking with delivering the message of

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Allah Subhana Allah, but a person is a Muslim, who's holding a dean of a law firm that is vigilant not to enter into a place of a place of doubt that people could blame you say things to you is careful who they work with, who they engage with, the environment that they in. And this even goes back to the Prophet Muhammad when he left the masjid on one occasion that we find

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the two individuals that he began to walk swiftly began to rush past the Prophet Mohammed sama soldier to Sofia, and he's standing with his wife Sophia, one of Omaha meaning they began to rush rush very quickly. He said to them Allah recently Kuma he said Be at ease in the house Sophia Don't rush. There's no need to rush past understanding the strange individual be at ease be at rest. They turned in they said whoa, finale humor and you Lika humor fearing that these these two may fall into some danger, some speculation. Some, some doubts may come into their heart and into their mind for color they both sit somewhere and Allah glorified the Allah Subhana Allah How can we think that a

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few years old Allah How can we think something incorrect about you? But look at the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad isn't that at the end of the day you human beings in a shake on yours remaining near the majority Wakanda shih tzu and young people who become a Shara the hadith of Bokhari in the book of etica is indeed shaped on flows through the veins of the human being just like blood flow flows through the veins. And I say there may be some shadow. Some evil may come into your hearts and you may think an incorrect teaching

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This teaches us as Muslims, to be vigilant about our behavior, not just inside the house of Allah Subhana Allah, but outside the house of Allah as well to keep ourselves aloof and free from any type of always. In a salata, tonhalle Anil, Sasha evil monger, the prayer takes you away from illicit sexual misconduct, lewdness, promiscuity, all sorts of for work he takes you if that is the essence of the prayer. If your prayer is not taking you away from evil actions, evil behavior, then your prayer will become a hogen evidence upon you, and may even unfortunate begin to lead you to enter into such thoughts and conduct that we find while walking outside the masjid. The Prophet Muhammad

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will suddenly find once again narrated and others read the lowdown and call upon to mc murase Linda he saw the law seldom once again I'm walking with a blessed Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem and you find he's wearing a cloak, Niger Ronnie, and Nigerian cloak has been gifted to him, which has a stiff color at the top of it as he's walking in this manner for a director who Arabi once again a cos Bedouin Arabs came and began to pull out the cloth, leaving a score a mark a gash at the placid neck, and the shoulder of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam which was clearly visible. Then on top of that, the man says Yama Hamad Morley Minh Marina, hinda, hymnody and Decker. Give me the

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money that Allah has blessed upon you. So first he pulls at him and leaves a scar on his blessed neck. Then on top of that, he asked him give me some wealth that Allah has blessed you with falta de la he Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, the Sahaba manga think deeply about this scenario, that the Prophet mechanism turns to him. Not the way that many of us may possibly turn, becoming arrogant, losing our focus, losing our mind, losing at conception understanding poor and the sun turns to him and what does he do for the HCA and smiles and laughs at the man's face from Ammar Allahu Akbar, and says give the man whatever he wants to have Ethan Bukhari and Muslim. Something to deeply think

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about. smiles at nice face.

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Smile, do you say laughs in his face, Murphy has no harm and what you've done, discard that you left on my blessitt body, and even on top of that requesting me for some money, or give it to you. And as you find teaching of Alison, don't repel evil with evil. two wrongs don't make a right. Insert bility acid for either ledi beynac kawabe nawada don't care and know who valued him in his ability he doesn't repel evil with goodness, less than maybe animosity between you and another individual can know what do you mean, he becomes your close intimate friend. And as also remember this famous proverb as well. Never hate a man so much. Because one day you could become your closest Bosom

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friend. And never love a man so much. Because one day could become your worst enemy. delu Acropolis toccoa be right in the middle that is closest to equity. Workers Alico janicoo moto masaka. And that's what made you the middle nation, Cairo movie OSA to her the best of the phase or the middle nation. That is what Allison is, there is no Hulu, there is no excessive belay behavior, and there is no toxic air and there is no deficiency. That person remains inside the middle, in the middle, of course, in everything that they do, in a way that they conduct themselves inside this life. Likewise, when you read it to see resuit and Anak go and see how these two see this sort of begins

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to revolve around what this person began to do or certain individuals done on the back of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. Likewise, we mentioned previously inside the Seaforth rebel Rama is a sort of fork on the 25th chapter and only c fat is characteristic that I mentioned. Amongst the prime characteristics of these individuals, who are servants of our ohana is when the jehlen ignorant individuals, they molest them, they make comments towards them, they just a salon. And a walkway is another teachings that we need to bring back into our life. And likewise, you find the bigger impact. The bigger change that begins to take place is when you are powerful and strong and

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you're dominant. Then you overlook and you pardon people. That's the real teaching of the sadhana. When you are dominant and you are powerful, and you have the ability to

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impose your authority and you do not impose

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Your authority, and you pardon and you forgive. That is something that will go down into the hearts of disbelievers, and likewise to other believers as well, that this person was in a state of dominance and power and authority and had every right to punish me, or to

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attribute or are to bring about some harm upon me or to seek revenge or their own retribution. But they refrain that they control themselves. We receive many the Aloma individuals that you find, what comes to mind is stage shift, some imitate me when he was released from prison. And we all know what led him to go into prison in the first place. There were a number that time who gave the false fatawa, who placed him inside that location when he came out of prison. And some of the people said that why don't you seek your right? Because now the leader has changed? Why don't you go and highlight your plight and seek your retribution and put them all into prison. This is why he became

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shameful slam me Tamia, like many of us individuals today. He said that the the caliber of such individuals, no matter what may be the level of corruption, the caliber, the skill there that these individuals have, we will never be able to find them ever again inside that area. So whatever they've done, and they said about me, that's all to be pardoned. That's all to be forgiven. There's no harm upon that. That's the way I mean, a believer is many of us, we don't really believe that we see right and honor for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah will become a oma, we become a nation, we become a movement for the sake of my own self, for the sake of my own courtesy, for the sake of my

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own power, my own authority, my own gemera my own congregation, my own name, my own whatever title it may be. That's not Manhattan's Sahaba that's not the methodology, the companions. They were strivers, they were warriors. you place them at the back, you place them at the front, you place them in the middle, they carry on whatever they have to do, as for many of us, may Allah and Allah forgive us and take the sickness out of our hearts. And even now at the front, then I'm the warrior, as I'm placed at the back, then why is my position taken away from me? Why is my right taken away from me? Why is my Titan taken away from me? Why is my authority taken away from me? That won't mean

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is the believer is the one who wants to meet Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, Allah by noon, in lemon attala because being Salim min fights, dies, struggles, continues the journey to meet Allah subhanaw taala with a pure heart with a pure heart, Yama, young man on what happens when your wealth, your property, your dignity, your prestige, your title will never be placed upon you. You don't need that inside the dunya the believer continues. And that's the Prophet Muhammad taught us that, that you find that when you find that when he was powerful, and what he done to the people of Mecca. When he came back into mokonyane every single power and ability you find read through the handy to Sunil for

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the idea of that pact of who they be that you find. Go back and read the words and the way these non Muslims behave towards the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam when he said to them right in the name of Allah spandana Sohail said Mr. Rama favela dreamer who Hua so hey instead as far as man, we don't know how rough man is. We don't know who our ramen is. Well I came up to bismack Allahumma right in the name of just Allah. So the Prophet Muhammad said for call Muslim moon he said that right in he right in the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala even though we know it should be Bismillah R Rahman Rahim

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thermocol this is what has been delivered or a form of agreement has been made between Muhammad Rasul Linda, between Muhammad the Messenger of Allah takala so he will lie lacunae? naka rasulillah Masada na can invade, while Tanaka, if we acknowledge you, the Messenger of Allah, we have not prevented you from coming to this home and we have never fought against you. We're not going to write Mohammed rasulillah. We're not going to write that type of down upon you. You can imagine once again the scenario, swords have been taken out and the sheep's companions are frustrated, that first you don't want us to write their name. Now on top of that, you don't want us to write their name,

00:34:20 --> 00:34:59

the Messenger of Allah, they're frustrated to such a degree you can read the whole context of social media, and what what happened to many of the companions, that they just put down everything and refuse to carry on forward, sat down and thought this is a great manifest loss. How can we take this in our Deen? How can we compromise after compromise that they refuse to carry on natural feeling of a human being was until Sophia said to the Prophet Mohammed some that go out and offer your sacrifice. And I reassure you that all your beloved companions do likewise they will follow suit. So even that touch the Prophet comes under what am I going to do in this station or this place, when I

00:34:59 --> 00:34:59

can octobe Mohammed

00:35:00 --> 00:35:04

abdillah for columna bu Salah Salem Allah in Nila rasulillah

00:35:05 --> 00:35:50

I swear by Allah and the Messenger of Allah. Although we are in limbo in naka rasuluh, Allah knows you the Messenger of Allah. There is no doubt inside that. When our team comes up to Mooney you belied me, you've gone against me. You've assaulted these crimes, and he lies upon me. okto Muhammad Ali Abdullah going right Mohammed Abdullah, no problem. What do we learn from this? I hold surah the 48 Chapter The Quran comes down the 48th chapter, the Koran entitled Surah 230. In fatahna la casa movie Obinna, according to the Quran, according to Revelation, this compromise is no longer compromised. This is the manifest victory. This is the total victory has been given to you. You're a

00:35:50 --> 00:36:30

pseudo law, that these people will break the covenant. These people in a matter of time they will go against every point they placed down according to their own words, their own agreement, they will break the covenant. And as you find that when the Prophet Hassan when they broke the covenant, and he came back and he returned into Makkah, and that's the element we want to extract. He came back victorious. He came back dominant. He came back powerful. And what did he highlight? When many decorations were worried he's going to slay us. He's going to take our lives he's going to revenge against us. He said the place it works of use of Alice alarm inside document inside so to use as a

00:36:30 --> 00:37:12

talk chapter on letter three by a como yo yo quiero mucho la Kumar hamara. Hamid, no blame upon you what you've done to me, no blame upon you, Allah Panda, I will forgive you. And He is the Most Merciful, the most kind. This shows the dominance of Allah sooner, when you become dominant upon the land that we lost kind of gives you dominance in your belief and power and dignity. In the law. He you read through her minutiae, I mean, a baddie, he almost kind of gives dominance of the land to whomever he wants of his servants, gives it to whoever he wants. But even then, when you become dominant, the conclusion Aya teaches us once again, the important teaching, while I Akiba to limit

00:37:12 --> 00:37:58

again, the real home. The real abode for the believer is the earth era, the world we just come and go. And likewise we find another famous teaching of the Prophet Muhammad, whereby a young boy came and said to him at an obeah Salalah Salaam takayasu de la is a need bidzina give me permission to commit Zina. Imagine this today. How can a person come and say to the Imam say to a person give me permission to commit Zina? Go and read through the Hadith in great detail. If how the emotional teachings of the Prophet Muslim change this individual whereby the Prophet Muhammad said to him are the people who became a Jew who became 10 back. How can he man man, how can he make such a

00:37:58 --> 00:38:44

statement? In front of the Prophet Mohammed Salim Odin fatahna la Ferdinand men who leave him alone. Let him come close to me. Or even flagella surrender or surrender he Salalah salam, a to hibou at a Boolean MC. Do you like this for your mother? Color body color? voila, he Gianni Allah goofy dad. He said but last panda Allah No. I make may be sacrificed for you. May I be ransom for you? Yo Rasulullah Kala woolen so you have buena Julio Maha t him and people do not like this for their mothers. Do you like it for your tutor? He said No. and No Do people like it? Leaving it for their daughters? Do you like it for your auntie?

00:38:46 --> 00:38:55

Just a little interruption. If you have any doctors here, if there's a doctor here if they go to the stewards at the back to talk

00:38:59 --> 00:39:14

to a Boolean medic, do you like it for your paternal aren't? You said no. Likewise, people do not like it for their paternal aunts. Do you like it for your maternal aunt said no. Likewise, people do not like it for the maternal answers Well,

00:39:15 --> 00:39:25

for what are Yahoo Salah Salem, Allah He, the prophet Mohammed replaced his blessing Han and his young boys chest and said Alomar for them but who

00:39:26 --> 00:39:59

was sin for Jehovah? Allah forgive this individual sins, and likewise we should put her palpa who wish to purify his heart was seen for Jehovah and God in his chest at his private plot for lahmacun Baraka delicata. Elashi after this young boy never ever looked towards the opposite gender, Rahim anathema is Muslim wakasa who has not been Ll Bernie. So this emotional approach and the concept of using the Hera use teaches us how the Prophet Muhammad and

00:40:00 --> 00:40:41

Changes individually become a more closest individual. So in conclusion, we find that a person shouldn't look at their own Muslim. In all these teachings, it should look at Muslim owners. Look at the benefit of the general earthworm, the benefit of the people that benefit the oma, how can a person use the skills and ability to Quranic teachings to change people to come closer to the teachings of Quran and Sunnah, without any harshness and incorrect teachings, and as we find, as we mentioned before, or another verses that sort of nahan the 16th Chapter The Quran, or the Elizabeth Arabic herbal hikma? While more editing has Sunnah have been nutty here, I could alter the way of

00:40:41 --> 00:41:20

Allah, that Allah would fear preaching and the use of wisdom and strong admonition, which deal humility here and debate with him in a mile in a good manner. And this ayah in general is referring to the people have the book. So we've been told to debate with them in a good manner. How about with the people who are believers around us how we should be able to buy permission but lost and tried to rectify their beliefs, and therefore effort and innovation, the correct interpretation for an Asana that many people may have, and likewise define, or may you tell hickmott forgot who to hire and kathira whoever last kind of bestows wisdom upon has been given immense goodness. And that is what

00:41:20 --> 00:41:56

we should be searching and praying to Allah and Allah give us faithful Dean, give us the understanding of the deen but not just the physical Dean, because many have talked about you could have been, but the interpretation, the implementation, the dissemination that Dean also requires another scale also requires another doctor that you ask Allah to give you the wisdom and the ability to be able to take the textual teaching the Quran and Sunnah and to implement in the spread that upon the wider community wakulla call you heard that was talked earlier. Welcome. misdemeanor for stocks before Rahim subhanak we have the shadow

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