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Man Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala early he was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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All Praise to Allah Subhana Allah the Most High the most great Chateau La ilaha illAllah of a witness that none has the right to be worshipped except Allah subhana wa Tada. We send our greetings our love, peace and sanitation. So beloved nebby Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his honor and Blissett family, his companions and all those who follow he soon until the end of time. Yeah, Allah grant us to be on the son of the prophet SAW Selim. Forgive us for our shortcomings this week and guide us in the weeks to come. Allah bless us in this walk of Juma May Allah Spano tala grant us and give us the tofik to only say that which pleases Him, and may we implement the goodness in our

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lives. I mean, well, hamdulillah we continue part four of our series on Bara. And I always say this, that

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this is not mean to insult anyone's intelligence. I know all of us. We've done this many, many times. In fact, when you start a class, we begin with the IRA. And then we fizzle out towards after sada maybe we never really seem to get to soccer. We always write we get to bahara and Salah fasting. And then before we get to soccer, we somehow stop. A couple years later, we hit the knees again, we begin with the Hara, once again, so all of us are masters at bahara. As I'm sure I'm sure you are, and hamdulillah This is just for us as a as a reminder in a very short series insha Allah. We spoke about the types of substances, but who thought here and nudges. And we spoke about the

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Nigeria. So what are those substances which are najis, they are urine, excrement, and they are blood, all types of blood, excluding animals of the ocean, the pig, all of the pig, every bit of him, the witness of the dog, his saliva, any other witnesses sweet even. And then we said, pre sexual discharged or muddy, muddy, the pre sexual discharge. These things are nudges, everything

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and what do we mean by nudges we said these things must be removed from your body, from your clothing from the area you make Syrah from the area you perform, all of these things must not be present Otherwise, your Salah is not accepted.

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So these are the NASA we should know what is water and they for everything in the middle is for here it is clean is pure. You can make Salah with it on your body, you can make Sala it does not it does not harm your purity in any way. And we just said some controversial ones out there alcohol, we said it is haram to drink, but it's not Haram in terms of if it's on your body. And this is very relevant with sprays. Many of our sprays have alcohol in it. They hear the dog we see not nudges in sha Allah vomit is not nudges though if you're going to make sure that you don't want to remove these things from your body sweat. And we said very interestingly and I said this is a strange one semen and we

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said there is something in the Arabic language there are two terms Maddie and money. Maddie is the discharge before intercourse or before ejaculation. Many is that which comes out of during ejaculation, right? And the Romans had a lot of allameh they've gone into detail they'll describe for both the males and the females when and where and how and the color and the texture, not the place for that discussion. But inshallah we know what we talking about. And again, as I say this male and female. interesting side note here, one of the ladies of the Sahaba yet asked him Salama, this kind of question and she was too shy to ask the prophets of Salaam that two women also have

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these kind of discharges and the promises Yes, of course, if the woman didn't have any kinds of discharges or any kinds of

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bodily fluids, then why would kids resemble the mother at times and sometimes resemble the Father. That of course, this is a function of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So semen itself is not nudges. But we'll talk about maybe next week in sha Allah, it still requires a greater degree of power. So even though he's not nudges, if it comes out you need to hustle.

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We say that the acts of worship which require taharah

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solar power off touching the most half, meaning these three things you need to do to perform them. You must have to do when doing these three things, and you cannot have an adjuster on you while doing these three things. Meaning everything else beside this fasting, making thicker.

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Listening to Quran you don't have to have to do making dua doesn't have to have to do yes we do enhances makes better, but not a requirement of those acts.

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off eBay.

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It's very important when times come for Ramadan. Every year we get that question. Chef I was with her with my wife the evening of the of the dadgad sada I had to perform hustle, and it's about five minutes before so who do I have to first hustle? Who have you heard have heard first and you can hustle afterwards because you don't you're fasting is not affected by your Genova yes for Salatu fudger you need to hustle.

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And then we see what things require when do we need to make we do we need to do invalidated or broken as we say in layman's terms, when anything passes the front or back passage you will do is invalidated any object whether it is magic or pure thought whatever, if water clean pure water passes, you still need to perform we do you will do is invalidated a piece it is not magic. But we know if you pass a it must be you must perform we do that also if any new jassa leaves your body from any part other than those passages, Niger's so we have now and this is why we build on why notes are important. You have a list of naza I see that let's see, if any of those objects those

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substances leave your body from any part your mouth, your nose, your ear, whatever it might be, you have to perform we do inshallah, losing consciousness. And this could go through medically or drugs, alcohol, you have to perform Voodoo, if you can consciously get touching the six organs directly. So if for example, say you know, I'm walking and I feel my legs are touching, that does not require by Buddha and it's maintained directly and intentionally,

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then that requires you to perform we do and we sit strangely Hadith about eating camel meat we accept. So if you eat Come on Meet insha Allah. Before we do afterwards, we spoke last week about males touching females and the Shafi madhhab. And without the need to go into much detail, we see the Sharpies on one side. And the HANA fees on the other extreme that not only can you touch your wife, so the Sharpies if you touch by accident, even. Not just your wife, any any female, you can marry any woman that you can marry, whether she be your wife, if you touch her by accident, even then you need to perform Voodoo, which is complicated with tawaf. And that's why the concept of a

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hanafy would do enhancement, which doesn't exist. Whereas the infp say, you can kiss your wife for an hour. If nothing leaves your no fluids, discharged, hamdulillah you will do is intact. And in the humble ease and Maliki's have taken a middle approach that said, If you touch, just normal touching, no problem, but touch with desire, if this shadow is a romantic inclination or that touch, then it is better to perform to do and if you're really just taking a middle path. And we end up with a good quit. The question we didn't answer last week, though, was what do I do?

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So I look at the evidence. I've been studying a certain way, my whole life, we are majority everyone is either Sheffield hanafy. And most people here are Shafi and you have the few Hana fees as well in the in the in the JAMA be quite surprised it is a molecule humbly a year. So what do I do? Do I simply except what my my mother has said, and this goes to a much bigger controversial discussion about what we call lead, following your method. And what should we do

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to cut a long story short, Allah subhanho, dialysis first

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natella Moon, that ask when you don't know refer things back to the people of knowledge. So if you are not well versed in in fixing cars, then you go to the mechanic and take his advice. You go to the doctor, you don't say,

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you know, yes, you do your due diligence. But once he gives you advice, when you have taken a course of action, and at times we need to submit to

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those who are giving us advice because we ourselves don't know.

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So with regards to Islamic sciences, it's the same. We have the AMA, and we refer these issues back to the AMA, and they have different opinions as we see based on knowledge. Now, what are what is our approach? Yes, you learn a certain method. And this is the way the scholars of old even taymiyah Rahim Allah is a humbly right? And I say if you know why I mentioned him, then you understand why if not no problem in sha Allah. But the scholars, even Cathy even Tamia, all of them, they learned a certain method, and they excelled in that method. And then as you get to a certain level of knowledge, you can then practice or the school he had, you can now practice competitive. And say I

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look at the evidence and I can make the judgment, what is best and strong. So what does that leave us we are of course not on the level of maturity. We are not on that level.

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To practice and make independent fatawa. So the safest course of approach is you learn a method. And that's your default method. If you don't know, what is my method, say, and Whatever method you follow in Sha, Allah, the destination is the same all by the hip. Okay? Alhamdulillah sometimes one is stronger than the other one in certain views. But if you've sat down and you've learned a issue, you've learned a certain masala and you look at the evidence, and you've studied the evidence, and you are sure, or you are confident, one, you know, one view is the strongest view, then inshallah no problem to take that view. Even if you might have even if you might have is not the strongest

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opinion v. And so it's no problem in choosing that. But we said, don't choose an opinion based on ease.

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To say, What is so the question comes? Can you touch your wife and bricks you do? Okay? Whoo, this is the easiest part to them. hanafy. When it comes to when the HANA fees are okay, when it comes to touching the woman, when it comes to traveling, the hanafy say 15 days to massage and I'm Hanafi when it comes to making gems, ALLAH hafiz don't allow you to make jump. Now I'm Shafi. You can't have it both ways. Certain things, you make a decision that this is the view of Musashi and you face you, and you follow on in that. So we don't we don't base our decisions on what we want, but on evidence, if we know the evidence, we follow the evidence. If we don't know the evidence, then we

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follow what we've been taught. And obviously our job is to continuously learn and improve, we don't also stay on madrasa level. We don't just stay that this is what we're taught and we stay there and that's how it's gonna be forever No, we have access now to understand all these things.

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So we said safest approach is the Shafi approach in this issue, but the majority and the strong opinion appears to be with the majority in that it does not break you do insha Allah and you can inshallah do as you as you please.

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The things that do not break you we do we said, for those of us who have kids, very important you touch NASA everyday, you changing nappies everyday does not break you we do touching urine, excrement to blood, does not invalidate you do vomiting does not invalidate you to taking off your clothing does not become does not make does not invalidate you do committing a sin. We say it's not, we're not saying it's okay. It just does not invalidate you we do, for example, and sometimes people struggle with this.

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If you're fasting, and you see something that is haram, and you look a little longer than you should second do too, and then you look away. So you can move to the second for a second is your fasting invalid? Now, you have to repeat that day know you've committed a sin it took away from the the reward of fasting, it added against you whatever, but your fasting is still fine. Same with Who do you do is still fine. You have to repeat it. But obviously you make a fart for the sun.

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And we said this wonderful principle.

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I said if you sleeping Wake Up Now, because this is in your favor.

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certainty does not remove is not removed by doubt. And this is what do I mean by this? There are times when we need to know Do I have to do or don't I have we do? Did I perform? We do or did I perform? We do? What are you certain? I'm certain I didn't have to do? What's doubt, I'm not sure if I may do or not. So both yourself Take the certain option, certain ones I didn't have to do. So I know I've made fudger it's over now it's been five, six hours, but I can't remember breaking my widow. I'm certain I had to do. So throw away the doubt. And this is a principle in every single chapter of whether it is tawaf or Sala Osaka, you know, I'm certain I paid 100 and I'm not sure if I

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paid 150 so take it I paid 100 and pay the extra 50 Hey, inshallah, that's how you base your things. How to perform Moodle

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pantalon we, you know all of you have Who do you are experts in Who do you can pause for tau and we do already but what's amazing is I said something to think about Allah subhanho wa Taala put the step by step how to perform Voodoo in the Quran.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala put that in the Quran for all eternity. Maybe we should look at we do in a little more even though yes we were five years old lady we perform we do still allow Samantha puts it in a you recite it all the time we recite this this is so Allah subhanaw taala says

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yeah, you were living in amanu Oh people have

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either come to me lasala when you stand up to perform Salah. Now this is important and it's good. So maybe you learned a list in madrasa. look now at the ayah and this is how the fuqaha goes

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The opinions. So Allah says when you stand up for Salah

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fervency Lu, would you have come wash your face with a dia comb and your hands Meaning what? And wash your hands. A lot of them are obviously,

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up until your elbows, one settle and wipe. So first point to note here we went from washing to wiping, was it folks to do would you welcome wash your face, wash your arms up until the elbows, one, several and wipe, be roussy can be your head. This bar is very important with your head or by your head.

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Why don't you lock in your cabin and your legs until the ankles. So in a couple of question marks come up here. First thing allows you to wash your face. What is face, we'll talk about that. And then your arms until your elbows fine, that allows you to wipe your head

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and your feet to the ankles, do we wipe our feet or wash our feet stand now the eye This is where the orlimar the debates go into learning the list is easy. So from this, we really noticed that there are four parts that are compulsory, we must do face, hands until the elbow head and feet until the ankles. Right so this is what we what we we know. We also know that there's a basic implied commandment in every act of evader in Mr. Malou. Binya, you must begin with an intention. And what do we mean by intention? And I know you spent many years learning now way to suddenly no way to assume move on in verbalizing the near as a Sahabi once heard

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a new Muslim reciting this. I intend to make Salah forecasts facing the Qibla for Allah. The Sahaba asked him, Are you telling Allah what you're doing? Are you telling yourself What is this whole? mess? I don't know. I just this is what I said the Nia is not something verbal. You don't verbalize the near? It's in your heart. The only near you verbalize is hydrogen. Only near that you verbalize is hydrogen. Well, everything else is silent. It's in your heart. It must be the when you start. Why? Because I could be in the pool having a swim.

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And I get out of the pool and then I think oh, it's the word. Did I think we do or not? I had no intention of performing we do. Yes, everything that I was supposed to get weight is weight my body's weight. But the Nia wasn't the so I don't have to do. That's the point. So the scholars and the practice people have said, I don't know if it's in my heart or not. So I will force myself to say it. And what's funny is and what's odd, is we say it sometimes in Arabic. The man says he comes to us Allah and he says no way to solidor in his in his Arabic. So he said the word but standing for us. It is near correct or incorrect. We asked the brother what was in your heart. He said I'm going

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to make Salah for us. But you said by mistake we say he's Nia is the his intention is the the verbal part is not important. Not important, especially if you don't understand. You don't understand what you're saying. So insha Allah, as I said, this is this lecture is only making your lives easier that some people have analyzed I've met people they finish perform the solder. They took who do they put the third one they came to the masjid they made Solange Yama they said oh shoot I forgot to say my Nia Messiah repeat my Salah.

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He was near the from the beginning. Yes, it was so leave what you see the verbal part. It's not important inshallah so long as the intention is live from the beginning. If someone stopped you and said, Brother, what are you doing? So I'm going to make the word Sana What are you doing? I'm thinking that Nia is the that conscious

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Nia as they

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the Nia, the four parts we spoke about also, this has to be done in order. Why the hanafis had a view back in the day that it doesn't have to be in order and it's based on you can understand why Abu hanifa rockmelon some excuses piers said look the intention the the purpose of the foot let's take it a step back. He said if you have some blood on your clothes, must you before you put that in the washing machine. I make the need to remove this Nigel so I can make solder who does that when you put us in our way to a stencil fill masala that I put the knee I'm gonna wash it in the washing machine. No one does that. And no one says you need to have the need for that. So he said if the NEA

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if the there's no requirement for Nia to remove NASA will do is the same thing you removing impurity for solar. You just need to achieve the objective. Understand

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You just need to have the objective. So you don't have to have the nia. And it doesn't have to be done in order. So long as these pots are washed and they are clean, that's the purpose. Okay? The majority have said no order is needed. Why? Because a lot put it in order.

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Allah started in a certain process. And number two, every single time that the prophet SAW Selim performed Voodoo, he followed this procedure. And when the prophets of Salaam does something like this, and how many would use to detect panela over a span of 15 years, everyday performed Voodoo and not once did he ever deviate from this order implies to compulsory the order must be followed.

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Okay, so the order according to the majority, and the safest and the best view must be followed. And it must be done continuously, meaning you can't wash your hands, and it becomes dry. And then later on, wash your face. Yes, people say what if I'm sick, if you sick, no problem, if it's very cold, no problem, you've dried it and then went to the next spot. That's fine. Those are extreme situations. But in terms of time, if you've waited so long, and one part has become dry already, when you would do has been disjointed it must be in one sitting if we could say one process.

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So those are the compulsory parts of Voodoo. Now, the recommended parts of Voodoo is to begin to make you will do even more enhanced. You begin with saying Bismillah

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washing your hands. And it's a very interesting thing.

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Someone even asked me this, why do we begin washing our hands? If we already gonna wash it? When we wash our arms? Yes. Why are we double washing our hands. And this shows you the concept of hauling the student of Professor solemn, Nabisco solemn. And in his time, there was a reason why they wash their hands, they didn't have a tap that a bowl. Now if you've got an adjuster on your hands, and you dip it in the bowl to put the water on your face, what happens to the water becomes nudges. So first, wash your hands, make your hands clean. Now put your hands in and wash your face and put your hands in and right. So the purpose was to ensure the water isn't contaminated. Today, that purpose

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is in the right. But we do it now to follow the sooner. That's why we do it. Because that's how Nabeel solemate will do. We will add this thing even though the reason perhaps is not being anymore, we're doing it just to be like him some

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understand that it's a powerful thing. We're doing it just because we want to make we do like you we are a pseudo lasala Okay, so we begin by as he did, washed his hands, and then starting with the rights obviously, if you begin with your left hand, we'll do some invalid, but it goes against the sooner and doing it three times. As soon as one time is enough. Allah said wash your face he didn't say three times. If you wash your face once and your feet once and you hate once, no problem. But to do it three times is what the process will lead to do it four times is be the innovation sinful and wasteful. So one is okay, two is better and three is based callous.

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We'll talk about putting water in the nose and we spoke about this before I think this is why we did this lecture series about the debate is the nose and mouth compulsory faces compulsory What about the nose in the mouth.

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But goggling, just putting it in the mouth and nose the debate, but taking it all the way back to the throat. This is sooner This is recommended except in fasting. This is and then of course the do are they are certain to us that you decide after we do. One the most famous one is our law. Make me of the matahari Amina Tobin, Allah make me of those who are pure and those who are repented, meaning purify me physically and spiritually Allah.

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So let's discuss some of the issues when you look at this.

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And I didn't put it on the slides. But the first issue actually the main issue on this uncontroversially

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we if we go back to the ayah

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makes more sense. We Allah subhanaw taala says wash your hands, wash your face and your arms, wipe your head and your feet. Do we wash our feet or wipe our feet? Now we also we wash our feet but from the eye if you were to look at the air, if you were doing your own method, and you read that cold would you have washed your feet or wipe your feet and in fact the Shia they wipe their feet that's how they read the ayah and this whole confusion goes down to the bodies later on legs or jus lakum or leikam if you recite it and they easily cetacean the Quran as solicitations

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if you look at

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would you harcum fat ha ha calm right. The coup means you and giving you a bit of Arabic like listen, you look

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Would you How come the kumys you who do is face so Allah says would you have come? And all of the answers were ad Yeah, come salute before the coup. What's the later before the

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Fatah Fatah? Now look at Ooh, see come khasra The head is a khasra. Look at our ju lacco medwin back to a Fatah. Why? Because this is the Fatah tells us, it goes back to the verb wash, and the kasra goes to the verb of one sahoo B goes back to that, that just by looking at that little, he shows the difference. So this elicitation This is really cool. And then the other maps it This allows you to wipe your

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butt because of the data and this is the most common elicitation and the most This is the recitation that is that is preferred and the end from the student of the prophet SAW Selim, we know that the IRA first goes back to the feet goes back to Wash, wash your feet, but wipe your head, just that little bit creates a major difference in whoodle.

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On the mouth and the nose in the face, we see this another controversial area between the mothership for refresher, we said the majority view which is basically everyone besides the humble is share fees, Alhamdulillah and Hana fees on the same side here. And the Maliki's as well, they said that the mouth and the nose are not compulsory parts of the face, they assume not to wash. And the evidence, what's the evidence? The evidence is that well, if if if, as we said, we are not required to make to wash the insides of pots when we take when

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we wash the outside, not the inside? Yes. If you make a washing on the inside, please, you don't need to do that. So similarly with the face, why should we go inside of the face, the mouth and the nose inside of it, right? This is Alice's the face, which means usually, when Allah gives a command, it means the external.

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The counter to that is that the prophets of Salaam never, ever, ever, ever, ever in his life did not wash the inside of his nose and mouth.

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So that's two very strong evidence for and against you. And he said it's safer to do the mouth and the nose. Definitely safer. But the majority of said it's not compulsory. So again, it's a decision that you look at the evidence on both sides, they both quite strong decision you make and both sides are acceptable. And the last point in shala with regards to do

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and we see the difference. When we take we do the forehead wiping the head, most Sharpies like three times the front of it and then others wipe the entire head. What is the correct view here? What does the ayah tell us to do? And again, a little tiny bar has caused all this confusion.

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So Allah subhanaw taala said wipe with Oba he put a bar you hit. You hit wipe, bah bah bah is a preposition. If I say modal modal to be Mohammed I passed by Mohammed Burmese with Obi or So what does this mean? What does this bar mean?

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I'm sure if you're in LA, and we said he's a linguistic master. He said that bar refers to part of so why part of you hid what evidence you have mm Shafi and he gives a very good evidence. He says you know when Abby mooser Elisa Lam came back after the jewel he went to to make his Mirage with tiny Mirage to meet Allah and he the 10 commands were given to him. What are the Jews doing? They built a coffin worship the cough. So he came back so angry, and he was really angry with me heroin. So what did he do? He grabbed him by his he and his beard, he could have his brother. I mean, Abby Harun says in the Quran, my coffee, don't grab it, don't grab me because bar comes again by my head

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and by my beard. So and by sobey and by my clothes, so we asked did Nabi Musa grab him by all of his clothes, were part of his clothes, by all of his head, a part of his ad grabbing by like a part of his head. So even if he says, you see the ballet is a part of my clothes. And I see Liam sharefest view, and also they further and in fact, the HANA fees and the share fees are on this as well. They both agree that the only the part of the head is compulsory, the rest of the head is soon. They all agree you must wipe your head, and they all agree that the entire head is based. So I'm sure you will need to do he wiped his entire head. But he's saying the extent is one part the front part of

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your head is compulsory. And the other part is optional. If you miss it out, no problem. Sharpies and Hana fees agree Maliki and hanbali disagree. So it's two sides. They're split 5050 basically

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Giving the view of those who said only a part is required. Number one, he uses the bar. He said that bar the meaning way is part of number two his evidence is the prophets of Salaam Cuckoo. And sometimes he would push his turban to the back, and he would wipe the front and the top of his turban prophecy would wipe the top of his turban, but only the front of his he would get with many hats like this authentic hadith. Everyone awful Medina except this hadith. So he says, Well, that's my evidence, strong evidence pretty good. The other side of the evidence

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a lot the other group say that the fact that the prophets are Salaam,

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wipe the top of his turban.

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It shows an implied example that the rest of the herd should be wiped also the ayah they refer back to the ayah. They say that it could mean many, many different things. And also if you wipe naturally you won't get every naturally you won't get every so yes, he doesn't mean apart. But by wiping your heat by wiping another washing. Not every hair needs to get wet, so is a part of your head. But from the sooner the prophets are silent, always wipe the top of his head completely, and the way he will take with you. So this is a tsunami of taking with Professor Salam would have his hands it would be wait. I don't need firstly sort of puddle of water. Your hands are damp. And he would run it through

00:31:26--> 00:32:09

his head all the way to the back to the back of his neck. And he would put it back forward. This is the sooner way, the way the prophets of Salaam wiped his head. And never in his life did he ever wipe apart except if you had a turban on and then he would wipe on top of the turban. So the scholars who go the humble is and the Maliki say the fact that he wiped the top of his turban is an indication that the entire heat should be. So now again, we've got no majority view here. We've got evidence both sides, we've got a safe view, the safe use the humble view, and the Maliki view that if you wipe your entire house under the Shafi view and the Hanafi view also makes sense but there is

00:32:09--> 00:32:40

a 5050 chance here. So in sha Allah, everyone agrees that if you wipe your entire head front to back, it will be enough in sha Allah for you that this is a greater reward. So perhaps as we learn it is better no doubt brothers, it is better to wipe your entire head. Also the sun NIce dude once not three times, for the head, the prophets of Salaam wiped his head only once. This is the sooner so in sha Allah. This is the end included yes that the ears the brother shows you what about the ears? What about the ears.

00:32:41--> 00:33:14

The llama agree here that the ears are part of the head. And this is basically you know, consensus in this meta in sha Allah that the ears part of the head. So when Allah says wipe the head, as you wipe your head, you wipe your ears, no need to wash your ears, you have to take like a handful of water and put inside just wipe the top off. And in the process, we'll do one go, he would wipe the head front to back and he would put his fingers inside his ears and use his thumbs and fingers to wash the ear lobes to wipe the ear lobes. And this was enough as far as that shows you.

00:33:15--> 00:33:51

If you had to wash your head three times we would get sick. All right, Allah subhanho wa Taala out of his mercy for us wipe it only once to his for our as a mercy for us. So inshallah beautifuly will continue next week with the hustle and the major, the major impurities. We'll talk about soap next week, as well when we do so, and then just a few announcements as we see the water restrictions, so please use the water sparingly and then I'll see the classes continue on Tuesday of the mothership insha Allah now I have one this Tuesday.

00:33:52--> 00:33:54

This Tuesday we have the AGM but it's off the show.

00:33:56--> 00:34:36

Alright, so this Tuesday evening between multi finish I'll see lacrosse will continue and after Isha at Burano house with the center at bronto at bronto house, the nursery school inshallah we will have our AGM and inshallah you know, I say this every year, it's very important that all of you who attend them as it comes to the AGM, it shows your concern for the well being of the masjid that this is where you come and perform your Jew masala at least and maybe other oakheart what is received from the member affects you. This is the highlight of your week that it's important for the Mussolini's and the use of the masjid to know what's happening behind the law sometimes the most it

00:34:36--> 00:34:59

has a massive rates bill maybe with the council, or that these people coming in. There are many issues happening behind the scenes and it's good to be informed and to support the show your support to make do out but obviously best to actually actively be part of the committees and to help and support the great need. We always mention this. We have great need for people to support us in the managing of the masjid and other faiths please the AGM

00:35:00--> 00:35:38

It's very sad that you know an hour sometimes goes by and we don't have a quorum quorum is like 10 people so when one hour goes by, we only have five people that shows what is the concern for the masjid. So please attend make a time of course Sivan, insha Allah at Parana house please attend live, more announcements inshallah. Next weekend, Saturday and Sunday, October 13. I'll be presenting a course in Johannesburg and Durban at 500 to one so one day course one day in Johannesburg on Saturday and the other Sunday is in Durban. If you are in the in the area, please attend If not, you know someone in Durban in Johannesburg, please seek out the word sit, let them

00:35:38--> 00:36:12

go. One person attends, you get to reward inshallah for letting them know. Then we had a lovely program last week Thursday, the journey through the heavens at the Islamic auditorium hamdullah very well attended this picture, the audios are now available and the video inshallah so if you didn't attend, you can either give us a USB and we'll give you a copy. We still try to compress it enough to put it to make it easy, but it was the video as well. So once the link is available, we'll share that as well as the notes and lectures for our marriage clause closer than the government wonderful marriage clause

00:36:13--> 00:36:25

for three or four couples got married after that so I think that has success successful. All right. So marriage class as well the audios and lectures available and the next week inshallah of the Asia

00:36:26--> 00:36:59

of the share of the Asia will be our ruler of the mothership. After mercury will begin we'll have our nice fish our ban program. As we said last year already we've changed the format, change the dua and the surahs to be decided, but please inshallah, we will there will be also a lecture and a refresher for Ramadan, certain laws and account for Ramadan is going to be discussed a quiz in a quiz format will be prizes in shall as usual. So please attend me in any suggestions or comments or concerns with Mohammed xocolatl. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.