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Lumina shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala COVID mursaleen Sayidina Muhammad Ali he was a big marine 11 brothers in Islam assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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All Praise to Allah subhanho wa Taala the created sustainer the Most Merciful, the most kind, Shadow Allah, Allah, Allah Allah bear witness that none has the right to be worshipped except Allah subhanho data. We send our greetings our love of salutation so beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the finality of prophethood and the most perfect of creations to his family, his companions and all those who follow as soon until the end of time. May Allah bless us to always be on the sooner the Prophet Muhammad SAW Allah. May Allah bless us in this walk of Juma May this Juma be a means of forgiveness for our mistakes of last week, Allah guide us in the week to come to be

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better than this week. I mean Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. We continue our series on omura. We've been discussing the Amara of the last couple of weeks. And we spoke about the rituals behind it if you're if you have a colleague at work that asks you So why aren't you going to Thailand or Bali this holiday? It's lovely specials you're going all the way to Arabia, you've been there a few times, and I see you walking around this black box seven times. You're running up and down. We explain the rituals linked to the V Brahim Elisa Salaam. And just I was listening to a lecture and someone was one of them. Masha was saying that every one of the great religions on Earth, even the

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Hindu religion, they have a deity called Brahman, which some scholars have said it's Ibrahim. But if you look at the Jews and the Christians, we all revere and Ebrahim Aleister Salaam, and but no religion, other than Islam, of course, makes it a ritual. And annually we follow the footsteps of NaVi brought him to that extent. And that's why when the prophets of Salaam was asked, and he was praised once by companion, almost perfect of Bani Adam, even though he is out of his humility, he said, No, no, that title belongs to Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam, right so this is a beautiful link between our oma and the oma and the the link between Ebrahim and that's what Allah says in the

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Quran. The closest people to Ibrahim are those who followed him in his time, and this prophet Mohammed Salim and the oma of Mohammed Salah Salama, we are attached to Habib Rahim. And that's why we do these rituals. And we spoke about the great rewards that in fact, not only does Amara remove sin, it removes poverty and increases your life as well. But every step you take towards Makkah, you're being raised one diraja. And one sin is forgiven millions and millions of sins. I mean, how many steps to Makkah. And when we began last week discussing the how so you know why the Nia is they? So how do we form the Amara, and we spoke about the harem, and the symbolic nature of the

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harem, that you are in the clothing of your death. This the the most symbolic, the thing that resembles the harem, the most of course, the coffin of the meat, that you will only be weighing those three garments in your vehicles. When you when you pass away three garments, three towels, and in O'Meara for the man, he wastes those two towels. And it's that mindset, that you are in a state of Iran that that which was handled for you, outside of home or your wife is handled for you, your hair and your your body is handled for you. When you're in the state of your home, you realize it doesn't belong to me, and all the titles and all the wealth that I have. And all the status I have

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becomes it actually means nothing. Because the day we die, we said no matter who you are, if there's an accident where you have to be like the CEO of the company and the lowest employee of the company are going to lie next to each other in one cabinet next to the other. And this is the symbolism of the harem returning back to Allah, the symbolism of suffering matter where you are running for your survival, like that mother trying to save herself from sin, from punishment to gender to forgiveness. And we said that the Kaaba, we go around, it's symbolic of everything in the universe revolves around the center, whether you look at the atoms, the lowest form of the atom, it has a

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nucleus to the biggest things in the universe, galaxies, they revolve around a center, there is a central link, and Allah is that center in our life. Everything we do is about our closeness and connection with Allah.

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The symbolism is there and of course what Allah wants from us is to take it into our life. That is symbolically when we make sujood we are submitting to Allah symbolically Allah I'm surrendering but Allah once that's that submission to be in our relationships that even though Yeah, Allah I can take my you know, I can take what I want from this person, but it's out of my submission to you that I do the right thing that I can make a quick buck here and I can cheat your butt out of my submission to you yeah, Allah I do that. I think I can say a word out of anger. This person is wrong. I can I can respond. But out of my submission to you I let him have his way I give him the the the the writing

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the cue in traffic, let him go first. Not for him. Not for her. But for Allah for you. Yeah, that's my relationship.

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That's what we take when we do the omura. We spoke about the rules about omura. We said before you enter the McArthur this this parameter this barrier around Marquez called the macaque. You have to really be in the state of Iran. Iran is a state it's not just usually Iran we associate with the clothing of the meeting. The sisters don't weigh those white sheets of a Latina harem Of course they are, but it's a state we certain things are prohibited you cannot we cover your head cannot cover your ankles. The for the main for the ladies, they don't cover the face in their hands for both men and women. They cannot be perfume. They cannot cut the hair the nails and we see any kind of sexual

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contact becomes how long you can't even propose or get engaged. So you see if you in Makkah and you see the love of your life love at first sight in the in the tawaf, una Haram. Just tell her I'll meet you after, after, after the head on. I have something to tell you, like you can propose in Iran.

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And so we spoke about the tail off and this is I think where we begin, we said that you will enter into Iran. Will you verbalize the Nia and you will say La bakerella Houma Amara, you will say this before you get to the Mikado, just as you cross the court and for those of us who will and from a capetonian perspective, most of us first go to Medina and then we go to Makkah, if you look at the Umrah packages, you first go to Medina and Mecca Why is that? Because it's easier when you cross the macaque from Medina. So you spend a week in Medina, you will not be in a harem you will be normal clothing, everything is fine.

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You can you know you can enjoy yourself as outside of the seat of the harem Yes, you in a harem. Medina is a harem itself, Medina and Mecca has like an Iran way you cannot harm anybody. You cannot harm even the plants and the animals in the harem area. But you can eat and drink and cut your nails and be with your family. That's fine. But once you go towards Makkah, you will cross the macaque of Medina, and you will enter into the state of Iran v. For those of us who go to Makkah first. We see it's very important that gender is within the court already meaning if you landed in Jeddah and you have not entered the state of Iran, then this was a violation of the harem. You have to not pay a

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penalty item you need to make a sacrifice. Because you had to enter Iran basically in the A. Basically, while you're flying, you will be crossing the court before you land in Jeddah and most airlines today, I believe they will announce it. So be awake for half an hour before landing make sure you get the announcement. And then you enter into Iran when people ask me the question. So when do I host Oh, and when do I shave? Don't do that in the plane. Right? That's not the ideal place to do it. So for us, yes, if you're in Medina, you would hustle before the tsunami haraam you hustle before you shaved before which is not your beard, shave the other areas of your body. You you will

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do that on the day you leave Medina as for those of us who go to Makkah first you probably do it in Cape Town before you live it's the most convenient and at the end of the day. If you look at the example of Nagisa lamb, especially in hajj, it's all about if Allah Hara GS Don't break the rules. But also don't inconvenience yourself. It's there is no taqwa. In inconveniencing yourself, there was one Sahabi when they went on Hajj, and he said what law he I will go on Hajj in Islam, obviously. But I will not ride a camel I will walk and I will only walk in the sun not in the shade, and I will fast what I'm doing it. Obviously after half an hour the man was like unconscious. And

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the provinces This is not taqwa. putting yourself in this kind of strain is not taqwa.

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If you can get the first class ticket ticket and hamdulillah is no sin in having a an easy O'Meara so long as you don't break the rules of the harem. And so long as you remember, you remember when I'm in that state, it doesn't matter the flows and fences around me whether you are in the front in the the highest, the most expensive room in Makkah, right at the back. You remember, ultimately all this is going to disappear. Ultimately, the only room I need to worry about is my copper one day, I need to prepare for that. That's what I need to worry about. So yes, you pour fuel. If you for practical practicality, if you're going straight to Makkah First, you will hustle yourself and

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remove your thumb your nails and you'll shave the pubic areas and under your arms before you leave your house and you can wave a clothing Avraham you can perhaps change that in the plane change from your job or whatever it might be into the clothing of Iran. And I said this ohana and many people make the mistake main underneath you Iran is now underway, is now underway of the many people said but I've got my boxer under my arm clothing that shouldn't be worn as well. Only those two things those two sheets, but you are allowed to wear a belt or a moon bag or something to keep the bottom part from falling. And also some issues. Remember, we're not accustomed to wearing a sarong and

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therefore be mindful sometimes they might go under your navel and your own

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As exposed, you don't want to be in Iran when you're older because it's, it's forgiving, it's not intentional, or they're hiking up so much, or they sit in a certain position and we see things we're not supposed to see things that we can never take back. Right?

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Be mindful of these things. Alhamdulillah we're not accustomed to wearing clothing like that. So be mindful of that.

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And so we said you will into the state of Iran and then as you proceed towards the Kaaba law Baker lahoma bake you must you know, this is the best thing you can say the Tobia This is the the best that you can make in the state of Iran. You may talk we said, you can, you know, be with your family, you can speak to them you can definitely eat. You can shower, please shower while you in the home as well, but not scented things. But the main thing is the mindset. Everything is about the mindset. So you make the Tobia and you are answering the call, you're saying Well, I'm answering the call, I'm answering the call. I'm coming I'm coming. You invited me? It wasn't my money. It wasn't

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the Saudi embassy whatever it was our Allah you called me there was an invitation of welcome 400 Amara My name was on the list you personally put me there. I'm coming here Allah and you called me I'm coming and you will proceed all the way until you get to the heart of some people have asked me these questions people asked me if I get to Makkah, can I first go to my hotel and freshen up to take a nap and then go to the harem photo off and Amara issue may affect the prophets of Salaam did this on his Hajj, he came to Makkah and it was in the evening. And he camped outside of Makkah because it was asuna. To enter during the day, and and to arrest himself first before we actually

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went into perform his Hajj. So no problem. And again, do it on your own pace. in your own time. If you arrive in midday, it's too hot, you don't want to make the off in the heat. Wait for later in the evening, you just obviously have to spend a few more hours in the state of Iran, which we see you just have to be mindful of those few hours.

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So then we enter into the Haram and Alhamdulillah. Obviously if you've never seen the Kaaba and I hope for all of us will get an opportunity again, all of us to see the Gaga with our eyes soon. This first place on earth which was consecrated for the worship of Allah, the very first place on Earth, which was the pillar and we say, the first house of Allah says that worship for Allah was made. And it was even if you look at the history of the Kaaba, before us even be predated insan that the angels as per even Kathy dimensions were the first to designate Oh, boulders place of worship. Remember, we are not we just been on this planet for a very short period of time. And long after

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we're gone, this planet might continue everything on this dunya besides men and jinn, worships Allah submits to Allah. And Allah says that you just don't know the way of the earth card and the vicar and they have their own rituals. And this life throughout this universe all worshipping Allah. We said even the angels have a heart on the beaten Mahmoud where they perform the Hajj and the Amara, and they tell off and everything makes us be to Allah Spano, tala, and this place was is our sacred place of worship. Remember, I said at the same time, we don't worship the Kaaba. Yes, we make sujood in the direction of the caravan. Yes, we make tawaf around the Kaaba. We never ever worship the

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stones. And as Satan almost said to the Blackstone, I only kiss you because I saw the prophets of Salaam kiss you and I know you just the stone, you cannot benefit me or harm me. So don't if you can take a piece of the hydro Astrodome with you don't do that. And also there'll be no benefit for you if you take it with you home there's no benefit in that. How do you perform the towel off?

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First question which a controversial issue question do you need to do to perform tawaf do you need to do to perform tawaf? There is my and again if you there's a majority view that says yes, you do because the Hadith says that the office like sada except that you are permitted to speak in Salah so there's a speak in tawaf. Alright, so obviously we can't speak in Salah, but in tawaf, you may speak right.

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Therefore, scholars have said if it's like Sala then you need to do. This is the majority view, I believe is the Shafi opinion as well. There are other mothers who have different opinions. And we see also for the lady in a hide like Ayesha, she arrived at Makkah, she was in her menses we said very clearly you can be in Iran and be in your head for the ladies if you in your head you into Iran no problem. Iran does not require purity you don't need to have to do to be in Iran. So for example, the brothers in Iran he goes to sleep yet intense dream he woke up in the state of Geneva is Iran and in any way invalidated No, he's Iran is fine. He just Of course performs a hostile and removes

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his job. So similarly for the sister she's in her arm and she gets a hate no problem at all. But I she did not perform to walk around the cabin. Why Cousteau off? requires will do so you're in a harem you coming from Medina towards Mecca you get the you first performer will do if you don't have

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Do and then you proceed to the carrabba to perform tawaf. Now someone might say, look, this millions of people, they naturally I'm going to bump into this one, I'm going to bump into that one, my will do is going to break this law, make a Hanafi widow, right? Right. No way to do an Hanafi madhhab whatever it is, right? And then you'll find there's no such thing as a hanafy will do Shafi would understand that it's an opinion of in the Shafi method for reason, that if you were to touch a woman, that whether your wife basically anyone will you can get married, you cannot get married, or anyone you can get married, meaning your wife or any strange woman, and you touch that person by

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mistake, even accidentally, no desire just bumped into the person versus within the chef, your mother was very strict view, when you will do is broken, you know, and Alhamdulillah in Cape Town, I was surprised that Indonesia is not that strong. Nisha Fie, which is a choppy country like Cape Town, Cape Town super Shafi. Alhamdulillah it always be that way. Alhamdulillah no disrespect to the Hanafi Xia Alhamdulillah you've got the that's okay.

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So no problem and that that opinion of Imam Shafi comes from Quranic evidence, however, understand, this is not the majority of your of scholars, and the is evidence with the prophets of Salaam kissed Ayesha. He kissed her and then he went to the Muslim performance Allah without taking the widow. Okay, so there is Hadith like that. Now, without a doubt, it's safer, it is safer to not to have any contact that are of a sexual nature, before you make solder or tawaf if it can be avoided. And therefore, if this is what you practice, we don't change that. But you've already been doing that and saying, Okay, before we do, I don't, when I'm in the sector, who do, I don't kiss anyone, I

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don't touch women. It's also a nice way, when a non Muharram person wants to shake your hand, you say, I mean, we do, we're gonna break my window, right? It's a nice way to do that we shouldn't be shaking hands of our cousins of this lady and this lady, he unaided, we shouldn't be doing that. So it's a nice way of saying I have my will do Don't break my window. Okay, even if it doesn't break, you do. So, point is, if you touch if you're in the state of Voodoo, and you touch a non Muharram, man or non Muharram woman, accidentally, without any desire, you will do just fine. So therefore, in the towel off, hold your wife's hand, because if you have to stand behind me some contact, so long

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as it's not of a sexual nature, you will do is fine, you will do is fine. So don't worry about that. Okay, so this does not invalidate your widow. So you will have to do, you will be with your family. If you happen to break your widow. And we know what breaks up with you something slips out anything basically that exits the front to the back passage, anything that exits that will invalidate you will do. And if that happens, then yes, the safer opinion would be we'll have to leave your your own to toe off perform we do and start from the beginning as you would be with Sala other opinions again, but this would be the safer thing.

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For the main you will uncover it is sooner to uncover your right shoulder. And why is this? Why do we only only empower so throughout the omura the man you cover your shoulders in Iran, so don't from day one from the beginning, you uncover your right shoulder, it's only in power. And why is that? It's a beautiful story. So when the Muslims came from Morocco, and Morocco was still controlled by the kurush. And they exited the harem and they set on the mountains and they looked at the Muslims and they spread a rumor that the Muslims are weak and Sikh Medina was known as a place of diseases you so they said you will see when Mohammed Salim and Abu Bakr and all of them come back how weak

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they are, how their bodies have become weak by the plague. So as a way of showing the correlation, Elisa Lam uncovered his right arm to show the guns, right. And all the male Sahaba only the males, not the sisters, even if you have muscles, you don't uncover your right arm, you only the main they uncovered it. And the Prophet did a bit of a jog the first three rounds of the toffee jog, to show that we are at hamdulillah fine to show the cool one the strength of the Muslims and Islam. And this enough is a means to to deter the enemies from attacking them. This was enough we didn't even have to fight. We just show that we already. And now you're 1000 years later because Mohammed Salam did

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that we do that to emulate you sooner. So you uncover the right arm in tawaf. And if you can do a bit of a jog the first three rounds of the seven. If you can't supanova it's more of taqwa to respect the people around you, when to fulfill your ritual. So some people are very selfish. I want to do everything per the book. Exactly. And I don't care who's next to me around me. I want to stand at maqam Ibrahim to perform my two records. Even if it obstructs the entire room, my staff know I want to do my rituals. This is not taqwa. That's what Allah says. The zoo where do we go and Hajin O'Meara does what you take with you your provisions, meaning take your medication, your dollars,

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whatever it might be.

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Be whatever you need. But the best that the best provision you can take with you is taqwa that respect. love Allah consciousness of Allah and respect for others. So, you will go around the ball off, you will begin at the corner of the Blackstone, if you can kiss it, you kiss it, if you can touch it, you touch it. If you can't, from a distance, you will salute it. And you will say, Bismillah, Allahu Akbar, Bismillah Allahu Akbar, there's more. But that's the most basic to say, that's where you begin the round that off begins at the Blackstone, and then you will go all around in a circle. And we said, The hedger of Israel, that little corner of his mouth, it's on the screen,

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if you can see it, that is part of the character, that is part of the character, therefore, you cannot make the off through it. You need to make the off around it, and you will go around. Now people ask What do I say? There is no specific thing to be said, from the corner of the black stone until the corner of the Yemeni corner. Basically, the Kaaba is has four sides. Yes, the first side, second side and third side, make whatever Do you want, whatever Vicar you want, in your own language even even better. Now, people you spend so much money and effort to get there. And when we get there, we just say I mean to whatever the motto says in Alhambra in Alhambra, I have no idea what we

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are saying. Right? We have no idea Allah subhana wa tada wants you to plead in your own language with your own needs, you know what you need, what your kids need, what your family needs. That's the place you've come all the way to be before Allah. And now you say, You know what? Allah says, What do you want? No, no, let him speak for me. I don't want to speak whatever he says, I want the same to have that. But that's not how we should do and I you need to make your own you are your own Vicar. So you can say Subhana Allah, Allah Alhamdulillah you can make use of stuff in law stuff for the law.

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And Alhamdulillah if any of you are going on Amara, please you can speak to us here we've compiled a few Quranic do as soon as you ask for wealth and health for the deceased for your favorite apostle of Allah grant them forgiveness and I placed in gender. So for the special things that we all need to make the offer we've taken you have the Arabic Li You have the English dish you can eat you can eat no problem to open and read as well. A book if you need to read it, is from reading the Quran or reading a door no problem. And if you can't, in your own language, but as for the fourth side of the character, this is between the ruin of em the Yemeni corner and the black stone year, the sooner is

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to decide to do Are we all should know or have been attina dunia Hashanah of Aphrodite, Hashanah joaquina Bernard, and we continue in robina. As you know, we said again and again until you finish that corner, that that side, and that's the only prescribed thing so that's what we should be doing. And you do it seven times around you do this you will repeat seven times. When you get back to the starting point the Blackstone once again you salute the Blackstone Bismillah Allahu Akbar, and you continue to laugh once again. What happens if I lost track of is this the fifth round or the fourth round? I'm not sure. Now if you were sleeping in Juma wake up this will make your life very easy.

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There is a principle in the Sharia. That certainty is not removed by doubt. I say it again. certainty is not removed by doubt. So if I have a situation I'm certain about one thing but I'm doubtful about something else throw away the doubt thing and you said you work with certainty give me give an example.

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You know you performed we do and you come to the masjid you get here you realize Did I break my we do or not? I'm not sure I remember performing we do this morning 10 o'clock or for for fudger I perform fougere I do but I can't remember breaking my Voodoo from now until fudger are we certain about performing we do Are you certain you perform Voodoo Are you doubtful about breaking we do that doubt is indeed I break we do so throw the doubt away and you build on I'm certain I have we do hollows in Sala

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I don't know if this is the I know I set for the Tasha hood. I don't know if it's the third Raka or the fourth Raka you certainly have three I know I did number three but I'm not sure if it's number four. So which one is doubtful? Raka number four, throw number four away. And now you start I'm on number three, the off the same? If you doubtful, I'm not sure if this is number five or six, work from number five on number five and then you continue also have questions on top off and we'll basically conclude before we get to the next week inshallah, what happens if while I'm in the middle of tawaf and the other man goes off for a photo sada. Then simply you stub your toe off, you pose

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your toe off. And also be mindful don't wait for the karma because you're gonna might be caught of God. Stop the talk even even 10 minutes before the throw off before the Salah actually begins the method angles of find the spot, remember where you stopped So okay, I stopped at this point in on the top. Go and find the spot wait for your solar performance.

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solder and then rejoin the top where you stop at that same place, you continue on, and you continue where you left off. And of course, that's why if we look at ITV For example, when it's solid time no one is performing fell off because Sala is a greater priority. Sala is more important than the top off. And therefore we stopped and we just continue we we we lift off insha Allah

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when you're done with a toe off it is the sooner then so you've done your toe off seven times. You've gone around the Kaaba, you said Robin attina when you conclude you conclude again at the Blackstone where you began you conclude then it is the sooner is not part of the seminar. It's not one of the follow the rituals we see her arm is a pillar of Amara, as well as the off and side, but between the toe off and cy there are some sooner rituals to do. One you will perform to rock as as close as you can get to the bottom of Ibrahim behind it, perform two records. And in that two records you will recite Kalia Kalia Catherine in the first Erica and kouvola had in the second

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record and you it's a time it's a place of law we do is Mr. Job and then you will also drink a glass or some Zamzam This is sooner and then ivysaur some says Zamzam will be for whatever near you intend for it. So if you drink it have a near in your heart. I'm not just drinking this to quench my thirst. I'm drinking it for health, for music for four to four knowledge, whatever it might be, drink from that miraculous water. That is awesome. And this is of the two Sooners that you do before we go to the side. And inshallah we'll conclude there because we've got a bit of announcements to be made. If you have any questions about the Amara, you can forward it to me as well. And as I said, we

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Alhamdulillah we did a bit of a Morocco's a few times so we've got a booklet and it's a it's a it's a small size booklet, which means you can carry it with you which has the doors and the rituals for you on the and you can speak to the Italian woman in the office in Sharla if you'd like to have a copy of it, we gladly send it to you inshallah, no problem as well. Announcements Alhamdulillah. Yesterday, we had our molad program and in fact it began before with the ram piece someone actually asked me what's the ram P is like a smaller ram stick around. This is our MP. Although I remember when I was younger it was in material it was in paper with with a nail I always have to worry I'm

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gonna get picked to the other MP. Now in this and just a word on molad. Yes, we know that there are groups who don't practice they were not in the masjid yesterday and out of a taqwa out of the love for the prophets of Salaam. They say that it is we don't find in the sooner the Prophet Salim celebrated his birthday and out of our love for Him will rather be at home. One brother said also recite surah kaftan Alhamdulillah too soon. Let's have a way of expressing the love and peace of salah and other groups. If you want to come here, we'd like to learn a lecture, we have poetry require that we recited we see these require the poems, they are mistakes in those poems we know and

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even Alhamdulillah yesterday, someone said you know, from he was from Palestine, he said I would myself like to recite something, and he recited something that wasn't part of our probes procedure program. So next year, if one of your kids wants to write a poem for the Prophet Solomon, he needs to read Alhamdulillah no problem. We see the standing for a miracle. Before there was a belief that the prophecy into the gathering we know that's not correct. If you feel tired next year, and you want to sit down in the middle, no problem as well. Main thing is, so long as we don't commit sin. Right? We don't commit sin we don't exaggerate. We don't venerate the Prophet Solomon say things are

00:28:36--> 00:29:11

Haram. We don't make dua for him to him. Right? We don't make we don't say anything which is only for Allah certain praises only for Allah. We don't say that to the prophets of Allah. We don't say that he answers the doors. And we don't ask you how Rasulullah helped me assist me that's only for Allah. And also, we should never ever judge someone's laughing at me so seldom, someone might be making a mistake, but he's loving his heart for then obviously is more than yours, even though you're doing the correct thing. How much extra is he doing on the side of the sooner and we should never use the prophets of Salaam as a means to fight insert? I mean, are you going to respond to the

00:29:11--> 00:29:44

prophets Allah, you because this Muslim and that Muslim, and you insulted this person in that organization? Why? Because I love you You're so I did that. That's not the way we show love for the prophets of Salaam. But of course, we need to be mindful and respectful of everyone. So Alhamdulillah we had the program, which is a call out to the brothers and sisters who did a lot Auntie's baked baked biscuits and donated a lot of things, a lot of effort goes into it and hamdulillah Allah grant Emory would also on a sad note, we said, we concluded our sera lecture. So for four years, every week Alhamdulillah, the brothers attended as best we could to learn the

00:29:44--> 00:30:00

biography of a prophet salam, and it just so happened. We didn't plan it that way that our last lecture fell last night and we discussed that's why last night's lecture was the death of the Prophet Saddam was very emotional for all of us. And I hope that those brothers who attended that they have both the relationship with Nabisco Solomon

00:30:00--> 00:30:32

In fact, we know some students in that four years Brother Ye for example, and his father rahimullah, they were in our class for those four years and they passed away. You know, so we had people that Jubilee was the class year in year out and actually passed away during the class. We hope that they are with the prophets of Salaam. I mean, they made that sacrifice weekly to learn about him. So the Tuesday classes we will have our farewell we'll discuss the grave of the so next week Tuesday, we'll continue before before seven, we'll discuss the cover of the Navy so send them out into the masjid, what happened to the masjid we'll talk about how the Prophet is lying. So Solomon Abu Bakr and Omar

00:30:32--> 00:31:11

how they got they will discuss that and then we'll talk about next year's program as well. We will continue on a Tuesday evening, but discuss maybe another topic inshallah. Then I see a lot of announcements next week, Saturday, next week Saturday, from about half past eight the morning until about six o'clock it's a it's an intensive, day full day course for 200 grand and if you're able to pay fine if you're not able to pay no problem. It's a alkota scores out of sight. It will deal with two pillars of our Eman about the angels and Gene and oboe and cosmic destiny and free will so these are part of the hype the unknown we only know a little bit how do I understand that? Is my music put

00:31:11--> 00:31:40

out for me? Should I go work? Should I design is my desk put out for me? What do I do? How do I protect myself from gene who are the angels? All these questions is for this course in sha Allah dreams. kurama Olia all these kind of abstract questions will be discussed in this course, out of sight. You can register online, there's a poster there as well for more details. If you want to attain the new you just want to attend no problem speak to me. Then, on the 18th and 19th of December, we will be having inshallah Dora basically a summer retreat.

00:31:41--> 00:32:03

I'm part of a group of imams that work in different areas, men and Berg, which was playing Khayelitsha. And they said to me, you know, Chef, no matter how many times we teach them, our kids, the problem is the environment. We want to take our kids out of being the good ones out of those environments, let them some people, some of them have never seen town, they've never seen the clips out of lobster.

00:32:06--> 00:32:40

They've never seen even blue cup or town, they've never been to university, which means for them the ceiling. That's where life begins and ends, can we not take them out? And we spend some time with him and you know, show them a little bit more. And in that, of course we teach them Islamic knowledge and discuss things that are affecting our youth. It's a sad reality that once our kids in high school, we take them out of madrasa, right. And that's when life really they make the big life choices, who they're going to marry, what career they're going to follow what people are going to be determined in those five, six years, and yet they have no Islamic backing. And when they go to maybe

00:32:40--> 00:33:15

a university, they're lucky. And now they get exposed to all kinds of ideologies, and you don't have the Islamic backing to to guide you. So this is important because they can't attend the regular classes. Let's do an intensive course with them over the holiday. So we're going to try to pilot program, it's our summer dolla. And it will it will be a cost involved as well. So we've identified the kids if you'd like to sponsor a child, it's 400 grand to sponsor a child. And while I if a child learn something in this course, and it benefits their life, and it changes their life forever and ever. Whatever good they do that comes from it will be for you because you sponsored that child. And

00:33:15--> 00:33:24

we can even put you in touch with a specific child, there'll be males and females as well. So please, you know, support the program, or just at least make the offers. Then

00:33:25--> 00:34:00

on the 24th of December, which is a Sunday I believe this is marriage season. A lot of people are getting worried I'm getting married, am I ready? So a marriage Crash Course one day course not to make your marriage crash but it's a crash course intensive, everything you need to know it will be at the Burano center from about eight o'clock Pacific the morning until that time, everything you need to know about managing Sharla 24th of of December if you'd like to interest in getting married or you are married and you'd like to attend no problem as well. I mean, good news, this is not Black Friday, white Friday, molded Friday or whatever. For the next three days, every order book entries

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will be 50% off. So there's a website [email protected]

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you can log on because these are all the books on the book athletes and whatever else is only will be 50% off for this weekend. So please support obviously whatever funds comes to the organization, no profit really for the organization. It goes for other other projects, the masjid the nursery school, the dodo the marriage classes so inshallah please support please support inshallah any questions or concerns with Mohammed zharkova Hydra cinematic library wabarakatuh