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Quran Tafsir/Explanation – Juz Amma

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Humana shaytaan OG rajeem Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim when lost

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in Santa Fe lfv

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inland Nabina Amina Swanee has also been helpful whatever as long been helping water well so we'll be sub

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lahoma john let me know let me know where Amina slowly hurt whatever so we'll help whatever so the sub

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu wa salam O Allah Ashraf will be even more Sallim wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa ministered Nebuchadnezzar he lived within Allah Medina inhome wamena alladhina amanu Amina soggy hot water wasabi hot water wasabi sub Allahumma COVID-19 multi Bella Illa Illa Allah Emiliano but I mean from about the cinema de como la hirakata This is our third get together for the study of socializer. Hopefully inshallah tada our final get together, it will be my best attempt to complete the study of the Sula today, but we'll go as I won't try to rush anything we'll see how far we get inshallah, Tada.

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Those of you that have been following along, we were up to inhale insan that's what we covered last time we left off there we discussed the usage of the word in the ayah and the usage of the word insane, and we left it there. Now we're dealing with the part and the fee host Luffy host so roughly translated no doubt every single human being is truly immersed in loss. The first thing to note here is the the tools in Arabic language that are being used to emphasize this statement. If you have in English you have the human being is in loss. That's a statement. But in Arabic, you don't just have a statement you have a statement and it can be empowered by certain tools. It can be made stronger

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and stronger and stronger and stronger. Similarly also in Arabic rhetoric, a statement can be made weaker and weaker and weaker can be strengthened. It can also be weakened. This statement grammatically speaking is the strongest it could possibly be. First of all, there are two kinds of sentences in Arabic Joomla fiddly and a smear. This is a smear, and you know there's the noun base sentence and a verb base sentence and rhetorically speaking the noun base sentence is stronger than the verb base sentence. Normally, the Arabs use the verb base when they speak. And in unusual occasions, they will use the noun base it's stronger. This is a noun base Joomla is me, it's gotta

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move to the hub. This is the first thing that makes it stronger. The second is instead of saying in Santa Fe hosted it's in in San, this half atoki This is a hub. This is a preposition used only for the purpose of strengthening what you're about to say. So there's a second reason that it's stronger. The third reason that it's stronger is the word el insan has l on it which is religions, which will read the commentary of the Mufasa rune and we'll see that in implies every single human being instead of seeing a person or people it's every single human being adding another degree of emphasis. Then on top of that you have Luffy it's not just fee hosted it is Luffy host this man,

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typically you have the word we the other word fee rather, la casa de la insana fee x Anita just fee but this is Luffy lamb here is very difficult to translate but it basically has the same function rhetorically as in certainly certainly lamb according to some

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linguists in Arabic It is also argued it's used to swear on top of an oath. So for example, lacquered Hakuna lamb is already an oath in and of itself, or used in response to an oath. So it's a it's a means by which something is empowered, another tool of empowerment, then you have it's not in Al insana law says, The human being is a loser. Or even the hover could have been a verb in the in Santa Clara Hazara, or casilla rather, right the human being has lost Luffy who said he is in loss. The imagery used to be talked about the last time the one who's being drowned he's immersed in it. You know, someone being the loser is one thing and by the way, isn't file in Arabic implies

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something that's happening right now. But by using the preposition, it becomes a constant state. He is immersed in it, he's been in it, he's gonna stay in it kind of thing. It's a scenario that's being depicted. So the word fee here adds to that. Then there's like, a mahadi comments he hosted in Dayton, when to you know, you feed that and when at the end, of course, it isn't just lost. It's incredible loss just because there's been mean at the end who sin because of that, so one

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after another after another after another mechanism by which this statement has been emphasized, and above and beyond all of that Allah began with us by taking an oath. And the oath, among other things is also a manifestation of anger. We talked about the other purposes of the oath last time, but the another manifestation of the oath is anger, for example, even nowadays, you're talking to each other, I swear, you better stop. I swear I'm gonna get you, you know, when you use the I swear it's a manifestation of anger. So the fact that Allah azza wa jal swears before he mentioned is the loss of the human being in and of itself is a means by which the statement is emphasized. So there are

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tools by which the statement is emphasized over and over and over and over again, the human being is in loss or verily the human being or man is out loss, mankind is in Doom, etc, etc, don't even begin to cover the rage. And the terror that is embedded in the language of this ayah got a lot as the widget district depicts in the words in Santa Fe hosts. Let's talk a little bit about the word cluster. We in the original session, I told you there's a difference between the word cluster that's used here. Then there's the word soussan that occurs in the Quran also, and then there's the word kasar cassara. And the difference between them just as a quick recap, who salon is the worst kind of

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loss, so for example, Allah says casita, dunya, will Ashura danika okaasan, he lost the dunya and the after that is the ultimate loss. That's the worst kind of loss. That's not for everyone. But that's for the worst kind of person then so salon is used. hassall is used when you are already in trouble and you add to your trouble. So for example, what about Roman Lamia Sidhu, Malou inla cassava, it's used with zyada Usually, it didn't increase them in anything but loss, meaning they were already in trouble it added to their trouble. It's used in that sense. But hosted is the the the base form, meaning generally all human beings are in a state of tremendous loss. So hasira the

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way it's used in Arabic is also used in the meaning of suffering in addition to loss losses, the common translation has yellow fever, he also means he suffered loss in his business, it also means to lose your capital altogether. We made reference to this before also you put your money in the business, not only does it not make money, but you lose your all your investment money also, this is called Listen, if you lost you know just the profits, you broke even this is not called closer. If you lost the money you you put in of your own all of it has gone to the essential capital what's called an Arabic colossal Mal, if that is gone, then that's called hosts. It's also by the way used

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when you are conned, like if you say hozelock ijarah to it's one of the meanings of that is his business went under. But it also means his business was destroyed by means of some kind of trickery. Somebody conned him, somebody deceived him, and that made his business go down. So there's this there's this illusion to deception also in the workforce of human beings are deceiving themselves. They're in a kind of deception, and that's leading them to a loss. The antonym the opposite of fasciola tiara who is Robbie had tiara to his business became profitable, that he not only put in his money, he got more out of it to solar, so it uses this word. This is a little bit about the word

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facade. Let's talk a little bit about the word and inside in the ayah just as we talked about linguistically before, but just what the order might have said in Sandhill engines and then NASA fucosylation vintage era team first aliens and engines that this word in sign is referring to all human beings. So when Allah says the human being is no doubt in deep trouble in deep loss, there is no exception. Because the jinsan Arabic means the entire category that no one should think when they read the ayah not me somebody else I can think of my neighbor I can think of these other co founders that are in trouble. That's not the idea when you use the word Jin's. It is a universal statement.

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Then the second we read this since I'm actually also an NSF equal Salonen means genre to him in the solid he knows

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that people are in tremendous loss because of the trades they make. In other words, they put their money and their effort and their time into things that they think will bring them profit, but they bring them nothing but loss in loss sila hain except for the righteous walk the home them alone, may Allah make us from Leanna homestead I will ask him a bit dounia because those are the people who wish trade that they do. They purchased the Euro in exchange for giving up the pleasures of dunya that's the that's the transaction that the solid handmade farabi who was sorry do that then they were profitable and they were happy woman either home to Joe khilafah TRT him and then whoever

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wasn't an enemy against them, who stood against this transaction of theirs for what golfing cassava Shaka then they remained in loss and in in despair. Then we read something from a show Kenny well not not an akula in southern film Italia with masa a beautiful words. He says that this means that every human being is in an act of selling and trading and making efforts constantly meaning

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They're competing in making more sales than the other and they're competing and getting ahead from the other. This is what they're lost in. And if you remember this is very similar to what we talked about in it the castle is the seal of this word is very similar to what we already read and at the castle was sort of an RPM Alinea and he exhausts his ages by a lot. He's referring to his age, meaning youth is one age, maturity is one age, you know, Middle Ages when he's an old age and senility. He exhausts all of his tie his life opportunities in the works of dunya Luffy Knox and all of them that have been exalt was also our modern family reunion looks. They are all in loss, what

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morale and in waste and in Hakata mood, and he's misled from the truth until he dies and then he wakes up. Well, pillar morale incentive cafe. We talked about this before, but it's coming up directly from the Maha sirona. It has also been said that the inside in the surah refers to the cafe, that the meaning of Allinson in an internet cafe, somehow understood this is in the cafe de la casa de la comida cafe. It's also been said this group from the kuffaar wahome will win even more, no one asked me what anyone else would mean Abdul muttalib been said when

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others say that no, this is a group from the Godfather specifically in the life of the prophet like when he will he'll have been while us we've been Abdulmutallab. These are the kinds of individuals that anahola that are being referred to in disorder but even a show Canada hola hola says but the first meaning is preferred among these who say they are the ones who generally refer to the kofod is the preferred meaning. But then even that has a criticism which we'll get to we'll call it afresh fee cost fee. halakha. Allah says, when Allah says fee hustle, he is in loss what he means by that is he is in destruction. halakha Halak actually literally means violent death, you know, there's

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moat that's death. But HELOC or HELOC is violent death, like a death in a car accident or, you know, a vicious kind of death. So he's putting themselves he's setting himself up from this for this vicious end. We're calling for Uber and he says that this is a terrible ending or go by means and a consequence and ending that is scary for others to watch. In other words, ones end that when other people see this head want to end up like that. And you use his or Cova as an example among yourself. You know, you remember what happened to him. You don't want to go down that road that kind of thing. So this is cool, but

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then even say Rahim, Allah He says, Luffy shadow Luffy hoser here implies Luffy sharp that he is in immersed in evil, because the ultimate loss of the human being is his engrossment in evil deeds. We read something from a ship at LACMA. Hola Laval in San Juan in Canada moon fidenza in elfie, jalta Georgia two engines, the word insan even though it's singular it has been used for all humanity generally speaking, then we come to a very very important comment that is made by Abner Tamia Rahim Allah and it's so powerful that's even quoted by Mufti Muhammad Shafi in his own words of seal, modify the Quran, the translation of which is also available in English it's not the best English so

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if you can read or read the Urdu transductive see modify the Quran, but those of you who don't have access to that language, at least some something of the English is available. What is this comment that is so beautiful that I'm referring to by meltemi urashima Allah, He says that humanity is kept from accepting reality accepting the truth of this Deen by two obstacles. There are two obstacles that keep human beings from saving themselves. Now what is the path to save yourself? There are two things those are nohcra unrefined and Latina Amanullah what's after one Amina slowly, this is what we find all over the Quran, right? They believe and they add, they believe and they act. Even though

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we haven't talked in detail of what what a man is referring to what righteous deed is referring to, we're just using them as terms as tags and phrases right now. But generally, this is the path to salvation. This is the path to save yourself and be successful in the alpha, the first step EMA and the second step action. Even taymiyah wahala argues there are two obstacles before the people that keep them from a man and action. What are those two obstacles, he calls them Shu heart and Shahar. shewhart and Shahar. What does that mean? That means doubts. Shahada means temptations, desires. So he says the two things that keep people from accepting the truth are doubts and temptations. What

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What does he mean by that? You see, when you ask someone to accept this, Deen, you're asking them to give up a lot of things. You're asking them really to give up a lot of things. You know, I had a friend in college, big guy, really like you know, loved football and used to talk about Islam all the time. And I said, Man, why don't you just accept Islam? I can't give up that pork man. I can't give it up. Some good stuff.

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What's his obstacle? He's not in doubt. His obstacle is not doubt he's convinced this is good. This is the obstacle is this temptation. Another one says I can't give up the life of party.

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I can't I can't give up the women, I can't give up to clubs. I can't give up the drugs, I can't give up this or that, or the other. These are desires. On the one hand, there is a person who says this is right. But I cannot live by this because I'm to the gravitational pull of temptation is just too strong. For me. This is one problem. Here's another problem. Here's a person who doesn't accept you know what this is? Because he's not sure if this is the truth. You know, they'll say, How do you know yours is the only right religion? There's so many religions out there. What about them? What about all those people? They're gonna just go to hell? That's what you believe. I can't accept that.

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That's just I'm not sure if How can there be just one right way? No, if there was just one, right, but why wouldn't everybody just follow it? These kinds of questions come in this person, right? And they fall into what doubt, this is the root of that. Either one of these things will keep you from God, either one of these things. And by the way, most people The problem is in doubt. Most people The problem is temptations. And then when they fall into their temptations, shaitan comes in and adds a new virus, which is doubt. So when you call them to the dean, they say, I am in doubt, but the real problem wasn't doubt. What was it? The Temptations. So the In other words, there's a

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psychological problem. And there's an intellectual problem. You could also call it a spiritual problem, a problem of the heart, which is temptation. There's an intellectual problem problem of the mind, which is doubt. Most people that give the excuse of the intellectual doubt, actually, that's not true. There. That's a cover, that's a facade. The real problem is, their hearts have desires, and they don't want to give up their desires. And to cover that up, they make all kinds of intellectual excuses. And when you get rid of all of them, the truth comes out there was really there is I don't want to change. You know, I don't want to change this. This is you know, you know,

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sad state, they just want to come out. Now, why I mentioned this in the midst of this sort of You see, at the end, I was I live in Amarillo, Illinois, in Amarillo, Amarillo, Saudi hyperdimension. Two more things in the water law. So we'll have whatever so bizarre, mahalo argues what have also been half truth is the removal of what

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doubt truth is the weapon against out so it will help get get rid of one obstacle. And what was the other obstacle Shahar temptations desires, to fight against those desires? knowing the truth is not enough? What must you have the strength to not fall into them the strength to hold back to control yourself? Where does that come from? What the loss I'll be a sub. You see how beautifully those two obstacles that keep people from Eman and armato sonica. They are mentioned in what Allah will have and what else will be solid. This is the comment that I felt was very, very important for us to understand. Now we're going to look at some other commentary. I'm going to go just through my notes,

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so I don't miss anything and shall Montana. The first comment just about this ayah. You see, in these two IR the law as origin has depicted a very powerful reality. And one element of that is that human beings are so preoccupied with their personal problems. You know, Allah says human beings are in laws, right? But it's, you know, we're talking we're thinking about the Hellfire and the day of judgment and all of that, but even the way Allah created the human being in this earth, before he is also said, we've already studied naka de la Canal in Santa Fe COVID. We created the human being no doubt in toil in labor, even the cafard has to work hard. You got to, you know, work 40 hours, 50

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hours to get a paycheck and barely survive, barely making income. That's their state to it's not easy for anyone. So even you know, and there are people in the world war Muslim or non Muslim, that barely get food to eat, or they see their children starving, and they see all kinds of oppression. So it's not like political fodder, all local fodder, this world is gender also, they're also in loss as even in worldly terms, they're, they're, you know, they suffer a lot of problems. But you know what happens human beings, when they completely immerse themselves in their own problems, that's all they think about is themselves, then they fail to see that they are part of a larger picture. And

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they fail to see that their problems are nothing compared to the problems that are lying ahead that you think this is a problem. There's way bigger lying ahead. So they think they are in loss now but if you put it in perspective, it's nothing compared to the loss that is coming. This is the first thing that we want to make note of. Then you know what happens when you don't have a man when you don't have this key that we're going to talk about in the next ayah your problems get blown out of proportion? You think I got some really big problems. You know, I get reminded even I you know, human beings are weak. We have these kinds of things. You know, and when I still live in Maryland,

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our basement is flooded. Right now.

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carpets wet and soggy this that the other hunger level. We don't have basements in Texas, it's cool. But you know, it's the basement and I called his brother to help out you know, get rid of the water and stuff and I'm all stressed out you know, the kids are upstairs and you know, electronics and this and that. And the brother comes in the brother is good brother humble and nice from

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happens to be from Somalia. So you really good like handyman. He helps out with the Islamic school in the masjid and the brothers helping out. And he says, You look worried. And I was like, yeah, you know, what's all this problem? He goes, don't worry about water, hey, you can't fight water it killed darlin.

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You know, and we just started talking, and we're talking and he tells me his life stories, how Allah Subhana Allah, he was like five years old when his village was attacked by enemy tribes. And he survived on the back of a donkey hiding and hay. And he's traveled as a kid, his parents were executed, he was the only child left in the family. from five years old, he's been living on his own, just traveling like half of Africa, he went to Ethiopia, he ended up in like the college, he started working for a share, to learn some little bit of trade became an engineer, he's got the craziest story. You know, and when you hear his story, you say, Man, I got no problems.

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We got lucky, you get immersed in your problems, and you blow them out of proportion. And this is another loss of the human being, he is at a loss to see that what he what problems he has are nothing compared to what's out there, he fails to see the gratitude that allows or whichever he owes allows origin. And when this happens when human beings are so preoccupied with their own life, their own problems, they fail to see the lessons in three things, the three things I want to highlight to you. The first is the lessons and the creation of a law, they no longer look at the creation of a law as signs that remind you what your real purpose in life is, what are the real problems that you

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should avoid? financial problems are nothing, health problems are nothing, the problem of the man is something big In comparison, this is nothing compared to that problem. You know, you have social problems is nothing, you know, job problem is nothing compared to the problem that I'm immersed in evil deeds, and I need to start doing good deeds to save myself, that's a much bigger problem. And the act of Allah, the creations of Allah, when you reflect on them, naturally, what happens is, you remember your Creator, you remember what you owe him and where you're headed, they feel to see the creations around them assigns. Another thing they feel to see is the lessons of history, which is

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actually what this slide is highlighting when, when Allah says will also remember the word master time as it passes away. If you just reflect on history, and how many people have come and failed and have gone, they had a little bit of time to become a success, and they didn't make use of that time, and they failed and they're gone and their chances over, then a new generation came with a new chance, and they lost their chance and their time was over. And now it's my turn, I have a chance, I better not make the mistake that these people made, which is why a lot of tells me of the nations of the past who lost the opportunity. You know, Allah is alluding to all of those historic accounts in

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the Quran, just in the Word with us. Because all of them their ultimate loss was not availing the time that they had before it gets too late, you know, mean cuddly, and yet er, you know,

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before a punishment comes, make we'll have that you know, a will that time. And finally, of course, the signs of Revelation. When you're too preoccupied with your own life, you fail to look at the Quran, you fail to look at Revelation, you feel to look at the legacy of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam, for guidance of how should I live my life? What should I aspire towards? Because if your only concern is your career, you're really not going to get career advice and programming from those tools. Right? You're not going to get that from the Quran. But if you're looking for Where should I spend my money, how should I raise my kids? How should I be to my neighbor, what do I What

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more do I owe my parents when you start thinking you know, why am I what good can I do? Then you turn to the book, then you turn to the messenger it circles around. So this preoccupation with the self in and of itself is a loss of the human being.

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Then, as far as one of the beautiful things I want to comment on also is a statement from shall Will you let that be Rahim Allah,

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talking about acid the word acid in this ayah and connecting it with the loss of the human being, shall we Lila del Rahim Allah has a term he uses for certain passages of the Quran. He calls them a turkey be a yam Allah, reminder, by the days of Allah. Reminder by the days of Allah, what are the days of Allah, it is the day he created the human being the day on which he sent revelation to His Messenger someone lahardee send them the day of the day on which the the the flood came to the disbelievers against New Orleans and on the day when the water was part of the day when the home was destroyed, etc. The day when Musa alayhis salam spoke to a lot of his origin. These are amazing days

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in human history. And a lot uses a lot of refers to these awesome days all over the book does any of course in the future, there are also amazing days coming, the day of judgment, the day on which the believers will get to see their Lord etc, etc. These are the these are, you know, incredible occasions of time. And by using when the US and to save ourselves that warning. It is if we only remember those days of Allah, they would be enough for us to not fall into loss to keep things in perspective. That's the commentary of Shaolin Isla del Rahim Allah.

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And finally, something committed in Farah, he said which also I found very, very beautiful.

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He said one of the lessons of this sutra is a lot of people they go, you know, when they when they when you get a vacation, and you go like, to a historical site, right? People want to go visit the Great Wall of China, or they want to see the ancient monuments in Rome, right or you go to Algeria by the water, the Roman Empire had built these like amazing forts and, you know, a docks for the ships and stuff like that, you go see this historical sites, and people take pictures next to them with smiles on their face. But what are those monuments, the sign of, they're a sign of destroyed nations. They're literally if you know, a grave is a record of a person who died. But those

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monuments are a record of a nation that died. Think about that those are graves of an entire nation. So when you go to them, you should remember how these people didn't avail their time and their time was gone. No matter how high and big and powerful they thought, time is an enemy, you cannot fight. You know, you can you can have all the weapons in the world, you will still lose against this one enemy. This will this one will get you, right and these all these great powers that thought who's gonna come against us? You know, Allah even tells them on the day of Gemma, Aren't you the one who used to swear Mullah comienza? One hour takuna? Weren't you the ones that used to swear much before

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this, that you're not going to have any downfall? And we're going to be number one, nobody's going to take us down. Well, time took you down to a time came when your time, you know, was gone too. So he says that even visiting the the ancient sites and ruins in and of themselves is a reminder of social licence. So when somebody sees an ancient site site, he says while in Santa Fe, right. So this is the final commentary on that issue. Then, as far as the last just a few other things. Actually, most of this already made mentioned too. But the suffering of the human being on this earth, this is something I wanted to highlight. You know, we talked about the poor, starving the

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victims of crime, those who basically live miserable lives and labor, you know, you know, human beings actually have even more suffering than animals. If you think about it, human beings have addition. In addition to physical suffering, we also have psychological suffering. Right? The lion doesn't care if his grandkid god's sake. It doesn't care. It doesn't have that consciousness. They don't care. birds don't look after their extended relatives, they just move on flight, and they take care of their cubs, and they're young for a very little time. And then they're on their own and you don't care about them. Right? Sounds a lot like modern society for human beings. But generally,

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though, you're still emotionally when your child is hurting, you're hurting, perhaps even more than your child. And the psychological elements of torture are sometimes even worse than physical pain. They're even worse than physical pain. And you know, you will think, Oh, yeah, these are problems of the poor and the sick and the weak. What about the rich, they live good lives, actually, they don't. Some of the highest suicide rates in the world are in some of the some of the wealthiest counties, even in the United States. Right? Some of the wealthiest places in the country have the highest suicide rates, people overdosing on antidepressants. You know, the farmer who's poor was barely like

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two meals to eat, can go to sleep peacefully at night, but the guy who's got like millions upon millions, and he's got like six bedrooms to choose from where I'm going to sleep. He can't get to sleep at night, he has to take antidepressants. He is being killed psychologically. So they everyone's in laws, everyone's got some kind of problems. Everyone has this and a lot as well in this one, I didn't just give us relief from the final loss, which is awesome. That's the ultimate loss, right? Hellfire, standing before a line having to answer for your deeds, that would be the worst loss. But He even gave us relief from the loss of this world, from psychological depression,

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from like anxiety from fear, you know, from oppression he gave us freed us from these things also in his solution in the levena Amanullah.

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When we study that solution, we will see it's not just a remedy for the ACA is also remedy for dunia because in the end the loss of the human being will happen in the author but it's also happening in Estonia. It's happening here too. And Allah answers both of them in this profound Sula, like a letter So Jen says yeah, you have been signed in naka de Hoon, in Arabic adhan from Allah p amazing. Human you forgetful human being, you are marching forward toiling forward katha is to move with a with a lot of effort, right? Whether you like it or not, you're marching towards Allah azza wa jal, and you will get to meet him. Whether you think you're going to meet him or not, whether you prepare

00:29:28--> 00:29:59

for it or not, whether you care or not, whether you want to hear there not every single second that passes you are one step closer to meeting him. Every day that passes you are one step closer to meeting him. You can live your life of sin, and you could party in a way that's fine living it up, right? like there's no tomorrow. There is a tomorrow and it's and you will meet him. So this is this is the profile lesson embedded in this sort of also. So now what I want to tie these to like a loss of linear loss of alpha in dystonia, somebody says a man I wish I had a better job.

00:30:00--> 00:30:37

I wish I had that car I wish I had this you know I wish I married that woman I wish I could have this I wish I could have that I wish I didn't have this problem I shouldn't have that problem. What happens in the afternoon? Yeah late any computer ah I wish I was dust. Can you compare so how long do you think these problems were big was far bigger coming are bigger coming so problema So, this is when you really appreciate today we appreciate the loss of the human being, but that is when we will really appreciate in an incentive because now we get to the last Ayah inshallah tada of the surah, which is really you should remember all of this is actually one sentence, the entire solar will

00:30:37--> 00:30:55

actually Indian in Santa Fe hostel. Illa Latina, Amina, Amina Swati hot water, wasabi, Hakata, wasabi. So linguistically is one statement, one discourse, it's not disconnected. This exception, the comments we've made before, are that the exception is always the minority.

00:30:56--> 00:31:36

And the people who don't meet the exceptional criteria are always the majority. In other words, the people in laws are the majority. And the people who are successful are the minority. But you know, there's some things we should note about society, and just the way the world works. The majority decides what is right and what is wrong. The majority sets the trends, the majority sets the standards, we do things and by the way, even in psychology, you know how normal behavior is defined. normal behavior is defined as what everybody does. And abnormal behavior is defined when somebody is doing something that nobody else is doing.

00:31:37--> 00:32:14

In other words, everybody's driving this way, and you're driving that way you are doing what? abnormal behavior right? Now think about that. From the religious point of view. You have a society where everybody does certain things. And you go to your job, and everybody does certain things, but you're a Muslim, you can't do those things. Guess what they start thinking of you as not just not just Muslim, but weird, abnormal, you don't fit? That guy's a little off? You know, what's he doing in that corner over there? Why is he Why? Why does he eat this stuff? It's such good food, he turned it away? Why did he go to that party? Why did he avoid that woman that was trying to hit on him? Why

00:32:14--> 00:32:52

did he do that? You know, they don't get and they think it's weird. And this is, by the way, when you are constantly looked at as strange, it can have an impact on you. I don't want to be weird. I don't want to be looked at as strange. So you know, what happens even to the majority are losers, you're the actual, you're successful, when they start convincing you that you are living a life of loss. You need to get with the program. Basically, what they'll start convincing you of psychologically is man, this is getting hard. I can't live like this. I need to you know, everybody else gets to enjoy life. Why do I have to live this strange life? So the problem isn't just of

00:32:52--> 00:33:29

accepting this truth, knowing that the majority will be on falsehood is and being cognizant of that will help you and me a lot. Because the forces the majority has enforced it has a pole in my in my teacher used to give the analogy of swimming upstream, all the fish are going this way. And there's this one or two fish, they're trying to go up the stream. It's obviously anybody who looks at everything crazy, man, that's cool this way. Everybody had it that way? Why are you going up, therefore it's harder, and it's only gonna get harder. You're only going further up. So Pamela, this is the example of the human being in a society that is headed the entire society is headed in the

00:33:29--> 00:34:04

way of laws. And you know, our challenge is a profound challenge. Because you know, if you were living in a society where Islam was being practiced, as it should be, right, if that was the case, which by the way, isn't the case in much of the world, so don't even idealistically think oh, I'm going to go to the Muslim world, it's going to be great, let's get real, what's happening in the Muslim world we should know. But even if that was if that was the case, and inshallah Tada, it will be the case Allah will give establishment to this thing. If we were living in such a society, then obeying a law is actually easy because the majority is doing it. So even not just you should do it,

00:34:04--> 00:34:34

but everybody's doing it becomes easier to do. But in this society obeying a law becomes harder because the majority is bent upon disobeying. It has bent upon disobeying Allah so much. So this isn't even the case in the society. This may even be the case inside your own family, your own family, the majority of them may be headed towards loss and you want to save yourself when they say why are you turning into a loser? They'll actually ironically use those terms. Why are you such a loser? which is you know, funny because there had a difference.

00:34:35--> 00:35:00

Right, so how long this is an amazing, you know, a thing to be aware of, that's embedded in this ayah by use of the exception, anyhow, lol Latina Amanullah, Amina Sally heart whatever, so bihac whatever. So the sort of the first comment we will make was, is that when Elon mentioned the loss of the human being the singular was used, and inside, even though refers to all human beings, we talked about diffusion of responsibility last time, the singularity

00:35:00--> 00:35:39

was used. Well, you know what that means. In the end, you might think you're following the crowd, you got a lot, a lot of people with you, it's the way your family does thing or your tribe does things or your country does things or whatever. But when it comes to suffering the consequences of your mistakes, nobody will be with you. You will be by yourself. people follow trends, but when the time comes with the Katara to be humorless Bob, all their relationships will be chopped off. But when it came to the exception, Allah didn't say it landlady Amina Amina sonica. Well, I mean, what a wasabi what a wasabi sauce. No, he didn't use the singular. He used the plural. He used deplore. So

00:35:39--> 00:36:21

we have to understand this transition from the singular to the plural. What we learn here is these few people that are going to go against the mold and they're going to swim upstream. The only way they will survive if they stick together, they cannot be apart. It's like that leaf that cuts off from the tree you know it dies, they have to remain connected to this oma, the unity of this oma and the believers sticking together is embedded in this is part of our survival because of the use of the plural. Eman is not something you can sustain on your own. If your email is boosted with good company with reminder with Council, which rely on Jama all of these things are Eman boosters, right

00:36:21--> 00:36:53

because we do them together their collective things. So the word ama is beautiful here that Eliza which is tied the exception to a collective affair. And not just you know, you would think a man is a personal thing. Okay, good deeds, maybe we should do them together, though, as he will have the last episode but that involves other people, but he man is a personal thing. But even he man Allah has always made it a collective affair. What we learned from that is, if you think you have in mind, and you have nothing to do with the community, the mustard you don't go and benefit from the reminder of the daily reminder from the email, you don't have Council of good brothers around you

00:36:53--> 00:37:31

good sisters around you, then you are going to necessarily suffer a loss of the man. And those of you that distance yourself from the machine, sometimes you will face it, you will feel it. I don't feel good. I gotta go back to love house. I got it, you know. And it's not just about praying because you could pray it home to it's this collective, you know, a body of believers, they feed off of each other, they raise the man together, this should happen even in a circus of learning. You know, if you're sitting and listening to a lecture on your own, you might benefit Bowman brothers and sisters we learn together, it actually helps us more. It moves the mind more. When you see a lot

00:37:31--> 00:38:07

of people attending a program in and of itself. That's a motivator. Man, I need to come to these things more often. Even if you don't know anyone. There's just something about Laila. Hey, Mama that binds us together and gives us strength, just the sight of each other gives us strength. That's what the love and affection of this is supposed to be. So that's one of the things about the transition from singular to plural. The other thing we should talk about here is in the Latina amanu, Allah azza wa jal in this ayah didn't mention any qualifications of Eman and Athena Amanullah he was, he was, he was he was nothing. He didn't say they believe in Allah they believe in the last day, none

00:38:07--> 00:38:46

of that he just said they have a man. Who are these people? What is this man? There are so many things to talk about from the bronze own point of view within a man will have to pick and choose just a couple of things in shout out to Hannah. The first thing we'll talk about is the fruits of human just the fruits of human How are you supposed to know that the kind of human you have what you know, what should you What should you taste from it? Basically, the fruit of Eman essentially is tranquility at the heart of it. The fruit of human is tranquility, remember, we said human beings are in loss, what are the losses of the human being, loss of health, loss of wealth, loss of loved

00:38:46--> 00:39:05

one, right these are the kinds of losses human beings suffer in this world, loss of comfort. But if you have a mind, then you know that this world is not permanent, this world is temporary. And what Allah has in the after compared to this world is nothing when mammoth our, you know, material linear pill.

00:39:07--> 00:39:46

You know this this inherited money actually made our authority lacanian Toba, he says what is the utilities of this the things you use in this world and worldly life? Compared to the asset? What are they except very little miniscule? If you really, really, really believe that you have a man in that. If you have a man in family duty to mention Informatica dunya, whatever you have been given, it is utilities a worldly life, you know, and that ayah Allah says, whatever you have, know, whatever you've been given how about Lotito? Whatever you have been given? You know, when you're given something, it doesn't belong to you. It belongs to the one who gave it to you. So when it's

00:39:46--> 00:39:59

taken away, you say, Well, it wasn't mine to begin with. Because he gave it to me as the right ticket back. When it's your own and you lose it. You say man, I can't believe I lost my money. My house, my car, my kid

00:40:00--> 00:40:37

My wife, but when you realize all of this is not as this is given to you, this is blessing to you, when it's taken away, even when we ourselves are taken away, what do we say? We say in LA, or in a, we belong to a lot what to speak of the things we own, we belong to a lot, and we are to be returned to me Return to owner, right? The attitude of the believer changes. I'll give you just one example of just this one small aspect of human because if we just talk started talking about various, you know, aspects of humanity, we'll just take a series in and of itself, perhaps another time in shallow Tada. But at least the fruits of your mind, I wanted to mention the primary food being

00:40:37--> 00:41:08

tranquility, you're at peace with your life, whether you're poor, or you're wealthy, or you're sick, or you're healthy, or you're old, or you're young. Whether people like you or don't, if you have your mind, you're at peace, you're at peace with yourself, you're at peace with allows origin. And this is something most human beings don't enjoy. By the way. Most human beings are not at peace and they're running after it. Why do you think people go after one go watch one movie than another one comes out and they run after it go? They're looking for tranquility, enjoyment, entertainment, their heart should be finally at rest. Why is it that they get one car that they rent after another car,

00:41:08--> 00:41:48

get one house run after another house? Why do we do that? Because we're not at rest. But Allah says Allah basically Lady indelicato by remembering Allah hearts will be satisfied, there'll be tranquil, there'll be at rest. That is the real fruit of Eman. That is the real fruit of and when you have that you have no loss. No loss is a loss. So just one example of that in a real life example. And then we'll move forward in Charlottetown. The example I want to give you is of a friend of mine, who lives in New Orleans. And this this, this friend of mine, you know, he used to own a car dealership, luxury cars, Muslim family, and they own all these cars, but they paid for them in cash because they

00:41:48--> 00:42:09

didn't want to deal in ribbon stuff. So German cars, high end Japanese cars, right. And they've they're sitting right there on the lot surrounded by palm trees. Water is beautiful property, right. And they're like selling hundreds of $1,000 of dollars worth of merchandise every single month. Business is good. And then you have Katrina.

00:42:10--> 00:42:21

Right, and the levees break, and they're right on the water. The only car left was the I think it was the LS 400 Lexus to top top of the class Lexus that they escaped him.

00:42:22--> 00:42:57

When I went to meet the brother, he and his father, he was delivering pizza and that Lexus. That's what his job was. Now you can imagine they went from what to what, right? What kind of lifestyle what kind of financial dealings to what kind of lifestyle where they have to now deliver pizza and work at a pizza restaurant full time, but a big smile on their face. And I'm looking at them like man, people if they suffer this kind of loss. Either they pop a whole, you know, bottle of Advil or Tylenol and get it over with, they jump off a cliff. They they'll drown themselves. They can't take it anymore. You know, they don't want to deal with it. But why what's what smile on your face, he

00:42:57--> 00:43:35

says, you know, when you're busy and when business was good, we didn't have time to go to the machine. We didn't get to I didn't get to see the life much they get to play with the kids. Now so Pamela we catch every slide in the machine, there's still a roof over our head food on our plate, what do we have to be ungrateful for we should be grateful. So holla this doesn't happen unless you have a man. That kind of loss is not a loss. But if you don't have human, then that's a loss, then you will you will collapse. You will no longer be you won't even want to live, you know people are willing to commit suicide because they wanted to you know, get with this girl and she married

00:43:35--> 00:44:11

somebody else and they jump off a bridge and this this real life story. Actually I know of a Muslim kid that this happened to in the 90s in New York wanted to marry this girl she married somebody else. He jumped off the you know, the Brooklyn Bridge, jump and he killed himself committed suicide. It's a sad thing. But why when does that happen? When you longed for something other than Allah and longing for Allah will give you tranquility and that will not happen until you have a man this is the escape from loss. Elin Latina Amina, this is the first thing. Then Allah azza wa jal mentioned where he had first in the way I organized my notes, just I'm going to go through the difficult

00:44:11--> 00:44:48

vocabulary and some of the commentary, then we'll come back to the idea as a whole and look at the lessons piecemeal. But let's just deal with the vocabulary first. Well, I mean, I mean, the word Iman in Arabic is similar to another word called ferit. There's Ahmed and there is Finn, Iman is a conscious action. And Iman is a conscious action. While Phil is a sub It can also be a subconscious action, for example, fitness and breathing right now, that's not uncommon. That is what it's a fitness and walking, that can be a fit because I'm not necessarily thinking about every step. You know, looking at my foot, Hey, move forward. You don't do that. It's subconscious almost right. When

00:44:48--> 00:45:00

you open your eyes and you can see that's not an animal that is what a fan but when you speak to someone, when you speak to when you go to work when you drive your car, right? When you when you buy go and buy groceries

00:45:00--> 00:45:15

These are all because there is a conscious intent involved. You actually thought about it and then did it. So here Allah azza wa jal is making us one thing we're realizing is we are answerable for every single act that we did consciously.

00:45:16--> 00:45:54

Because there are behaviors there. You know, by the way, in our Dean, there's so much mercy. There are people who don't have control over their conscious behavior, they lose their sanity, they have all kinds of psychological disorders, they're you know, and they are not in our DNA makanda they're not held responsible for their behavior, but I'm an in and of itself includes conscious action. And then the word after it, I mean, do asylee had the word asylee heart is actually an adjective, it comes from the word Salah ha, which means to reconcile and to rectify it, to reconcile and rectify, this is a very powerful word, it has two things in it that I want to highlight in sha Allah, my fear

00:45:54--> 00:46:35

genuinely is we're not going to finish last or today. Shallow one last session after in shallow unless it But anyway, the word of Sally hat is an is an adjective in and of itself. The word that is understood when you Allah says they do goods, literally, if you want to rough translated goods, but good in and of itself in English, that doesn't even sound right. Good is an adjective, but an adjective requires a noun, good deeds, even you know, a lot of translations they say, and they do good deeds, while the good is here and the word solid, where's the word deeds? It's not there in the Arabic, that word would have been what I mean, Amala a smiley, happy. If the word and our mind was

00:46:35--> 00:46:54

there, which is understood, it's aloof, it's it's implied. Now the thing that I want to highlight here are a couple of things. The first thing is the word Allah in Arabic is considered genital mucosa. So broken plural. And broken pearls are supposed to have feminine adjectives. This I know it's a little bit technical, but you'll see the benefit of it in a second.

00:46:56--> 00:47:09

So typically, you would say, Amanda, a smiley hater. You would put $1 Buta on a salad, and that would be the righteous deeds. But Allah azza wa jal says Allah Allah understood, but he says a slightly hearty

00:47:11--> 00:47:48

salad. This is the feminine plural form. So what's the difference between saying asylee Hata just putting a timer Buddha as we would expect, and instead of putting the time on Buddha putting the feminine plural form, well, the difference is from a biological point of view, if you put the time on Buddha, then those are many, many, many deeds. But when you put the feminine plural, this is considered a form of general Kindler, a plural of minimum meaning of life, saying righteous deeds that I'm asking you to do are not countless, there are just a few. I'm not asking a lot of you. You just have to do a few good deeds. In other words, our Dean isn't composed of an endless list of

00:47:48--> 00:48:02

instructions. Allah has asked us for a few things, and we fail to do them. Right. And the fact that Allah hasn't asked us for much is inside the word of Sally had had it been assigned to her. There would have been a lot more

00:48:03--> 00:48:39

rhetorically would have been a lot more Subhan Allah. So what are these few things? You know, the Mahabharata are a few. The main for the main obligations are a few. Then there are things in this Deen that embellish your life as a Muslim. There are the son of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they are behaviors that add you know, make your etiquette your manners, your behaviors better and better. They increase your email and your taqwa. But at the heart of it, there are a few things you should definitely do. And there are a few things you should definitely not do and there are not a lot and there are so few that any Muslim knows that. The few things at the core of this

00:48:39--> 00:49:12

Deen are so few that any Muslim knows what they should do and what they shouldn't do. Even the guy who doesn't study Islam at all, doesn't learn anything. Even that person knows they should pray five times. Even that person knows they should faster normal, but even that person knows they should go to Hajj even that person knows they owe something to tell their non Muslim neighbor something about they should tell them something about Islam, at least they should know. So at least I'll give them a CD. I hand them a pamphlet, something. They know that they do the very basics everybody knows, even if you don't know them in academic terms, they are just a few. This is the first thing I wanted to

00:49:12--> 00:49:56

highlight. The second thing I wanted to highlight about a sunny hut is that this word in Arabic we say this has loom and tidy in it. What that means in English, and I'll use difficult words, but I'll simplify them as we go on. This word is transitive and intransitive. The word slightly hard can be understood as transitive, which is called da da, da da in Arabic and intransitive, which is Latin, or loom infinitive. Okay? What does that mean? The benefit of knowing that is a solid heart could be a riff, it could be describing the actions, solid means that which corrects. So these are correct actions. These are correct good actions, actions that that in and of themselves are good and the

00:49:56--> 00:49:59

consequences of them are also good. That's when the word

00:50:00--> 00:50:38

is less than, if the word is what are the you know what it means the one who does them becomes good. Meaning these are means by which the person who does them is becoming good. In other words, this solid hat could be and the impact the description could be of the action. And it could also be a means by which the person is being reconciled. You want to become a better person, start doing better things, do good things, and automatically you will start to become a better person. It's like good deeds are being described in the sutra like medicine, that are making you better and better and better. So how to love so the deeds in of itself is good and they are making you good, they're

00:50:38--> 00:51:16

correcting you they're fixing you, and the more you abandon them, the sickness comes back. And the more you take this medicine, the more you start getting healed, that is embedded beautifully inside the word of Sati hut it's incredible that allows origin puts it in this way in the Latina ama know what I mean a sunny head then the final to just far as far as vocabulary let's look at these are a little bit tougher words. So we'll just look at my notes inshallah Tyler and conclude our third session. As far as linguistic analysis is concerned, the word Colossi related words from it are wasa who was sahoo and OSA who to charge someone to command someone, because or to do such and such a

00:51:16--> 00:51:51

thing. For example, if I say it was, say, Touka bisola. It means I told you to make salad. I'm telling you, you really should make Salah, and I'm not just telling you, I'm counseling you like it kind of giving you a heart to heart. I'm doing my best to tell you and I'm telling you in a way that makes you think this guy is telling me something that's good for me. You know, there's a way to tell someone something that aggrandized is yourself, hey, you don't make a lot. What's the matter with you? Right? That's just putting yourself up and putting them down. But then when you talk to someone in a way, that they feel that you want what's good for them? Right? I really think you should come,

00:51:51--> 00:52:28

I really think you should stop doing that. I mean, I'm worried about you know, the tone, this is in Basia itself, was here literally means to leave a will, and you know, who you leave a will for loved ones. And a will is full of things that will benefit the people after you're gone. And when someone writes a will, it implies they don't have a lot of time left. So they better write it up now. Because once they're gone, who knows what's going to happen? So they will they want to leave these important parting words to this person. This is the at the heart of this word. What it includes is a sense of urgency. It's like when you tell someone the truth, you have this urgency that I'm not

00:52:28--> 00:53:02

going to be around tomorrow, I better get this advice out to them. Now when I still can. You know, a lot of times when you somebody needs your advice, you say I don't know, I don't know how they're gonna take it, man, I don't know if I should tell them. They're not going to like what I have to say, or good friends. But if I bring this up that mean, I might not be good friends anymore. They might not want to talk to me anymore. I'll wait for a better time. And you'll keep waiting for a better time and a better time will never come. It's true, we should look for the right opportunity. But we should also have a sense of urgency. And the sense of urgency is inside the word tawassul.

00:53:02--> 00:53:41

This is the first thing that we want to highlight. This is also used by the way, when you give someone an enormous amount of wealth. We'll see it's also when you leave someone bequeath someone would land or a house or you know a river is named after someone This is also from the LLC. So by implication What that means is what you are to offer someone is literally valued advice. It's a treasure that you're giving to someone that you're handing them over that is really going to be of benefit to them. Okay, so this is the second thing inside this word. Then finally philosophies from Babbitt to Pharrell, which means an HTML, it includes in it, this this component of it is things

00:53:41--> 00:53:57

that are done mutually meaning you are enjoying the other, you're telling the other truth, and the other is telling you a truth. And a part of that lesson will share today, when you tell when you give someone good advice, sometimes they get back to you and say oh, yeah, what about you?

00:53:58--> 00:54:25

You're telling me to do this. But I've seen you do this that are the you know, and they come back with you. They come back at you with a good comeback to Now the thing is, the normal person has the reaction, man, I'm trying to tell you something good. And all you can do is attack me. This is not about me, this is about you. This is how you would think but the loss implies it's about you and it's also about me so even if he's saying that just to get back at you, your job in the spirit of philosophy will help is you know what, you're right.

00:54:27--> 00:54:44

I should work on that. And you should just leave it at that. This is the spirit of dos even Huck. These are the stories we learn from the power of the long run, right? He's walking by. He sees I'm not giving you the full narration just a glimpse of it. He's walking by he looks through the window and he sees a guy drinking.

00:54:45--> 00:54:48

He busts inside grabs the guy haha.

00:54:50--> 00:54:53

He says I did one you did three. You did three wrong.

00:54:54--> 00:55:00

First of all, you looked inside. Second of all you came in without permission. Third of all you made an assumption.

00:55:00--> 00:55:01

How do you know I'm drinking alcohol?

00:55:02--> 00:55:04

Right? You made three or maybe

00:55:05--> 00:55:06

you're right and he walks away.

00:55:07--> 00:55:29

doesn't say anything. weeks go by. He's given hot by and the same guy shows up in the hallway. He sits all the way in the back. And after the hookah is done, he sneaks up tomorrow the alarm, he says almost as to him, you know, ever since that day, I stopped checking, you know, looking at you, I didn't tell anyone about you either. And the guy says, ever since that day, I stopped drinking.

00:55:32--> 00:55:46

But the idea is you tell someone, but you also expect that they will tell you and it may might not be in a way that you like, that's okay. In the end, there's if there's even an element of truth in it, you take it. Even you know,

00:55:47--> 00:56:22

could say yeah, I know I'm wrong, but you're still wrong to come with me. No, you just took it. And you know what that shows that shows sincerity. That your sincerity, your your ability to take criticism, your ability just for someone to come up to you and say you're wrong. And you say you're right, in the spirit of Jezebel, because that is a gift someone has given you. How many times do we think when someone comes to us and gives us serious, genuine counsel, that they are actually giving us a gift? Most of us look at it as an attack on our ego. Right? We look at how dare you Who are you? Who are you? What Where did you get your data that you can tell me what to do? Who made you

00:56:22--> 00:56:54

share? Right? Since when are you the man? Right? These are the kinds of questions you might get. Who do you think you are? This is the kind of thing you might get. But what's your attitude when you're corrected? You take the best of it, leave the bad of it, don't assume this guy's doing it to insult me or humiliate me. Whatever their intention is with Allah, you don't have to judge their intention you leave that alone, you just take the good of it. This is part of the spirit of philosophy, we'll have inshallah Tada. In our next session, we'll also talk about the meanings of the word talk, but I'll just go run through my notes at least to at least that part is done and we can finish up a

00:56:54--> 00:57:00

detailed discussion of the last ayah in our next session. So in terms of

00:57:01--> 00:57:06

this last I have a summary of a show Gani Rahim Allah is a Gemma Albanian Eman Billa

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for in the home to La, La Casa La, la casa that these people gathered, and they combined between Iman and good action. And this is something that comes up over and over and over and over again, the man and the action are necessary consequences of each other. If you do good deeds, your demand will increase. And if you have in mind, there is no way you can have it without doing good deeds. What kind of demand is this that you have it and it doesn't lead you to any action? That's impossible, and there's no good action? That doesn't end up increasing your Eman. Okay, so they have this mutual relationship. So when they develop this for in the home field, if you live then they are definitely

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in profit and not in any kind of loss when they are able to make that connection between emotion and action. Unfortunately, a lot of Muslims believe their Eman rather than Islam is good enough. They're they're set for paradise because they already said La ilaha illAllah Muhammadan rasul Allah. So without getting into any theological historical debates about which groups had this about human and animal, which group said that without getting into any of that, just from a psychological point of view, people have that as an escape, just like Christians have the escape I already said the name of the Lord. You know, I already pronounced I said, I love Jesus. Now, I could be a drug dealer for all

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I care. It's all good. I'm already saved. We have the same exact mentality seeped into the Muslim community. When somebody says I'm already Muslim. Yeah, I messed up. I do a lot of wrong things. But come on. I'm already I already got my ticket right here. I already said nyla had already said Muhammad Rasul Allah. That's good enough. I shouldn't be alright, because my Eman is there. This surah makes it clear in Linda Nina, amen. You know what I mean? Whatever. So we'll have whatever so when you fulfill all four, then you're saved. Until then you're not saved. And what it also teaches this if you think you have human and none of this is happening, then you probably don't have any

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money. Chances are you think you have in mind, but you don't. So the Bedouins thought they had emaan Allah tala Babu Amana? And they said we have Eman Allah said to me No, no, you didn't have you didn't get him on yet. Well, I can pulu Islamia you only have Islam. When am I putting the man Oh, man hasn't entered your hearts yet? And what is the proof that a man hasn't entered your hearts? yet? What into your own law sudo if you obey Allah and His Messenger doesn't actually get mentioned. Allah says you don't have a man you only have Islam. But you any man hasn't come into your heart. What should you do to get it into your heart, obey align his message do action. Lie let come in

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America and none of your deeds will be wasted away. So holla these are the combination of these two things, a couple of notes left inshallah, in the next five minutes we'll be done. I'll just read through them quickly, as I'm actually comments when it comes when it comes to the law. So Bill Huck, in the explaining, he says though, includes the heat includes obedience to Allah and His Messenger initiative.

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is being distanced from worldly ambition and inclination towards the hereafter. I shall guarantee when he talks about the loss he will have, he says whatsoever go home, Baba will hook under the tmb they enjoy to each other exhort each other advise each other with the truth that deserves to be established, meaning they give each other advice that should be implemented. A data says we'll have a bill core and beautiful but I don't know him. Allah says when they give each other the best counsel to the truth, the word truth, he says the truth here means the Quran, they give each other Ayat of Quran full of love and affection and concern for the other. So we remind each other through

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the Ayat of Allah, may Allah include this gathering in that. So, so we and then I will put on Mattila Vito, he then it's also said they remind each other without him, while Hammond

01:00:46--> 01:01:10

Allah and most people understand it to the the first meaning meaning any good any truth that is that that deserves to be established and to be lived by even Kofi Rahim Allah says, and levena amanu boo boo him those who truly believe with their hearts, what I mean slightly Happy jawara him and they did good deeds with all of their limbs meaning once their heart was submitted their entire body submitted by good deeds, what have also been Huck

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and they enjoyed and exhorted each other to the truth and this is giving an executing all the acts of obedience, what are called Muhammad and abandon all the things that are haram what are some of the sovereign I am one of them, and they enjoy exhorting each other to perseverance, meaning against all kinds of calamities and all kinds of situations that they find themselves in what other than one of them and use the money Morwenna who, when, when and how. And this is the held perseveringly and they held on to their their commitment and their zeal to submit whenever they were tortured, because of them commanding to good and forbidding from evil. In other words, when you come into good and

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forbid evil, then you will face consequences there you will get in trouble. You will even might even get tortured and at that point you tell each other stay on it and remain with Southern remains. sabido Yeah, I thought Tomasi will help me no cost burden. Others say that awasi will help is and this is by the way up to him Allah it is understood as a special act after the general was mentioned what he means by that is I mean assignee what they do good things and telling each other about the truth is a good thing.

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So why I mentioned good things and then mentioned one of them this is our house Babylon This is a special good deed after the general the one of which is the most important or the one that easily easiest forgotten this came up before that's what he's mentioning. Leonardo da Han philosophy ominous funny, because it is included in the good deeds. Allah Yama, v

01:02:51--> 01:03:32

animasi, the machete comments in Taurasi desoldered. This is sobor over whatever Allah tests tests his sleeve with and also Southern and not falling into temptation and disobedience. In other words, the believer will be put into times of temptation. He'll be he'll be seduced into getting into things he'll his greed might take over him. His temptation might take over him and at that point, he has to have suffered to not fall into those things. May Allah protect us from falling into disobedience? And then finally on the sequence well, Jalla Tomasi bisabolol, Kareena toss even Huck, the leader of a country Allah put silver at the end and Huck first is as an evidence of the power of

01:03:32--> 01:04:12

enjoying the truth and that it's more powerful and more important. word for hamata shall fee of accommodation fee rather and the weight of its nobility. When mizusawa Assad mazique Sabina Allah Maha sobre la this is you know, there was he will have what he's saying in this ayah. Now Shapiro from Allah is saying a Sabine are those who whenever the situation comes, that demands patience, they execute it, there's one thing to encourage each other to be patient. It's the it's another thing to be patient when it's time to be patient. We lose our patience. And when somebody says, you know, you need to be patient right now. No, no, this is not the time to be patient. I will I know I

01:04:12--> 01:04:19

shouldn't be but you don't understand this is a special case. Right? Every time you need to be patient, you say I have a special case exception.

01:04:21--> 01:04:59

Right? This is this is exactly what a person who doesn't have submitted does. You know whenever the advice is given, they say I know that's the advice, but I have an exceptional situation. I wish I should have suffered but not right now. This is good advice. I know it's in the Quran, but not for me not for right now. But that's the attitude we have to get rid of. All the advice in this book is for me right now. There is never a time when it doesn't apply. And when you start thinking like that selectively then these things become useless. This advice is useless. Because when you need it the most is when you abandon it. When is the advice to have somebody become important when you're losing

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your temper? When you're telling

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I'm tempted, when you're gonna fall into this obedience, that's when it's important. When you're sitting in a gathering of good people, I should be patient. Yeah, I should be patient. That's not an accomplishment. That's not an accomplishment, you see. So this is the final thing about it inshallah tada in our next session, we will take an overview look at a careful look at how these four things are connected in the Quran. Elena I'm gonna I'm gonna sorry hard whatever so but whatever. So the subject of study that inshallah Allah will also say the use of the bat and Bill Huck and bisabolol the rhetorical usage of the bat barakallahu li walakum Fillmore and in Hakeem when I finally we can

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build it. What's it called Hakeem are Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh