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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of purifying and removing physical and mental impurities through various methods, including water, sand, power, and dog hair. They also touch on the use of nudges and urine to purify one's body and the potential health risks of the drug industry. The speakers stress the importance of proper cleaning and techniques to avoid unwanted damage and the need for proper cleaning and techniques to avoid unwanted damage. They also mention a free women's and men's tour on the Islamic auditorium.
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Are the voluminous shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala COVID mursaleen Sina Mohammed Ali

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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All Praise to Allah, the Most Merciful, the most kind, La ilaha illAllah eyewitness that none has the right to be worshipped except Allah, and we send our peace and salutations and greetings. So beloved nebby, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless us in this walk of Juma to forgive our shortcomings and to guide us in the week to come. I mean, what hamdulillah we began many, many weeks ago, a, we just did the first code, the first chapter, in this series on power of purification, excuse the voice.

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And we spoke the types of water and swannanoa if you study Islamic Studies, really of the first things you would study is the chapter of bahara. And I'm sure we've all done this in madrasa or madressa, as we call it, but we are more new ones, differences, why there were the hips differ that we can only enjoy fully and experienced fully after we've matured a little bit. And therefore we do this chapter, as it is one of the fundamental aspects of our Deen that the very first thing that you begin with as a Muslim is Salah. And to get why Salah is the key to Jenna. But to do Salah you must have Wu and to have Voodoo, you must understand the hora and that's why we begin basically with

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power. So if you look at Islamic learning, you start with the heat, and then you then you move on to the hora. So these these are the most basic aspects of our Deen and also the most fundamental aspects of our Deen. And you said, purification and being physically clean, lethal and spiritually clean was a Sima was of the semat, one of the qualities of Islam that we stood out in the world because of our level of hygiene, that we had a high degree of you no understanding what things are pure and impure and how to conduct yourself for the purpose of hygiene. It's vanilla, it was not common. It was unheard of that people both once a week compulsively, and they wash themselves five

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times a day. This is swana law unheard of, not 1000 years ago, maybe two 300 years ago, which would have been unheard of yet this is our dean. So what is the hora we said, linguistically, it means to purify or purification to remove impurities. But when we talk about power in our course bahara is to remove physical and spiritual impurities. Why not just to be clean, so that you can perform a vida we know certain acts of worship, like sorta like touching the Quran, you must have Voodoo, you must be in a state of purity. So how do you become pure? How do you purify yourself? This is Tara. And our beginning point

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is excuse the voice, we are beginning point is to understand that they are every substance on Earth, every material on earth is classified into one of three categories, everything with its milk or tea, or gold or silver or a whatever it is said it is one It must be in one of three buckets. The first bucket is for who must try and learn these these names these words Bahu. Bahu refers to something which is pure in itself, the substance is pure, and it has the ability to remove impurities. So what is it, it's pure, and it can purify. And really the only substance on earth is water. Bahu The only truly targeted substance is water. In the absence of water, you can use sand and other methods. But

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in itself, the only thing that can really purify other substances is water, which sits behind the line our first lecture, the greatness of water, that really the only thing that the thing, the highest thing before the arch is an ocean of water that allow us this water to create all loving life. And this water has something very special and unique in it. And just on a side note I was Juma at Islam Islami MSG last week, and chefs Abdullah can pass the law. He said that you know, we all mastered the book of Torah, yet our usage of water shows that perhaps we don't fully understand the concept of water. And we know that the rules its appeal and two liters and coolatta and all these

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things we know it but how we use water shows we don't really appreciate it, the the the rich, the spiritual side of water which is important to us. So you have to hold

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substance pure, and it can purify. The opposite of the Buddhist matches something which is impure, it is dirty, it is filthy. And it can contaminate other substances when beat so you have a list of the holy substance, which is water, then you have a list of nudges and nudges. And we'll talk that's our topic today. What are nudges. So you have a list of naza, you have water on the side, everything else that's not on these two lists is thought here. Anyone Yokota here on that list right here. So you have to have your nudges and thought here. So something which is thought here it is something which is clean, if you have it on your body, on your clothes, on your masala, you can perform Salah

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it doesn't affect you, but you cannot purify with it. For example, milk if I spilled some milk on me, and on my soap, or I had some, you know, some briyani and you have a stanely? Can you make solar in the stock? Yes, you can. Nothing wrong. Wrong. Do you still have to do but you can't take Voodoo with milk. Understand, you can't purify yourself with milk that is called barrhead.

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And so what we spoke about this, which is water, and we see some brothers, what what are we talking about any and every water in its natural state. So ocean water that is salty, or river water that is not salty, cold water, hot water, if it's in its natural state, it's water, and we call it water. The next thing is power. And if we will talk now about if we alter the water, we add something to eat, we take some salt out, is it so water? Yes, inshallah we'll talk about that. So the only substance is water. And only when water is absent, when we don't have water, then we can use sand. And we'll talk about the Yamcha as an alternative.

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I see tahara is about removing a physical impurity and a spiritual impurity. And there'll be methods of removing removing physical impurities. But to be spiritually pure, the only way you can do it is through the use of water. You can only purify yourself spiritually through water, or in the absence we said sand. And this becomes more more common when we understand we'll discuss in detail. So let's go to the point of our discussion today inshallah, which is we know what is the harder it is to take water basically to remove naza that's what art is all about. So what are an agenda? Give me a list of nudges things. You send nudges is madness is is a stain, oil stain, I'm a mechanic. Many times

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the brother says, You know, I can't make solder. I was working all day on the building. I have some ink on me I am sweaty. I can't make solid like this. Is that nudges? No? There's a very specific list of things that are nudges that are nudges. And why is this list important? Because you cannot perform Salah with any of these items on your body or on your area of solder. And in fact, they might nullify your Voodoo. We'll talk about spiritual impurities again, but now we'll talk about the physical things that are physically nudges. And then there are things which are unanimous. All formada agree. And there are things which are Alhamdulillah. debatable, and that's the fun part, the

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discussion, the debate. So what do we all know we all know.

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a crock pot in the urine and excrement of feces, these things are not jaza whether it is from and the most correct view and the majority view and the safest view whatever it is, both human and animal urine and feces is NASA, some discussion of ocean animals and sea animals because everything in the seas is pure is edible. We don't slow to that. So but basically anything on land, urine and feces, if it's on you, you have to remove it in Sharla blood and this is a debatable area. But in the Shafi method and the safest view is that any blood that is on your body, on your clothing, and I mean and you can remove it, obviously if someone is bleeding, so you've ever wound and you're

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bleeding. You have applause suddenly you can't stop the bleeding. No problem. Allah forgives you for that. But if you have you had an operation and your clothing is covered in blood, you're not allowed to perform Sala in that clothing, or you're a butcher and you you slaughtered and you're full of blood. This blood, as Allah says that the word that means must flow that the flowing blood is nudges. So it should not be on your clothing so blood is legit wherever it might be. Some blood as we see this is a very very deep topic. Some blood unanimous like menstrual blood must be removed. This without any doubt is nudges. And they they have differed in regards to other blood, but we'll

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say the Shafi view is the safest that all blood if it's of a certain amount, it is not the same as medium

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The pig all of the pig is nudges. Now what do I mean by this?

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Obviously, we all know his urine and his feces, his nudges and his blood if human blood is legit, pig blood is obviously legit. Now people will say what about pig skin? I would like to have some pig skin hoofs, right? Is this nudges? What's wrong with it? So we say no, the entire pig and all of his body his energies, and everything from him is not just

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the saliva of the dog as well. And I mean these things we don't need to go into detail I don't have to give you is and Hadith about this saliva of the dog might be something that you are not accustomed to. In fact, some earlier might have said, the saliva of the dog is the most natural thing of all these things. Why? Because the Hadith says that if a dog licks your bowl, your plate, then wash it seven times, six with sand and one with water.

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If a pig urinates in your bowl, you only have to wash it once. And right so the saliva and we know today this diseases rabies in the saliva of the dog. This is just an added emphasis. So unanimously ofoma, I've agreed that the saliva of the dog is nudges.

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Meaning the saliva of a cat is not nudges. The saliva of a bird is not nudges saliva of a dog and all types of dogs, whether it's a wolf or a fox, or whatever it is, is nudges with unanimous consent. So these 4534 things here is not much debate. There are a few other items which are debatable. So we were talking about the dog. He saliva is nudges. What about his Hey, I'd like to have a dog skin Kufa as my face is easy nudges we know his saliva is nudges. His urine is nudges his blood on his weaknesses nudges What about his skill? Now we've we love but if you own a dog, you will know that he's he's all over the place that he rubs up against you and some is got on your

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clothing, if that is not just iconic Sala in that clothing, said now now we understand that relevance is the hair of dogs.

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nudges and also is debatable and some will agree and some will disagree. And in reality, from the evidence, it appears that the hair of the dog is not nudges that if the dogs he comes on your clothing this does not does not make you nudges this does not make you notice having a dog and keeping the dog in the house and the angels that's a different matter altogether. We're not talking about that. You know whether we should or shouldn't have a dog let's have the issue here. Mohammed is walking and a dog bumps into him there's some hair on his clothes muskego back home and changes though but can you go to the machine make Sarah no problem. The weakness of the dog basically makes

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you nudges that must be removed that must be removed and I take a side note to them nothing wrong with the pig nothing wrong and bad about a dog Allah created them like that. That you and I have an agenda in US urine excrement blood, menstrual blood we have Naja in us yet we don't look down on each other based on that. When the lady is at a height she can't make solder. We don't say she's she's dirty. No, she's gonna hide. And the prophets Allah made a point to show we don't discriminate other religions when a lady was in the gutter, like out of the village or in another room because when she's they, they would say and this is incorrect view the angels don't come to our house where

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there's a lady with hate as if though like a dog, right? This is wrong. And the Prophet showed that even in the height, he would put his head in the laps and recite Quran prophets of Salaam. So point is, we don't say what the filthy animal the dog for the bed. This is how Allah created this creature.

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For you and me to eat is haram and to way and to use the body itself. It's haram for us, but nothing those animals are as Allah created them, they obey Allah. And that's why the person who disobeys Allah is worse than them. So we shouldn't hate dogs who beat dogs, pigs and we see them in the street we now leave him this is a lucky day to them as they are.

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What about alcohol?

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So someone you walk in the street and the guy comes and he bumps his Corsa logo on your throat? You can't wash it now there's no tax there's no water. Can you make solar in this world you think yes or no? Not. If you say alcohol is natural, and you can't then understand in your deodorant spray your Hugo Boss, there is alcohol inside the which means if alcohol is not used, and you spray yourself with this, you can't make sure that that spray. So this is an area of debate and to begin to see how complex this thing is. And again, the law says in the Quran that Verily, in Alhambra, one may say that out intoxicant drinks, not just wine, it's drugs, it's heroin, whatever tablets, whatever that

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intoxicates you and gambling and Islam fortune telling is religious. It's a filthy

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From shavon now this word reaches here does refer to a spiritual impurity or a physical impurity.

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If the guy's gambling and he wins big at the casino, and he comes to your shop, and he buys without gambling money, a liter of milk, is that money dirty? No.

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The haraam the faulty thing was the act of gambling, not the money

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as RAM is to use fortune telling with arrows, so they would throw the arrow and if it points one direction, it means Okay, we need to go to the side the spirits are telling us, is the arrow dirty? Can you not touch that arrow? No, no problem. Similarly with alcohol, in fact, from a scientific perspective, alcohol removes impurities, it removes germs and it sterilizes things. So alcohol in itself, the largest part of it is consuming it. The consumption of alcohol is a spiritual sin, but the alcohol in the spray and again, debatable is not Haram. It's not and this is the majority view, no evidence. So don't worry, you're spraying with alcohol in it, don't worry. But if someone's you

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know spills, some wine on you, and you smell like a bar, rather purity, remove that we're not saying your salads, not correct, but even if you don't smell nice, you're standing before last minute Allah let alone in the company of people. And I let alone in the company of people. And if we say alcohol, all intoxicants are not just then any tablet, any cough medicine that can toxic you. You have it in your pocket. It's nice. You caught it and so is the concept and the point is, according to the strongest opinion, my opinion in Sharla and this is we can remember, if you have the view that the hair of the dog is permissible, I can wear a face made of it. No problem. No one's going to judge

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them on that. It's a view and this evidence both sides so alcohol the hair of the dog not not just what about vomit? Is vomit nudges.

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Brother is looking after his baby son and the child vomits on him. Does he have to wash this vomit away before he makes all of this? I'm driving? No. Why? And while you ask why is that not magic? It's filthy. We wouldn't like it. It smells bad.

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The Sharia shows that everything on earth is spa here it is pure until proven to be nudges. And there's no evidence or proof to show that vomit is energy Sahaba vomited and no one ever said you need to perform Voodoo after vomiting or that you have to wash it off. sweats goes without saying we know that sweat is not nudges it might smell bad but it's not it's not nudges you can perform you can perform Voodoo if you are sweet you can perform Salah if you're sweaty

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a very controversial area is sexual discharge occur again pardon me This is um this part about being sexual discharge things that are discharged both from the male and the female due to sexual arousal and the Sharia has gone into detail saying the different types of discharge you have what we call Money, money, it sounds like money money money, right money which is semen which is ejaculate meaning the discharge that happens after intercourse after one climax is both the male and the female a discharge is it comes out both in the male and the female right? If this this thing the semen What is it? Is it magic to not notice and we will assume that it is nudges but from the Hadith

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and from the sooner from the prophets of Salaam we know that this thing is not notice that the prophets have some had some of that on his clothing and they just scratched it off and made smaller without using water. So money which is ejaculate that which happens and the right amount going to detail how do I know what is money or not they will say it happens it's the climax of intercourse there is a feeling of of pleasure once it's released a lot of partners here this thing is not nachus meaning if you brother had a dream and he woke up with a problem you know in his on his clothing this thing is not magic. But from the sooner he the Prophet removed it either scratching it off we

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removed it so some so the mother I would say that it's not nudges but it should be removed you shouldn't make Sala with that clothing but it's not notice when you have something called malvehy so you have money which is semen myvi is pre ejaculate. This moisture that comes out from the male and the female.

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When one is aroused, but there is no pleasure that is felt when it comes so before or do like before while someone is aroused. Little drops come out and if you're too young to know what I'm talking about no problem you'll get the inshallah, this thing. This thing is nudges. This thing is nudges and you know what's odd

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when one ejaculates the semen that comes out is not necessary, but you need to perform a hustle to purify yourself spiritually. The other one which is not

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You don't have to put up with so you just think we do, but you have to remove it because it

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shows the Sharia that this is that there is a spiritual side and a physical side summary of this whole thing. Whatever comes out from sexual discharge, if it is ejaculate, it is not nudges, but should be removed for Sala if it is pre ejaculate, this thing isn't adjusts, it must be removed and you must take Budo after that any other moisture that comes out to any This is no problem. It is for him it is not it is not dirty. But anything this is another rule, anything which exits the private areas, whatever it might be one performance we'll do after that. So we won't go further into detail. It's all the we said this is the Shafi so just in the Shafi if you want semen we said this is the

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Shafi view and the humble view as well that semen is not magic Shafi and humbly view, Hana fees have said that it is impure, but you scratch it off. It's you know it's it's it's sufficient. You don't need to use water to purify it is the hanafy view. Okay, so just to summarize, we said power toggle things water, it cleans and purifies and not just we gave you a list, blood, urine, excrement, pre ejaculation, pigs, all these things are nudges, everything else is powered. Meaning if it comes on your body, your cat licks you nothing wrong, you can make Sharla with the saliva of the cat on you. whole bowl of candy fell on you no problem. You can make Salah in that you work under the car and

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the oil fell on you the tires, the dirt from the dice, no problem stop nudges. Not this, but it's not necessary. So now the question is, what if we mix things together? If I put some dog saliva with some bottle of water is this thing as is now it's not about who wins, you know, who takes over? And the pictures are quite, you know, clear. So

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if I thought we were told meaning water, if something which is

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something which is clean, goes inside water, and the color, or the smell, or the taste of the water changes to something now it's no longer water. So I have some water I put the teabag in the, the the color change, yes, the taste change? Yes. Not if any one of them changes color taste or smell. It's not water anymore. So I have a glass of water. I threw a spoon of sugar in cuz it looked it's it looks like water. It still smells like water, but it doesn't taste like water anymore. This thing now is not water. It's sugar water now as you can take with you whether it is tired, but nakahara. Okay, so any amount of water. If it's taste, smell, or color changes as a result of adding a bow,

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avoid substance, that thing is not water anymore, you can take with you with it. Similarly,

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if you have an amount of water, and you put something nudges in the and it's color, tastes smell changes. The next thing is nudges. Now that water becomes nudges.

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Okay, it was me heavy stuff right Juma sleeping time is not as difficult as this stuff is not only hear these things now, okay?

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What if

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I bring you a 500 more water, and I put three four drops of pigs saliva or pig urine or urine in the

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is this thing still water? It smell hasn't changed, its taste hasn't changed, its color hasn't changed. Can I still perform? We'll do with this. So the orlimar based on the order might have said that any body of water any amount of water less than about 200 liters. If tiny drop of Naja falls in it, it's not popular anymore. You can't use it for so anything less than 200 liters. If one drop of nudges falls in there, even though the water hasn't changed. It is still nudges you can't perform will do with it. Okay, so water less than 200 liters in In addition, a corporate firm will do anything more than 200 it's only it becomes impermissible to use if this color, smell or taste has

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To conclude, how do we remove an agenda and just shows you once again this is a very we overthink this thing of barter sometimes I should smell came to the province of Solomon asked and why the women of the prophets of silence time they asked these questions. What must I do if menstrual blood is on her clothing? What should I do? And Oh brother, you know he said look, I've got some, some urine on some of my clothes. If I put this with my other clothes in the washing machine does it make all my clothes and adjusts because you know 200 liters is needed if I put a drop of urine in water that's less than 200

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This one is now not possible. So all my clothes last night is the washing machine doesn't take 200 liters. No it Don't overthink you don't need 200 liters to remove Nigeria you don't need 200 liters to remove Nigeria The purpose of this is if there's any Naja on you and it's hard scratch it off and then sprinkle some water rub it with a put some water on you and rub it off and sprinkle some water loss enough we've gone overboard sometimes there's a you know something splashes on us in the toilet and we think oh I need to like burn this closer now you know there's no way of purifying it.

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Point is Naja the objective if it's removed the notches is removed whether with water or sand or dry cleaning, it is permissible you'll notice it's gone it's gone hollows in there's nothing left. And if you are in doubt

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this last Hadith that doubt Don't exaggerate this indulgences which was a fun I should have said that when one of us would have a government that she will show when the wives the provinces or London used to wear a special kind of garment when they were menstruating or if she became you know that there was this child sexual discharge and she would and then she would make solder and she would see in a sort of a there's a bit of blood from the menstruation a little bit of blood a little bit of of sexual Natasha on a clothing when they would just use a little and scratch it off that if it's very minute or small Don't worry that this is not does not require you know scientific 100%

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everything must be gone You can never reach that level. So it's a little bit and we don't go into extreme that if you have usage finally open the tip and I saw some particles of sand in the lava is what is magic now or what no don't worry about insha Allah then we don't go extreme point is use your your your uncle anything that's a little bit of nudges. Use a little water you don't need you don't need liters and liters of water to sprinkle some water because it's gone you can't see it anymore. They would say I knew is gone. You can no longer see it. Well hamdulillah it's gone. Next week inshallah we'll continue with the chapter on purification in sha Allah. Just a few

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announcements on this topic we are now very very close to our dams. You know being used up now Lost Planet Allah forgive us whatever says bring the rainy Allah Allah grant the rains to come and make let us make ecfr a lot since the rain. Also that our seed our class, we are on break. This Tuesday they want to see rock loss because later told me Raj is Monday evening of Asia. We will have a guest speaker she has aid Fatah shakhriyar Fatah Sanchez eight Fatah will honor us with the lecture on local Mirage that's Monday evening at 8pm and then inshallah very interesting topic. I'd like to see all of you one of us the Thursday coming between the seventh of April is a public holiday at

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hamdulillah landkreis. Right? It's a public holiday Thursday coming after Isha at the Islamic auditorium inshallah present a tour called a journey through the heavens if you were at a ticket. And you could go from here all the way up to the Arusha law, what would you see along the way? So it's a it's open entry for all its free males and females and it's very good for lots of small children but young adults, it's a wonderful topic to see the majesty of the universe, the stars and the planets and what's in the next Sam our journey through the heavens free of charge Islamia auditorium Thursday evening, eight o'clock in the evening. Please join us in Charlotte Zachariah

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here for Salalah signal Mohammed Ali wasapi salaam wa sallim ala rasulillah salam alaikum