Sciences Of Hadith 03 – Historical Development of Hadith – The Third Stage

Abdul Wahab Saleem


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In this video Sheikh Abdul Wahab Saleem discusses the third stage of hadith compilation which is the compilation of an all authentic text on Hadith (Saheeh).


AI: Summary © The lack of diversity in leggings is due to the lack of authentic narratives from leggings, as leggings have the responsibility to ensure their accuracy. The lack of diversity in collections is due to the lack of authentic narratives from leggings, and the "by the way" name is a reference point for Hadeeth's teacher, Mr. Maliki. leggings have the responsibility to ensure their accuracy, and the "by the way" name is a reference point for Hadeeth's teacher, Mr. Maliki. leggings have the responsibility to ensure their accuracy, and the "by the way" name is a reference point for Hadeeth's teacher, Mr. Maliki.
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spillover from de la salatu salam ala rasulillah

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salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ajmeri. Aloha.

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Kidding. So the last class we spoke about

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two things.

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The first of those things we spoke about, you know,

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the compilation of Hadeeth, at the time of the prophet SAW send them himself. And then we also discussed the compilation of heidy

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at a governmental level, where it occurred in the time of Dr. Aziz, where he, you know, sent a letter out to people of different countries, and asked them all to collect the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. And we discussed that

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Mr. Rogers, he sent a letter to a husband. And he told him particularly to speak to ama, and he's also speak to him.

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And also he encouraged him Amazonia elemental lighly they're actually after a number of people after remember, Zodiac put his collection together, a number of people also started to participate in the process of the compilation. So for example, amongst them was the mathematic of mentality in Medina. Amongst them was a mishap, amongst them was injured age. And all these people injury injury mishap, we're in vector. And Hannah and Sarah,

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were amongst we was amongst the people as well that, you know, that participated in this

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work and things go on and on and on, a lot of people contributed, after in Missouri, broke the ice there after a lot of people contributed to Hades. However, there was one thing missing

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in all of these collections, and the thing that was missing in all of these collections, was the fact that none of them collected only Sahih, Hadith, all of them collected Hadith, you know, that included the Hadith that included, you know, a fidella of the tabulation that included is out of Sahaba. All of these things were mentioned in the books that were done previously,

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the first book

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that was collected

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that was compiled of only Zaha Hadid was yet to be found, was yet to be found.

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Then came, you know, a time

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where the need begin.

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So a person by the name of his help, is help even law Hawaii is happy to be around Hawaii.

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And some of the alumni they pronounce his name his help, even more, Ahuja for who Yeah, and this is, you know, pronunciation differs, you know, based on the, the different elements, some of them say that you know, is you pronounce it is half the more who Yeah, and not right away, because of the fact that the word way, is said to be a name from amongst the names of shaitaan.

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And this is found in a tradition, though the tradition is weak, you know, which says way is from chiffon, just like that weight is a name of shaitaan. But because of the fact that this concept of way being the name of shavonne, it became extremely popular, all the names that ended it's a Persian name, all the names that ended with the word Wait, the real amount, at least they changed it around to having the letter right before it becoming Muslim. So they would say to say boo,

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boo Jolla, though the name of Cebu a nifty way around Hawaii, because they didn't want to have a portion that was known by people to be the name of she thought though in and of itself, the Hadith is not so high. And the fact that they did this, that they changed the name around a bit, just so it doesn't have this implication in there doesn't mean that tradition was correct. The tradition is still life. It's still not an authentic narration that says, way Is this some of shavon but this is just a side note is half of know how he was the teacher of who he was a teacher of a number of scholars, I see all the pens rolling as soon as I said, Who.

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So it's happening around Hawaii.

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He, you know, had a group of students and as he's teaching, and this is something a teacher is supposed to do.

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When you're teaching, you encourage your students to do good

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and you encourage your students to do things that you

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might have in the back of your head, but you think maybe your life is too short for you to accomplish it.

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So it's hard to know how he, he said to his students, no generic term ketevan dasara lesaffre suniti Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, it would be very nice if you were to put together a book that would only have the authentic narrations from amongst the narrations of the Prophet salallahu idea

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so all of these students you know there are there have been one from amongst them

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decided that I am going to be the one that will take up this task I'm going to be the one to take take up now as half have not always said one word and inshallah tada for the rest of eternity, or for the rest of time. So long as you know him is around behind his book will be

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of benefit to him because it was the mammal party mentality that got up and he said that I will be the one to write this book.

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So remember, he said that, you know, the statement of my teacher for Waka COVID. So the statement of my teacher it really affected my heart.

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So 100 to three generations Jeremy. So I started to put together a German this book by the name of a journal slave. Now what's interesting is

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that the name of the book is Jameel Sahih

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Al musnad Al Mutasa. filosofi Aditya rasulillah that's the name of the book,

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a journal sohan Muslim de manera de rasulillah.

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However, for centuries, people have forgotten the real name of the book, everybody knows the book. So

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and this shows and shows something very beautiful. That being the fact that if a person correct says intention in an action that he does,

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if a person corrects his intention, in an action that he does, you will find that the benefit of that will go on for a long time. So long as the intention is correct environment Buhari wrote a book, one book

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and for the rest of time, it became for the rest of you know, the omo Mohammed became the reference point for Hadeeth.

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Or amongst the main reference reference points for Hadeeth. And such as the case with a number of books, look, for example, at multi family,

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multi family at that point, people said to Mr. Malik, why are you writing this model? You know, who do you think you are? Basically, you know, there's other people that are stronger than you with knowledge, and they've written more thoughts. Why is it that you have to come and write this Malta as well.

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Mr. Maliki replied back with a statement that should be written in gold. He said that later on, in only in the future will you know, which one of these models were written for the sake of allies? And today, we don't have one more thought from that time, except the more dramatic because he'd written it for a loss penalty artists pleasure alone, seeking nothing but that

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and this is why the prophet SAW Selim said, Mr. rubinius. Did you know we've heard it so many times, but it doesn't affect our heart. Imam Shafi Rahim, Allah Allah, he said, that this hadith enters into more than 70 different chapters of because every single thing you do has to have an intention involved.

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And it's only because of that intention that Allah subhana wa, tada raises summoned status, and decreases the status of others. And here is a prime example. Mm hmm. And I met a lady writing a book that wasn't even named by his own name, but the name of the book becoming changed. And there's another other examples like for example, if you look at, you know, Roman Hadeeth,

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written by

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written by Ivana Sala.

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Nowadays, most people know that book is more fundamental than solid.

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And some books, they're, you know, they're there. And nobody even knows the author of

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some books, you know, they don't even last anyways.

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And so this was the first and very first book that was written entirely.

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Entirely sorry, and that's what I'm assuming. He says, well, when we January, the saw it or the funny thing about the Buhari and the first of the books are collections that were entirely authentic.

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was only the book of the moment. It thereafter came a number of other texts, like the book of the man, Muslim himself, who is a student of human body. Mr. Muslim was a student in the moment.

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So then he wrote his book called Sahih Muslim.

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And then, you know, people started to write a number of other books, like for example, so I have no Cosima. You know, mustard rock, which was deemed by the author to be correct, though, there's the IFA Hadees in there as well. But the point of the matter is, a number of people started to now take up this methodology of writing books that will only be set aside, or, for the most part, they'll only be slightly and when we say for the most part, we can now include students

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and all of these other four students,

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a question arises

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which book is more

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authentic? bahaya Muslim,

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who said Muslim, raise your hand

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seems like you're

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probably going to

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prove that the two Robbie's are met in life at one point or the other.

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By now, this is, you know, something that was discussed by the AMA in the past,

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rigorously, and some of the LMR from amongst amalickiah. They said that

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they said that, that Muslim, a Muslim Sufi is the stronger one.

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If I Muslim sorry, is the stronger one.

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According to some of them, however, according to the, you know, the aroma and according to the right opinion in the issue, human bodies sorry, is a stronger one in terms of authenticity. And that's why a person said, a poet's at the Sharjah common field Buhari were Muslim, as a follow

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up of a prisoner sooner anti muslim people begin to argue about Bukhari and Muslim.

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either yes or

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no, they came to me and they said, which one of these two would you give precedence to?

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So I said that Buhari, in terms of its authenticity, it's the one that was the winner.

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However, in terms of the brothers that in terms of the organization of the book, it's a non Muslims book that's better. In terms of the organization of the book, it's a non Muslims book, that's better. But however, both books have their ups and downs, you know, it's not a book, it's not the book of allies origin. So it's not going to be perfect from every single angle. So for example, the amendment Bahati, he writes his own chapter titles, which shows the We Are the concepts that imagine a memorable party himself believed in and what he

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understood from the Hadith.

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So he takes the ruling that he derived and he understood from the Hadith and you put it in a chapter title,

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Mr. Muslim doesn't have chapter titles.

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So if you find chapter titles today in the amount Muslims book know that this is not the chapter titles, the demand Muslim put it, these are chapter titles that were put in later on by different ergonomics than Islam and no wheat. And those are the most common chapter titles, the ones that are written by

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that are written by an Imam and know it and

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you know, this is in terms of the authenticity of each now, if you were to look at Hades in general as a whole, which book is more authentic and which is less authentic? The element they say, whenever which hat is is more authentic, and which is not there, whenever they say whenever Bukhari and Muslim agree upon, this is the highest level of it. So there are seven levels and I'll mention each one of them. Okay, number one, whenever Bukhari and Muslim agree upon a hadith

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number two,

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because you know, they're the most authentic books and they both agreed upon the fact that the editor sorry, so they both have and contain the Hadith. That means it's the most authentic Bukhari Muslim together. Then Buhari by himself. Number two.

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Buhari by himself. So Buhari is a hadith are more authentic, because of the fact that emammal Buhari, didn't use to accept a hadith to be so he

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Until he knew that every narrator had actually physically met the one that he's narrating from. Whereas mm, Muslim, he would accept the Hadees. So long as he knew they both lived at the same time, and it's possible for them to meet.

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You get it? But imagine kupari would say no. So long as they we don't know if they've met. We don't have knowledge of the fact that they met. He wouldn't consider this he's naive. But at least you'd say I'm not gonna put it in this book of mine. Because remember, he had a lot of ideas. So he in his mind that he didn't put in the book. He only picked the cream of the crop and put it in this book. And Such was the case with the man Muslim, however in this one condition amendment Buhari, so he was stronger than the Muslim side. So this is why amendment party has the precedent so number two amendment Buhari by himself.

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Number three, Mr. Muslim by himself.

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Number four,

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anybody that's on the Kindle that's on the condition of Imam

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Al Bukhari. Sorry.

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Anybody sits on the conditions of Imam Al Bukhari and Muslim together with fra it's not difficult, it's not agreed upon, but it has the same values. And all of the conditions that both Rama have said, are found in this hadith. So that's number

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four, you number five. Anybody that's on the condition of amendment

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number six, any Heidi's that's on the condition of your non Muslim and number seven, any Heidi, that is on the conditions of other animals

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that also authenticate Hadith,

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any Hadith that on the condition of you know, the other books shouldn't be downloaded necessarily, and so on and so forth. So they're all categorized in one category. And with that being said, we'll stop for the day

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for so long.