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Aloma shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali, he was so happy he married our beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Salaam Alaikum, warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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operation to Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah I am a witness that none has the right to worship except Allah, the creator, the Sustainer of the universe, to him we belong and to Him we will return. We ask Allah subhana wa Taala to send our greetings our love and salutations to our beloved Naveen Mohammed Salalah alayhi wa sallam, to his family, his companions and all those were following soon until the end of time. We ask Allah subhana wa tada to bless us in this walk of Yama Juma to keep us safe during this long weekend, to keep to forgive us for all the sins we've done in the previous week. and grant us hate and Baraka in the week to come. I mean, while hamdulillah

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Alhamdulillah we continue our series on Bara, the chapter on purification. And as we see that we know that this is a chapter which, as young kids, probably the first thing we study in the madrasa is actually madrasa Madras as we call it is the chapter on purification. Why do we begin with taharah because we said that taharah is the first step to salah and Salah is the very first thing that we as Muslims, we do as Muslims is fulfilling our our obligation of salah

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and, you know always when I when we talk here at Burano Islam the faces change because it's like a public holiday. We have the local Jamia and very few people of the working people are here. So not to go get too long. In the recap on this series in bahara. We superhero is all about removing an agenda from your body from your person from the places you make Sala that start removing impurity. And we said substances are divided into three categories, three types of substances everything in the world can be put into one of three buckets. You have the one bucket which called the hole, the hole is what the hole is something which is clean and can purify something else. So the hole can

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take something which is dirty and purify it and the only substance that is truly power is water in its natural state. When you have things which are not jaza they are impure, if they are on your body. You cannot make Sala with those things on your body. If they exit your body you have to perform Whoo. So what things on a Jetta and we gave a list last week of the things which are an agenda, we see all urine and excrement whether from people or animals, all of it is nudges. These nudges are by and large. They are some debate and discussion about different types of urine, but by and large to keep things simple, every urine and excrement

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feces, all of it is is nudges. Blood is nudges the blood, human blood and animal blood. And again, difference of opinion with regards to the blood of fish. If you cutting some snuck and the blood of the snake is on your clothes, majority says this is not magic, but everything on land, the blood of everything on land is nudges. All of the pig, its blood, its urine, its saliva, its skin, all of it is nudges. And therefore we said you cannot make SATA in pig skin hoofs, right you cannot use this as solid the skin of the pig as well is nudges

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the witness from a dog and especially the saliva of the dog is notice and when I say 90s again I say these things cannot be on your body when you perform Sala Maddie Maddie that that which discharges before intercourse that discharge both for males and females that is discharged on arousal this thing is nice if it if it exits your body it must be removed from your clothing from your person before you perform Sala.

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Then there are things which are not nudges. So these are things that nudges things that are not nudges and again through debate through discussion. Alcohol hammer, is haram to drink 100% haram to drink but if it falls on your clothing, it's not luxurious. And we see how why this is important is in almost every perfume and spray we have there is some alcohol inside it if that was not used then you cannot wait. Your Hugo Boss when you perform sada Alright. So alcohol is haram to drink. But if it falls on your body or your clothing, it's not magic. In fact, we know scientifically that alcohol before you have an injection. They rub your skin with some paper. What is that paper that's alcohol.

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Why? Because it removes bacteria. Alcohol actually is a cleaning agent. Like you're drinking. You're drinking kill toilet cleaner. That's what alcohol release. We said they hate

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Have a dog. And I see for people who own dogs for whatever reason, this is not a discussion about dogs. If you own a dog and they hear the dog is on your body doesn't make you nervous. You can still perform Salah with that, but it's debatable and gray we prefer don't make Sora with Hey, have a dog on your clothing. But by and large the majority of the scholars that the dogs he is not nudges.

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We talk about dogs and pigs remember, this means every other animal, if your cat licks you, if you have hay of your cat, if you have whatever animal it might be on your body is not just the whoo whoo was the energy Suhana loving off our clothing. We couldn't wait. So all of this is far here it is pure. Swift is not ledges and semen. So this is a controversial controversial and strange one that we said the discharge before intercourse is nudges but the actual ejaculation economic mallamma law partners, this thing is itself is not nudges. semen is not nudges. And we have Heidi's we spoke about this last week, these things are not magic, but should still be removed when performing solo.

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So why which acts of worship do we require bahara so we said Why are we doing this discussion? Why do we begin with removing the jazza we said we do it because certain acts of a VEDA certain acts of worship require purification as a prerequisite. So certain acts of worship You don't need to harm

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you can be in the state of Geneva.

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A person could be sleeping in the middle of the day in Ramadan is fasting and during his sleeping He had a dream he woke up he has to perform whoso is fasting okay 100% is fasting is fine. No problem. You don't need Can you go to the toilet while fasting? Yes, you can use the toilet while fasting. Fasting does not require purification. bahara Yes, when you want to put some zeca or Leila in the bag you don't have to have to do to put that money or to donate that money. Yes you all agree with me on this

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other men there are other acts of worship like sada if you don't have to do your Salah is not accepted. So what acts of worship besides Sora require will do this is a discussion. So the first thing which you need to have we do and the end Besides we do you must remove all Nigella from your body. You need bahara number one to perform sada

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number two, this is the interesting one, but off the off around the Kava, you require we do what daily we need to provide evidence for this. The prophet SAW Selim says in theory

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that he sees the walk around the house meaning to walk around the Kaaba is like sorta, except that speaking is permitted during the off you can't speak during Salah. But in tawaf, you can speak to one another, it's permissible. But from this Hadith, many scholars have said that you require we do to perform tawaf that if you do breaks, you have to go and re perform to do and come back and do it all over again. And that's why we have the strange strange funny thing Yeah. When people say when you make the off us 100 fee we do not the Sheffield we've heard all about this right? So what is the Sheffield with you? What's the Hanafi we do it we do it Do you know what's the do we use different

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water? Is the sun masala in the Hanafi we do what is this? You know what is the Hanafi we do in the Sheffield Of course there's no such thing as Shafi we do no such thing as hanafy we do there is only the Islamic we do which is mentioned in the Quran. I said this before I think that Allah does not explain how to perform Salah in Quran detail but Allah describes will do A to Zed in the Quran how to perform with only one type of Voodoo, the sooner we do but why is this an issue? Why do they say hanafy will do and Chef you will do this reason why? Because and we'll get to this the Hanafi madhhab so both Hana fees and Sharpies agree to perform the laugh You must have to be on the same

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page. The Sharpies though they say that if you touch a woman, even by mistake you bump into her you will do is invalid. Now in tawaf, if you've been to heroin, you know that you are jam packed between people, you're constantly in contact with with people even in the sun, that shelf is that say, even if it's she has clothing on you bumped her arm you have clothing on she has clothing on, even if it's your wife, you holding your wife's hand in a towel off, your will do is broken, you need to perform will do over and commit off. So we say it's impossible to make the off without bumping into somebody says no, no, no problem. Make the nice hanafy will do and now you will do one breaker, you

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will be strong. This obviously doesn't make sense. The difference is

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We will talk about it. What is the correct opinion from the Sharia? Does touching a woman break? You will do yes or no? We'll talk about that. So but for the for this point in time, if you want to perform pull off you need to do you need to perform Voodoo. And how do we know this also, that during Hajj during Hajj, tawaf is part of Hajj. And I shadowed Yolanda, she became she went into administration, she got a period during Hajj, and she became very upset, because she could not perform power, she could do everything else, she could throw the jamara, she could go to alpha, she could do even say, but she could not perform top off because you can't do top off when you don't

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when you're not in the state of purity. So though, so I thought we need to do, what about side performing the size of America, you don't need to do when performing the side. But again, highly recommended, try to keep you off the top so that when you perform say you're making do R and it's always better to make the DA in in what we do, but if you do breaks whatever reason during the site, continuing complete your site, no problem it does not break does not take away from your site in any other way.

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What else is needed to have we do the vast majority of the scholars say that touching the must have requires we do what is must have must have is the word we call could and could take a side note you could have an means the recitation

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if the book of the Muslim is sitting on your table, it's not Quran until you read it. Meaning to get protection from the Quran. You can't get protection from a bookshelf of Quran you can only get protection by reciting Quran. So Quran is the recitation. The written form of the Quran is called the moose half. So to touch the moose half requires we do by by most of the scholars they require, you require we do and they give if, for example, that the moose have fully angels that the Quran has a book in local food. We know this, that Allah has a book a library with the Quran was in its master form called local food. Allah says Lima so

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that only the purified meaning the angels can touch this book. So if in the summer you must be pure to touch the must have been in the dunya you must be pure. Also this hadith where the prophets of Salaam advised Sahaba that when you want to touch the must have you must have to do

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so what about my phone? My phone has 10,000 crowns on it.

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Do I need to do to touch the phone now? Because the Quran is only plus I've got besides 10,000 grands I've under 1000 karatsu days and busted Rahim Allah is in the so does my do I need to do now to touch my phone. No, it's like the half it'll cook and he's got the Quran in his heart doesn't mean you always have to have to do

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if the Quran the must have is open on your screen, when to touch your screen Yes, you should have to do

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if the so if the the pages of the Quran and you want to page through them, you must have to do but if you could add is in your bookshelf, you don't need to do to touch the bookshelf in the standards, and therefore your phone if it has good argument Alhamdulillah great when you have free time you interact with anyone and you're being driven obviously, and you want to recite verses from the Quran. No problem. Excellent. But to touch the screen and scroll through this the ayat now you need to do. What about the English translation of the most half? autopsy of the musasa Deaf series you've got one idea and you've got explanation. What does this mean? You do not need this again, the

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majority view you don't need to do to touch the deaf scene or the English translation. If a book has majority could earn the majority of it is not good. And it's no longer must have we don't call this a must have anymore. And therefore you don't need to do to carry this around. But the actual is, what about my Rackham it's got one IRA or if someone writes on the board a few is again the safer view when you touch the actual if you need to do but the frame and the board itself. You know you don't need to do okay. Oh This makes it clear. What about reciting Quran Can I recite Quran? If I don't have to do yes, we all know that. You can recite Quran without without Voodoo. But, but you

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cannot recite Quran if you're in the state of Geneva. If you need a whistle. You can't recite Quran even recite Now besides touching Quran obviously touching is even worse when the reciting it is not permissible. And with some exceptions, we'll talk about it the lady in a hide for seven days. She's not supposed to recite Quran, they've made concession for her because she cannot remove her Genova whereas the man or even the lady who is in Geneva from intercourse, they are allowed

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They're not allowed to recite Quran until they've removed the Genova. But as for the Sustainer hide this discussion here in sha Allah it's fine for her to recite Quran during her height because she doesn't have an option to remove agenda.

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So, we said that we said that

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tahara has a physical side of it and a spiritual side, there are things which prevent you from performing solder because of a physical naza you physically urine exited your body, physically something exists in your body, which was nudges and you can no longer perform Sora until you remove it. Then there are things which are spiritual, which will hide us it's not physically impure, but you require will do in other words, what things invalidate you will do, when is your will do broken

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Okay, so when is your will do invalidated. Number one, if anything passes out of the front and the back passage from the private areas, the behind and the front, any object or any liquid or substance or air or gas passes out from that area, economic moolah, then this will invalidate your widow okay. Whatever it might be, whether it is urine or blood or whatever it is, if it passes from this area, some of those substances that pass out may not be that is like wind sacrilegious, and I had a very clever young boy at Islamia once when I gave a talk. He said it doesn't make sense to me that you pass gas you pass wind and you need to perform Voodoo but you don't wash your bum is that we said

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that you don't wash your bum doesn't make sense to me. So we said that the guests is not nudges. If some nudges are come out you must first remove it first. You must first make a stingy Yes, then you need to make a seizure. But this is a spiritual purification as well we'll do you'll find other things break your will do which are not dirty. So anything that exits the two passages with a pure or not pure a stone exits your your body the stone is not impure, you still have to perform we do

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number two, any digests that exits your body that isn't from those passages that require we do for example, the person alive you know protect our people and Allah grant them shefa they have a colostomy bag. They can't go to toilet from the front they have a bag so the urine and the excrement exits from the stomach. Does this require we do yes. If Naja exits your body from any other part of your body, then you have to perform we do. Now this is a bit controversial because we said blood is nudges. Which means if blood from my nose, I have a nosebleed my lip bleeds Do I have to perform Voodoo and this is quite This is debatable. We have Hadith which says blood is ledges and we have

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Hadith mentioning Sahaba. Making Salah with wounds from a battle. Obviously the wounds were battle, they can't stop the bleeding. If you can't stop the bleeding Colossus is alive, pardons you on this. But if you just had a nosebleed or you had a lot of blood that exited your body, then you and you remove the blood and the blood stop now you perform we do this is safer. This also goes to a woman who who is bleeding more than more than normal is as high blood or not. So a lady came to the prophet SAW Salim and she said I'm bleeding more than normal. I don't know this height or not. Now visa Salam said this is not high blood, but rather it's normal blood so perform we do before every

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Sala So from this we see that bleeding normal blood is not it's not just you need to perform without

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losing consciousness. And as an example of not Nigeria, if you your uncle your mind disappears. For example, when when does your mind disappear? When you go and sleep at night?

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If you faint or something something basically happens over here the biller and this never happens, but if this were to happen through some usage of drugs, drinking Hummer or whatever and your mind leaves you if your mind leaves you then you need to perform Voodoo again then you have to perform Voodoo and we all know this when we wake up in the morning and if anyone fainted or lost consciousness then you need to perform Voodoo before you can perform solid loss of consciousness number four touching the private parts the Frank private parts here are the six organs to touch these areas directly

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you know with your hand

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and some of added intentionally then you need to perform we do this Heidi's on this. So on the safe side, anyone if you touch the private areas, then you perform will do and some have said well what if I change my child's nappy? What if I change my child's nappy safe side perform will do but in reality, there is no explicit Hadith to say that if you touch maybe a baby's private part changing the nappy then this is required to do but the safe side in sha Allah limits are very straight.

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Hadees which is that if you eat camel meat you need to perform we do. Now I know we don't. We don't laugh it's hard. It's hard. It's authentic hadith. Imam Ahmed Mohammed authenticated this hadith. And if and our Deen is what if you since we are a pseudo Allah subhanaw taala we obey, if you said so we accept it.

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so touchy a camel is fine riding a camel is fine. But eating camel meat is a hadith which says if you eat camel meat, then you need to perform Voodoo. Why? Allah Allah, maybe in daytime camel meat obviously is the most expensive thing. It is just to, you know, you've indulged in the dunya. And now to bring you back to Allah subhanaw taala as if the human mind went away, you need to come back to the dunya for many, many reasons. So we might find in 20 years someone will say in camel meat, there's some kind of bacteria, Allah Allah, whatever it is, but there's a hadith. Now not very common here because we don't really eat camel meat much here. But if ever you eat camel meat

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perform, we do have you eat camel meat. Now we get to a very controversial the very interesting discussion is touching her husband touching his wife's hand. Does this break up with you? And now we're getting into we know we know this is controversial, because the chef is on one side and we are in Shafi country, the chef is on one side and the rest of the scholars on the other side. Why? Why Allah Imam Shafi, why are you different from the rest, and you see the conclusion is not a problem. If you are Shafi and you believe it breaks, you will do Alhamdulillah if you're hanafy, and you say you can kiss your wife for one hour and it doesn't break you will do Alhamdulillah it doesn't matter

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why both sides of the coin have the evidences and the the proofs, both sides are acceptable. We said this many many times before, that having a different opinion in terms of fic and this is frequent talking about is fine. In fact, it's a mercy from Allah that the prophet SAW Selim said, there are things Allah remains silent on not because Allah forgot, but Allah kept it silent. So you can decide in your own how to do with how to interpret it. Do I do so on hij? Allah says, You need to perform sigh and then tawaf and then jamara. Is there Adia Allah, Allah didn't say how to do it. He Allah knows how you should do it. But Allah leaves it open, do what you feel like doing? If you first want

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to make stuff off, and then say, and then jamara are you first when I met Gemma rot and then toughen it up to you, you do as you find easy for you. Not because Allah forgot, he lifted open to you to to determine. So there are some things which are open to interpretation, meaning there's more than one answer. It's not just one answer, and everything is wrong, meaning all the answers are acceptable. And listen, Sharla is one of those areas that the grandma mom Shafi didn't say look at these filthy homies they touch each other and they don't think we do and the half is never said Abu hanifa never said look at these people. They don't understand the Hadith don't they see the Hadith of the

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prophets of Allah know, this respect, the Allium, the chef, he has the lead, he has evidence that you know, Subhana Allah, and sometimes we look, we look at the evidence, and we don't know both has very good arguments. We don't know which way to go. So let's look at this discussion. is touching a member of the opposite sex? Does this invalidate shall we do? So we said from the beginning, the HANA fees, the view there's three opinions here, the Hanafi opinion is that you can touch a member of the opposite sex in any way was desire. And you only perform Voodoo if something exists the private part. So if some fluid leaves your body out of desire, then you need to do but you can as I

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said you can kiss your wife for you know five six hours sit on your lap and whatever it might be hold as whatever it is hug each other. So long as nothing exits your your private area you will do is fine intact, no problem. This is the Hanafi opinion.

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The Maliki and hanbali opinion Hambling matter the two they are in the middle. They say that to touch without desire does not invalidate you do but if you touch and this desire, you are aroused, even if nothing exists, but you feel some desire. When this breaks, you will do so obviously holding your wife's hand in the middle of the pole off is very different to holding our hand while walking at the sun or the sunny city. Very two different kinds of holding hands right. So said this we look at the intention here. The Hammer hammer is and the Maliki said we look at the intention you know why you kissed and why you held hands. Then you take would do if it was out of desire. The Sharpies

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said even if you touch someone by accident, even if there is a covering in between the two sometimes this breaks you will do that touch whatever it might be excellent deliberate with desire not desire will do is broken. Why is the this debate? Why do they differ with regards to opinion

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And it goes back to understanding one word. All of this discussion is because of one word that they that they debate over a lot of answers. Yeah, you were letting me know. Oh, those of you who believe that Accra busara don't come to SATA or antoon sakara and you are drunk. This was before hamatos made her arm. So before hammer was made Haram, Allah said if you drank wine don't mix Allah first. Spend some time sober up then come Hector de la Mata qu until you know what you are saying whatever you know been so don't come when you have done you're drunk. And number two don't come to Sala what you know been and you are in the state of Geneva in Larabee Seville except someone who is in the

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party sees traveling had the the Zulu until you've watched yourself. We're in Morocco and if you are sick, or suffering on a journey, or hadn't been communal at all, you came back after relieving yourself. Oh, my goodness, ah, all you have touched a woman for them that you do and you don't find a water for the yamamo sorry, don't play by the necktie. Mm. So Allah says when you make Salah Don't be drunk. Obviously this now is no longer applicable to us. You never should be drunk, right? So don't make Salah while drunk. And don't make sure that when your job and if you go to the bathroom, or you touch a woman then make we do before you perform Salah. Now what is meant by touch a woman

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So Allah says,

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Ola must to Messiah and he says woman lamps, we ask the MCs to touch lamps is to touch. What do we what does a lemania by the touching of a woman? What does Allah mean? Imam Shafi rockmelon you must understand who he is. He's a master of all the four imams. He's the most accomplished, linguistic scholar of them. In terms of language. He's the best of the four, he wrote poetry. Why? Because he lived like 20 years with a baby once his mother and he left him with the Bedouins and they had the highest Arabic, he lived in the desert, learning Arabic, so he lived in Makkah but outside of Mecca, and therefore, as much as he is an authority in Sharia. He's an authority in the Arabic language.

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And therefore, he says, in my opinion, touch means touch. The other three scholars have said no, touch means intercourse. Allah is saying, if you have touched me, if you had intercourse, you had intercourse with your wife, then you need to purify yourself. Even Shafi says no touch means direct touching. So this is Imam Shafi opinion, and in reality,

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some heavy stuff here. In reality, when we make Tafseer of the Quran, it is preferred to take a literal meaningful word when a metaphorical meaning. So you have Shafi says I'm closer I touch means to touch you using a metaphorical meaning using touch means intercourse. So even Shafi actually looks like he's got the Quran on his side. But the other scholar said, But okay, how do you reconcile with the authentic hadith where I should say that the prophets of Salaam kissed her on her lips? And then he made Sala without performing Voodoo? How do you reconcile this hadith

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is a clear authentic hadith. So for him Shafi he simply says, Well, this is a speciality for the prophets of Salaam prophets of Salaam his widow is super widow, right? So he controls his desire, right? He can control his desire like fasting, when a man asks, Can I kiss my wife during fasting? The old man prophesied for you okay for the young man? No. Why? Because the prophets of Salaam has some speciality. So that's just for the province of Salaam. But the rest of said no, we interpret the idea to mean intercourse, and we further supported that, to kiss or to or to touch your wife. It does not break you do and in reality, we must say, and if you want to stick to your madhhab, the

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Shafi method Alhamdulillah no problem. It is the safer of the of the Medina without a doubt it's safer. But in reality, the evidence seems to support the majority of the scholars that to touch your wife, especially by accident. Without desire, it does not break invalidate you will do and this therefore makes your life so much easier, especially on Hajj on. So if someone says so now you understand, you can still think that hanafy will do what you take the Hanafi will do you say now, in the case of extreme in extreme hardship, we take the the rocks off the rocks or means the easier opinion we don't chop and change on my dime. But there's a principle in the Sharia that hardship or

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difficulty. The is another opinion that is easy, then you're allowed to temporarily take that opinion. We don't chop and change my diet to take the easiest view. Don't do that. And I must say this finish this point. The scholars say whoever, whichever person, you Google and say which method is the best the easiest. There's one motherhood sockeyes 1%. I think that method one method says you can meditate wives. I think that

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Matter, whoever follows the strange opinions of the fuqaha pachora Zonda, meaning he became like a Matata why you're not really following opinions, you're following you desire, you're following your neffs you're looking for an opinion which suits your opinion. And you will find every opinion on the internet or law you'll find a opinion that says you can kill and bump people, you'll find opinions that can say this strange, isn't it? You can walk naked in the street, they will give you a hadith and if, right, so don't chop and change opinions based on desire. But now that you know the evidence, and the reality is the strong the evidence is with the JAMA the Hanafi is in fact they

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appear to have the most with evidence on the sides and the humble ease and Maliki's have said, well, let's make a middle ground here. The touch with desire breaks you do. But as we said, the share fees are the safer on this opinion.

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And therefore we conclude by saying what things don't invalidate your widow.

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So we see things that invalidate your widow. Anything that leaves the front or back passage in an adjuster that exits your body from any part of your body. losing consciousness touching directly the six organ eating cammo meat we said debate about touching a member of the opposite sex. What does not break you do? Touching Natasha does not break you do so? The sister is busy cleaning some meat and his blood while she's cleaning the meat on her hands does not break her will do the mommy the actually the daddy inshallah he cleans the nappy and the daddy cleans the nappy obviously the urine and excrement of the baby is NASA and it gets on his hand does not break you with what hamdulillah

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you can change the Malian nappies you will do is fine vomiting does not break you will

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see some strange views I've heard people said that if you become naked right just you go take a shower then you will do is broken nose Allah How do you who sold him cuz you naked when you whistle right so becoming naked or they see if I see my wife naked and I feel desire does this you know oh I have a thought and I have desire does this break my widow? No it doesn't unless something exists you're your body right so having desire doesn't break you would do there's no evidence to suggest that what about committing a sin? Someone says look a physical impurity like sleeping for example I have to perform with you. What if I told a lie? I saw something haram I you know I listen to

00:32:26--> 00:33:04

something haraam does my will do break. No, it doesn't break you will do whatever kill somebody. We said it doesn't break you will do unless, you know some some, you know there's some desire or something like that. But killing someone even obvious it's a major sin. But the sin does not break you do does not invalidate you do committing a sin. But obviously, if you do a sin, a good thing, a way of exploiting that sin is to perform Voodoo and to be back in the state of Ohio. But so committing sin. And so behind Allah, this means that all the time, we don't know how much sin we're doing Allah forgive us. But committing sin does not invalidate you will do. I mean, I conclude with

00:33:04--> 00:33:42

this last principle. And if you fell asleep, wake up. Now this is very important for you wake up and perform we do. This is very, very, very, this is a gift, a golden rule. This is something which makes your life very easy. There is a rule where people will say, okay, Chef, you say if something exists my body that these nudges are from the front to the back, I need to perform with you. Sometimes I have a feeling well, I don't know. It feels like Wait, is that sweet? What is this? I'm doubtful. Did I did I pause window now? We've all been there done that? Yes. We're not sure. Did I fall asleep? really write those off? Is this real sleep or not?

00:33:43--> 00:34:02

The principal in the Sharia. All mothers agree on this, that doubt or certainty is not removed by doubt. So how many of us do I have? Do not? I know I made sure it's a sir. Now. Did I break my window? Not? How many of us have that? discussion? I have a discussion daily, right?

00:34:04--> 00:34:45

The principle is you build the ruling uncertainty. So I was certain I took Voodoo. I was certain I made the word. I'm not sure if I broke my window. What's the doubt? The breaking? We do? So we throw away the doubt and we stay with what a certain certainty I had to do. And the opposite is true. I never use the toilet. I'm not sure if I took with you. I'm certain I didn't have to do what's the doubt did I perform? We do not. So we throw away the doubt and we build on certainty which means I don't have to say masala I know I did. My third Raka is this number four or number two? I'm certain I'm a two. I'm not sure about the third one now. So we throw away the doubt. And we build on yaqeen.

00:34:45--> 00:34:59

So this is a principle all former dives agree on this. If you have doubt throw the doubt away and work from the point of certainty. So I know what to do. I'm not sure if I broke my window or not. You have to do one hamdulillah and this inshallah will make your life very easy. And that's it.

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We do every single time you're not sure Alhamdulillah will continue inshallah next week, and we will once again start with our Sierra class this Tuesday coming, we took a bit of a break. And I must just also mention that last night we had a fantastic program, a journey through the areas of the Islamia auditorium, some faces that I see with the and if you were the final law, I've never seen that venue so full, and I'm delighted so it's just a lot of a lot of people donated 102 100 towards that event, and therefore we're able to provide it for free. If you would like slides, the slides are going up onto the website over the weekend inshallah, and the audio will be up on the on the

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website as well. So everyone is welcome to download and free freely. It's a wonderful, wonderful presentation. You won't be you won't, you know, you won't regret listening to it in Sharla sokola hate or some loss a companion or early or service or mousseline. Alhamdulillah bland amin Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh